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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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packed than what this platform is right now at the peak of rush hour. now, police say they have 15 year old behind bars, allegedly the shooter in the investigation. a source saying it doesn't appear to be a random shooting. however, metro transit police still not saying what triggered the shooting this afternoon. a single gunshot wound and a single shell casing found along this green line that stopped at and a cas to. we were able to snap that realtime photo and share with the met poll ton police department. a 24 year old man shot up in the upper back in front of riders as two suspects went off on foot minutes only to be stopped on the capital service bridge. witnesses near and around thed t platform identified the two meno believed behind the shooting. this is truly an anomaly event. i can't recall one in my 20 years here where a
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actually occurred on a train. > back out here life, you're looking at life pictures if the platform here at and a cost yeah, several metro policero officers down at the platform when this shooting took place just before 1:00. metro saying there was only a single officer that was actually posted outside by the bus bay. just minutes ago we're learning the victim has now been upgraded to stable condition. life tonight in and a cost yeah, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > tonight, new charges and new details of the child pornography investigation in prince george's county. as the case against deonte carraway went before a state grand jury today, the us u attorney t announced he is filing federal charges againstst the school volunteer who is accused of abusing at least 17 victims. fox5 tom mcgrady is at the us attorney's office where the debriefing took place today. >>reporter: here is the latestt federal authorities now, from the us
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filed eight new charges in the t case against deonte carraway and in these court documents thatt were release today, we are learning chilling new details about how deonte carraway was able to carry out some of these acts. in one instance us attorney rob rosen seen details how carraway used his position as a school volunteer to threaten one of his victims in complying with carraway's sexual demands. allegedly took a child out of a classroom to a dressing room in the building and instructed thec child to take off his clothes. according to the allegations ino the complaint, the child resisted, didn't want to do it.i at which point the defendant threatened him that if he didn'e comply the defendant wouldould report him to the principal or the police. > these new charges include graphic more details that carraway engaged in sex acts with children and also allegedly instructed them to perform sexeo
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reported some 40 videos. us attorney's office made ite ma clear today that with the eight federal charges there may be more, keep in mind, the minimumm mandatory sentence for each is c 15 years.ears that means 120 total years in prison. if convicted in these federal charge, carraway would essentially be given a life sentence for what he is accused. currently there are 17 victims. that number could go hire ifire they are able to identify more child victims in these videos. the state attorney for prince george's county says today thaty their office has indicated thata carraway has been charged with eight charges related to this case and in that case there the could be more. > i think it is an understatement to say how absolutely reprehensible the actions are in this case, mr. carraway's actions. these charges have kept am of uu
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we have heard from this community. they are suffering greatly. this is a devastating case. > the state's attorney also acknowledged today that there is a difference in how the state oa maryland and the u federalal government prosecutes these cases. in federal court these child victims would not have to testify against deonte carraway. when we were asked today which case the federal or state would proceed first, the state attorney today said they were considering would have the least devastating effects on these victims. they say they are talking between the federal and state officers right now, but so far have not determined which case will proceed first. > we are life in green belt tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > it's been weeks since a d.c. man died after waiting 19 minutes to for an ambulance to arrive. yet his family is still looking for understand as and an apology from the city. in early january, first re
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northeast home of albert jacksoj only to be waived off by d.c. police. it was a set of circumstances the fire chief called an honest mistake. fox5's paul wagner broke the story and he joins us life tonight with more. >>reporter: the family of albert johnson today asked theyd will ask the justice department to investigate d.c. fire and ems, a civil rights investigation similar to the ones that doj has been doing in ferguson, missouri and other cities. the family knows they have little chance of suing the t district and so is seekingng answers elsewhere. >> my dad. m he had a lot of life to live. stacy johnson saturday with her mother gloria, her sister michelle and her brother anthony today and tearfully wondered ifd her dad would be alive if the first responders that arrived a when they were first called.
