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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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each direction and it will be this time for some time. some t this is a fatal crash.ra police have their t reconstruction teams out thereti in addition to the cleanuponto t crews. full coverage straight aheade sa coming up in just a minute.ine. >> also remembering justice antonin scalia. sli we're live at the supreme court where dignitaries and the public will gather to pay py their final respects today.ctay plus. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the popet the p would have only wished and a prayed that donald trump would w have been president. >> religion and politics. pit feuding. the latest on the war of wordsos between donald trump and pope francis coming up.p. >> ♪ >> good friday morning to you. u it is february 19th, 2016. i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm steve chenevey. stev. welcome to fox5 news morning. m we'll start with that breakingw news from the beltway, that t big rig overturning inurning in montgomery county.mogomery cou debris spread across almost every lane of the inner loop and outer loop. >> unfortunately the driver ofna that truckte was killed
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accident and the impact willmpai be felt for hours to come. c >> let's get the late of theatee right now from erin como.como. erin. >> well, rider now w right now y because we're seeing a ton of congestion on our alternates because of this beltwayof closure between the inner looprl and outer loop right now. rightn you can see right now how big b that scene is, that deadly crash. crash. huge investigation.nvestigati ton of debris and firstnd responders out there.ders out te they even have some equipment ep working to get the beltwayel cleared. between wisconsin andscons and connecticut, that's a huge stretch of road that thousands s of people take every morning. mr because of those exits at ets wisconsin and connecticutne we're seeing jammed trafficra all over. really sad situation an huge cleanup. p. let's take a look at our maps m and i want to help you getp around that this morning if you don't have the option of th waiting out the morning rush.nir you can take randolph road orh r the icc.the i beach drive another option isptn very congested and jones j bridge road is extremely extme jammed as you head inboundnb into the district. 410 east-west highway tons ofayf stop-and-go traffic there.-go t w
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silver spring or bethesda bhesd trying to get around thisund thi you'll notice even if youif don't normally take the t beltway that your secondariesr are extremely slow. s let's take a live look outside i at one of our cameras. cameras. we have parked traffic on 270.rd in addition to that you canyou see this is by montroseontr they're forcing traffic toraffic exit at rockledge.ockledge you're not able to get ontoto gt the beltway from that point.hatn rockledge is jammed.e isamme connecticut at beach is is extremely jammed you can seemmey in both directions.oth direction it's just a nightmare commuteree for montgomery county.r mo we're going to keep yougoing updated.upda any questions tweet me at erin t fox5 d.c. allison.allison. >> erin thank you so now this isn't justw this affecting the beltway ofthe bayf course. this morning's deadly crash's d will have a widespread our melanie alnwick is live in e montgomery county.tgy she's looking for a different de route to get you around thisd ti and giving as you firsthand fst account of just how backed up b those side roads are, too. mel. >> reporter: and goodorte morning, guys. yes, so right now we decided to check out georgia avenue a knowing that that is one ofth the major closure poiatnts.oi we were able to find a pretty a
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connecticut avenue and then hitting friars mill. looks like right now if youht n are trying to get across to that part of the georgiaeo avenue side of the county,ount again, erin said it, icc looks l pretty good.ty g veirs mill road at this points o looks decent. decen a little bit of a slow point. sn at this point we're on vier v milvaremill getting ready to tun georgia road.oad. georgia road a major thorofare e into the city at this time of tt the morning but there are some s ways -- i think that's one of the good you know, there's always thislwt debate between whether it'ser i better to live in maryland or il better to live in virginia andga one of the things that peoplet e that live in montgomery countyoc like to say is that well at w least we don't have bottleeottl next, we don't have bridges to cross, there's lots of side of s roads to work around and so yes, that is true but you are yu going to have to kind ofo nd figure it out ahead of time. o m you are going to n
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at your maps, look at your y apps, listen to what erin hasrin got to say about what thingsha are starting to back up. it is passable, it is possible l but you need to be smart about it and you need to be readyeea for a very, very long commuteone this morning. back to you >> good advice mel as always. t. thank you. th >> other news this morning a final farewell begins todayins t for supreme court justiceus antonin scalia.anto >> thousands of mourners aremour expect to pay their lastheir respects including thets include president and first lady.en fox5t 's megan dice joins us jns now live with details. details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve.onnds well, scalia served as associate justice of theci supreme courtat from 1996 to february 13th where he died ine texas at the age of 79. he was appointed by ronald reagan much let's take a lookt'k at some of the events that are going to be happening over theet next two days. a private ceremony will bece held today at 9:30 to 10:30t 9:o here at the supreme court. after that a public viewingc v will be opened from 10:30 tom 1: 8:00 p.m. tonight.onht the viewing will take place inn the great hall of the u.s.of the supreme court.eme co. now, tomorrow, saturday, there t
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scalia at 11:00 a.m. at 11:0 it will take place at the a basilica of the national nationl shrine of the immaculate oe im conception. meantime the debate continues cu about how to replace justicelacs scalia often called the oen c court's conservative heavyea weight. obama has promised to nominate n a successor soon.oo now that person would besould confirmed by the senate. however, mitch mcconnellitch leader of the republicaner oic majority says no one should beoe appointed until after the aer inauguration of the next of th x president. now, the president notde attending the funeralun tomorrow. the white house presswhite ho secretary citing the reasonheea the potential for extensivexteni presidential security detail. we're live at the supreme court, megan dice fox5 localocal news. news. >> megan thanks.annks. 7:05.7:05. okay, tuck, we have beene ha b saying if we get throughhr friday we're going have a flies little reprieve tomorrow, see some warmer, temperatures. >> oh, absolutely. >> great start to the weekend. t >> still on track.till o >> can you promise this.his. >> absolutely. >> you heard it here, folks, breaking news. >> is that an official fox5 fox microphone. >> if i'm holding it, it >> 28 in washington.ashito we're cold.we cold start to your day. s 24 in
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teens north and west.s noand we. steve said it, though, nice warmup today. today mid 40's. 40' about where we should be but w it will feel a little better bet than yesterday.than we're still on track for a 60-degree day tomorrow withomoro plenty of sunshine expected.xpee so tomorrow looks fantastic. there's your satellite and radar. cloud cover lurking to ther lure west. we'll try to move that warmerare air in and it's arriving inarrig the form of some cloud coverov so we'll be kind of partly o sunny today but we shouldwe shod remain dry and a pleasant afternoon.oon they have that polar plunge.lung hope temperatures warm up.res w. >> what. >> don't you wish you were you doing that tomorrow. >> so wish i was doing that tomorrow. for the special olympics d.c..c coming up a little later this ts >> awesome that you're doingme t that tuck. >> well, yes, but i realizeeaze it's now 26 degrees.6 deee >> if you're doing it inyo doing dulles it will be even colder.vl >> good point.oo more on that coming up in ag upi bit and the weekend forecast. fc >> that's >> yeah, it's great. >> okay: >> thank you very much.nk let's talk about donald trump. still ahead, he's f yiring backk at the pope after the pontiffthi said the
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>> ♪ >> there's a look at there beltway right now and again all lanes of the beltway closed this morning. that's your headline this morning.ghou this is the inner loop and l outer loops, that semi on its side is actually in the outer it loop but all lanes closed c between wisconsin and connecticut in montgomerytn county. so, major major delays outays there this morning. mor of course we'll stay on top of'y it for forou we'll let you know as soon as k they open up some of those roads and erin will have some hs work arounds coming "phillying y what's up" a fearounds coming un
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few now ap apparently the pope. thep >> seems to me that people who o love pope might tke a step s back from this even if theyn if are trump supporters but yousuos tell me.te >> it's been a surprisingen a sg reaction many people havele hav really sort of reacted and and said this isn't a fight for f the pope to be in. but there's definitely alwaysy w more to the story.tory. so, now we've got this battle bl of words between donald trump and the pope. p now it was reported that theor pope was asked about mr. trump t after spending six days indays n mexico.mexi now, the pope reportedly said "a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bui bridges is not a christian."." now, donald trump responded toed the pope yesterday saying "for o a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. he also said that the vaticanidt is isis's ultimate trophy and to that if and when the vatican vat is attacked the pope would popeo have wished and prayed that donald trump would
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president because he wouldt have stopped it fromto happening.happ now, last night at a cnn town tn hall donald trump also spoke about how mexico may have influenced the pope's words.s w. let's take a listen. l >> somehow the government of mexico spoke with the pope, i mean they spent a lot of time lf with the pope and by the timeopt he left he made a statement.tate i don't know --i >> you think the government ofht mexico somehow got the pope to e say >> i don't think they said it that way but i think theyihi but probhiably talked about isn't ii terrible that mr. trump wantsmrp to have border security, etity, cetera, et cetera., et c and the pope may made thehe statement and i think it wasnd i probably a little bit nicert statement than was reported byed you folks in the media becauseic after i read it it was a little bit softer but theit s bottom line is we've got toe'vet have a border, we've got toe'vet have security, we have we h tremendous illegal immigrationig in the country. >> now, last night donald nht trump he also pointed out that the pope has "an awfully bigwful wall at the vatican" and said "the pope is a wonderful guyderg with a lot of energy." so, you
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anybody, you know, can bew, canb involved in a little back anda k forth with donald trump.rump >> these are heavy weights tovyw say the least >> that is ttrue.hat is t when i got that press releaseott and the e-mail donald trump responds to their pope, i mean, i couldn't believe it. >> it proves one thing. t it proves that the people who th support trump and like thed li fact that he will speak out out with what he feels, i mean, mn, clearly to come out and challenge the pope means you mns truly believe what you're what saying and you're not afraid afr to challenge anyone.e. >> there have been reports hav that mbe the pope didn'tdi know the full story, maybe he my was misquoted. i wasn't thon plane when the reporter asked the pope to to comment about donald trump.t ab all i know is what has beenha b reported and so that'so something you always have toav take into consideration when you hear about any of these feuds. >> ronica cleary thanks soic >> i did not expect to see a tween donald b be trump and the pope. >> very surreal times rightsu now to say the leastrr. t lea comincoming up, how officiao
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for super tuesday.ue >> much more on that deadlymo o accident that has shut downhas n the beltway this there you can see onlt the right that they're blocking theckin highway off there folks sore it's going to be a long trip,ri a long commute for thismu for friday. the good news is once we get wee through today, tomorrow isor going to be a nice day. tucker has those details next. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal.
