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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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there was a group, one 18 year old and then three juveniles who were approaching people on the e street. they had a gun. g they would then attack them and then take money and police have those four people behind bars. r remember the mayor and police chief not long ago announced this task force going after these robbery groups and the t chief said today they will continue to do so, but once again, they say the public is really helping police catch cat these people by looking on twitter, looking on the newscasts. police are really doing a big effort of trying to get out pictures so they can help apprehend most people who arepl committing these robberies the across the city. live in northwest, matt ackland, fox5 local news.ews. > waiting for an ambulance inor the the district has become a well documented problem inlem recent months. as the cit my grows, calls for service increased and the fire
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department struggles to keep cag up with the demand. just last week a man who had h been stabbed in the chest and a was in cardiac arrest waited approximately 20 minutes for ant ambulance to take him to the hospital and he later died. d paul wagner joins us now with w the story. s paul, what is going on in. >>reporter: this is somethingot that we've been watching for months now.mont > i know you have. >>reporter: it's been more tham a year or two that we've been be watching this. this is just another case that we're going to document. on january 27, just a little over a week ago, a couple got g into an argument inside an apartment in southeast and according to police, one stabbee the other in the chest. the i was just after 10:00 on a wednesday morning.we help arrived within just a couple of minutes of the call, but an ambulance was still very far away. and when officials on the scene asked for a closer one, they were told there were none to send. on the fourth floor of this apartment building on 37th street southeast, d.c. police. o say shawn baker stabbed robert wig instance in the chest. the 911 center immediately sente
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an engine and a truck but theret were no ambulances in the immediate area. the officer in charge asks for extra help to come to the scene. also send me a supervisor since the patient is not breathing now. as first responders are performing cpr an official getsl on the radio and wants to know where the ambulance is. engine 18 communications. c >> come in engine 18. where is ambulance 2318 coming from. >> ambulance 23.mbul ambulance 23.bula communication with ambulance 23. officials on the scene have hav already said the man is in cardiac arrest and there is nown an urgency to get him to the hospital. an officer picks up the radio and this time calls for the ambulance himself. i copy that.hat. considering we have cpr in progress. > alpha hold means there are no
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other ambulances to send and the first responders will have to wait for ambulance 23, which isw still miles away, at least 20 minutes after the first call for help, ambulance 23 calls the hospital to say they are on the way. > ambulance 23 we're at the facility approximately 30 yearyr old male with a substernal stab wound. doing cpr. early last year after the ambulance shortage was well documented the mayor's office decided to add 10 additional ambulances to run calls from fro 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. it worked at times, but but according to the mayor's office the fire department was not always able to put the 10 additional ambulances on the the street. keep in mind, the man who was stabbed needed help at just after 10 in the morning.e a new plan to handle l the demand involves using private ambulances, but so far that plan has not been put into place. p paul wagner, fox5 local new. new > all this week we have been telling you about a new d.c. city council to pay people who may be at risk of committing a
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violent crime in thest think. we have been monitoring social media and a lot of you have been criticizing the idea.e i a lot of people don't like it and today we took our cameras out onto the streets and residents were seeing a different tune. >> fox5's meghan dice joins usss with more. >>reporter: hey there ladies, the d.c. council passed a bill earlier this week. w they still need to find the funding. councilman mcduffie speakinge s about this bill.out he said this is a small part of a larger part of this bill. he also spoke about a similar sm program in richmond, california. take a listen. l a lot of the individuals who go through these programs are deposed to mentors. they are getting geds. they're getting their high school diplomas so we're putting them on a pathway to success. that's what we want to do in the district district of columbia. we want to create jobs. j it doesn't compare since the more than 30,000 we spend to
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incarcerate somebody. this is unconventional and they're just trying to be proactive about crime.e ab you guys had a lot to say about this on social media. take a look at this, marion evans said no one should be paid for good behavior, trustworthiness. jazz mean says this is sad whatd it comes to, you have to pay something for something you'rero not supposed to do anything. can't wait to see all the fraud that will occur with this. we took to the street to seee your thoughts. >> on the other hand we haven't been successful with any of theo other programs.her some of the programs have been failures. if we don't pay attention toon t what happens to the next generation there's not going tot be anybody around to help out. o it's kind of a tough thing. you're giving people who have committed crimes before money with the hope that they don't dn commit crime. i'm all for second chances. cha
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> you give the opportunity, give the chance many people saying they have to do something different because imprisoningsoi them is not, woulding. council member mcduffie is saying it cost $30,000 to incarcerate somebody.carc this is part of a whole program so they do mentorship. they have to go meet the other neighborhoods. what do you have to say to thata >> i have a lot of questions. one question is what happens if one of those persons who is receiving the stipend commits a crime? do they pay the money m back in what's going to happen h with that? simply because bec somebody in wherever this is working and supposedly working in california that doesn't meanm it works here. her > the program still months in i the making. yet a second and final reading will happen in march and then it will go tot mayor. back to you.ou > people will be talking about this for quite sometime. >> yeah, he's right. what works there, you know, may not work here.
