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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-8:58am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. fs >> ahead at 7 o'clock this'clo morning, career come back back perhaps? former d.c. mayor. m vince gray set to announce a set return to local politics.ics. which position is he after? >> plus, police out all nightutn after four people including a teenager shot in d.c. d.c we're live with the very latest as police search for the gunman. >> later a war of words in new hampshire as the democraticemoca presidential hopefuls takeen part in a town haltil event just days before voters there get to the polls. p >> before we get to newso n though a live look outside andue it's thursday morning. mor hm. what's that sky giving us,y gis, steve? >> some not so good vibes thiss morning. >> it's thursday,>> it's th february 4th. 10 days until valentine's that makes us happier.. 2016. 2016 weather and traffic coming upg on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good thursday everybody. i'm allison seymour.i'm allisonu >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s or one day until friday, thaty, makes us feel better. >> there you go. i agree. >> let's get to the happening today a funeral fun service in blacksburg,ic b virginia for 13-year-old
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nicole lovell.ovel authorities say she wasths stabbed to death by two by virginia tech students froma our area. now one of thostee studentsdes natalie keeper is set to have ta a bail hearing today. keepers is charged withs harg accessory before and after the fact.fact. her charges have constantly conn been evolving as well as with illegally disposing ofy spos lovell's body. keepers' classmate 18-year-old david eisenhauer charged withen kidnapping and first deghareeird murder. >> developing overnight theovert alexandria police departmentia p investigating two armed robberies both of themf police say two armed suspectsede held up a business in the 1400 block of north bauregardth street. no body was injured there.he. police also investigating antiga armed robbery involving two invi suspects at a 7-eleven on edsall road 5700 block. again, no injuries. i no word if the robberies arebees in fact connected.ed also overnight four people l shot in southeast d >> and this morning the shooting suspect still out spect there on the run.ere he r fox5's annie yu is now in i southeast where there is still an active investigation.
7:02 am >> reporter: hey good>> morning, allison and r steve. s sure s it's still very activeryt out here in southeast. south police remain tight lippedight d about the investigation andth what they've learned so fare lo hours later, but they are but ta still out here. we have more officers arrivingrr to process the scene here. this is 16th and butler streetrr in anacostia.costia the shooting happened aroundun 9 o'clock last night. nig this morning as we see more as m and more people waking up,g they're just really disturbeddie to learn about the news. n officers walking residents iness and outof this neighborhood due to the area still beingl bng treated as a crime scene. s you can still see that therethe are evidence markers on the roadway here.road they don't want anyonet a tampering with the evidence. they are out here stillst looking for more evidence anddee you can see if you look lk closely there's some liquor bottles and beer cans outr cans police tells last night that tel they also found high caliber rifle rounds here at the scenedh as well but last night a nig number of officers were out here, scoured the area with k-9 units looking for moreor clues. at this point we don't knowpo who they're looking for andin
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what caused thise slohooting bb sources do tell fox5 that it'shi believed this shooting potentially stemmed from a gunl battle that happened earlier in the night in anacostia. anaco four people were shot, twowo victims are adults, two are teenagers, one of them a of thea 15-year-old. they are all transported tort the hospital with nonlife-threatening but again quadruple shooting sht on butler street still undernd investigation.atio hopefully we'll learn more asy the morning that's the late nestat southeast. annie yu fox5 news. n >> a big announcement fromtro former d.c. mayor vince gray. >> source tells matt acklandteld gray plans to make a move to a m get back into d.c. politics. pol bob barnard following thatlowi a story. bob joins us live fromb jo southeast with more and thatwi might be a clue bobth as tob a where he may be running. runni good morning. mor >> reporter: that's righteportea steve and allisoepn.eve and all. yeah, we're outside his home he in hillcrest heights.ilst h the word is that mayor gray issa going to run for the ward the seven council seat currently held by yvette alexander.le
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the former mayor obviously outuo of office now after losing hisis primary bid to the current mayor, muriel the mayor was under a cloud of investigation by federalederal investigators looking into alleged financial improprieties with his 2010 mayoral campaign. in the noon hour today mayorn um gray is going to announce his comeback that he is running is n for that ward seven councilil my colleague marina marracoco asked yvette alexander about that last night. n >> there's no secret that iet t was a supporter of vince graying all throughout his careerar until he lost in the primary election against mayor bowser. w from that point on i've beene b very supportive of mayoriv bowser and i think it makes a difference when you can worken with the executive.ce so, our relationshiwipth will really mean a lot forward for seven moving forward so ing fors really look forward to herward t support and i look forward too our great working w
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relationship. >> reporter: now let's be let'se honest did the news surprise you? >> nothing surprises in young politics. s [laughter] nothing.>> >> reporter: now mayor gray> tem in his public appearances andnd including on fox5 news in the nw last month or so has not ruled out the possibility of runningni for office again, perhaps thisht is a stepping stone for hisin running for mayor some day. somy there was talk that he wouldld perhaps run for an at large at l council seat, the one comingne m up currently held by vincent vin on or the ward seven councilil seat here in southeastn s washington and that's the wordse we get on wamu radio in theadion noon hour today source tellingg fox5's matt ackland that mayor gray will announce hisilln come back, guys. g >> all right, bob, thank you very much. there's big news comingews m out of the race for baltimorealo mayor.mayo mckiss son an activist andivt lead with the black livesith matter movement is running forir that z the baltimore sun says that he filed last nightlast nig minutes before the deadline.s rt in an online post he said "in sd order to achieve the promisehe o
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of our city and to become the baltimore we know we can we become we must challenge thehall practices that have not and will not lead to transformation." he is the 13th candidate to13th join the race for thee fo democratic primary.democratic >> now to a leadership changers for a local school system. sys the montgomery county board ofg education expected to appoint a a new superintendent tonightentn at a meeting in i still no word on who it ison wht though but we know the job we kj will start in july with a four-year contract.on >> all righty. >> good morning. morni >> hello. good morning to you.good >> did you guys encounter the locally dense foguy yesterday. y it was crazy. cra >> it was awful. >> it was like a snow blank. snb >> what is it.t i was trying figure out. you had the the >> very, very cold air withir w the snow pack and then youyo have warm air on top of it. of >> so that's what did >> yeah. >> it was really voila fog. >> it was debilitating in some spots.ot >> it was terrible. iib dense fog advisory overnight.adi they let that go about an hournu ago.ago. most of the fog is out off th here. we should be in for moreor
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sunshine this afternoon. aftern. i think we'll get a little l sunshine this afternoon it won't be a great looking day but it should be at least temperature-wise a fairly fai comfortable day. day. 50 in baltimore, 54timore, 54 leonardtown, 40's to the northn, and west. everybody is well above wel freezing this morning and ithisn actually feels fairlylsai comfortable out there. alltablo right, clouds lingering. at least we get rid of the r ofh fog. it's kind of a mix of sun andnd clouds. later tonight our frontal our f system there came through theug yesterday is going to kind ofo f hang up along the coast andalg o we'll watch an area of lowrea o pressure ride along it.essure see what r's going on down there in carolinas.ol what's that mean for justice jue that means or friends in or frii southern maryland, lowerhe eastern shore you guys are going to get some rain thisn th evening and it could and will aw likely end as a period of snowfo tomorrow morning. not expecting significantnifi accumulations but we'll talk more about that.more for us today we're upper 40's and low 50's. 5s. breezy this afternoon. >> not bad. bad >> not bad at all. >> thank tuck. tha t >> yup. >> i need the words to pleasee p come back.le okay. skyfox is just getting overs the scene ofju a bad accident bw
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parkway.rk hey erin.he can you tell us more abouttell u that. >> that's right.>> let's take a look at skyfox. s i want to show you what you're up against. up against this is inside the beltway.insie we'll bring up skyfox.skyf there's a bad crash. c it is just by 450 only the jt b shoulder is getting by.s geing we had been shut down from 2022 to 50 and as skyfox pans back,k, huge backup leading back to 50l and there's a second crash in i that backup that is taking out some of the right lanes as well.s another bign see, crash several cars in thearin backup. back again, that is before 450e where just the shoulder getsuld by. huge problems. proem avoid bw parkway northbound. nth keep to it route one.ou one choose an alternate thisoo you can see the off ramp there is all backed up as well asup as folks try to reroute thiseroute morning so again bw parkway northbound inside the beltway tb not a place to the huge crash right now. rig no traffic is getting by. this is right at the ramp to 450. so we'll keep you updated oned o that. unfortunately a lot offort motorists are going to beriste running very late to work thist morning. let's take a look at our map right now. i want to show you some otherom
