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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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have your forecast. >> plus a warning not to eat fish from the dc water they could be filled with harmful fof since what you need to look outo for right now at 11. >> it is good to have you with us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. new developments in the porn, a victim filed a lawsuit againstst the school board and the prills pal of the elementary school.cho >> we start with fox 5's may again dice. >> reporter: hey, good evening, with the possibility of new victims increasing. victim's families telling us there was a lag in time in getting information to thee community. the school administrator is saying today principal michelle williams has been put on paid administrative leave. they say quote out of an abundance of caution. now police say there are levicke times all seven abused by carraway, 18 children and two
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sun families so far additional charges are likely for carraway. now, we pressed school administrator as to how thisow could happen inside of a school >> how did he spend so much timh with the children alone. >> i can't answer that questiont that's part of the investigation he was for a period of time a dedicated aid assigned to workd with children. that was his roll in the school system. the amount of time disproportionate or not i don'to have an answer to that question. as soon as the allegations wereo confirmed and arrest was made we immediately took steps to assist the students and families.ilie first, there was a meeting with parents at judge sylvania woods elementary school. and we provided counseling andos psychological support for students and families upon request. >> reporter: now, you just hearo there was a meeting with parents ceo saying there were about 30 parents that were in attendance at that meeting. carraway was arrested ted over
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parent we spoke to say they didn't receive row bow call c until after monday afternoon a t letter went out the very next day. we asked about that delay of tht information to parents take a listen. >> we were trying to gather additional information and send out appropriate information. again, the first conversation wc got an email on saturday. we got, we didn't have a conference call until monday afternoon. again there's a time issue when you are trying to have a numberm of people collaborating with one another. it doesn't happen win an hour or so. >> reporter: now the countyow t states attorney asking for nip witnesses to come forward so she can build a strong case against carraway. they gave route self numbers foe victims or witnesses to come forward. we put all those on our website we are live in prince george's county megan dice fox 5 local news.s. >> we are learning more about a this case and it's time line from a lawsuit
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school board.oa the school's principal and the suspect accused of making that child pornography. fox 5 tisha lewis continuesonti coverage. >> reporter: this lawsuit sayssa the parents and teachers screest concerns about deonte carraway's predator behavior with childrend they made those concerns known k to woods elementary school principal michelle williams. the lawsuit goes on to say williams said that there was no proof.proo now, we spoke with an attorney who represents the victim and the victim's family who promptep this investigation that attornet says the family showed williamss proof and they were put off. >> this kind of flagrant overt type of activity that was going on having an individual pull children from the class randomly and from what we're finding outi where win the school some of these activities were occurring, it was certainly a case
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the principal should have known, been aware. >> reporter: attorney davidney simpson says the victim's family contacted him on monday. they are now filing a civil lawsuit against carraway andy a woods elementary school principal michelle williams.le the family is also suing prince george's county board of's c education ceo kevin maxwell. disturbing details from this lawsuit carraway told victims vc they would be participating annr club to helper swayed them to engage in sexual act on camera and on campus. the nine year victim's uncle discovered inappropriate ina messages between carraway andway the victim including pictures and more on the victim's cell phone. the lawsuit says the victim uncle contacted at the school as administration including the principal, met with them lastast thursday after that meeting mee principal gymnasium reportedly told the victim's country totim' come back the next day store another meeting instead hete called police that
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>> i could say we removed the parenthesis pal out of abundanc of caution wheoun people say things to us we don'ton't necessarily have to wait until the entire answer is out. we can you know take proactiverc steps. >> reporter: lawsuit maintains that woods elementary school principal michelle williams tool no action. school officials were askedff about this lawsuit atic a news e conference tonight, they sayy that they have not seen the lawsuit and therefore, ceo kevin maxwell, said that he had no comment. we're told there is a meetingeei for parents at the schoolool tomorrow at 6:00.:00 tisha lewis fox 5 local news. >> all right will the take eigh out site it is dangerously cold out there. temperatures have dropped into the 20s in d.c. and wind chills, well, it feels like its the teens sue palka standing by.. sue arctic blast just a taste oo what's to come. that's right, shawn we're trying to get you ready for it. anothe