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> different city. >> absolutely. > thanks very much, meaghan. > let's take a look outside. actually let's take a look at at sue who has a look outside behind >> would you like to buy a vowel? > buy some heat. >> it's b a little l > we could use a little heat but at least we don't have to shovel out today.oday > saw the flakes flying. >> i saw a few. > i kept a vigil until one in i the morning and then it started sleeting at my house.. no sleep. i saw a few at the bus stop this morning. fortunately most of the areas did contain. we had some problem. we had two hour delays in calvert county. they had cancels l school. > we'll show you the totalsls down there.. as we look life at our friday afternoon and evening, it is it going to be a cold one, that's for sure and we are thinking that wind chills will be keeping you with that heavier jacket if you're heading out tonight. suit lettersville, maryland that's on queen and it county.
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2.2 sentence. millington, maryland about an inch and a quarter. leonardtown and st. mary's county got an inch and right here in the district we picked up about a trace of snow not only there but also at dulles. it's gone there. but let me show you who is really getting hammed and that's boston. they're getting about eight to 12 inches of snow up there. it's just about over, a couple more hours and then it's going g to be completely off the coast and then we head into a quiet,, but chilly friday night. 41-degrees is our temperature. most places are in the upper post office 30s, but it's been a gusty northwest wind and wind chills are in the 20s to low 30s. you want to dress for the wind the winds should gradually decrease as we go through the friday tonight. we think it's going to be around 39 degrees at 7:00. 7 by 9:00, 37 and by 11:00 35 and right now in good shape as we head into the weekend we'll have some sunshine, temperaturesres
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pretty close to where they the should be this time of year, bub have you heard a rumor about a chance of snow next week. wee >> the rumors are true, it's it' monday night into tuesday andesa yes, there is the possibility op some accumulation. when we come back with your full weather forecast in just a little bit we are going to be talking about this and where wew think this is starting to shape up. still a few questions on that t one and time to get ready. r > we are learning new details about a deadly crane collapse in new york one person was killed, three others were injured. mayor bill deblast ohio says workers were trying to secure s the crane this morning because of high winds when they tried to lower it crashed to the ground. the crane's boom smashed into surrounding billings and onto several cars. the person killed was sitting in a parked car. inspectors are now checking with w any of the surrounding billings sustained any damage. president obama says the us us economy is heading in the right direction despite claims by
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republicans. earlier today the labortoda department released the latest unemployment figures. it showed employers added 149,000 jobs last month. overall, the unemployment rate is now at 4.9 percent. it's the first time the jobless rate had dipped below 5 percent in nearly 8 years. >> over the past 6 years our businesses have added 14 milliod new jobs. 71 straight months of private sector job growth extends the longest streak on record. over the past 2 years, 2014 andd 2015, our businesses added more jobs than any time since the 1990s. > despite the good job numbers, the do you stumbled today.oday > coming up, a college student's student from maryland. >> that video going viral. > that's not the point of it
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and frankly it wouldn't solve the problem. >> the girls on girls hate she says she experienced it and what she thinks should be done with it. > adel's hello normalizes sexual harassment and they started a campaign around the controversy. > mr. president in an awkward kind of slipup. we'll be right back. .