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problems that we're up against this morning.this southbound crash approachingppro 450 on bw parkway as wells leading towards a big scene on e the northbound side. not a good place to be this morning for fodrive. 50 inbound fromly column a ya'ca park to kenilworth all backed up as well.up all aside from that we'll get toom some of your other backed up ba interstates like 270 as well. >> thank youer erin. >> if you have issues filingssu your taxes.your you're not alone. a what the i.r.s. is saying about it if you've alreadyit i a tried to get them done this year. ye first though a teacher andnd two-year-old daughter murderedar in front of their home a oeir father under arrest and now itrn appears it may have been overeen child support. i'll have details from the charging documents after the break.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is seven:11 on a thursdayn:11 morning.rn live look over the area. rain has stopped. slow going in some spots. take your time. erin and tucker will be along be in about five minutes or sor with weather and traffic.eaic the man accused of killingn a prince george's countyeos couy mother and her two-year-old herd daughter is waking up behind beh bars. 26-year-old neshante davis andan her two-year-old daughter d chloe found fatally slot ine un the parking lot near theirear fort washington home. h >> melanie alnwick has literally covering this storycos all week. she joins us with the latest details on this heartbreaking story.sty. mel. >> reporter: thwart, guys,te ththat's rightguys. daron boswell-johnson waswell located by prince george'sce g county detectives on the day of the shooting february 2ndar and that he did confess too killing his daughter and her boswell-johnson kept his headish bowed as he was escorted byord police to a cruiser that wouldha
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then take him to jail. j he did not respond toespo t questions from reporters.orte he told investigators that there morning of february 2nd, heruar, drove to the home on palmer pal drive parked a short ways down a the road and then went to confront neshante davis, thevi mother of his two-year-oldr-ol daughter, chloe.hter, he approached her at gun point p and demanded she drop her ongoing child supportd petition. a judge ruled in december that boswell-johnson was chloe's chl father and ordered him to pay $600 a month in child spport.upt neshante and chloe accordingcc to the documents were bothhe doc shotum multiple times. yesterday prince george'sprinceo county interim police chief and states attorney took nok joy in announcing the arrest. >> to echo the sen sentiments of the chief who i want to thank to for his leadership, we bothe have young daughters so i can s tell you that this case was,as, and none ever these cases in in fact are just numbers, mostlybe sunny theise are all people toee
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us. we are both parents and so itso struck us in a way that is hard to describe how painful it was for both of us as well wl but as he's indicated, we areed committed to not just responding to, which we find f that we do in these cases,se c this case i assure you we will l continue to investigate.nves we will be prepared to present e the strongest case possible to l make sure that we bring mr. johnson to justice. justi >> reporter: now police saidol they were able to obtain videobv surveillance footage as well as witness statements totame corroborate boswell-johnson'ss confession. he will face charges of premeditated murder. mur states attorney angela brooks says they'll continue efforts to work in the community.k in tu remember just a few weeks agowks there was another girl, a sixl,s month old girl who was killed wk by her mother's boyfriend andnd so this is something that hashia hit the county very, very hardyr and they're working with community and churches to talk t about domestic violence, toe, recognize the signs and thens ad
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risk factors. facto live in palmer park, i'mve i melanie alnwick, fox5n local news. >> mel thank you very much.ha 7:13 right now. now to the race fornk t> he whii house. it's a war of words on bothds ob sides this coming up the latest from theste campaign trail as thecampai candidates focus on rallyingn ry votes in new hampshire.s inew h. >> as we head outside thisd ide morning, there is part of the t big mess northbound lanes ofd le the bw parkway slut down right . that's one of several accidents.accident there's another accident thatent happened when everybody was trying to slow down to avoid doo this one so we'll check in with erin.with we'll get you traffic updates. tuck has got your forecast too coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back. b mild temperatures to startem your 51 in washington. there we go. 51 in washington . ing everybody is in the 40's andy is 50's to start your day.our d colder air off to the north n and westly we'll start to taptat into that over the next couple e of days. we'll start to have some cold c overnights again but the frontif that came through yesterday yesy still kind of hanging up of across the area. the are that's why we're waking upakg u with mild temperature.rare richmond 60 degrees.0 gr cape hatteras 64 degrees hatte here's the deal with today.ith . cloud cover to start your start morning and as we get into theeo afternoon i think we'll geti the some bther way it will be a dry s il day for us today.oday. and we've lost that fog that tha we had develop late yesterdaye afternoon so that's good news.ew give a chance to dry out ary little bit. we have a front that came through yesterday that'sterday s hanging up off to our east and d that front is going to be ao b a little problematic.roblematic. this is later tonight. we'll have an area of low of pressure that will develop dev along it.
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it looks like it throws rains back towards our region.ds o reg heads up southern maryland,n lower eastern shore you guys gus will have a period of rainod ofr late this afternoon ands aft tonight with this area of lows o pressure. then it looks like we may getlia enough cold air mixing in.irg it may end as a period oferio o snow. perhaps enough to give you agho light dusting or a coating inoan southern maryland, lowerrn eastern shore. so, just keep there in mind. min not going to be a major deal.ord north and west of washington wng this won't impact you at all.ll. in d.c. we might see a fewew flakes overnight.rnig that's our next real weather maker. 53 today. we'll be dry dry 46 tomorrow. tor weekend looks saturday and sunday about got to look out for possibility of some winteromwi next week, maybe snowflakesaybe monday, tuesday or wednesday.edd >> keep that to yourself. yours >> i'm getting in trouble. gting erin how does traffic look. l >> not good. g bw parkway inside the beltwaytw not a place you want to be. b right now they're once againy'r letting traffic by for awhile. a they had all lanes shut downt dw while they cleared some ofreme that wreck. one lane getting by at 450. 450 backup extends back to 50 and a in the backup there's a seconde'
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crash by the exit ramp to 4500 right there blocking n several cars involved as thosers folks tried to slow down asown traffic came to a standstill stt before the first crash scene ice just showed you. y again you're backed up to 50.up. avoid bw parkway northbound.or it is not a place to be. t a lot of folks are stuck rightct there waiting to get by iny i that shoulder that has just hasj been opening and thenning and reclosing this morning. so we'll keep you updated on this situation. situation. i would say route one is the way to go right now. n we'll switch it over for a f look at our maps. aside from those backups a b second crash on bw parkwayar that is out by the 450 ramp asaa well but again it's thehe southbound side. s crash cleared 301 north att northwest we have a closure.los. fourteenth street northwest nore between fort stevens andrt stena rittenhouse street 395 extremely backed up from up the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge.e. earlier crash by duke streettr cleared. cleared. 270 really backed up and 95p an9 northbound by the occoquancc slow moving traffic. got you covered.ov back to you allison.ll >> little hill and berniee hillb sanders set to debate tonight tg
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in new hampshire. hampshire this will be the first of fourio additional debates that thehat two have agreed to.agreed to. last night clinton and sanders took part from the same townhe s hall event.ll event that events took place in dairy new hampshire less thanlet a week before voters castst their primary ballots there. clinton and sanders tussledrs over who is the best candidateae for progressive values. fox5's political reporter ror ronica cleary will join us inwin the next half hour to break it all down. d now to the republican side. the iowa caucuses may have h come and gone but the new gopew frontrunner ted cruz coming under fire after a member of his staff falsely told caucus attendees that fellow gop candidate ben carson was planning to done out of the race. carson says rumors that he'st he quitting the campaign happened before monday's caucuses and affected the outcome.he out carson also said he spoke withpe cruz over the phone and cruz anc said he was unaware of the the rumor.rumo meanwhile donald trump is i accusing cruz of stealing thetee iowa caucuses. cause he is demanding a do over. o
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it's a big headline there. the he wants a do over. i.r.s. hardware failure to slow your tax return.etn. the e-file system and the and t where is my refund service arere among the affected areas. are the i.r.s. expects some systems to remain out of service until at least today. t you can keep sending yourngou electronic returns but returns b will be on hold until thel i.r.s. systems are runningte r again. the agency says 90 percent off taxpayers will receive refundsef within three weeks. weeks >> still ahead this morning,orni will bill cosby stand trial in a sexual assault case? looking more like it. his lawyers attempt to have the case thrown out.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back.>> it is 7:24. montgomery county police need siur help finding a missingntins elderly man. 74-year-old fran change hasan not been seen suns last he was reported missing after leaving his workplace inorkpce i gaithersburg.gaithersburg. officials say he waited for ay r ride and after some time hee started clang's homif you've seen his ms give montgomery countytgomery cu officials a call.officials a >> we know the sexual assaultuas case against bill cosby will cos move forward.orwa his lawyers tried to get the case thrown out argued that aou
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deal made with a former for prosecutor a decade ago shouldul be the judge also denied also denid request to disqualify the newly elected districty electe attorney.d cosby was arrested in december m charged with drugging andd th d violating a former temple university employee at hismplo suburban philadelphia home inhia 2004. the next step a preliminarymina hearing next month to montho determine whether prosecutorseru even have enough evidence tonc put him on trial.ri >> we have an update for you. we just reported it but happyt b to say that 74-year-old74-year-d gentleman in the gaithersburginr area was found.garea f >> okay, good.ka g look at that. >> he's safe today. he's >> good to know. >> uh-huh, yes. y fran >> in other news it's thank a tk mail carrier today. day. to say thank you we're goingre g out to personally --ersoll >> row were? okay. there you go. you have the dets. spill. >> we're hitting the streets.itt >> okay. >> all right. >> what she's saying is in thest commercial can you let her know what she's supposed to be doing later. >> exactly.
