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tv   Good Day DC  WTTG  February 24, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ straight ahead -- >> trump triumphs. >> we won with poor the educated.ed i love the poorly educated.cated >> gop front runner the bighe b winner in nevada. it's his third victory in a roww and he had plenty of support.rt. now his closest competitors area betting it all on super tuesday. rough ride.ide. multiple cars damaged ands damaa beltway traffic reduced to a crawl after a chip reactioneacto tractor trailer crash left partp of the road littered with debr debris. we'll have update on the lingering delays.elays. number one in the nation.n. metro has been playing boy problems from deadly accidents to the declining ridership to ao shooting on board a train. but it's still sitting prettytt according to one new survey andd we'll tell you why. and later, how the doughough
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proof millennials might be the lazy yesterday generation ever. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> i think it's just because bau they're so digitally smart theyt found a better way to doay t everything and then there's so's much extra time on their hands.. >> or they could just be lazy. (laughter).. >> don't feel like doingeoing anything like the song says.s >> we're all good. goo any way, good day d.c. it is 9:01 on this wednesdaynesd february 24th much wisdom4th ws martin alongside allison seymo seymour, steve chenevey, hollyyh morris.rr. >> maureen umeh is on assignmenn this morning. m >> she'll have great story for g us coming up much it's been bn another painful ride to work for thousands of drives on thes of n beltway this morning and then expensive one for a handful off them.them all started early this morningni when factor trailer jackknifed c and hit a jersey wall.all. now that left debris all overve the road and led to chainhain reaction of dam
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it. multiple lanes shut down.tow they have since reopened. still that plus the wet roadsoa left the morning commuteng cmute crawling and delays lingered lge ever since still delays this morning.or hours later erin will have thoso details coming up in just a jus minute. first though melanie hasas reaction from the frustratedrusa drivers stuck in the mess this s morning. mel, i guess you caught up withh us on the inner loop as well. you would not expect an accident in one loop would cause so manyn problem on the other. >> reporter: it wasepor incredible. as we came upon it, max my, maxy photographer and i both said, si this is something big. b we need to turn around and go back and check out and see whatt happened. we can tell you that some five v hours later there's still a few vehicles here trying to getoet repair. this big semi truck the whole front wheel was taken off of tht front of it.front i just talk to the driver theree he says he thinks he'll be able to get going a little bit.e bit. you can still see here on the ground like all of the oil and a gas from vehicles
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gas tanks punctured.unured lots of other undercarriagege damage. take l this is one of the chunks of concrete that flu into the innen loop when that tract trailer hit.hi you can see just like the scrapr marks here from where itrerom basically was just riding arouno rolling around underneathneat people's vehicles and the kindhe of damage that that can do. do. we talk to some drivers aboutrso what it was like.ike. here it is. >> i was driving on 495 and i i saw the rock at the last secondn instead of avoiding it i just jt decided to hit it head on and ii hit it and i felt it go undernd the vehicle, and as soon as is thought it was going to comeome under, but i smelled oil and gag so i pulled over to the side of the when it finally came out, as it cam out, i pull to the side of the road, i stopped and i lookeo under and all the oil and gas g was coming out. >> reporter: how are you how aru feeling right now.eling >> i'm upset. i'm i wish
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accident hopefully they caneful repair the that's our main concern. >> reporter: maryland statedtate police came along and they talkl with each driver asked them if f they needed a tow.a t gave every single car case cas number. i'm not sure if they'll be ablee to recoup any of the so, you know, people do haveave pretty high deductibles on theie vehicles and i can tell if you you are one of those vehiclesehe that was stuck with two nat tires and punctured gas tank ors something even more serious,, certainly a very significant expense for those people. peo good news is, nobody was seriously injured.njured in fact the only injury was thes driver of the tractor traileril state police tell us that he only suffered minor injuries but really just a crazy situationuan here on the inner loop of the lf beltway this morning.ning back to you guys. guys. mel thank you very much. >> right now at 9:04, let's takt look behind us.s this another deadly crash thatsh we
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howard county. route 1 northbound shut down for an investigation a person hit bb a car.a car. this is at whiskey bottom. botto traffic is not getting by on tht northbound side.nd we'll let you know as soon as an that clears outweigh.ig but if you are traveling inng howard county avoid route 1 rou northbound just another probleml this morning that we are upp against.against. very rainy slick conditions ono the roads. let's go ahead and take a liveei look outside. i want to get back to whatoha melanie was showing us.s. the inner loop is moving along g lot better than what we weret ww seeing earlier this morning. outer loop still dealing withng delays as you make your way froo new hampshire through georgia and you can just see that raintn all over the camera right now again inner loop fine. fe outer loop still very heavy witt congestion.cong it's a busier stretch this timei of morning any way and those w t left over couldn't jeffed arease are lingering. lingering taking a look here the bottom oo the beltway as you make your wao from the springfield inter int change through gallows, inner loop is really slow from them rain. rain it's just an extended morningng rush right now.ow. that's what we're up against.gat out from five through the wilson bridge as you head from prince o
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the inner loop is also extremely crowded we have a crash blockinn the shoulder out by branch b avenue as well.s w we'll take a wide view from ouro maps right now and just give yoy an overview of the area. are like i said, top of the beltwayl where melanie was reporting thet outer loop still jammed 270 2 through gaithersburg a very slow-moving you definitely want to leavely l early from frederick, gaithersburg rockville thisilles morning.mornin. thee 95 works 95 a lot of inbound routes remain very slown and if you're taking vre or marc this morning, service hasce h resumed once again at union unin station earlier track fire unded control but we're still dealingg with leftover delays and any questions you have about yourveo morning commute at erin fox5 d.c. it's been a messy commute withte the beltway situation we wereonr dealing with and just the rain.. slowing us down. down. back to you guys in the loft. l >> all right. right. thanks erin.n. i have question. q if you have damage on your carmr and that wasn't your fault fault because -- who pays for that? >> very good question.. >> yeah. they'll fine out. >> she'll figure it its it allil out.