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>> ♪ >> dance
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>> i feel like dancing today.od >> you will be.l >> holding it back for later f >> big night tonight.ig n >> oh, yeah. >> right now it's cold. 28 degrees here at reagan he a national. >> going to the wizards gamee r tonight. >> maybe you'll get on the o dance cam. this will be perfectly. >> absolutely. >> like a dream come true. >> got on the kiss cam with wisdom. >> i saw that thavide >> let's go to the travel'so tol forecast. and we're looking at -- there you go f-you're traveling no -- -- >> miami looks good. >> miami looks fantastic atoo fn 67, l.a. they have some rain so showers yesterday, 53. locally our airports are all run on time but you can seeim it's cold. col 20 right now out at dulles andls reagan national 28 up at bwi marshall 19. 19. so, cold temperatures but delay free which is great newshi if you're traveling today.chingd all right, there's yourre's your satellite and radar.ll few clouds out to the west.o e we're waking up with generally r clear skies although we'll gettl some clouds today it's a warmt'a front that's going to beng t poking through later this afternoon and tonight so we'll be kind of partly sunny thisny t
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in the mid 40's and then we the are still featuring, temps in tm the low 60's by tomorrow. t should be actually a very nice c weekend. both saturday and sunday very comfortable. >> kind of what you want on aha saturday.t rd you work all week you want ayo nice day off with sunshine and mild conditions. >> here's my take on that. i feel like i need to do something out >> then again if yu neglected it --it -- >> erin you've got the heavyyout lifting today.g t >> oh, yeah, it's been a flight mayor commute montgomery county 7:16, 7 skyfox, beltway shut down d between wisconsin andwiscsin connecticut.nnec deadly tractor-trailer crashracr across both the inner loop andhr outer loops so you wt to avoid the top stretch of the capitol beltway there. wisconsin inbounds,nds, connecticut inbound extremelyly jammed. jammed. accident investigation under way. hazmat team at that location. t it will be several hoursou before traffic is able to move t by. let's take a lookt
7:17 am
those backups from our 270 southbound if you're y coming in from frederick iss extremely jammed. this is a look at the innert ine loop. so this is why you done wantou n to take the beltway and you want to keep it to yourt toou secondaries as you headou h towards old georgetown this isri what you're up against. again it is basically par forced to exit at old a o georgetown or up by wisconsin ws avenue right outer loop you can see noou c sn traffic getting by.ting this is a look at connecticutont where the inbound side isde is extremely congested.gest just all of your secondariesecon looking like there.g t more connecticut avenue younu can see in and outbound outund looking like a parking lot. georgia of a melanie said isaid okay at some points butut georgia avenue right here isaven extremely jammed as you gety ed closer to the beltway righttheer there. it's not a good lookingoo morning commute.ommu montrose on 270 southbound soubo it's parked because they'reked forcing traffic to exit ataf rockledge which is a really aea small secondary. secondary you can't get back down to thett beltway because of thate of t closure. so again, if you're waking upin in frederick you may want to keep it to 355. 355 is not much better shape.tee my advice, take randolph road, r east-west highw
7:18 am
look at our mapsch now butow outhouse secondaries are jones bridge road is a parking lot. if you can work from home doom o so and if you can't givet gi yourself a good hour and aood half to get to where you needreu to be between bethesda silverbe spring germantown gaithersburgsb this m rough start to friday fory montgomery county but hey,nthey, guys, it is friday. back to you. >> and there's the silver silve lining. thank you erin. there's a debate involving schools and politics. pitic should fairfax county schools stay opened on super tuesday. td >> bob flash nard has more onmen both sides of the debate.theebat what was hear a decision hasa dc now been made. >> reporter: yes, there is a winner and the winner is no n school on march fir that's 11 days from now. super tuesday.. bailey's elementary school forc the arts and sciences one of 124 elementary schools here in fairfax county that are used u as polling places, 167 schools altogether. and basically you have the fairfax board of elections,leio the fairfax board of o supervisors recommending tond the school board here that you a
7:19 am
because of the turnout, thenout, voter turnout in iowa and new hampshire for the presidentiale primaries and caucuses hascuse been record setting and they a t expect the same thing hr so, the fairfax county schoolouc board last night decided yeahidh there will be no school in fairfax county on march firstart because they done want toan disrupt what's going on here.ner there's got to be parking forpaf people who come to vote in the e primary and there wouldn't ben't at the schools so that is the decision, but they say the say t school board says there is notho need to add another day ofay school to the end of the year. so, there's no makeup date needed. and fairfax county is not is alone here in northernn norther virginia. prince william county has also decided to close schools on march first. loudoun county will be openedwie but way two-hour delay. arlington county in alexandriald city schools have decided too open on time on super tuesday. again, that's march first, 11 days from now but here inren fairfax county, one more day moe off for all the
7:20 am
guys. guys >> all right, bob, thank younk very much. m i guess in the long runon it's going to be so crowded c they're hoping for high voterh v turnout and that's a goodand >> yeah. >> okay. >> sure is. >> coming up, who is now i n taking sides in the case of apple versus the fbi? f >> also witnesses rushing to their rescue after this scenefte in haii. a helicopter crashing into thegt water. we'll tell you what happenedwaod coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back.>> you can see this is the problem. they need to investigate this casenvr -- excuse me this truck crash here. her it lost its load on both sides s of the beltway between b connecticut and wisconsind w avenue. they need to figure out what happened here.happened this driver did lose their the life this morning. mni this accident happening on thet beltway around 4:30 thisha 4:3ts morning. it has wide reaching implications. the side streets starting tortig get back erin como and melanie alnwickln both working this story trying to get you around this mess if s you have to go to work today. td but the beltway will be closed for the foreseeable future andud they're just letting you know yk that right now things haves h pretty much stayed as we firstad started to report this in thes earlier fox5 news morning show s so just know that this is not going to be passable for somere time. of course we're on this story. we'll keep you up to date ono d it but the driver did lose los their life this morning andor you canni see no cars there in either direction for miles. mes the
7:24 am
were stuck sort of when this wn accident happened and wered an squeezing by through on thee shoulder. now these cars are comingrs through but clearly as we sawe w there there's no way of w passing where you're seeing on n the small box right there at the the connecticut avenue exit.veni we're on top of this erin will be along shortly here.he what a mess on the beltway. belw all righty.> al in the meantime a teenager isnai in critical condition this morning after a private helicopter crashed into la had a's pearl harbor. now this accident the teen was n one of five passengers on board that private chopper. the helicopter crashed aboutsh 20 feet from shore.. bystanders helped rescue the hp people. federal investigators aregato examining what happened here.per >> close enough to shore thatnot people could get in there andeth help. pope weighing in on the zika virus lost questions coming out ofing this. responding to a reporter's question when he said womenai w threatened with the zika virus could use artificial aificial contraception and thenntra avoiding pregnancy is not anot absolute evil in
7:25 am
global epidemic.obalpidemic. however the pope rejectedd abortion as a response to thehe crisis calling it a human evil evil. >> the fbi searched the homerc of syed farook's brother. bro now farook and his wife are h wf responsible for carrying outarr the deadly san bernadino meantime facebook and twitteracb now showing their support foror apple amid their standoff witht the feds. this comes days after a courts c ordered apple to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the attackers. ake ahead at 8:00 an intelligencelie expert will share her take on the case. c our own katherine harris. >> 7:25. let's check in with our ownk tuckerin barnes. barne our weather and forecastingorecs expert. >> thank you steve.hank all right, let's get toet it. it. cold temperatures the startrare your day. everybody is below freezingis b here early this morning. reagan national now at 28.8. dulles at 20, bwi marshall 19.l1 chilly start to your day.o yo dy dress accordingly. we'll be in the mid 40's ford 'f daytime highs for your friday fi and it should be a quiet day.. do have some cloudiness out tost their west so kind of a partlyo sunny day to look
7:26 am
and this is warmer air tryingin to start working its way into wy the south and west so the s trend will be to real warm things up. in the mid 40's today. today how about 60 degrees tomorrow? should be a very, very nicey n start to our weekend with daytime highs tomorroww afternoon. check it out. everybody with the exception of annapolis there into the 60's tomorrow and plenty ofnty sunshine so nice looking l forecast. forecast i want to mention quicklyion tuesday night into wednesday,ay, next possible winter storm. looks like a wintry mix aroundin here as we get into tuesdayo es night. so we'll talk more about that as we get amo little closer. speaking of events bigve problems on the beltway this >> 7:26. we have some updates for you.pd the inner loop you can see heopu two lanes right now they are letting traffic pass p this crash scene at a connecticut on the inner loopnn at that. outer loop completely shutyhu down still but as skyfox pans p back you can see a lot of that t backed up traffic is starting st to get through that portion of the inner once again the outer looput traffic still completely blocked off. we'll keep you
7:27 am
but we're seeing huge delays dey both sides of the beltway. we'll have more as we continue. any alternate questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.witt that's your traffic. your >> still to come this morningsoi georgetown universityniversity professor dr. mike cal dysonr dr is here talking about a newlk book on thein president's legacg and the politics of race in i america.ica. >> and the man charged with the brutal murder of a d.c. a d family and their housekeeper hop is in court today. tay we're live with a preview pvi 7:27 now on a friday morning.
