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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 19, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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11. right now at 11, security cameras were rolling as a group of teenagers attacked in a vet right outside a mcdonald's in d.c. take a look, police need your h help tracking them down. clearly based on what happened, something did. still looking for answers, the prince george's county school board trying to help parents and kids feel safe after an elementary school child porn scandal. what school offerings are doing right now. plus how bill cosby is turning the tables on one of the women who is accusing him of sexual assault. this is fox5 local news a the 11. it is always good to have with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm gym jim lokay. deonte carraway is accused of pimple at least 17 children performing sex acts. marina maracco joins us life from the prince george's county
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marina? >>reporter: sean, the school board members said that they're going to form a task force to look into volunteers at prince george's county public schools and how they gain access to these schools because up until now it seems like that just with a background check you can enter a school as a volunteer. of course, if you pass that background check now they say that they're going to be looking at best practices at other jurisdictions and seeing if they can look deeper into background checks because as of now, it wasn't lawn enforcement that were performing these checks, but rather a contracted service. now, the board did not say how many members would sit on this task force. they would only say that one member of the school board, at least one member would be on this task force as well as general counsel and they said there would be community member participation and likely a member but they would not address as to when this task force would start and what it would entail and what
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they were looking for, but they did say that they hoped to see if, in fact, prince george's county schools failed at some point and that's something that all hear the chair address in just a few seconds here. one of the general questions that am asked here is what exactly do volunteers like deonte carraway do or rather can't do while they're on school premises? the school board chair said volunteers are an important part of what schools do. they help chaperone mentor students as well as aid teachers. in an unrecorded jail house interview with carraway, carraway told fox5 told fox5 that he was only scheduled to work at the elementary school twice a week but instead he chose to go five days a week. i asked the school board chair if anyone superior was aware of that and whether the superior would have approved that and whether, in fact, the information was even true. the chair said he did not have
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questions, only said that these were all still under investigation. what he did answer was as to whether volunteers were allow to be alone at students at any point during the day. take a listen. >> the volunteer would not walk a student to a bathroom? >> so, again, i cannot -- i don't want to start getting into details of this particular case and all of what happens in schools and whether or not a volunteer, because there are a whole of case he -- >> there is no rule saying that a volunteer cannot be a loan with a student. >> so, there is not an explicit administrative procedure that i know of that says explicitly that no volunteer could ever be alone with a student. i can tell you that when we finish the investigation and if the system failed i will stand up here and say explicitly whether we did and how we did and woo we're going to do to fix it.
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clearly, based on what happened, something failed. what that failure was we need to find out. but it is abundantly clear that something failed in a major way. now, as of now, no date has been set. the reports of findings from the task force. prince george's county, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > d.c. police are looking for the gunmen who child two men on northeast. shooting happened on 58th treat just one block away from drew elementary school. they found one man dead inside a home and a second man a shorter distance away. he later died at the hospital. > a cold night around the d.c. region. chilly temperatures on deck for friday, but sue, if only we could hold on one more day things will go our way. >> we're hanging on. we've got to. it's going to be a nice weekend and tomorrow is kind of a transition day between the chillier pattern that we've been
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reward you're going forgetting through the mess on president's day. we have a chilly night at hand that is for sure. take a look at the temperatures around the region and we'll get you starter with the big weather maker, high pressure up to our north brought us a little bit of a breeze today and as it continues to maffei way it will allow a little bit of a cloud deck to come in late tonight. there will be a few clouds around by sunshine. if you get a good picture, please tweet or facebook to me. we'll use it as part of our weather p map. yeah, it's definitely going to be cold. we're already cold in so many spots. already down to 20 in maertin's during, 2 s in manassas, frederick and gaithersburg. we're headed down to about 25 in the city. a real chilly start tomorrow morning. don't let it take you by surprise. 18 for martinsburg, here's how we're planning out our day. by the noon hour, 38 and a little bit more sunshine by the afternoon with a temperature of
