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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 12, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. prince george's county police say they have identified a 12th victim in the case of child pornography allegedly recorded by a school volunteer. police say it happened at judge sill vein yeah woods elementary school in glenn arden maryland. fox5's marina maracco got an exclusive jail house interview with the suspect, did deonte carraway tonight. we know he's already admitted to his crimes. how did he explain to you what he's accused of doing to all those children. >>reporter: sean, he initially dent think anything was wrong. he thought of another child, another friend. remember this man is 22 years old and he was actually working as a volunteer at that school where he had met these students when he was a teachers' aid. he remained at the school as a volunteer becaus o
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cuts. initially he had been assigned to go to the school twice a week. he says he didn't want to stay at on. he wanted to go every day of the week. that's exactly what he did. we understand from police that much of these videos actually were recorded not just at the school, but at a nearby rec center and that's where he had the undivided attention and care for these children with no other supervision. at this point, like you guys said, 12 victims. we asked him how am people were partaking in these videos and he started counting and saying names. we counted. but of course there could be more. police saying there could be up to 30 victims. i asked him are there 30 victims? is that a potential number and he said there's no way there were that am people. but, of course, that contrast what police say. so you have to take it for what it is; we of course in our interview just went in to hear his side of the story. we are by no means convicting him, but at the same tea we
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by no means defensing him, just telling the story. we went in there with nothing, me and my photographer. we were carrying nothing, just our ids. we left our cellphones in the car. you can't have any electronics inside. we met him for roughly 50 minutes to an hour when we were asked by the guards to leave. there was a glass advertising separating us from carraway. he was very candid and pretty much answered all questions we had for him. > let me ask you a quick question, the children as far as we know, the victims between 9 and 12 years old, i believe. he is 22 years old, how can he say he did not think he was doing anything wrong. >> well, you know, tony i don't know how he can say such a thing, but that is what he says. now, he, the entire time maintains that he was friends with these children that he he met them at school. they were no
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classroom, but he considered himself one more in that group. now, he also said that he never performed any of the sexual acts with the children. he was just present when those acts took place. he was behind the camera, if you will, as these acts were being performed before a cellphone camera. now, a lot of these videos he says were sent to him from the minors through a social media application known as kik where you can maintain yourself anonymous and through there that's how the videos ended up on his phone. police saying that there are 40-plus videos. i asked him how am videos were there and he said roughly 12 videos. so a much larger count on the police account. you can see that there's definitely discrepancies between his story and what investigators are saying. > when you were there for our viewers who are just joining us, give us a sense of what you got from. again, we've said he's 22 years old, but earlier you described, you thought he appeared or in
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he really is? >>reporter: i don't think that you get a reel sense of him being an adult when you speak with him of course i'm in the a psychologist so i can't evaluate his mental state or his capacity, if you will. when i was speaking to him it was like i was speaking to a 10 year old child, everything from his vocabulary to things how he sees things. he seems to understand the gravity of the situation, but then at the same time he backtracks and thinks it's maybe not normal. he didn't think of anything at the time. now i think he seeing himself in jail, he sees that he was doing was wrong. he did say he was sorry, but of course he didn't elaborate much more as to what was going on and how this will reflect on those children's lives moving forward. he says he was a troubled child himself h. he told us that he was raped when he was about 10 years old a
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erased that from his memory he says. he wasn't quite clear as to when exactly that happened. he says he was bullied in high school so he thought that he fit in with this young group of children. he thought that by partaking in these videos by using their cellphone and directing them to this degree he was being included and he felt part of a friendship and camaraderie with these children. > very disturbing. i'm also -- it is hard to listen and to hear all these details coming out. i know a lot of people are wondering and they've been asking us on social immediate, he seemed to be very candid and share everything with you. were you surprised when you went into the room that he seemed to tell did you all this information. >> we were both very surprised. the first thing we said, we identified ourselves by name and we said we were reporters and journalists with fox5. and he immediately welcomed us and he said he would
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questions. and he began to speak. he says he told police the very same things that he told us. he's not denying that this took place. all he's saying is he had no sexual interaction with the children. i asked him if he understands the severity and that he could be behind bars the rest of his life and he said, yes. almost willing to accept the punishment. i said have you spoken with a public defender and he said, yes, but it won't do me any good because i know what i'm up against. > we certainly appreciate you sharing what that experience was like. >> a lot of parents have a lot to say about all of this as well. we're going to talk about that florida a little bit. > as marina said, we spoke with a forensic mental health expert jay sink about that part of the story. he's what he had to say. something that was very illuminating to me was hearing
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special out education throughout his lifetime. there are am r reasons why individuals are in special education courses, but certainly be able to take a look at that, specifically his history of abuse as well as history of being bullied and having some very negative lifetime experiences. it's also very illuminating that he had beneficial eighted on his own childhood, unable to be able to cognitively mature such that he really identified with these other children and having an individual who mentally may be a child, however, has the body of a grown man, of course, in cases can be dangerous for a variety of purposes. > dr. sync also went onto say a mental evaluation of carraway's competency is needed. > police say there are now a dozen victims in this child pornography investigation. tonight parents got a chance to sound off about their concerns and question school leaders at a special meeting.