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arctic air roles into townnto friday night and remains througi thens weekend. it's hard to take out there. you want to have layers handy for tomorrow. make sure the kids are bundled up as well. a check of temperatures at 11:00 already down to 21 at 26 for washington, 24 of dulles, 22 or martinsburg. wind chills, yes they are mighte he tea hard to take tonight.onig down to single digits. nine in, gaithersburg ten.n. winds have gotten better withett lighter winds we are going to see wind chills in the teen. we do have advisories for winter weather until 6:00 tomorrow evening. they could pick pup another twot to four inches. we also have wind chill a advisories that willing from might night until thursday morning. so those below zero out there.e. overnight temperature
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district as cold as 18 or even 17 degrees in the suburbs that't what the kids have to deal with tomorrow morning at the busus stop. it will be a pretty sunrise we think with temperature of about 20, feeling so much colder when the sunday comes up tomorrowomor morning. i wanted to show you the wind chill temperatures 90 degrees in the district feeling like five in hating, four in hagerstown, h nine in the district. d thick this forward to the noon hour mostly single digits and teens. it's going to be hard to be outside. it's going to feature a lot off sunshine by the time we get to five or 6:00 we're still talking about wind chills innatenesses,s low teens at that by 11:00 we1:0 are back down in single digit s thursday night. nig before the real arctic airrc getting here friday morning. that's tin the pipeline. tin its just in the process of getting on in our direction. also means that there's a a po
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with single digit lows oneit sunday watching for that storm in the monday, tuesday time frame. we'll talk about that coming upu with the seven day in a fewew minutes, shawn. >>thank you, sue. fox 5 is in the district tonight. seven month old baby died todayy after a sibling found the baby unresponsive and called 911 the baby was rushed to the hop t pronounced dead at the hop. blows say there were five other children under the age of ten inside the house with no adult supervision. the children's grandmotherer usually takes care of them.m. >> i'm in the state of shock.hok i'm hearing that no one was there and the kids were there alone. and this is not, this is not the grandmother that i know. she's very hands on with her grandchildren. >> there's no word tonight onong what caused the child to die. so far no charges have been filed. two hartford
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lost their lives today.ay. 67 year old david brian evans e opened fire on one deputy inside of the restaurant in abington. he ran from the restaurant toward the parkview apartments a that's where the second deputyod was shot by the gunman. two other deputies also on the scene opened fire killing the suspect. they are on administrative leave while an investigation was completed. so far the hartford countyy sheriffs office has not released the names of the deputies who loss their lives.loss still ahead at 11 seafood lovers bee hair the reason why health officials are saying you should not eat rock fish from some local rivers. on from new hampshire to south carolina. car candidates are trying to appeala to voter i know the next primary. dc 9:30 club is in the spot l we'll tell you about it. when fox 5 local news at
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>> less than 24 hours after new hampshire primary several candidates have suspended their cane. new jersey
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key came out swinging against rubio during saturday nights gop debate. when the votes came in rubio came in sixth and chris decamine fifth. he released a statement, i triet to reinforce what i always believed speaking your mind matters, experience matters,matt competence matters. it will always matter leading our nation. nat so today i leave the race without an ounce of regretted. 2012gop romney said thank you for pushing the race to real and honest solutions your candor on the trail will be miss d. charlie fiorin though suspendedg her campaign today only fee mail contender won just two percent of her party's vote in new hampshire.ha the candidates so south carolina. supporters of hillary clinton ci opened a field
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alexandria. us senator cane and other leaded were on hand to open the office. this will serve as the northernh virginia headquarters leading ug to the march first primary.. clinton herself was not on hand for the event. tony. for the very first time one of the most popular seafood eat test is on the do not eat list in d.c. department of energy and, put out advisatory ofy o toxins found in the fish. rockfish from the rivers should not be eaten for the foreseeable future. >> pcb are cars sunny engines that cause cancer in animals. they have adverse affect on humans. reproductive systems and other bodily functions. >> thi
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was there only where you cann only fish foreperson nail use f there's no commercial fishing ii the any local rockfish you see foreo sale or from a men you is likely from chesapeake. maryland and virginia say their rockfish is save to eat as long as it's not more than twice a mom. archaeologist made a discovery at the marine basease today. did you go up a native american superior point while assistingnw through the land. they testimonies found a cannon ball and family cemeteriess dating back to the late 1800s. so much history in this area. never gets old. speaking ofg cool or cold. [ laughter ]. today 39 degrees. we'll be lucky to hit 30 tomorrow. the high was 39. >> those wind chills you were showing for tomorrow those are butyl. we get reinforce sink shot friday night. bundle