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>> just cracking the >> i'm all for it. i let's go.o. >> yeah. >> y >> let's hit the streets. hit >> we'll do there atll dere 9 o'clock.9 oc dulles 47, bwi marshall 50.shal5 nice and mild out thereouthe allison as we hit the streets. e >> let's do this. let's take it to the people,to l tuck. >> we're going give some doughnuts i can't say what we're goinge give away. >> you did.>> you d >> i guess i just definitely dey we'll give some other stuffve s away, too. there's your satellite and radar. radar. we've got rain showers to ourin south and s east. eas here's the deal with today. t partly sunny this we'll be dry. dry temperatures in the low 50's.lo we're in good shape today butut tonight this old front that frot came through yesterday is just s hanging up here.g upere. area of low pressure rides along it. it's going to throw some raine back for us for areas southas s and east of d.c.f d.c so, southern maryland, calvert t county, saint mary's county,ou lower eastern shore, you guysory are going have rain and it may transition to early period ofiod snow tomorrow morning, maybengay enough to kind of accumulateccul on some grassy surfaces so so just keep watching the forecast here later thiserhi afternoon.afternoo 53 today. lay, what a nice weekend.a niee saturday, sunday about might have snow around herearour next wee we'll talk more about that.t tt. oh, up and down erin goes.oes.
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how is traffic? not good. g >> traffic is terrible,e, tucker. traffic is just as bad as your forecast for next week with weei the potential for snow mixed mix in. outer loop 95 to georgia crashia activity on the shoulder out by coleville many down to about 13 miles per perr. take a look we're seeing route one lookingoo pretty good. bw parkway not so hot and 955 backing up on the northboundor side. let's go ahead and take a look l at skyfox. i want to check in on the bigec problem we're dealing with.'re w right now one lane has reopened bw northbound at 450. huge crash still taking outin two lanes. as we head pan back withack with skyfox you can see a secondsec crash in the backup near the n exit ramp to 450.o 4 looks like that has clearedas ce off to the shoulder right now. w all lanes appear to be moving.ov but you're jammed all the waylhw to 50. 5 avoid bw northbound. norbo it is not looking good rightoodh unfortunately a lot of driverse late this morning.te this mo back to you >> erin thank you very much.than still ahead this morning ang possible shakeup in the worldor of d.c. politics. former mayor vince gray expected to make a career comeco >> the position he is the reportedly vying for and what vr
7:28 am
this could mean for the city'sit once embattled leader. >> ♪
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♪ it is not accurate to say to that it's my way or the highway. >> i have an uphill climb and cb i'm going to climb as high andih hard as i can. >> i can drive a large votergeot
7:31 am
turn out bringing new energy eng into the democratic party.tiarty >> i have progressive to geto g things >> lots of talk about who is the true progressive and who is nott one lines to come out of democratic town hall meeting in new hampshire.. fox5 political reporter fromepoe ronica cleary to help break it down. down. who is the progressive candidata here? good morning. mni >> yes, that's where you canth'w really tell that this is stillll very much a primary race.ryac these are the issues that thoseo primary voters really care about. you're appealing to those true democrats, not moderates, not people who are in the middle. ml now, it is interesting newesng hampshire is coming up wherephe independent voters still can vote in that primary but this bt argument over who is more progressive that really is a a primary issue. iss and bernie sanders who says that he has identified as aas progressive throughout his throu entire career is now coming out very hard against hillary clinton saying, you know,, you k there's been times she calledhec herself moderate, you know, sons he said if you say it, then i te
7:32 am
should be able to say it. >> right, right.,ig >> it's a very interestingnt debate because certainly hillary can refer to her record and shes says that, you know, with that record, that there are certainln progressive idea that is she has put forth.. but bernie has som examplesxa where he felt that wasn't true.' so we have a little bit thate b sound from last night's town's t hall. let's take a listen. >> but there are other issues is where i think she's just not progressive.ogre i do not know any progressivegre who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street.. (applause). >> that's just not progression.r as i mentioned earlier the keyey foreign policy vote of modernod american history was the war ini iraq.. the progressive community wastyw pretty united in saying don'tg n listen to bush. don't go to war. >> you know before ronica, what
7:33 am
had really sort of struck me waw the fact that they were civil to each other like in the other oth debates and now it seems, youeeo know, the tide has changeas chae another little bit because it's' go time right now.go time >> it is. but it is funny because theyse y still really present themselvese as having this civil debate.ate. so even before one of bernie sanders answer where is he wasns very hard on hillary, at first a he said i respect her and the at media wants me to attack her and i don't want to engage in that t and i've never aired a negativev ad, but then he had to come outc and say some tough things.s. but you've got to differentiatea yourself as lie say the two of them as a greg seive as these campaigns ca can be i think they managed to kite relatively civil. as civil as it can be, right? ig they're pretty good competitors against each other.ther. >> but another interesting point, hillary really struggless with trustworthiness.rtne that's one of the things that's' going to be a difficult mountaii for her to climb in this election. and you know it's funny it wasfw town hall so they don't know
7:34 am
what the questions are going tog be. they are from the people, lastes night they were from the peoplep of new hampshire since that's the next primary.. but hillary used the questionsns she got to really take the opportunity i think to present e her heart, you know torque putno her heart on her sleeve.le >> which is a tricky thing to do. >> which is have tricky.hi >> achs a woman let's be honestt that could be used against you.u >> if you're too tough peopleeo feel like they can't see youreys heart.het. i thought we saw a different sae side of hillary last night. nig i don't know how the voters will respond to that.resp if they will feel that she'st se more trustworthy, but we pute together a handful of sound of o bites from it that i don't thint are your -- what you wouldou normally expect from hillary clinton so i really think she's trying to -- trying to go aftert that reputation she has as nots being trustworthy and reallynd a work against that. tha so let's take a listen to that. >> i trust the american people.i i trust the people of newne hampshire to see my lifetime of
7:35 am
work and service and to sort ouo all of the static, and to knowok that i will work my heart out ht for you.r this is hard for me. you know, i never thought i'd bb standing on a stage. i know that i have to reallyeall demonstrate as clearly as i canc who i am, what i stand for and a what i've always done.s d i've always been guided by the t same values.ue i have always listened to to people, and i've always worked e as hard as i could to produce pe results for people. >> you know, one of the pieces of sound in there that wasndn th really i think a lot of peoplepe watching, i was -- i had to do o double take.le t she said when she was secretaryc of state she wasn't sure she s would run for president.rede that's what i mean about thisbot idea of putting her heart out ht there. telling you about the ideas, the way she thought through thishrou process.oces >> being human. >> right. >> right. >> so we'll see if that maybee impacts the numbers because b right now they're not so goodo o when people ask about her her trustworthiness we'll see ifesse this new maybe persona she'sna s trying to put forth, i don't know if it's new, just lastt
