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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> back now with a live lookth outside on this snowy president's day everybody.onev it is monday,er february 15th.1. straight ahead at 6:00 team coverage of this winter event. avoid the roads if possible,si that's the bottom line. l gary mcgrady is coming up to upt tell us how long this snow will stick around and whatro comes after the snow, which is particularly -- >> double did he first winter. >> dastard in my opinion.y onio. good morning, i'm allisonni >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.nei it is president's day.'say the federal government is i closed dan most schools weret ol already closed for the day.osedf many others canceled cancele activities aren't that plannedre on sn'chool grounds because ofgr the weather.ou >> uh-huh. and you can see the complete list scrolling at the bottomling of your screen. scree there are a few schools weools w want to point out that were thae supposed to have school todayl but no tw are closed.d. they're in virginia. virgini they are manassas citysacity schools, fauquier county and spotsylvania county schoolsoo all closed today.. >> also want to update you on metro's service plan d the transit agency justjust announced metro buses will
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on a severe weather plan.rn. that means major roads onlynl and passengers should plan for delays.delays. that's on the buses.'s on the b. on the trains they will trains continue to run onth a saturday schedule due to president's day. da all right, let's check inck with gary right now find out what's happening. the crazy thing with thoseit schools they were supposed to w be a makeuerp day for the lasths snowstorm. today can't do it ei >> no, it's really rough outou this morning. i'm sure you guys just drove dro in,, too so you know it'sknow i' super slick. listen, it's not going tooti get any better.geany be it's going ttto get worse before it gets gs be we do have ice in the mix onix this one as well. well. really i want to showo sho temperatures first.mper the temperature has come upur here in thee city to 22 degrees now, quantico he is 24, manassas 21 and dulles isless sitting at 20 degrees.0 butter we'll continue to --tie t temperatures over the next 24 nx hours at the surface are goingre to be super critical in termsner of what's going o so here's a new change that tha just came n i want to alertle everybody to this because wese e have now the win
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warning. let me move this over. o this literally just updated. upd i'm going to take this back. the purple counties that isat winter weather advisory, okay. the bluer counties there, thatrh is winter storm warning andtormg what the weather service haservi done, they've extended the t winter storm warning now over oe to the east all the way to the bay. that's charles county, that's stafford county, that's spotsylvania county and thenounh over towards calvert county cou and saint mary's county,'sount they've had to up that to a a warning simply because the snowfall totals down theren have been up to four, five, maybe even 6-inches down dow there. so, that's the deal. okay. here's the points you need tontd know. know we're mostly light to moderateor snow today. i don't really see, you know, so heavy there's not blizzardyzzardy conditions or anything that at best we're probably abal moderate snow. snow. there may be a snow plus or ar heavy snow in spots but itut won't last long, okay.
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now, late this afternoon thenoon snow is going to go to a snow s and sleet that will be later this afternoon, 3, 4, 5 o'clock. if you're southeast thatthea tht transition is going to happen faster. then we go a mix to freezingfree rain by about midnight or so,r late night, 10, 11 o'clock too midnight and then early -- early morning hours so wers s start to see that freezingeezi rain.ra that's where possibly we couldb get a little bit of ice accumulation, all right.tion, a. and then there will all happen e before the temperatures willresl get above 32 degrees. northwestern areas it will bewie awhile before you guys get above 32. 3 it may and owe be tomorrow tomor morning sometime, five, 6, 7me,f o'clock so that will be several hours of potential icing up north and west. wes here's our radar this morning it's showing still the sll the moderate snowfall happening down through well staffordst county, parts of spotsylvaniatsi county and eastward to the bayhb right through northern centralel sections of saint mary's of county.. that's where this snow is really piling looks like in some cases they're going to get more th
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6-inches down snow will come back across thehe entire area later on thisr othis morning. so, that's a look at your forecast.recast. whew. there's a lot going on. here's erin como in with --t it no, i'm sorry, guys, back over e to you guys.ou g i can do in. >> that's all right.alht we're going put a pause onau on erin right now because we want to check on the road conditions right now inow i maryland. >> for that let's go outside.s o melanie alnwick is live inive montgomery county now with the latest. where are you, mel? goodmegood morning. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, we're in rockville and we're -- we're heading norbeckne road and you can see here it really. >> very good and it's been a a couple hours since there haverev been some road crews out on o the road and it looks likeooks l this is one of those they just haven't gotten to yet and what's happening is in isn addition to the fact thatac tha you've got the snow and it's it' that crystal kind of snow and it is very sling it's packed's p down you also have -- nowe -- n you're getting kind of likeik these chunky lane lines on o these roads which can make
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traveling a little bumpy.a the cars seem to be moving alle right. we haven't seen anyone really speeding like crazy, which is wh g people seem to be paying pay attention. i did just check all the a pavement temperatures for the sensors that they have around the state and pavement isan anywhere between like 19 degrees and 25 degrees, soo as we've said before, i mean, ma unless you've got some so manyom cats down in there to keepinre t this stuff wet, it is going tog be frozen, it's going to beng to ice and -- but so far nothing -- nothing too crazyoory out here in terms of traffic.. more cars now at the 6 o'clock'k hour than we've seen in then ine last two and a half hours orours so. earlier on there was plenty of time for space actually for for the road crews out here bute b now it looks like we're get g something mix with peopleh peope needing to get out.edto g so, folks just need to be be other lookout for workers that are out here crying coulder clear thtrying
