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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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several overnight break ins at a local shopping center. what was tape and what police know about the suspected burglars. >> happening today a security show down. protest are planned nationwide at apple stores over the company's battle with fbi. we'll talk with the organizers of protest planned ford here in d.c.. >> and it's caucus day in nevada. will donald trump be able to hold on to his lead. and a live look outside tuesday february 23. day one of two day soaker, how much rain can we expect. we'll talk weather and traffic as well starting on the fives at 7:05. first we say good morning i'm holly morris in for steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour, welcome to "fox 5 news" morning. >> a fwraek in at
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on the jooen this developing tore jury. good morning. >> here center and this is the fist car reported. just after 3:00 this morning. when we arrived we noticed this they did a lot of work to try to clean this up and get back on for business today. but then when we walked down the shopping center here there's two other businesses. we do have video of that for you as well. we shot that there's the dollar plus stop and your caesars businessesas well. not too much was tape. we know in one business there was a little money taken from back office. but business owner themselves it certainly does heart commerce for the
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rally dispointed by the crime. >> it's up fortunate i wish they could do top toyping this. i work hard, it's caesy stuff. >> and so definitely it hurts them. it may look like a big franchise these are individual individuals, small business owners and franchise typeees. and during that break in they came in through the back. and the owner tells me that the actuallys actually cut the wires to the security camera so that there would be no surveillance video available to the police. and this time they did not bomber with the fact and they tried to smash through the front door. a little money was taken from the back office. the other business reports to usot
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theirs. also at the little ceasars they said that they do believe they have security camera video their corporate folks working on that now and cooperating of course with montgomery county police and we're hearing there was a break in as dunkin donuts this morning spim lar to this smash and grab that cabin john maul off sakeer man rain in potomac. big morning of robbery investigations and live in silver spring, i'm. >> republican voters in nevada head to caucuses later today. they will decide whether or not to mannedle him a have. >> it's interesting. interesting indeed. >> republican battle ground for dem grats centers in nevada and not
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cruz hope to weaken the trump run. >> the state of me nevada is a role of the dice. caucus. >> everything we know suggests didn'tald trumped state to lose and manage skltations in front of a large crowd. >> if you assume -- you will go out and vote. as they say in the cold school caucus forget the word caucus just go out and vote. >> trump's biggest threat my come from marco rubio who wrappedp a slew of endorsements yesterday. >> rubio may have benefitted from unforced error from trump campaign. reporting to show rubio mocking bible. it wasi
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and tyler apologized and cruz we a step further. >> this morning a asking for -- they will help him in a final effort to help him blupt the rise of donald trump. >> one more word squon kasich is dealing with criticism after something he said at a town halle vept in referring to grassroots help for his campaign. kasich said women left their kitchen epz to go door to door to me he was talking about 197 8. a reporter called him out and kasich apologized saying he made no disrespect children. . >> learny sanders will hold a rally in for folk. the president dep shall primary is part of super tuesday which is allison app holly one week from today. >> interesting. . >> each for interesting.
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>> he haw:. >> all right the warm may be disappointing today. soggy tuesday before super tuesday good morning. >> good morning, absolutely. in fact rain showers moving in overnight and reigns going to be with us owe on and off throughout the day today. heavy rain this morning and cool. only mid 40s. go to maxz. allison said it. soggy tuesday. you didn't say it like that. soggy. okay. soggy tuesday. and wednesday, next couple days we could get couple inches of rain. number now 40 washington. notice everybody sleet, no, off norm and west. this should mainly be a rain event of everybody. it thaevrpings to rain quick. snow southern pennsylvania. rain showers for us today, heavy rain will be next couple horz and taper off and rizle and light showers this afternoon and break tonight an
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tomorrow with potential for thunderstorms activity. we'll look at that in a couple minutes. 46 today. bring jacket along with umbrella and cool rain. >> i'm wearing heels now but i can assure you my i'll need them for the walk out to the car today. >> maybe you can carry me. >> i thought you would never ask. >> that got weird. we'll go to tucker. you need umbrella and rain boots if you walk to. >> kirby hill road dealing with a lot of cop juston. one line of red in prince george country. more delays. 295 inbound 450 to eastern avenue as they head to distric district. 10 miles an hour average. 50 west 410 to kenilworth down to 14. all the red on the map is lingering all
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buzz of rain slowing us down. crash activity on shoulder. 295 northbound ramp to 11 bridge. delays began before bening road and average speeds. >> this is top of beltway. left center rain report crash outer loop near new hampshire avenue all lanes stacked now as you make your way toe coalsdale this is what are you up agains against. you need extra time to get through that area. back to you. >> 7:08 is time and couldn't vrtsy over feeling fakecy of spreex. >> and the michigan uber driver that killed 6 people. what he will egg
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. >> it will be damp the next couple days. make sure reindeer is happened quli. we'll talk more weather and traffic in a few minute. . >> police say they attacked an uner driver in vir vx. it happened saturday arlington. police say the driver cut the ride short for acting bliming respect and the men atangd the driver hitting him in the head with a beer bottle and window in the driver's car was smashed during the attack. >> and meantime hundred receipt gaermed to, after app inter faith service they headed to bronson park for candlelight vij
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jay sop dalton is charged with killing six people and shooting two others. he admitted to investigators that "he took people's lives ". >> happening today security show down in district. supporters of tech giant apple. apple and aetion are at odds for app order used to up lock apple stores across the nation. despite support research shows 51% of americans think apple should help fbi. >> united states and russia announce a cease-fire will begin in syria this coming saturday. >> it will give humanitarian workers ability to distribute supplies to syrian people caught in cross fire of cop going conflict. united nations says it will put those ready and
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>> the u.s. is conducting ramon isis compound. >> joe biden seems to be switching his tune when it comes to filling a supreme court vaik answery. >> he said they should be filled even in election. >> she did at the i'm it. >> vice-president biden said in a statement it's not an accurate description of his feud. >> new details expected today in child foreignography investigation in prince george country and bob barnard joins us with a live report. >> let's look outside live. it's soggy no area way to say. it we'll talk weather. how long with ill it last, tuger ha the accidents. erin fills us in on traffic
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>> that makes me feel better on a rainy tuesday. >> hearing the god father's voice. >> feeling the beat on dance tuesday. ♪ . >> i had family down i was at the mall -- the mall is amess now. >> you can't think of it that way it's getting ready for up august ration. >> it was beautiful yesterday to be down there. >> georgous, yes. i
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it was 70. >> let's get the forecast. we're traveling. >> where are we going. >> where do you want to go. >> miami. >> clearly. >> those are actual temperatures across the country. i'm not sure this thing works be. >> it's nice looking. >> it's always showing green. >> and the airports --. >> that's means there's no delay. >> right, even a slight -- i -- even 50 minute delay. >> whoa, hey, bob. >> 40 washington. >> nobody sees bob. >> we're looking at cool conditions and rainy conditions today a look across the country you can see with plenty of cold air in the rocky mountain states. showers with us much of the day today. heaviest of rain is this morning. it will
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showers and drizzle this afternoon. but keep umbrella handy it will not ever turn into nice looking day. and we got more rain tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, what's word of day? >> soggy. >> sog is the word of the day. >> you know what i want to show the people. >> thank you very much tucker. >> behind the scenes. >> behind the scenes like ten years ago when he had an epic lawv fest during the noon show. >> we should try to fine that. >> what happened. >> holly made me laugh off camera and i came back on camera and could not control m myself. >> those are the best. >> not at the time. but yes. >> i understand. good morning. >> the man behind the camera. . >> good morning pat. >> there's a lot going on. >> when you wake up rainy days you want to start with a laugh
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i'm not opposed to a lawv happening. if you take the outer loop. top of the beltway between jorming aand connecticut center left lane blocked this point at new hampshire and that's because of emergency roadwork. looking how tacked so make sure you keep it on outer loop left lanes again left center lane affected by this emergency roadwork. we'll have more information for you. seeing rain on the camera. upper loop not terrible and outer loop jammed. let's look at maps. if you take metro this morning malfunction -- no alert across the other air lines. you may encounter delay because of rain creating additional congestion. rany commute, 25 southbound 50 to eastern jammed and a lot of re
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your way to prince george county. right now d.c. police letting us know the accident on 295 southbound the vehicle moved over to right shoulder and traffic is once again flowing past the she treat bridge. back to you holly and allison. >> thanks, erin, appreciate it. >> we could learn new details in the child pornography investigation. state attorney along with prince george country police and fbi expected to make announcement in this investigation into deanne take caroway. >> bob barnard is out the u.s. attorney's and the state's office in the county somehow the feds will be joining in investigation we have to assum assume.