7:36 am
night, but we'll see if we see f it again and see if it works.ks >> right.ig >> it's nice to see not going off -- going off the script ahe little bit. i think it's >> they have a hard time withve that. a >> right. >> these town halls it's funnyow because questions from then people. >> >> >> they don't know what they are. but a lot of times they alwaysyw managing to back to their key tk stump points. p >> speech number seven.. >> right. last night they did a great job. >> ronica cleary, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and i want to let you knowno that as the race for the white house heats up fox5 is fox5 continuing to team up with thehe for in depth looks at s the candidates, the campaign ann the nation's first primary. editor-in-chief bob cusack alongside our own ronicaa cleary will look at all thet all twists and the turns leading upu to new hampshire and beyond. bon join them right here live onn fox5 or streaming on this sunday at 8:30. 8:3 we look forward to it ron any ay thank you. >> all righty. back over to you, tuck.ckver >> thank you, allison.nk y. let's get right to it.s gh got to a lot to talk you.. overnight lost the fog. still got mild temperatures.ld u 51 in washington. wasngto
7:37 am
47 dulles. 50bwi marshall. look at the satellite it's showing cloud cover to cert start your day.our d i think we'll get a little sunis this afternoon a mix of sun andn clouds as we get into the afternoon. highs in the low 50s.s in breezes will pick up as well ouw of the north and west at about o 10 to 20. to 20. hey, i want to give you heads us about late tonight and earlynd e tomorrow morning. viewers to our south and east it look like this front is going ti get an area of low pressure that will roll along it and give us s period of showers that could ene as a light wintry mix early ely tomorrow morning. m so right along the bay, southern maryland, southern eastern shorn you could end as a brief periodo of snow that could give you ge u light accumulations south andoua east by early tomorrow morning.i again, this is very lighty amounts less than an inch butut want to give you the heads upeas that's a possibility as that as area of low pressure passes toet our east overnight tonight.ight. there's your seven day.e' we'll talk more about theta forecast coming up but yourlk br weekend looks great locally.ocay 50 saturday and sunday. sy. >> all right. that's weather, erin is backin b with slow roads. rds >> slow roads.low at least it's friday eve. >> true. >> almost friday.>> we're getting there.gettinther skyfox over big problem on bwbw
7:38 am
northbound.rt one lane of traffic is currentlt getting by at 450.t 4 they cleared most of the crash.a got news is, traffic is once onc again moving.oving. second crash was in the back upk near the exit ramp to 450 and a traffic at a standstill all thel way to 250 signed the beltway avoid bw northbound, keep to route 1 northbound. seoul southbound side slowingou down as well. you can see that second crashndn looks to be involving at least four vehicles blocking theck shoulder let's switch it over aside fromo that mess on bw parkwayarkway northbound, we have some othereh problems to report.o ror so let's check in with our mapsp and show was else you're upu' u against. ag delays right now in prince in in george's county, 295 north beltway to naval lab and innernr loop five to the wilson bridge completely we're seeing slow-moving traffia 66 inbound out through tou centreville as well.trevils wel. more traffic in a few. traffic metro on or close to schedule. . back to you guys. >> all right.>> a still ahead this morning aorni spring break controversy at oney maryland high school.laig why the school's principal isipi outraged over a planned trip too mexico.mexi we'll have that story coming upn
7:39 am
right after the break.ak it is now 7:39. 7:39. ♪
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ controversy in montgomery county the principal of a localc high school outraged over sprins break trip to mexico thato that parents are planning.arenn >> we are talking about woottenn high school in montgomery sch county. fox5's maureen umeh back withac that story.that story. mo, what's going on here. >> the trip comes on the heelses of underaged drinking party that left two students dead. studentd one of the parents of the girl f who hosted that party is behind this trip to mexico, and that is
7:42 am
what has outer raged so manyaged people.. tracy, says the teens going onoo the trip had to get theirheir parents to tighe scenery leehe e says the legal age to drink alcohol is 18 in mexico.ex the teenagers who drink have tov do it responsiblely. police say kids have told them the family allowed drinking dnkn parties at their home on a a regular basis. last june the two teens died ind a drunk driving crash afterng ca leaving a party at their house.h this trip is not organized byrgd wootten high school but thehicht principal has heard about it,art and in emotional letter to parents rights it is ours collective responsibility tonsit keep our children safe and set firm bound degrees. degre allowing underaged drinking hern or in another country is i irresponsible, dangerous andnd places students in harm's way.. tracy responded to us byos e-mail saying in part they doy not condone drinking under the n age of 21 and only included mexico's 18-year-old drinkingldi age in order to make families fm aware of the different w her husband kenneth who was homm during that deadly drinking d party back in june plead guiltyu to two counts of furnishing furi
7:43 am
alcohol to minors and actuallyul paid a $5,000 fine. f so, again, steve and allison a s lot of controversy here a lot oo people saying, why would youhy w even be involved in somethingn t that could give even thelde even impression that it was okay fora kids to drink? >> right.>> right. >> it's a talker. >> all right.>> maureen, thank you very much.. straight ahead former d.c. d mayor vince gray throwing hisown hat back into the localto the political ring?in >> he is expected to make axpece major career announcement todayt we'll talk about it coming up.og right now it's 7:43. we'll talk about it coming up.og right now it's 7:43. ♪ i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest
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♪ all right.llight. welcome back. i got cloud cover out there toue start your we do have mild temperaturespets overnight lows back only in thet upper 40s and low 50s. 5 at least the temperatures nottun too bad. we're done with the rain forn f today.da however, possibility thatossibia tonight we can get showers atets least for parts of the area lool at that coming up. current number 51 in washington. 52 in annapolis notice we're in' the 40s to the north and mid 404 in frederick and we're well above freezing that'' great news. grea cloud cover you saw it int thet live shot. live there's your cloud coveryour cur currently across the area.a and what's happening is ourpenii front that came through lastug t night kind of hanging up hereg h just to our south and east.nd so cloud cover will kind ofil linger i think th he drier air will wor in this afternoon and will be b partly sunny with breezyre conditions setting up winds out of the north and west 10 to 20 and temperatures this afternoonr remain in the low 50s.ow 5 we'll keep temperatures on thepu mild side this afternoon.. let's talk about a a little bit of a trickyicky forecast.. our front from yesterday thates brought us heavy rain sticksst
7:47 am