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>> melanie alnwick, thank you. y >> erin como good morning. morng >> good morning.oornin 6:05.. president's day.esid we are seeing a lot of traffic and crashes around the area. this is a look bottom of the beltway out by van doren den reported crash on the innerrasho loop as you make your way w towards the springfieldpringfied intersection. traffic on the inner loop andnn outer loop pretty quiet. definitely slow down acrosserdos the wilson bridge. b watch for slick conditions,ondin prince george's overpasses onas and off ramps. r we'll check in with our maps.k t aside from that crash we have one, 395 northbound after dukee street causing big slowdownsng b there. southbound side moving slowly sl despite the fact there's light volume 395 southbound, we just have folks taking their timeir t that's was want to wt to as melanie mentioned sheoned s hasn't seen anyone you want to factor in plenty extra time.e. 66 westbound after monumenten before fairfax county parkway py a crash. as you can see 66 not checkingg in with any yellow or red zones because traffic veryus light out there. 270 southbound crash in ae rashn local lanes
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avenue.en. bw southbound and 193 dealing di way crash scene there. there we're worried there's going to be slick conditions especially y south of the beltway in virginia 95 northbound a crashrc at quant i'm seeing some heavier snower s picking up on that portion of o your really slow it down, use dn, caution on your secondaries.ondi if you're planning on taking public transportation todayio td keep in mind metro rail trainsas on a saturday schedule bute parking is free on the lots.reel give yourself extra time ifra ti you're getting to metro. right now all rails reported red on or close to schedule. metrobus operating on a severeee weather plan with several detours in place.lace. no service for vre. vre we'll keep you updated. updated. if you have any questions reach out at erin fox5 d.c. d we want to keep you safe asafe you head out this morning.ning al on. >> political chaos sparked by sy the sudden death of supremeth or court justice antonin scalia. s >> our team coverage of today's winter weatherer continues. there's a look out over theok area. o you're going see a lot of that a this a lot of snow anic
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roads.ros. be extra careful. car more details coming up in a minute. it's 6:08. >> you can track the weathereath 24/7 on the go with yourh y mobile device. download the fox5 nmews and fox5 weather apps.ther a search d.c. news and d.c. d.c weather in your app store.. the apps are free.apps f and so are we.and sore w we'll be right back.
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>> head down towards saintea mary's county this morningd down on route five that's what it looks like down there. some l pretty heavy accumulatiot down to the south of the te district this morning.stri we're going to get a check from gary mcgrady coming up comg all across the region and letn d us know what it's like in yourin area as well. >> 6:10. let's head overseas.t' we're following breaking news right now. an air strikine in syria.yr it's destroyed a medicaled m clinic run by the aid group aidp doctors without borders. bor there are reports that severalt people as many as nine havenine been killed though it'sught's unclear whether those arere staff and patients at thatient a clinic. a british based human rights group says russian war planes w targeted that hospital. h emergency crews are stillncy crl digging through the rubble ofubo this clinic. cli >> while you were sleeping the body of supreme court justice js antonin scalia arrived in aived virginia on a private plane.lane his family requested his remains be flown home as soon b as possible.ossi scalia was staying at a westt texas ranch when he was found dead in his room saturdayy
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it appears the 79-year-old9-ye-o died of natural causes. c the battle over when he shouldh be replaced and by whomy continues. >> reporter: the fight overte who shouldr: replace justiceusti scalia could affect everythingvn from abtaborines civil rightsorg to climate change.lima chang a big reason, his death hasthas triggered a political firestorm.firest with the republicans 54 senate4e seat majority in potential pot jeopardy in 2016 political pit wrangling is in overdrive over o the timing of the nominationion for supreme court justice jti ander nine scalia's replacement. republicans point for anotheran staunch conservative voice onnsr the bench want to delay until wd after november's general election while president obamale and his democratic allies areala pushing for a more pressing pres timetable. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> reporter: scalia's death scaa is also upped the ante among ann candidates vying to be theat vyi next president of the united states. donald trump marco rubio andio ted cruz have joined the chorus of calls to push the
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nomination process beyond thedhe november 8th election. elect >> the next president should fill this vacancy. >> reporter: democrat r frontrunner hillary clintonep blasted gop calls to blocks t obident obama's courttoiden nominee calling it outrageous. a while her main rival bernie sanders describes scalia hascala brilliant colorful and outspoken despite cleare clear differences in political ideology.ideo >> barack obama is presidentisre of the united states until january 20th, 2017.nuary 20th, >> reporter: scalia's deathlia'd leaves the core with an evenh an split of republican andepub democratic appointees butic appe getting a new supreme courtme c justice confirmed in anstice me election year isough to do. do. it's only happened once in the last 80 years.ea in washington, joel waldman,aldm fox news. n >> 6:12.>> still ahead high tech we're going to show youw you barbie's new smart house.. >> also let's take a live look outside once again on thise once monday morning. every time we do it we'll see w snow out there this i that
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melanie alnwick is up inisp montgomery county this mornin morning. crews all around the area. t are weather and traffic on theff 5s next.