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22-year-old one time teacher aid at sylvania woods elementary school in glenard on. deonteo caraway there's 17 known vicks tim at least at this point according to police. he's accused of recording on smart phones and these children these elementary school children performing in sext acts with one another and he's held in the principle george count question jail on one million bond. these crimes alleged crimes occurring not only at jbling sylvania woods elementary school but other municipal locations in the glenard on area. while authorities leave me here this ach and briefing we'll tell you prince korm country school system that look at policies and procedures at schools in place across the county and see what they can miss and do better
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the children in school and how they decide on letting certain adults to the school to have access to the children. they'll be independent review and recommendations made in the next two months, guys, to school board officials to try to enhance the security at schools here in prince george country guys. . >> all right. bob, thank you for that. appreciate it. coming up high-rankling d.c. police officer find hill seam on other side of the law. >> and twist in i think that judgment was made dwrod drop all criminal charges
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>> a d.c. police captain charged with driving under the influence after a crash in south east. authorities say paul shelton rear end aid government vehicle causing change reaction crash on i 295 sunday often duty in and his personal car at the time he's captain and his police powers have been revoke revoked. fairfax country police release aid new kevin sketch of a man responsible for breaking into a woman's home and sexually assaulting her. the description is vague but authorities say he was seen wearing blackjacket and had backpack and broken into the woman's apartment in mount vernon area of virginia saturday and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> a maryland woman found pushing dead
7:25 am
swing last year will avoid jail time. she appeared in court yesterday adds part of a plea deal a judge found her not criminally responsible for the death of her 3-year-old son. doctors say she suffer from schizophrenia and as part of the deal sims must receive mental health treatment. >> sad all the way around. >> tucker barnes is joining us with weather at 7:25. >> wet all around, allison. we're looking at cool conditions. 40 reagan national and 39 dulles and 39 bwi marshall temperatures just warm enough to keep it pretty much liquid locally but the rain showers are. >> and little mix here north and west. please if you get a mix leftover and well off north and west tweet me and let me know. but otherwise it will be a wet day today. cloudy and cool. highs mid 40s. this afternoon heaviest
7:26 am
light eps up and we'll have a break tonight and tomorrow another around of rain showers along with warmer temperatures we may have thunderstorm by tomorrow afternoon. and the good news once we get tuesday and wednesday out it looks brighter. weekend looks good. temperatures upper 40s and 50s. should be comfortable. more weather in a minute. let's see how roads have about doing. doing tucker, heavier rain bottom of beltway. inner loop now crash drc road overpass heading to that location. norm of that point we do have a crash approaching pennsylvania avenue so watch for some additional stopped traffic leading to that point. outer loop not tear ill. you can seat rain, spray coming off the road. leave a safer buffer between cars. not looking hot now. 295 southbound crash eastern avenue and because of that you're tacked stacked for miles
7:27 am
need extra time this morning. outbound 295 not looking terrible. and you head past coalsdale road and that question lipin lipingers. it's a morning to leave early. back to you. >> 7:27 now coming up which credit card company is about to allow customers to snap selfies instead of typing passwords. >> okay. first though protest areas cross the country hosting rall rallies in support of apple today including one in the district. we'll talk with rallies organizer next. 7:27 now.
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all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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♪ live picture from the top of the washington monument says it all you can see the big raindrops oo the camera lense there.e t it's going to be wet today. t it's going to be wet tomorrow.w. when will we dry out? we'll ou' talk with tucker about that in n few. right now the time is 7:30.:3 protesters across the u.s. are.e hosting rallies tonight inig support of apple including onelg here in d.c. the tech giant is add odds with fbi over an order to help unlocl an i phone used by one of theof san bernardino shooters.s. but do they really have the support? according to new pewew research poll, 51% of americansi think apple should comply withcy the federal court order and a unlock the iphone. while 38% think the
7:31 am
11% remain undecided.. so what is this argument really about? here to talk about thiso is one of the organizers of thef rally here in d.c. sean viaticai part of the policy council foroc the group fight for the future r and he joins us from outside the fbi head quarter where is thisae evening's rally will take placep good morning, thank you for youf coming out in the rain to talktn to us. sean, appreciate it. >> hi, holly.ol good morning.. >> so, first of all, let's justs talk exactly when is the rally y taking place? how many peopleyo are you expecting? what are you really hoping to accomplish?ccpl the rally is happening inapg d.c. at 5:30 on tuesday today.od across the country will be 5:305 local time. in d.c. instead of rally in rali front of a apple store we'll be protesting here at theer t department of justice fbi headquarters the whoeverev building. what we're trying to accomplishl is make a clear statement to the fbi that their response so resno terrorist attacks terrible as as they may be can no longer
7:32 am
further inn fringing on ourringo privacy on everybody's privacy. further they can't force apple p or they shouldn't apple to do t something to weaken their customer's safety, and third, we want to make clear that the fbi's policy goals here reallyel serve to further endangerr america. the effect of what they'ret ty'e pushing here and elsewhere iss much greater threat to ouro o safety than frankly what is onn this or is not on this >> what would you say to the tot issue of national security hereh what if there's information onsi that phone that could actually a thwart another terror attackr at happening here on u.s. soil? i mean, is it privacy at all cos costs?costs? >> no, it's certainly nott's cet privacy at all costs and it'sosi great the fbi got warrant whichi is not something they always dod but what they said there's actually no question the fbi cac unlock the phone. phone the question is how long it will take. take. and that's really importantortat distinct. fbi most certainly does haveav technical ability to unlock thet phone just not ig
7:33 am
we know the fbi has decided toet make this a public fight.. apple actually sought to havet h this move forward under stealnde meaning nobody would really knoy what was going g instead the fbi brought it tougi the public and clear they're looking for precedent setting fight. so thirty four thing.y one, that means that theret t really looking to be able to doo this multiple times potentiallyn to many, many phones with many, many people.eo the law their using is not not specific to terrorism orrorism o anything in fact it's from the 1700s.00s. so there's really no way to knol where it will stop if the fbi gets their way here. secondly, frankly the issue iseu that the fbi's policies here reason they've been pushing for decades which is generallyly speaking just against encryption social security much more secy dangerous prospect to americans than the punitive value thisivei unlocking moment has. >> this is an issue of ourf our privacy and it is an issue of of
7:34 am
public be able to weigh in onein it? what's the problem with fighting it out in the court oft public opinion and it appears as if do you feel like you have an uphill battle because studiestu show the recent polls that the t majority of americans side with the fbi, both democrat and republicans side with the fbi, perhaps more notably republicana because they are the ones thatha are traditionally against moree government involvement and thene you have the victims of thefhe shooting that are filing a motion in support of the fbi.. >> yes. so it's a question do we feel wl have uphill battle? this is ais very complicated there's no way around it.round the fbi is i think playingng unfair.fair. they clearly were waiting for a political case that would be more conducive to their argumenn but the fact this is really pary of a larger tack that the fbi t has been waiting for decades and
7:35 am
until cavalier way.. we're talking about fights backk pot nights against encryption. o the only way to underminendmi encryption for one personn introduce weaknesses for all people.ople. now, the software that the fbi trying to force apple to develov which is a pretty complicated request is not unique to one even though they claim to only want to use it on one phone, the truth is that it represents thes ability to do it whether througu legal process like this or otherwise to every and as far as whether or notwhet something should be public, yesy we certainly support that this i public. i'm very glad it's public.ublic. i'm disappointed apple didn'tid want it public originally butgiy i'm proud of them for staning ug at this point and saying this is too far. too >> we have to leave it therehere unfortunately but, sean, thankea you very much again for joiningg us in the inclement weather. wea we appreciate it and again thata recall system happening thisyste evening there outside of the fbi headquarters.
7:36 am
going away any time soon.oo >> thank you, holly. >> all right.ight. let's go ahead and talk weather. >> this is an awkward shot.wa s >> yeah, it is. >> i feel like -- please, sir, s can i have some more.ore >> what's going on, tuck.uc >> hi. h >> stand up a little bit. up we're looking at rain showers.ho they're moving in. i come join me.n m >> i'm not on camera any more. >> i will slither away.way >> we're doing rain lots of itlf this morning and it will taperlr off to showers and drizzle thiss afternoon.rnoon but we'll keep the clouds and cs cool conditions in the forecasts for your tuesday.uesd highs will top out in the middll 40s so cool day, again you wantw the jacket along with the umbrella. low procedure to our south and h east. it will be predominantly liquid locally.locally. little bit of a mix north andf o west early it will change tohant rain for everybody. for everybo there's your setup fore's yo wednesday. so this is a one-two punch hereh as we'll get rain today, bit ofi a break tonight and then moren rain tomorrow. in fact, potential for for thunderstorm act
7:37 am
day on wednesday. 46 degrees degrees your daytime high. winds out of the north and eastn at five toor 1 >> i'm surround beside beautifut women this morning. mni i'm like the only man in thishi place.plac this is awesome.s esome >> hash tag sorry not sorry notr talker.lker >> right.>> erin has got has gotc >> right now,. 7:37. 7 you can see we are all backed uu with the rain and an this is 295 on the southboundouo side out by eastern avenue. ave. really slow-moving commute somms factor in that extra time. ithat you need it.u ne worry starting to seeg secondaries in the districts in backing up inbound new york notk looking so hot out by south capitol seeing a loft jammed upp traffic inbound suitland parkwar as well. well crash reported eastern avenue ae you get to the beltway this isat the top of the beltway outer o loop by new we had emergency road workd work taking out center left lane that cleared but your congestionongeo lingers from 95 out to the spurt you're dealing with heavy conditions. inner loop not terrible let'sote take look at our m laps right nt lot of other slow moving movingn 295 from 450 to eastern we easrn showed that you camera and 50
7:38 am
west 410 to kenilworth down to 14 miles per hour.iles per as we take look some crashrash activity reported from 295 andnd because of that also earlier crash moved over to the shouldes out by the 11th street bridget d delays continue.ys as you make your way out otheruo locations this morning 395 northbound no crashes but the beltway to duke street averagege speeds under 20 miles per hourrr and then across the bottom ofotm the beltway inner loop from them wilson bridge through theugh springfield interchange a ton of slow-moving traffic. traic same story 95 northbound inbo i virginia through stafford as yos make your way to quantico and dale city just ton of bumper to bumper conditions.onditions. normal service has resumed hases however on the blue line.e lin we had earlier problems becauseu of malfunction boy springfield franconia causing problems to largo that cleared inner loop io over wilson bridge and then 210 north livingston road to kirbyby hill road really sluggishggh slow-moving traffic. t did you say the word of the dayd tuck kerr was sewing good ord sluggish.slugsh. >> soggy. soggy morning give yourself a lot of extrnraf time
7:39 am
grab your umbrella you'll need n it. 270 southbound is a parking lot. earlier crashes however havehowe allison? >> all right. thank you so much. coming up the major credit cardc company considering newsing selfies instead of passwords.swr >> and later, do you need to nd plan out how you're going to to tell your boss you're pregnant? one writer says do you and somem people are not happy about we'll talk about to it inn today's tuesday's talker. 7:39 right now.
