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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ahead this morning, dangerously cold temperatures hit the dmv and high winds are bringing teeth chattering wind chills to the area too. we prepare for another winter storm and plus, remember supreme court justice antonin, scalia he died at the age ever 79 how his death changed top of gop debate. and more victims coming forward in child porn investigation that is rocking a prince george county community. details on that as well. fox news morning at 7 starts right now. . >> and good morning, welcome to "fox5 news morning" on this sunday i'm annie yu. >> hi, mike. >> good to see you back on the weekend. happy valentine
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beautiful. but, man, it is freezing cold outside. >> are you absolutely correct. what a sunrise. beautiful way to start the day. but if you -- stay inside. it's absolutely bone chilling cold out there annie. >> temperatures in the single dij aits round the region. this is our coldest morning so far this winter here at d.c.. here come those temperatures. check them out. 9 degrees winchester and 6 this morning. this is air temperature in culpeper. 13 in the district and 11 annapolis and 10 leonardtown and 9 baltimore. good morning to stay cuddled up with loved ones on this valentine's day marng. check out wind speeds. breezes overnight. wind chill advisory in effect and that expires 9:00 this morning and winds will be subsiding as we head towards the afternoon. will not be as breezy as yesterday. with temperatures as cold as they are it does
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get temperatures down. negative 3 gaithersburg and negative one baltimore and nine in fredericksburg and win chester and 7 dulles. satellite and radar, calm, quiet and sun-filled day today. temperatures make it to mid 20s. de receiving sunshine this afternoon. bigger picture shows developing system out to the west. is that the going to be our winter storm. doesn't look too impressive yet but it's gathering strength. it will dip town to the texas roonon we'll grab gulf moisture and go in our direction. snow is on the way. quiet day. look by the time we goat midnight, 1:00 in the morning we have snow pushing into the reeming don't. this say disturbance ahead of the actual storm. we got a break after the storm comes through. maybe it leaves a coating by morning hours. by 9 a.m. you can see down towards charlottesville that's the main storm estimate here it comes and by noon hour seeing right moderate snow around the
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and comes the question marks. it shows the rain? snow line here in d.c. and 4 p.m. toxt he think the model is too fast we will probably see more mix and snow at this time it's after this point i think we change to freezing rain before we get into the rain in d.c.. we could have icing issues as we head into the evening hours monday night. we'll keep you posts on that. tuesday, arm air spills into the region. all rain. maybe thunderstorm activity coming through tomorrow mornin morning. and how much snow and this is rpm model. maybe a dusting to half inch in few locations and by afternoon hours we're seeing more pileup here and there especially areas north and wexingt. >> 26 degrees. more details on the storm coming up. . >> messy monday commute. you can track the weather 2
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download the "fox 5 news" and weather apps and need search d.c. news and d.c. fwhaerj apps store and apps are free. >> meanwhile our live cover ramming continues to morning "fox5" meg app dice live in north west d.c. this morning all bundled up in the dangerou dangerously cold temperatures megan anyone else outside exercising or just you out there? >> it's just us and the krispy kreme guy he's bringing donuts in for fallen types day. fall valentine's day. look i left my peach in the car and hard as a rock. and my next prop of the morning handed to me from my photographer. this is my water. it start tad thaw on the way here. we have that. i want to you look behind me. 12 it says on this. 12. that's a far cry from where i came from in charleston,
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car line a, cold today this is non scientific verse. what mike was saying. snow tomorrow possibly let's talk, head, shoulders,kneesen toes, i am not a fan of pat's. i'm going to put it on today and i have the ledger gloves on. the leather is not cutting. it i am absolutely freezing through the gloves. i have the down coat and two layers underneath. it's not enough. absolutely freezing. make sure you have a scarf on. and i have the boots. and i have one layer of pants here and i am just freezing. so, i have told you it's cold? i have said it enough? but on this valentine's day as you head out with your valentine you want to make sure you bundle up or stay indoors maybe a nice fire d. i don't have a fire placefy did it would be nice. there is one person out. we found one person that is walking a round and absolutely
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bundled up too. i want to wish everybody a happy valentine's day out out. there like i said bundle up. we're standing in 12 degree weather. right after this we'll head in. there krispy kreme where it's warm. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks, megan. try to stay warm. we will be on bright and early tomorrow on "fox5 news morning" 4:00 and live team cover ramming on the snow headed our way and what to expect and how long it will stick around. we'll have everything you need to know tomorrow starting p.m.. >> the deej of supreme court justice antonin scalia we heard of this saturday afternoon had he was in west texas for a hunting trip and leaders are remembering the conservative justice many say was a brilliant juror whoyingt left a lasting legacy on the high court and
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fox's brian has more. . >> supreme court justice scalia was found dead at a luxury ran envelope texas one of the conservative voysz of the court, was appointed by president ronald reagan. the 79-year-old was a guest at the sabolo greek reignch in texas he arrived friday and attended party when he didn't show up for break fingt this morning a person that worked for the ranch went to his room and found his body. no evidence of foul play. but this does throw the balance of the court into play with a democratic president still in the white house mr. obama is likely to appoint someone far more liberal than scalia one of the most important cases currently before the court is potentially landmark text tax portion law. scalia was the father of nine children and longest serving member of the court. >> he was so well liked on the court that the p
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closest friend was the person he disagreed with the most. and that's justice ruth bader ginsburg. it was she with whom justice and mrs. scalia vacationed and socialized with more than any member of the court that gives you an indkation of those harming and loveable and even though who utterly disagreed with them. >> he was born trenton march 1 11, 1936 i layer in 60s and eventually worked in nixon administration. no word whon is on president obama short list to replace scalia. in new york, brian yenes, fox news. >> sudden death of supreme court justice scalia changed focus of republican debate in south carolina last night. john robert has the latest. >> supreme court justice
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cfscalia's death changed the feeling of the nomination. >> i think the president will do it whether i am okay with it or not mitch mc connell and everybody can stop t. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i believe the president should not move forward and we should let the next president of the united states decide who will run the supreme court with a vote by the people of the united states of america sgle strengths and weaknesses in foreign policy appearances were al also major factors. >> it's your first day in the situation room. what three questions do you ask national security perts about the world. . >> what we want to do. how we want to do it and how hard we want to hit. >> marco rubio promise aid better performance than the last debate. >> i think there's major threats you want to get on top of. number one what are we dmoyng asia pacific region where both norm korea and china
