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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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showers or something of thatorhi ilk coming down.g gary is going to give us moregim details as to what we're seeing weather-wise.e. erin will have an update on uat the roads.oa we begin way weather a like snow and rain fallingainal across our region this morningtg could create a pretty messy mes >> crews are treating thews a roads to make sure you'reure you safe. >> fox5's melanie alnwick5'e live in prince george's county y already this morning with thengt latest on the press and looks ls like you're head they had way. how is it out there. >> reporter: you know, it's not bad but definitely it isy it very wet out here and there's lots of spray coming up on the windshield. definitely make sure you have windshield wiper fluid today.erd you're going to neither.o we saw a little bit of a o changeover when we got rightwe r about route one on thene on beltway. beltwa now we're hitting a little bith of a dry spot here.pot we know there's a little bit ate more heavier precip comingom down. we're going to go out toward bowie, then towards the the southern maryland area, checkrec that out. i can tell you that maryland
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sha said they could notou n pretreat the roads overnight. on they said it was not an option o because the storm was going to g start out as rain. we can verify that. they put the pretreatment downtw it's just going to wash away. a. state highway crews arere monitoring the conditions outtis here, they are taking a closer lookly it all depends on whatt l the those temperatures areostemr going to do. goin we know that it gets colder col right before the sunrise many m times and so that doesn't meansm that we're not seeing it nowt n that we're not going to see itoi later.late in virginia those drivers there, virginia did go out and a prehe treat yesterday.esterday they pretreated the roads and ad they'll have 330 trucks out.ut they started out at midnight just to sort of monitor, seeor he if there were any areas that needed to be treated. so, you have to be careful out here. he the roads are going to be slippery. drivers will have to reduce red their speeds.eispee
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so, we'll keep checking back with you. with y >> all right, be careful.ef new this morning, prince george's county police arepolice investigating a murder.igating m police say a man was shot to s death and later died at thehe hospital.sp happened in the 2600 block off southern avenue in templeinem hills. now, police say this shootinghit does not appear to be random.m. >> as fierce of the zika virusia grow, three cases have now have been confirmed in d.c. the d.c. department of healthf says all of those involvednv contracted it after travelingveg abroad.abro one case was reported lastt year and two already this year including one woman who iswho pregnant.prnant. the world health organization has declared the mosquito born virus a global public healthglob emergency. a dozen cases have been confirmed in florida, texaslori health officials say a personern there contracted zika throughugh sex.x. the most common symptoms of symm the zika virus are fever, rashh and joint pain. there is current no vaccine. >> ♪ >> developing overnight julianhl
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assange is finding support sup from the united nations. tted a human rights panel says panels assange has been detained by britain and sweden since 2010. assange faces rape allegations in sweden stemming from astemngf working visit he made to that ta country. coun he has denied the he's been living in the ecuadorian embassy in london since 2012.e 2012. developing overnight inve new yorklo someone shot police s officers at a public housingsi complex in the bronx. there are reports the officersr were conducting a drug dg investigation at the time.stig police say one officer wasffic slot in the head, the other iner the arm.. both are expected to survive.uri one suspect was reportedlyte killed and two others were arrested. fox5's in charles county c now where a sheriff's deputy dep has been put on administrativeat leave. this comes after an officer afto involved shooting near saintr charles parkway in waldorf waldf tuesday afternoon.on officials say the deputy shoty a man he says was acting suspiciously.ic the suspect was shot twice. t
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officials say the suspect waspet armed the shooting is unders u >> this morning we arehi learning more about theng alleged murder plot involving iv the blacksburg virginiagini teenager. police say david eisenhauer and natalie keepers worked together to plan thetoge kidnapping and death of o 13-year-old nicole lovell. lov they allegedly because theecause cleaning supplies and a shovel before meeting the teen lasttint week. friends and family saidand faly goodbye to the 13-year-oldhe yesterday at her funeral.un neighbors say nicole was a w a happy teenager who will be missed. >> her smile. everybody is going to tell that you they're going to miss her smile because she had some kind of, you know, magic under d her eyes and around her mouth hr and i will miss her potential. i looked forward to nicolee years from now. >> both eyes he was andeyes he keepers are engineeringe eneeri students at virginia tech.ia tec they are being held without >> ♪ >> all right, coming up on 4:35 we want to mention againo n
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that page county schools in virginia two-hour delay thisrely morning. >> and we also want to mention that it is national nat weatherman's day.rman d >> yay! >> y >> here's our favoritee's r favt weatherman at this hour, none hu other than gary mcgrady. mcgrad. >> i don't know why 33 do thisn3 during february.ring feb wouldn't it be better to do itoo like june.un >> no, this is when you earn yoe your chops. this is the month to reallyeall test you because you're always a right we want to honor you to ho gary mcgrady.garyra >> thank you. we know that's the case, donee we. >> we'll go with mostly right.yg >> taking the kitchen, right., t >> what do we get you a mug? m cake. >> i don't know. do you want me to let you know what i want. >> let's see, it's 4:35. 4 we have until 11:00 a.m., our am show is that long to figure it out. >> i don't want snow, let'sw, l put it that way.t >> none us do. >> unfortunately we're getting a little. a little. temperatures are important.ures we'll keep a close eye onlose eo these this morning. morni 37 here in town. i don't believe here in townbe we're going to get down tolig tt now, that's what i think, thi okay, but i think in some s places we're going to get close.