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♪ mastercard wants to get rid of passwords as way to verifydsa purchases and replace them witht selfies and fingerprints.rpnt >> okay.kay. a scan will verify a legit nat selfie by requiring users to bling when they take their ownee photo.o the technology will be rollede r out by big banks in the unitedd states and other countries overo the next fewth months. mon mastercard says it's also als working on other ways too authenticate purchases includinc monitoring a customer's heartbeat. >> it's fascinating to mes fascn there's the technology that atcc do that and a little freaky. >> right. >> at the same time. a >> if we're honest. >> if i'm being honest. ii'm >> could automation and robots b pose a threat to low-wage payinn job. >> new report rolled out by the white house is shedding light rt it. it. >> according to the studycc there's an 83%or chance thatt automation will take a job withw an hourly wage below $20. 31% chance for those who make me between 20 and $40 an hour andr just a 4% chance for people makin
7:43 am
hour.ho coming up sarah fraser joini us live for today's tuesday's talkers.taers >> always a good time.>> t is it time to give up the smarts phone? why some are turningur back to phones that only do one thing, make phone calls. >> stop it. i. >> what? back in a moment.
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ all right. welcome back. we got soggy conditions outon there, rain showers moving inshn overnight, and you know what,t, honestly
7:46 am
for the next couple of daysf day here. he kind of on and off. o as we're looking at not one bute two areas of low pressure movinm through for our tuesday andur ta wednesday. all right. 40 now washington.ow w 39 up in baltimore. it got cool overnight. overnig it is going to be cool day tod today. northeast breeze locking inngn those cool conditions and highsg will only be in the mid 40s anda you can see we're generally inen the mid to upper 30s off to theo north and west. martinsburg, hagerstown,g, hag frederick all 36 chilly conditions to start youru morning. there's your satellite/radar.eli all about rain showers herers h locally. i've been tweeting tuck they ark fox5 if you're getting a mix let me know.meno we did have report in damascus s of a little bit of sleet. oflee. nothing north and we have.rt little bit of snow showerow activity up towards cumberlandbn and hagerstown perhaps frosthapf burg forest of us rain showers.. it will be heaviest this morni morning. things will lighten up thisl afliternoon kind of low overcass some drizzle, light showers this afternoon.afte get a break and then part two arrives later
7:47 am
tomorrow and this particular pcu area of low pressure will be stronger track to our west and e we may see thunderstorm activita with that area of low pressurere when it moves through tomorrow.t here's future cast.uture notice things lighten up thishtt afternoon. there we are at 11:00. 1 we're still getting rainng showers. later this afternoon for thatero evening rush hour i think mostls just drizzle by about 4:00 p.m.p notice the clouds stay intact it will be a cool day.ol d again, with highs only in thenl 40s you'll want to jacket andkea then we watch the rain get backk in here by tomorrow. tor that's tomorrow afternoon atafo 4:00 o'clock.'cck even potential of a few thunderstorms as that cold front moves on in and potentiallyotti pretty good rains tomorrow as ts well. today, tonight, tomorrow, weorro keep it cloudy with rain showers get it out of here by early ely thursday we turn windy, yes, windy by thursday as our systems passes on out of here.ut of there's your seven day.venay 46 today. tay brief warmup tomorrow. tor hey, you got weekend plans? wh in the make them now.ow. sunshine and nice conditionse ci particularly sunday mid to uppep 50s with sunshine both days.h dy there you go.o. that
7:48 am
erin is back with rainy roadsds and stories of woe. of w >> look at all that red.ed it look like christmastime. that's not were we want to see o for our tuesday morning commutec and once we get throughet tou wednesday where there's morey rain at least tucker you havwheu good news for the rest of thet e week with sunshine and warmerare temperatures moving in. movg as for right now, however, top of the beltway completely jammem 95 to the spur.. 270 southbound basically a bally parking lot through gaithersbu gaithersburg. bw parkway stop and go trafficrc both directions 95 southbound completely jammed as you makeoum your way to the inner loop.oop. 395 in and outbound not lookingo so hot ain't cross the wilsonssl bridge in alexandria the bottomt of the beltway you can see youas pretty much all your major yr ma routes in and out of dc arec a seeing a lot of very slow-movini traffic. let's take a live look outside. 95 northbound as you make yourur way out in virginia, look atk a this backed up trafficp tra approaching the beltway.g the bw we have a crash all lanes are completely jammed right now. you need to give yourself lot of extra time.a tim two left lanes are blocked andce that is causing overflow of o congestion.. route 1 northboun
7:49 am
better bet to get around this as you head to the beltway thiso bi morning. let's switch it back to look atk our maps because aside from thaa big jamup that you just saw youy want to avoid, 15 south at jefferson street also dealing with a crash as you make your m way out in frederick.deri 270 in frederick on the on southbound side completelypl jammed this rainy commute is i causing huge delays a crash bysb eastern avenue on 295 south down to 10 miles per hour. 50 west completely jammed asam a well by kenilworth.ilworth new york avenue inbound notuenbn looking so hot. suitland parkway inbound jammedd and then as you also deal with w this mess keep in mind 295 other direction also just dealing with congestion.on. 395 beltway once you get northen of that accident scene, you're r jammed towards duke street.e see key bridge has congestion sameis story on the 14th street andee 11th street bridge and as you yu make your way from suitland todo south capitol that's your lookhy at traffic.ff we'll have more.'lve m we'll keep up it dad. d allison.liso >> erin, thanks.ha it's tuesday and that means wean are talking over some of the o e biggest trending stories right now.w. >> up first today we are talkinl about professional athletes and,
7:50 am
>> okay. >> the host of hay fras pod cast sarah fraser is here with more.r hey, fras. >> hey, loads.>> h >> good to see you. g >> good to see you too.ooeeou t >> i like this first topic. pablo sandoval third baseman fof the red sox a lot of attentionfa and over the past two days at ds spring training camp for his weight.. >> there it is.>> the there's a lot of controversy --r >> hello, belly. bel (laughter). >> he's not big poppy, is he.s . >> no. no >> he's not big poppy. >> i thought -- >> i thought that's what they wt call him. call >> i think they call him funk hm few panda.pand >> okay. >> there is a big poppy.oppy. >> yeah, there is. yeah, there . >> there's a lot back and fortht about if the red sox thehe administration had told him todt lose weight in the off season.fa now this morning the red sox are saying no. no. we're happy with his weight if he can form his job fine. hey $95 million contract a lot a of online discussion.n. do you need to be in shape as an athlete? >> this is my opinion. onion >> yikes!