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and continues our life coverage. >>reporter: there were over 700 parents at this packed, standing room only meeting. parents, some of them for the first time getting to address their security concerns with the school. let's talk about some of the most notable moments of this meeting, parents asking what about those blind spots. how did deattain carraway get away allegedly with in this school. they said they'll be adding more cameras. they'll be adding a task force by early next week to talk about policy changes at the school. they're going to be reviewing procedures how they sign out children. >> one grandmother said, i walked into the school, nobody stopped me. > who is volunteering in this school? give us ids, names. >> yes they said that's a possibility. > parents asking if i want to move my child from this school can i do so for free. >> they said, yes, that could be a possibility. > e
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meeting do you feel save sending your children to school? >> would i say that my daughter is safe to come to school, no. there's a lot of issues in there, still, but i can't keep her home, either. she has to go to school eventually. > well, because i believe that the policy. > we spoke to a glenn arden city councilman and he said he was not satisfied with what he heard tonight. he said he himself came down to the school about three weeks ago, spoke to principal williams. he said you need to get more resources here, as well as staff counselors. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i think if they had additional counselors in the school they probably would have caught thissier. >> one counselor for # the 7 students is not
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> something that was mentioned in the meeting that carraway wore pajamas when he came to school to volunteer. parents were concerned about that. we asked a school employee while she was walking out, do you have a dress code she said, yes we do. > we put all the numbers on our website, fox5 > for now we're life in prince george's county. >> let me ask you a quick question. i want to ask about the nature of this meeting tonight because we said parents had a chance to sound off. from what i heard, at least am of the questions, they had to be written out in advance? is that right? >>reporter: that is correct. you know, they asked the media not to step into this meeting. we were just asking parents as they were coming out. that's how we found out all these details. they were asked to write these questions on a card. there was a moderator. the sense we were getting it was very sort of quiet. parents were listening. a lot of the the parents who di
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you know it just sounds like they're investigating and they just kept saying we're investigating. they didn't feel like they got a whole lot of answers tonight. > thank you, meaghan. another thing we're monitoring tonight, the freezing temperatures. >> that's right. sue, it is cold out there. but i understand it's only going to get worse in the coming days. that is for sure, sean and tony. we're only into the teens. it's 14 in manassas, 20 in the district. actual air temperatures, not wind chills. before this weekend is over, a lot of you will see the single digits in the early morning hours. we'll talk about what you can expect for the weekend and we're keeping an eye on the storm early next week as well. > tony. >> thank you, sue. > more than two months after a montgomery county police officer was hit by a car and killed on the job, a suspect is behind bars. we'll tell you how that happened. plus, are d.c. employees closer to being granted paid family leave? there is a proposal on the table that will give them up
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> a marathon meeting in the district and it is still going on at this hour at 11:14. city council is holding a public hearing on a proposal that would require emp weeks of paid time off to employees. more than 100 people were at the meeting when it started this afternoon. some mothers even p brought their babies with them as they waited to speak and explain why this proposal is important to them. council chair phil mendelson will improve this paid time off bill. i believe that this legislation is important. it could make a difference in terms of making the district more attractive for folks to come to live and work in the district. in turn, that would make the district more attractive for businesses to locate and operate in the district. in order for that to happen we have to strike the right balance between cost and benefits. the council is looking at the proposal's pros and cons. if it is become it could become the most generous leave program in the entire nation. > developing tonight, the
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deputy general manager of operations of metro has resigned from his position. gm and accepted the trap's resignation. it's not clear what led to the resignation. he has been with the metro since 2010. > the person who has been. lewis are dues owe was indicted by a grand jury including manslaughter and the move other. lee oat owe was killed on december 3 while he was working at a holiday d can ui stop. the driver never stopped. > i must say, i just was outside, i mean literally like four minutes ago. i went to go start my car. it's going to take forever to warm up. it is cold out there. > my car is not wanting to start. it's 10 years old. > we're probably going to find
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some problems. some of the folks that were talking with me on facebook. and we did about the cold and next week's cold and she said don't forget to drip the facets. you can have some problems because of the cold temperatures. we're just getting started with this. keep on bundling up. the next several days do look chilly. we may see a break next week, maybe as early as tuesday. we only got up to 30-degrees today. that was our high temperature, a lot of places only in the 20 #-s and we'll be right in this territory again tomorrow, by colder by saturday and sunday. here it is that 14-degree reading at manassas and a lot of places in the teens. as you can see here, through the night and we are falling into the teens just about every where, 18 in the district did.