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makes a mistake like this. t > on sunday, january 3, gloria jackson says her grandsons noticed her husband was in distress and called 911.alle but when the first experiencesit on the block they saw d.c. police with a man on the ground in handcuffs. mistakenly and without doublechecking the address, thes crew was told by d.c. police they weren't needed and drove off. listen now as an official radios the dispatcher at the 911 center. engine 8 communications, truck 17 advised a deputy is on the scene and that they're not needed. by now family members were performing cpr and ultimately waited nearly 19 minutes befores help finally arrived at the door. we just don't understand what's going so with the help of their lawyer, the family is hoping for answers and a change in the way the city holds its first responders accountable. we've seen some of this before, but this one looks like a white wash.
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now, maybe i've come up a little bit too strong, but how do you it when you have family members who are dead and dying and it's not every day, but it's way too often. albert jackson was a 69 year old retired construction worker who had survived some real healthrel scarce in recent years. his family believes he deserved better. joel dube off, the family's attorney says he's considering filing a lawsuit in maryland where albert jackson was ultimately pronounced dead andnd on the firm's website will start up a petition in hopes of o convincing the d.c. city council to change the law so families like the jacksons can get some accountability in court. > paul wagner, fox5 local news. > all right, paul, thanks. > taking it outside now where that rain just keeps coming. owe, my goodness, so gray and dreary out there, but we could be dealing with piles
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otherwise.herw so take your pick. >> a good way to look at it. sue palka, how long is this rain going to hang around. >> you know whatter woo ' down to drizzle but this is the firsr storm. we have a second one tomorrow. you just mentioned snow. s we got about a half inch of rain. if it had been snow we'd be w shoveling five inches and if tomorrow's storm was snow we'd be shoveling 10 to 20 inches.inh we're going to have a whole lotl more rain the ground i rs saturated. there's a been a the lot of runoff and there will be more tomorrow especially as we gety into theas afternoon. what we're left with now is aw little bit of drizzle and our o next storm system is already showing up and it is really causing some huge problems downd in the new orleans area, especially around louisiana, all tornado warnings that i'm aboutm to show you, specifically around new orleans moving into mississippi have confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornadoe we're going to show you one that we know just got
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has a confirmed tornado it withi until 4:30. so crossing route 10 and 55, those are very big storms and it is part of the same system that will be visiting us tomorrow. the storm will track from louisiana up to the tennessee valium it will push us into the warm sector and we'll have some thunderstorms of ours on to deal with tomorrow. for the short term we have areaa of drizzle tonight.ight it will be a little bit chilly and we have a touch for freezing rain in some of the highest elevations far to the north and west. the showers will be back againac by sunshine. the lighter rain for the firstot part of the day, but then it gets active into the afternoon and we will go under the flood watch that will last until thursday morning and that'ss because of the rain we may be getting in one to two inches ins some it could be more for other spots. very gusty winds and some of thf possible of some of the storms
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also potentially have some gustu winds and maybe some severe elements.emen 43-degrees right now in the district, 37 in gaithersburg and juicy wanted to show you that the marginal risk did getet expanded in the green. that means we could be lookingkg at some severe elements of our own, including some strong and gusty winds. so we'll keep an eye on all of that for you and we'll have a full forecast coming up a bit later.r. > thanks, sue.> >> coming up, two teens havee been arrested in a brutal attack on a marine outside of a mcdonald's. tonight we are learning moreea about the case and we have a life report straight ahead. nfl orders to return more than $100 million withheld from players. plus, jet blue asks flyers to reach across the aisle n an election year stunt. 150 people will each get a freef trip if they can agree on a place to go.