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>> ♪ >> silver spring marylandver right now melanie alnwick is out and about checking out road conditions across montgomery county. they actually just came across a little incident on theid roadways so be careful outyso be there, folks, it is very is slippery. i'll show yoslime your you
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now. a victim of all of this t madness. >> yes, i did. i am running a few minutes late. let's start with snow totals.t i plenty cold. col every flake sticking.tick mechanicsville 5-inches, waldorf 2.6 and we're going goig add to these totals over thes or next several hours. hours we're not done with'rnot accumulating snow snow y we have several more hoursou before we see that transitiontht to ice and then eventuallyent rain.ra 20 up in baltimore.altimore 21 in leonardtown.nato notice everybody is well, wellll below freezing so we are juste t not going to see thatin see transition any time soon andimo we're still forecasting plenty e of snow here over the next t couple hours.coup look at binghamton 0 degrees. de yesterday morning update newate york watertown i think was was 17 degrees.17 d there was a report of minus seven to our north and d there's your storm tracker t radar a
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few flakes flying at thefl moment. most of the measurable snowe aso continues to be to our south here so charles county,ou southern prince georges prince s county, saint mary's county,sa you guys are still getting are good steady snow and we'rend expecting this to kind of pushks to the north so areas thatas tha haven't seen as much off touchff the north, north and west youesu guys will see the snow startnows to fill in here shortly.hort there we go. you can see that motion kind see of west to east. we're expecting it to get a little further north and thenn we'll be in for a long slogong today. snow right now this hour ofhouro the morning. eventually this area of lowhis pressure passes right overheadve we'll see a mix out there late l this afternoon and this evening and we're thinking aandn transition to raino particularly the further southlt and east you get the sooneroo you'll switch over to rain as we get into the overnight hours and i think all of thisi h will be rain by tomorrow morning with the exception of some of the valleys well off to the north and west. the here's your planner for your for holiday notice your daytimey noi highs don't get above freezing. snow through midday and then i think by late this afternoonth we'll start to mix with someh s that ice we're expe
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again a transition to raino later tonight early obviously there's not much not m school today. t i think tomorrow there will be w likely some delays as well.l i think most region out for a fr holiday felt that way out on wao the roads. that's your look at weather.ea serin around. >> i am. i'm busy tucker unfortunatelyora a lot of crashes to recorder trr and delays despite the factlays that it is president's day and'y we were anticipating a lighter commute because of the snow. right now you can see the inner loop outer loop outw by new hampshire moving along much slower than we wouldloweand typically z let's take look at a our maps. new accident in rock creek cre park area. beach drive closed right now now piney branch. you'll have to detour aroundavet that with a lamp crash scene.. 270 southbound crash in the the local lanes at montrose.on were. w parkway crash. c we have a lot of crashes thislo morning. morn 395 northbound after dukeun street a crash.stet a look at that red zone. at right now we have a crash the he inner loop out by thehe springfield interchangeel
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in prince william we've had several crashes reported alongte 95 north and southbound. southbo snowy conditions. contions. crash reported wayh repo way tractor-trailer out bytrac qutoantico 95 northbound.5 nth best advice to you as you make y your way from stafford towardsow the bottom of the beltwaytt through dale city leave early, taomke it very slow.t verylo we're getting reports of icyof slick conditions down there.nhe also in vienna right now 66 on the westbound side crash afterfr monument drive so give giv yourself exthe time there.e the as you make your way if you wayi have an early morning flightng h really take your time on the way to dulles reagan nationallet and bwi.d bw call your carrier ahead of ahe o your flight and make sure mke things are still on schedule.n d if you plan to avoid the roads s and take metro, metro rail,roai trains operating on a saturday a schedule. at this point we don't haveint e reported delays from metro buteo they're operating about every 12 minutes or so for those for t parking are free at the lotsre t for president's day.. metrobus on a severe weatherther delay and a lot of detours for your bus ride. no vre service i l
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president's day. we'll keep you upd.. a rough start this mondayday morning. back to you allison. >> sure is. we're getting you readygetto for tonight's grammys. how you can see exclusivesee photos and videos. >> first as we head to break let's take a look outsides at ld some of that snow that hasha just fallen across the d.c. thed region. if you have a good picturegod pi send it to the fox5 d.c..c. twitter or facebook page. and use #fox5 snow day. ay.