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7:29 am
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♪ there's a look at thek beltway right now staying on top of this situation and you can au see traffic is just starting to sneak by there on the inner lo loop. outer loop all lanes stillll closed.clos two lanes inching by on the inner loop but keep in mind,n m there were delays for miles. mi. so it will take long time foronr traffic to get caught up there.. if you can find another route ih this morning and avoid thend ave beltway between wisconsin and connecticut avenues. maryland's highest courtst postponing the trials of six baltimore police officers o charged in freddie gray's deathh state's court of appeals aea deciding whether officer williai porter can be forced to testifyt against other officers chargedis in gray's death. dea porter went on trial lastal last december but the case ended in a hung jury. prosecutors do say they stillll plan to retry h the man c
7:31 am
murder of a prominent d.c..c family and their housekeeper isi due in court today.ay darrin wint accused of of killing savos satisfy lows hisow wife amy, their son philip andhp the housekeeper.ouseep the family was held hostage thaa their home in northwest c back in may. wint was arrested few days aftee the killings and at the time there was a lot of talk that hea had help. but when the indictments finallf came down, it was only winty wt facing the charges.e let's fine out more about this. joining me trial attorney and former prosecutor debbie heinz.h >> good morning, debbie. >> good morning,, >> why does it take so long toet get an dime in this case.s c >> the police and fbi were stili investigating the case even ce though wint was arrested he was only arrested on the murder mde charge and that was to hold himh without bail.. >> that was just one count ofste murder. murder >> that was one count of murdero they were still investigatingnvs the case coming up with leads la and they're still investigate is the case. >> that was my next next question. now we have this 20 count 2 indictment that has beenha bee unsealed now the charges against him formally he'll
7:32 am
on that today.od will the investigation continuei as far as possibly other charges against him or a co conspiratorr or person involved?nvve >> absolutely.>> a i think it's on-goinbsgk it'sgon investigation and i think thatna they know that there was definitely another person or persons involved because theylv have a partial print that was t recovered off of a vest that ve wint was wearing in the porschec owned by the family.. so they know that they're tha t' potentially at least anotherno person out there. tre and there was also wint's cousiu who also had potential almo tifi just like wint because he was also fired from satisfy sat employees' company. >> can we make the deduction dei that he's not helping in this it investigation at all?n a >> absolutely. why would he help? he's facingc live without the possibility off parole.role. d.c. does not have the death t penalty. he'd have to be offered something to help but even hisis former attorney has also said s that he believes that there wer other people involved.ol >> as of right now in d.c. he.c would face the strongest penalty possible.
7:33 am
>> absolutely. for d.c. >> so what happens now as far as the a rain system today.od will they try get this to trialt or will they try to put this ofo so that they can see if somebodd else might be involved possiblep help in the testimony?estimo >> right. no they'll go for it with him.i there's no reason for them to tm weight even though theug t investigation on going.stigatio. they could come up with leadsom like a year from now, two yearss from now. there's no reason to delay andtd once they've charged him, he hah a right to speedy trial. tri you can't just have him hangingn around for a year or two yearsto while they're investigatingestig another so they're going to move forwara get a trial date, get other o dates in the case.he case >> i know you're on thenow attorney's side of things and sd not on the detective side of dei things.. but what do police do right nown this guy has been in jail for ji almost a year.alst a youville gotten nowhere withherw other leads in this case as far as finding someone else even e though you believe someone is involved, so where do you go? o? what do you do now.ow >> well, here's where it's kind of like on tv touches the reall life. life. there's still going to be ato ba possibility that someone is seoe going to talk or wint may something, slip up within something, i think with thehinkh
7:34 am
probably as far as they can goan and they haven't had a match toh anyone else. anyone e they're going to continueo putting it out itut t talking to people. >> let's switch gears a little bit. we talk earlier about what happened up in baltimore and ofd course the whole situation aftea this first trial did not end with any definitive action.. >> right. >> not question is, can thisio officer, should this officer o testify against other peoplee involved? you still have five more cases to come to trial.ri now we're starting to hear morem about this.about this what's your take on that? >> well, i think what the prosecution should have done after william porter's case wass in a mistrial status, if they really needed william porter to testify that badly in the other cases, they should have offeredr him complete immunity.uny what they offered him was not fully complete immunity and so there's still potential risks r for him out there, and they a t should have just offered himer m complete immunity which wouldhiu have meant that the charges crg against him would have wld completely have dropped and gonn right now as it stands, he stils
7:35 am
forward in august, i believe, oe this year.this y >> so what do you see playing out now for the other trials trs because not now all this all information is out there and whether or not -- look even if k jury is instructed not to takeak this into account, thatount, tha information is out there.atis oe so how does this affect thethist other cases coming up?om >> well, the other cases are now on hold as we heard earlier.lier so which is a good decision. des a court of appeals is hearingeai all of them. them. they're not all in the same sam posture. posture. meaning there's three cases thaa the state had always said thatda they strongly definitely needede william porter's testimony andma then there are the other cases where, hmm, they kind of sort o thought of that really inreay i january of this year.nuy of >> all right. well, we'll see what happens.sep we'll be watching just as well w as you will. wl. former prosecutor and legal l expert debbie hines good to see you debbie. >> thank you steve. thank let's send things over to tuckev barnes and get look at ourook forecast tuck, how we lookinge o out there.out th. >> ♪ >> we got some sunshine to starn your day and we'll be in fore'e decent friday afternoon. and still looking at weekendnd warmup which will feature featu 60-degree temperatures aroundera
7:36 am
so a lot to look forward to.orwd 28 in washington.hing 19 in baltimore.tire gaithersburg 19 20 out at dulles.. 22 culpeper and fred berg andrgd leonardtown 21 degrees. 21 degr cold start for everybody thiss morning.rn one of our defendant mornings near couple days time.ou there's your satellite/radar.lid clouds moving in from the west.r kind of a partly sunny dayay today. dry friday. mid 40s for daytime highs. so you can't bring out the out t spring clothes quite yet but ieb think by tomorrow with highh pressure building in and in temperatures around 60 maybe 60m you'll be able to wear thatr early spring outfit. o i know you have a lot, steve., s >> all right. there you 45 today.od that's a look at your forecast.c i'll have your weekend forecastt and talk about saturday and abo sunday coming up.omg up. let's do traffic with erin. >> 7:36 right now and skyfox sky over a deadly tractor trailerral crash on the beltway right now two lanes getting by on the by t inner loop at connecticut.. all outer loop lanes remain shut down at connecticut. you have to divert at thatt tt point. you can see that
7:37 am
on its side, hazmat crew andrew accident investigation team atgt that locate. locat huge backups on the inner looper you still may want to exit at et old georgetown work your way through the secondaries.onri we have several work around worr tosses get you around that outeu loop closure and big inner loop delay. you can exit at new hampshire hs avenue, take that but watch for a lot of heavy traffic at that t locate as well.el inner loop after 355 becauseau traffic is only getting by totib the right, if you don't want ton exit at old georgetown anotherno option take river road. 270 southbound turning into a parking lot.g lot we are dealing with tons ofh problems there but first, to geg around the beltway options foror you. icc, randolph road, eastwestastw highway you can always take river road as an in or outboundn route as well. well. melanie as been team coveragee all morning she's being seeing n ton of stop and go traffic. georgia avenue isn't more isn m terrible so much more crowdedmur than what we'd like to see wewek have a crash involving severalnv cars on the shoulder 270 south h just south of montrose. southbound traffic from 270 f being forced off at
7:38 am
drive because of the outer loopt closure on the beltway. btw that is causing some hugeome hug backups through gaithersburgth this morning.orng again, if you're waking up in wp montgomery county the best bes advice to you if you can't workt from home this morning giveni g yourself at least an extra houru hour and a half to get througheu this traffic making your way towards the district. dtrict. we'll keep you posted.'ll keep y that's your look at traffic.. 7:38 right now. thank you very much.thank ym >> we'll be back with more fox5x news morning continues right after this.afte ♪ ♪
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7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ >> school officials in princeof george's county met last nightfi to talk about pre forminy g schl security in light of the child pornography investigationy i earlier this month policetholic arrested the man you just saw 22 deonte carraway for filming sexg acts for children.or cld he was a volunteer at woods atoo elementary school.el there are atem least 17 victimsc it was recommended that therehe should be a task force to screer school volunteers.. this morning dc police are looking for teenagers accused od assaulting a former marine. once a marine always the whole incident caught onauto video being described ases racially motivated. christopher marques was walkingl out of penn quarter mcdonald'sa' the location there at at mcdonald's. he says someone came up fromone behind him, took his wallet,al kicked him and then kicked himkm again as he tried to get up. he says it all started when thee asked him if he thought black b lives mattered..
7:42 am
looking for gunmen wanted inanti deadly double shooting. shootin. authorities say the man shot ana killed two people yesterday onty 58th street northeast.thst one victim found inside of ansie home. ho the other victim found outside. so far no motive for the shooting. anyone with information is askes to call police.ol still to come this morning,s we are taking a closer look atel the president's legacy. >> author and georgetown university professor eric michael dyson is here to talk tl about his new book the black presidency.idency >> in the meantime we are still following this situation situation on the beltway now. tb there are two lanes sneaking byb on the inner loop.oo outer loop still closed but the heavy tow trucks just gettingt n there now. hopefully they will start toy th clear this scene shortly. unfortunately, we have a fatalhf accident overnight has had the e beltway shut down betweenn wisconsin and connecticut foror hours. ho still going to be some time. we'll keep you posted. it's 7:42. weather is next, too. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it
7:43 am
be higher love ♪ ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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7:45 am
>> cars are moving. >> things are moving. we haven't really see that shot before, but elsewhere around thd dmv things are moving. min >> all right.>> a rig >> beltway still shut down thisl morning. more on that in just a minute.jn first let's get good news. n tucker barnes is bringing that to us. to >> i get to bring the good news we are featuring mid 40 today's. 60 or better springtime.. >> sounds great. great >> very cold this morning. mnin. teens and low 20s. again, springtime.pringt >> it will get better.t et b we'll blossom. bss >>
7:46 am
reason. all right. let's get to it.t's ge i i'm getting -- i was out on uutn street a couple weeks ago.ksgo we'll ran into a group of gentlemen giving me many helpful hints how to improve my walk am little bit. >> all right.>> >> of course. >> getting into the t >> so what's about to happen?oap >> i'm going to -- i don't knowk i'm hoping i'll do a walk. >> music for you. y >> might need some shades. >> oh, yeah. >> do your regular walk.alk. he has a cool walk any way. w just be you, tuck there. you go.u go. >> right.. >> you got james brown thewn godfather of soul? oh, my goodness. >> you just wait until happyl hy hour starts i'll start movingtav well. well >> all right. thank you so very much. m winter takes a break. really tomorrow. it's cold this morning.orni winter is not taking a break quite yet.quite yet 28 now in washington.ashi 19 in baltimore. balmo 23 in leonardtown. off to the north and west teense and low 20s. 21 hagerstown and martinsburg as well. . hang in there. i promise we'll warm up into thu mid 40s today.od with kind of partly sunny skiess an
7:47 am
in fact maybe mid 60 if's you'ru just south and west of town bynb tomorrow afternoon.fter all right. there's your cloudiness this is actually a warm front trying to kick up a flurry or two up inn southern pennsylvania and asa an that warmer air moves, it willil bring us some cloudiness today.t but that's really the worse ofor today's forecast. fec otherwise dry.otheise high pressure overhead scootseao offshore we get a south and southwesterly breeze later l tomorrow and there you go. temps in the 60s tomorrow.w. around 60. 6 i don't want to over sell it sel then a cold front by tomorrow tr afternoon will drop down into the region. that will cool us off just a jus little bit and bring us cloud uo cover saturday night and sundaya and it looks like on sunday witt weak area of low pressure wepre might kick up a few showersho locally again scattered showerss on sunday.onda and that will hold the h temperatures back in the uppere 50s but all in all a nice aic looking weekend and temperaturee well above normal around hereunh for a few days right when wehen need them saturday and sunday. y just quick heads up.ds u tuesday, wednesday, that wouldst be our next time frame for afo wintry mix. mix right now looks like wintry mix on the edg
7:48 am
night and wednesday.t an we'll talk more about that as ws get closer to the event. all righty. that's a weather update. erin, unfortunately has slowly s roads. >> i do. but we do have some improvemente you can see the inner loopnn l traffic is getting by two right lanes reopened this is at connecticut avenue outer loopouo still completely shut downn traffic being forced to exit att connecticut and we're backed upd for several miles leading to ldi that p accident investigation deadlydl crash seen at this location thi because of a tractor trailerer crash. spilled load on to that stretchh interstate has hazmat situation because of a fuel spill.fuel let's take a look at at our ma maps. several alternates to get youaty around.around. because of that crash heavy hea delays on 270 southbound.ou keep in mind you can exit atan river road even though the inner loop is getting by it's still very slow.. use secondaries may ab betterieb work around.workround. aside from that, other options randolph road the icc eastwestt highway, you can always takes tk inbound river road as well. jones bridge road back up.