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close. fredericksburg you're 34,icburg leonardtown you're 32. ye so, down there, there's morere snow falling, that's coolingol the air so watch out in thosen areas. hopefully they're treating thee roads. i know around here. they we have been checking in with melanie. a lot of salt trucks out. cup pear 37, winchester 36.chese let me show you most of this is i-95 off to5 off the east. eas the significant potential for fr snow is i-95 off to the east. winter weather advisory inerther place until 11:00 a.m. this.m. morning it does include d.c.ludc and all points and countiespo a east of 95 across the bay and ad over to the shore, okay. shore,a there is an expectation thattatn that's where the heaviest ofea the snow is going to be and be d where it's going too accumulate.accu today we're going make it upke p eventually with some sunshinesh into the lower to mid 40's.ow ti let me show was we're thinkinghk in terms of snowfall. swf at most along i-95 a dusting on grassy areas, rooftops,s, cars, up to an inch inh i
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isolated spots.ed spo you get over towards the bay, b, southern maryland woar talkingag about potentiawe're talkabout pt be a busy morning for erinor e this morning as well but it is i friday morning, erin, so will so we have that to look forwardwa to. >> that's right gary. happy weatherman day. breaking news. ns. schools in maryland operating on a two-hour delay. del salt trucks in the area goingreg basement as melanie showed you you want o slow down crewsown cautionslow down usecaution.cauo traffic moving along despitelone the fact we're dealing with wet conditions.ondi be mindful you may encounterount some slick spots this morning. m we'll keep you post if he hados any big trouble spots pop up.oul traffic looking good as wed move across the beltway. btw
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some construction you needou worry about. 270 at the spur northbound nthbd left lane blocked afterft l democracy little caution in montgomery c county there and across theau inner loophere right now two rio lanes blocked at colesville road.e give yourself extra time to get through thatf area. a we'll have you covered on thisve not so beautiful start to yif sa friday morning. morni back to you >> thanks erin.s er. 4:38 is our time. ahead presidential candidateseni making some last minuteas changes ahead of the next theex primary. plus, bernie sanders and, s hillary clinton at it again. a we'll take you to last night's debate.. and montgomery countygo cou schools getting a new boss. n b meet the man who is up for superintendent after the break. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:41 is your time. 4 we want to take you to new hampshire where it's down to:4 o two person race amongrace among democrats. bernie sanders and hillary h clinton squared off in theirn re first weren't on one debate oned last night giving voters aot chance to see them in actionct before heading to the pollse next week. the two tussled over issues like the water problem in problm flint michigan foreign policychg and wall street.ll st. clinton tried to clear up uncertainty over her latestest e-mail scandal cleanup. c >> kids get caught withit marijuana that kid has at police record. a wall street executive exe destroys the economy, enomy, 5 billion-dollar settlemention- with the government no, t criminal record.heimin there is what power is about, ao that is what corruption iss whou about, and that is what has to
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change.change >> i never center or received rc any classified material. they are retroact retroacts rett classifying i have no concerns about its t t whatsoever. >> in iowa the des moinesio the register now calling for an audit of the democratic caucus c where clinton narrowly beat beat sanders. two will debate again on february 11th. want to take tout> republican side. ben carsonwa announcing he'singh trimming his campaign staffign after his fourth place finish. f carson says he has no plans too suspend his most of the cuts came from carson's national campaign cpaig headquarters in alexandria a virginia. vi his senior staff will remainil m in their positions.itns fox5 teaming up with theth for an in depth lookn l at the candidates, thehe campaign and the nation's nat first primaries. the's editor in chief i bob cusack and fox5's