around and we'll watch an areana of low pressure develop off toet our south and that's going to'sg ride along the front and try toy throw moisture back towards us late tonight and tomorrow. tom i don't think here in washingtoe we'll see much of anything ifthf you're north and west of townt t you're fine. it's areas south and east thattt could get rain later tonight ana it looks like enough cold air cd wants to mix in that we may change this whole thing over too snow by early tomorrow morning.g maybe enough accumulation for aa light accumulation there for f parts of southern maryland, m maybe calvert county right alono the bay, saint mary's county. ct you might get lightight accumulations along the lowerg r eastern shore keep that in minen otherwise partly sunny for us. u area of low pressure quickly q pushes off most of the daytimeoe hours tomorrow will be sunny and bright and weekend looks great.t saturday and sunday we're indaye fine shape.fine s all here's a look at your seven dayn and again 53 today. tod we're we're dry this afternoon n might wake up with a sprinkle oo shower tomorrow morning or a few snowflakes for parts of the part area. ar weekend fantastic.d ntas monday, tuesday, wednesday timet frame look out for theamlook possibility of a winter eventr e does not look like a major stors
7:48 am
at this hour but we want tot t watch it carefully it has at it least the ingredients for snow o around here early next week. net all right.k. all righ i'm out.i'm erin is n how is traffic look? >> 7:48.. we do have breaking n let's get right to skyfox over e university and dennis we arewere tracking an accident involving a schoolbus that was rear ended. right now we're working onng o gathering more information.nfori again this just happened.ispp traffic getting b doesn't appear to be too serious of an accident for the bus but completely smashed up front end of that suv again university ana dennis in montgomery county. coy more information as it becomeses no confirmedla injuries involvel at this point. this nt again, more information to comee here on fox5. we'll switch it over from fm skyfox to a look at our maps and show what else you're up againsa this morning. crash activity right now 50 inbound backs up from columbiaca park to kenilworth.ilwo two incidents clearing car northbound on bw parkway at four tiff tee but we are still backea up all the way to 50. 50 inbound backing up bw parkwar northbound not a place to be p inside the beltway.. delays continue right now 295 25 north beltway to naval lb
7:49 am
seeing slow traffic there. the inner loop five to the wilson bridge.brid 70 is all stacked up as well asl you make your -- 270 from frederick on n outer loop downn to 13 miles an hour earlierr e crash by colesville road clearee you're still seeing big delaysi there. 95 not looking so hot on theo ho southbound side.hbou big delays backing us up.p 66 inbound from centreville toel fairfax also slow-movingw-mo traffic. check in with me on twitter att erin fox5 for the very latest. s back to you. y >> 7:49 right now.. former dc mayor vince gray e expected to make a major maj announcement regarding his h career in d.c. politics today. d he will make a move to get backt in the game and run for councilu the question is, where? it's? i just one of the hot topic thisoi morning and here to take aand h closer look will sommer loosemel lips columnist with theith washington city paper g to seept you this morning, will. mning >> thanks for having me.hank >> kind of a big deas l. kind of hinted about this for as long time. will he or will he not get backb into politics? looks like all systems go now.stem >> looks like it's happening.iks he'll be making radio appearancp at noon today, and you know, asa campaign manager said heaid he didn't -- he's not going on forf
7:50 am
super bowl picks. p i think we can assume he's going to announce for a race probablyl in his home ward, ward seven.ev. previously ward seven councilvec he can also run at large l citywide against orange but thet numbers more favorable in ward r seven. se >> you think ward seven which is interesting that would pitt himi up against alexander.lexand they have history together. t >> they do exactly. t e he endorsed her when he becamee council chairman and left hiseft old seat.d he was her patron essentially.el he got her on to the council ana now he's coming back and sayingn hey, you know, that's my >> reclaim my >> exactly. exa exactly. >> it is his home district.ic is that in itself give him aiv m better chance to win there t versus the at large? why wouldu he chose ward city. >> citywide, obviously, he lost the mayoral primary in 2014.01 citywide he doesn't run as wellw as does he in his home ward. the numbers friends commission add pole which favors him. favom the numbers were much moreuch m positive in ward seven.even so -- >> how about just the dynamic oo having him back on council.. >> it's going to be super weird. who knows? kws >> campaigned against the current mayor, and, you know, hh
7:51 am
has history with mares ofh mare council some greed with, some hs did not agree with when he washw mayor. how will it play out?will iplay >> it will be fascinating toci watch. watch. certainly we already have anlree anti mayoral block on thelockn council led by d.c. chairman cha phil he and vince gray don't geton'tg along that game it will begame interesting to see how he slotst inform in 218 he decides to runo against mendelson for council cc chairman or mayor again. again >> a lot coming up there.g up let's talk about what'ss ta happening right now.ri one of the big stories that gott a lot of teeth this week council member kenyan mcduffie talkingai about this whole thought process of maybe paying people to not commit crimes. cri i'm hoping there's much more toe this that we have not unearthedr yet but on the surface, itce didn't go over very well withl w tax paying people of d.c..c >> exactly. i got to say i think if you i think about it it's not that azazy. >> tell me why.. >> absolutely. he's taking a program from the town in california that you pay people essentially to -- peoplel considered at risk to be victime violence or commit violence,olee
7:52 am
commit crimes you pay them inn california it's not clear how much it will be here roughlyly $10,000 and they go to like anti crime programs and that and thed don't get the money if theyf t commit a crime.ri now explaining it there i don'td think i won anyone over.on o >> you didn't win me over. me o. here's the question, though. apparently, at least the thoughh process has won over council ono the initial reading. this still has a ways to goays g before it would actually getctll passed, right? or enacted. ectd >> it's interesting to consider how much of this is -- the wholo council is on board and how much is kenyan mcduffie is influential on crime legislatiol because of his committeeismitt position and how much he wasuch able to take on to this largerhr crime bill.ime we'll see if the council raisesi concerns about that goingtoi forward.ard >> marijuana clubs in theijua district. >> exactly.. >> again, nothing against thenoi d.c. government here, thingss happen to bog gel my mind on dcn level we're talking about that now. why would we want legal marijuana clubs in the districtc >> it's interesting.erti district very handcuffed as far as legalization of marijuanan ua goes because of of r
7:53 am
this is one of those ones sort s loop holes that perhaps we can c allow. al people are saying, well, aay marijuana is legal now, but people who have kids for examplp wanting to somewhere and smokeee marijuana it way from their kidd or people in public housing orog what have you. a lot of the active visits aresa pushing for this.or thi council was going to put in p permanent ban on it now they'vee kept temporary ban but they'lly' have a task force to considersi this. the thing is, i can't imagine if -- you put this anyone's aon neighborhood they're not going to wait a nightmare as far as, you know,af actually setting one up. >> trying to think of names them task force that would be catchyy it's early for me and my mind im not thinking clearly.. fresh pac back in the news again keep it on city >> we remember muriel bowser pac p all her pals put it togethertoge huge amount of money shut downht after some scandal. scaal the chairman of the pcac was lobbyist for excelon trying to e take over pepcoxc. people thought it was shadyt because he was the mayor's bigog supporter and then he reportedt lobby and said i didn't don' d lobbying.lobbying.