7:49 am
wisconsin avenue inboundav i extremely slow and we're gettini reports of a lot of minor crashes on our secondaries thatt are overflowing with trafficff like on wisconsin inbound. southbound traffic is beings forced off of 270 southbound ata rocklidge causing huge another crash 270 southbound onn the shoulder by montrose forose several miles you're down too under 20 miles per hour leadingg from gaithersburg down to at you try to approach the spur. spu montgomery county right now juss dealing with a lot of gridlockoc traffic on this secondaries inne bethesda and silver spring asg s well.we plan ahead give yourself a lotf of extra time and note that thee outer loop will probably be backed up and shut down for at t least another hour.another hou we don't have any word on when e it will reopen.itl reop but we will keep you posted asoe soon as we find out.we fd out. back to you allison. >> thank you so much,,ri just talking with our next guese off camera here.mera it's no doubt president baracksr obama made history as themadetoy nation's fiss african inner lool president. but did his time in office leave a significant imprint on race or relations in the us
7:50 am
professor michael eric dyson d raises this question in his news book the black presidency baraca obama and the politics of race r in ame he joins fox5 news morning now with more.the. let me just say right off the o break here, i don't know that we have enough time to talk aboutmo this t >> oh, yeah it's a lot going onn with the black presidency forncy sure. >> it certainly is.>> i what will the lasting impact bet when we talk specifically aboutl his time as the first african an inner loop president? >> he's an extraordinary figure. he knows a great deal about solt much that is important to america, and i think him being g black man, being the first african-american president prede leaves tremendous mark opens ups space to deal with race in a way that had not been dealt with before.bere ironically enough he was seen as a racial healer but his presence brought out so much of theuc the lunatic fringe of racist reaction against him.. the rise of far right wingightin parties like the tea party. par >> right. >> that had some racist elemente win it and then the kind ofd o bigotry directed toward him a president who has never been as challenged as he
7:51 am
but also in terms of his own personal safety, the threats tea against him, the disrespect inn congress when he was called a ce liar or even trying to finishh his statement before a pressforp conference and he was interruptt the, or the white femaleeme governor who put her finger in n his face. so barack obama both representso an extraordinary progress off race relations in america butmea also revealing the stuff wetuff haven't done yet.done >> i saw a sign just one oft those signs on the side of theot road. it was on social media it said, we were almost done with racism before barack obama. bark >> right. >> got into office but i thoughe it was very telling. >> right. >> whether the person who put it there meant that or not.that oot >> right. >> were you surprised that thish is where we are now almost eigh years later as a country?nt >> well, you know, many of us who were wary observers didn'tit believe we were doing to live io a post racial era but we didn'td quite anticipate the degree to e which this man's presence wouldw evoke such racial hostility and the denial of race at the sameas time. oh
7:52 am
black. it's because of his really? because no president pe before him democrat or o republican has had an automatict raise in the debt ceiling deni denied. no president before him has beei faced with the extraordinaryraoa venom that people felt free fele enough to expose.oxp so in that sense, it was aas surprise but it's not a surprisr that obama became a symbol for black progress and black peoplel became urban proxies for him. fm i think the rise and unarmed black people being assaulted byb in some cases killed by thehe police i think the rise ofise of racial terror dylan roof inoof i south carolina the death ofeatho trayvon martin, represented ansa attempt of this country to comec together with its will to raciaa progress on the one hand butbu it's addiction to races on the t other. >> let me ask you a questionk because if you took a poll right now, professor dyson, i would w dare say and i'm saddened to say that most african-americans would say definitely believe b what dyson is
7:53 am
say most of our white brothers r and sisters might not feel it ol understand it enough to thinko i that what you're saying is truee >> absolutely right. r >> how do we begin to move m forward if there's this ideological difference betweenli us? >> that's a great point.oi sometimes it's not until youil feel it that you know it and understand it.nd if you're not standing under thr water flow, you don't talk aboub wetness the same way that way t somebody whose feeling theling e drench of it. oit. and so i think it's for many ofy our white brothers and sisters s to acknowledge that the pain ann the suffering and the trauma t endured by black people has toas count as a witness to and innd evidence of the persistencestene racism they may not themselveshl be subject tom racial profiling, being followed in a store, beinr stopped by the police for no n other reason other than of your skin color. c these kinds of things don't don happen to many white americans and as a result of that they ary skeptical and doubtful. so what we have to do is tos acknowledge the legitimacy ofimo somebody else's experiences,ernc look at and read beyond your own particular life. l >> it doesn't coem
7:54 am
individually.divi it's a structural reality. rli if you're on bus that's headingi toward a wrong destinationestini you're not the driver but admitt where the bus is heading. american racism is the same wayw it is to call into question the practices of a culture that hass historically ignored denied or neglected this particular group of people.. >> was america ready for a black president.prident. >> in one sense absolutely right. in another sense they weren'twet ready for what came along withlw that black presidency.lack psi they were ready for barack obamc as an individual, but when he bam began to resonate in wayn that challenged some of the t unconscious beliefs of many ofef the people who were still still invested in this being a white only america or an america thatt was run by somebody with whom wh they were familiar, look at the rise on the right wing now andgo in conservative parties of partf people who are spouting phobiagp against mexican and muslims. uncomfortable with differencece panicking over the fact thatha they are losing quote their sense of power in their nationir we want to take this nation bac
7:55 am
back. all nervous >> al nd yet there are some because we are american, we'rer' allowed to think how we his. we >> sure. we're individuals. there are some win the african-american race who feelee like president obama has doneasn enough.ough >> sure. >> for the under privilege, for black students, for the black ba lives matter movement for thatft matter. >> sure. >> how does this president navigate as a black person,n, first, and as black >> that's a great question.o i think he'll go down in history as one of the great presidents in america. i don't think what he's done ont race will win him those, he's, ' been hesitant he's been a raciaa pro krav nation he doesn't nat really want to come to theto coe table. tabl you can understand why.can un it's a difficult situation. >> you cannot win in thisanno situation. >> but you've got to bring to bear.bear he can't win with isis.'tin w he can't win with the debtt ceiling. he can't win with any subject w that he brings but he wins because he's ablite to bringrng intelligence and lucid did the.. have the same courage when itcoh comes to dealing witness issuesi of race, and he had to overcomec some of his inclination to lectureb
7:56 am
couldn't did he send until blacd lives matter and other movements rose to show don't focus on whaw you think are the failures ofais black people without speakingles about the failures of americas f and, b, how do we come togetherh as nation to address these t systemic issues. >> i told you we needed morewed time. we have more time because you'ru sticking around. aun talking about some things in pop culture that are now affecting i this racial question. we're talking about beyonce'.eye we're talking about the hiphop movement. things like lik so we -- you're sticking aroundn right. >> i'm sticking around.'ming ar >> we'll offer you another free cup of coffee in the green rom.m >> good. want to tell you would this booo signing politics and pros onn saturday february 20th michael eric dyson will be signing hisih book the black presidency.sidenc tucker, over to you and we'll rejoin professor dyson in theofs 8:00 o'clock hour. >> all right.>> all r can't wait. i want to give everybody up. cold temperature to start yourrs day. very cold. reagan national the warm spot a 29. 25 dulles and bwi marshall cold start to your day.ray cool afternoon. aft we'll be in the 40s this afternoon with partialia cloudiness much this is warmer
7:57 am
good news. featuring temperatures 60 or 6 better around here as we gets into the weekend. maybe i can show you the weekene forecast very quickly.uily take my wore 40 of thee 4of 61 degrees saturday afternoon.n. plenty more weather in just a ia minute. let's do more traffic. m very busy on the beltway with bw >> extremely busy at 7:57 rightg now. skyfox is headed over to check e out some other locations. locat let's move it over and take ande look at our cameras right now.iw outer loop still shut down at connecticut.ectit inner loop traffic is moving. mn they were able to reopen atn a least two lanes and it looks itl like traffic is moving over over still big delays on ourlays on secondaries in montgomery coun county. outer loop is jam pack.loop i got you cover.i got you cove keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we're back in just a couple minutes. ♪
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♪ we're back now 8:00 a.m.0 am with continued breaking newsingn from the beltway. massive backups remain on bothot the inner and outer loops of the beltway near connecticut avenueu this morning.ning. all of this due to tractorractor trailer that overturned around 4:30 this morning. the driver of that truck sadlyad killed in this accident.ccid you can see some traffic is is getting by on the inner looper o there because of the investigation that needs to take place this mess will be here for some time to come. com erin will have much more on this accident. we have our melanie alnwickmelak there trying to get to the scens as well. 8:05 is when our traffic reportr will hit. hit good frida