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> so this week started with the iowa caucuses and then we heard from the democratic candidates twice in a democratic town hallc and a debate. >> yes, we can did, fox5's political reporter ronica cleary is here to tell us what else we may have missed in a little bit particulars this week. >> this week we saw the iowa caucuses where we saw hillary clinton come with a victory. v so the first thing we're going i to tell you is it's been reported that donald trump has been nominated for a 2016 nobel peace prize. the person who nominated the donald is unknown and the nominating letter reportedly rep described mr. trump's, quote, vigorous piece through strength ideology. > so on wednesday, chelsea clinton, she campaigned for herr mother in minnesota where she
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slipped and she was actually act referred to president sanders, excuse me, i hope not president sanders and she corrected herself, saying senator sanders. >> i get that. > it's one of those -- the word is thrown around so much it's about to happen. > it's one of the things that a was ashamed to seeing. speaking of senator sanders i'vv got one for you that you might not expect. i'm going to take you back to 1987 when senator sanders was the mayor of burlington, vermont and that year he released a fivv song folk music cassette. > i heard about h this. t it actually came up in the democratic debate, anderson and cooper asked him about it. we've got a little bit of it. it's called we shall over come.m the clip we're going to play for you, it's called the banks of marble. take a listen. >> and the vaults are stuffed with silver. that's the work that was sweated
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for. > it's more liking like a talking song. > i love that description. > he's not really singing.. he's talking. > oh, my goodness. goo does that help or hurt him? >> i don't know supply was joking about it. >> the cd, you can buy it on amazon. you can download the mp3 and get the cd. i think it has four and a halff stars or something. > it's probably the hottest thing on amazon just because of it. > the political gag gift of the year. > ronica, thank you.onic > you can see more from ronica clearly and the editor in chief sunday morning 8:30. fox5 news on the hill this sunday right before fox newss sunday with chris wallace. > coming up, they count your steps, your heart rate and evene your sleep at night, you probably didn't know your fitness trackers could be usedsd against you in court. and are you always looking for a
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caffeine kick in the morning in well, now there's a bracelet that claims to deliver a constant flow of caffeine for over four hours through your skin.. interesting. and the idea of a regular valentine's day card may actually be behind us.s. how about a new customized v day card made with your -- >> really, your butt print. > your carry print. >> that's much nicer. > we'll be back. .
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> in tonight's consumer alert e bug spray makers are increasingc production as fears of the zika virus continue to grow. gro the move comes in anticipation of increased demand present consumers. once mosquito season hits durind the spring and the summer months. at least 30 americans have been diagnosed with the mosquito mos borne illness so far after
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returning home from countries that have recently had out breaks. and three cases have been confirmed in the district, including one involving a pregnant woman.preg health officials say the virus is spreading rapidly and it could affect as many as 4 million people. fitness trackers they are hugely popular these days and while they can help monitor your you health and physical activity they may not be the most secure device. in fact, a new study shows an alarming trend. seven out of eight fitness trackers fail a basic security test. the apple watch was the only ono that passed. experts found devices giveaway a user's location, apps can reveal a user's name and password and hackers can gain access tot information that's being checked. users should be very careful about the the type ofe ty information that they're uploading on their accounts. >> i get nervous about wearingut those things. i don't wear one anymore, but gosh, it's always something thaa can get hacked.acke > if you need a jolt in the
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morning you may want to get ahold of this band right here. >> the cafe bracelet sells for 20 bucks.20 it has a batch inside that delivers twice the amount of caffeine that coffee beans has. it is absorbed straight from fro your skin to your bloodstream over a four-period.peri that way users can receive a more gradual and more consistenn boost of energy. e it is fda approved and it can be ordered online and i'm assuming it's non hackable. > that just doesn't sound good to me. >> i don't know. it's a little strange. > maybe, if you're a truck driver, somebody who is operating something that you're really needing -- i don't know. or you don't like coffee. > or you don't like coffee, right.righ you need the cafe in another way. > as many of you know februaryf is american heart month and and today marks a very special day.. >> it really does. the american heart associationra is urging everyone to wear red a today which is why we have our red on, sarah does.
