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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> and we are hearing from thehe family of one of the victims. >> live look this is wednesday morningning february 10th, 2016. 201 we'll have weather and trafficet coming up on the 5's at 7:05. 7 happy hump day. good wednesday morning. m i'm allison seymour.eymo >> i'm instead of cheneveyad of welcome to fox5 news concern over slick roads leadinn to several school delays even e one closing today. today. let's look in maryland right ina now. closing out to the west in the n garrett county in the meantime delays in frederick calvert and washington county maryland.ylan those schools delayed two hourss also delays on the eastern shoro including talbot, kent andt dorchester county schoolsy sch delayed two hours. >> spotsylvania and westmoreland county schools on two hourou delay. there are a few private schoolsh delayed as well.delayed as w you can see the most up to dated list scrolling along the bottomt of your screen. also, on fox5 and the
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>> votes are in and the peopleee have spoken. donald trump and bernie sanderse clear winners of yesterday's new hampshire primary.mary both wins making a big statemene that americans are looking for change. >> fox's doug luzader joins usuz live from new hampshire thisshie morning to break down all of the details for us. all right. rig the so the morning after doug dg what's the analysis?nalysis? >> steve and allison g morning.g this is our kind of our media filing center here in manchestee and this has been a busy place overnight as these returns havev been coming in but the resultsts largely as expected bernie bnie sanders and donald trump both bt won with pretty decisive margini they were both able to tap intoo a lot of voter anger here. here >> bernie sanders and donaldnd d trump not only wouldn't lastdn'l night in new hampshire but theyy did so with larger margins than just about every poll had predicted.edicte a confident sn
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hoops as the results came in. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment, tot the economic establishment and by the way to the media establishment. >> we are going now to south carolina.caro we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. a thank you very much. >> reporter: trump won by nearly 20 points putting well him ahead of john kasich who did better than expected coming ingi big bump as he heads to southh carolina even as his pathat forward is still unclear. >> i'm gratified by it for sure. i think it's fantastic, um, but i wouldn't say i was shocked byb it. >> reporter: it may have been ia a shock to marveco rubio, though hooks had been on the rise inthe new hampshire but stumbled after a weak debate performance over the weekend. >> our disappointment tonight i not on you. you it's on me. >> reporter: for hillaryil clinton the loss was expected.
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the margin was not.ot she seated just about everyry demographic to sanders excepto for older and wealthy voters. >> it's not whether you get youg knocked down that matters, it'si whether you get back up. (applause). >> reporter: will hillaryl clinton be able to get back upk when it comes to south carolinan she's certainly positioned to dt better with minority voter there is something bernie sanders isni well aware of. what is bernie sanders doingrs g today? he's heading to harlem h to meet with civil rights activt visits al sharpton. sha both preparing for the contestot that are just down the roadhe r here. back to you guys. to you gu >> all right. on to south carolina then. the doug, thanks. thank developing in fairfax countycout this morning, scary momentsomen outside of reston hospitalnospia center after a man seeking seeki treatment fired shots. >> fox5's annie you've live on' the scene now.ene w. scary moments annie, good >> reporter: hey g morning m steve and allison.ste an this is a bizarre and frighte frightening situation thatsi happened early this morning at
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we're told around 1:30 this0 ts morning a 53-year-old loudounou county man showed up here at the hospital. he park his car right out fronto in this little section here andr walked up to the entrance, thehe doors were -- they were locked and somehow he was able to fire around through the glasshe breaking the glass to get someone's attention and the a t hospital staff came and got himm now as he was receiving medicall care he showed his gun and for whatever reason fired anothernor round.un no one was hit by the bullet. b. we're not sure where he was h w aiming but again no one wase injured by that bullet.le now security was immediately alerted and officers were able l to convince this man to put the weapon down which he did. and he was then transported to another area hospital where he e is now under going treatment and also being questioned by police. obviously just a scary situation for the brave hospital staff ana the patients here early this morning. they don't know what the motive
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is or what this man was thinking but, again, he is beingseing questioned by detectives nowve n over at another hospital. that's the very latest here insi reston, virginia. back to you in the studio.hetudi >> annie, thank you. y. 7:05 right now. >> breezy out there looking att annie out there. t >> and cold. you can see the cold on her face there.ther overnight numbers fallen belownl freezing.zing. icy spots.ic we had a little batch of light snow showers come through but enough to give a dusting to to places like annapolis, colonial beach, parts of the area have av gotten little bit of snowf sno overnight. just be wary slippery spots. okay?ay? >> slippery spots. >> yes. >> i can't say it.t. >> not you. y thank you. y >> 32 now in washington.hing 30 in baltimore. 28 in gaithersburg. notice if you look at your maprm that everybody is at or blow blo freezing to start the morning.oi 30 in winchester.ester 28 in hagerstown.n. and in martinsburg.ns there's your light snow shower activity.ty now very quickly fading off toit the south and east.h anst
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beaches getting a little bit off light snow across the region.egn we're going to try to get t get sunshine in here a mix of sun s and clouds today. tod breezes out of the west at 10 to 15 that's going to hold theol te temperatures back a little bitkl at least the wind chilldhi temperatures will be in the wili upper 20s and low 30 today's.ods be ready for a chilly day. lots of lake effect snow and otherwise light snow showernow r activity across the eastern e third of the country.ntry it's not going to amount to mu much. we might get a few flurries a f later this afternoon as we get upper level energy cominggyoming through. bottom line with today, today generally dry, some sun. and cold and i'll be back withah the seven day forecast in ay foi minute. you'll want to see it becauseec you'll want to be prepared forpe the weekend.week >> it's going to feel warm. >> compared to what we're whate' seeing -- >> today will feel likefe lik afternoon in florida. >> i don't i can see that i extended forecast.ndec not going to want to feel it.l . >> thank you.ou >> erin como, words of wisdom. >> that's why you're there and e i'm here.. >> good morning. g >> i was taking in the coldoog l forecast and thinking about whaa to wear this weekend.eend. right now if you're heading out
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395 inbound all backed up froma the beltway towards this pointso at duke street we have a crash h north of that point you can seea traffic really backed up heads a if you you're headed out ined oi alexandria or arlington.. clear off to the shoulder allr lanes hope but a slow roll. 66 unfortunately on the inbound side eastbound 66 at 50 there'se a crash involving several cars c blocking the right shoulder.houl all lanes getting by but traffic is really heavy from centrevilll all the way through that pointpo as you head to the beltway you'll hit slow traffic in thatt crash scene. look at our maps now.r mapsow big problems as you make your y way out in carol county lanesan are closed some of the road didd reopen traffic is crawling by b skyfox on the way to theirei locate 70 west a tractor trailel crash involving a fuel spill ful between maryland 27 and 75.5. traffic had been diverted at 68. you still may want to exit there because just the lane is gettini by right now we'll keep you kp y posted and bring you a live lool as soon as it becomes available. 50 westbound slow to kenilworth.
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off-ramps especially use caution and slow down they can get icy first.irst pete piringer in montgomerygomey county letting everybody know t be cautious this morning. back to you to you guys. >> thank you very much, erin. vr we appreciate it. >> still to come the medicalme t director of district's fire fir department stepping down but non without controversy.ontrov why she says lives are in dang danger. >> and disturbing new detailsg about the localne school voluntr charged with making childhi pornography.rnog the latest from investigators.g. we're back in just 40 seconds.
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>> this is all wait up on i70. i you can see much more snow upnow but some problems with a fuel a spill as well.spill as w you can see the backups on thene interstate.intersta erin was just talking about it.a we'll check back with her in aea few minutes. few update in couple of minutes ands your forecast at 7:15. 7:15. >> disturbing details about aait school volunteer in princeunte george's county. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isck i live in glenn arden with the the latest.test. mel? >> reporter: steve and alliso allison, dionne thai caraway way the director of the glenn ardend voices youth choir.outhho they practiced here friday frida nights at the glenn ardenlenn a municipal center and police sayc this is where some of the sex abuse with children occurred. also, happening at the aquatic t center in the at the woods elementary school l and also in private homes.
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is facing charges of felony,, child pornography and sexuall abuse involving they know of 10o children and possibly more. family of the victims tell us hu would play kick ball with kids at the again are a again woods apartments and encourage them te join the t one victim says it was afterft crack tis some of thattis me inappropriate behavior happenedp police say some of the children were video taped in the school h during the school day. d they're investigating at this point how caraway was able to bb alone with children in therein e school. sc some families are speaking toino fox5 about the abuse hopingopng others will get the courage tohe come forward.ward >> he came up to the patio andao saying my son wanted to join hii choir, is it okay.i o he gave me a permission i was like okay.wa i normally don't trust people po with my children and he seemedee like an okay guy. like always see him with the hiw kids
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like a big brother. ber >> reporter: victims relativeiv found a nude photo on the child's phone that is how thiss entire investigation began.. yesterday prince george's countn public schools sent a letteret home to parents at woodst w elementary school saying thatin the school system is shocked byd the recent allegations telling parents that employees do goo through proper screening beforer being hired and the safety ofaft students is a top priority. port also goes on to say counselors l are being made available at the school to anyone in the school o community who needs to speak toe with them.. now, caraway was actually a paid employee of woods elementary school in 2014-2015. lost his job he was an assistans lost the due to budget cuts but continued to volunteer at the school for this school year.l prince george's county schools h also plans to hold a meeting fof parents at woods elementary school tomorrow night at 6:30. 6 the fbi now getting involved inn this investigation.
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also, asking people if they knon of any other possible victims to please call them.m that number is 800-call-fbi.i i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thank you very much, mel. you disturbing story indeed. 7:12. coming up the medical director of the district's fires department calling it quits jusl after a few months on the job. j why she says the department iss toxic. to >> let's get a look outside's ga right now.ght again 270 near 27 a backup b because of a fuel spill there oo the highway.higay erin will have more on thisn accident coming up next. n and tucker' forecast it's a cold one.