8:01 am
today is february 19, 2016, i'mm allison seymour.ey >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning onn this friday morning.orni the on the big story thisto morning, services to remembero r supreme court justice antonin scalia get underway today.wayod this is live outside the supreme court now where at 9:15 this5 ti morning scalia's casket is due to arrive and taken up the stepe into the great haul his body b will lie in repose for the day y with public viewing from 10:300: this morning till 8:00 o'clock0 tonight.t. scalia' funeral will be tomorroo morning. more coverage of this coming upg on good day d. >> also this morning, you've y heard about this controversyov between the apple and -- apple p and the federal government.over. apple with just a few days leftf to to comply with federal orderr now to unlock the iphone of thee san bernardino shooter. shooter. the fbi wants that. the tech giant staning firmtanif against that action noun it haso the support of other tech giantg including facebook and google. >> this actually isn't the onlyy legal case right now where applp is refusing to hack into a phone essentially despite reports that it has pepped the fi
8:02 am
access to phones in dozens ofen other cases. let's turn to fox's chief intelligence correspondentsponnt catherine herridge whose life op capitol hill. h good morning.goodorni >> reporter: good morningr: grnn allison and steve.allison an this is really kind of a a fascinating situation because bu there's very important casease that's playing out in new yorkwy state it began last year, and ya the dea seized iphone five of an alleged meth dealer.d me a guy called young thing dea dea reached essentially an agreemene or plea deal with young thingngi but still wants access to the phone and apple has said simplyl to the court it's not a questioo that they can't get into theinte phone, but they just don't feell like it's their job to be doingg the government's work andor and federal investigations and theyt also want to be able to protecte a customer's data and it's very competitive marketplace.arke one of the interesting thing hag come out in this case is that apple has cooperated withd government investigators and prosecutors in the pasthe pas according to reuters at least in
8:03 am
70 other cases in cases dealingg especially where children havehv been put at risk like childld pornography or childr c exploitation.oitaon. so, again, it's not a questionue of being unable to access the phone.phe. it seems tock a question ofionf apple wanting to draw a line inn the sand this time about whether they will cooperate with thecoe government.gove >> very tricky situation,uaon catherine apparently, by some oo these other publish reports itet seems like mat your rest cases s where apple cooperated were in r the pre edward snowden days juss to put a rough line in the sandd there. but it really seems like it isii more of political statement by b apple than anything else at thii point. >> reporter: i'm glad youou raised the point about snow kenw one of the things that came outo in the snowden document applet p had been cooperating with the document through prism they werh giving data of their p customere to the government as part of iti surveillance and collectionction programs.programs this was somewhat of a black eya for apple because it reallyy damaged their image as being aea protector of their customer'sto' data so they seemed to want too take a stand in terms of being o sort of the gold
8:04 am
protecting data. d but now what we learn is that they have this ability to gettyt into the phones and they have hv done so in cases not necessarily terrorism cases but cases wheree children have really been endangered, and the interestingi thing with the fbi is that this really comes at a time when then director is trying to also takeo a stand in terms of this going dark phenomenon where terrorist operatives use encryptions tory hide their communications andon their actions.ctns one, the technology and thend t second is almost like thise public relations war between the high tech companies as well as the federal government. >> catherine, what do you think happens in the end here? theree are also citing economic damageg >> reporter: i think the thing t to watch here is not necessarily what happens with the sanhe s bernardino case but what thehe court decides in the new york nr case with this meth dealer. dea. because that will really set tht precedent here and in many wayss it will be that ripple effectppe that really decides what happenh with san bernardino.
8:05 am
but you can't minimize the t importance of getting into thisi kind of data for on-going investigation, but you alsoou as can't minimize the ex at the ath present time to which thesee companies need to protect thetot privacy and the data of their tr customers in order to have a toe viable business model.od >> it's very true. tru catherine we're running out ofno time here you would hope that in lieu of a high-tech compromise that maybe there's way that the could unlock this phone in the n presence of the fbi or somehowrh come to work together where whee they're not did youville jingvig any of the that code they'rede ' trying so hard to protect.tect >> reporter: you'd hope therehe would be a way that the twoay ta sides could come together, ir, i think what's going to be the bet decider here again it will be ib this new york case.ase. whether even though there's been a plea deal in that case, thee, judge decides that apple must mt cooperate and get that iphone five open so the dea can c continue its on-goingg investigation of this meth ringr i think that's what's going tong be the deciding factor asr as opposed to goodwill on either et cidar. >> that's the way business goese in politics and government i guess these days.s the da cath
8:06 am
to you. to y >> thanks for having >> you got the it. m ghe any time. it's 8:05.:0 let's check in with tucker and a get a look at the forecast. for. >> steve, very temperatures outu there early this morning. teens and low 20s but later thit afternoon we'll start our warmur we've been looking forward tordt with highs in the mid 40s and eventually 60 or better around here by saturday.aturday. camera feels awfully close. cloe maybe we shall go to numbers. ne 29 in washington.shingn. annapolis 29 degrees. 27 in leonardtown. doing teens early this morning.g out to the west still 18 in i manassas.. but nice balance with that t sunshine 25 at dulles. dulles again, warmer than yesterday. should be in the mid 40s thishes afternoon. with partial sunshine.e. waking up with sunshine an hour ago. ago. but we're now starting to see s clouds moving from the west.he w that's actually a warmer air ana hang in there. it won't be perfect looking day. but it should be fairlyaiy comfortable although still ah ti little cool mid 40s for daytimee highs.s. weekend looks great. great at least saturday does. we'll talk about the warmer temperatures how warm it will w get around here by saturdayur afternoon in just a minute. let's get back to traffic
8:07 am
and slow commutes with are rin.r >> inner loop traffic is gettinf by in the right lane pastt outer loop still remains completely shut down traffic iss being forced to divert on thetn outer loop at connecticut. we also have a crash on the outer loop behind this scene ouo by georgia avenue. avenu so try to avoid the outer loop o if at all possible. possibl no word yet on when this deadlyy crash investigation going to wrap.wr you can see the inner loop right now we have some backup all the way past old georgetown andetow again in the backup we'rekup dealing with that crash by c georgia. georgia. let's take look at our cameras.c inner loop by saint barnabas aaa crash involving several cars, one spun around facing the wrong direction. inner loop by saint barnabas isi backed all the way past route 5. dealing with huge delays thatayt side of the beltway as well. wel it's just been really roughou friday morning commute. commut let me get out of the way. w you can see just how backed upkd traffic is on that right handhtn side of the screen.the sce aside from that, let's get back to the accident scene.cene top of the beltway that is tt i shutting things down that deadld tractor trailer crash.trsh i want to take a look at our aur
8:08 am
around the outer loop closureplu this morning.orning. keep in mine you can take eastwest high wake randolph r road, icc but they are all a backing up.p. bw parkway good news there.ew earlier crash by 32 did clearyly seven wal delays. 95 north the way to get aroundoe that one much that's your mh th back to you guys. >> busy, busy morning, erin,,rin thanks very much. >> still to come we'll take loow at tomorrow's presidentialdentia primaries in south carolina andc nevada. >> first though the man chargedh e with brutal murder of a family is due in court today.ay we're live with a preview next. 8:08. 8: ♪
8:09 am
♪ ♪
8:10 am
>> 10 past the hour now.0 man charged with brutal murderpa of three family members and their housekeeper in ilwashingtn d.c. will go before a judge today.y. fox5's bob barnard is live outside of dc superior courtorcu with the details.e dai bob, good morning. morni >> reporter: hey, allison and steve.e daron wint will have hise hi arraignment here at 9:45 this morning.rning. he's facing 20 felony counts int the murders of four people laste may in a home in northwest d.c. wint is 35 years old from princr george's county.. he's facing a number of chargesa first degree murder while armed, kidnapping, extortion, arson, as these horrific murders of savos and amy savopoulos their 10-year-old son philip andlip ad housekeeper made national news last may, may 13th to theh to 14th it started off as a home
8:11 am
$40,000 in cash. cash. the victims were tortured and killed. their house set on fire. f so far this grand jury has onlyl indicted wint. int. he's the only one charged in this case much his dna wasas allegedly found on pizza crust.c found inside the house onn woodland drive in upperpper northwest.est. although authorities don'tes d believe he act aid lone. aid wint at one time had worked forf a company owned by savosav savopoulos but when he was when arrested he was with his brotheo driving a truck and they had ahh lot of that cash with them. so perhaps they'll be charges of people assisting him after thefe fact whether he was aided before or during the horrific murders r we're not sure but perhaps,erha guys, during the a rain manyai m today here this morning in d.c.c we'll find out more information about the government's cases c against daron wint. >> all right.>>ll right. bob, we look forward to it. it. thank you.. still to come, if you aren'' getting enough sleep you're notr alone of course.