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>> markets are closed today are but hey business is stillsi happening. like these stories instagram teaming up with the gnerammysg and barbie has got a new smartea home.home. joining us from the foxs om t business network studio laurenn simonetti.monetti. happy monday to you.y to you >> reporter: an expensive smart home. happy monday.y m good morning.good morning. >> let's see -- i'm well thankha you. let's be honest.s be h i had the happy family house. hu i never had the barbie house because it was expensive backenb in the 70's but i digress. digrs let's talk about instagramtagr what are they doing. >> reporter: okay. instagram, the grammys arem, t tonight first of all which all totally shocked me.e. instagram wants to you go to tot their site to get all of these exclusive sneak peaks andneak p inside looks at what is going on at the grammy awards and the parties, et cetera. ceter so they've teamed up with billboard to show you these exclusive images. ima if you follow at the grammys,ras at billboard or at music on instagram, you can get the t look from the host ll cool j and some of the stars like,s li you
6:24 am
they're doing and the like sotho this is instagram trying to prove its noteworthiness, news worthiness if you will and keep the eyes glued to its e site as well.yete ael >> when i think of instagram inr don't really think of it as i a like a place to go to to see see but i guess if you do, what goo to their little picture cubestue and then you'll see all theire r pictures i suppose. >> reporter: right.eporter: if you follow the like at muss music for instance onr instagram you'll see what'su's going on on the big screen but b also get exclusive videos. vide. >> behind the scenes.the >> reporter: that you won'that o necessarily seek exactly.ily >> that's cool.>> let's talk about t barbie. b warp we talking about? what'si the price for this.hi >> reporter: a new dream dream house and it's expensive. it's 300 bucks.300 cks. it's called the hello barbie bai dream house. house high tech. tech. voice recognition software softe packed in there so kid canther talk to the house, forfo instance.. >> okay. >> reporter: and everythingndvey done via technology. you could turned lights on --tu what you're looking at righttigt now is a drone by the way.
6:25 am
drone. that'her hoverboard be drone and you do so this falls l when they hit the market. marke. >> i got to tell you the old thd house was like almost $200 so,o, what's the bump up. u >> reporter: what's another hundred. >> lauren thank you. have a super day. auper stay safe and is it snowing in new york? iso it snowing. >> reporter: not right now.r:otg >> okay. >> reporter: it's going to be 53 tomorrow afternoon so goeo figure. >> have a good one. we'll talk to youe tomorrow. bye. >> reporter: bye. rorter: >> a little money left over to o remodel barbie's house. hou >> the lines are clean and a it's minimal lift anyway so any you don't have to worry aboutbot it. it. >> it's move in ready. >> exactly. >> hi, tuck. >> you made it. >> hi, good morning, i made it, i know. yrnit, couple inches on the ground gro here in the city and thanksnk for sending us your snow i've seen about four to 5-inches off to the west andest south. >> we can say with complete honest
6:26 am
here. >> absolutely. the good news is it's a holiday. >> pack your patience.ur pat >> traffic was going to be to lighter. li >> true. >> there's your winter weathernr advisories in light purple and darker blue the winter stormntem warning.rn we have another winter stormter and things will not really improve around here untileil later tonight and reallyd eall tomorrow when we can get ourwe c temperatures up. up. look how cold we are. a 20 dulles, bwi marshall.all. we have several more hours with plain old snow flying andga then we'll mix with some iceitmi and eventually it will alltu turn to rain.o rai not much happening at theh moment. ttings are pretty light out there. just a few flurries here in the city. the measurable snow continues to fall to our south. south we'll get a bit of a break andak then we will see additional snow later this morning andni ad we'll talk about the transition to ice and rain ticea coming up in a little bit but bt we've got really all day to t deal with this event and tonight, too.. >> and then it gets so muchuc better. >> lovely. >> the seven day looks great. l >> yooeah. >> erin como good morning. morni >> good morning.>> g i would like to say i'm happy hp it's preside
6:27 am
mentioned with lighter traffic because things are prettyings nasty out there right now. this is a look in virginia ongio 95 as you make your way from fro stafford to the beltway, the btw you're going hit a lot ofot slick conditions, snow coming down, several crashes, minor,in crashes reported. you can see 95 northboundorboun volume increasing. increasin let's take a look at our mapsurs right now.ri we have a few crashes you need n to be aware of. o 270 southbound a crash in the c local lanes at northbound side on 270 after the beltway between theetwe the beltway and democracy.ocra slow traffic all throughhrou rockville and gaithersburg this take it slow.take watch for slick spots.slicspo getting reports on twitter from some of my friends whomy just made to it work and theywot said as they made their waye thy out in glen burnie a lot of onfo and off-ramps were not properly plowed. crash after goddard space center. we got you covered. >> still ahead this morning, an, record setting all-star gamer g last night 'cause you know 'caeo they play defense in these i the all-star game. >> we were just talking aboutin it. >> they really don't.really don the wizards john wall comingg
6:28 am
points like more than 20.ha 2 >> do they play defense oror don't 33.don't >> they don't. >> plus we'll check in withk ith our very own bob barnard whonard is out on the streets in theee e district.distri that's next. n it's 6:28 on a monday morning, 22 degrees. >> ♪
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>> you know what they say a-day at the beach is good as ba long as you're at the beach, something more eloquent than yeah. rather be at the beach than anywhere
6:31 am
this is the beach today.s th maybe today you're feelinge fee okay about where you are. can't hardly see exactly whatcty that is but you know they will enjoy a very sweet warmup starti tomorrow.orro that's a live look though ofhouh ocean city right now, snowow covered. welcome back to fox5 newse bamorning. we will have weather and traffic with tucker and erinkeri coming up other 5's at 6:35.:3 but right now let's get back out there to the roads and rds d what's happening. bob barnard is in thed is t district. bob is givin g as you look at conditions this morning.or hello, sir. how are you? where are you? y >> reporter: great thanks,orreat allison and to you guys, good g morning. we're on pennsylvania avenuesylu capitol hill. you could see a you believee can of cars a on the road here h heading out of the city. cit this particular block is snows s covered and so, yeah, they'reh,e driving carefully and then asnde you break through, you know, past third street here, thene,he it's clear, it's wet. w the driving conditions areitiona better. you can approach anac a intersection and not have to anh worry about sliding. slidi that's not the case in thishi particular block and morendor