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>> i think schuyler is nothink feeling well. >> i hope she feels better. >> i'll call her when we're in weather and trafficfe.. >> maybe she needs what to weara >> she's probably watching righg now. don't worry about it.rr i >> layers. it will be cold out.ou >> something around the throat. >> something fashionable and fab colorful. >> sorry you don't feel well. dn >> let's get to it. airport, steve, you asked for it you shall receive.hall rec >> i love this.>> love >> yesterday steve was in thetei weather sent.athe i love that map.lo tha let's start using it.usin we'll start using it. i >> boston -- everybody in green right now. n which means there's no delays.el want to mention locally thatt dulles national and bwi marshalh in good shape, too. we'll try to use this map little more.more. >> smooth sailing across theai northeast and midwest at least
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>> that's great news. yesterday if you liked temperatures something we don'ti have around here los angeles 87 degrees.87 >> record high for the day.hight >> not here. h >> 32 right now at reagan national.national. dulles, bwi marshall in thehe upper 20s and low 30 has ahas little band of leftover snowvew showers move through early thiss morning that's left a dusting ii spots.spots. parts of the area that didn'ta d get much of any snow yesterday d may be waking up with a dustingg just be careful out there ashers there could be icy spot or two.t we'll be partly sunny today. upper 30s to about 4 perhaps a few flurries thisiehi afternoon underneath an upper ur level trough a lot of cold air a few thousand feet ooh, it's cold.ol wait until you see that sevent day forecast. 40 today.od 30 tomorrow.row and then look out. o >> i like -- steve you don'tdont have a valentine by sunday my my may have to be yours to stayo s warm. >> 25. >> that's all right. >> i like candy -- >> that's probably how a lot ofa relationships start. srt (laughter).r) >> snuggle
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>> what was the temperature inee la again. aga >> 87. i might check that airportk at a forecast just in case forte for weakened. >> get him a flight. >> erin como standing by she's s got a look at the roads. roa >> steve made me laugh.. 7:17 and as you make your way yy out in carol county skyfox madem it to the location of a really messy situation.ti we have a semi crash with a full spill. spill. debris all lanes blocked this it right at 27 skit 68.kit 6 just the left lane is getting g through very slowly because ofso that we're seeing a backup forkf several miles.ral you may want to detour ahead at that point if you can.oi if we'll let you know as soon ass n they're able to reopen all ofpel those lanes it looks like it'sos going to be awhile because ofhic such a big scene.ig sce now the other side 70 east isasi looking just fine.tin we'll switch it over now to aowt look at one of our cameras.. 66 right now eastbound crash csh involving several cars on the on shoulder at 50 all lanes open oe but typical slow-moving traffic past that point. point so be prepared for that.or t a look at our maps right now.ow other issues and slow downs slod around the area, 270 south no
7:18 am
shock here typical delay under 20 miles an hour from 70 to theo truck scales.truc a wall of stop and trafficra through german up to anduggerm leave about 45 minutes early asa you head out in frederick.rick watch for slick spots inck sts frederick and montgomery countyc this morning.orng district police letting us knowk what's going on around here.un h m street northwest shut down until further notice.ot use new york or h to get aroundd that. that. suitland parkway at stanton isnn lane blocked because of a downew tree. steve?steve? erin, thanks very much., anr okay. drama in the district in a resignation letter to the mayory the dc fire and ems medicalmsed director called the departmentan toxic.xi >> this follows months ofws monh ambulance shortages and delayedy response times in the city. fox5's bob barnard joins to usoo help sort out what's going ont' now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning m allison and yes, she was on the job for jusj seven months.ven months. the medical director of the d.c fire and ems department head quartered here at the receives c center. dr. juliet, sent a four-page brutal letter of resignati
7:19 am
d.c. mayor muriel bowser in it t she says people in the city of o dying needlessly because we're moving too slowly as you menti mentioned she cite wad she callc a highly toxic culture that hash playing the department forepartn decades. her words.her words show calls the work force undisciplined and unchecked.. she says specifically pointing t out that some people call out ct sick repeat thely because theyau don't like their assignment.ssnm she says the situation is grimsm and she was powerless to makeake changes.chan now part of her letter here shes says quoting here, when i seen s something that could make m difference between life anden lf death and yet is ignored, i must distance myself from that system, complicity kills and ii will not be a party to that behavior. doctor spoke to marina lasts night, again, just seven monthsn after taking the job. j >> what's the number one thingbg that needs to change?ng >> leadership. leadership, um, and when i say leadership, i don't meann anhi
7:20 am
this is not personal.erna this is about doing the rightig thing.g >> reporter: is there onehe one suggestion that you could offer chief dean? >> let medicine and science sen drive decisions and not fpa, 1710 fire standards that aren'te based in any sort of medicine oo science about response times. tm >> reporter: in a statementment released last night the mayor's office writing here, we are we a committed to improving patientat out comes and delivering the change that residents expect ana deserve. we will announce an interim mell director later this week.. dr. saucy sent her letter off resignation on january 29thua her last day is this friday, guys. >> big shake up, bob, thank youu very much. ry much. >> coming up new terror warningg this morning and it's not just extremist groups that have theet intelligence communityllence concerned. >> also, a new fight over the zika virus and this time it'st' political.po more on that story coming up sty
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♪ >> 7:23 right now.>> congress receiving a chillingeia reality check about the threatsr facing this country director ofr national intelligence jameses clapper told lawmakers isis is i laying the ground work to strikk within the united states in the coming year. clapper also said officialsff remain concerned about northon korea's nuclear program. cyber espionage is also of concern.ern. russia and
7:24 am
target the united states.tate latest on the zika virus rightit now. china is reporting it's firstrs case. a man who recently traveled tolt venezuela is infected virusteir highly unlike toll spread inprei china because of the coldse of d temperatures and the lack ofur d mosquito activity.y bipartisan group of lawmakers oa the hill meantime taking actiont but while democrats want to w approve the president' twosnttw billion dollars in emergencydoll funding, republicans say there t does not need to be any new any funding to fight the ill 93.hell hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.rr. pope francis will celebrateb ash wednesday today with a massa at the vatican. the van he is calling on the faithful to sew focus on acts of kindness this lenten season and practicet works of mercy. mcy the pontiff arrives in mexicoex city on friday for a six-dayay he will hold a mass at the u.s. border just 90 yards from rioror grand texas to show solidarityy with the migrants trying toin cross it. i >> coming up on 7:25 right now.. tucker barnes back with us withw a look at our forecast. >> delivering the good news yt
7:25 am
again, tuck. tk. >> trying t cold temperatures out there to e start your day. little batch of snow shower activity come through overnightg and that combined withnedit temperatures below freezing might be a few slippery spotsewp and i can guarantee off to the o north and west we've got brand b new snow pack. p 32 now in washington. locally couldn't find any spotss above freezing here to start ttt your morning. 22 in pittsburgh.uh nine in chicago. chicago 21 in we have seen nothing yet.hing yt some of the computer models aree trying to bring an airir temperature by the end of the te weekend in new york city torky so that gives you an idea of o what kind of cold weather is onr the way for the weekend. there's our snow shower activitt fading off to the east along thg beaches we'll get it out of here.he. enough to coat the ground in adi few spots. sts annapolis, calvert countynt colonial beach light snow showeh activity as well and we'll geteg clearing in here. partly sunny day today. tod little later this afternoon weon might kick up a few flurries but not enough for any accumulation. deep in mine. few flurries late.sat thursday, friday we're cold and'
7:26 am
galloping through the regionrouh this weekend, and winds pick upu wind chill values sunday mornini well below zero likely windy wd chill advisories and look alooka your daytime high on sunday. 25 degrees. maybe some more snow next week.k it is wintertime after all, er erin. is that why you're smiling? smi? >> i really like the glowing heart on the forecast.t >> do you.>>you >> it makes me happy.ap valentine's day is one of myf my favorite holidays.ol i like i like the cookies. ckies. i like everything about it?t? >> yeah.>> y right now i don't like what i'mw seeing with skyfox. skyfox. we'll move on.wel move 70 on the westbound side afterit 68 right now all traffic completely stopped. they had been letting that leftf lane squeeze by. this between 68 maryland 27 and the exit just north of that point. in fuel spill debris and you cananc see those first responders trying to get the debris anddebd fuel cleared out of the road. tr i would say exit at 68 or findin an alternate altogether thathe a will cause big delays severalayr miles right now of the standstill traffic in carol
7:27 am
county. eastbound side looking good. switch it over for look at ouror 66 right now all jammed up wep w had an earlier crash blocking bn shoulder at 50. delays back to fairfax countyou parkway and you can see that tha crash still waiting to get g completely towed out of the way. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thanks very much. thanks very facebook and instagram aregr are household names parents may nota know so much about other popular messaginmessaging apps among te. >> we've got important information how to protect youry kids while using these apps. 7:27. ♪
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♪ there's a picture of thee' white house this morningho obviously a little light breezeb out there today. t how do you know, steve? >> look at the flag on the top p or look at all the flags around the washington monument.on >> that's good. thas goo >> there you go. g all right. murder of a 13-year-old virginir girl also the arrest of a locall volunteer once again putting thp spotlight on the dangers of anrf anonymous messaging app.. >> several of these apps we're ' talking about the app called k kik. k-i-k and the popular app is raising new concerns for parentn and law enforcement. ece with this one there's no phonern number, no e-mail is ex changed just user name anyone cannyone download it. it. the big question this morningqut are apps like hithese really say for your kids? holly is in studio with more information. ii i for one will say i had never heard of this app
7:31 am
>> which is interesting.eresti answer is safe, my personal pinl no. so if you're a parent at homeene watching after i get done with e this report go look at your atou kid's phone and delete it.nd d but here's the real deal. the website itself for kik saysk there are 40% of young peoplengo right now using it. there are 240 million users worldwide.dwid so it's popular.opar it's out there. many of these anonymous apps are popular with not only teens but predators as well and here's why they appeal to both. to bot it's a way to connect privately, chats aren't public and they're not actually recorded as texts t they don't show up on your phonp bill. if just the past two weeks,o w police linked the kik to serious crimes involving children.hild the murder of 13-year-old any a company lovell and most recentlr the arrest aft prince george'srg county school volunteer who allegedly used the app for child pornography. so how does kik work? it's a free app users don't have to ust their real name to set up ansep account.