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for a cup of coffee just we'lbecause you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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> president obama is trying tot make good on a campaign o promie to close quantity ton mow bay once and while for all. today the president made a plan to move
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places. keeping the facility open is only hurting the policy standing amock its alleys as well as in the fight against there are currently 9 # prisoners held at guantanamo may. it under mys your standing inndn the it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of up holding the highest standards of rule of law. > the president's proposal has been delivered to congress. con 13 different us locations are reportedly being looked at to transfer prisoners to, including prison facilities in colorado, south carolina and kansas.s. call it a social experiment or just a unique ad campaign, apaig video making the rounds on social media is really grabbing attention. it was by jet blue. recently passengers on a jet blue flight were given the chance to win free round airfarr to anywhere the
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either in the us or abroad, but there was a much contact. the 151 people on board had to reach a unanimous decision for everyone to cash in on the th price. listen to this. >> it is time for vote number one. raise your hand if you'd like to stay domestic. raise if you'd like to go somewhere international. int the overwhelming majority, folks. this is our last and final vote. it has to be a unanimous decision. raise your hand if you have chosen turk and kay coast. no hands in the air. 151 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica. > so it seems like it was a difficult decision -- an easy decision, but it was actually very difficult and jet blue it t was trying to send
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this election year that even though the country is divided politically right now you can look and see what can happen when people work together. but they were very divided andea very set in their ways on where they wanted to go and it was just kind of a funny way to look at how decisions are made. some of the passengers got up and they made their case as to why they wanted to go to costa rica and why somebody else wanted to go to turk and cake owes. >> i think when you have a free trip at stake people go i we w have to agree on something. apples and oranges. > good on their part. >> very cool. coming up the nfl owes its players some money.ers so how much the players union says they owe for years of ticket revenue. and johnny mans ill returns to twitter to retweet advise from charley sheen. robert griffin iii's is
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into focus as the new calendar approaches next month.onth how one military family got more than they expected when theyhe went to a carry underwood concert. so cool.
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> it has been assumed fored f months that the redskins will wl release robert griffin he didrt not play last season ad is due $16.1 million. today redskins president bluede bruce al in announced the obvious. he said sees griffin getting an opportunity with another teamote and that he will have a choice of a couple teams that will let him ex seal in the future. allen also said he is quote, pretty confident that a deal will be worked out with kirk kir cousins in the next few weeks. > the nfl is being forced to pay up bills mills of dollars that were reportedly withheld
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illegally from police under the league's collective bargainingct agreement a portion of league revenue is supposed to be devoted to player's salaries. an arbitrator found about $120 million in ticket revenuess over the past three years thatrt the nfl should have been sharing with players.with the nfl says the discrepancy was caused by a quote, technicalal accounting issue correcting the issue will boost next year's salary cap by more than 1.5 million per team. > lucky them. we've been hearing all about quarterback johnny manziel's off season, but not from him until today. he is under investigation for a domestic violence incident. he has been dumped by his agent and is expected to be cut by the cleveland browns next month. nex it is might not be a good sign that the troubled young athlete by retweeting charley sheen much it's a photo of mencel with advice from sheen saying it's time
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on health and football.l. > not good. a military family meantime in pennsylvania got a lot more than they expected when they went to a carry underwood concert recently. last night in philadelphia the martin family was surprise with a visit from underwood herself u right there.ther the meet and greet was arranged by operation home front. that's an organization that helps military families and wounded warriors. > yeah, we really thought we w were just going to a concert. > it's nice to be able to say thank you for your whole family because they're your support unit, but for what you do for us.. > cool. jonathan martin is in the army and has served three tours in iraq and afghanistan. >> by the way, underwood willwod perform at the verizon center. hopefully you
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>> i love these kinds of stories when celebrex give back andk spend sometime and say thank you to their fans. they look completely unfaced, the martin family, but inside they're going owe my gosh, owe, my gosh. > coming up, a security showity down.wn. protests are planned nationwidew at apple stores over the company's battle with the fbi. it's even happening here in the district. and a dating app that's been used to bring people of different political parties. that story ahead, good luck. the power of the perfect outfit. it is real, new research suggests dressing for successuce leads to success at work. > we'll explain. lain.