8:12 am
is coming up.. >> also, fox's chris wallaceis a will join us life.sif we'll get the latest on the racr for the white house including that feud really between donalde trump and the pope as stage as g it seems. seems. it's 8:12. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... t just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ we've had enough troubleen this morning with traffic backed up and unfortunate eventsve happening.ha >> yeah. >> we need good news, tucker.. >> i h
8:15 am
>> cuteness an good forecast. >> double dose. >> i got a nice saturday. a n >> i love it get us started.rted >> let's start with the first part of it cuteness.uten time now for fox5 first five fit photo of the day.. >> what's this. t >> jadin, everybody.aderybody. >> hey, jadin.jadin. >> what a handsome fella. >> um-hmm.m >> yesterday was his secondis birthday. birt >> oh, my goodness much he's ao big boy.big y. >> yes.>> >> he's a big boy. he' >> how many people of jealous oo his hair right now. now >> i know i am.>> not many people can rock thatoct middle part and look so adorab adorable. >> good look. >> he's so cute>>. >> remind me back when i was ini elementary school we used tod to keep a comb in our back pocket.. >> remember that. >> as girls we did the venthe v brush. h. you'd brush it back then push is up to make the feather. feath >> is that how it works. >> our hair didn't look as goods as jadin's.adin's >> no, no. happy be lated birthday we lovel your picture and we hope you hah a great second birthday tom sens us your child' picture go too t fox5 d.c. a
8:16 am
picture.ur >> i think children are here toe remind us of the things thatha matter.matter. you don't have to have a childvt of your own. when you look at a child like lk that little sweet innocent facen you're yup i can do this anotheh day. >> little cutie.>> little >> 29 now in in i cold start to your day withh temperatures in the teens and i low 20's out there early. tre e we'll be partly sunny, and midnd 40s this afternoon. afternoon you can see regionally it'slly i still cold air out there.uthe boston 23. binghamton 13 degrees.s and we're looking at a nice warw up over the next 24 hours.. so today mid 40s.. it will be cool tonight.onig. but the clouds you see moving mv through the region at the momene that's the signs of the warmerhw air trying to work in.k so by tomorrow afternoon withit partial sunshine saturdaysuhine afternoon. take a look.ook how about 60 plus degrees ifreei you're in manassas, down into dn central virginia tomorrow.omor you might do 65 degrees. >> what?>> wt? >> enjoy. little cooler with a few cloudso on sunday and maybe a shower anr believe it or not there could be a wintry event tuesday intonto wednesday. right now looks like a mix.lo so we'll have more ookn that asa get clo
8:17 am
>> sounds like a seymour family civil war battleground fieldtleo trip they'll love it.t. >> yes. >> at least the matriarch of thc familiar l love it.. >> one of those kids is going to be a history i don't know who it's going tos >> as harrah's you try.ry >> half fun kids we're going tow the manassas battlefield. >> bull run. run >> bull run y. wi let's check in with erin and get a look at the roads.he road. >> the problems just continue.ti at least tucker has nice weekend forecast.cast. right now inner loop crash at saint barnabas road delays backy to branch you can see one ofh vehicles ve involved actual flipped over -- flipped around facing the wronge direction and you can see justnt how slow-moving traffic at thatt location is.lotion so please prepare for that one.. also montgomery county this hass been the story all morning longl take look at our maps right noww outer loop is still shut downow between connecticut andcticut a wisconsin. advising folks to exit at newnew hampshire inner loop two lanes are gettint by because you are still jammedm all the way back past old georgetown tow sew be preparedep for that onere.. 270 really big delays because od the beltway being shut down andd because of the lane
8:18 am
the inner loop.inner oop. please leave earl untileave earn montgomery county secondariesse are extremely crowded we'll talk about those alternates next much that's your look at traffic. >> the democratic presidentialsa candidates locked in a heated aa race in nevada ahead of theirfhe caucus there tomorrow.omorro republicans have stepped upans their attacks on each other in the eve of the primary in southt carolina.. throw in a feud between popebeee francis and donald trump that'sa making had he lines that's it.that i fox news sunday chris wallaceal buckled in on this wild ride.ilr good to see you this morning, chris.chris. >> good to see you steve.d to i got to say i thought this the race we'd seen it when you gets the holy father involved.ol >> right. >> political primary in southri carolinama, that tops it.t that is one of a >> i mean we could really like dive in and reach in and pull il out any of these to start with.. let's start with drum many andrn the pope. the what do you make about this? t? this seem to come out of nowhere yesterday.. well, what had happened was the pope was down in mexico, ana he was -- has made it clear he has liberal policy on immigration and keeping familiey together and on the plane on tht way back to rome he
8:19 am
what about donald trump and the wall? and without getting specifically into trump, but int an answer to a question about at trump, he said, you know, peoplp who want to build walls insteadd of bridges are not christian.. well, of course this was coursiw reported to trump. meadery action not surprisingurn was to punch he said anyone questioninguest somebody else's faith is disgraceful but interestinglyerg last night, he was kind of playing it down and playing it a little bit more lightly, and ila guess as he thinks, you know, io always say watch what people doe not what they say. s i think he felt maybe his harshh initial reaction might haveav overshot the runway by a littlet bit.bit >> we have seen that from him am few times more recently perhapsa where he has said something andt kind of eased back just a littll bit. so perhaps changing his approach ever so slightly as we get we g closer to the primary -- super tuesday, et, let's talk about south carolina first since we're talking gop tg right now. right no he's holding very strong lead ia south carolina.soutcaro >> yeah. new poll out today
8:20 am
indicates that most of the polls indicate he's still got more than a 10-point lead.t l great thing is that's tomorrow. late tomorrow evening we'll knol whether or not if he does win south carolina after his landslide victory in newn hampshire i got to say i knowayw he's the clear decided frontidet runner for the republicanheublia nomination.minati on the other hand if somehow hem lost that, to either cruz orcr rubio, then we'll have a battleb for a long >> when it comes to the democratic -- i completely agree with you. when it comes to the democratsts right now nevada littletle different. little closer for berne 93er 9 sanders there but hillary stilll with the lead.wi >> well, yeah, but i think actually you're under sellingong there. i think it's really close in nevada, and the clinton peoplee seem quite worried. they're putting on extra eventst in nevada for her.or h they kept saying, well, iowa,ow new hampshire all all white.te. it's not a typical audience waie until we get to more diversee de states like south carolina andhl nevada.vada nevada about a quarter
8:21 am
african-american and hispanic.. but people of color and suddenll bernie sanders doing very welly there and you can see clinton is really kind of fighting becausee if he were to now take this,s, upping, not just to new ew hampshire his home state but to take it to nevada and either tie her or beat her, that kind of puts a lie to her idea once youe get to the nation at large he'sh going to swamp bernie sanders. that would indicate further indicate what we seem to bee seo headed for which is a long run r out delegate battle perhaps alle the way to the >> definitely much closer.much all right. chris, we'll look for you onk fu sunday always good to to talk to you.ay >> we'll see you then. we'ee yoe >> we'll have all of the top candidates the people who finisn top in south carolina if that sounds indefinitely basicallyy c saying if we do well, we'll beel on. if we don't do well we may notay be on i promise we'll have the e first second and thirdcond a candidates and one of bernie sanders arcs behind his cam pinp that's right power play of r the week. he's been in
8:22 am
1980. >> good stuff coming all right, chris, have a greufag weekend. we'll see you sunday.. thanks, steve. >> you got it. >> that's sunday morning afterna fox news morning sunday.uny >> look forward it to. lk forwar coming up pothole protect. the new technologie technologiet helping drivers avoid big b damages. >> later a warning about sleepbs deprivation.n how many americans are notot getting enough sleep.leep what are the guidelines any mora any way? it is 8:22. 8:22.
8:23 am
8:24 am
again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals.
8:25 am
again! >> welcome back.>> cold start to your day.ta a lot of teens out therert earll warmed it up to 29 reagan. dulles 25.5. bwi marshall 24. partly sunny friday. we will and we are seeing cloudo move into the region this isio s warmer air trying to filter in,i and we are still on track for a really nice start to the sta tot weekend. it looks like saturday's daytimy highs will be well above normala look at that.t. 61 degrees expected here ine i washington tomorrow afternoonror with partial sunsh so get ready for nice few more clouds few showers onho sunday. not done with winter yet. winte. tuesday night into wednesday wee maybe another round of wintryf n mix. more weather in just a the real story this morninghior unfortunately has been theunelya traffic. erin has got your >> i just talk t
8:26 am
been doing team coverage it took her 45 minutes to go 2 miles onn the outer loop. l outer loop remains shut downtow between connecticut andconncut wisconsin.scon she also hit two secondary secoa crashes in the backup fromp fro georgia towards that closure cle once you'll hit it at at connecticut.ecticu let's take a live look outside t exactly what you're up againstop this morning. athis we'll take look at m one ofor or cameras.ra right now you can see thew u ca cleanup is definitely underway.y they're working to get the fuelf spilled cleared and debris. d inner loop three lanes gettingng by. outer loop still completely.omet let me get out of the way shut down with tractor trailer onil o it's'se. deadly crash investigationtiti underway.unde but we do have the nats for youy only bad news as we take a look at our map those alternates are also extremely backed up.p. right now randolph road, the icc, beach drive is he can treatmently congested on the westbound side. inbound cedar lane is packed. pe eastwest highway backed up fromo colesville road to connecticut.t so it's just a ton of congestioo as folks try avoid the outer thr loop this morning. morni again as melanie said, 45 sd, minu
8:27 am
outer loop.outer lo that's not a great thing forngor friday morning commute.. we'll keep update and let whenew you know that outer loop closure does reopen and right now the inner loop even though trafficuh is getting by you're backed upd wait past old georgetown pike p through that crash inner loop by saint barnabast ba another crash in princeash n pr george's. we got you covered this morningm allison?allison >> still ahead err inn, authorth and georgetown professor michael eric dyson joins us once againga to discuss pop culture and racee right now. beyonce''s performance andancend kendrick lamar's performance ata the grammy.the grammy. >> local high school student aos finalist in a nationwide googlee contest.cont could it mean big money for hero and her school if she wins and n you can help.elp. we'll tell you how coming up.omg
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30. one more lane creeping by on the inner loop right now.r lo three lanes are open on the inner loop. but the outer loop oarf the o beltway at connecticut avenue ae still shut down right nowig because of that fatal accident earlier this morning involving g tractor trailer.acto so it's been shut down since sin about 4:30 this morning. morni going on about four hours right now. now. again, the headline here, threer lanes now open on the inner looe but keep in mind these backupsku have been miles long. l it is still taking quite a bitie of time to get by on the beltw beltway. we'll check in with erin at wh r 8:35.8:. al? thanks so much, steve. beyonce' said it at the
8:31 am
she said art is an apologetic celebration of culture throughhr self expression. she and another artists like kendrick lamar at the grammies e have been unapologetic about a their views lately but that t think they're crossing the linel talked about beyonce'ed aut b specifically with her new songl and video formation. some say it delivers an anti ant police in fact the head of the miami and new york police unions botht boycotting beyonce' concerts.cet here to talk about this andhi a what's going on now in popop culture when it comes to race re author and renowned georgetownet university professor stucksity around for us michael erics milr dyson. i'm so glad did you.ou >> thank you. >> you see we moved over to thet more comfortable couch.le couch >> exactly. i appreciate it.i appropriate for beyonce' lamar discussion.sion. >> appropriate.. think looks i don't know theoo velvet rope. let's talk about this. saturday night leave even paro parodied what happened after a beyonce' has cup outweigh songis called formation and the videoio shows images of there's a blackk youth holding his hands upandsp and -- the police holding theirt hands up,