7:32 am
user name, e-mail address, password and birthday.thda none of which has to be verifi verified. according to kik you cannot register for the app if you're under 13 but it is possible too outsmart the app by entering a n fake date of birth.of so in just a matter of minutesfn your children can be connectingt with complete strangers exchanging photos, texts, videov and a like. like. parents, you also may not beayot able to find everything thatth your child has done on kik. kik first of all only the last 1,000 messages are viewable.wable. if your child resets theirethe account, the message history is automatically erased.ed. also important to note the developer itself does not keep a permanent record of messages mes sent and received.d. now, if you are a parent whoart didn't give permission for yourr child to sign up for kik you can contact the app's administrators and have it deactivated, and yod can find your child's user namen as well for the account it's relatively easy right there on e the profile.. so ho d
7:33 am
compared to other messaging mesa apps? interestingly enough the app store itself gives kik a 17a plus rating people only the age of 17 should be using josh oaks from safe smart and social puts kik in the red zonen and this is why. >> are these network safe? >> well, it's the safest for students we believe it'se b trackable and the least difficult for parents to messa message. users are tied to real identity at facebook built in safetyety precaution.. facebook safety built but as safe as sms and facebook messi messier. kik is in the red zone, it'ss dangerous. spammers and predators try to t chat with students all the timel >> be aware of apps that appear to be something they're not. one isly calculator app. first glance looks like at glan regular calculator on phone whep you open it and you enteredou correct password a whole new wle album of photos and videos
7:34 am
available.av take a listen. >> the private photo calculator app designed to help studentstu hide photos and innocent like ae innocent looking calculator appa it, like like a calculator opens a pass code opens a private ar area. all files are secure the storedo in the iphone can't not be not viewed in the default camerat cr role. >> the best way to educate youra children on the internet to on n educate yourself. set ground rules and remember to talk to your child about the abo dangers of the internet.nter again, specifically we're talking a lot about kik. kik so i just want to you look. this is what the kik apppp actually looks like on yourou child's cell phone. p just something else to look forf you know when i was researchingc this i became more alarmed thana ever because when you -- youn u- have this dialogue with yourithy child about the dangers of thef internet. there's no way they canan understand the real dangers of the internet and what happensha with kik a lot in conjunction cc with instagram so your child haa instagram account, right,ccount, they're putting post -- postingi pictures want not, so pedophiles
7:35 am
and then they write a comment on instagram and they'll writey' w something like, kik me app and they'll put their user . okay. look for kik me at whatever ther use sr. name s the child clicksd on that user name. now they're in many private chat with someone they don't know.n'. >> right.>> right. >> that person who is a predatoa knows the right things to say oy whatever to lure in your innocent child and then nextn n thing you know this relationshi is a established.ablished and so that's how it kind of alo gets started. sta and so i mean the deal is, makee sure all the privacy settings on every app that your child has ih at the highest and the otherer thing to impress upon them is, do not have them engage with anyone they don't for sure knowk who they're talking to. >> right. >> it needs to be a friend.ed it needs to be someones who thy know that person is on the otheh line. because we're not going to be'ro able to change evil that is outt there.ther all we can do is try to safeguard o
7:36 am
children the best way we can.wa >> the sad thing with the way tt social media is, you know, you k trying to get the more likes ank trying to do this.trying to do and so you start to inviteo inv people that you don't know k because it becomes that sort of popularity.popu >> you want to be the mostouant popular. >> exactly. >> the next thing you knowt you're friends with someone whot now trying to advantage of you.o >> right. >> kids aren't old enough toar'o understand those signs. so parents, open us in is onn ui you. >> i agree. holly, thank you very much. youu actually do a search googlel search online search for hiddenn messaging apps.g a a whole list will come up ofep apps like that calculator that a people can use to hide picturesc they don't want mom and dad tond see but it look like a legit apt on the phone.on the pho if you do that -- t >> very frightening. vfright >> online search it will opens s up your eyes to a lot of thing on the phone. >> it's very frightening.s ni we live in america. this is -- you make somethingeoi you sell something that's the ts american way, but it's not on o these companies necessarily buts then you do think where is the onus on like why would you evene create that app with the t calculator app? do you know what i mean? it's
7:37 am
question. you have the right to do it it's a fair marketplace but -- oh, boy. >> tucker, over to you. pan problems. probl society problems.soety >> another problem, i'm outbl there early this morning.rly coating of snow for parts of thp 32 in washington.hington. real quick look at thoseuickook numbers. everybody below freezing thisfrt morning and we've got windot win chills holding the numbers backe in the teens to about 20. make sure when your kids are y d headed out this morning they'ret ready for cold day today.oday our high temperatures upper 30s3 to about 40.bout we'll get sunshine building inti the area. kind of a mix of sun and cloudso this afternoon.this maybe a few additional flurries will develop as we get into thet late afternoon hours but we'reot not expecting any additional a accumulations out there. temps now 32 degrees much this is the map i wanted to show youy 31 in quantico.uaic i'll come back witness sevenck w day. very cold. mix of sun and clouds about 40so this afternoon.this afterno erin is back with traffic.raff. >> 7:37 right now. and let's take look at some ofae our delays and problems aroundso the area.e ea. this crash 66 eastbound out by 5
7:38 am
they've got most of the vehicles cleared out of the way, howevero delays and heavy traffic back tt fairfax county parkway. pkw another camera on 270 southbouno right now, a lot of heavy traffic you can see light snow in that area and then you canndo see on the southbound side ther is a crash it is blocking the left lane, left shoulders.houlde traffic is a bit slow past thatt point this is actually a medicad emergency reported.epte so we'll have more information on that fire department andtmt a ambulance at that locate.oc again, this is 270 south approaching 118 on the left lef shoulder. let's go ahead and take look tao right now at our map. other delays around the area are across the wilson bridge innerdn loop very slow right now speedss under 15 miles per hour.ou. 395 from earlier crash at duke d street jams up towards the tow 14th street bridge.dge. 295 inbound slow.ound slo 50 inbound as it turns into newi york also at a crawl because ofo congestion.estion lanes closed right now in caroll county. we had sky fox at that location. 70 best between 68 and exit 62.6 detour around that traffic tt t getting by but they stopped ittd to clear dri
7:39 am
that is your look at traffic. tc allison?alliso? >> coming up details on new on scandal at a college in maryla maryland. the controversial statements made by the university'sthe president. >> also coming up, the no drone zone around washington is is continuing to shrink. a new area where you'll be ablee to fly coming up. it's 7:39.
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ 7:41. 7:41. welcome back.we good news for drone enthusiastsi steve listen up.sten the no fly zone in the d.c. area ha
7:42 am
beginning today, a 30-mile no n fly radius around reaganga national airport will be cut b c down to just 15 miles. 15 mi the faa also says the drones ths must be registered.registred they must weigh under 55 poundso and stay below 400 feet in theie air. >> all right. rht one piece of the fallout fromlot scandal that erupte erupted at m saint mary's college in marylanm last month. la the student newspaper report the on controversial comments madesm by university president simonnts new man. m. in a private conversation with t professor who runs a freshman sim pole yous new man wasw man s discussing his attempts to we'dw out struggling freshmen students to improve the university's retention numbers. new man likened strugglingn students to baby bliunnies thatt should be killed. new man apologized for the t comment saying they wereent incentive but since then two tnw professors have been fired and d the provost demoted in what manm believe is retaliation for those remarks being made public inublc opposition to that student s retention plan.. liam hemsworth battling alien invaders in the newin the independence day movie the one
7:43 am
without will smith. smi >> kevin has the scoop in scoopn today's fox beat. that's next. ♪ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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7:46 am
we have had even parts of the o area that didn't get much snow s yesterday have had snow had overnight and that's led to ao dusting in maces like colonial beach, much of calvert county cu got a light accumulation up up towards annapolis 31 so just keep that in hyped there could be icy spots even where ww didn't get the snow yesterdayw d and off to the north and west ow course with freezing temperatures you will like vall icy spots. all right. there's your snow kind of fadina off to the east get it out ofuto here.he we'll bill the sunshine inn and it will be a breezy -- letyt me mention the breezes out of the west at 10 to 15. to 15. cool day.ol day highs in the upper 30s make surk you're ready for a cold winter's afternoon.afrnoon. looking at the larger picture,a, with just looking at some tweets last year the lakes were all wer frozen this year not the case ne getting a lot of lake effectakef snow kicking in from the northoh and west. you can kind of see that flow of out of the west and north soanoh we'll keep temperatures on the chilly side today, tonight,, tomorrow right in friday and fda then by the weekend we'll get wl arctic boundary in here and this one is going to be hard chargina with extremely cold air behindib it n fa
7:47 am
weekend in the 20s overnight lows when you factor in the winw chill will be below zero. zer so be ready for extreme colderxl cold around here fort weekend i think maybe 10 degrees by sunday morning in the city and singlein digits if not close to zeroo north and west. w 40 today. tod. winds out of the west tone 15.e might be a if you flurries thiss nothing major. nothing to be terribly concernec about. there's your cold seven days yo forecast. sunday hearts will be beating ii you're outside. definitely be beat to go keeply you and then monday president's day 35. hey we can have rain and/or snoo in fact it looks more like snows by monday into tuesday. tuesday maybe we'll extent the holidayhy weekend. that's weather wea erin is back with roads. >> that's right tucker. 7:47 right now and we are seeine traffic moving along okay rightr now on 270 southbound earlier medical emergency blocking the t shoulder and left lane as youe a can see traffic moving acrossins all lanes right now you will hil stop and go conditions throug
7:48 am
gaithersburg closer to the spure and north of that point at the truck scales. switch it back over and show yon what else you're up against this morning as we take look at ourot maps right now. 270 as you can see that red zonz i talked about from 85 to to montgomery county carroll countc lanes closed right now 70 west w tractor trailer crash. the fuel spilled debris big mesg to get cleaned up. exit skate to exit 62.t they had been letting trafficg a by. then temporarily stoppedra stopd everything to clean the debris.s i would say your best bet stilli to exit at 68 because look at lt that long line of red leadingdi towards that location.atio aside from that the outer loopul jammed jams 95 to georgia as a usual. bit of a slow roll yellow zonee 95 southbound to the inner loopl top of the beltway and then bela taking and look at incidentscide inside the district keep in minn m street northwest is still clove out by north capitol wherw police shut down all morning. use new york or h to get arounda that and watch for some delays and then outbound suitland parkway stanton road right lanee block because of a do
7:49 am
that's your traffic. metro on or close to steve?stev >> convicted murderer might gett a second chance at justice j thanks to popular pod cast.ul p. closing arguments held in the te post condition of syed. serving live sense tense for thn 1999 murder of his girlfriend. his bid for a new trial wasew ti ignited by the popular pod castt serial.ri his lawyers say key componentspe left out of the original caseigc including alibi witness and cell phone date t it will be up to aa judge to determine if he'll get a new trial.. a lawyer involved in thelawl case of steven avery the suspecs of netflix making a murderer series is writing a tell allel a book. bo avery was convicted in the 20050 killing of theresa hall beck but insists that he is innocent mucn the book will be call "indefensible" and promises toso present new evidence againstev avery. avery. the book will be available nextt month. ♪> >> that series both of them just continue to, upping -- >> power the media really.