7:51 am
the job -- i mean, if he doesng the job, then i don't think you can argue.can gue if his weight is affecting hiseg ability to perform, then herm,he needs to get in better shape. sa but if he can, you know, do what he needs to do at that weight,ei who am i to say he's note's n healthy. he >> look at that arm. look tha all the muscles in that.cles >> i think it must be anhi it unfortunate picture.ture. >> maybe it's an unfortunate u angle. i just think this is such a great discussion because i don't know, do you think as a societyc we would put up with an overweight female volleyballleya player? i just don't know.'t k >> i think she's get a lot of o shame.she >> as long as she had greatreat serves and scored points ioi wouldn't have a problem with it. >> any way they're fine with hiw weight a lot of discussion aboua if athletes especially making extremes amount of money do thed need to be in shape.o be in sha >> to holly's point, if they are performing, and i mean what wass he when they gave him this him t contract? about the same size. >> right. >> the discussion was, the rumor more was he was asked to loseedo weight and get in bettern physical s he says that's not true. t red sox say no, that's not truet we'rfi
7:52 am
it's a little back and forth bur a lot of online discussion abous that. >> no doubt.>> i mean we love to talk about tal folks weight.folks weight. >> i know, right? that t discussion never goes away. gs a i'm so excited about this nextet one, though. tugh. >> okay. >> there's a recent article in the washington post about how ah you should announce to your boss that you are pregnant. pregn so both of you have had babies.. i want to know, first of all, il was shock i thought this articlc when i first read it this isis i ridiculous. why do you need a five stepeed e planned program. pgram. >> what year is this. w i >> what year is this?hat >> you guys were both saying it's a very nerve racking r discussion to have with youronoa boss. some of the tips by the way in i the article are you needed to it in person after do you it inn ae person you need to have a leavee plan which i was kind of kd shocked. obviously you want to work with your employer, but don't they de anticipate that employees willel be pregnant? >> but there's option how much o time you can take off. you see what i'm saying? >> gotcha. gota. >> usually like a certain amounn of paid time above the option oo taking unpaid time.d you know i mean there's a bighea difference. you can take from six weeks tor
7:53 am
so, you know, that's a big difference for your employerourr whether you'll be gone a month and a half or four months.s. >> gotcha. gotch okay. so that was one of other ones. e also, to have an open honeston conversation with your bosses wr about anything that could got cd wrong if your baby will be ear early, kind of anticipateicipe various scenarios.. following up with written e-ma e-mail. >> my goodness.. >> what are your thoughts onhoug that. >> my thought is this.y th i like the fact that -- it's sas we have to do this, but i likeie the thought of arming women with a plan when you go in. i will speak for myself. i had three babies in four yeary right here on the job, and with my second child i wasn'tld i w expecting to get pregnant sognas quickly, and i went in and toldl my boss at the time, myim immediate boss, and verbatim, you're killing and you're like,. le, >> oh my god. >> this is the happiest moment m and that's the answer and, youyo know, he was speakin speaking f you're going to miss work.s w you just were gone.on
7:54 am
plan and -- okay.ka and just ignore what you justous said and this is what's going t happen here because it's mybeit right and you don't get thatet a time back. back so i like the fact of having a a game plan, you know, for womenom who might go unsure.. >> for me when i went and told my boss, he then said, well youu needing to tell the big boss. bs i wasn't anticipating that.t and it is a nerve racking situation. and so then i had to go up andop tell the big boss. big b it was a little awkward. i agree with you in the fact fac that you need to -- you need tot just relish the time as hard asd it is even if someone is makingn you feel bad about it and knownk like you said you can't get it t back. ba hey, look, this is what i'mhis i doing. this is for my family and the grand scheme of things this is what matters and, you know, i think it i thank you for yourou support. i don't know if you need to dof the whole follow up with an e-mail.ll ma the most important thing you thy said was do it in person and goa in with a plan. >> overall, ladies, do you thini that it's ridiculous in 2016n that you still have to do this t much plann
7:55 am
no. >> we should expect it.nosh >> okay.ou >> if you were going to go in and ask for raise, you would need to go in with a plan. >> you'd have at a plan. p >> if you were going ask forwe anything. >> any time you go and talk treo your boss, a, it could be nervev racking and b you need a plan nn matter what the topic is.ic >> and stick to it regardless ol any sort of you're killing me kg that you >> power through it.ght. >> bye-bye. >> hello. >> any way, thank you. >> those are good ones.s good advice, ladies i like thatt >> see you on good day.ood d >> yes, good day.ay isn't all righty.n'all all righty.l i'm sorry. i didn't hear what you tuck consider barnes.s it seems like we just saw tucker that's why i'm confused.fu >> i'm back. i'm bk >> you book ended the fras segment.segment. >> how about if you're having ao food baby, do you have tell yout boss then.boss >> no. >> no. >> okay.>> rain showers.ra lots of rain across the area. it's going to be with us all day today.toda in fact, we are looking at goodo soaking rain not only today onlt we'll get a break tomorrow andrw rain returns tomorrow but younst can see just about everybodyut y getting a good soaking . north and west we've had l
7:56 am
bit of mixing towards hagerstowt and frost burg and comer landoml early this morning that's aboutt it. let's go to the seven day tthe forecast and just show you what will be taking place py it will be a cool today. cool t. make sure you're prepared forref cool afternoon. 46 degrees. more rain tomorrow potential fof thunderstorms and we'll get suns back and very nice end to theo t week as we get into the weekendd temperatures will be warming up. maybe mid 50s around here by sunday.sunday. >> all right. that's the weather.'s erin is back with roads t and rr and slow going.. >> just a big mess tucker. 7:56. 56. rain. i'm not going to blame the raini but i'll blame the rain.e e right now we're seeing a lot oft red all over our maps. mas. 270 basically a parking lot from gaithersburg top of the beltwayw knife coming from maryland onarl the southbound side jammed up. m 66 inbound, 395, 295 both b directions, give yourself a lotl of extra time to get around. aun let's take a live look outside.i 95 northbound as you head towards the beltway fromwafro franconia springfield parkway area, two left lanes are blocked with crash. look at all of those parkedd taillights right now. folks trying get up 95 from stafford dale city you'll hitcil
7:57 am
you approach the bottom of theot beltway you'll jam. so you may want to consider c route 1 northbound to get around that.that another crash 66 eastbound bytbu braddock we'll take a look at la that n holly?? coming up at 8:00, healthea hazards in your home. the new warning about a cancer n causing chemical from popular pp flooring company.ngpa sarah. >> fraser is with us still. sll a growing trend against smartsta phones. why some users want phones thata only make and take calls.e cal >> stop it. sto >> i like that.ha >> is it a rotary phone? ♪
7:58 am
(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. back now at 8:00 a.m..m and take a look. this is what you're facing when you head out the door today.oood rain coming down out there and d the commute pays the price.ri but this is just the beginning g of a few soggy days. weather and traffic on the 5'srh at 8:00 sorry five. good tuesday morning, i'may m allison seymour. smo >> i'm wisdom martin in for in f steve chenevey today.henevey t welcome to fox5 news we'll start this morning with this. it is not a good morning fororng several business owners inwn montgomery county.ou they got some rude wake up calll from police after criminals wenn on overnight break in >> fox5's melanie alnwick waswi first on the scene this mornings as police responded to a a shopping center in silver silver spring. mel g morning.l g i >> reporter: good morning. mni quite a large police responsee r when we got here about 4:00 o'clock this morning.orng the crime still very very fre
8:01 am
but you can see business ownersr are trying to just go about a their business, not wanting to lose significant portion of o income for today just because b someone decided to smash througr their storefronts. this dunkin' donuts has been hit in the past. t we'll talk about that in just at second. i want to show you, alsoing dowi the way here, it wasn't just tht dunkin' donuts but it was thehe dollar plus shop and then downnw there you see starting to boardd up the window of the littleit caesars as well.asel i think we have video to showido you also of when we arrived on the scene business owners o surveying the damage trying toe find out if anything was taken.k two of the shops told us nothing was taken.ak but at the dunkin' donuts theyot did say a small amount of money was taken from one of the back offices.offices. but it's not just that.ha it's also the as we mention the the lot of commerce for the dayc having to clean up and deal witt the damage. dame. we talked to a man about the -- a woman about the phone call she
8:02 am
got at 3:00 o'clock this morni morning. >> i don't know what was goingwh on first. i had to wait outside the thehe police came in first and i hadni phone call from the company so o waited for awhile and then i came in and obviously -- we're-w trying wait and see what wait happens. i'm so glad i'm okay and thatayt everything is okay. o i guess we'll have to clean uple gone from here. >> reporter: and so that'soha what they spent a good portiondn of the morning doing, cleaning,n up all of that one of the interesting thingertt that the owner of the dunkin'he' donuts told us is their storere was broken into two weeks ago. a and it turns out i asked t i a everyone if they had security cameras and she said theird the security cameras the last time t the store was broken into the te thieves actually cut the wires w to the security cameras.. so there would be no n surveillance video available tot police. ce now, i can tell you at least ont shop here the little caesar'ss told thus they do believe thatve they have some security footageo as well and