7:54 am
a lot of pple are saying, hey, h why were you registered lobbyi lobbyist. excelon lobbying dropped a lot officially during what you woulw think would be hot period foroto they want the ethics board too investigate.igat >> we talked in other news in r yesterday with council member cm evans about how excited he was e to put the top hat on and on groundhog day.g will we ever have real lifeeal e groundhog in the city? can you get to the bottom of this hardhs hitting story.hittintory >> that's a good question. 600,000 i think we can score ak we groundhog. maybe the national zoo or whatow have you.haveou or maybe they don't want to tron him out.hi >> people are confused andare cd thought it was.thout it why is our groundhog so stiffo f and boring with a funny look ono his face?his e? >> appropriate for d.c. >> right.>> rig >> it may be.>> it may be anything else coming up in thein city paper this week we shouldwo keep an eye >> this week's cover story i i look at the ward d.c. council race, ward war three. thr >> all right. we'll check it out.'lec thanks, will.l >> will sommer joining u allison, back to you. >> it is time for our facebook f
7:55 am
fan of the day. it's linda underwood.erwo hey, pretty girl.l linda is turning 49 years young today.toda um-hmm. she says birthday shout out fro the fox5 crew would be the bests way to start her birthday. bda so here you go.u happy birthday to you! if you yu want to be our next facebook fak of the day post a selfie right underneath linda's. lin's isn't it pretty, >> she looks great. happy birthday, linda. lda. we love it. >> all right. >> all right. over tyouou. >> why, thank you.k y let's get to it.get tot. upper fours, low 50s to start ta your day.. we'll be little sunshine thisshe afternoon.n got a lot of clouds to starto st your morning.your morni 50 in washington. in washing 47 dulles. 50bw marshall.all. cloud cover lingers first half of the day. little sunshine later thislat ti afternoon. we'll keep temperatures around o 50 but breezy and cool day. d bring a jacket.a j you see the rain down in the dnn carolinas? that is going to sneak north tonight and genera generally d.c. south and eastt lower eastern shore, southernou maryland you guys will get as wl period of rain which may end asa a period of snow early tomorrowr morning and it's possible theree
7:56 am
could be light accumulations. so i'll have more on that cominn up. just heads up about that.ab 53 today.53ay. hey, weekend looks great forks f everybody.ev 50 saturday and sunday.. monday, tuesday, wednesday weed have the makings of at least some snow across the area. a i'll have more on that as well.l but stay tuned for that.or t all right.l right that's obviously a quick look at weather let's do quick look atul traffic with erin.fic >> right now updated informatiod for you on the breaking news wew were tracking.were trackin let's get out to skyfox this morning.rn university at dennis schoolbus o accident blocking the right lann right shoulder, suv slams into the back of a schoolbus.f a hool only one minor injury a person r taken to the hospital. it was a no students reportedly injured at this point. pnt certainly keep up it up traffic is moving in the lefthef lanes again this in montgomerymo county, university at dennis.eni more updates to come on this ont one. aside from that, let's switchtch things over.thin for look at our maps. outer loop completely jammed 95 to georgia.torgia crash activity from an earlier accident by colesville roadlle r still blocking that shoulder.has all lanes open. 95 southbound slow-movingng
7:57 am bw parkway southbound andbo northbound big problems earliero crash by 450 still has us jammem all the way from 50 up past that point. i would say route 1 isd say ro definitely the waying to thishi morning.mornin aside from that here's a closero look at those two incidents thaa have cleared off to the shoulder but again a lot of red, reded slowing us down inbound 50 5 backed up as well. w we'll keep updated that's yourts look at traffic.raffic steve. >> erin, thanks very much.n,nk coming up more on the formere fr mayor's return to politics.olic bob barnard is on that story for us. stay with us. fox5 news morning rolls on righg after the break.r the ak. ♪ ♪
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♪ this is fox5 news morning. back now at 8:00 a.m. onn this thursday morning, a livengi look outside.ok outsi we'll have weather and traffic t coming up on the 5's at 8:05. good thursday to you> go everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. i'mteve . welcome to fox5 news morning. mi well we have a lot of big of things happening in the day iay was hemmed former mayor vinceorr gray set to nouns a politicals l come back.. >> plus the search for a gunmann who opened fire at a d.c. apartment complex injuring several people including ale teenager. >> i> and a court d ate today for t the man who confessed to killinl his own two-year-old daughter du and the child's mother.ot >> our reporters are on top ofoo all of it.of i let's begin with bob barnard outside vince gray's home ine southeast d.c..c bob? >> reporter: hey, steve, weve
8:01 am
are in ward seven, hill crestes heights, this is mayor -- formee mayor gray's home, and we arere told sources telling our matt ackland that later today formerr mayor vincent gray will announcu that he is running for the wardw seven council seat currently held by yvette alexander.lend the mayor has not made any boneo about the fact that he'd like tt jump back into the arena. are that he'd like to make a comeakc back. hasn't even ruled out some daydu maybe running for mayor again. but we understand in the noond n hour on public radio here in washington vincent gray willntra announce he's going to run for o the ward seven council seat. re-emerging from the political t cloud that really doinged hisis entire mayoral time in office of when federal investigators werew looking at his campaign to run r for mayor in 2010. in 2 he was eventually cleared in december. no charges brought. a bitter mayor gray came on ourr air and said this was unfair,, and we understand that today hed
8:02 am
is going announce his come backk running for ward seven council seat held by yvette alexanderle who spoke to marina march rocco about this last night.. >> there's no secret that i was a supporter of vince gray all throughout his career until he lost in the primary electionlect against mayor bowser.ainst mabo from to point on, i've been very supportive of mayor bowser and r think it makes a difference when you can work with the executivee so our relationship will reallyr mean a lot for ward seven moving so i really look forward to her support and i look forward to to our great working relationship. >> reporter: let's be honest.est did the news surprise you? y >> nothing surprises you inpr politics. (laughter).ghr). nothing. >> reporter: again, the newsheew source telling our matt acklandk that vincent gray former mayorr of washington, d.c., will todayt in the noon hour announce thate he's running for the d.c. citycy council civil guys?il
8:03 am
>> big announce many expected ec today from former d.c. mayor.c y vince gray we just heard aboutbo what we are waiting for there and also developing overnightrnt four people were shot in i southeast d.c. my apologies. apo >> no worries. also this morning the shooter still on the run. annie is crnovering tsthat stort she's life in southeast as wells with those details. annie? >> reporter: good morningdor allison and steve. s still no word yet on a suspect s or what they're looking into ast far as this investigation goes. but we are here at 15th and15 a butler in southeast d.c. in anna cos city ya where the shooting n happened late last of last nighg around 9:00 o'clock. if you look straight aheadoo you'll see the evidence markerse still on the street but you'll l also see the red forward for fod explorer with the windows blowns out the not exactly sure at thit point how that vehicles comesehc into play, but officers were wee around that vehicle for quite sometime. officers obviously still out stt here since the shooting happened late last night around 9:00 son0 hours later they're still out here processing the scene. s evidence markers still remain or the scene here and all morningor long, we've seen police escor
8:04 am
escorting residents in and out of this neighborhood due to thio area still being treated as a crime seep. last night, a number of officerc were out oer they scowered the area for morer evidence with k9 units, and wenw still don't know, again, at this point who they're looking foror and what caused this shootingot but sources do tell fox5 it's i believed the shooting potentia potentially stemmed from a gunl battle that happened earlier ini the night here in anacostia, ano four people were shot as aere sa result. two of those victims adults. to one of them a 15-year-old wholdw was shot in the thigh. all patients were transported tt the hospital with non-life threatening injuries that's the good news and they are all a expected to recover.ecov so again here on butler street r late last night a shooting andhn all expected to survive buturvi right now police remaining tighg lipped about where they are inra this investigation. i that's the very latest here inl southeast. back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you very it is four minutes after theut r hour of 8:00 o'clock today ink i blacksburg, virginia, sad day. 13-year-old nicole lovell willel be laid to rest.aid res now police say the seventhheeven grader was abducted, stabbed tob
8:05 am
death last week by virginia tecc student david eisenhower.enho it is believed that these twohe young people met online and hadh an inappropriate relationship.ii second virginia tech student is also charged with that youngtng girl's death. she is 19-year-old natalie she's due in court today for aoa bond hearing accused of of helping plan to lovell's murderr >> man accused of of killing a i prince george's mother and mothe daughter now behind bars 26-year-old davis and her daughter khloe were found w fatally shot.. fox5's melanie alnwick as beenee on this story and joins us liveu with this truly heartbreakingbra story.story. unimaginable.. maureen >> reporter: not only in whatr:l happened but in the apparent ien motive for it as well. w darren boswell johnson will be e in court facing a judge at 1:151 this afternoon much he's currently being held withoutbeiw bond charging documents showts that he was actually picked up located by prince george'sy pr o county detectives onective february 2nd.februa the exact day of the shooting.hg
8:06 am
he eventually according to those documents confessed to killing o his daughter and her mother.her. boswell johnson kept his headd bowed yesterday afternoon has in was escorted by prince george'sg county police to a cruiserruer waiting that would take him toet jail. ja did he not respond to questionso from rorte he told investigators that onrst the morning of february 2nd,y 2n he drove to the home on palmer p street drive to confront davistd the mother of his two-year-oldol daughter khloe. k approached her at gun point and demanded she drop her on-going child support petition.rt p a judge ruled in december thater boswell johnson was indeed khloe's father, and ordered himh to pay $600 a month in child davis and khloe according to the documents were shot multiple times.tis. police said they were able to obtain witness statements andsss surveillance video to corroborate boswell johnson's confession.nfes we also are under the impressios based on those charging cha documents that he is going toist face charges of premeditatedmede murder. live in palmer park, i'm melanim
8:07 am
alnwick fox fox5 local news. new >> melanie, thank you very muchc tough story melanie has been b doing a great job coveringin heartbreaking >> tuck, i'm looking at thek, im 51 degrees i'm assuming we've we reached our peak for the day. te >> we'll hang around 50 today.od it won't be terribly cold but cb winds had pick up out of thed pi north and west.nortd w got rid of the fog.he f we get a little sunshine thisunn afternoon. a dry thursday.y. so it's mostly a fine forecastoc for us today. t 52 now in leonardtown. 51 in quantico.ntic there's a live look at your at y satellite/radar.satell clouds lingering for us but us we're done with the rain showero at least for the day today. t later tonight and tomorrow morning all of that rain you ses down in the carolinas will snean back up towards our region withw an area of low pressure ande parts of the region if you'reif south and east of town you mayny get some rain tonight. lower. eastern shore and it may end asa a brief period of snow as colder air mixing in.r mixing i just heads up about that. headsu we'll talk more about that morat coming up. for today, for us, afternoonon sunshine, mix of sun and cloudso breezy, cool,per 40s and low 50s. hey, just want to mention comin up real quick next hour allison
8:08 am
we're going out to thank male me carriers. it's thank male carrier day. day >> we're take it to the streetse >> look for us. we'll be outlooking for you. for what are we doing? are we a giving something?et >> it's like a scavenger hunt. >> like a scavenger hun we'll find a mail carrier andarr thank them. >> do we have something fox5 t-shirt ---- >> high fives to give away. gawy >> smiles. >> and hugs. >> and hugs. >> right. >> that's great. >> maybe we'll give away someivy other stuff, too, i don't know.k >> okay. i'm excited about it.m i brought my tennisex shoes. >> a whole bunch of postal trucks park outside the stationn >> i hope so.>> >> everyone will want to comeonw say hi to you. >> we're giving away breakfast.k >> i'm just saying if you are -a >> are we? >> don't talk about that. talk t high fives and hugs. h >> high fives and hugs. >> let's move on to metro met problems much on the orange linl when steve makes that laugh facc it makes me days new carrollton from anrom earlier problem. pro delays on our roads as well.s w outer loop 95 to georgia witheow crash activity on the shoulder.