7:50 am
a lot of things that were leftte out. a lot of speculation.l very interesting.ting very conversation start. >> his defense lawyers areawyers actually on tour. tour. they're coming --theyming >> coming to d.c.>> comto d.c. >> i really want to see them. t >> hopefully they can come onlyt the show. >> really interesting to talk to now obviously you know i'm a bib movie fan visiting a movie setae one of the coolest things ever.e being onset seeing a film get fm shot and especially independencn day i grew up watchingchg independence day film in '96 i was 12 years old i rememberem specifically traveling to newlit york city to visit my aunt and a uncle my first big trip ever by myself i was 12 years old they t took me to see the movie onien july 4th weekend. weend very big movie for me as a kid.a being on the set was incrediblee watching them film scenes andces the first day i got there wereee filming a scene with liamit l hemsworth and had massive space ships built practically onsetcts and they had pre visual monitorn in front of us we can actually t watch the scene being filmed f with like pre visualized effectf get an idea what the scene woule look like in the movie.. sat down with liam hemsw
7:51 am
that day onset in new mexico to talk about filming those sceness very very cool to be check this out.. >> as we're sitting who are hera i just watched i was film scenec literally an hour and a halfr a ago. without giving away were youy we talk about specifically whatficw you've been filming so faro f without giving anythinggth spoilers. lot of stuff on the moon. su a lot of stuff going on on thehe moon.moon my character kind of he's a he'a fighter pilot but gets sort of demoted through some badome b decisions and gets sent to theeo moon to basically handle a large forklift on the moon. >> i was sitting there and the piece explodes next to meme hows do you not like get worried w something will fall off and hitd you? that thing was massive. >> yeah. that's funny because you sort of think that because you're on asr set that everything is safe andd you're going to be fine a lot oo thing do go wrong in situations. >> totally.>>al >> i don't know. don you try not to think about it. i >> totally nerdy question because i'm a big fan. big f i want
7:52 am
into an independence day film.df what would you do if you canf yu help out with the aliens? ali i don't know. he'd probably -- thor couldhor probably do a lot more than giles is a regular human being.i i guess he's a tough guy but -- >> talk about where we are one e onset right now. right what scenes we might see in thih environment as people watch this >> i actually don't know wherekn we are. a lot of blue screen going on. there's some building going ong over there.over the i'm not sure if that's the sites of the spaceship or something. m a lot of stuff going on here. >> we were onset and you werende doing your scenes i heard youur doing your dia doing it in an american accent.. >> yes. >> when you come offset you'rec talking about in your australian act zen.t zen. have you done a role whereone re you've stayed in the american ae accent during the entire ent production. >> i used to do it. you know, it's tough to doo i've been doing it for longg enough to where i'm comfortablet switchin
7:53 am
i think when you first start oua you do like to stay in it moretr just because it keeps your mindn ticking that way, um, but, youuu know, it's literally exhausting. >> i actually sound like pitbull talking about australia inal american accent. kind of weird.eird. >> couple things to note.ou haplmmering you're hearing theye literally building the set whili we're talking.e talk >> i thought that was hishaas brother thor in the background.g >> probably is. the god of thunder hammeringam thing. by the way that is chris hemsworth's brother chris hemsworth plays thor he plays gale in the hunger games theyhe were literally building spacelde ships behind me. >> so cool. >> this is four week into theoue set production it wast prtion unbelievable to be there.ablebet i mean, these practical space ships same director as thes sa original film who also did films 2012, day after tomorrow, big disaster film director but ittot was really really kind ofy kind surreal how big these set piecee were.we you think a lot of is cgi. you saw blue screen behind himin to see these sets is incredible. >> i have technical question foq you. >> sure. >> why do some set
7:54 am
screen and some use greense g screens. >> that is an amazing question.o i don't know. great i actually don't know theea an answer. i'll look that up and have theat answer in the 8:00 a.m. hour. we'll have jeff goldblum he wase from the original independencenc day. a famous line he used in that ta film and jurassic park. >> let's say good morning to oug facebook fan of the day with good reason there's snow on then ground. this is ellen nelson issue beess she watches fox5 and watchesnd t online to keep u pto date. to dt >> all right.. >> hi, and it's herbie lated --- celebrating her belated birthdah as well, right? okay.ight for your chance to be tomorrow'' fan of the day post a picture right underneath miss ella's mie facebook page or our page underu her picture. there you go.e you there's the birthday music.. >> tucker, take it away. ay >> i like her stance. snc very confident lady. c >> i'm always a maced how far h people watch us >> me, too. >> servicemen. people in afghanistan.fghast
7:55 am
it's incredible.ncredible >> people go on on >> they watch it from vacation.. >> thank you everybody. >> tucker, do you know theke answer to this. yor,u're on a green screen evere day. why screen green. s >> some are blue even in tvv studios. >> i think he has to do with thd computer magic and how -- the -- code written.rien >> more people wear blue than b green that's probable wal it is >> i think you're on to t something.somet >> all right. any way. i actually have to do weather. a (laughter). >> anything i say about thatbout i've just made up.ust de let me be clear. let's go.. temperatures 32 in washington. s 30 dulles and bwi marshall 30 degrees. we are featuring cold c temperatures here to stay.o sta upper 30s to about 40 but wind n chill out there in the teens and 20s have had snow move througheu overnight down at the beachesowe getting out of here, and we'llnw be in for maybe a flurry thisy afternoon really the theme wille be cold temperatures latertures today. look at your high temperature tomorrow only 30 and then look k out arctic blast polar vortex ve i'm sure you'll hear that wordtw thrown about this saturday and sunday really coldy 10 by sunday morning.y mning single digits north and west.nds wind chill values
7:56 am
get ready for cold maybe snow me next week. all right.all erin is up to the how can i help you? you? >> well, it's valentine's dayti weekend. >> okay. >> coming up. any suggestions for sunday since it will be so wl be >> something >> good call, tucker. >> let me hit my rollo deck. >> do you that and let me know e your suggestions.gestions. we'll move over to oa see what else you're up againstf this morning.lse . slow-moving conditions rider nen now. you can see top of the beltwayto outer loop by new hampshire to t georgia very very slow.veryery give yourself plenty of extra of time to get through that area.te inner loop looking good.oo goo switch over to our maps rightr p now. some other delays and some othee thing you need to be awareed t before you head out lanes are closed 70 westboundesb carroll county.l unty it's between 27 and 75. fuel spill tractor trailer crasc to clean c detour around that if you can.ic give yourself plenty of extrayfe time. we'll have more traffic in justr a few minutes.a fe min back to you guys.. getting explanation here onr the green screen question. quest >> we'll have the answer. >> technical genius.