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political reporter ronicaorte r cleary will look at all the wil twists ahead as we look aheadooa to new hampshire and as too what might happen as the race re moves to the south.ou join them here live on fox5 oror streaming on thisomt sunday at 8:30 a.m. 80 after a long year search sea it appears montgomery county schools may have their next n superintendent. the board of educationduca officially announced dr. jack smith as the finalist for the position. smith who was flamed a fme maryland superintendent of theup year bacerk in 2013 currentlyur serves as the interim statentim superintendent of marylandnt enschools. montgomery county schools haveou the reputation in the area butut dr. smith says there are still educational dispars are theiona thadisparities thatneed to be w. >> montgomery county is atgomy o strong healthy vibrant school system but there are areas werew can improve like in the disparities, like moving more kids into rigorous programmingro so all kids get a shot at whatever they want to do in life. li >> his term would last fourerwof years beginning july 1st andul1s
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last until june 30th of 2020. >> ahead two d.c. firefightersht off the job for not realizing ri a patient had been shot.n we'll tell you what happened.ap. >> first we want to talk we t traffic and weather on this thi friday morning and we're going i start with gary mcgrady.cgra >> thanks, guys.nks, g it is a little snowy outwy o there. more snow to the east, es some light mixture along i-95.-9 winter weather advisory is inorn are we going to get anyt any accumulation? we'll talk we'lll about that and what about the weekend? it's all coming up. stay with us. forecast is next.
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>> welcome back. you're looking at a live picture right there.cturright th we are at 37 degrees.7 gr but there is a bit of a wintry mix one might say being servednd up this early friday morningdayr and joining us to talk moretal r about it, of course, is is mr. gary mcgrady. mcgra >> we're getting a glancing glan
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blow from the storm.ow fthe >> no like skies falling falling stuff. it's not that bad.ot tt ba >> no.>> n now, over on the western shorets and other side of the bay and southern maryland. >> gary, is it 2 feet of snow he. >> not >> exactly. anything less than 2 feet.t. >> that's true.ha >> probably some problems with w some schools though because b since page county schools on aot two-hour delay.ur del. >> now, page county, come on, guys, page county, you're way'rw away from this storm rightrmig now. page county you're way oute y here, okay.,y. and the storm is way over here h is where it is. i this is the winter weatherhe advisory. goes until 10:00 a.m. this 1 morning. i did say 11:00 a.m. earlier. er sorry about that.out tha most of the snow that's goinge n to accumulate is going to be tob off to the east of us and we're talking one to 2 incheso e here. there could be a spot across a s the bay over into southern south maryland, the delmarva wherervaw they end up getting maybeaybe generally speaking about a wet
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one to two right along i-95. d.c. is in this, charles is ine this but prince william, william stafford, spotsylvania,ylva fauquier you're not in it. montgomery you're not in it.t it goes all the way up. u basically just all east of i-95 okay and that's going tongo go until 10:00 a.m.00 we'll get rapid improvementmpro after about 8 o'clock or 10 o'clock -- eight orck 9 o'clock this morning i thinkim we'll see a lot ofot improvement.ovement. we're 37 now. now i don't believe we're going bel get to freezing here in townin but that doesn't mean that meant some of these spots right around d.c. and off to the to t east might not flirt with freezing.freezing. leonardtown you're at 32.own yo that's where the snow has been falling. again, very light here. h just flurries, a light mix up mu and down i-95 and through theouh district. i am not expecting anyny accumulation there. could be aon little dusting t here or there.e and trending to the east there t could be 1 inch in spots and iot that's about it. aut association you notice there'see not a lot of precip here andp hd what we're seeing, anythingg, ah that would be quote/unquoteenq heavy is well off to the eastt of us, all right.ight
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here's what i'm thinking int i'g terms of potential snowfall snof for today. okay. a dusting to one perhaps andps most of us along the corridor ci here not going to getre n anything. temperatures will be abovebe ave freezing. it will just be maybe a little t white on the grassy areas and maybe on the cars or the the cst rooftops, that's about it and it will quickly go away but just be careful.ef they're treating the roadse trea around here. it is really off to the east e where there could be one toto 2 inches.2 inch that's calvert county, saint mary's county, parts ofarts of charles county maybe even extreme eastern sections ofecons prince george's county you g could pick up 1 inch over heree towards anne arrundel countyl about the same.out big system coming up the east coast but primarily we'rebut going stay off to the west ofes the system and so we're just wet kind of right on the linehe l here. you see how futurecast, we didid a lot better quickly. quickly. this afternoon we're expectingeg sunshine.suns we're expecting the winds toe wt kick up just a little bit andnd temperatures today will be upod into the lower to mibed 40's.0'. now, it's not going the feelng like that with the wind.t with e