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> i just go with the red hair d because i forgot the red clothes. the goal is onto raise awareness for heart disease in women. w one in three women are affecteda by heart disease and more womenw than men die of heart disease every year,en though the disease is quite common, only 20 percent of women are actually aware that heart disease is their greatest health r the point of this is to bring awareness. apparently the symptoms are much different than men, too. it's important to know what you're dealing with. > coming up, a story that will outrage you. a woman's purse with her daughter's college tuition in it is stolen. > cam newton still wears his hospital break from his all of car recollect. r a local student acting in his first school play gets an incredible surprise.cred and we want to say a big happy birthday to dorothy jones. she turned 1007 today.
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dorothy celebrated with a big birthday birthday at spring hills in alexandria.ndri she marked the milestone with 107 balloons, cupcakes in the shape of 1307 and highlights of significant events in her life.h the best of the birthdays to you, miss dorothy, 107. neighborhood,i feel like
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[brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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> friends and family areri gatherineng tonight to remembern a sanity davis, the mother and a her two year old daughter were u killed outside of their fort washington home earlier thisier week. a candle light vigil is about to get underway in capital heights. fox5's tisha lewis is there. she joins us live with more on what's happening. >>reporter: laura and sarah you can see behind me just how manyh people are here to celebrate the life of 26 year old in a shanty
5:28 pm
davis. we are steps away from bradbury heights elementary where davis was a first grade and second grade teacher after spending a e few years working at wegman. thinks the scene here tonight.h. the community and her bradbury family will remember her in a private vigil. now, davis and her two year old daughter khloe were fatally shot tuesday morning as they were leaving their on. the toddler's father was arrested the next dad and charged in their murder. this is really a tragedy that has struck a cord with so many people, including complete strangers across the community. this again is the scene here at brad did i heights elementary ee school. this is davis' bradbury family including students and faculty.f again they are starting this vigil right now. prince george's county publicrg schools die'd release a statemet about this tragedy saying all of us at prince george's countyce g public schools are deeply sad
5:29 pm
end by the loss of in a sunshine tea davis and her young child. crisis teams are available atlea the school for all of our students, staff and their families as long as they need it. the district will do all it can to support the school communityy at bradbury heights elementary our thoughts and prayers are with the family of in a shanty davis than also just what i'm over hearing as they begin to start this vigil is that they're asking for the second graders to come forward. we do know at least there are here several second graders herh with their family and also somes friends. this is a private vigil so the media was not invited to i attend this vigil. but we are here covering itg i because this was a story that ta struck a cord with so many s people and also this information was posted on facebook. we also noticed that there are people who live nearby and in i the area that are coming here are today. tisha lewis can fox5 local news.
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> fairfax county police need c your helpou identifying a womano stealing a purse full of cash. it happened last month at a duna kin donuts in falls church. c the victim told police shelice stopped there for breakfast bre before taking her daughter to lo college. she says she left her purse with $10,000 tuition money in it onio the back of a chair. when she went to go get it, it was gone. the store video shows another woman picked up that purse and a then took off. > coming up at 6 we're going tt talk to the mother and we're going to hear what she has to hs say aboutette abouting her purse greek life is often a major part of college campuses and it's i been that way for decades, but now a young woman with ties to t our area is speaking out about a her sorority experience at syracuse university. alex pure die graduated from walt whitman high school in bethesda. she recently posted a youtube video. she recently quit her sororityor
5:31 pm
and a little bit one another. i was so upset to see the way women were treating other women. to see women in leadership rolls telling us we should care more about what other people think and what we look like. l they encouraged each other to t dress, do i want to say this word. >> slut i, as per miss cuss as s possible so guys would like them. and she heard her sisters lashing out at obese women, saying over weight laid dishad no place in the sorority tisha lewis. she's bringing attention to the problem making it will make changes. >> good for her. i am glad she's speaking out. > george washington universityn got rid of its sat requirementse and applications sewered. it saw 28 percent jump in in applications this year. that's about 6,000 more students than the year before. the the school says there was also a
5:32 pm
significant increase in applications from blacks, his panic and those who would be their first in their family to f go to college. experts say high school gradesco are a better indicator of whether a student will success in college than sat scores. more than 30 schools have ha dropped the requirement in the past year. > her shell walker's sec rushing record helped derek henry of this university win the 2015 his man trophy. you might call this a college football fail. these students must have been focused on their studies and not pay much attention tot recent college football seasonn appearing on jeopardy.rdy. none of them knew the answer to the question, not alabama. not even the contestant from asu. congratulations are in order fof a college student from bethesda, he won wednesday's night episode of the game show. sam deutsch, a richmondd
5:33 pm
montgomery and currently a student at the university of southern california beat out two other contestants in the quarter finals of the 2016 college championship. >> tough questions. the thing about thoue student fm lsu, he killed them in their game. you would think that that would be lodged -- >> they're studying the books. > they're sticking to the books, not caring what's goingwt on in the football field. i get it. people have their different priorities in college. > what's in the cooler? coo >> when we go off, a little bit later. we're talk the super bowl this you got super bowl fever. >> a little bit. i got to check myself. who doesn't. i like to do the squares gamesas at super bowl. do you have a go to food. >> nachos.hos. > i'm a chips and gawk girl. >> i like chips and gauc.