6:32 am
is like this.e thi about an inch or two on mostn of the roads. roads even the major roads here. h cars are out and they're making their way alliray right. but do you have to be carefular where there is snow covering cog here and like you see this carer coming at us here, i mean, if m, he hit his brakes i guarantee gt you he would slide and that's s what we've seen a lot of outtf this morning but a lot lesses traffic because of the holiday, schools being closed co and what have you. but it is -- it is like this t particular section ofular sectio pennsylvania avenue hit orlvan e miss. some snow covered and slick ali and others where it's beenn pretreated and for whatever wte reason even with these subfreezing temperatures it'sg t wet and the traction is good. so, that's kind of what we've w seen out here and the snow hasas finally stopped.topp just a little bit coming stillgl just a little bit but it feelsuf like it's almost over at leastra for right now where we arehere w here just up on the capitol hill area of washington, guys.ny >> bob thanks very much.nks ver. let's take a look it's aooit sports. one place you might see someeee snow is in canada in toronto. to that was where the nba
6:33 am
home of the raptors, wizards wiz guard john wall was there last l night and played in the game his third straight appearancesst and he did quite well.ra 22 points for john wall in the w all-star game coming off the o bench. early going east in white on a break. dwyane wade throws it up foror lebron for the dunk. saw a lot of that last night. done. kobe played in his 18th andh and final all-star game.tar g turn around jumper good for his first bucket right there. west would go on to win this nondefense played game one ine n this case tgame 196 to173.3. kobe left the court with a standing ovation. m.v.p. award russell westbrook for the second straightd str engineer.en >> thank everybody in the e wholeve arena, whole room definitely inspired to see to kobe bryant in his last game. just an honor an blessing to be part of it and kind of se
6:34 am
him on his way out. o >> one other note from last night.t. pacers forward paul george had 41 points one shy of the t all-star scoring record the scoi goes back to wilt chamberlain in 1962. few more nights off for the nba. wizards will be at home taking on the utah jazz.haz history made at daytona. chase elliott qualified -- gotet the pole for the daytona he's 20's years old.yeold becomes the youngest driver inre history to win the pole.he pol that's him right there in thehee car there jeff gordon used tod be in. jeff gordon now moved into the fox broadcast booth.adcast boo matt kenseth qualified the rest of the field to beld te determined on thursday.rm the race rightin here on fox5 f next sunday at 1:30 p.m. hisp. h dad was bill elliott, prettyttpr good race car driver himselfim back in the day. coming up on 6:35 rightig now, a check on the forecast out there this morning. morni tuck, how we looking.oo >> moisture overnight bringinghn couple inches of snow acrosss the area.
6:35 am
all day. >> a little lull here. it will pick up in intensity iei later this morning.this m it will eventually transitionns to ice and then rain.n r this is a long duration event ee butter at any given moment at it's not terribly heavy. h >> it's a holiday for mostor m people so hopefully they can thc enjoy. en >> there you go. if you want to do shredding go early questions will not look l great this afternoon.t this aftr notice everybody well below freezing. that's a real big player ing pln the forecast here 'cause wecaus need the temperatures to getratg up above freezing before we bor can end the threat of snow andeo ice across the area. a there's your storm trackto t radar. as bob mentioned not much ofon the city. really got to get south of theft city, southern maryland, maran central virginia to find any a real measurable snow fallingow from the sky at this hour.s hou. we are expecting this radar toad fill back in a little laterittll this morning. we have a lot more moisture mst off to our south and west.nd w there you can see it.can se it. that will move in during the inu course of the day but alonglong with it warmer temperaturesrm starting to move in severalo moe thousand feet up and that willnw work its way down to theown t surface later this afternoonateo
6:36 am
snow to nice, eventuallyventua freezing rain and then allain dn rain later this afternoon andftr tonight. we'll talk more about that. snow to sleet during theo daytime hours. stays cold, 31 degrees. again already a coupleslld inchc of snow on the ground. send me your snow totalsot tucker fox5 but please let me know where you're locateed.lote. >> like 2-inches of snow in hanover from tiffany.m tiffany. let's get a look at what'sha happening outer on the roads in the worlds of traffic thisof morning. hey erin. >> good morning guys.g g beach drive shut down because of a crash scene at piney p branch so give yourself extra ys time to geelt around there.d the we had an earlier crash reported 395 on the inbound i side out by duke street. stree any questions to your commuter please let me know at erin atri fox5 d.c. as for your metro commuteromu trains are operating on a saturday schedule and that is aa because of president's day.nt trains running about every 12 e1 minutes and right now we doe have a train malfunction att national airport that isrt affecting the blue and yellowe e
6:37 am
delays at fort totten and largo so be prepared for that one so extra heavy delayselay right now on those two lineswoes because we're already dealing with trains every 12 minutes.vey in fairfax we have looking atooa the outer loop where traffiche a is moving along okay. okay. but then the outer loop out by 450 annapolis road the offd t o ramp there is shut down andow that is because of slickck conditions, a crash.a csh a wide view of 270, two 270 crashes right now, one on thee southbound side local lanes at montrose. another one on the northboundont side between the beltway and democracy.democr slow traffic through gaithersburg.rsbu excuse me and rockville thisvieh morning.morn bw parkway a crash by iowa, 95 , another southbound one byd e goddard space flight center.e fn seeing a lot of snow slow of moving traffic in virginia on on 95. 95. let's go ahead and take a live a look outside.ok outside 95 very slow as you try to t make your way on thee northbound side. slick conditions.ondition give yourself a lot of extralott time to get around.roun we got you covered on thiss snowy monday morning ride.ornind back to you guys.u gs. >> erin thank you.rin thank you did you see it? did yout? o see dead pool? kevin was
6:38 am
well, it broke records over the weekend.e weekend. we'll have that store you cansta coming >> a closer check of the roadsor in northern virginia. vgi vdot is going to join us live ul coming up. we'll chat with them. it is 6:38 right now.