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you can see the weekend 50 degrees tomorrow, 51 on next week still another storm potentially late monday into tuesday.tues i wish i could narrow that nrow down a little bit more but b right now there's still a lot of unanswered questions. qst we'll wait and see. s no more this weekend. weend here's erin como on this hi friday morning, friday morning i for a look at your traffic. traf >> no, it's not friday eve. f it's officially friday.y >> that's right. f >> and it's>> your day,, weatherman's day or weatheray person day, right., r >> i'm not sure what that tha means but okay.mes but okay. >> we'll take it.ll takit. right now on the beltway by the american legion bridge little bit of volume pickinglu i up. slick conditions.ondi best advice as you wake up we up with a little bit of the littlei wintry mix coming down useow caution. just reduce your speeds. spe factor in extra time especially when more peoplereeo hit the roads. roads we have a crash i want to get to, georgetown pike in fairfax, westbound lanesound las closed at river bend road so s definitely keep it to thely right and use caution t khere. aside from that 270 out at the spur northbound left lane blocked after democracyd r de boulevard with theulevard with e construction zone and then the
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moving over here taking a lookak at the inner loop. l two right lanes blocked afterne colesville road.cole that construction should ben sh cleared shortly.. metro gearing up for service on or close to schedule.close h vre is also operating on full f service today. we'll keep you posted. you poste that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> before we get to the restwe t of the news calvert countyou schools closed today because of the weather. thank you very much erin for that report.of also we want to mention wewt just mentioned about the about t schools, we got some othere oth school closings as well. wel in the news the d.c. fire department is investigatingnvesi two of its firefighters after they failed to notice a patient they were caring forey w had a serious gunshot wound. wou it happened last friday in thein 200 block of l streettr southwest not far from the nats park. par at first the firefighters thought the victim was high on pcp. it wasn't until doctors andunl o nurses cut the man's clothing ch off that they realized he had ha been shot. aretha lyles is president of the union tha representsrepr paramedics and emt's. emt >> that tells me that the emt
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firefighters did not do ao complete assessment, theyent, te didn't do a proper assessment,sm they didn't follow protocol tor do the assessments that wehat we have in place that should havese been done to find these fines life-threatening injuries. >> sources familiar with thees investigation say the f firefighters were immediatelystr taken off the streets.tree d.c. fire and ems declined to comment. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> one local girl's dream toir e be the next american idol unfortunately is over. centreville's sara sturm wasara sent home on last night's show. sara sent a message to her t h fans after her eliminationliti tweeting, guys, everything erytg happens for a reason.son. god definitely has a plan. p i'll make it somehow. i promise. love you all and thank you, y american i we wish her the she's just the sweetest thing and she was just here on good g day yesterday.esrd
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>> off to belmont. bmo >> there you go.o. >> okay, for this week's foxs f beat free friday how about a three month membership toh membp gold's gym. gym gold's gym prize pack includes a free personal training session, a customized 12 week transformation plan a-gym bag,ti a water bottle andon wisdom,m, even gym towels.els. >> that seals it right there.s to enter for a chance to win cho go to the contest page on between now and 11:59.9. one winner selected by random rn drawing on february 8th 2016. the prize has an approximate retail value of $399 is thatsha provided by gold's'sym the offer is valid at participating locations >> lot of people tuning in foror this sunday's super bowl b aren't interested in the gamete at all but irenstead the halfhe time show with coldplay col featuring beyoncé.g beyo >> the two joined forces jo recently to release a new a n music video for the song himon for the weekend which was shotcs in india.. the half time show will not bele your typical half time