7:57 am
>> how one model making history in a new sports illustrated swimsuit issue. issue >> and the new swag convention n to find out what freebies areebs hot in hollywood right now. what could it be? new iphoneone before it comes out?? >> the pictures are blurry. blu ♪ here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon
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so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. ♪ back now at 8:00 now how about a trip to the beach?ea >> always a good day at thego a beach. >> that's what you're looking t at. like a little snow with yourow y sand, steve.sastev >> i prefer sand with my sand.hs live look at ocean city on thisi wednesday morning. mni it's february 10th, 2016 and a yup that is know on the groundro you probably woke up to littleku bit of it, too, depending onng o where you are. are. we'll have weather and trafficed coming operate fives at 8:05. 8. good wednesday morning toede you, i'm allison >> i'm steve chenevey.he welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we have school delays out therel this morning on the eastern dng shore out by oceanthe city alsa few delays in systems closer too d.c.d.c. >> all of that information istin scrolling right at the bottom om your screen right now.creen rigt all right. first though 8:00 o'clock it isc now back to business as usual ul this morning at reston hospitals center that comes after someerom frightening moment overnight. ot >> police say a man opened firef after seeking treatment there.h. fox5's annie yu is live outsidet the hospital now with more.or good >> reporter: good morning, morni alliso a
8:01 am
that's right. it's business as usual here at reston hospital center. cente we just spoke with hospital hosa officials who say that they havh resumed all normal patient carer operations here and as you aou mentioned a frighteningrighning situation around 1:30 thishi morning. morning. a 53-year-old man from loudoun o county apparently showed up here to the hospital with an apparenr self inn nicked gunsh wound wnd and it was in the upper bodyer d we're told. t he park his car straight aheadte near the entranceway, and walked over to the glass entrance doo doors. they were locked, and in order,o to get someone's attention he actually shot through the glassa breaking the glass and alerted hospital staff who then came oue and got him.. now as he was receiving medicald care, he displayed his gun we'rw told and for whatever reasonson fired another round.ound thankfully no one was hit bysit that bullet.ult. no one was injured by that. t we don't know exact who'll or w what he was aiming for at this point, but security wasitas immediately alerted, anded and officers were able to convince i
8:02 am
which he did, and then he was transported to another hospital we're told inova fairfax f hospital where he's receivings i treatment right now.tment ght as well as being questioned bydy fairfax county police detectiv detectives. so certainly a frightening a situation but, again, it isgains business as they're accepting patients and d we also see staffs members m coming and going as usual thissl morning. that's the very latest here in r reston, virginia, annie yu, foxf local news.l news. >> annie, thanks muchly 8:02.hl8 the votes are in. the people have spoken. ske in new hampshire it is donaldon trump and bernie sanders thean clear winners of the primary.. both of these wins making a big statement that americansme perhaps looking for change.hang. fox5's political reporter ronicc cleary joins us in studio and,, that's the obvious looking forkf change but unconventional changg perhaps.s. >> absolutely. they really did speak. i mean those wins last night nit they were huge. huge in the words of donaldf do trump many it was an excitingnxc night in politics.ol not just to seat winners of lass night's primary, but also als looking at who took secon
8:03 am
in the gop race.. now, such a crowded race amongsm those gop candidates taking tak second place would also beo considered a victory so let's get right to the numbers. numbe on the republican side, the winner donald 35% of the vote. v and that is a large margin to second place ohio governor johnn kasich with 16%. 1 ted cruz with 12% and then thatt third place spot was very w v closely followed by bush andnd rubio with 11%. 1 let's look at the democrats nown bernie sanders the winner on the democratic side with 60% of the vote. hillary clinton with 38%.th8%. now, the winners in each raceacr they really weren't a bigen't b surprise if you look at theu lot polls leading into this race. r but people were also looking att how wide that spread would beoud between sanders and clinton. over 20 points it's very ver significant. now, sanders and trump they botb had strong wins in the state after each came in second in iowa. >> becauseof
8:04 am
turnout and i say huge, we wonon because we harnessed the energyy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in (applause). >> congratulations to bernie ine all fairness. we have to congratulate him. h we may not like it but i heard a parts of bernie's speech. spe he wants to give away oury o country, folks.try, f he wants to give away.. -- we're not going to let itet happen. >> there you go. y g big night in politics. >> i mean some of the surprisesr last night maybe john kasich was a bit of a surprise with strongg showing there.showing the front runners kind of weptdw exactly as scripted whatte w everybody thought would happen. the question is, moving on now,n south carolina is up next. n super tuesday coming up. what happens now?ow >> a lot of people on theple t democratic side they're lookingi to see if bernie sander which i maintain this lead as he goes he
8:05 am
carolina. we're not really sure if he can connect with a different type of electorate we saw here in neww hampshire and in iowa. i we also are expecting chrisng cs christie might drop out of the race. he was supposed to head to souta carolina today.caro he decided to go home to new new jersey. we'll see if kasich does well there. there. this race is still very much in i don't think we'll see go downd to two candidates on the gopn tg side probably not until after ar super tuesday. tsd >> all right.ight >> thanks ronica.ica. >> a month away.>>th getting into the good stuff. sff >> thanks ron any casm thankson guys. guys. >> let's check in with tucker. fine out what's happening in thn world of weather.wod of >> thank you, steve.te >> tucker barnes.arnes >> unless you'd like to commentn on politics. >> yeah. i should probably comment on the weather. >> okay. >> right. comment on the weekend weather. how about that? >> go foreeho it. it. >> hey, sunshine across thecr area. trying to build sunshine in. temperatures have been cold herh early this morning, and we had little batch of snow come of snc through. icy spots and certainlyerinly potential for icy spots acrosstr the region.egion. look how cold it is.old it everybody at or below freezing z winds out of the west 10
8:06 am
feels like teens and 20s out 2 o there. 32 now in washington.washito 30 in leonardtown.. 31 annapolis.ol 20's in the mountains off to tho north and west.nort look at ocean city.. leftover snow showers along thet we're done with with we might get a flurry this t afternoon.rnoon otherwise partly sunny, upper 30s to about 40 but the windhein chills will keep the real feelee for in you the upper 20s and lol 30s later today.ay it will feel like a chilly cll afternoon for you with a bigig upper level trough kind ofugf working across the region.. i won't get too technical keephk thing on the cold side for theer next couple of days. d bidder arctic blast thisst weekend. week i'll show you the weekendu the e forecast tum coming up. new flurries this afternoon are more sunshine and temperatures above freezing which is good for snow melt. suns like good skiing weather. r that's weather. w erin is back with your roads. >> melanie was showing how thath good snow was to build a snowman yesterday. it wasn't the case when we hadca the big blizzard snow.zzard ow more powdery. right now as you try to drive around the area outer loop o
8:07 am
just because of congestion fromf new hampshire through georgia. g inner loop moving along probleml we'll switch it over receipt not and show you a look at our mapsm aside from that, lanes remainn closed. they had all traffic temporarila stopped out in carroll county.n. nasty crash involving a fuelingu spill.sp some debris and a tractor trailer.ailer. 70 west between exit 68 and exit 62. you still may want to detouretou around it as you can see severar miles of backed up traffic because of that. 270 southbound fawn delays from 85 to montgomery county you can see the red zone does openfa c p bit and then picks back up.ksk i'd say leave the house about 44 minutes early usual fromal f frederick and speaking ofak frederick county and montgomerym county use caution especially on secondaries.nd bridges, overpasses on and off-ramps you may encounter eou slick spots there. the outer loop we showed that yoush delay from the camera.fromhe c big red zone there and 95 and southbound bit backed up. 66 inbound slow traffic from tra fairfax county parkway.ay. that's your traffic.ra steve?stev >> erin, thanks. still to cup this morning soccee star hope solo speaking outaking about competing in the olympicsy
8:08 am
will the zika virus keep hereep film olympics games.s games we'll fine out.we'l >> disturbing new details comewm to go light about a local schooo volunteer accused of making pornography with kids inside aid maryland elementary school.ntaro those stories and more whenor we're back in just one minute. ♪
8:09 am
♪ >> here's a look outside at theo river right now. saw planes landing at reaganan national airport. it is 32 degrees. degrees. tuck says if you want to gets in away somewhere warm west coast is a good place right now.ight n temps in the 90's in southernou extremely warm out there. back here, news headlinesea this morning. we're learning more disturbingtn details about school volunteeron in prince george's county. me knee alnwick is live with ush in glenn arden with the latest t now. >> reporter: fb. he was now become involved in this investigation much policetn tell us the abuse happen not n only here at the glenn ardenlena municipal center, but alsols across the street here at thehe theresa banks aquatic complexpl also at woods elementary schools and in private
8:10 am
22-year-old dionne thai car apps away child child with felony child pornography and sexualy s abuse.abuse 10 children are victims we know of but perhaps could be more. families of the victims tell tl fox5 car away would play kick pc ball with the kids at glenn at arden woods apartments andsnd encourage them to join his youts choir. choi they practiced friday nights atg the municipal center and one one victim says it was afteras a practices that the inappropriate behavior happened. some children were video taped t in the school during the schoolo day. families are now speaking topeat fox5 about the abuse hopingg others will find the courage too come forward.orward >> i want to ask him why first f of all, and why did you be trayb me. if there are any other childrenn out, please notify >> did he tell you not to tell?t what did he say to you?? >> hey, don't
8:11 am
>> reporter: victims relativee found a nude photo on the on child's phone and reported it to police. that's how the investigation we're told that caraway used his personal phone and the kik messaging app to record thesees videos.os now prince george's county geo schools did stepped a statemente home to the woods elementary school community saying in parti that it is shocked by the recent allegations letting folks know that every employee goes througr proper screening before beinge i hired.hi saying the safety of students is a top priority, also, going onn to say that counselors are being made available to people in the woods elementary schoolyoo community. cacararray away way a paidd assistant at the school in the 2014-2015 school year. this year he was no longer a paid employee but continued on a volunteers. they would hold a meeting foree parents at woods elementaryleme school tomorrow night at 6:30. 6 he is being held on
8:12 am
bond. he has preliminary hearing onn march 3rd.3rd live in glenn arden, melanieel alnwick, fox5 local new. >> thanks, mel.>> thanks, coming up making history thery t model breaking stereotypes as aa sports illustrated swimsuitt model.l >> plus star athlete hints shein might skip the olympics overlymc fears of the zika virus. vir why hope solo says she's having second thoughts now about rio. ♪
8:13 am
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chance to take live looks at tht different parts of the city.pasc we're up on u street right now.. that's nice. nice. >> pretty cool. 14th and u getting a little litl sleepy start to the day today.y. >> i love that. i lthat >> isn't that beautiful.eautif >> yes.>> yes >> love it.>> l >> got to love our >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> yeah. >> got to love our city.o >> sure dodge you know what,dg tuck, no walking on snow ue p oo street this morning. >> walking on several incheserae north and west.north >> yeah.. >> tough time melting off thefft next couple of coupl before i do weather e cuteness n factor of the day.e day high favorite time of day.e ofay >> mine, too. >> let's get cute. we got >> hey, cutie. cutie >> time now -- n >> happy birthday to b >> we got a birthday. fox5 first five photo of the daf we got zachary, everybody.vebo >> hey, zachary. >> zachary just celebrated his third birthday! >> nice.>> nice >> that reminds me -- >> throw -- drove himself to the >> it look like chuck e cheese.s >> he came to play much that'sut indoors
8:16 am
>> he came to play. to py. so c he's serious. beep, beep, please move.ease me i'm driving >> that's right. >> zachary you can hear happyou happy birthday. >> happy birthday.ap >> hope you had a great one.pyd >> to zen us your child's becomc cher go to our facebook page p fox5 d.c. and send us youror picture.ure. >> cutie pa taught tee.taughtee. more clothing than outside osi today. it will be cold.ill bed. >> yeah. >> all right. we'll do airport alerts. art but notice everything is in they green that's good news.n 's steve i tried to find warm spo spots. los angeles 65 degrees this65 morning. >> hmm. >> look at miami in the 50smi i that's cold down there.old t >> i look at me am my 56 be only mid 60s for miami today.od new orleans where i'm not sure s they're feeling the temperature but, you know.w hey 42 degrees.2 gree chilly down new orleans thisrlei morning. actually, most of the country fairly cold. c look at dulles national, bwi marshall all below yesterday los angeles was in thn mid to upper 80s. 8 record high temperatures there.e there are current numbers we nub just look at them. them. reagan national 32.