8:03 am
in now to see if -- that wouldto be of any use to police by theey way montgomery county policeol also confirmed to us there wass another break in this morning an a dunkin' donuts in potomac in the cabin john mall.oh mall. they're work to go see if thoset are connected.conneed live in silver spring, melanieie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you very muchh also in the news thisthe morning parents of students whoo attend glasgow middle school ini fairfax county are just findingn out about sexual assault on a on schoolbus that happened back inn a search warrant has revealedd that two male students held dowd a girl for 10 to 12 minutesin while they touched her tou her inappropriately.propriately the students involved were wer immediately disciplined.ciin we now also know they've beenee charged with sexual battery.. happening today, new detailt are expected to be revealed inea the prince george's county chili porn investigation.gaon >> the state' attorney along with us attorney prince george'n county police and the fbi all set to make announcement in thee investigation into deonte carraway.rray. fox5's bob barnard n
8:04 am
green belt with more on this o t story. st bob? >> reporter: hey, allison and ad wisdom good morning to you.ornio this is an alarming case and iti appears the federal governmentem is joining the investigation. 2:30 this afternoon here at thee us attorney' office in green g belt we expect to hear from the us attorney for maryland, also,, the fbi, the prince george'seoe' county state's attorney andttory prince george's county policeol chief to talk about this case. s this is the one that came to light at judge sylvania woodsoos elementary school in glenn arded where a 22-year-old teacher's th aid deonte consideraway was allegedly video taping childrene performing sex acts on onen on another.he not only at the school but at b some other facilities.acilitie municipal buildings in the glenn arden area.rea authorities have identified at least 17 young victims. victi he deonte carraway 22 years oldo being held on $1 million bond in the prince george's county jailj prince george's county school sl officials have also an
8:05 am
they have created a student safety task force.or a bunch of officials who will be looking at policies and procedures in the school systems they'll be an independent revier and try to come up withh recommendations in the next twon months to try to preventore something like this from f happening again where a volunteer teacher's aid allege allegedly had, you know,y had, o unsupervised access to young people and commit the a numberr of heinous crimes. cris. guys? guys? >> all right, bob, more to come i'm sure on this story. thank you so much. all right.l rig we see the umbrella that bob hab out there.ou you know what that means. >> raining.ning >> it's raining.>> it'in >> foggy -- hey, just coming ong up to the weather bar.. >> hello. >> fancy meet ugh here.h >> it's soggy tuesday. >> soggy tuesday. tuesday going rain all day on and off.. cool. that's the other thing's oth temperatures only in the 40s.. >> okay. >> better than snow. we weren't sure, right, what ita was going to be. t >> last week we thought we wereh on the fence on this one.ce on h it looks likeis mostly >> okay. >> all right. you done with the snow? wit
8:06 am
>> you don't shut down schooloo when it rains.wht ra >> that's true.t' t >> kids need their education. >> i'm glad you care so much.yo >> i do.u >> let's go to the forecast. (laughter).aughr) >> rain showers across the area. yeah, it's -- it moved in last s couple of hours.ours it will be with us throughouthrh the day darks and as we get inti the afternoon hours i think the rain will it will 10 up a littl bit. it will be reduced to light lig showers and drizzle. so the worse of the rain will br the next couple of hours.ou it will remain very cool.yoo look at your temperature rightrr nouse. us 40 degrees. 39 out at dulles and bwiwi marshall 39 degrees.9 gree so we'll keep the temperatures u cool tod umbrella jacket weather, maybe a cool little hat, yup, you want n to wear that as well withh daytime highs mid 40s there'shee your planner. we've got more showers returninr late tonight and early tomorrowo we'll talk about wednesday'sness forecast. well i'll give you a hint moreoe rain and look at the weekend,ke why not, coming up in just a int minute. erin is back and looking loo stylish.yl >> 80:00 sick.>> 80: sic i just want to emphasize the fact it's an accessory day. don't bo
8:07 am
wear a a that's my advice.y advic >> i often occur that when i ger up in the morning. mni >> you don't have to worry aboua your hair.urair. it looks good in rain, snow,w, sunshine. >> i like that little hat. >> i borrowed from my producercr danielle.le. >> metro update fran cone yen c springfield back to normal.cko m metro bus 15l about 20 minute mt rain causing some congestionongt this morning. let's take live look outside myy biggest heads up for 95 northth jammed a crash blocking two left lanes as you approach the youppo beltway.way traffic is basically parkedly pe towards that point.wards that i would say avoi pd 95 northbour from stafford dale city get on g route 1 but keep in mind route e north is also really backed upad so if you choose that alternatea any way you cut it you needou extra time.. eastbound 66 we are seeing aeeg very slow-moving commune commute as you head in from springfieldf parkway.parkwa we're seeing a lot of o slow-moving traffic. you can see as you approach thep beltway we also have reports on the westbound side out by 234 of a crash so give yourself a lot a of extra time in virginiair getting into the district samehc story for maryland, 270
8:08 am
southbound is basically park from bader burg down to the buro spur. spur. aside from the live look at the mass tee commute you get to sees all the red on our map. rainy commute 28 north of 66.or6 big crash scene slowing us down. railroad crossing failureg f because of that.hat fitzwater dress east of knoxville road big delays.lle b we'll get to lot of that red asd we get into the district and in maryland that is your look at traffic. ta back to you >> cute as you can be, thanks so much e coming up security showdowny shd where supporters of apple are ae planning to protest today.t tay. and new details in thats int deadly shooting by a michigan uber driver. what he said in court and hownd the community is rememberingberi those killed. kille ♪ this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
8:09 am
bowl today.
8:10 am
>> protesters across the unitedc states are hosting rallies h tonight in support of apple including one here iupn d.c.. tech giant is at odds with the fbi over an order to help unlocc an iphone used by one of the sas bernardino shooters.oter however, supporters say the s fight isn't about privacy at all costs. co but setting a precedent thatdent could negatively impact iphonepe users in the future.e. >> there's actual followhe question the fbi can unlockre te phone. the question is how long it wilw take. and that's a really important ia distinct.diinct. fbi most certainly does have a technical ability to unlock thet phone. just not right away.ight >> according to new pew researca poll 51% of the americans thinkk apple to comply with the federal court order and unlock the phone
8:11 am
phone. 38% think they shouldn't anduldn left% remain undecided.ided. today's rally in d.c. is.c. scheduled for 5:30 this eveninge outside of the fbi building. ♪ 8:11, and it is decision day ino nevada for the republicanepli presidential candidates.tes donald trump heads into today's gop caucuses heavy favoritevy ft while marco rubio and ted cruz c hope to chip away at his suppo support. and in one week, it's superk, i virginia is one of the 12 statea to hold primaries that day. day bernie sanders, senator sanders is wasting no time trying to win over voters in the commonwealtha host agriculturally in norfolknk today. sanders also picked up another h celebrity endorsement from film maker spike lee.. michigan uber driveranr arrested over the weekend addeed notes investigators that he shot and killed six people during aen shooting rampage. jason daal tan appeared in courc yesterday. he's charged with killing six w people and shooting two others in a series of random attacks on saturday. meantime hundreds of peopledred gathered to honor the
8:12 am
last night.. residents pack the firstheir congressional church in downtown kalamazoo for inter fame servici and a candlelight vigil at bronson park. park. coming up, the dog nameded america's number one breed forrf the 25th year in a a can you guess what it is? >> no, have i no clue.lue that's great streak, 25 years oa being number one much that'smuch pretty good. good. new rules are shaping up orr shaking up jeopardy.rdy we'll tell you all about thebout changes coming to that big showo ♪ ♪
8:13 am
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♪ you know i like me someu >> yeah.>> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> okay. don't look at her video with tht kids in the room.oo new song.. >> it's little adult.s li >> it's a little -- yeah. - it's not g rated. >> now i going to watch it. wch >> you're welcome >> i've seen her in concert.cert >> have you. you >> yeah, have i. >> how was it. >> it was great.>>at her and kanye. >> really? does yeah.lly? yea >> okay. okay. >> who knew?w? >> all right. what's the weather going to be like today?like t? >> wait. >> wait. before we get to the >> cuteness to take care of. ♪ ♪ >> ut-oh.>>t-oh >> look at that. look at that. >> that is the way to go to thew top. >> yes. >> of the cuteness list.. little lady was in studio with her parents and i had to grab her up adorable have delicious lady cheeks. cheeks. so her mom and dad hopefully hol they're watching right now theie local business owners, and she's
8:16 am