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developing tonight, police inng virginia are investigating aftet a man was found dead inside ane apartment building.t b that discovery was made just a short timing a at the sky line towers apartments in fallsalls church. teisha lewis joins us with the t very latest.est. >> that's right and it's still an active scene here after thatt discovery we're told the calll came in around 3 this afternoon. as you mentioned, a man was found dead here at the sky line towers. we're here in the 5,000 block of seminary road in falls church. this is the scene right now, bun i can tell you that there are at least a half a dozen police officers that remain on scene. it appears, we're told, that there was some type of trauma to this man's body. we're still waiting to get more confirmation on exactly whatctly happened out here at the skyky line towers from police.e. again, we're told the call camec in shortly after 3:30
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afternoon and here at sky line l towers, this is a mix of apartment units and also condos. again, it appears that this mann was reportedly found dead by someone on the staff, possibly l security guard or a door man. but again, the details are unfolding and we should haveuld more information in the coming minutes. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > meanwhile, apple continuese o its fight with the government over an order to help unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernadine owe users. now, iphone fans are getting. gym low kay is at the fbi headquarters in northwest with more on that.hat. how is it looking, jim. >> first things first, this is more than just iphone phonesphon because we're getting a whole coalition of people who support technology, apple, google, many of these big names are standingn behind apple as they fight this court order. we're seeing some people showing up with some signs that say don't break our phones.
5:29 pm
this event is sean variety kin. i want to bring sean in. i'm with fight for the future and demand progress. >> and what's the message you're trying to get across.cros >> we're trying to protest the fbi's decision to greatly over step their bounds and their demands that apple custom makee them software to help underminei apple's users and security. >> this has to do with a court order that came out of the san bernadine owe case, if they want apple to get into this one phone, people on your side say s that this creates a slipperypper slope. >> beyond a slippery slope. they're trying to use a 1911 law down to 1918 is when it was wa first passed and trying to apply it to modern encryption. > what's the toughest about get people to try to understand your side. i assume that
5:30 pm
understand that this creates a precedent that you want to avoid. so what's the toughs part of getting people on your side of this case? >> it's an amazingly complex information, cripping toographec i is amazing. beyond that it's really havingy people understand that they arey the next person that this will be used on. > sean, i know you're getting ready to get things underway. we're down here atwa the hoover building. we expect to see this getting peds bay in the next few minutes.nute not am people out here at this point with some signs. that's the important part. you might be able to see it, i don't break our phones. this case, of course, far fromro on. we'll keep you posted as to what happens on social media a little bit later on. i'm jim lokay, fox5 local news. > bill gates say he is not taking sides in the dispute between the fbi and apple. the microsoft found told bloomberg news that he was disappointed by reports. that he supported the fbi in hii
5:31 pm
gates says the issue is not clear cut and called for striking a balance between security and privacy. we have all heard the expressioo opposites attract, but in this election season we see a lot of tension between groups sharing very different opinions. fox5 political reporter ronica clear i is here with the story of an app that aims to change all that. >>reporter: the verona map,, it's motto is world piece one swipe at a time. > if that can happen, i think we'll all be cured of -- >> it's amazing it's being sog s brave to say that that's its goal. the website explains that verona introduces people who, they say want to cross a divide. what does that mean. >> they actually started out by wanting to bridge connections between is rail is and palestine 's to build connections and
5:32 pm
friendships. the founders says it has been so successful that literally tens of thousands of users that he decided that in this toughgh political time that we're in america he wanted to create additions to the app for people here in the united states.the take a listen to the founder. we would like to see world piece. when things began heating uping with the presidential raise, i thought i could do -- that it would be smart to do the same type of thing, but do it here in america. > now, the app it offers o opportunities for democrats and republicans to connect. it also has a feature for trumpp supporters and latino americans to find friendships. the app works like thisment you basically pick a group that youa identify with and then you look at profiles of people who identify with seemingly opposite beliefs. similar to tender you swipe right for spoke one that you want connect with and you swipe left when you're not interestedr if you both swipe right a matcha is clear. this is not about