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threats to the united states and what are we doing in the middle east with the shee aconflict and also the growing threat of isis and third is rebuilding and reinvigorating nato in the european --. >> there was a few surprise moments. >> coye careless about the insults trump gives to me it's blood sport for him and i'm glad he is happy about it. but i'm sick and tired of him going after my family my dad is greatest mana live in my mind. and while con dald trump was building reality tv show, my brother was building a security app rat us to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. >> economy was also a hot topi topic. >> everyone as far ass at home that the middle class has been left behind in the last 7 years of the obama economy and we very to bring jobs back and get people back to work and wages going up again and people moving from part time work to full
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we all agree on that. this will not be solved by magic pixy dust or let they be jobs. >> south carolina republican primary will be healed a week from now, saturday, february 2 20, fwreenville, south carolin carolina, john roberts, fox news. >> while the republicans battle today it out in south carolina the democrats were on the campaign trail. bernie sanders held rallies in nevada ahead of the caucus. the iowa caucus sanders is coming off a big win in new hampshire primary. >> well, coming up, got chores to do this sunday. why having a clean kitchen over messy one can keep pound off and is your tv eavesdropping and another look at today's forecast. stay with us. "fox 5 news morning" will be right back. time now 7:11
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>> well take a look at this. this weekend's weather cost a deadly pileup in pennsylvania. at least three people are dead after nearly 60 car pileup on i 78 in pennsylvania taken happened on saturday. police say there are numerous injuries as well. and we're told visibility at the time of the accident was poor because of snow and strong winds. >> just sounded like two bombs went off. we thought was thunder clouds. my wife ran up over the hill and saw the accident. >> describe what she told you. >> she said there was a couple people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed. cars under tractor-trailers and in between tractor-trailers and total destruction. >> the interstate was closed until midnight this morning and the crash is still under investigation. as we mentioned earlier in this 7:00 hour if yoli
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northeast you might want to bundle up this weekend and put on more layers and another sweater on top of that. karen campbell spoke with baltimore residents about the frigid temperatures. >> a winter blast is blowing through the baltimore region. >> they comma live in the wintertime. >> and some are welcoming old ran winter. >> it's mid february. people are supposed to be going skiing. >> friday, afternoon temperatures hover around 25 degrees. this weekend's temperatures are expected to number single digits. >> we want to warm this is crazy. >> health officials issued a cold blue. there could be increase in col cold-related injuries or death. we encourage people to take precautions. >> check ash on monoxide killer. make sure you're not using and proved
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don't turn on stone, often, or car running in your garage those can kill. >> many tourists are trying to deal with. >> pedaling staying close together. to get through it and walk fas fast. >> to stay warm. >> 70 in texas now. we're like what is this? >> i live in houston and we have see a snow flurry once every four years. >> scarves are essential. you don't realize how much it hits your neck and face. >> you can only see your eyes. >> well, new this morning if you have a messy kitchen ten could make you eat more snacks. >> oh, just kidding that's why mike is here. mike is not here to talk about that we're going to talk about weather. >> we can talk about that. >> that's interesting but we'll talk about that later. it felt colder than is 2 degrees this mo
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and this is going to play a good nrol snow coming our way late tonight and tomorrow. whatever falls it will stick right away. >> at this point how do we feel about our row accident friend punxsutawney phil.sxwri think >> i think a lot of people are dispointed in him. >> he rarely doesn't see his shadow. >> what happened? >> high fresh newer control all across the region. that's why you see northerly flow here. northerly flow this time of year bring in cold temperatures and check out the air around the region. 13 washington. five degrees pittsburgh. two columbus and two in detroit it's negative 18 in birth hamilton new york and new york city 0. locally here, 9 in gaithersburg and
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dulles and cumberland, maryland 12. 10 for martinsburg and 12 leonardtown. even eastern shore in the mid teens. good news it will no be as bindi as yesterday and breezes continue to subside as we head to the afternoon hours. files like -- feels like negative 1 towards baltimore. there's a windchill advisory any effect that remains that way until 9 a&m this morning and then some this should subside. >> temperatures reaching 20s later this afternoon. here's moisture starting to get together with storm system though looks ominous as we continue to go through the day today. pulling in gulf moisture and starting to do so and taking shape through the day today. here's what you can expect. monday morning, snowfall heading up across the region mix line way down south.
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way into our region by evening hours and that's -- this is the question mark time for us monday evening. how fast does the rain, snow line march north and west. however what it looks like now and awd mol model. agree by the morning commute tuesday it looks like all heavy rain around here. houvrp can we expect. our first guest snap getting together now. i'll bring it together in the next 15, 20 minutes. all right. thank you, mike. if you have a mete kitchen step maingz you he'd nor snacks research found. they did a study of college students with messy and clean kitchens here's what they found. women in messy kitchen ate more comeyes and clean kitchen ate less. it was to see how mind-set influences choices it's easier to spend five minutes cleaning your
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trying to resist junk food. >> twhel next story kind of creepy be careful what you say in front of your tv it could be listening to you. samsung smart tv has a voice recognition feature and if not turned off it can tap tour conversations shared with a third party. they do not retain or save voice data. there's an easy pa to fix it. turn off voice aggravation feature. simple as that. >> a look at top story this morning. a brave criminal robbed not one but two banks in a day. . >> and disturbing details on the sportsfever television network going child porn investigation out of prince george country the number of victim has increased.
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. >> prince george county police say the number of victims up involved in the sexual abuse and child abecause bus case is 16. police say the church is one of five locations where the suspect, 22-year-old deonta car owe way allegedly carried out his crimes. they are piecing together their investigation and asking the public for help to identify a
7:24 am
public for help to identify anymore victims. >> funeral services were held for a woman and 2-year-old daughter. 26-year-old la shante davis and her daughter were shot to death earlier this mom the child's father darin bozwell johnson admitted to the murders. he was ordered to pay child support and is held without bound. >> police are looking for a man that robbed two banks saturday morning. the first happened after 9:00 old georgetown flowed bethesda. the suspect had a plastic bag on his face he got cash and walked out of the bank. half hour later the same man held up a bank on montgomery of a in concernsing ton. witnesses say the man had a g
7:25 am
witnesses say the man had a gun. he grabbed cash and walked out. no ones with hurt in the either case thankfully. >> pet lovers don't forget about your legged friends this valentine's day. everything from chocolate to and protest sdepz sdelz can hurt your -- pretzels.