and she's 11 months old.hs and she was walking all over tht studio and i think that her special hobbies and talentsd tan right now are being cute. >> yeah.h >> saying some words.e >> got it. >> and she can also -- >> walk. >> and wave hello.>> >> and walking.>> a she's perfect. >> that is awesome.>>t >> um-hmm.>>m-hm >> really really cute picture.iu >> i tried to steal her buteal didn't get far.. >> yeah. y i can see how that would happen. >> waying to right to the top o the list to find one of us and get a picture. >> that's right. doesn't look like she's doingok her little smile l, too.le sle >> it does. >> aww. >> pro at that. >> to send us your child's u picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. and send it on in. you can super impose a picture c of me or wisdom.isdom >> probably don't want me.robly probably bring you down get youw to the bottom of the >> what you don't know rightt kw after that i tried to get on tot that cheek and that's when the t mom was like i'll take her. >> oh yeah.ea >> yeah. >> game over. >> i'll take her now. >> game over. irdnow it's weird.'l >> getting creepy.>> get 40
8:17 am
hey, if you're traveling today,d we are looking at cold a c conditions out to the west.o es look at denver 29. 29. casper 14 this morning.. reno, ever been to renooen 28 degrees.28 degre >> no. never been to reno.r beo i love reno 911.11. >> okay. that comedy. >> i don't even know if it takew place in reno.n reno. i either.i eith. >> okay. been to vegas.en t i've been to vegas once or twi twice. satellite/radar -- let's nameit all the places we've been.e pl there you rain showers in the forecasert today. today. it's all liquid for us from herr on out. a bit of a mix y.ix >> i've never been to nan cock.k >> if you have have been to a non cock please tweet me and led me k >> yesterday we had a weird toww come up in south carolina.olin somebody tweeted me i was born b there. >> what was the name of it.s tho >> something funny in southsouth carolina.rolina >> rain showers today. rn show bring umbrella. cool, highs only in the mid 40s4 we'll get a break tonight andont part two developing in easternne texas and oklahoma and that will move in tomorrow in fact we may
8:18 am
have thunderstorm activityiv around here tomorrow. tomor sew those of us that love wintev weather we missed that on this i one. maybe we'll get another chancege in the next week or two. we are running out of time.f ti. spring is around the corner.ner >> bring it on. i >> can't get here soon >> thank you tucker.u that's it? >> i'll be back in like foure bk minutes. minute >> beautiful. that was a beautiful offering.ut >> thank you. >> erin g morning.or (laughter).gh h i don't have much beauty to't talk about.ut look at all the red on the mapne behind me. rain causing big problems. proe. breaking news in arlington.ews a there's a water main break justj popped up on north tenth streetr so use a lot of caution as you u head out on north tenth we'llenw get you an exact location inn just a taking a look at our map rightat now, 270 from the -- from excuse me the truck scales all the waya down to the spur, your average a speed under 10 miles an hour tou of congestion there top of the beltway completely park from 95 to 270. 2 95 southbound bw parkway northar and southbound you can see allna of your inbound routes and somes of or outbound routes because ob the rain seeing bumper to bumpet traffic.traf aside fr t
8:19 am
closer look crash activity right now 15 south after jeffersonon street in frederick causing some delays. 270 south closer look at that a delay average speeds 16 miles 1e per hour from 80 to the spur.hes so as you can see we're seeingre big slow downs there.. rainy commute 28 right now north of 66. 66. big crash scene.. railroad crossing failurelure fitzwater drive east of the knoxville road, 66 inbound from 234 to 50 let's take a live lo look. we're seeing wall to wallseei traffic it's rainy, it's messy,, dreary, it's a soggy start totat the day.the and you need patient patience te get through that area as you gea to the belt wage also speaking e of the beltway, 95 we're seeingg really big delays look at thatkh parking lot on the northboundor side. there's a crash just before the beltway blocking some of theckin left lane and you're extremelyxe jammed there.he really really backed up trafficf as you make your way through thh stafford and dale city as well.. route 1 northbound a ton of of backed up traffic, 295 inboundnd suitland parkway inbound.nbou i can tell you every road rightt now is just not looking solook great. we're
8:20 am
much that it's your traffic. trc back to you wisdom and allison.n >> all thank you very much. bill cosby's wife camilleifc will have to return for a second day of testimony in a defamatiot lawsuit filed by seven women who claimed bill cosby sexuallyy assaulted them. the now the lawyers deposed camillel cosby today in ms. mass.s. mas plaintiffs attorney saidaid mrs. cosby spent 2.5 hoursou answering questions. q day two of mrs. cosby depositiot will happen next month. the music producer singer kesha is suing and speaking outg about the accusations he rapens the pop star. dr. luke released a series of se tweets denying the allegation. t now on friday a judge denied can he is a's bid to get out of her deal with dr. luke. dr. l there's been a twitter campaignm in support of the singer.. singer taylor swift even donatet a quarter of a million dollars d to help her fellow pop singer. all right.ig switch gears now and here's a ad question.question >> okay. >> what is none? the answerhe s
8:21 am
turn out to be correct.e cor if the question is how many m canadians will appear on the app show.ow >> oh, producers of the gamehe g show she appearances byppeara canadians may be in jeopardy,, get it? get it? >> i like that.>> i like th >> thank you because of a changt in can in a's privacy b laws. lw those laws would prevent themntt from taking the online testnlins which is the first hurdle to ge on that show. producers of the show are work working to resolve this issue. s that's interesting.erting. >> yeah, it is. all so when it comes to the mostt popular choice foreman's best friend, which dog breed takes bk the top honors? >> any guesses.>> any guesses. >> okay. here it is for the 25 years inor row it is the lab. lab the lab bra tori refer known fof its easy going nature, look at that chocolate lab. >> i could see that. i couee >> he's so cute. c there's a black lab, l they come in all different colors.colors. there's the yellow lab.the yellb they're known for being goodfoig family pet. experts say the lab checks all l the boxes when it comes tot co families.fa it's athletic, gets a
8:22 am
with others. o that's not a lab. how did that german shepherd shh sneak in there.k in that's the next dog i want theat german. >> the german shepherd. gern sh >> i used to want a doberman d pincher when i was a kid. kid >> if you had one, would youwody clip the fliers no.s >> he'd look like a friendly fen doberman.berm okay. >> still a doberman.obern don't get me twisted.t twisted >> still ahead we'll talk aboutk the charlie sheen effect.ff how a new study says his hivhis revelation impact the publiclic plus kennedy roosevelt andan underwood, where you can find a portrait of these fictional presidents next.en ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> 8:25 is the time. 8 francis j underwood is sitting:s pretty at the national portraitr gallery. painting of fix al presidentside played by kevin spacey on househ of cards was unveiled last night. it will be on display through tu october and house of cards fansf will want to stay tuned because actress jane atkinson who playsp secretary of state on the showho joins us live in our next hour.. that's really cool.ool. >> um-hmm. u all right.>> tuck. >> i hear it's a great show. gro i've only seen a couplepl episodes.isodes i'm hopelessly behind all thein time. let's get right to it.righto rain showers moving through theo region. re steady here this morning not not making for pleasant commute andc it won't be a great looking dayy in fact clouds and rain showerso for much of the next coupl
8:26 am
days. the good news, rain i think will lighten up this afternoon andfto mostly just drizzle and lightig rain shower activity. act bit of a mix north and west noto enough for accumulation that isi good news.s but the cool conditions are hers to stay for the day.for th day reagan national now 4 degrees.r. dulles 39 degrees. bwi marshall at 39 degrees.degr only mid 40s for daytime highs.g here's very quick look at yourkt seven day forecast. 46 today.46 want to mention that rain showee activity returns tomorrow in r fact potentiallyet heavy rain wt thunderstorms by late in the afternoon with a cold front anda then we'll get the sunshine back temperatures in 40s and 50s. all right, erin. here's what i think of today. t do some traffic. >> ♪ >> as i rush in here with new w accidents i hear that music.ic. >> yes. yes >> i just want to hide under mym desk. >> you don't need it. don >> thank you for that. t right now georgia avenue inbound out by dennis we're dealing witt a big crash. csh dennis avenue and you can seeee they just adjusted camera get at nice view of that bar i wanted n
8:27 am
show the fire truck on the righr shoulder right lane blocked, bck police activity.ity you can see some coming up on u the outbound side as well. w it's just a developing scene.ce try avoid that area if you can.c not factor in extra time justimj the left lane is crawling by. we'll move it over now because b we have another big crash.. this is on 66 westbound out by 123. jammed back to nutley street. se eastbound traffic really heavy h as you make your toward the the beltway it's a morning to havene patience and leave early. tucker can play his music againa for me. for me back to you guys.bao yo >> erin, thanks so much.ri thanc coming up is it time to give up the smart phone? why some are a turning back to the phones thato do just one thing, make phone calls. imagine that.ha >> we don't want to go backwardw with technology.with a consumer warning the item call used by a popular flowinglo company that poses a major health risk. back no moment.back no moment.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> you are looking live at are dulles international airport. emeries airline getting ready to nouns a new it features luxury sweets and showers in first flatbed seats in business and a cocktail lounge.nge. >> all you have to do is takee o out a second mortgage on your home and you can get one of of >> not true.>> tru our steady cam operator austin s flew on it. it.