8:17 am
locally.loca we had little band of snowe banf shower activity come through non pushing down along the beaches.h that was enough to cover the cer ground in some spots or coverer your car. c just be careful there could berd an icy spot or two here as we're getting the sun up. u later this afternoon upper theit toss about 40 and quickly evaporate that light snowatat l accumulation from overnight. and we'll remain chilly aroundla here the next couple of days.ay in fact the coldest air of the f season this weekend look atoo saturday and sunday daytimey dti highs upper 20s on saturday. saa mid 20s on sunday. overnight lows i would not be at all surprised if we don't do a zero isn't place locally northan and west by sunday morning. with windchill values minus 10,, minus 15. 1 >> sunday into monday. m >> saturday night into sundayni morning and then we'll reboundod by president's day, however, hov we'll increase the clouds. c we may do rain and/or snow or combination of monday into mondo tuesday. >> lovely. shaping up nicely, tuck.g icel >> thank you, steve. >> weird little cold pop
8:18 am
>> think how much you'll enjoyh spring when it arrives. >> that's >> oh, i'll enjoy it. >> see. >> that sounded nasty.t sound na >> it did, didn't it. >> oh -->> oh -- >> i like how erin says yeah, y, eveve. >> yeah, steve.. >> that's nasty, gross. gro >> i wish spring would comegoulc tonight.toght. i wouldn't be sad about that. but right now, as you make youre way out this is the inner loopnr delays through braddock.ddock slow traffic as you make your my way across the wilson bridge bdg through annandale.andale typical urging folks to watch out forh t some slick spots especially they bridges, overpasses on and off-ramps because of the coldere temperatures and because of the earlier ice from yesterday's snow that was coming d we'll check in with our maps ous right now.rit no aside from slow macing trafficnf on the inner loop, outer loop 9p to georgia dips down to 13. route 1 south dealing with stops and go traffic.. 270 south off and on delays from 85 to montgomery county you canu see that long line of read
8:19 am
frederick through montgomeryk lanes closed in carroll countyou nasty situation out dealing with a tractor trailer l crash. as well as a fuel spill debris.. 70 west lanes block at exit 68xi you may want to detour to saveoe yourself some time. t red line silver spring bound sp train off loaded at dupontupont because of a signal problem.. we'll certainly keep you postedp on how that is slowing down thed red line commute.d line commute that is your traffic.s back to you, thanks very much. soccer star thinking of skipping the olympics because of the zika virus.. right now more than 4,000 casess of the mosquito born illness under investigation in brazil. b summer olympic start in august.g >> sports illustrated receivingd a lot of praise this morning fog who it is featuring in 2016 201 swimsuit edition.tion >> magazine is featuring a plusp size model as an official partar of the annual maureen is back with
8:20 am
dough tails now. i can't wait to see the picture >> good morning allison anding n steve. not only that the model also ini the running for rocky.oroc ashley graham showed her her itement and gratitude onratitu instagram saying this is dream d come thank you for everyone who stooo up for curve much our voiceshur were heard. graham is one of five rookies is the running this year she looksl familiar that's because she wase also featured in last year's swimsuit edition the magazine mz first ever plus size s advertisement this year she ishi featured in and editorial. graham is originally fromlly f nebraska and as another vo anoto indicate for body positive tiff have the.ha she has her own lingerie and swimsuit lines and several campaign ads for lane bryant.ery when they asked her she doesn'tn want to be termed plus size.plu. >> she's a model. she a m >> yeah.>> i think she likes dynamite. >> yeah.h >> drop dead gorgeous. >> her curves are everything.vey it's wednesday.ed i think i got a woman crusha wo right now. >> there you go. the >> she's gorgeous. gorgeous. >> thanks so much maureen.s >> coming up ultimate
8:21 am
take you live to a swag a s convention to fine out whatfinet freebies are the hot things in t hollywood right now.ghtow >> until we get gel russ of whaa we'll never get. get >> no doubt about it.o doab >> kanye west stirring upri u controversy this morning. this is so unlike kanye.e this is what really is makings the headlines much his h controversial tweet we'll telllt was it was when we come back. here's a swag bag for you.ou ♪ ♪ what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
8:22 am
you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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8:24 am
♪ >> we are back now 8:24 with just incredible images fromdi space. take a look. what you are looking at is a lightning storm. striking earth it seen through thebl eyes an astronaut.. british astronaut tim peek in tp many it from the internationalel space station. look at that. that's amazing.that >> wow that's beautiful.s biful. >> he film it as they crossedssd europe and africa.. >> that to me sounds likends l something tucker barnes wouldne get very excited to see.ited toe fascinating in the world ofing w weather. look at that.lo all those flashes, tuck. tuck >> it almost looks like flash bulbs paparazzi >> really cool.. >> scientists discovered it a few years ago that the lightnini will sometime goss kick out of the trop piss severe they call c them sprites. >> here's my question i'll get really reall really nerdy on yof second. se i don't know what
8:25 am
go. how far up does lightning go, g just up to the clouds. cud >> it comes down typically.icaly >> if you're above it -- >> so up? u >> okay. >> as long as you're above theyo clouds -- >> 40 or even 50,000 feet to the top of troughs fear sometimes sm the lightning will kick out.k >> if you get above 50,000 feett you're lightning free? >> normally.>>y. >> generally >> yes. i mean depends what part of thee atmosphere you're in. >> tops fear is like a little ae beanie on top of the earth. >> we have different layers us e geret out.. >> we need to bring an astronaua in her >> is it a little beanie overbev the earth. ear. >> can we just call it a beaniei >> is it a little cap over thepe earth. >> yes, allison it's a beanie, it's a cap. >> thank you. thank >> just trying to make ityingo a relatable for people like me.lim >> you know i find extraordinari about that how much of the earth has lights. i mean, extraordinary. >> is there another beanie on be top of the beanie. >> he said they're >> you got to wear a bunch ofide barean a niece. >> 32 right now in 30 in
8:26 am
everybody at or below freezing. >> he gets upset with us u >> he's frowning on us.e' >> i'm not frowning on you.ot f we have a lot of science experte around here. we'll bring one in and get to g the bottom of all of this. t find out if there's actually ael beanie that on top of the -- the >> makes sense, right.. >> you're right there.'r i think you're on to something.g >> world with a giant beanieh ae right now. >> a couple snow showers movingo through overnight.rnight enough for light accumulation.ul we got it out of here. ofer partly sunny this afternoonno could be few more flurries no aa come layings expected but breezy and cool.d highs in the upper 30s to abouta 40 and a very cold seven dayay forecast. which at the end might feature a snow extravaganza a bonus snowon we'll talk about that. >> extravaganza would mean,. >> extravaganza means more thant five or 6-inches. 6-inche >> it means a snow party.ty i don't know. k too far away to say it could be anything.. >> okay.ka >> side eye. >> he's not liking us right nown >> beanie cap. cap >> full glance at you, erin.ce i good morning.go morning. >> good morning. that was really funny.lly y. just because extravaganza to mem like a pizza party not a not
8:27 am
blizzard.ard. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> something good not something sad. s no more snow. s right now traffic i will say wil it's much quieter than i i anticipated it would be today i because of the moisture in the e air yesterday and the snowy kinn of rain mix.ain m still watch for slick spotslicks right now our biggest battleat usual weekday congestion.onge top of the beltway outer looperl new hampshire to georgia you sey what you're up against there.gat same story as we take look at at different camera bottom of the bell way inner loop across thecs wilson bridge slow right now itt opens up and through theough springfield interchange tonterae annandale slow traffic there.ffe if you have an early morning flight to caught baltimoret balt washington parkway not terriblew on the way to bwi. typical congestion to reagan national and dulles this morni morning. let's switch over for our mapsv right now. taking a look all lanes cleared. good news in carroll county.ll c 70 westbound everything back tok normal after a fuel spill.lpi that's your traffic. tffic still ahead goodie bags fitt for a celebrity.elebri we'll take a look at some of tht new items filling up hollywoodod gift bags.s. >> fancy. later why a local man was swamped with texts demand
8:28 am
free chipotle and he has a great attitude about it.bout it. it's 8:28. 8:2 ♪ ♪ okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don't give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that's always ready.
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8:30 am
okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don't give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that's always ready. >> we were showing you ocean city before. we're in rehoboth heading up coast. >> it's still snow, not sand.t a >> there's snow on the deck. snn the waves are still rolling in.g they never >> it's always a good day at tht beach.ach good morning rehoboth.