8:32 am
go this young unarmed man.ed m it shows images of new orleans a after katrina and her message there stop killing us. >> right. >> people have really takenhave offense to this.s. >> i'm sorry that the desire fof to us not be killed is a is a offensive to you.ou i'm sorry that bullets and gunsn that are misdirected is problematic to you when we sayne stop killing us.s that is not anti police mucholic that supports the police.s the e most african-american and latint police people are not involved v in police engaged shootings. they refrain from -- why is it that large bodies of white w police are victimizing unarmedna black people? that's legitimatt concern that all americans aca should be concerned about.. great art must celebratera victory.vict black people have often had our leading entertainers and artists express things for us joe lewis in the ring, jesse owens greatrt movie made about him right now on the -- if you will,
8:33 am
grid iron on the track so the point is african-americann entertainers duke ellington,llin louie armstrong, sam cook, theye have often taken our ago tom a t broader world and i think whitei americans have to beve to understanding of that and that understand that if you were in a situation where your children ce were being murdered, were being arbitrarily victimized by police brutality, that's something thee should be concerned about ass well. >> what's the message when thewt police unions say we'll boycott it would seem to me if there itr were a bad apple in anywhere,ny, you wouldn't want to be't associated with that.. >> boycott them. >> right. it seems to me anti brutality message is confused with antih a police message time and timendim again. >> yes.>> yes. >> why is this in in your in opinion. >> there's defensiveness. a kindef of, you know, if you i will, gerding of of of their o e lawns and joining each other thr thin blue line and we often seet that police people don't even de tell us on other police people.o here you are up holding the laww
8:34 am
of poor people and then they say, what about your anti youan snitching that's going's o there's counter productive toroe resolving crime.ri what about the anti snitching si among police people when theyth know things are going wrongly wg and don't speak up about it? uti and so police people areeople defensive in that case.ha case. look, we all love the police who do their jobs correctly. corre we celebrate them.. when there are bad apples andles particular populations of peopll are being victimized it isd it important for a beyonce' or a kendrick lamar to speak up. what they miss in that beyonce'n was also critical of other blacb people with my baby hair. hr. we don't have time to break dowd what baby hair means to the browder public her own child's d hair which was natural becauseue was being assaulted on socialn a media by black she criticized that. t kendrick lamar was criticizingri how i'm the biggest hypocrite oe 2015 talking about trayvon traon martin died but we don't talkonl about what we do to to each other. if you listen long enough you'll find criticism of one's oldld culture in there but they don'tn listen long enough because it'sg
8:35 am
a reaction.a rea >> it doesn't make headlines. >> it doesn't make headlines.eas >> let's be honest.'s bnest. it doesn't't insight. it doesn't outrage and it orage doesn't make headlines.eadlines. >> my point is, it is irresponsible i think good intending and cons schenn shutst white americans out and thereic others say let's stop theet'stop negative and reactionary responses. why would black people be held l to account if all they want isat to say stop shooting us? what should it job please continue ti shoot us improperly.. no. it is reaction against impropere exercise of police force and that should concern not onlyrn l beyonce' and kendrick lamar butt police unions should say let's police our own boundaries too make sure we are doing the bestb job possible. >> we have to let you go it to e seems don't forget the book the block presidency and the bookcyb signing is politics and pros on saturday 3:30 on the connecticut avenue location. but just -- before we let you go my last thought on this is thati the president and the beyonce' where the wider public embraces until something is brought upinu that makes you fee
8:36 am
uncomfortable.mfortable. it's a very interestingeresng argument. i know you taught a class on beb john say. s >> yes, i did.>> yes, >> if you teach it again add aid chapter. thanks so much for joining usch today. f >> thank you so kindsly. >> it's been a pleasure.s be of course, this professor pfe michael eric dyson, georgetown university commentator and alsoe author. tucker, over to you. tyou >> allison, also a pleasure theh forecast tomorrow.castomor think morning.think 29 in washington.n. baltimore 24 degrees.e 2 21 up at frederick. freri 24 culpeper.per 25 fredericksburg.sburg everybody below freezing coldwrg chilly start to the day and noww cloud cover holding numbers bacb a little bit but this isuthis actually the sign of warmer airr trying to work on in. and we will trend a littleit warmer today.wa mid 40s for daytime highs. h warmer than yesterday and thendn much warmer tomorrow as that t warmer air finally able to punch north and east. i'll be back with the weekendh e forecast in just a minute. let's enjoy our oui 45. it will be dry out there. outre still a little cool. cool but not a bad looking afternoon. all right. i mentioned the friday after everybody can get to workk how is it >> you're forecast is a ray offt silver lining right now.g right we have a nice saturday to lookl forward
8:37 am
as steve mentioned, the three, t lanes right now on the innerhe loop getting by past connectic connecticut. outer loop still completely shuc down for deadly tractor trailerr crash investigation.estiti you need to detour att connecticut avenue and keep in i mind in addition to this bigs bg crash we are just seeing seein overflow of congestion all overe montgomery county.ou silver spring, bethesda our secondaries inbound wisconsin, connecticut, eastwest highwaytww they all are he can treatmentlyl jammed you can see hoe slow h sw moving traffic is on the innerft loop even though it's getting ig by. let's take a look at our mapsk r right now.ght melanie alnwick has been doingei team coverage all morning she s saw two crashes on the outeras loop in the backup they haveheuv them by georgia it took her 45 minutes just tott get 2 miles because of that o ta closure.osur inbound connecticut is heavysea from weller road to jones bridgg jones bridge road also heavy hvy inbound colesville jammed fromll the beltway toe georgia.. beach drive west is verys congested and inbound cedar lane is pd. try to avoid eastwest highwaytig that is back up as well.p asell. we got you covered any questions at err rip fox5 d.c. that's your look at traffic.. >> erin thanks. we got you covered too if
8:38 am
need entertainment this weekend it is movie review friday.ri little thing we do with kevinitk every friday. we took a look at the movies mov cupping out this weekend. potholes cost drives unhundredsd of dollars every year.larsvery a one automaker is hoping to fixoo that problem.. we'll tell you about new aut technology coming up next asg ux well.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> a lot of studies come out o about sleep versus no sleep and how much sleep we get. >> when did you get this video of me? >> you didn't know. i'm sorry. >> it's kind of creepy. >> no. the girls said it was okay. >> if you feel louikkieid you nr get quite enough sleep, you'rely not alone.. doctors recommend seven to ninee hours of sleep every night.ig but a new study says more than t one third of the population gett much less than that. tt. researchers also ..ed the statee most sleep deprived.d. topping the list is hawaii.e sti >> it's so gorgeous you don'toud want to miss a thing. to miss ai >> is that what it is that'ss t' what i think. i thi >> the states that spend the most time snoozing, southin sou dakota, colorado and minnesota.a that doesn't mean just becausetu you move there you'll sleepou'le more. >> maybe. >> i'm thinking that right now.t >> i know i don't get enoughn'th sleep. >> no, not at all. no, a >> if you feel like you'reu' dodging potholes while driving i possible al fix although i wantw to hear how this technologyec works. it's technology on the new ford fusion. >> tell yourself more about ito right now, steve.w, s >> here we go again, al.n, al. >> okay. okay. >> technology actually detectsy the potholes ahead of time anded here's wait does, al, it will
8:42 am
adjust your car's shock absorber to automatically stiffen and essentially role over ther t >> how do they know it's comings up? >> well it's going sense it.t. >> okay. o >> aaa estimates pothole damagem costs about $300 a year for drivers. ford fusion v6 sport will hit show rooms this summer. sum look, it's a good selling point, right? >> whatever you say i believeu a it. >> okay. thanks, al., al >> okay. still to come a local higho school student is hoping her design will be featured on the google home page the banner.hebe so cool. how she became a finalist in a a nationwide contest is coming up. >> actually it wasn't you sleeping in that i didn't want to you believe ite >> all right. >> not true. not tru >> here's what we do know. kw >> you lied to me.d to >> the star of the new movieof race is really cool guy and we d know this because he came and visited.visi >> yes, did he.>> >> and met with us and talkedndd with us right here in the studii noun his movie is finally so the question is, is it worthr seeing? this is the jesse owens movie. >> instead of fan james. j >> he's going to be a star.a s
8:43 am
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>> welcome back. bac that's what we have to look forward to.rwar winter taking a break byakin tomorrow afternoon we are looking at daytime highs in the low 60s. couple it? right now it is not.t winter has not yet taking thatia break. he's on the move at the momentt cold 29 in washington.hiton 24 in baltimore.altire leonardtown good morningd m 30 degrees for you. y 26 in fredericksburg.ricksb lots of teens to the north and n west. and we're start
8:46 am
although we've had some clouds move in. this is signs of things that are things to come.things t as we're getting warmer airr air starting to move if any lostlos starting to bring us cloud coves out there. cou most of your day kind of a particlely sunny day maybe a sun little filtered sunshine. sin it will remain cool today withih daytime highs in the mid 40s but it should feel a little better t than yesterday.terd here's the weekend setup and a again once we can get that warmw front through the region wethe e should pop the temperatures byrb tomorrow. with sunshine. sunshine tomorrow looks gorgeous.geou with sunshine about 60 or so.r s you might be in the mid 60s across parts of central virginia tomorrow. then by late in the day, saturday a weak cold front willn come through will bring us somem clouds and with a area of low of pressure riding along that this is our sunday setup. it will remain mild with highsdi in the upper 50 there is may aby few showers around by sundayday afternoon. so keep in in mind. kin i there's your seven day. again, 45 today.od 61 there's your weekend forecast we few showers on sunday. sun. let me just show you some of th daytime highs on saturday.atda again we're featuring 60 or 60 r better for just about everybodyo west of the bay. bay. little cooler there in
8:47 am
nice looking fog cast and our cn neck chance for a wintry mixiny tuesday night into wednesday. wd at this hour that storm is i flipping and flopping. fpp but the potential there for some wintry mix here tuesday andsdaya more thon as it gets closer. all right. r i'm off to the polar plunge film tuck we wish you well.e sh y >> i'm nervous about it.vo >> i think you'll do great.l re >> it's great cause. d.c. personal olympic but --ut >> you knee me to go and holdndh your >> yes. yes absolutely. >> i'll see if i can go and hold your hand. >> i think he probable womanbl w prefer you had a blanket for him when he gets out.en hgets >> maybe i can have canh >> like olympic swimmer gettingi out of a pool tuck.ool >> it will be fun.>>t will b >> great. you'll get to see it coming upgu on good day.on good da in the meantime speaking ofpeakn let's check in with holly andold maureen and fine out what else e besides tucker and in his arctic plunge we'll have coming up oncn the show. >> tucker and his speedo. >> is that what they >> hold off. o. yes.yes. >> we don't want to turn away.t before we get to the fun severas serious stories that are tt developing this morning on goodg day >> deadly tractor trailer crashc shuts down part of the beltway
8:48 am
you've been hearing about thatnn all morning long.g all morn impact being felt all over the t area roads.area roa we do have live team >> also live at 9a the final fal farewell begins for supremeor court justice the president and the first ladl expected to pay their respects t later today.r day >> plus it's the rare back and d forth the pope and donald trump. debating donald trump's faith's the donald firing we have the latest. >> 9:30 we talk live to jeffveef gordon nascar legend about this weekend's daytona 500 wait for f it. it tucker is going to take that tha polar bear plunge we're talkingg about for a good cause and allnd going down on good day at 10a.. >> clearly yoclearly you he dreo straw. live at 10a popular comediann miss pat and grammy winning artist crew set michelle join ui live in the loft and yes beforee you even ask, chris set will perform.rform >> jam packed good day d.c. ad d few minutes away.y. guys? >> that's really cool. >> a lot of good stuff coming um let's talk about local person wp can celebrated.