8:31 am
>> this is when we need him nee miked up so he can tell us whatw it was like on the inside. iid >> he already told me. austin, $3,000 extra? >> yeah. poor austin.or austin. >> way to call him out, wisdom. >> he works hard and plays hardh >> that's right.>> t i wish this shot was inside iid because i want to see what it'sa like inside the plane. p >> that might be on my bucket mk >> really.. >> well, never mind. m dream killer. >> all relative. can you put price on happiness. >> yes. >> yes >> here in the kitchen we're all happy. >> we use them every day we're ' talking about smart phones are e they becoming too much of amucha nuisance in our lives. >> when it comes to jobs or la landing a job being on your besr behavior in and out of thend out office is proving equally as a important for one big time bim employer. empl here to help us hash it all out maureen and holly. >> if you smell
8:32 am
burning it's apply raisin toast. >> it's kitchen conversation.tcv it might be the first time the e toaster has been any way, there it is.s >> oh, my gosh -- >> holly can't even make toast,, people.. >> get the fire extinguisher. >> seriously high powered toasta >> this is a hot topic for realr i need a smart toaster or maybem a smart user.r. listen, okay.ka so smart phones. here's the deal. t d guess what's becoming popular? l >> i can guess.ue >> dumb phones. >> i understand holdly.nderd >> really not technically callel dumb phones called featured fe phones but they really are yourr basic phone all you can do ono n them is there are some where you canreou call and text.ex >> okay. >> just the basic stuff. s >> like the kind my parents useu still.still >> well that is a reason,s a re, though. one of the reasons that tt they're -- they still exist thee are popular they're good for elderly.elrly. >> right. >> good for children.d >> rightfo.>> r >> you know what i mean? butwht then there's --re's- >> that's enough kids.h k >> there's also our range. our >> >> and so some people are going
8:33 am
like they're to obsessed withd w their smart phones.ho >> absolutely. >> constantly on it.>> they don't really nee cd all the features smart phone does. d >> it's a computer.t's a let's be honest. eddie redmayne he's one of those that says he's gone back to thet dumb phone. >> right. >> and also the other reason isn dumb phones actually last long longer. >> battery life. >> the battery live can last literally for days.for day the smart phones tend to break.. >> erie seived smart phones smao forever. all i needed to is call and cala text. that's's i and you do feel tethered to thee smart phone now you can text ana e-mail and blah, blah, it's too much. >> social media. >> simplicity is good.ity goo >> for me if i can be honest i h have family plan it's me and all the girls and under me we alwayw go over our date tam it's i ridiculous. and you don't even know when wn you're -- you're out.e o i look over are you on your da data. i'm sorry. >> my wife has never had a smara phone. she still has a dumb phone. pho >> really.>> >> she's perfectly globe i'm not going to let her have anotherno phone. >> wait a minute. >> he just said let i'l>>
8:34 am
you eat this piece of toast right here. >> that was a joke. >> exactly. >> we have one minute.e ha get to this.t to thi we're talking about jobbout j interviews and this is reallysel clever. so the c. o of charles schwaub walt betalt tin injury likes to take hises k candidates to restaurant but heb goes ahead of time and tellsnd t like the restaurant waiterant wt employee to mess up the person's order on purpose and he's doing' this because he trying to test,, you know, how they react to rct negative situations.uation he says your heart is mores more important than what you know and that he learned lesson early on. i thought what great way to re really see who you're hiring.e n because a lot of people are verr book smart. >> i think it's brilliant.t >> amazing.mazi they're not good people.not goeo >> how you treat the serverr perhaps and how tolerant youole are. >> i like it too. i le it >> i do too. i d >> now everybody knows.rybows >> what i like about this storys how you came to this. thi >> you got to tell it. tell >> he was in college and had he had like a 4.0 got to the scam s it was a blank sheet of paperet all the professor was asked wasd what's the name of the woman whw cleans the building. tuild >> oh, my goodness
8:35 am
>> he didn't know he ended upe p getting a b in the class fromro day her name was dottie by the t way.wa from that date on he made it ae point to know everyone and bende kind and gracious. gracious. >> guess where i'm putting myhep money. >> there you go. the >> charles schwaub. schub >> all right.>> all r yup. >> boom. when i get some, i'm coming to'c you.yo (laughter).augh >> wow! >> i like that story. >> i put it on five. maybe a little high.e h >> you know who could help mewhe with that nanny joe.nny joe. >> you probably know her from f super nanny now she is joe frosf nanny on tour her tour isou stopping by the loft.pingy th if you have questions i have pages -- i don't know about you if you have questions tweet usst has#gooddaydc we'll try to answs as many as we can. c >> nanny joe will.l >> nanny joe will try to answerr them. >> she can help holly with her r toast. look at think.lo i'll take that over to tucker.r tucker barnes over to you.nes . it's'somin i'm going to butter it and brinb it over to you. you >> it looks delicious, allison. >> eww. e >> thanks, guys.>> i think i might need
8:36 am
nanny. 40 in washington.ashington. 40 in richmond.mond colder air out to the west thisi morning. morning. detroit and chicago getting snw snow. 24 in detroit. in deoit 32 just rain for us. us. the exception well well northn l and west got a bit of a mix, but everybody else good steady raind moving right across the mid m atlantic this morning. and we're going to haveoav persistent rain fort next couplu of hours. as we get not afternoon hours ih think things will let up aings little bit.litt just light shower activity andiy some drizzle but not a great looking tuesday and to be honest tomorrow doesn't look great looe either. more rain showers around hereow tomorrow. frick your daytime higher.ti hi. winds out of the north and eastt five to 10.he lock in the cool for the day. all right. show you the seven day nice sevy looking weekend to look forwardd to. erin is back with roads andck wa rain. >> roads and rain, good illiteration, tucker barnes. ba. bad news for metro right now.htw equipment problem metro offet o loading at stadium armoryory causing delays for the silver line. no alerts for blue, red, orangea all the roads are really couldn't jeffed.couldn't j let's take live look at our pro
8:37 am
few active crash scenes you cann see georgia avenue inbound atout dennis avenue, police activityit blocking the right shoulder s right lane. much improved to what we sawhate about 10 minutes ago. a outbound traffic they're just at a light moving along okay. 66 web towards 123 big crash c scene left shoulder left lanedet block. keep it to the right as you heaa towards manassas, eastbound, eas traffic really heavy from 234 o4 to the beltway.ay. we'll take look at our maps ourp again aside from the metro problems, rainy commute, 28, 28 north of 66 a crash, railroadaia crossing failure, fitzwater fitt drive east of knoxville road, 95 northbound and southbound through woodbridge is ah wo nightmare because of rain andusn congestion in both directions.ii northbound side earlier crashera just before the beltway haseltwh things jammed up and as we kind of take a wider view to give you perspective if you have an early morning flight to catch leave early.early traffic all over the place justt really slow with the rain andaia wet conditions. kind of causing just a miserable tuesday commute. you can see the belt
8:38 am
forestville inner and outer lool completely jammed across thed at wilson bridge. 295 inbound both inbound iou directions jammed new yorknew y avenue inbound suitland parkway. i could never every route rightt now my best advice have somee patience get an early start, so you're not starting your tuesdar morning late to work. that is never any fun.ny f or is it, wisdom? wdo >> back to you. >> never any fun at all. any f all right. coming up, health hazards ih your home. the new warning about a cancera causing chemical from a popularl flooring company. copany >> plus silver lining for a a hollywood a lister and his hivis diagnosis. what researchers are calling the charlie sheen effect. 8:38. back in a moment.back ♪
8:39 am
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i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds.
8:41 am
e with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> 8:41. more women in the united statesh are getting mastectomye eveny though the overall rate of r o breast cancer remain the same. s during an eight year period ofrr the rate of women who opted for mastectomy jumped by more thanma 35% as for double mass techass tomorrows the rate tripled and seem to be happening younger age age. both procedures are more pcedu commonly being performed as an outpatient surgery. flooring company lumber liquidators offering customersms free air quality tests after the cdc found some laminate flooring sold by the company can increase your risk of cancer. risk of c that risk is now three times higher than previously thought.t the cdc says the risk comes from the from hal did he hide a
8:42 am
admitted from some of theedm soh flooring. charlie sheen's revelation about his hiv diagnosis has turned into a silver lining for those seeking information on thn virus.viru. >> according to a san diego to n state university study, sheen'sn add mig resulted in the greatest number of hiv related google searches in the united stateste since 2004.4. they also say disclosure helpede more people learn about hiv aut infection and charlie sheen calling it the sheen effect with hiv now.. >> yeah. coming up in today's fox u beat the first picture of saint west. plus batman or super man? aer group of kids get very honestest answers.s. >> but first steaming mad peopl are up in arms over a changee come to go starbucks rewards program.progra why customers will soon get less bang for their buck.uck. ♪ ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> all right. we want to show you some images coming out of prince george'sf r county now at 8:45. this suv crashed right into the side of an earlyty r childhood o center it's the rising generations early learningrnin center. it's on prince place in upper marlboro.marlboro. damage to the daycare doesn't dn look too bad. the children are being sent ho home. none of them hurt. that's got news. the driver of the suvheuv unfortunately was injured but we don't know how badl just wanted to bring that young happening right now in princet o george's county.nty all right.llight the washington monument is openo today.toy. crews have finished repairs tott elevator which broke last frid friday.
8:46 am
elevator beginning at begning 10:00 o'clock this morning. tucker, we have yet to go to the >> allison you got to promise me this spring. sprg. wisdom you're invited.'re invitd >> you said it last year.r. >> we'll do a fox5 field trip ti the washington monument.ent >> i've never been.>> i've >> me either.>> m >> i lived here most of my life. i've never been to the top. t >> me either.>>eith >> rainy conditions out there this morng. soggy. soggy -- >> is that from some part of the world. it sounds like a cartoon almost. >> soggy like the way you're wau saying it.t. >> soggy tuesday.ue i put my open spin on it. i soggy tuesday and wednesday.nesd it will be wet the next couplehn of days. d here we we go cool temperatures, too. t 40 in 36 in frederick.n frederi 39 this morning dulles and innd manassas and leonard town. t not much of a warmup today.od yesterday we made it to 50's.. today mid 40s. 40s. so you'll want a jacket alongke with the umbrella as we're justs not going to get a chance tohano warm up with pretty persistent northeast wind there's your rain shower rai activity moving in early thiss morning.