8:09 am
95 south backed up. backe heading to bwi, bi northboundi h backed up from earlier crashes c that we were dealing with by 450. 450. residual delays holding strong s 250 right now. take route 1 northbound the way to go. to southbound from 98 to eastern ts avenue. bw parkway just a mess this ms morning. not a place you want to be.want delays as well 295 north beltway to naval lab inner loop from l five to the wilsonab bridge.. deep breath traffic leave earlyi this morning 270 from frederickf as well. back to you allison and >> still ahead at 8:00 o'clock:0 this morning new warning for thf centers for disease control.ont. it's stirring up a lot of >> it involves the potential dangers of drinking whileinhi pregnant but some say it'ss actually degrading to women. 8:09.8: we'll have that story and more health news when we come back. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> it is 8:11. we're back now with life pictures from the national prayer breakfast. it is underway right now at the washington hilton. the president and first lady are there. members of congress along withpw religious and civic leaders. lee breakfast dates all the way back to 1953.3. well, in news now, we know,k the sexual assault case againstg comedian and actor bill cosby will move forward. cosby' lawyers tried to g the t case thrown tou the judge also denied a quest to disqualify the newly electeded district attorney. att cosby was arrested back ink december charged with drugru drugging and vial littling ag former temple university workere back in 2004. 2 the next step, preliminary pli hearing next month to determiner
8:12 am
whether prosecutors even haveorv enough evidence to put cosby on trial.. 12 convicted killers whoillw escaped from a prison in upstate new york last year apologized ao for his actions. during david sweat's sentencinge hearing he told the court he wah sorry for causing fear in ther n community in addition to his original sentence he sentencedne thyme three to seven years in prison and close to $80,000 in i restitution.. missing out on millions ofon dollars could be the ways for ws one lottery participants inticii california.california. >> today is the day, right.ay ih >> apparently this is theppar deadline. officials say the owner of a $63 million super lotto plusto ticket has until the end of theo day to claim the winnings. winni if nobody comes forward thees fr ticket will become the largestae unclaimed jackpot in californiai history.ory the money will go to the schoolh system. system >> okay. we wondered what will yeah. yeah. somebody definitely will win. w but i hate to be the personhe pr that's out.'s out. speaking of money, how well do w you and your spouse handle youro finances? well a new survey s finds millions of people haveple secret stashes of cash away frof
8:13 am
their significant other.ther >> does that surprise you? at s maybe. maybe first, though, weather andeath traffic on the 5's on this this thursday morning.or got all the rain out of the wayw what's next? we'll find out fd from tucker.fromucke ♪ from tucker.fromucke ♪ ♪
8:14 am
after trying brookside chocolate, from tucker.fromucke ♪ ♪
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myself and i often can't find id until weeks or months later.ntht >> that's a different thing.s df >> does that count. >> think about great it is wheni you find it. >> i'm always pysched when i find it. there's $20. let's go to the forecast. to th upper 40s, low 50s to start your day.da clouds out there at the momentr but we'll get sun this t generally dry conditions forlly your thursday.ur t 49 now in baltimore.ti 45 in gaithersburg. there's your cloud cover.s clo front from yesterday brought usy heavy rain hanging out to ourur south and east. it is going to reappear lateratr tonight for areas south and eass of town in the form of some rain and it look like it could end ad a brief period of snow tomorrowo morning maybe enough for someyb light accumulationens southern h maryland lower eastern shore. se so i'll try to mention more on e that coming cing 53 today. 53 today. sun and clouds breezy afternoont winds north and west 10 to 20. 2 more weather in just a erin has the latest on traffic.f >> if you're taking the red lin new problem at grover so watch w out for that one. o orange line delays newaynew carrollton earlier malfunctionac those two lines dealing withtwo problems this morning.deob aside from that, if you'releom taking gw northbound at spout au orrurow morning but morni
8:17 am
generally speaking we'll be inel pretty good shape as you look yl off to the north and west you wu guys will be we're not worried about any --ny again this is going to be a g t minor i want to give a heads up snowflakes flying by early fing tomorrow morning let's take looo at the big low pressure will scoot offsho offshore. this area of high pressure builds in for friday, saturday,, sunday and delivers a couple ofo absolutely gorgeous days aroundn here. hi temperatures saturday andtur sunday 50 degrees.0 deee nice quiet weather pattern hereh as we get into the weekend. and we're looking at good at g conditions around here for the next seven days.en d there you go. 53 today. today want to mention down nearnea freezing tonight. so there may be some refreezinge i know we still have snow packac in some spots.pots just look out we could have icye spots tomorrow morning. morning 46 tomorrow and again could be b brief period of light rain or o snow. saturday and sunday looky fantastic as we get into earlyee next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday it look like we couldl have a mix around here or evenn some snow by monday, tuesday, td wednesday still a lot of details to be determined it does notoes look like awry post what we hade
8:18 am
a few weeks ago with big blizzard. but got to watch that. possibility of snow early neck week much that's a look at a la weather. i don't know what's going on behind the scenes but i'm going to somewhere else.buherelse. >> we'll take care of it, tuck.t >> we got you, tuck., tuck. don't even worry about it. worr. kevin is here much he's got thet fox beat. >> that's right.s r we had a massive, massive gueste in studio yesterday stefan james you might know the name yet.. >> he's and up and come per. p >> he's 22 years old. he'll be new movie race.e he plays mr. jesse owens who won four olympic gold medals back in 1936 in berlin.erlin i had a chance to catch up withh him yesterday in studio to talk about just playing jesse owenses what it meant to him.meant to hm we had a little bit of fun first about his name stefan which you'll be surprised where there fame came from. f check this out. >> real quick your name is is h fan james. j >> yes. >> where did is he fan come from because this is a true i'm blown away this is actuallyy real. >> family matters we all know k
8:19 am
family matters and when steve erklel goes into the machine tht cooler version of himself is stefan arquette.ue that's moo my aunt gave me ge mother the permission to name me stefan. >> one of my favorite scenesitee were jay season is teaching thit race stance.race snc the stance you have to before you jump out to do the 100-yardy dash. dash. >> can you give me some tips ono that. i want to learn if i'm ever in i situation i'm trying to --m trn >> i mean we can stand up don in right now. >> help me out.>> i want to see this.hi >> all right.>> all r you basically launch off.h o. >> yes. >> this is for the long jump.p. so, know, jesse he's sort of sr standing like this you got to be very very ready.ea very prepared. you sort of like this on yourou toes. toes. as soon as you hear that gun gog off, you're just off like that.t >> but is there -- okay.. sorry.rr i'll try this in a suit. thi i don't think jesse did this in a suit.a suit >> down pretty low.yow rocking back and >> left leg out.. >> left leg like you'ree y proposing little bit.osing littb and then we sort of three, two,
8:20 am
one, go! (laughter).te >> did i get it.>> did get >> you got it. g >> i got it. >> he is 22 years i old. o we did very serious interview as well about the history behindryn this and how he met with thehhe daughters of jesse owens including eldest daughter glorig and granddaughters thatug interview on my facebook page. . wonderful young m 22 years old.ld. allison spoke with him as well. >> we had some, he's a drake f fan. >> they were both on did he >> drake was on did he grassy. o i said can you dance like drakee and he busted a little cell phone bling d >> he was in selma.>> h big movie coming out he's hs shooting. >> very cool. >> i can't reveal the title thet we'll see what happens. >> i heard john boy ya supposed to be in the movie. >> john boyega went to do start wars. >> he ended up getting the role. >> race opens february 19th.9th. >> cool. >> that is cool.>> t >> let's check in with wisdom ws and maureen find out what's wt' coming up on good day today. t