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so on the cold side tomorrow, maybe a little bit warmer than it was day, but not by much. we're going to up. > p it up by a good 15-degrees. we're talking in detail about the weekend and next week's storm threat in the middle of the week. > that's all coming your way in a few minutes. it's an attack that made national headlines, an iraq veteran beaten at a mcdonald's. if you look closely at the video you can see them hitting and kicking chris mar test. it happened last friday. things took a violent turn when he tried to leave. the attackers made off with his wallet so far no arrests have been made. > the department of veterans affairs is under fire yet again. this time a report by the v.a.'s own watchdog group the suicide crisis calls to voice male. teisha lewis joins us with the
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story. >>reporter: this report is one that is going to make your blood boil. veterans who defense our country coming home and being left with no support at a time when they immediate it the most. the department of veterans affairs office of inspector general release their findings last thursday. in it case after case the vets calling the crisis line for help and getting none. some of these claims were not substantiated, but enough of them were including the assertion that the calls were being forwarded to voice male. itays he received several complaints citing poor training and when staff are busy calls are forwarded to volunteer backup centers. we spoke with rabbi jeffrey conwho says am of his patients are veterans to suffer from ptsd and they are not receiving the help they need from the veterans administration. >> their needs aren't being met and the tremendous pain they're dealing with from ptsd is
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being helped. they're turned away. they're not responded to and they're suffering. when you don't get a return call from the hotline or nobody picks up, that's saying we just don't care. > clearly this is a critical mission. nearly 20 percent of all suicides nationwide are veterans. about one in six calls are reportedly redirected to those backup centers during an in flux. now there are seven recommendation that have been made to fix these problems, including addressing hold time, providing ongoing training and establishing a quality assurance program. > teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > thank you. still ahead at 11, bill cosby coming out swinging against the woman at the center of his current court case. >> she says he sexually assaulted her more than a decade ago, but now the actor is firing back with a lawsuit of his own. we'll have the story coming up
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> welcome back. people will soon be able to pay their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he will lie in repose at the supreme court. the solution are
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and until 10:00 a.m. the president and the first lady will pay their respects tomorrow. it is unclear if they will attend the funeral. vice-president joe biden and his wife will be there. bill cosby turns tables. says cosby drugged and assaulted. he was recently accused in the case. just yesterday he filed a case against her saying she breached contract stemming from a civil suit. that one was filed under a confidentiality agreement back in 2006. the debate over the name of ballou high school continues. the mayor onbarry commission talked of changing the name but not everyone is on board with the idea. sarah simmons joins us now with the story. sarah
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graduated from the school showed up to express her opinion. the school should be named after barry burns, not only the white house should be named after him. i know he helped to secure funds over here to build this structure. i don't care what he did, but he was for the people. > the former mayor's support for funding the major renovations that ballou recently underwent is part of the reason the barry memorial commission decided to renaming it in the recommendation. also on the list, creating a statue at the wilson building and renaming a road, possibly good hope road. mayor muriel bowser still needs to sign off on these recommendations and then they will be sent to the city co
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has gathered more than 500 signatures in paper signatures and online. changing the name of ballou high will hurt the school between it's successful marching band, the alumni and there's also the issue of money. it's really fiscally irresponsible of them to go back into a new constructed building and rip apart all of the logo and painting and artwork that bass commissioned because it was really a true community effort when it came to the deion of the school. you'll be going in and ripping up a lot of things, putting the kids back through construction. we have students here that are student athletes that can't even have colleges come see them play their home game because we kept have a football field because a contract fell through. is this really about the kids? i don't think so. i think someone's priorities are out of order. muriel bowser who was on the commission
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alumni of tonight's meeting are questioning his motorist. it's about what the school has become. all of this must be approved by the mayor uncopes ill. > back to you. >> that debate is far from over. > sue, we started this week a about it rough, shall we say, but the weekend is upon us. >> and it looks like if we're patients ' going to be make it all worthwhile. it's finally thursday and it's really nice to know that we're going to be rewarded at the end of the weekend. there might be a couple showers, but sunday is going to be worth waiting for. a cold night tonight that's for sure. there will be some spots that head down into the upper teens north and west, so bundle up for tomorrow morning and even here in the city with a few clouds tomorrow night we could drop down to about 25-degrees. a look at your forecast that's where we're starting with the 25-degree readi