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buffalo wild wings is expecting over 12 million wings to be sold. > garlic sauce all the way.e >> i like it.>> i we're going to focus on the quarter backs, well, super bowl kickoff is about 49 hours away and of course the focus has beee on the two quarter backs, cam newton and peyton manning. manning came into the week facing questions about annal gentleman desire report that he received. he has denied that report. the report alleges that five days before the documentary aid two private investigators hired by manning's lawyers visited the parents of the key witness, pharmacist charlie sly. the two men wore black trench codes. area i flyer man, the former white house press secretary hash been fired by manning to do do crisis management. they did nothing to interfere with subsequent investigations, but this sounds very mob he can. i don't know if this is just due
5:35 pm
diligence, why would you do something like this if you don'd have anything to hide?ide? >> i sort of agree with you. y i can see why he would want -- if he's hiring somebody maybe hm wants to come out and talk about it or get consultation on what to do. > right, he has multiple amas times said that it means nothing, there's nothing to it. but then they hire these investigators. the nfl is doing their own investigation, but that won't t come out -- >> a cloud always hang over. ove > it always does.oes. >> maybe if he wins the super bowl he'll say i did it. it. there's nothing you can do it. > it makes you think of past cases. > let's swift to panthers quarterback cam night than >> he's known for his superman dice followed by his souper man celebration. one moment last year showed he might be super human. >> last year he flipped his truck and suffered two fractures.
5:36 pm
it could have bench worse. he looked back at the scene of o the accident and he thought t somebody is supposed to be dead. he hasn't forgotten about that day. cam newton still wears the hospital bracelet from that accident every day as a reminder of how far he's come. it was put out with the caption, never forget the journey. his journey has taken him from a hospital bed to a super bowl quarterback in just 14 months. >> i love that. he didn't forget. you can't take that for granted. a lot of people talk about he ie very boisterous, he's confident, but he humbles himself at timesm and that's why he wears that.ha. > i like that. sticking with the super bowl,pe you know, media has become this crazy circus where players answer the questions from running the is this a must win or to what is your favorite newn decongestant turtle. tur >> fox sports did just that, take answers out of context andc this is what they came up with. somebody asked who are the
5:37 pm
panthers best players on offense and i said beyonce and bruno mars, maybe a young robert red r forward. people are going to have their opinions about cam. c my wife probably hates him. we're not going to go there. he's six six. he's fast. cam newton not good at video games.mes. > from around the world peoplel care about my beard. my it's a beautiful beard. it's an awesome beard. it's unique.e. it's different. > people love watching it. it. >> it is a great beard. > but so many questions i love that people took time to put them together. i went to college with greg olsen at miami. he did not have that beard then. he was much more clean shaven. a > it looks like he's ready to move to portland and sell seasonal jambs or something. som > or make coffee. >> he could totally be a barista > thanks, brody. > comindyg up, hello harass ma.
5:38 pm
a college group says adel's song hello. the campaign to prevent stalking. and butt prints valentine's day cards, seek i or asinine?, spoke to speak. >> we'll let you decide. . today we're celebrating national weather day.r da we'll tell you what this is all about.out. >> i'm really glad to not be making an appearance in that video. that means i haven't committed a it's always good when nationall weather person's day falls on a friday and a nice quiet weekend. we've got some snow potential tt tell you b. we'll tell you all about it after the break. come on back.