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>> welcome back to "fox5 news morning"thon sunday morning. was look outside it looks very, very beautiful out there. but don't let that sun deceive you it's cold. it's 12 degrees and feels colder than that, mike, especially if you're weak like me. >> deceptive sunshine. by the way happy valentine's day. >> are you my valentine for the next two hours. >> all right. >> let's look at temperatures. it's absolutely freezing here in d.c. this morning. stay inside this morning and sit by the fire or under the covers and enjoy "fox5" morning news. please do that it's 13 in washington. single digit north and west. nine gaithersburg and nine baltimore and 6 culpeper and eight haikers town and factor in a breeze it does not take much the get the wind chill values down. it feels like is in washington and negative 1 baltimore and 2 mannasas
7:29 am
rikdzburg and in hagerstown as well. a cold morning here. sunny and dry most of the day today. there it s clear conditions overhead. high pressure building in. generally nice day so to speak except for the cold temperatures. watch for the storm system area low pressures will naips texas later on tonight this was blow-over snow shower activity as we approach the overnight hours. light snow heading through the overnight hours and main event comes tomorrow morning. by 2 p.m. we probably hit high of 26. we'll see cloud and temperatures back to the teen this and. future cast, 4:00 today, sunny and bright. so concerns here. here comes the first wave of snow that lighter
7:30 am
and remember, every single make that falls will stick. ground temperatures are lullly frim iment. then a break toward morning and main event from the south rainfalling in southern maryland. here we got at noon, light to moderate snow around the d.c. region. hev jer bands come through and we see the rain? snow line march its way west taken will change over to rain for us as we head to late evening hours of monday there we are 9:00. we'll see more rain although we to look got freezing temperatures. in the overnight hours we get a heavy band of rain. once that comes through any snow that had fallen during the day monday by morning hours tuesday will start to melt relatively quickly and with rain coming down heavily we could deal with flooding issues and rumle or two of thunder
7:31 am
keep you posted. "fox5 news morning" start 4 a.m. on president's day. >> winter storm parngz now in effect to the west and remain in effect through the better part of tuesday morning. winter storm watch northern howard and southern loudoun and fairfax. nothing for d.c. and baltimore i expect winter weather advisories will be issued here before the morning it through we'll keep you up to date on that. we'll get to the forecast in 15 minutes. 33 de fwreez, snow, heavy at times and we'll make the transition over and start mixing in rain, sleet, freezing rain by the time we get to evening hours high of 33. that's a look at weather. annie, back to you. >> thank you so much. mike. you can track the weather 24/7 on the go on your mobile device download the "fox 5 news" and
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news and d.c. weather and the apps are free. >> meanwhile live team coverage continues blustery sunday. we're expecting a winter storm in the area by tomorrow morning and "fox5" megan dice is being a champ liver in dupont at the time and temperature clock megan. is it still at that steady 12 out there? . >> you know what, annie, it's 13 degrees. we're warming up here. >> one degree that's helps trust me i know. >> well, you know what? we have to do what we have to do as a public service to tell you don't do what we're doing and stand outside. it's freezing and i'm wearing laemer gloves and i sedan hour ago it's not cutting it. i had a neech my car it's hard as a rock and my next prop i feel like a magician. let me show you this. inside my
7:33 am
frozen here. look at this. if you don't believe me and mike how cold it is, i'm showing you through props, 13 right now we've seen just a few people out on streets you want to haik sure first if you go outside walk the dog or whatever put on layers you need warm kloming. i have ugg points on. i have one later on the pants. not cutting it. i have socks up to here doing me good here. you want to make sure head, shoulders, knees, toes. let's talk about a scarf, hat, fwlovz, cover up. don't stay out too long. d.c. has activated their cold emergency plan going on since thursday. it will continue until tuesday. that means they have emergency shelters off as well as transportation for anybody that you see on the streets that maybe shouldn't be overnight. you can call anonymously
7:34 am
put the number on the screen here. and again you can find that number on our web site and all the information you need to know as we try warm up out here. we're seeing a few people on this valentine's day. a lot of people in crispy extreme. geel indoors and get heat. make you bundle up this morning and don't do what we're doing and stand out here for prolonged period.. it's our public service to you happy valentine's day annie a mike. >> coming up next "fox 5 news morning" we're learning how to make something sweetthon valentine's day. we have chocolate tiers in the house. they're go to make strawberry bon-bons this morning. we're super excited, we'll be right back
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>> all right. welcome back. we're so excited to have chris reed,
7:38 am
her husband eric on the show this morning. >> they have two po teekz gamersburg and national -- boutiques, one at gaithersburg and one at national harbor. they'll show you how to make a strawberry bonbon for valentin valentine's day. >> good to see you guys again. i have to first geoff a shout dwrout your boutique. we've had you here before. five years in the making. we followed your journey i hear it's doing mag any september. >> absolutely it is. we're excited being here also. thank you for inviting us we love being here. >> of course. let's get started. chris you shi show us how to make strawberry bonbon sz. >> ingrade yent is heavy cream and strawberry pure a and milk chocolate. >> powder? >> not powder real chocolate with cocoa butter, nash
7:39 am
natural, we add cream. >> do we wait until boils. >> yes we warm it up. >> while we wait for that, eric, why don't you talk more about the cocao beans. you have a family harm in dominican republic you're importing fwreenz there. >> we'll vertically integrate it we own other own farm and cocoa trees also. and we harvest, fer meant and dry beans in dominican and they're shipped here through baltimore into gaithersburg and there we trooingt and winnow it and grind five different types of chocolate. we make 75%, 08% dark milk chocolate. >> if you go to the boutique you can get free factor
7:40 am
tours see how the chocolate was made. >> how wonderful is it for families to stop by? kids are pass it associated by the process. >> absolutely one of the things we wanted to do when we first started our business was to reeducate the public on what real chocolate is. and real chock slat when you keep everything naturally in the chock rat and not extracting cocoa butter and adding he muss flyers like vegetable oil and things like that. . >> so you added strawberry pure nay there. >> di. >> how do we get the process going? >> we had to make -- mix heavy cream and strawberry puree and get it to boil. when ready to boil 108 fahrenheit we remove the chocolate f
7:41 am
and stir and mix it. >> i remember the nixing process you were kind enough. >> thidz are your fantastic chocolates. >> mike you can stop today. >> may valentine is me. . >> how about --. >> dogs and chocolate a no-no. >> your web site. >> . >> thank you so much. well a lot of you will be getting flowers this weekend for valentine's day. what can do you to protect the pretty pedals and have the most bang for your buck. we'll have the details straight ahead.