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extravaganza. >> we can't compete with incomp terms of amazing dance d routines and all of that. t we have to try and do what wha comes naturally to us which is to try and provide a bit of fun and great atmosphere for people to come and be together e and be communal and enjoy the general experience. >> ♪ >> cue beyoncé and bruno mars. while this is coldplay's firstls super bowl half time show ofow course beyoncé there she is no stranger to the big game. she performed at super bowl b 47. >> all right, well, look we all know the denver broncos bro are playing the carolina panthers in the super bowl on sunday. take a look at the graphic. grac you realize what the problems pm is? >> no, actually i don't.on >> there logo is for the florida panthers which is aans hockey team, not the carolina panthers.nt big mistake there. big mistake. mta >> hm.
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>> you know hockey teams theyhe seem to know social media m better than anyone elsee els following it up with well, w this is news to us and we'll let you guys handle this. #keep pounding. florida panthers also joined joi in on the fun on he asked his fans who will have more rushing yards sunday me or peyton?ey >> i like their sense of humor. >> he spelled peyton wrong into his tweet okay. >> another fun >> it is national weatherl w person's day.rson d gary mcgrady. >> what's going on.n. >> with weather person's day.s . >> no, the weather is going toti be spot >> spot on.>>t >> no matter what.>> no matt w >> there you yo. >> today's your day so you'reou always >> listen, tweet us a nices a ce message about gary if you really feel -- send us a little video. vid >> what kind of video would
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they >> they could be wishing yoube g happy weatherman's >> i understand. >> uh-oh. >> here we are, some snow this h morning mixing along i-95.-9 does it not look like a bignot deal here for us in d.c. along i-95. off to the east it's a little l bit more substantial. substan this is the radar and we're tracking some very light snowigo flurry activity, a little bititt of a mix down through mountghnt vernon.vernon. temperatures are stayingta primarily in the upper 30'sin along the i-95 t corridor andria back out to the west. w it is colder. col we've zoomed down here toownere saint mary's county.ry'sou this is where there is aere the little bit more substantialal snow. southern calvert county asveouns well, charles county you're iny the picture, too. too that's waldorf right there.alrfr so, the deeper purple is the the heavier snow moving across andsd that's where we think therehinke could be maybe one to 2 inches c of snow before it's all saidt's and done. area of low pressure sneaks byw to the east of there's the forecast t foror today. snow shuts off this morning.ff sunshine this afternoon.hi it will be a littlene breezy. be temperatures in the mid 40's.s. here'ser reason with a look atoa traffic. traf >> thank you for that forhat spectacular weather reportcular
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today. right now taking a look we have a crash in fairfax. georgetown pike westboundtown pk lanes right now are closed at river bend road. r so definitely want to use t caution as you head out around a that area. the inner loop two right lanesge blocked after colesville withr we have another work zone 395 northbound. that has been going on all week but right now traffic is is moving along just fine.t fin southbound traffic lookingou good ands well.od as w let's take a live look outside e at the beltway in bottom of the beltway movingthee along just fine.along just f looks to be dry right now. n you'll encounter that wintryhawi mix gary has been telling us teg about. some schools operating on a a delay especially our outeryur eastern counties.easter. give yourself extra time. if you encounter any roadny roa spray. factor in extra time to watch out for slick conditions.ondi >> let's get a quick check on our stock market before we ledwe to the asian stock markets are uneven as investors await.
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u.s. futures mixd this morning. 4:57 right now. we're back right after this. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> and good friday morning tong you, everyone. february 5th, 2016 on this 5th, morning you're going get a little


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