6:39 am
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> democratic presidentialemoc candidates bernie sanders and b hillary clinton are hard at work iern nevadina. neva. they're gearing up for that state's uc
6:41 am
and in south carolina today it is senator tim kaine on the campaign trail for hillarygn t clinton.clin he will be in columbia south carolina the state's capitoltac to meet with teachers and a students addressing college adds affordability and earlyd rly childhood education.ddu that state's primary is lessry s than two weeks away. congratulations are order for a local student who pulledst off a rare feat.e he's a junior at paul vithh catholic high school in d earned a perfect score onne his ap calculus exam. wow.wo ap exams are based on a five-point say. landon is his name and he nothi only scores d a five, he earnede every point possible on thisn ti test. test he was one of only 12 students u in the world to do that on hiss calculus exam.alculu >> that gets a lot of o attention. congratulations to you greatit job. kanye complaining aboutng money a problems. pro is he really millions in debt i as he tweeter and who is hend wi asking to help bail him out asio in somebody who owns a s
6:42 am
media company.y >> okay. and a reminder hope we got though story right. reminder before we take toute t break if you have a news tips share it with us. he might have been doing iten d for another person but we'llon w check out the dets or e-maill your tips to fox5 we're back in a moment.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> all right. welcome back. live look at the white house covered in a brand new
6:45 am
batch of couple inches of inche snow. yeah, we got snow out there. t not so much falling here innger the city at the moment at m although we are expecting someec additional accumulations andatis we've got snow, ice, rain. rn. we've got it all in the forecast today. tod. lorton virginia 2.75. 2.75. nortgeneral rangehas been aboutd 5-inches.5-inches. heaviest of the snow so far sr overnight has been just to thebj southly i'll show you why here r in just a second. jd. notice the cold temperatures. extremely cold.y col 22 in washington, 24 in4 quantico some teens there martinsburg 19 degrees. 19 gree 21 in winchester as we a continue to be under theinuebe u influence of that arctic area a of high pressure that broughte t us the extreme cold this t weekend although that's inhat'n retreat. ea there's your storm trackerer radar.rar. notice the measurable snow is ml to our south at this hour. h we're not seeing much here mh he
6:46 am
snowflakes flying at theak moment and not much to theh north.nort we're not getting much at alltth to the north and north and norta west at the moment.westt th however, we're expecting thisect radar to start to fill backac in. we'll get some additional snowno accumulation here over theeve next couple hours. there's the big picture. pic you can see there stream of o moisture off to our south andsou west like a fire hose andirho we'll be tapping into this allp day long. but along with tapping into moisture we're going to tapng t into warmer temperatures. so what's happening is severalpl thousand feet up we've goteet ue warmer temperatures working inpe slowly and as those warmer war temperatures work down to the we ground we're going to see a transition from snow to ice to i freezing rain and eventuallyveul rain for just about everybody ey here but that process is goinghi to take the better part of 24t o hours. so, we're not done with theneit threat of ice and snow here snoh for the daytime hours. there's your futurecast.s there we are at 6:00yo.t 6:0 notice we're still getting gti snow across thary general here l early this afternoon and in in that transition starts, there we are at 7 o'clock tonight tig and we should get enough of ano surge of warmer
6:47 am
driving rain across southerng ia maryland. north and west you guys areuy a going to hold onto the ice the longest. so a tran forty six snow, sno 34 o'clock today, sleet and, sln ice for everybody and then it transitions later tonight forigt rain for everybody.rain for evey by tomorrow morning, our forecast temperatures areemperae expected to be well into thee lo 40's and i think most of theof t area by early tomorrow morning m should be in pretty good shape at least temperature-wise.e. we should be above freezing. frz how much snow? general two toat 4 inches washington toas baltimore corridor and thenor ae we've already had reports ofala up to about 4-inches offer tos r the south and west and we'llnd w probably add a couple inchess to these numbers before the transition to sleet and ice a later this afternoon.ter there's your seven day. day 31 today. you can see temperatures get warm he over the next couplee days. da we'll mix to rain much more comfortablee cfo conditions by the end of thee week. saturday sunday next weekendund mid to upper 50's withh sunshine.hi spring is around t
6:48 am