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>> 7:44 is the time. michael thomas is in. looking ahead to monday. possibly a messy commute. >> schools are out for president's day and hopefully a lot of work is, too, i know some have work tomorrow. we have work tomorrow. we'll be here. you don't, i do. some of us will have to drive in it. tomorrow is worst day compared to tuesday. whatever falls overnight and into tomorrow morning will stick and snow could be heavy at times as we head through the afternoon hours. so ride home could be -- actually the really bigger concern for me will be ride tomorrow home if you have to go to
7:45 am
by that time we'll be mixing with freezing rain and icing tomorrow afternoon. lots to be concerned with. temperatures today, dangerously cold in a few locations. 13 washington and single dimming nitz suburbs and negative 11 this morning up to buffalo new york. and negative 18. very, very frigid arctic air made its way down. 27 below sdeer though morning and again throws air temperatures. we don't often get arctic out breaks th like this this but we'reet get, this way 9 for baltimore, frederick and 8 for hagerstown and they cooled off two degrees in cumberland 12 now 10 this hour. current wind chills one degree as you step outside in washington. negative one gaithersburg and negative one baltimore and 2 in mannasas. if you can stay inside this morning and take is easy and
7:46 am
recommend do ding that even though it's sunny and bright all day. not a lot of cloud cover out there won't be until later this evening. clouds creeping in to bottom of picture. increase in clouds through the evening hours ahead of the storm system. what can we expect from. it future traffic. sunny and bright today. here come the snow. first wave during the overnight hours this will be light. every single flake that falls six to the ground -- sick to the ground and starts accumulating. and 9:00 tomorrow morning through southern maryland and in increases as it heads through the afternoon hours and again that darker blue there is moderate rainfall. we head into the evening hours and get into the early morning hours of your tuesday, we change over to all rain. in between they're were concerned with mixing and freezing rain which could thread icing problems monday night. all right. winter storm warnings anywhere
7:47 am
effect through tuesday morning. winter storm watches in the lighter blue. montgomery county, fairfax, outside on. winter weather advisory to the south in the northern neck of virginia. we expect them to expand here east of i 95. we'll keep our eye on that. as soon as we are we'll show you that on facebook and twitter. of course i'll show you here during the 8:00 hour if they go up this morning. >> how much snow are we expecting this is one of the models the rapid precision from future cast. 2 no, i d.c. and more snornl and west where the snow stays or where the cold air stiz keep the snow falling a little longer. how about a different model. how about european model same deal really a little consistency here. up to inch and a half in washington and two inches here and more off to the west. one more american mod this is exact what i it shows. about the same just under 2 identify snow washington
7:48 am
wide spread.sprea every flake that falls will stick. 26 degrees. sunny skies. cool and dry, not cool, cold and dry. back into the teens tonight, 1 19. snow noolz during the late overnight hours. 33 degrees. snow heavy towards those evening hours and change over to rain during the overnight hours. here's "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast by the time we get to tuesday, 50 believe it or not. rumble of thunder. freezing rain wiingt in the morning. and then we turn dry and start to warm things up. believe it or not next weekend some location around the region will be flirting with 60 degrees. >> oh, boy, can't wait. >> that's motivation for the week. >> exactly. >> all right. mike thank you. >> according to new survey by national
7:49 am
this 36% of americans get swee sweeties flowers for valentin valentine's day. >> and spend nearly a billion buying those bouquets. >> a majority are imported fox elizabeth pran has more on how the flowers make it to your home. >> sifting, picking and inspecting. the fresh cut flowers your valentine may get you this weekend are one of more than a billion on u.s. soil after being grown in countries such as columbia and ecuador. before they reach your home they have to be hand approves. >> a sample is taken out of the cargo plane. they go through all the sample samples. if they detect anything harmful they work with united states department of agriculture to determine, what is it? and can the harm be mitigated through fumigation? or
7:50 am
destroyed. >> south florida is hub for fresh cut flowers imported in the united states. almost 90% that cat this time of year make their first stop at miami international airport. >> they employ all kind of specialist from all offer the country. they're looking for smuggled illegal drugs from pest. some insects are as small as inpoint and another little more than a blemish. >> we're really highly integrated. they're experts at looking for the kind of tests and diseases that would harm american agriculture. >> why so much work? fresh lou rerz a lucrative and growing business are awe lucrative and growing business. they cut stems from 2014 to 201
7:51 am
they cut stems from 2014 to 2015 if inspected with pests on diseases this bombing industry can turn into a nightmare. >> they can actually in so. things you've seen cause harm to our agriculture industry. that's why inspectors take their work so seriously. >> national retail federation says couples spend 90 on average bying something for their sweet heard projectsing 2 million uingt customers will shell out this the valentine's day. miami florida. elizabeth pran. fox news. >> is that the interesting. you never think of it when you get the flowers the potential of°s and diseases so it all needs to be inexpected, incredible. >> while you and loved one celebrate valentine's day. >> chocolate is one problem. that's honestly a start. dr. jason do little at vca fort worth animal medical center, a
7:52 am
spike numerous cats burned by melted candles will end up in 24 hour emergency room. . >> the most common emergency is toxicity. >> flowers could create nawtion and vomiting. >> if your pet shows any sign of poison you should get them to annie yu mall hospital immediately. >> serious stuff. to add to the list. great, grapes are not a good idea. >> the cat one i didn't think about it they're everywhere. >> they love to hop on counters and they're curious and i have a puppy even puppy is curious and they'll eat everything. >> he's only 10 months. >> he's a big one.