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near 20 in some of the suburbs. a few clouds will join us in the overnight and we'll have some clouds around as the sun comes up tomorrow morning. but you can also see them here behind me. i think they might bryant up in the afternoon as we get to about 44-degrees. a few degrees warmer than it was today. still on the chilly side. in fact, a little bit blow average. tomorrow we'll be blow it. we're well above it on saturday, forecasting a high of 6 # degrees. maybe some mid 60ss south. sunday 59-degrees, there will be some clouds and a chance of a shower coming in in the afternoon and monday about 53. we're in pretty good shape. for three days we'll be running above normal. here's the satellite radar. you can see we had one little batch of clouds come by earlier. we'll have more clouds than sunny think during the day tomorrow. a little bit on the chilly side as we're going to have high pressure moving away. but overnight tomorrow we're going to see a warm front coming
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on through and not as cold tomorrow night as it will be tomorrow night. it looks like the southerly flow will get us into good shape as we head into saturday. tomorrow, 44 in the city, 49 for annapolis and 47 for fredericksburg and then that weekend looking so superb and we see our temperatures surgeoning well into the low 60s we'll when watch this front closely. this comes through on sunday afternoon. it will make us a little bit cooler and we'll have a couple of showers that may role into the picture that will move right along the frontal boundary sunday afternoon. still looking like a great weekend. but i do want to spend a little bit of time talking about the storm next week. we still have some questions. one track we've eliminated it is going all the way out to see. we think it's going to run up the mountains or off the coast. the placement of the low pressure will determine whether we get rain or snow out of this. it's a little hard to say still and we also continue to have questions about the area of high pressure
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north. definitely still some serious questions with this storm going forward, but the national weather service may go ahead and upgrade these areas to the west and along 80. of an. that will begin tuesday night, a slight risk for our area here in the yell on. if you like to watch the models and we'll be doing that all weekend with you. the urine model european better and it has the storm in a more favorable place. it's a little bit snowier. the american model has the storm system in a much different position and the high not really supplying the cold air that would give us a big snow. that would not be much snow in the american model is right. either way we watch the timeframe. late monday into tuesday and you can see that we have here it on our seven day for wednesday and thursday.
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rain or snow. i also just wanted to mention sunday if you've got outdoor plans, once again i want to remind you that our futurecast is showing a few clouds. that would be mainly be after 6 or 7:00 for most areas and a little bit of snow up through pennsylvania. the cooler air coming for the middle of this week and the weekend looking fantastic. over to jim for a look at sports. the wizards did make a trade at the deadline acquiring mark morris chief hum fridays in a draft pick. no word on when he'll make his d.c. debut, but today his team makes their second half of the season. john wall and company getting things started early on tonight and it was rick ward on hand for throw back night at the verizon center. end of the first quarter, wizards up by three. the rebound, he draws the file and gets the basket. it was a big night for the big guy,
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there he is, mr. at that dunk. for to the, the wizards # 03 to 89, good start for the half. the caps, oak, the assist of again any. game tied up. i want to show you this again. it really is the russia connection. ovechkin i, you would, or log goes airborne. we have to take it to over time. last minute, this is 3 on 3 in over time in the nhl. justin williams, that's it. the caps win it 3 to 2. great start for the caps. sue is talking about the weather. here's an indication spring is upon us. pitchers and catchers report. the rest of the crew will come next week. > i knew sue palka was going t
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>> i love it. it's a sign that we're turning the korner. > i like turning the korner. >> we all do. > earlier this week kanye west tweeted he was $53 million in debt. he asked mark zucker greenberg other folks like that to invest in his clothing. officer west, patrolman west, it has a nice ring to it. let's take a look at some of the thursday throw back pictures, using the hashtag didn't. keep them coming. that's awesome.
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> eye del is sharing a little bit more about her lip syncing performance at the gram i awards. she say the microphone fell into the pi and owe stings which made a noise in the beginning. you can actually see. she clearly knew something happened. she said she was horribly embarrassed and spent the next day crying. she said the next time i have a sound issue i'm just going to stop. > she said i'm going to have an in and out burger because i deserve it. she has a beautiful voice. even though people say the sound went a little flat, she still sounded -- > on television it always feels worse than it actually is. >> i'm glad she didn't stop. i think that would have been a mistake. > the other dakon yea west took to twitter telling fans he's $53 million in debt. the philadelphia police department reached out to west on twitter and said this, we are hiring kanye
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salary of 47,920. you could be debt free by the year 2110. they also photo shopped his face on a philadelphia police officers. kanye did not respond. that was shared so many times. > that was so brilliant. that's a great -- that was pretty funny. > it's not funny now. it's a little bit chilly. > the weekend is going to be better. >> the weekend is going to be better, but you may wake up to temperatures of 20-degrees. > hang on for s. i'm doing good day d.c.
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