erin. just not here at the moment. thm all right, that's a look at look weather. >> there makes today not seem s as awful.aswful. 6:47 right now and we areow a dealing with some big problems. this is the bottom of theottom f beltway. we have a crash involving aa cr jackknifed semi. s left lanes are blocked and you a can see a lot of firstrelo responders out there.ut the please use caution as you head by on the outer two right two rt lanes. again the outer loop out by van doreten street this istreeth causing big slowdowns. slick condition as well as yous head across the wilson bridge. b slow it down. d let's switch our cameras. camer four out by the thomas johnsonoh bridge if we can get a view of o that we're seeing icy conditions and look at that loo slow moving traffic. traff this is maryland four at the the thomas johnson bridge. bri icy conditions.on you can see the snow coming cin down. . traffic is at a crawl andt ara several crashes reported ins that area. please plan ahead if this isf ts along your normal route and anticipate delays. we're going to keep you postedes on that one. tha a look back at our map now. n we have another outer looper o crash. cr the ramp to 450 annapolis roadd is shut ow
6:49 am
the eastbound ramp is a singlein car crash cras slow it down your bridges b overpasses on and off rampssses really slick conditions.liondi you saw the snow by the thomas s johnson bridge. bridg rock creek beach drive closed c at piney branch because of aey crash. b the beltway the outer andut inner loop slowing d 50 inbound is not looking so good through bowie. bow 270 southbound a crash in then e local lanes at montrose.on northbound after the beltway bey there's an accident and bww parkway an accident on the southbound side by iowa 95. 95. another by the goddard spaceda s flight center. 95 northbound and southboundbo moving slowly with severalunthev crashes. ashes. minor accidents reported alongal both directions. decti that's your look at traffic.raff back to you >> northern virginia get ath closer look at the roads there.there. >> jenny mccord with vdoth joins us.joins us. how is it is i >> good morning. it's definitely messy outinitut there. we have a wide range of conditions if you're comingouom from your neighborhood you mayho see snow covered roads, youds, may get out there and there's some slushy roads and then of tf course tir
6:50 am
for ice throughout the dayoughou today. >> that's the big question ith guess maybe the challenge forchn you guys jenny. jenny. because the conditions areis going to be changing and temperatures changing throughout the day how do you te attack all those different tho f conditions?ndns? >> yes, crews have a lot of havf work to do today. tod there's a long road ahead. a there are crews out there plowing this morning so whereths we have a few inches of snow they're going to be plowing. plg and of course where there's t splash they're going to besh treating for that as well. tor t as we get through the day andhed start to transition to the freezing rain and sleetnd sleet they'll focus on treatingd road with salt, sand, liquidiqui magnesium to try to keep thosehe freezing conditions at bay. just important to remember asemm these freezing temperaturestempr there's always that potentialalt for slick spots.. >> jenny, good to remind folksks listening right now. n can you tell us where the realhe trouble spots are? are? >> well, as we said there arethe a variety of conditions outou there, so you're going to to encounter quite a few a different things if you're you driving. just really important to stay alert for
6:51 am
really appreciate if you could stay off the roads today. if you don't have to be out t'to that is the ideal.that ie ideal. but if you are out you may seeae snow covered roads, you may see slushy roads and then then e potential particularly throughout this afternoon isho going to be the ice.g to bthe if the crews have not been b through recenting, there's ang,h very quick turn around timeund for the roads to freeze so just try to keep it -- keep ittk slow. we do have the signs the overhead signs on the interstate they're showing the e icy roads, icy conditionsontion possible. just remember to slowdowns. the other thing is justother th remember to have some wiper fluid in your car. y car we're seeing a lot of folksing are using their wipers a lot more today with the variety ofto precipitation so just makeke sure you have some good wiper fluid in your car and just to slow down and to brake veryo bra gently if you have to.f have >> jenny thank you.ny t we appreciate it. we i guess it's one of those days e where you have to assume it's ha the worst conditions and drive jenny mcco
6:52 am
joining us. never too earl to get aar tg good jump start on the snow. we saw somebody outside who is an expert in >> we center wisdom martin sentr >> i like your gear, sir. sir. >> i lope this doesn't sound too muffled. i sound like a mix between bet kyle lauren and a stormren and t trooper.roop >> you sound like dead pool.ikep >> i got no dirty jokes. j does this sound >> yes. >> much better. >> you commented on my outfit i got the gloves, i got the g boots.boot >> looking sharp wisdom. sharpio >> got the mask. m you couldn't find the rightuldn person to do the shovelingo sho outside so you are stuck with i went downstairs to our downst lovely engineering department and i do mean lovely, theyovelhe have a brand new shovel. so -- so - >> nice. >> i remember talking toalking dr. ray little while agolile who before we had what was it snowmaggedon
6:53 am