7:53 am
daych the picture you posted on facebook. >> he ripped my comforter up. >> curious. >> love can be hard to put into word. >> jimmy kimmel hit the streets and talked to experts to the explain. take a look at we head to break. >> what is love? >> no idea. >> what is love? ?> ki do kick >> i can do kicks [ laughter ]. >> wow and was that love is. >> yeah. >> i feel like i want to be single now. >> what with about for the rest of your life? or just now? >> just at the monument i'm not sure you. >> want to focus on yourself and career. >> yeah. . >> if you're not in love and want to be what about should you do to find someone? >> go to a
7:54 am
>> what about tippeder do you think it's a good way to meet people. >> tinder. >> if it's chick. >> chicken tender. >> yeah.
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7:56 am
>> well, being in california this cold weekend sounds nice, right, not so sure relaxing you would find this. take a look that guy. some of the best surfers in the world were happening tenant a surfing
7:57 am
haning ten it was more like 25 we're talking about waves 25 feet high and water was considered so dangerous fans were not allowed to watch from the beach and winner took home 30,000. you couldn't get me to do that. >> that's scary stuff. >> not bad surfing weather. rule of thumb we're cold here. they're warm there. temperatures in the 90s usuall usually. good sureching weather. . >> and we're going to talk more this at 8:00. snow coming monday what time? >> probably will have one wave during the overnight that may leave a dusting and main wave pushing in during the day tomorrow. >> thank you so much for joining us and news and fun continues at 8:00. we hope you join us
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> a frigid start to the morning. temperatures in the low teen this morning. as we look live outside it's a beautiful, crisp morning. stay indoors. if you have to head out layer up. megan is in multiple layers and still cold out there. good morning welcome to "fox 5 news morning" on
8:01 am
i'm annie yu. >> and michael thomas is here because indicates lynn is off today. >> awkward mike. >> i know. >> welcome back to the weekend. >> caityln we miss you. caityln is taking the day off to enjoy valentine's day. we're looking at cold temperature and impending snow. >> snow in the forecast. it won't be entirely snow not like january that's for sure. but it will be enough to cause problems on the road because of cold temperatures. it's so cold out there once the snow starts falling it will stick right away. it may start falling as soon as the overnight hours late tonight and early monday. 14 washington. we're rapidly warming up. the in baimingersburg and 11 baltimore and 10 frederick and 8 haikers up to and the culpeper and fredericksburg this morning. a little breeze coming in north
8:02 am
subsiding in places like dulle dulles, mannasas, and here is dulles in d.c. it doesn't may much to get the wind chills down. feels like 4 washington. negative 1 gaithersburg and zero feels like for frederick. cold morning out there. good news it will be a dry day for bulk of day today. lots of sunshine through the first half of the day and clouds build in ahead of the next storm system. it used to be a watched zone and now winter weather morning. we're talking about rhetoric, washington, grant county west virginia and notice -- still as you get closer to d.c. metro area. metro d.c. is not under watch or warning. we'll keep an eye on that.
8:03 am
more advisories. >> deceptive sunshine there and 26 degrees. high temperature today we have snow to talk about. i'll bring you toytales coming up in a few minutes, annie, back to you. >> well, thank you so much. team coverage of the frigid temperatures continue this morning with megan dice of how to stay safe and warm. megan how are you doing out there. >> reporter: we're okay. we keep hopping back in the old care afterward. it's still 13 on the clock behind me dupont. they're typically quite busy and streaming by for a holiday and sunday. well i guess sunday people are getting up for brunch around 1 10. let me show you magic tricks here. this is my peach i ot left in any karks hard as a rock. we've been leaving it out here to show you my other magic
8:04 am
trick which is my frozen water. tonight leave water in your car overnight. so, listen,. >> let's talk about knees, shoulders, heads and toes weather something to cover your neck and these leather gloves not cutting it i have only one layer no police leg ins i would recommend leg ins, i have a down jacket on and two layers underneath. if you're leaving wrap up. are or stay home. d.c. has cold emergency plan going on since lasts week until tuesday. this is number of you can call if you see anybody on the streets that shouldn't be. d.c. is offering free transportation to any of the emergency cold shelters going on and of course we have all that information on our web site. we'll seend it back to you. . >>
8:05 am
megan. you have to get the police tight. fleece tight. . >> stay up to date with the latest temperatures and snow potentials on our web site. and as well as facebook, twit erin "fox5" weather app and joins us tomorrow morning "fox5" muz morning continues on at 4:00 for latest weather and road conditions as far as closing and delays. >> our other big story this morning is prebing supreme court justice antonin scalia the longest standing member on the high court passed away yesterday at age of 79. a small memorial formed outside the court to honor justice scalia. >> news of antonin's death coming in midst of presidential election has been a hot topic sending throughout ways throughout
8:06 am
news came quickly across the political spectrum. >> will no doubt be remembered as one of the most con gwen shall thinkers. >> the flag lowered to half staff as many republicans and democrats praised his legal mind even if they did not agree with opinions. >> he's original many ways not just legal minded but original guy, really nice. ruth bader ginsburg was his best friend. >> appointed by reagan scalia was first italian american to sit on court. he wrote de sending opinion in recent years including president obama president obama health care act.