5:33 pm
this is a friendship app. so would you use it? >> i think that would be a good idea, especially in this this area. i mean, all of us of all ages a just like to talk about thingsbt and politics and get into big debates and it's fun. >> i would give it a shot and see bass he out there.t i think the idea of having crosg party dialogue is a good ideaood and the intentions behind it. i don't know if that's actuallyl what will happen once people are using it. > would you use something like that? >> probably wouldn' i'm not really political at all. but it sounds like a veryy innovative system. > okay. to each his own. >> exactly. people seemed open to the idea. > good. and i mean, it's astounding number one, that for years and years and years world leadersdes have been trying to find piecein in the middle east. who knew an app could do it? he said he originally did create ie as a dating app with the idea of
5:34 pm
palestinians who said he got feedback that said i'm married, i'm not interested. i just want to talk to people with these different views and opinions and learn from them. he said he was astounded by the response he said about 50,000 users of the palestinian connection part of the app.p. it's done so well he said in the next few days they're going to role it out fully functional fot people here in the united the states. you can use it anywhere, but it seems to appeal to people in the us for this major political issues and a time in americameri where people seem very divided. > mending fences one fence at a time. celebrate your differences. come together to unite. so interesting. sarah, back over to you. > comedian continue a pay is iy d.c. tonight for the premier of her new move yes, whiskey foxsky trot and the relationship
5:35 pm
made during her time it may be a serious setting, but this movie is definitely a comedy. since continue a pay is in it, you can only. take a look. like six, seven in new york. you're nine. borderline 10. what are you, like a 15? > our kevin mccarthy life outside the but, theater in northwest for tonight's premier. hey, kevin.evin >> good morning, star. the movie does a really good job of blending comedy and drama.raa i want to say hi to all the amazing publish cysts who are checking the press in. they are awesome. we're here tonight getting ready to speak to tin a pay. life at the us memorial. this past weekend on saturday i saturday down with tin a pay and margo rob i, i'm
5:36 pm
asks the questions, but they decided to turn the tables on ms than i became the interviewee and they became the journalist and this is what happened.pene check it out. speaking of your fiance, througu our extensive research found out that you actually proposed toroo her last halloween in disneyland. , is that correct. >> yes. it was fantastic. > what are the pennsylvaniait o the park were you in. >> before christmas we did it over where you meet jack and sally.sall basically they came out and she had no idea. > were you aware that we shot a show inial burke, new mexico.o. >> yes. you're a big fan of breaking bad. >> which breaking bad charactera do you most like. >> probably -- oddly enough ituh would be anna gun's character. > you're a constant bummer. >> she was like a realist. she was sitting there selling
5:37 pm
you're a pregnant bummer.umme your dog's name issue's areame after the academy awards. >> where are you guys getting this information in we don't know.know that's absolutely incredible.rei we're making it up and it's so i weird that it's right. > you guys have the best teeth of all time. is your dog's now named hark tag -- > i had absolutely no idea thee were going to be doing that whatsoever. i walked in, i had sevend questions prepared.esti i saturday down and i asked mykd first question and all of a united states sen they pulledthy out these note cards and they te had everything about my life on these note cards. apparently they selected someeds journalist and then the studio reached out to the local publish cyst here in d.c. and got a bunch of information on me. i had no idea. this time i'll be asking tin a n pay i'll be asking her the t questions in about an hour. i'll be back at 6:00 p.m. and then i'll have the interview with
5:38 pm
mort mike also. als it will be recorded here and then on the 10:00 p.m. news. > you might want to be prepared just because she becomes armed b with additional questions for you. i'm just saying.g. she's a pretty funny lady. this time around they might ask questions about sarah simmons and laura's likes. > i got to tell them enough of that. they may be fans of the fox5 5:00 p.m. hour. you never know. maybe they're watching right now. be prepared for that. > we can only hope. thank you so much. good to see you. > that's great.. what fun.. kevin does such a good job. one car company is letting drivers use their smart phonesns to start their cars instead of a key. and then a picture may be worth a thousand words or for mastercard, one we're going to tell you about the credit card company's new selfie and dressing for success. does your wardrobe really effect your work? experts say
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hey, caitlyn.tlyn nicer clothes and then the workout clothes. it was a pretty dreary day, you, probably needed the rain boothsi and the umbrella and the rain acc.n most of the rain has moved out,d but we have more rain and even some thunderstorms in theorms forecast for tomorrow. we have your soggy mid-weekeek forecast coming up next. ext.