8:49 am
many great leaders this mornings we want to recognize a young person create herring own legacy now. she's a sophomore at easterntte high school and she is the district's finalist the one the person representing d.c. in the doodle for google competition.oi i had the chance to meet her ana speak with her about her designg take a look. >> i want them to think like, wow -- a kill la johnson isohnsi doing more than just wowing people with her artwork. she is making d.c. proud. and putting eastern high schoolh on the map. m >> i thought it would be cool if i made red google spell it outweigh box.eigh i put the symbol of life becausb a lot of people will know it ana stuff like that. t so i tried to make it -- ivory i mine immediate of a p so i kind of make it say phenomenal and ia love d.c. and this was more of, um, more directed t
8:50 am
on washington, like, i made thet sign of washington and i kind on made like the road and then in led it to the d.c. sign that's where dr. martin luther kinghein right there.righere. >> the bold design highlightsigs present day while we'ving in tht history of many who contributedd to the civil rights movement. >> looking at this painting andn looking at this head itself doee something to me.. so this is -- this is worths wor millions to me. >> her mother is her biggest f n fan. >> i have a lot of pride for a f we'll la.. i'm very excite excited becauseu it shows me she paid attentionda to her history.isto >> she says her daughter workedr tirelessly over thanksgivingsgin break after an assignment givenn from her arty cher. >> when i saw her work i thougho it would be perfect for therfece google doodle contest. const i was just amazed when she camem washington came of it.. >> she has been painting sincein she was just seven years old.ld she says it's just a hobby but b her mom says the writings on the wall. wa >> this is is
8:51 am
painting that she's done but i'm quite sure more coming in thethe future.. >> she knows her artwork isworki something special. >> do you think you're going too win? win? >> yes. through her mother's eyes this moment is perfect. is >> it just taxeme back to when was pregnant looking at names for her. aquila spoke to me. it means intelligence.e >> she's so talented. sote >> she doesn't want to be an't artist.arti she wanting to into criminal cmi justice her mom says i don'ts know. maybe it will win over. >> side project. >> we have a way to help makep m her the winner. wne she will get scholarship moneyip if she wins the doodle fordle google competition ends on monday february 22nd and she a needs your votes. v >> go to our website fox5 d.c. to find out how you vote it's a whole, you know, situation we'lw link to you it if she wins she will receive a $30,000 college stole scholarship that can go sg far. far. >> that's awesome.>> let's vote for t her and make hh the national winn
8:52 am
>> consider the vote counted.vot >> all right. thank you al. good story. 8:52. >> thank you kimberly brown. >> sometimes those great storieo get to the big screen, and keviv mccarthy is here to tell us whaw we believe be seeing and what wa shall not be seeing this sing t weekend. >> hi, buddy.i, b >> that was really really realle good story. s what beautiful piece of artce o there. isn't it gorgeous. >> where was that.he >> eastern high school.ash >> that was at the high school.l >> google blew it up for her.upr it was on regular 67 pad they7 e blew it up for her and presented it they came and presented itsed her with too much to talk about in the ae story. >> the quality of the blow up - >> beautiful. >> it look incredible. >> you know who sells about tow blow up.p >> stefan james. j >> steve, i got you, man.u, m we're secretarying that way. >> race can uming out today in theaters incredible true storyet of jesse owens who won fourr olympic gold medals in 1936 in i berlin and track and fieldndield he was incredible what he did hd and is he fan james whose a wse young actor really became jessee owens on camera. cer also really surprised jason is
8:53 am
him from snl and horribleble play as great coach in thisoan film. really cool seen in the movie when jesse first enters the stadium and this one long shoteg as he looks around at all the al people who are watching whichshi basically a lot of cgi but it looks so realistic and his a h reaction is priceless but he wae phenomenal in the movie very mov important film.rtan i do think it's a little long at times. times. i think some of the pacingme editing was a little bit off iit think it's an important film for possible to see and amazinging story.sty. amazing good film. 3.5 out of five. f >> i just yesterday kevin saw as still photo from the momentheomn where they're standing on then t olympic, you know podium.. >> yes. >> one of the athletes behindatl him is doing this nazi >> it speaks to the time. the t >> oh my gosh, >> amazing that we've -- that t this time ever even happened. he a person so openly did a nazi salute. salu hitler is in the stands. is in d >> only few decades ago.few cade >> we discussed the sequences are hard to watch at times. tim there are some elements some som very -- bad language as alliso
8:54 am
said a scene it's hard to fathot peek talked this way.this w. >> right.>> r >> at times. very very powerful >> real quick performance wise. >> he's amazing.azing. stephan james. >> jason is he day kiss fairfaxf county guy. guy. >> he's great in the film.. commode klee he's great but hee has a dramatic angle to him asna well i think the beauty of thiss movie is what jesse went through and what he achieved and now wew have a movie major hollywood story being told over thousandsn of theaters this weekend.eend >> 3.5 out of five.f fe. >> >> another film this weekend.isd >> i saw this movie eight hoursh ago and i was shocked. sck i didn't know about going in.oii >> is this major theaters in .ell. >> major theaters as >> i was lost on the publicity b for this. >> he plays a -- actually play p as fictional character in this t amazing story and it takes place actually right at the start of t the crucifixion where the moviee starts and the resurrection rear the meat of the and it's a beautiful film. it's shot really well joe iss fine play as non believer we're told the story through a non believer those images are sos ae powerful to
8:55 am
>> pg13.g passion of the christ was rhrisr rated this pickup that left offf where joseph fine said in ann a interview recently.ectl the it's well done movie.ov i had a great conversation withs my fiance' when it was it opens up to talkin talking ao unique perspective on the storys i gave 84 out of five it's an important film for families too see. it is pg13.g13. violent it images it's worthth seeing.eing. joseph fine did great job.eatob great scene at the end. the e you know how it ends obviously y we speak to jesus.. >> does he, you know, backk believer? we don't know.e don' >> i won't give that away.'t gih there's a pretty powerful moment jesus has an mazing >> when you think about it movie passion of the christ to buildhs up was so huge for those movies. this is very cool.l. more on good day.. 8:55. before we get there, well garylr it look like you escape thehe polar bear plunge this week. we. >> nice, we'll be here, we'll bb here and it will be nice andice tucker will be out there wherehw you
8:56 am
>> he's going to do it.gointo d >> he's going to have to do it. >> our guy never backs down.n. >> he'll probably complain a lot afterward.rwd. >> right. >> probably. >> it's 31 now.t's 31 now. speaking of o it's cold out there.'s c temperatures have come a longe a way, though, out in the suburbss where they were in the teenshe t early early this morning and now they're in the upper 20s. pretty much area wide. area w little bit of sunshine from timt to time.toime a muted sunshine with high toig mid left clouds come through.ou so really sun and clouds today.d it's a cool breeze. temperatures believe it or not n will get up into the lower to lt mid 40s depends on where you why are. 45 here in town.. northwestern suburbs littlee colder.coer hagerstown chasing 40. 40. but, again, not too bad and watch out this weekend. 60s i shouldn't be whispering thatia erin como.omo >> that's not a secret.s that's good thing to share. >> not at all. at al >> traffic this morning it isor still a mess 8:56. 8 you can see that three lanes las open right now actually fourllyu lanes open on the inner looperoo loop past this crash sceneshce deadly crash investigation.tigan
8:57 am
avenue outer loop stillp sll completely shut down and then t the inner loop traffic israffic getting by. you're still backed up past old georgetown and look at thatt tht outer loop backup.kup. melanie sat in about 2 miles ofs that for 45 minutes. two different crashes fromer georgia leading throughen on wisconsin a crash. crash. watch for that one. we'll have a lot mr. team a l m. coverage coming up good day at t 9a. back to you to >> erin, thank you.n, still to come this morning m if you watched the daytona duality night what they call them qualifying races you sawouw legend jeff gordan making hiss broadcasting debut last did he a great job. j what a good insight. we'll talk with him about thatut and the upcoming day tone intoo 500 here on sunday right here oo fox. >> i know you're excited.w yo >> it's a good race. rac tucker does the polar bear b plunge for a special cause. good day d.c. is next. how can you miss it?
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♪ >> straight ahead, breaking news. morning mess. a tractor trailer crash shuttint down both sides of the beltway. traffic at a standstill. local roads pack as drivers lool for ways to get around the gridlock.lock we'll have live report.. final r saying goodbye to a supreme court giant. g today the body of justicece antonin scalia will lie inn repose in the high court chambea the president and the public thi getting a cans to pay respects e but the fight over who will suck cedar him still raging. >> religious leader to questionq a per


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