8:07 am
republicans holding majority in the senate will likely try to delay a new supreme court justice nominee until after the november general election a move getting push back from democrats. in washington, joe wald ep, fox news. >> a debate when it hear -- american law professor joined us last night for a closer look at potential impact a prolonged vaik answery could have within the league system. take a look. >> i think there's a huge fight i thought about it in terms of the perfect storm. this is political brouhaha we have not seen in a long time. there is no one coye imagine that's president obama could nominate that would not to one degree or another make the court more
8:08 am
in that seat and republicans are not going to let that happen. there's no nrn their mind why they should give up the. >> is it up heard of to wait? is it up heard of for the senate to hold nomination like this? >> it would be one of the lon longest delays ever. you know you have to think about the toll it as i opt court. the four, four ties that may mean cases get decided but not with the full blown opinion and treatment and it leaves things unsetd justice scalia in passing became the focus of the republican debate in south carolina changing debate of candidates voicing opinions on how to fill the staikt seat. >> just to be clearthon y
8:09 am
okay with the president dominating it. >> i think it's up to mitch mc connell. it's called delay, delay, dela delay. >> i believe the president should not move forward and we should let the next frez of the united states decide who will run that supreme court with a vote by the people of the united states of america. >> take a closer look at does he bait and news sunday coming up in 15 minutes. >> president obama vowing to carry out his responsibility and nominate his successor. >> and judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped legal landscape. he will no doubt be reepd as one of the most kons
8:10 am
justice scalia deadit indicated his life to the corner stone of democracych the rule of law. >> time now 8:10 checking top stories, temperatures making it difficult for prince korj coun county firefighters to put out the fire. flames broke out 4900 block of taylor road and riverdale. thank fully no one was injured. firefighters had to battle phones are equipment and hose lines. no ward on a was. prince george county says the number of victims involved in a child sexual abuse case stand at 16. one of the children was vick niceed at zion's pray tabor in that case until buoy and it's one of five locations where suspect 22-year-old deonta caroway. they're asking for hope this officer any more victims. paid
8:11 am
in west port lane berk. the man left his home and it has a byb soccer sticker on the back of his car and he suffers from alzheimer's and due to frigid temperatures his family is concerned with well-being in pope graph sis continuing visit to new mexico. . >> and plus on this valentine's day retailers are seeing a lot of green just how much your love will cost you this year an see the sweet way the president showed affects to first lady with a help from a popular talk show host. first a look at today's warm. time now 8:1
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> back now at 8:14 pennsylvania interstate expec expected to reon this morning following a massive pileup. three people were killed and 40 others injured. had happened 70 miles norm west of philadelphia 50 people involved app a snow squall is blamed in this incident. >> we saw some snow squalls yesterday move through the area. >> i heard we had a few move through earlier yesterday morning. >> it was sticng
8:15 am
>> that's what we expect to happen tomorrow. whatever falls will stick to everything. they're pretreating the roads. the roads are cold for those chemicals to effectively work. if you're hitting the road tomorrow morning or monday be aware. take caution and plan on extra time. you'll syruply need it. >> yes, it's time now for fox november at. >> this is cuteness factor on this day. >> she is six months old and lovers to swim and smile. >> at six months. >> very advanced. >> avoid the pool today at all costs. >> and she also has a question for 34e he me actually. she wants to know where is spring. >> that's a legitimate question. >> you know he talked to punxsutawney he told
8:16 am
was on the way i believed him there i gez i was --. >> no he lied to sglus thank you so much for sending the photo in. >> let me call bill. >> he's not taking calls at the moment. >> now publy kilingt to the row department. >> he's in hiding. >> a live look outside. you can send us your child's picture on the "fox5" d.c. facebook page 13 degrees at sun trust bank. cold by the metro station. bundle up that chill hi air is not going anywhere this afternoon. dry and sunny day. normally breeze. temperatures happening out in the teens. 14 washington and single digit north and west. one in column
8:17 am
>> negative 1 in new york city. very cold morning. you factor in a breeze it doesn't take much to get the wind chills down and we're single digits wind chill wise. 4 degrees washington. wind chill as vicery in effect. negative two in gaithersburg and feels zero or frederick fredericksburg. again, clearer dae today and sunshine later on this evening and maybe we get snow falling for the overnight hours. 22 is the high and we'll cool down with clouds increasing. . >> satellite and radar. there's storm system. it doesn't look too impressive here. it's dipping south and we'll gather most tour. this willing track the ap applations. we're in the warm sector here. that situation will start as snow for us monday and we'll
8:18 am
anywhere to the east. this storm track and quick look at the future cast. it's all sticking and we get a break by early morning but then come the late snow. maybe 2:00 and rain, snow line marches north ward and we eventually mix out to all rain by the time we get to tuesday morning. what can we expect snowfall wise i finished this map. here's my expectations after staring at models all morning long. dusting" anywhere you see the white prince george count yes, i southern nar maryland here andal this will met once we change it over to rain. norp fairfax county and frederick county maryland toward haagers down region as well. moun taps for the six inches toal gapey and
8:19 am
and black biringt zone way down south and 6" plus. there manageable snow. 2 to 4" sticking to absolutely everything. winter storm warnings in effect. we'll have more details what to expect on a very snowy president's day come newspaper in just a bit. all right. annie, sending it back to you. . >> all right. thank you mike, i know you'll spend the day with the dog today. your sweet valentine. according to national retail ned ration americans surveyed planned to celebrate the day that means a huge turnout for retail irz. the average consumer will spend 50. coming in a close second, flowers. >> a few months into the new year. you have kept your new year's resolution. it's
8:20 am
on your word. first, last night's presidential debate taking on a tone on the passing of antonin scalia. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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8:22 am
>> welcome back. time now 8:22. the death of justice antonin scalia took center stage during last night's republican debate in south carolina
8:23 am
as presidential hopefuls remembered his legacy filling his vacant seton supreme court is shaking up to be political fire storm and also a big topic on "fox" news sunday today and here's chris wallace joining us with a special preview. so many the loss of justice scalia. those who didn't agree with him still regarded hims a brilliant jurorist. i know you spent time with him and i want to give you a moment to reflect on this. >> i d. annie. he wrote a book and that's the one time you can get a supreme court justice and back in 2012 we had half hour discussion on "fox" news sunday and it's one of my favorite interviews ever and one, he is so brilliant and two fierce fully ept tapeding and depending views. it was a lot of fun to walk to him. i was fortunate enough, because it see
8:24 am
i took a chance and invited him and his wife maureen over to dinner at our house. and they came. and we had a delightful time. i will say as much as he loved the law he liked italian food food and wine as well. i'll miss him. he was one of the larger than life figures on the washington landscape. >> absolutely. well, his death changed tone of last night's gop debate in south carolina and began with a most of silence and first question about a replacement created a political fire storm on the stage. >> look, this will be a battle. not just on that stage it will be a battle for the rest of the year. president obama has 11 months to serve and he made clear in his speech to nation last night he'll name a successor. with his death this is divided down the middle four conservative justices and four liberal justices and now you have a libel