and he was talking about dealing with snow on your y drive way.e way >> you don't want to geto g sweaty. >> still got work to do. remember dr. ray said do this st when you're getting rid of the snow. just do do that. there you go.ere a little something like that. one time you got a clear pathh right there because this snow is not that heavy.ot tt h and remember don't do this. t 'cause i see people doing thisoi all the time. this is light but normally n don't do this.don't do t don't shovel the snow and then t do this 'cause dr. ray said ray that was bad on your back. >> okay. >> notice i'm giving giv attribution to a that gives it a little bit more credibility.bili remember, this is a big no-no. n this is a big yes-yes. okay? okay? >> okay. >> you got that. >> got it wisdom. >> excellent>>.xcel >> if you are going to be outart unless you got one of those o of guys like that guy over there,ut see jason over there, you can, u get it done like that, too. meanwhile wisconsin avenue
6:54 am
doesn't look too bad rightto bad now. looks like they've done someonem work. work. you can see there are somethe ae snowplows out here.snowows that one is not actuallyot actua plowing the roads but it'st' okay. wisconsin still looks pretty good at this point.od ath slow down if you're out theret t driving. i'm going to put this down andsd go back to this because steve be and allison you know how i kno i like to do. to d you got to capture the moment tm and it's part of our jobfur j requirement as well.quiremen guess what i'm going to dong to now, steve. ste >> you're going to take ae ing selfie aren't you.. >> absolutely, steve.el here you go. >> nice: tag me. thanks, whiz. >> you know what i find funnynny wisdom. wisdom. >> what's that.>> >> we all know wisdom'sdos history when it comes to shoveling snow. it's like a allergic >> there's another option forern dealing with the snow. s >> yes wisdom. >> that is with your children. c >> which is well documented in your guide to life. guide whatever i find funny is thatnys wisdom where he is shoveling shi right now.
6:55 am
>> by sheer circumstancesh happens to be the boss' parking space. >> you got to do what you got to do.s o wisdom.ise is >> to secure your job. your j >> thank you.hank you. >> you're almost there.ou'r >> thanks wisdom. >> come on back inside. >> erin como is standing by. b >> dead pool. p >> great weekend at the boxee a office for dead pool, the real r dead pool not the wisdom martin mass version. the film made $135 million mil over the theeeke highest opening of all timef t for an r rated movie. the previous record was theord h matrix reloaded in 2003.n that was 91 million so they so t blew past. that dead pool is ryan is r reynolds top opening of all time. time. >> more fox beat now. mor kanye west making even moreen mr headlines over the weekend wee with more tweets. while he was waiting to take wai the stage to debut songs from ss his new album life of pablo hefo tweeted "i write this to yous my brothers while still s $53 million in personal debt. please pray we overcome. overc this is my true heart. hea his words there kanye also hasls facebook founde a
6:56 am
zuckerberg to invest i $1 billion in his ideas in a series of tweets overnightrnig kanye went on and on asking a zuckerberg for help.zuckerberg even more drama kanye's new new album was supposed to beup available on his web site ande title which is an app owned by y jay-z. jay-z. yesterday west told hisstery we twitter followers he's decided to not sell his album for a another week and asked his a ask fans to subscribe to tidal to hear it. >> okay. o >> all right.>> aig >> that's kanye. k when you went to his web siteisb it wasn't >> uh-huh. >> after he said on the showe io that it was there. >> okay. >> let's check in with erin c righthe now.ow the more pressing roads the pre roads out there this morning.ths >> they're just a mess rightre e now. no taking a look at the bottom of the beltway, the outer loopway,t between van doren anden a springfield interchange ier jackknifed semi blocking thelocn left lanes. wet icy conditions, snow still coming down. dow please use caution. watch for delay there.tch for dr let's see if we can take as seiw look at the thomas johnson jns bridge.bridge really slow moving traffic,ic icy conditions reported inepd both directions. right now looks like a lot o
6:57 am
that earlier delay dissipated. s keep it here to fox5. we'll have a full look at your y morning commute and tucker'skers full forecast as we continue coming up at the top of the 7 o'clock hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead at 7 o'clock this morning, so long polar vortex,or hello snow sleet and rain. a >> i thought it was the sameught thing.
7:00 am
>> no, polar vortex is cold. c >> oh, okay.ka >> now we have the wet stuff weu on the ground.on t mixed bag.d we'll take it down. tucker is the scientist. scitis. we're either like it's cold or c it's wet. today it's cold and it's wet.t't now i'm confusing myself.f. bringing you the latest on thett cold and or wet conditions. conn >> a major political struggle sr brewing over who will replaceepa supreme court justice antonincen scalia and when.scalia a more on the fight over his ove vacant seat plus the impactus tc his unexpected death on thehe biggest -- has on the biggestigt cases before the court. crt >> and the investigation intoes a school volunteer accused of videotaping children performing sex acts isor expanding now.mi we will hear from a church where one child was allegedly victimized. >> good bulb morning to you.bu g today imonday morning to you.i'o >> and i'm steve chenevey.te che welcome to fox5 news morning. mi the federal government isral closed today for the holidayheid and most schools were alreadye y closed for the day.ay many more canceled activitiesac that were planned


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