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11 1 # degrees in martinsburg. get ready for the cold start. at 8 in the morning, 0-degrees. even with lighter winds of two miles per hour, the like 18. we'll still have a little bit of a wind chill. by the noon hours, our temperatures 30. we have a little bit of a breeze out of the north, northwest. the 30 feels like 2 # degrees. by 5:00, 32 geese. there could be a few snow showers around, too. that's something we want to get you around for because they could create some slick spots here and there, although not everybody is going to see it. the area air which begins coming in tomorrow night is going to stick with us all weekend. we could see some winds over 0 miles an hour making it feel even worse as deal with single digits and teens at night. i wanted to show you the futurecast because while tomorrow we are expecting to see a few snow showers, not a lot. but you can see some of the little streamers that will put down an icy coating.
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snow showers continue through the mountains. they could again, one or two of them come across the mountains and give you a slick and there. tomorrow night into the overnight hours. any time after 5 or 6 you can see them. here is your weekend in a nutshell. we're still thinking there's going to be some light show monday afternoon. our latest models and this storm is so far away, out in the pacific. our latest models think the cold air will not stick around for tuesday, and it will be mainly rain, perhaps a little bit of a michael cain. the last thing i want to show you is when you start your valentine's day on sunday, look at how old the temperatures are. maybe a little about it of a mix on tuesday. i'm looking forward to the warmer temperatures. that's your forecast. let's see what's going on with sports. here's brody.
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we have a mix on thursday, but we have ice right now. > caps fans you've been scoring before. the have finished first five times. in each of the times the capitols lost before ever sniffing the stanley cup. but this team is for reel. this should be the year your faith is rewarded. tom wilson takes a hit and falls into the minnesota bench and disappears. zero help. the revs say let him up. > and then finally he gets up. second period, alex oak, this is totally the ov show. deflects right to the great 8. one-0 p capitols. three minutes later, john carlson shot. ov is there. his second goal of the game, not
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done. six and a half minutes later, same period, nick i back strap, ov, there once patrick, the first time he's accomplished the feet in the last eight years. the caps win 4-26789 now 49 and four on the year. > to the other end. the wizards looking to sweep the bucks for the first time in 41 years. early going john wall loses his balance, left knee, he was able to stay in the game and will play in sunday's all star game. that's key. second half, otto porter, jr., likewise he was able to remain in the game, 81, the bucks better and lucky. the wizards lose 99-92. and are 23-28 at the break. > another nba note, reportedly
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owners are having a week to talk about adding ads next year. >> that's awful. > they had it in > the wnba. >> i wouldn't do that. they need to raise more revenue. >> aren't the advertising enough. > thank you. go caps. > all right. as we head to break here's a look at some of the throw back thursday pictures t you've been sending us using the hashtag
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fox5 didn't. >> we love the pictures. keep them coming.
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we'll be right back. > justin bieber hit song sorr now it's making a big splash on the internet. vanity fare rounded up nearly 30 celebrities at the sun dance film fess and had them perform. here's what happened. you know i tried, but i don't do too well with apologies. i hope i don't run out of time. could someone call a referee because i just need one more shot. > because i'm sorry. > john legend, john contact greasy, nick joan as, all some of the people who participated in the the reading. justin bieber is about to launch a world tour in march. > you know the song, right. >> can i about a third of those celebrities i had no idea who they were. >> i hadn't heard the song,
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either. > he'll still kill it on his tour. >> he's very talented. > now that off the field stuff ♪ p >> i'm driving a brand new vehicleú because of sign and driveú for 45. >> zero down payment,p@ no payments for six weeks. >> drive for 45 got me in a car with no down payment, six weeks for free.


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