8:25 am
wants to appoint a successor to perhaps the most conservative justice. the president says he will name successor and you have senate majority leader head of republicans in senate mitch mcconnell and all those on the stage last night saying no, he can name a successor. he will not get on the court unless confirmed by senate. this will be interesting in midst of president dep shall election. >> could we see something before the next president is elected and if so what. >> there's no question the president will make this a political battle. and i think when you see -- i don't know who it will be but whoever he thinks will replace scalia it will be somebody he thinks makes a political point and draws cop traingt and say this
8:26 am
court justice you would get as opposed to the republicans who will block this person and put someone else in. so many issues from guns and right to bear arms to same-sex marriage and adoption portion and so much decided and now all that debate will time out on whether the president can name and get cop firmed his success to the supreme court. >> i would love to spend time with you. we have to move on to marco rubio. going into this debate, a lot of people had their highs on him. he made good arguments last night. . >> we talk to marco rubio at the top of of the show. he got into it with ted cruz and got into it with some of other candidates. i think you'll see new and improved should the presid
8:27 am
replacement for antonin scalia be confirmed by senate we talked for first time since he began his presidential cam fine bernie sanders running dead even with hillary clinton we asked him the same question both interesting answers on that question. >> and you have bernie sanders on the show i wanted to ask you it seems like soon the -- what does this mean for hillary clinton moving forward. >> it means she's in some trouble. you're exactly right. in new hampshire this say time when madelyn awe bright former secretary of state said "there's a special face hell for women who don't help wem" in must hampshire women voted for sanders over hillary clinton. a lot have decided they don't mind i guess being with a double or something. the point is we talk with that. >> beus
8:28 am
hampshire he got 7 million in small contributions maybe he can keep the race into march and april and he'll keep this race going against hillary clinton. >> very good stuff coming up on your show today. have a great shorks chris. >> thank you, annie. fox news 7 --. >> it may be valentine's day but it's not too late to stick with your resolutions. first, michael thomas back with a look at the frigid weather and what everybody is talking about potential for more snow on the way. stay with us. "fox5 news morning" this sunday i'll be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> a live look outside here. it's hazy out there. don't be deceived it's cold outside. clear skies. but temperatures hanging out today in the teens and 20s. it will be a frigid valentine's day in the washington area. happy valentine's day to everybody watchinging. all morning long i have been saying birmingham new york this is binghamton, new york, if you happen to be stream
8:32 am
binghamton sorry i've been miss pronouncing your town all morning long. >> columbus 3 and detroit. a local view single dimming its locally. yeah, we do one, hagerstown, 8 degrees this morning. now we have left the single digits behind. 14 washington. quantico 16. everybody in the teens or single digits to start the day. a very, very cold one. you factor in a breeze. and good news is unlike yesterday the winds will not be nearly as bad later on today. but we still have wind chill advisory in effect until 9:00, 30 point in go on that. feels like four washington and 6 is what it feels like in cumberland, maryland. >> sunny and bright out there. but again lots of cold air still in place. only 26 for a high on this valentine's da
8:33 am
sunny day. cold, winds north and west and lightning up as we get through the morning. this area of moisture is start of storm system. it's still dipping down south. it will grab call of moisture and head in our direction. by tomorrow morning area low pressure down to northern portions of mississippi and alabama and will be flowing snow in our direction. was head to evening hours we may mix in warmer air from the east. we start seeing rain, snow line move its way up to the north and west. by the time we get to tuesday morning here we're dealing all rain and rain could be heavy at sometimes for morning cute. adulting to 2" is what we're expecting. that includes southern marylan maryland, prince george county and arundel county and i'll say 2
8:34 am
be 4 plus and jackpot here 4 to 6" and one area of 6" plus down to southwest of upper elevations of west virginia there. we'll have more details what to expect over the next couple days coming your way in a. >> she's a mathematician, mega megan, because she's got a lot of props with her. >> are you not lying it's cold. it's gotten colder within the last half hour. still 13 on old clock back there. that's non scientific version. it feelser than that. mike thomas you talked about my props this is my peach this the was in my car hard as a rock and pat hand me next magic trick, by water. >> we left this out as well. it's xloot
8:35 am
there. as you head out today bundle up. heads, shoulders, knees and to toes that old song make sure i have a hat, skavsh, nrovz on, scarf and gloves. ledger gloves are just not cutting it. and dprks c. police will pick up anyone on the streets that shouldn't be in the cold. call them anonymously it's high owe therm yeah hot line 1800- 1800-535-2752 energy shelleders are on all over d.c. and again valentine's day a good day to stay in and get cozy. sit by the fire. stay out of the cold. we'll send it back to you. . >> all right. very good. thank you, megan. a reminder "fox5" is the home for continuous
8:36 am
ramming. jous us might and early. "fox5 news morning" goes on 4 a.m. for latest weather and road companies or school delays or closings. >> january is behind us and by this time people may be ready to throw in your resolution towels. not sa fast. this is perfect time to become successful and stick with it. here to explain is life coach valerie brown chief executive officer of zbc consulting happy valen type's day. >> and is behind us and our motivation fizzles out is this normal? >> it is, it is. >> what are have as you westbound part of that. >> you're right, january is the time where we mack a lot of goes and resolutions, february, we're thinking, what happened? i don't know where they are. i' f
8:37 am
the first thing to do is reevaluate and prioritize. >> regroup. >> regroup. think about what it is you want to accomplish and look at list. and then really prioritize. pick three. most of us have more than three. so pick three those top three. and those things are achievable and attainable. and that's where you want to start. >> be really real is dig with your. >> your next tip is recommi recommitting to yourself. are you special. treat yourself as such. take time out for you and really make a promise to you yourself to get it dpon. it done and you'll do it. >> you need to make a plan. i tell all my clients write it down. when you write your plan down, it becomes real. . >> i think you're so right about that. we're speciality creatures and so when you see it written down tin spirz you to actually do it i
8:38 am
>> exactly, exactly. >> sharing your plan, some of us are private with res lawtions and do we want to seek are thely have to close to ourselves. >> having a support system is key to being successful. share your plan with someone you trust. you can join a group or do a visual picture in your force serve as constant reminders. >> finally i lover this one this is my favorite. celebrate your success. we're special. >> we are special. and always celebrate your success regardless of how small or large. take time to really recognize that you're doing this, and you're progressing and give yourself a bat pat on the back. it's really important. >> i was reading your bioit's impressive number one. >> thank you. >> you left a full time job serving over 27
8:39 am
pentagon and now you have really just gop after your passion. >> this is true. what made you make the transition. >> i'm fortunate i'm passionate about -- really it's something impact full in their lives. i consider a win, win, i'm whipping and they're winning, and it's something to be rewarding to be a part of their life. i took my passion and made it a profession. >> you mean that and you're making yourself available wednesday night tots people. how can they connect with you online. >> well, you can visit our web site at valerie brown and we're on facebook and follow us on twitter valerie b coach and we have an ask salary questions. we post answers to questions every wednesday
8:40 am
standard east time. >> i look forward to seeing you. >> thank you. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds.