8:31 am
>> thank you one direct. oneir the actors who don't go home with an academy award this yeary won't exactly leave empty hand handed. did you know this? this year'si oscars swags? bag worth more thn $200,000. that's some people's homes. >> i think they get tacked thon too.o. >> really? >> regular person might not wano that. no you know what i mean? >> but they're not the regular g people.pele. >> very true.y true every swag bag gets start called the swag convention theion t convention is in dallas this ths week. funny enough that our consumer e reporter steve noviello is alsos in dallas getting a look atoo freebies this generation. what are the hot items -- ite >> did you get a bag? >> whether the oscars or yours y event down the street that ttret you'll get a swag bag from.g baf what's going to be in the bagshb this year, steve?ve? >> cool. >> reporter: i can't reallyter: hook you up ifrom anything froh the academy awards maybeds m something from your local bankgm or credit union.t . let's start small for a little t bit of inspiration this morningm of the believe it or not he promotional products industry is a $22 billion a year b
8:32 am
that's a lot of money in free fe so let's talk about some of the next generation items that youms can legit mally find in thatd next sal bag you take away fromy your community event. e starting when this right here who doesn't want one of these. e save me steve coloring t-shirt.. your logo your brand the customer advertises for uh-uh dr it by giving them a t-shirt thet they can color in and wearnd w around town. t maybe their kids, maybe them.he but the idea again is to get get your name on something thatomngt somebody might actually use.ll u like this, for example, how about a little disinfectant spray. how about little sanitizer with your logo on it.n things that people would use.t e or this right here.right . this is the bug band mosquito repelling wrist ban.llwris so think of boy scouts littles league, day camps, concerts, c garden centers, not ton six, s save for kids, no deet made indm the us from novel air.ovel a the idea is to make sure thaturt whatever it is somebody is goins to reach for, it's your name onn it that they reach for most.or s i got to tell you this pen mighn do the trick. t
8:33 am
this one branded with smuckersit and i'll tell you, it actuallyul smells like smuckers strawberryy jam.j certainly something you wouldso want to use everyme day. d how about a bottle water? ater anybody can give those away butt only a special company will give away an emergency water beaconao not only will it keep youteep hydrated but it really they says could save your life because itb has an emergency beacon on thehe inside you can let it shine redr or even flash red.l that way while you're waitingoue for help to come, you can alerta them as to exactly where you are. same kind of idea this is adeisi solar water bottle which againin could help to not onlynly illuminate the night but alsohtb let people know where you are ie case you're ever stranded whilew you're hiking or how about thiso maybe you just need a little bit of extra music along the way.he this is the beat bottle.ot i love it because it's absolutely durable. but you can also take your iphone slip it into the slot, s you'll notice there are two holes for the speaker so thatr t actually takes the sound f
8:34 am
the phone and projects it so it that now the bottle becomes aeca speaker as well.s maybe a pillow that you could mold in whatever shape you wantu to do or forget about just a regular coaster. coa you want a coaster that's got a pop out mustache so that peoplee are always tieing your brand.ra. or how about a pair of chuck chu tailors this is of course a i little bit more on the expensive side.s but here's the's these chucks are 100% customized with your company's logo onn them.them. if you think the swag convention only is bunch a stuff you'll you never actually use one of the ot hottest gifts for christmas this year now be one hottest freebieb in swag bags next year.t yea yup, we're at the point nowthe i where the price of drones hasas come down enough that they'rehe just giving them away for free.e texas by the way number one inbn the country for swag. s we love our free stuff here.. >> so, steve, first, aside fromf the obvious, which is the save s me steve color t-shirt, what, would you put in a bag for allison and i if you had to picc your favorites fro
8:35 am
the table?the t >> reporter: i kind of likef l stuff that's fun and functionalt i'm a big fan of the water wer bottle here. >> that's cool. >> iphone water bottle and thist right i didn't get to show you. how about slippers that you cann wear and also mop the floors f with dust the floors. floors. >> that's perfect. ts pe yes. >> allison if you and your girlg had those clean up would be ap d breeze. >> we'd have a spot less home. i love it. >> put the kids to work.ids toor >> right. no, no, no put them to play. >> uh-huh.h- put them to play, steve. (laughter).r) >> yes! >> thank you. >> thanks, steve. good to see you. >> all right.>> all so we talk about the oscars swag bag. bag. here's some of the thing. $220,000 it's worth.s w in it the silver car it's $45,000 gift of gives i was yeaa supply of audi a4 car rentalss something called the vampire breast lift.ift it uses woman's own blood to revive rounder >> i went to sag awards last year.year the gift bags there were notot this a
8:36 am
they give you things like one oe was like a private jet card. >> what does that do? it was w like $5,000 worth of private jei but you have to spend 20,000. 2, >> it's not for us.t fo >> not for people like us.plike >> not for people like us. peoei >> tucker maybe.ker mbe >> yeah. hey, tuck.y, t >> last time i went to mcdon thn manager gave me a free card forf free hash brown next time i comm >> that counts. >> i know. pretty good gift, right? i'm? i actually very excited about it. >> what's that. w >> did you go back.>>id y >> i'm holding on to the card, c steve. for when i really need. ry >> if we got tucker thosese flip-flops, he can have this hat with his dance move this studiou would be clean in no time. t >> spot >> that's a pretty clever idea.i >> i like that.ik i do like that.t. >> dulles 30.>> d bwi marshall 30. all snow shower activity overnight.t working out at the beachesea getting it out of here. partly sunny today. tod a chilly day winds out of the o west here about 10 to 15. 15. high temperatures up to 32 too about four.our. we might see flurries come backm this afternoon kicking up
8:37 am
north and west.nort not expecting any accumulationut though and kind of partly sunnyl afternoon the cold pattern here to stay, and i'll be back with the seven day in just a minute but upper 30 today's. t cold again tonight and brrrnd that's all i got to say about sa the seven day.e seven day. get ready for serious cold.ous l >> all right.>> a r that's very quick look at vy qu weather. erin is back with a quick look l at traffic. at >> are you giving up anythingin for lent tucker? >> i'm -- i'm not good at givinv things up. >> i'm doing pizza and fries. a >> really. >> i'll let you know how it goes. be a tought >> big commitment for 40 days.0d >> i thought we were going foreg pizza, erin. >> steve -- >> 40 days. >> i can't.>> i c >> i got shamed on social mediaa by my personal trainer for posting a pizza. p >> lanes cleared 70 west betweeb 68 and 62.nd traffic moving but still s leftover delays. del and in frederick 270 south offff and on delays 85 to montgomery county watch for that slow downd through germantown.h a lot of heavy volume and in and montgomery county outer loop 95o to georgia 13 miles per hours pr let's take live look outside.
8:38 am
395 inbound slow from thew fm beltway to the 14th streeth s bridge just heavy volume no volm crashes real toll report. definitely want to take it slowi watch for slick spots.po bridges, overpasses on on and off rap ands icy conditions fron the snowy rain mix we got yesterday. and i'll let steve know i didtew not give up pasta.. >> we're good. goo >> all right. good on that one.od o >> lunch is still a go.ill a >> speaking of food coming upmin what happened when a local man'a phone number was a little tooitt close to the free burrito numbem that chipotle putting out to tho masses. mass >> hold up a free burritoto number?number? >> well, we'll find out moree'lf coming up. comi >> okay. >> we'll learn together.ll blame it on the boss. why one dad saye s bruceay springsteen is the reason hisso daughter was late to school.l. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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♪ 8:41 right now. red lobster enjoying being onstr top for the first time in a long time thanks to beyonce'. her new song formation if you check out the lyrics she f talks about taking her boo thing tohit red lobster. lob it turns out that simple mention caused weekend sales at theal a restaurant to jump 33% from the same time last year.r. red lobster says it is thankfula to beyonce' for create somethinm new customers. >> okay.>> memes as well. (laughter). all righty.l a lawyer from the d.c. area was swampnd with texts demanding dem free burritos earlier this weekk it's all because of a wrong of w >> taking knit kn chipotle offered free burritosro to anybody who texted a number m with the message rain check.hec.
8:42 am
apologize for closing its doorsd due to the e. coli outbreak.. the problem is, the number was one digit off from henryenry levine's phone he got more than 300 messages ma from people he didn't known'now demanding free food.oo chipotle are aware of the mix up and levine will get burritos ofo his own for his i got to find that number. >> yup.>> yup burrito number not levine'.evin >> whatever. okay. coming up one dad's honest notee to school principal about whyinl his kids were late. >> honesty the best policy? pic? >> good question to ponder. p >> it usual system.ual >> we'll find out in a littled bit. a tweet from kanye sparking spa outrage this morning. morni what the singer said about bill cosby that left lot of peoplepl responding we'll say. s 8:42. 8:42. ♪ ♪
8:43 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... t just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! even stay strong! at's that? want me eat you? ney, he didn't say that! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one.