8:21 am
>> good morning. m >> good morning guys. grn all over the big stories thishes morning on this thursday.huday. >> yes, indeed.. reports live all over the dmv. former d.c. mayor vince gay iscy ready for a come back.. what's he's planning. >> four people shot. two of them teens.of the suspects still on the we're live with the very latest. >> developing now concerns cce growing over the zika virus ands the irs glitch that could slowoo your tax return.ur tax >> it's a disease that touchedsh all of us today is world cancer at 9a we look at the new n treatments that are fighting this awful disease. disea >> live over the neck two hours allison and tucker will be outut and about thanking male carrierr wait until you see the surpriser they have in store.they have ins >> all right. and ahead on good day at 10a, live in the loft, a restedes development and, yes, they'rehe going to sing. we're going to sing. s >> that arrested development that. group. group. >> local idol sarah stern ish n also live with us talking abouta her big night and comedian brene warren is here.s h so get ready to this will be quite a thursday. s
8:22 am
>> good day d.c. just minutes jn >> cool. all right.all right. packed show coming up in just at few minutes.fe thanks guys.w 8:51 right now. n some people call it a corset for the gym.the g waste trainer the lingo theseino days. is it a good idea? that's theas question. are you at risk for developingeg diabetes in the nation' capsn toll here. many people know that it all too well. how do you know if you are ature risk, though. here with all those answers foxs medical team's beth galvin joinj us from atlanta.m atnta hi, beth good good morning. mori >> reporter: good morning, goodm steve. >> let's start with the i'm notw going to callit it corset i'll g with the lingo the waste train trainer. let's overview it first of all. what is it? >> reporter:fi okay.. so waste trainer is kind of likk a corset, very restricted cors corset. and we have -- we met a woman w who wears them all the time t absolutely loves them her name n is dn she wears 14 or five times aimea week.ek. she sleeps in one of these waist trainers and she claims, steve,e that she has a 30-inch waistinci naturally when she wears the t waste trainer she gets down too
8:23 am
24-inch waste and she loves thet hour glass look.. she claims that it stays small.a that her waist stays smaller sma than it usually is after she's been wearing these -- we tuckedu a doctor who's not quite soo enthusiastic about these waist trainers. >> that's the question that iesa have. ha from a medical strand point are we doing damage by squeezing upu our organs or our bellies orello whatever it is we're doinge're there? any permanent damage yom can get from this? thi >> reporter: so i think the thit real risk is long-term use of these waist trainers ba what you're doing you're pushing youg organs up and your pelvicc muscles down so you can gerd oro heartburn. you can have damage to yourou esophagus. you can damage your pelvic pel muscles by causing them tos cau weaken.ak we talked to this doctor whoor w really doesn't like these thingg because she says she actuallyyss had lady come in the last weekee who got injured and has sciaticc and back pain now because sheecs was wearing one of thieves waste trainers to zumba class.. regularly and working out with w these which makes it hard to hao breathe and you're not using the muscles properly because you're not getting that core support. t
8:24 am
so she's got some real concernss and says, yes, she understands the aesthetic appeal but, no,utn it's not a good idea to bee wearing unof these reallyll restrictive type corset or wastt trainers. trainers. >> good to know you see the kno celebrities wearing them and everybody wants to have thats t look or do what they're doing.yd good to know the medical, youic know, just to be aware of as ofa well. all right. let's talk about diabetes right now. washington, d.c. is one of ifc.f not the highest rate of diabetet in the country. so is this a new way to fine out if pre disposition thing? what is this new study telegus. teleg >> reporter: so the cdc is is really trying to raise awareness about and pre-diabetes, steve s when you have higher than normalhaor blood sugar but you're not quitq there yet where you have type tp two diabetes or the sugary latel or weight related diabetes rather. so you're sort of on your way. w what they're trying to do is geg americans to realize, hey, you got to to do something about itt now to change your history going forward. and so what they're saying is, that, you know, pre diabetes iss
8:25 am
often tied to being overweight,h being inactive, not eating welll what the key really is iss getting your blood sugar under control now so you're notw soour setting yourself up for then developing diabetes and all thet complications that come witheit that.that because you know we're talkingu' about heart problems, all kinds, of different problems,, blindness, diabetes is not aiaba disease that you want to get ifi you can avoid it. i >> real quick, beth, we're note' really talking about if you show up as somebody who may be atay risk we're not talking aboutg ao somebody that can be reversed medically more like change yourr lifestyle, take this as a warning sign and be a healthieri person so you don't develop it? is that the gist of it?f >> reporter: i would say theou y gist of it stay on top of your r blood should you garr so do youd care that with lifestylewith changes, by getting healthier,tt but you can also if you really l at risk for type two diabetes,s, your doctor may prescribe ascri medication called met for minutn that can help maybe head off and get your blood sugar underug u control and head off the the developing of diabetes. so you want to do what you can
8:26 am
right now while you're younger u and middle age before you get g into that really high risk gro group. >> right. >> reporter: to sort of change your future and get your bloodou sugar under control.der control. >> all right.>> a good advice. advice. beth, thanks. good to talk to you. >> reporter: thank you.hank >> you got it.>> 8:56.8: zen it over to tucker barnes ges a look what's happening outsideg today. mr. rnes >> you got it, steve.te cloud cover out there.r t there. 49 degrees in washington. 47 at dulles. 49bwi marshall.49 clouds to start your day, partll sunny afternoon.y afrnoon. highs about 50.ghabou you know what? good weather toh get outside later today. today might be some showers earlye er tomorrow south and east mightasm mix with snow. s we'll talk more about that.bouta gary has more.gary has i'm going out.going out. saturday and sunday look great.e 50. where am i going allison?? >> quick. qui >> you're going to find letterte carriers, male carriers. cri we've got this for you it's national male carrierear appreciation day. >> appreciation day. >> come say-to us.ome sato u we'll drive around. >> 9:00 o'clock. >> all right. no, erin --no >> how is traffic? whereic? we shouldn't we go.ou >> you don't want to go ongo on georgia avenue.ue. let's go ahead and take lookakek there on the southbound side sod before the beltway all backed ud
8:27 am
hwit big crash blocking thelohe right shoulder part of the righg lane traffic is jammed towardssa the beltway on georgia avenue. e so watch for that one. that we'll switch it back over for of look at our maps and if you're thinking about taking metroakinm around town today, delays botheh directions on the red line. on n we had earliere. power problem outside grosvenor, give yourself extra time if you're take thee red line. re or raffle line back to normal aa new carrollton. forward our maps and show i wasd look out in fairfax right now.ow delays from 123 to the keyey bridge on gw parkway just because of congestion. outer loop still jams bw parkwaw dealing with stop and go traffit in both directions. keep it to fox5 news morning. good day at 9a is coming right up.


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