8:41 am
(husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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>> 1 million people came out
8:43 am
pontiff in his first full day of mexico. >> and even the president can't get out of remembering his lady on valentine's day. they got help from ellen skaic skaiching a sweet message with one another on her show. >> i wanted to wish you a happy valentine's day. it's the last one we'll spend in white house and in honor of that i wrote you al a poem i wanted to share. roses are red, vie lots are blue, you are the president and i am your boo. >> this valentine's day i'll treat you right and make you some sduk eveny bread and then spread veggie on a plate just the way you like them. and then i'll give you a massage while you watch ellen's design challenge on hdtv. because i love you
8:44 am
obamacare about you more than you even know ! >> all righty. that was funny. what's valentine's day without a heart throb. we you have covered in that department. and hollywood hunk ryan reynolds since down with kevin mccarthy to talk about dead pool and we can't forget our weather man michael thomas. >> warnings going up west of d.c.. snow forecast moving into the region for president's day. how much can you expect? i'll have the full forecast including a warm-up after the break. stick with us. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> all right. welcome barks being time 8:47 michael thomas back with the forecast and what we can expect. >> weather alert. i love that graphic. >> with won't go away. >> four two reasons we have weather alert. scream cold today especially this morning this will be the worst. and then snow moving back into the region. and lots to be concerned about. a live look at the white house. no white stuff on the ground around the white house yet. but snow, again, will be a different scene as we head through the day an monday. here are temperatures now. cold. you would not guess we're closer to
8:48 am
spring than end of fall. 34 days until official start of spring. it's 14 in washington this morning. negative 8 in boston and negative 9 toronto. cold air settling into the region. and finally it start to look where we should be this time year. >> 4 degrees is what it feels like. north westerly wind this morning feels like negative 2. 2 at baltimore and annapolis feels like 0 in frederick. very chilly out there. if you have to go outside bundle it up. satellite and radar, clot of clear skies. clouds west and heading through the course of the day today that's ahead of the next storm system that brings us a good chance of snow on monday. future cast starting you at 5:00 today and heading into the evening this is overnight tonight around the midnight
8:49 am
hour. every flake that falls will stick to the ground temperatures. 10:00 monday evening snow starting here. moderate to heavy at times. this is when we will do bulk of accumulation. then a rain snow line dancing north ward. that changeover period. it shows rain 6:00 tomorrow night i'm concerned it will be a mix of freezing rain and dealing with icing conditions here tomorrow evening before we eventually change to all rain during the overnight hours when low pressure tracks west. that's what happens here in eastern sector. we're in the warm sector. we then change it over to all rain. maybe thunderstorms rumbling here during the morning commute and after that point we clear out and are okay for the rest of the day tuesday. anything that malls monday will melt. how muc
8:50 am
well here's a raw run of model here. but tomorrow, 4:00, we go on at "fox5" and half inch at city and more down to south. again both of our accumulations coming in the afternoon hours and up to 2" in the city and according to the model we're done here. where it snows longer we get higher totals. models saying 9" possilbe in cumberland and that's aggressive but we'll keep an eye on it. a dusting to two inches 2 to 5 and through the city 2 to 4. and there will be pockets here and there that do get into higher totals. i don't doubt that for a minute. i don't think they'll be as widespread. pockets of 4" plus here and there. 4 to 6 over mountains and jackpot weigh, south and west over mountains of west virginia. the 7 day forecast there's a warm-up to talk about believe it or not
8:51 am
pesky storm system. dipping down to low 30s thursday and warming up through the weekend, 58 di next saturday we'll feel great. will it not, annie. >> that's shorts and tank top weather. >> pool marriage thanks, mike. >> a record setting weekend for ryan reynolds. " dead pool" is set to make some records. before its release some estimated the film would earn $60 million this weekend. it's now on track to more than double that estimate. earlier this week our kevin mccarthy got sit down with a superhero himselves ryan republicanald and t. j. miller for a welcome at how it works? >> are you always s
8:52 am
vocally. >> yes, you hear me speak through the mask. there's a lot of bittersweet sense to the mask. you could hear through it. we got lucky there. the eyes are really subtlely animated there. they're -- what they do is film my face doing every line and every expression i would take and take my eyes and happen them sglon i didn't know this. how much jokes were in this avr where you have ability to --. >> so many jokes we were like we can top this joke. and you end up going to production. whatever happens on the die there is always fewier. >> we had to pitta way everything and to go during the day because it sounded better
8:53 am
. >> they're so good at improv improveization. . >> for a journalist -- hi one throw that way. >> it was awful man, awful. >> coming through this way. >> and because he has background and i'm impro visor the scenes we did together were that. i see how he came one sunny stuff on the spot. you probably deposit need all that stuff. >> this guy could do an entire sequel of alternating jokes. >> thank you for the movie. i've seen it twice. we can't wait me an my fiancee. you guys are awesome. you guys are awesome. >> good stuff. meanwhile ports illustrated making history this morning releasing
8:54 am
releasing. >> ashley gram and rhonda rous rousey facing the front page there and each cover represents beautiful, strong women and highlights the idea that beauty is not one size fits all. >> michael thomas has one final check of the sunday forecast coming up next. stay with us.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> back now with face back fan of the day. it's beautiful tina. she's a "fox5" viewer and starts every morning with us and wants to wish everyone a happy valentine's day. we wish you the same and thank you so much for tuning in to be tomorrow's fan. >> all right. before we let our folks go here. one final check of the weather. >> let's do it. let's go over the snow fat totals here are expected snowfall totals east of 95 dus dusting 2 identify snow and 2" in washington and then totals increase as you head to the west. that's gaep rlly what we do with these storms. warm-up in store after the storm by next weekend we could be pushing 60. >> that will be great. we start tomorrow bright and early 4 a.m. with the gang. so see you then. bye, thank for joining us
8:58 am
it's gorgeous, cold, get ready for snow. see you tomorrow.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. today the judicial legacy of antonin scalia and the fierce political battle to replace him. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in to you time. >> and gop candidates respond as necessity duke it out in the bare knuckle fight for south carolina. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> i really wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> after marco rubio's damaging debate performance last week -- >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. there it s the memorized 25-second speech. >> he can get his c


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