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♪ welcome back everybody.e back you are lookin eg at 14th and u streets in the city starting to wake up now. 8:45. 8: steven i love that ground shot.o make it feel like we're about to go take in a show. s >> progress in the city. theity. people out and about.le outnd a >> you know what i wanted to on day remember when it gets warm warmer, tuck kearse barnes.tuck is do a walking tour with all the historic -- the markings -- >> oh, no.h, >> we're taking a bus.bus. right, tuck? >> i've been working on this idea for a long i can't give it away
8:46 am
i can't give it away. >> i can't read all the sign. t >> we'll take care of you. of y >> you'll love this. yhi >> we are. >> we'll take care of it don'tca worry, al. wo >> thank you. >> our present for >> thank youse. >> meanwhile -->> meanwhile -- birthday coming up.birthd >> we got to give something awah this w doughnuts last week, right?ig >> yeah.ea what's going on.wh >> we got to get out there. >> need to give chocolates out. hershey's kisses. ks >> valentine's day coming up.'sm hey, as you are getting readynga for your valentine's day weeke weekend, my want to plan to do something indoors. bitter cold around here wither w daytime highs in the 20s. 20s in wind chills below zeroowr around here for part of theart weekend. this morning 32 in washington.t. annapolis 31. 32 leonardtown north and west is the 20s to about 30 frederickk and dulles both 30 degrees andea winds out of the west here aboua 10 to 15 giving us wind chillswl in the teens and low 20s.0s the bottom line on yourine on yu wednesday forecast it will be al chilly day today. definitely you'll want to make k sure you're wanting layers ifng you're working outdoors.utor upper 30s for daytime highs. his the good news in the forecastec get above freezing and also geto
8:47 am
sunshine build in.uild a little bit of snow overnight.. our last little batch of itatcho enough to give us a lightgive l coating across parts of thearts area. calvert county had some light lg reports of light snow out sw towards annapolis, colonialolia beach, thank you, got tweets an pictures down there. t a few leftover snow showers herr early this morning. we might see a flurry thishi afternoon.rn and again kind of partly sunny out there as we've got a big b upper level piece of energy ofne overhead. a lot of cold air in place herer across the mid atlantic and the northeast for the next couple oo days. all right. looking a little bit upstream. r another arctic blast for the weekend.d. maybe a few snow showers aroundn here on saturday. s and that will usher in some ofno the defendant air of the winter. daytime highs as mentioned mentn saturday and sunday in the 20s.2 wind chills below zero.. i am convinced we will have advisories issued wind chilldin advisories that kind of thing ag it's going to feel like belowike zero around here by sunday anddd monday morning.orni there's your seven day.s your near 40 this afternoon few few flurries chick out your coldd tomorrow only 30s.y 30 cold
8:48 am
then very very dangerously coldl saturday, sunday with overnightn lows in the single digits byits sunday morning, and hey, i got i to be honest with you monday,on tuesday, the makings of our nexx storm system. stem. a lot of question marks but thee possibility we could end theldnd holiday weekend with another round of snow and/or rain or a mix here by sunday -- by mondaym and tuesday really will be whenw the main impact of that moves on in. all right. that's the weather update. kevin is making me nervouseer allison and steve back to >> we'll head next door.xt check in with holly and wisdom w find out what's coming up in a i few minutes on good day d.c.ay d >> good morning.>> good mo two disturbing stories aboutbout suspected predators targeting young children using a popularur app that has many parents askink questions this morning. morning. >> we don't blame you and we're asking questions, too.stio t so what are the signs? what ast parents should we be doing on do daily basis? we ask an expert e joining us live in the loft atoa .a. >> also at 9a, if you live orivr work in dc, this could make you uneasy. fire and ems medical director do quitaf
8:49 am
job. she says quote people are dying needlessly. and she has much more to say iny a fox5 interview ahead. aad >> also at 9a, we're live withh tmz and some scary moments forts one popular rapper. >> and life in the loft from thm grid iron to the yoga mat? m >> that should be interesting. more and more pro footballl players touting the benefits of former coach who turned yoga yoa shows us how and why. and w >> ahead on good day at 10a how to make heart goss a this valentine's don't miss our live fashion anda the on the fits you should be rocking when you're out withit your >> two hours of if day d.c.f ifd starts in just a few minutes.ut i can't wait for thehe valentine's fashion show amongwa every other thing. thing thank you so much, guys. new york dad's late note foe his daughter is getting a lot of attention on the internet thison mornin tg.mog >> he a note to his daughter's school explaining why she wasins tardy. here it is. >> the note read in part, pleass excuse isabel's tardiness todiss school today. last night isabel was luckyucky enough to see bruce springsteens and elf street band in albany. this may not sound like
8:50 am
excuse but have you everu e wondered how many kids would beo late or miss school out right ii god were sudden toll appear. it's something like that.ha no word if the school acceptedce the note or not. i can say based on the dched show, it went to like 11:30 inn the morning. mni and you can't really really rea leave early. ely >> he didn't lie.tie >> he was honest.. >> so -- what do you say? did they september it.t >> if it's not an excuse -- eus >> the dad is okay with it. wit >> right exactly. >> what difference does it make. >> unexcused but memory she'llor never >> all right.>> >> she was with her parents.hepn >> let's bring kevin for the fof beat right now fine out what'sus going on in his world this morning. hey, kev.ev >> you waiting for walk.. in i have to do a walk in.k that was auction war.on >> i don't think that one work.k >> told me a minute before iut b walk on.wa >> we'll save that.e'll sth >> forgive me on that. that i wasn't sure why i was walking on. >> you're here now.>> >> i wish i ha yd that
8:51 am
i was 12 years of years old iof went to metallica concert in i seventh grade.venth grade i went with my mom and dad and my brother. bth i didn't get home untilnt midnight.midn my first concert ever and, yeah, i was definitely -- i wasn'tely- late to school but i wish i wasw >> you were sleepy. w >> i didn'ékt shower i remember very specifically if was like very very tardy. >> a lot of details, kevin.ev >> thank you.. >> any ways, yes, moving on. o you asked the question earliersi today in the last hour whyour w directors use blue screen versus green screen for films.for f >> see different film setsnt fis sometimes they film on a bluethy and sometimes on a green. fmes e >> we're about to show you an a interview with jeff goldblum gdb from the set of independence inn resurgence which opens upns u june 24th the interview earlier was liam a hemsworth against the bluest t screen. some people on twitter were saying blue screen better for nighttime shoots. s green screen better for daytime shots. ots. depends on what the acts are wearing in the shot. shot. shooting on film they'll crewhew green screen and video blueen a >> it's a combination of theirfe
8:52 am
>> a lot of different -- a lot t of tweets.s. thank you to our viewers forwerf tweeting us.twee i spoke to jeff god blum and asd fan of the first one cool to beo there one of the most famouse ot lines ever in moviehe history in jurassic park he's being chaseda by the t rex in the jeep must go faster. that line was used again threehr or four yours hate in the firsti independence day movie and i wanted to know why he said itd twice in two major blockbusters. check this out. >> must go faster in bothoth jurassic park and first independence de yes. comew did that come about,? how did you get it in i independence day after saying ia in jurassic park?ar >> i think as i remember becausc now 20 years ago, but after i ar did the dinosaur one first or a couple -- i think the firstthk one ---- >> '93.>>. >> and then came '97 came independence day. day i think we were in the adr roomm and roll l roland em rick was looking at it and saying, hey,gh why don't you say i think we'rew trying to escape -- trying toin
8:53 am
why don't you say that. >> i love to it was an i'm sure he's a fan of steventee spielberg.spielb >> more interviews from the sete independence day resurgenceesure because back in new mexico last june the movie opens up this thi june and being on that set was s incredible. we'll have more from liamm hemsworth coming up in the 10a0a a.m. hour.r >> deep tease.>>eep tease. >> yeah. >> comes out in june. on ju >> in june. in late june.. >> really cool they finally gavg us the tapes for to use and wesa have to show some of o t it's so cool to be on that set.s i remember the first day i wassi there we walked on and they werw shooting this seen with liamia hemsworth and they have pre hav visual monitors in front of ourn faces so we can actually see some of the special effectsff already put into the scene. thee >> that is cool. >> on visual monitor. so insane. they call act and say cut. c very very cool. coo moving on now, kanye west known for twitter rants but it's thisi post from laugh night that got a lot of people west tweeted "bill cosby innocent"
8:54 am
bunch of ex exclamation points.. he didn't off up any explanation why he decided to give his 2iveh cents on this. ts. cosby as we know it is involvedv in on going sexual assault case. accused by dozens more women ofo simil kanye also mentions cosby in his song facts. he wraps "do anybody feel badee for bill cosby, if he forget the last -- the names just like jusk steve harvey? i mean personalla he has an all bum coming outomio this week.this >> he wants attention.e wants >> the attention.>>he att why else would you tweet something like that? your albua comes out this week.mes you'll get a ton of articlescles written about you. 24,000 retweets. we know what you're doing,what y kanye. we got you buddy. got we got you. you >> still talking about it.ut i >> finally. close call for rapper dmx he's h recovering in the hospital thiss morning after an asthma attacktt left him unconscious ramada ninn yonkers new york monday night. g police say that they found dmx on the ground in a parking lot. he wasn't breathing and didn't ' have a pulse. so they began cpr family says the
8:55 am
asthma medication in time. so hopefully he's okay.ka as has a speedy recovery mr. dmx. >> that's scary.s ary >> very very scary.ryca thanks for having m >> see you gone day. d >> check in with tucker get aker look at our forecast before goog day. tuck. >> thank you steve. t 33 at reaganha national.l. dulles 31. bwi marshall 30.l look out for ice.look i the sun is up but with temperatures below freezing forf the most part we've had a littll bit of well, the potential for icingori overnight and little bit of snos here's live look atreive satellite/ partly sunny today.unny t. breezy and cool. and cool. upper 30s but wind chills willh be in the upper 20s and low 30s3 later this afternoon. so cold is here to stay. sorry, i'm choking on a a hershey's kiss. k cold is here to to s 40 today.40 today 30 tomorrow. 30 tomor look at your weekend 20s around here. here maybe more storminess next weekw monday into tuesday. watch that carefully potentialal for some winter weather aroundun here for our president's day holiday.. seems like we always get wintern weather right around presidentsd
8:56 am
that's weather.ea erin is back with traffic. tff >> you mentioned watch out foref that ice. right now we do have newe problems in frederick. 270 south stalled tractor sta trailer after urbana delays back to 85 causing some problems asbs you make your way down towards gaithersburg.rsrg 70 west cleared earlier tractor trailer crash and a fuel spill.i delays leading towards theng tow scene. if you want to detour. wanto d traffic should be getting backgb to normal now that all lanes are open. aside from that, 267 dulles toll road after ross tin parkwayinar crash scene heads up in fairfax county. 66 eastbound just steady flow of congestion nothing atypical intn the beltway.e beltway outer loop still down to 13 miles per hour a lot ofr a lo volume 95 to georgia. georg if you're making your way to bwi parkway is looking good. district incidents still iid lingering m street northwestortt shut down at north capitol.. use h or new york to get aroundn that earlier policeol investigation still under way, and then outbound suitlandoutb parkway down t
8:57 am
so just use caution there as well. we got you covered on good day as well. as well. back to you guys.s >> all right, thanks so much. t >> still to come this morning waiting in line for food it's a part of live for some in demand restaurants. but experts say there could be something else to blame for tht that. and if you are going out toa eat forer valentine's day, you y want to look good, right? soigs don't miss our fashion show.w. it's valentine's day themed.ayhe good day is next. n ♪
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♪ straight ahead, an establishment shake up.hmenake u >> it is just to late for thehe same old same old establishment politics and establishmentlish economics. >> we are going now to southut carolina. we're going to win in southouth carolina.carolina >> bernie sanders and donalder trump dominating the polls in pl new hampshire. ham what it means for hillary for hl clinton's campaign and which gop candidate could be next to drop out.out awake-up call for parents. n multiple children abused by b youth volunteer at a local local school.ho apparently the suspect met somee of his victims using a popularul messaging app and this morning m we're helping you protect your kids.ds. >> what's the number one thingee that needs to >> leadership. leadership. um, and when i say leadership, i don't mean anything personal.ger this is not personal.erna this is about doing the right thing.g >> a scathing message for the


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