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recipe. >> or a blanket. your valentine's chocolate will not melt. [ laughter ]. look outside its definitely cold. most of our wind chills tonightg are in the teens a few places pa are in the single digit. we want you to be ready for that. dc was 39 degrees today dulles 36, bwi37. there were passing snow showerso down to our south. current temperature 26 but get,t it feels like 14 degrees.. that's with west northwest wind. wind chills in teens again tomorrow. get ready for another cold one. current temperature is 26 degrees here. frederick its 23. leonardtown 28.own over the next few hours we are going to see them it looks like by the time we gew to saye two in the morning it mm be down to 21, six in then morning temperature in frederick
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a real cold night. we expect a lot of treens in thn suburbs. we've been watching snow showers push away and finally on the eastern shore i think that'snk t going to be it for tonight. there was a little bit of disturbance that came through and put down a small coating in maryland. that should be it. we're not connecting additional other than random flurry later tonight. so, we drop to 20 here in the describing. winds out of northwest ten to 20. keep it really cold. keeps dropping into the teens in the suburbs and the single digit win chills will be around quite a lot. tomorrow's temperature only 30. a sunny day, it will be rather blustery because high pressure h is going to be build ding in that's why the windchills will w be in the teens, 25 miles an hour. that means we will only be near 30. up toward frederick 28, martinsburg 26, win chest only about 28 degrees tomorrow. next two
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thursday at 30, maybe we can add a few degrees on friday and get rid of some the wind on friday at 34 degrees. d have a new problem that we see coming in friday night is the arctic boundary, again, quiet or thursday and friday essentially. less windy on friday than itha will be thursday. leading he edge of the new arctic, mountain though showerso and possibly a snow shower hereh late friday night or saturdayday morning really a bitter cold aia blast into town for the weekend really cold saturday night. that's when we think we'll have single digits possible and then again into monday, tuesday, time frame we talked about this at 10:00. we do have potential for a storm, not sure, this one is going to cut off to the west ant bring more rain. maybe rain snow mix. we certainly though we'll behoug cold some of o our model going to get the cold air out of heree and bring in rain scenao.
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are going to prepare you for not only a cold weekend but the t possible avenue a messy monday and tuesday, monday peakingay president's day tuesday a chanc, of raitun or snow with temperate offer 40. national weather service has slight risk for went stormrm and moderate risk in mountains where it will likely be colder. seven day four cast as we finisn up wednesday 46 degrees, hopefully it won't take too long to get whatever we see monday or tuesday. that's your 7-day forecast. will the see what's going onat with sports tim. he was boot ted from his daughter game she fouled out she says she didn't know matter thee case his attention saint joe's,j colonial jacked up for this one they were just really anxious to get out of the cold.
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second half doing this best. he gets back up lace eight backc in. there you have it. 22 mcdonald off gw miss he grabs the rebound, spins off, lace it in himself. level one run. cuts deficit to three. sainthre joe's took over. the lay in and foul, lose you're to 66, saint joe's is 9 and zero on the road. kobe bryant, then a pregame greeting with james. liqueurs down 13, cobby not a great night shooting. he did make things interesting. he he is in 29 points 120 to
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111. we know the soon antonio spurs coach is an excellent coach. coa light not he was true to formorm with an add twist. take a look. >> your impression of the first quarter. >> they. >> do you p want electionu results?p >> sander and trump. [ laughter ] >> he said so much without saying anything.sayi >> in that was funny. >> can you imagine him and bill bell hosting a show together. >> have a good night. >> i think i would object.
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>> it is mandatory. man >> still ahead dc's ledge diary 9:30 show when and where you can see it after the break.
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>> its hosted many legends overr the year including johnny cash, bob dylan and prince. it's one show. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> getting its own tv show it will be called live at 9:30. >>will teacher interviews,ervi comedy skits some of the feature artists the band garbage, pack low and just glen i've never heard of any of those i said it incorrectly. i'll let you guys say that. [ laughter
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>> as you guys already no marijuana is legal in the state of colorado. >> as i know. kno >> well we know it from the newn into in a jim, come on i'm not saying. >> business is apparentlytly booming there and the numbers are stunning. >>a according to the denver post marijuana shops sold 996 milliol dollars worth of pot in 2015.5. yes, that's nearly one billionii dollars worth of we'd, colorado's law is realizingeali recarry yeah marijuana sales went into affect two years ago. >> that's a lot of green. [ laughter ]hter >> i was out there last year, not too long after they legalized it. we were doing stories, it was astounding to see all the shops. >> okay. >> we'll see you tomorrow. e...
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