8:47 am
last several hours. so we'll continue to keep rainp in the forecast for your you tuesday.esday. a bit of mix here north and and west. we i can't get any signs -- no onen has tweeted me anythingnything significant here north and west. so i'll assume that that'st th mostly just rain well to the weo north and west.rth what's going to happen lateron today, we'll get an area of lowf pressure off to our south andoud east.east this first batch of rain will ow move through.move throu left with drizzle and lightizzll showers this afternoon round twt of sogginess will arrive late tonight early tomorrow and thisa will have a lot of oomph to it.. an area of low pressure thature passes to the west f you'reo th headed to chicago tomorrowor looking at atw. looking a heavy rain around herr tomorrow as well and the a t potential for thunderstorm t activity.activity. there's future cast.s ture light showers at 11:00. notice kind of sprinkles by thee evening rush hour and then we'lw kick it out of here bit of a break overnight herehte comes more rain tomorrow andomoo again the potential fortenal thunderstorm activity with the cold front late in the day.e ind tomorrow will be a soggy one.ogo we'll get that out of here anded then back into sunshine and a we're thinking cold air here for
8:48 am
the weekend but it looks likeooe that hold off until next week.k. maybe 50s by sunday that would be perfect movie going weather,, right, kev.t,ev >> want to point out real quickk on thursday we could have windy conditions as the area of lowow pressure passes through. p all right. guys, that's a look at weather.h i will -- >> i know who you sound like. >> who? >> fog horn leg horn.n leg h >> oh, yeah.h, yea >> foggy.. >> soggy. >> all right.ig >> wow! >> thanks so much. >> that was deep.>> let's check in with holly and a maureen see what's coming oningo good day dc. >> hey, guys. >> hey gang we're all over theg big stories on this rainywe ietuesday ms orning. >> a shopping center targeted be thieves. ie we are live with trail of damagg left behind in one maryland m neighborhood.ighborhood >> developing now, apple versusr the the protests planned today.. a new twist, though, in the racr for the white house. >> and we're getting new detailw about that deadly shooting spre by the uber driver in michigan.c >> also at 9a, we are live with
8:49 am
vaccine and it's effectiveness.e >> and live in the lot of a stan of one of the biggest showsst s around house of cards is right r here to dish about the newheew season. jane atkinson who plays kathylat durant is here.e >> and at 10a, and also live inn the loft, the super nanny isny s here. she's formerly known as thethe super now she's taking your questionso about raising your children.n. send us questions with the #gooddaydc.#gaydc we might get let you get one ini >> we got a lot.. >> exact. >> might be all day b good day d.c. few minutes away. >> thanks, ladies.hank lad >> yup.>> y all right. starbucks they got new rewardew program that has customers ctome little bit steamed. >> right now you can get a stara for every purchase you make at a starbucks.. regardless of amount. well, 12 stars equals a free item. item but starting in april you'llou'l need 125 stars each dollar spent is worth two the move means people who make small purchases will
8:50 am
spend more to get, yup that's yt correct free item.rrect however star buck says mostay ms customers will earn rewards atda an equal or better rate with the >> okay. i not member so i guess i don'td know whether to be outraged orot happy about that.. speaking of spending morendn amazon shoppers will now have tv do just to get free shipping.hip non amazon prime members will wl now be required to spend a a minimum of $49 to get freere shipping. that's up $35. $ prime members don't have aav minimum but they do have to pay $99 in annual fees. f for me it's worth it because itu do a lot of shopping on amazon. >> i've cut back tremendously. i don't have to worry about th that. >> jane atkinson coming from com house of cards.use car remember free willy?? >> sure. she's great in that. >> i didn't put that together.og all right.all righ >> i'm excite the about that.e h that was -- i was nine years olr when that movie came out.e o i didn't know who she was at tha time but now looking back at --- >> tear jerker. j >> at the images.>>the >> free willie michael jackson had a song in free willy.e wil >> ye d
8:51 am
>> that's the on thing i knowe k about free willie and it was aaa whale. >> sequel which wasn't thatl wha great. all right. any ways, i'm here so we'ree're finally have pictures of kimye's new baby boy saint west, kim wek kardashian shared the photo ofhp him yesterday through her appour and one website.ebsite beautiful baby by the way. in caption she wrote "today isdy my dad's birthday.irth i know there's nothing more in m the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren n wanted to share this pic and of saint with you all "i love thatt caption.n. thank you for sharing that.arina baby saint isn't the only one oe sleeping much this is a couple days ago. days a kim kardashian also posted a ald photo of kanye and their other child north sleeping a couple a days ago. ago. the caption read quote today wew went baby shopping with at johnh legend and as christie tee began kanye and north were too quiet.t we found them passed out in thee middle of the store hash tag the role live of pablo.. obviously in reference to hiseno newest album.. allison even were wondering isdg that staged? s >> i think the baby -- i t
8:52 am
north is really sleeping but iib don't think kanye was reallyy passed out. this is hard hitting newsng new journalism.jour >> i'm just saying kanye partt he's faking that. t as i said earlier they got 700 nannies and people taking caregr of all their business they don'n have to do anything. a >> he's not that tired.t tir >> here's a question keepings qu tucker barnes up for we're finally getting the answes in march next up henry doing promotion pi for batman versus super man andd the asking the age old questiono who is better, batman or super man? i know tucker is reallys l wants to know the answer. answe. but there's a bit of a twist twt here because henry faced tough h critic trying to find out theint answer. take look at this.. >> who is better super man orr batman. batman. >> super man. >> you think batman is better. b high five for you. >> batman. >> you think batman is better.. >> batman and super man.. >> you'll make it interesting.ii how about you
8:53 am
>> why is batman >> he can fly.>> he can >> he can only fly if he falls off something. somet i think you've got batman batn confused with super super man can fly. f >> batman can fly.n can fly he's got wing. >> i love it.ove it. by the way people don't knoww henry is english he plays superr man. to answer your question fromstnr earlier, on the big screen ine e hollywood, we had christopheriso reeves who obviously wasn't english. brandon ralph he maybe the first british super man in theann american hollywood system for that character. obviously he was the man of m steal. did a great job as super man ini man of steal.n of s i think he'll be awesome inweme batman versus super man.. >> british actors are takingin over. over. >> their killing.>> t k >> there's so much internationan talent.. >> and very tough crowd.y toughd if you want to know the truththh ask a little kid as we just saws batman super man opens up marc march 25th.h 25 that's promotion called oh macee the same people doing charity work for star wars. w harrison ford gave
8:54 am
screening tickets for that moviv as w i'm excited about ben cary underwood tour i love thisi story coming to the verizon viz center on thursday night butighb last night she kicked things ofh in philadelphia with a big big surprise for a military family.y before she took the stage. sta. former american idol met the the martin family and the dad is in the army has served three tourso in iraq and afghanistanfghast underwood gave the familiar alia free trip on a carnival cruisevu in the fall where she'll perforp a fry private concert for our or military members and this is a ranged by operation home frontef and during the first 10 stops on her tour underwood will meet wie military families and thank theh for their service. service again she'll be here thursday be night at the verizon center. cen i'm sure she'll be doing that again. >> yeah. that is pretty >> a lot more on that when shehe comes through. tou keep doing celebrities ewing itn for the good.od >> i love that. i l appreciate it.iate it. >> tucker barnes is ready tody t weigh in but he'll have to wait for second. >> he's got to wait for this. >> deanna curry ross she is ourr face
8:55 am
by her friend hooshes deanna is a long life fox fox5 fan. >> she's celebrating her recentc birthday all month long. lon i like that. tt so what better way to do it than with a tutu and purple one ate e that. for your chance to be tomorrow'' fan, leave a comment underneathe her photo on our facebook page. >> she looks so happy. hap >> doesn't she look happy.he l >> cool.ool. >> tucker --ucke >> infectious.>> >> who's is better super man or batman, tuck? >> this is a question you really want answered. ansre >> he doesn't care. c >> i mean -- >> you are so against this mov movie. >> can't hollywood do somethingi cray 88 tiff. >> you don't want to sit in thee movie theater and watch pat batman versus super man. m >> i do.. >> wisdom is in. i allison is in.alli >> i'm in.n. >> you're being the grouch.rouc i'd rather watch a movie aboutia oscar the grouch.h. satellite/radar rain showersradr across the area. it will be very persistent heree for the next couple of hours. hs things will lighten up thisup t afternoon
8:56 am
and light rain later today. tod. it's just really not going tootg clear up for a couple of days. d 41 in washington.hiton. cool one as well daytime highstg only in the mid fours get aoursg break tonight rain returnse tomorrow if you're lookingf u'rl forward to sunshine and warmer e temperatures hang in there. by the end of the week really by the end of the weekend 50'ss with sunshine. sunin we've got quiet end to the weekh to look forward to but rain rai today. that's weather.that's erin is back with roads. >> beep beep.>> b >> now that i know super man haw a british accent it's over.r. i have a crush super man wins wn for me. m >> oh yeah. >> throwing it out >> he is the man of steal.f ste i mean. mean. (laughter). >> and we have a metro update for you. equipment problem off loading at stadium armory on the silver line.. delays to new carrollton on then orange line delays to largo onor the blue line and some delays dy for met though tow bus becausegh of the rain and congest tion.geo tow plan ahead.planhead put your rain boots on, grab o your jacket and hood you may beb standing out in the rain walkini to those locations give yoursels time. time aside from that in prince willrl yup right now rainy commute railroad crossing failurere fitzwater drive just east of
8:57 am
nokesville road. r work out for that in princen pnc william. take a wide locule you can see c all that red and yellow rainn causing tons of congestion getsn and early start and have someaas patience. back to you t >> all right. coming up on>> good day, roy rogers is making a come back. the first new one in maryland just open. >> and how do you choose thehoe right peanut butter for yourtefo family? we've got some tips ana advice from the fox medical mic team. is this the michael jackson free willie song? song? >> it is. free hold me. me. ♪ >> i don't know the words.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, trump tries to make it three in a t >> forget the word caucus. just go out and vote, okay? >> while ted cruz fires a top aid. >> this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation.naon >> today voters in nevada get a chance to shape the gop race.opc we'll have live preview.. taking sides. sid ample supporters plan nationwidd protests.prot as the tech giant and fbi face off over digital privacy andcy a national security. now families of the victims ofms the san bernardino shooting and millionaire bill gates are wei weighing in.hing smash and grab.d gra thieves hit three shops in onee shopping center overnight.. this morning police need youreed help tracking them down. and the zero-one. later h


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