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> rain, rain, go away. it's hard to getou
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the morning. >> it really is. you hear the rain. >> it's hard enough no matter what. and that on top of it. it was a pretty something i day and just dreary. we saw some of steady rain, you don't know to put the windshield wipers on or not. at least we can get around. schools are in session. > we know all the alternative. we can't get the big snowstorm in one season. this is just a rain event for us. freezing rain is possible in the mountains for tomorrow. but for the most part, as you y take a life look outside you see that something i weather, that's what we've got as we go throughh tomorrow and probably not until thursday until we get a break. mean weather headline more rain as yes, some thunder as we
5:44 pm
much more powerful storm systemm to come in tomorrow morning. one exiting storm system thatm brought us the rain and even brought some snow into parts of new england and the dynamic storm to parts of the south. these red boxes are current tornado much whats and there have been numerous tornado warnings, several tornado reports and even confirmed tornadoes in portions of mississippi anal bam a this t afternoon. here's what active right now. n down just around the new orleans area actually some active tornado warnings and even confirmed reports of a very large tornado on the ground that crossed over 55. look at the radar right now, very stormy and it is probably somewhere in this area headed towards manville or just north of there. that's because we've seen pictures on twitter come up of this confirmed twitter. that's actually a
5:45 pm
the whole side of it ripped off, but the building remains standing. you can see parts of the interior. i'm sure we'll be following that story as severe weather reportss there. we do have the heavy rain and damaging wind threat. flood watch is this is for tomorrow until about 1:00 a.m. on thursday. as that rain comes in it will be cold in the early morning hoursg and the hire elevations. it might begin ago freezing rain. a freezing rain advisory isy issued for the mountains in in north virginia and then up through the northwestern sections in maryland and then up through the northern islands of pennsylvania. it's been a chilly rain today.oy 43 in washington, only in the mid to upper 30s north and whenn you can see if we just stayy there overnight close to freezing why we have the concern for freezing rain. futurecast showing light showerh co
5:46 pm
tomorrow. the pink showing off far north and west.t. showers will continue throughhru the morning. after probably 3:00 that the reel heavy rain threat. much more organized and specifically some thunderstorms, especially south of washington and that's where we can get the damaged winds if these thunderstorms really start totat get go. by 6:00 you can see the heavy rain pushing off to the north and east. but it is that timeframe, late afternoon early evening thatveni we're going to watch for the heaviest rain and impacting the evening commute.comm how much rain expected anywheree from a half inch to an inch andd a half. storm predictor center does have the washington area under marginal severe weather. there is still a chance for some isolated storms to get over that severe limit. there's a hire chance towards our
5:47 pm
southern maryland down throughn southern virginia and into the carolinas. they have a better chance of seeing any severe storms tomorrow. 40-degrees, clouds and drizzleze and spotty showers. we stay mainly with that drizzle as we go through tonight. tomorrow we actually have a higa temperature of 60-degrees with the periods of rain and afternoon thunderstorms but we spend most of the most of the t day slowly rising into the upper 50s. seven day forecast let's show it all for, 60 with rain and thunder, a very spring-likeg-li afternoon. watch out for the heavy rain threat and the thunderstorms.ndr we clear occupancy it's verys ve windy on thursday. much cooler and then a nice start to the weekend. no real cold air in site. the second half of the weekend, 60-degrees. some showers possible. it doesn't look as strong as what's coming through tomorrow. > that's your seven days forecast forecast. > new tonight in the district, two teens accused of i tacking a marine veteran at
5:48 pm
mcdonald are making an appearance at the core house. matt ackland is at the courthouse where the hearing is taking place and we'll bring you more details on that ahead in the 6:00 p.m. newscast. let's head over to tony and sean for a look at what's ahead on 6 next. >> does the rain and cold and snow get you down during the winter months. >> it does. > ahead at 6 we're going to take a closer look at what's commonly called the winter blues and we'll also diagnose if youf have them or not. don't throw away your collection of cassette tapes from just set because that blast from music past is making a come back. we'll explain why some musicians are releasing their music in ana old school way. > how this pre-med student'stue attempt to get out of an exa
5:49 pm
we'll be right back.