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> got reaction from one drivero who had hisn car stuck in this. the temperatures dropped hereur they arees worried about the slh freezing up.p. it includes an over flow emergency. > we all think. let's kick things off here. it's a good forecast tonight. tn mostly clear skies, temperatures at kickoff about 49-degrees. bring a > i love it. you are good jay gruden. is the looper reel? ree >> you did not know that. >> i had no idea. > it's nice to know -- i will forever live on the internet,t, all of my bloopers. >> happy national weather man day. >> thank you. > no one of says nice things to
5:43 pm
us. > very nice of you. you we appreciate it. everybody yells at you when the weather is bad. they kind of yell at us even when the weather isn't bad. we are the messengers. m you take the good with the badad and mostly it's good, and you guys are always so nice to us. we appreciate your hard work and you guys had some hard work recently and there's more to come. >> halfway through winter about. >> halfway through winter punxsutawney says we could be wrapping it up, but we may have a few snowstorms left news. new we are making the run at spring, but as we do that we have a couple more storms that have a little bit of attitude and thehe one that we're worried about for next week is going to be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. i love seeing how bright it is even at this hour as the sun is going down after 5. 30. can you feel the intensity and
5:44 pm
the change in the sun angle l? it definitely feels a lot brighter as we get closer to the he can knocks this we have the snow that produced an inch around the bay and overr the eastern shore.n sh that's's they're really getting slammed in the boston area. are picture wise, a few of you sent pictures. we thank you, jason for your picture. this is over again in delaware.r so he in you have to cover the ground there, in and out pretty quickly and also saw some pictures up toward new yorktowa where they picked up a littleked bit more snow than we did. we got off the hook easy withasy this one, but it might be just s what you need to hit the slopes this weekend. we're excited to see snow shoeso average basis 30 to 60 inches.. western maryland 20 to 40 much ines and ski liberty if you're heading up there, an average base of 22 to 36. it should be a great weekend for skying. bruce has a base of 40 to 60 inches and springs in
5:45 pm
pennsylvania 28 to 48. it won't be terribly cold for the weekend in terms of skiing. if you are heading downtown d later tonight, though, do be aware that here and there we could see some refreeze, a little bit of slick spots because of the moisture that we had through today, but thehe weekend is looking great. it will be dry. we'll have a good amount of sunshine. we are watching monday and tuesday closely. c that is our next chance for some accumulating snow. it also looks like next week is going to be trending colder with temperatures into the 30s. 30s we got into the mid 40s today, but the wind has made it feel colder. we are down to 39 in the district, hagerstown 3743 at qunatico, but again with thet wind chill it feels like it's in the upper 20s. tonight we had to about 30-degrees. winds will get a little bit better out of the northwest at 5 to 10, but again some slicklick spots can't be ruled out. as we look at the next couple of days, saturday is nice and
5:46 pm
bright, chill eight 48-degrees, not so windy. sunday at about 51-degrees andnd on the cool side. sid just running through the sky cast and watching the temperature closely by 10:00 we're down to about 35-degrees with clear skies of the it will feel like 30 by the time we get to saturday the temperature is 33 and the wind chill is 33 which means the winds have gotten lighter.. 43 feeling like 39, no chance of presip, nice and star i out there. sunday morning 33-degrees is where we start you out n at 7:33 in the morning. m as we run through the rest of the day we'll top out at 43-degrees. we're much whatting sunday nighn because there is a coastal that looks like it's going to stay sa far out enough. i will say this our model has gotten it a little more to the coast. we.. it could brush new york city. it's a real close call with that
5:47 pm
coastal. the biggest storm threat is monday night into i we're going to be watching this clipper heading our direction. d by monday evening it could bee close enough to bring a mix of rain or snow, a little bit oft f sleet.eet. here's the big concern, is it going to develop into something bigger when it gets off the coast. a lot of times they don't do this, but our models are suggesting it could. if it redevelops into a coastalc that has a little bit of allot tod with it it could throw back in more snow on tuesday morningm and maybe give us a few much ines. very quickly and then i'll wrapa it up with the seven day forecast,. a raw american models looks liks it wants to take that redevelopment a little bit farther north which will give us very light amounts of snow here. but the urine data has the morer far south. here comes your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast forecast.orec monday night into tuesday is our time of greatest concern with
5:48 pm