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losing your car keys could soone be a problem of the past. volvo experimenting with letting drivers use a smartphone app instead of a key to start their car. >> apps for everything. what if they hack into my phonep and take my car. >> i'm already worried. you don't have to have your phone in your hand to rev the engine. that's because sensitivity detectors can detect when the car is >> the so-called digital key technology will be available next year in sweden and then after that in the united states. >> soon your selfies could serve a bigger purpose. mastercard wants to introducece selfie authenticatio
5:53 pm
you would snap a picture of yourself to show your identity. mastercard says it is more secure. it will be available in mastercard's new app which isch expected to be release this summer.summ it is also working on heartbeat scans, iris scans and voiceoice recognition to replace traditional passwords.iona trying toic ma it a lot safer sa you don't get your card hacked anymore. > the more money you make the less likely a robot is to take your job. but we're in the talking just about minimum wage workers, new numbers from the white house the break down the percentages. here's an -- there's an 83 percent chance thatnce automation will take a job with an hourly wage blow $20. $ the chance dropped to 3 percent if you are in between 20 and 400 bucks an hour and if you're making more than 40-dollars an0o hour there's a 4 percent that a robot could replace you. > the power of the perfect
5:54 pm
it is a real thing. new research suggests dressing for success leads to success at work. wearing a suit or a blazer at the office could make a difference in an employees productivity. researchers believe raising nicer clothes may raise your confidence level, effect how other people pure sieve you and even boost creative. one study focused only on male. they negotiated the hypothetical sale of a valuable asset. men in suits would only give upu or concede $830,000 and profited 2.1 million.2.1 compare that men who were wearing less. they gave up or conceded an averagae of $2.8 million, and ad scored a profit of $680,000 on average. > that's very interesting. >> yes. > it makes all the sense in the world, too.worl i really think that when
5:55 pm
dress for success you feel better, like it says and you perform better. and people take you more seriously. >> absolutely. and if you just feel good in what you're wearing, too, you're going to exude that confidence. > a skip in your step. >> a little bit. > a photo of this handsomeom soldier from the 1950s is going viral. >> that's from the 1950s. we'll explain the heart warming reason why coming up. > grandpa. > a who the grandpa.ndpa that's what they were calling cl him on the internet, who the grandpa.
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viewed more than 3 million times with am commenting on how handsome the now 86 year old was. >> yes, he was. > thomas' life loves all the attention her husband was getting. back then her women were fussing over him all the time but shebut got him first. married the news at 6 is next.. this is fox5 local news at 6. > i think it is an understatement to say how absolutely reprehensible the actions are in this case. disturbing new details in the child corn scandal that's rocked prince george's county cools schools. what we now know about the investigation into deonte carraway. two people are under arrestr after a shooting on metro's's green line.e. fox5 was first to break the
6:00 pm
on a brutal attack on a marine outside of mcdonald's. tonight the search is onto find the third suspect. fox5 local news at 6 starts right now. > and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. we begin tonight with the latest in the case against the prince george's county school volunteer accused of making child porn. federal charges were announcednd this afternoon against deonte carraway. he's accused of abusing multiple children across the country. tom fitzgerald starts us life in green belt. >>reporter: there's no other way to put this.y to what the us attorney's officene' did today representing a major escalation in the criminal casel against deonte carraway. eight federal charges have been leveled against him and there could be more according to federal investigators. earlier today us attorney rod rosen seen detailed the case from the federal perspective.


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