more snow potential on tuesday. look how cold it is on tuesday. that is your seven day forecast forecast. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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hello from the other side. wouldn't it be nice to sing that way; oh, my gosh, she has a beautiful voice.. although apparently there is ann issue with her song. >> a big issue. oklahoma university, says the hit song hello may mean something other than what the singer claims it means. they believe the song helps to promote sexual harassment.xu here's how in an effort to warn students during stalk mere awareness month they released r this i must have called a thousand times which is part of a lyric in the song. even great songs can normalize sexual harassment.xu
5:52 pm
the british singer has gone on record saying her song is her way to introduce herself tot public after the last few years. >> i guess i never listened that closely lieric. >> is it taking it a little too far? >> think so. i think there are other forms of sexual harassment. it's also a phrase. p i must have called a thousand times. > did she really call a thousand times, probably not. > valentine's day is right around the corner so what do you get the person who has everything? >> i can guaranty you they don't have this, a card with a bum here's my bum, happy valentine's day. i can guaranty you many people would like that. an australian man came up with the idea. >> of course he did.cour he says the thought -- that he thought that the print could bee done in an artic way. >> that's a shapely bum. b as you can see the card comes in different colors and would be a
5:53 pm
good way to make money. >> it would? > he just started selling the cards online for six bucks a pop. >> okay. > what? >> it's a print of your own bum, right? i guess. >> i'm a little confused.d. i know, well, maybe you make itt and then you send it to him. > it's six dollars to make the card. >> there's always something. > wedding rings there's a symbol of commitment to your spouse, but one woman took the reminder a step further. check out the incision she hadn made in hissh ring. his it says put it back on. amanda toll man surprised her husband when the couple married five years ago. a this was recently posted and has since gone viral. it is a tongue and cheek joke and their shared sense of humorh is one of the things that brought them together. >> put it back on.
5:54 pm
> you know, if it's okay. o as long as it's okay. > it's their inside joke.e. > coming up, a story you don't want to mix a local student acting in his first play gets an incredible surprise. that's next. t.
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5:57 pm
> a heart warming story out ofr fairfax county, a father inmi afghanistan working for the state department made the long journey home to surprise his son who was playing a lead role in l the middle l school musical, the lion king. and the big surprise was caught on camera. you can watch tray keys reaction
5:58 pm
as he finds out that his dad was there. n. applause). > that's so cute. c i love itment. it's a tier jerker of the day. >> tray's dad says he has been doing a lot of face timing with his son to help calm his nerves leading up to the musical. > that must have been so wonderful.l. i know our own lauren demarco did the story last night and mr. was video of dad before, you know, his son knew that he was there, just sitting in the back, watching and kind of taking it in. and his daughter didn't know, either. you see her right there.her she was unaware that he was going to be there as well. wel such a sweet moment. > thanks for joining us tonight at 5. fox5 local news at 6 starts s right now.righ this is fox5 local news at 6..
5:59 pm
a freak accident with a construction crane kills a man n and severely injured two people in new york city. >> i could not relate. > in less than 10 minutes this woman's bag vanished. >> inside of the baggy had inch with $10,000 cash. someone stole her purse with her daughter's college tuition in cash still inside.nsid >> did you see it? cellphone video caught the slit second the lightning bolt struck an airplane.rpla fox5 local news at 6 starts right now i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins.m to it is a crime that has rattled a community. the ex-boyfriend of a prince george's county teacher has confessed to killing both her and their two year old daughter. we still don't know why he did it. tonight, there is a growing memorial outside bradbury heights elementary school in
6:00 pm
capital heights. that's right, tony and the people who are gathered hereere today are here to celebrate the life of 26 year old nashante davis and all of this comes com after this tragic story that you mentioned that really struck a cord so many people and hasas really broken the hearts of family, friends and even complete strangers. taking place behind me is a candle light vigil at bradbury b heights elementary school where davis was a first year, second grade teacher. and right now actually coming to the podium is a second graderade student who is going to be sharing a few words. again, this is the scene here at bradbury heights elementary school tonight. the community and her family will remember her. this is a private vigil. davis and her two year old daughter khloe were fatally shoy tuesday morning as they wereere leaving their home. h the toddler's father 25 year old darren boss well johnson was arrested.


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