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>> probably insurance battle yon try to get their insurance toir take car ie. i'm guessing. >> a rupture of the gas tank.f >> that's a lotta.s a lo i'm just guessing. g yeah. any way -- - >> okay. mr. barnes i think.rnes i think it's his turn.init's >> warm weather on the way.her y >> for a couple of hours.frs i mean it's not going to be, you know, sunny.. >> right.>> right. >> it's not going to be a day t go out and play. pla >> if you're out bound latert b today. we are looking at daytime highss maybe 60 degrees that's good news. news. bad news is we got rain showerse which have been very persist att the present time here overnighth and the potential for severe thunderstorms in february later this afternoon.fter there's your rain showerurain activity again heaviest iss temporarily lifted off to thete north. we're trying to get warmer airt in her it's still in the low fortse lor across the area. are upper 30s and low 40s as we getg into the late morning early morr afternoon and that warm air a punches north i think we'll see our daytime highs aboutbo 60 degrees. very very dynamic storm system.e history of producing severe s weather in the south last nighth 30 reports of tornadoes acrosss portions of alabama, mississippp and louisianand
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damage down there.own there we're concerned that later thisi )afternoon once we get that war air in place very very unstablee atmosphere we can watch cold front roll that was here.ll thaa and that could kick off line off severe thunderstorms which could include very heavy rain and thee potential for some very gusty win. wi look out for that.ort kind of unfortunately right in g time for our evening rush hour.u 44 now in washington. 43 at bwi dulles is 39 degrees. 39 we are under a flood watch potential for inch plus of rainr of course soil is saturated from melting snow and recent rains. r i would certainly be on the look out later this afternoon ifnoon you're on the roads for thes fot potential of ponding on then the roadways and again we could be d dealing with very gusty winds ii we get the thunderstorms going g later today. tod winds gusting perhaps 60, 6 70 miles an hour. hour. so we'll talk more about thatboa just a minute, guys. busy were weather day in addition to busy traffic day. >> thanks tuck. thanks tu appreciate it much the other bih story everybody is talking about althis morning is frump doing it again. john front runner won the ne
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caucuses by a big margin. it's his third state victory inn a row.a row at this point he may be hard tot stop. stop. especially as we get closer and closer so stooper tuesday.sday fox' doug luzader has more and a last night's results and where w the candidates go from here. her >> reporter: these resultsesul come in overnight.come donald trump with a big victory in nevada more than 20 points up over hisa closest competitorto marco rubio who just edged outut ted cruz for second place. place just about an hour after the polls closed, donald trumprump proclaimed victory in nevada showing more and more confidencc that he will clench the clenc nomination and soon.on aoon. >> i mean it's going to be an an amazing two months. months. we might not even need the two t months, folks, to be honest. all right. rig >> reporter: for trump this thi follows the divisive vick source in south carolina and newarina hampshire.mpshire he harnessed voter anger iner i nevada and even carried
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delegates and momentum. >> you wouldn't declare a winner of a third ballgame of the a the third minute of the firstof fir quarter.quarr. if people want to take on trumpp and bring him down, they can'tyn be waiting too much longer.onge. >> reporter: they're only two ow people who have won one of the first three primaries. pri and while ted cruz rallied in in nevada after the results came in, marco rubio had alreadyea moved on to michigan.n. the polls in nevada showing that late decider went his way rubiob hopes to become the clear seconn choice as the field narrows. >> 70% of republicans don't want donald trump to be their nomin nominee. that 70%, 65%, is divided among four people. p source the race narrows down iti becomes a one-on-one joyceoy between donald trump and someons else we'll win. win. >> nevada had 30 delegates inn pay that pails in compare ton tp super tuesday less than week tee away when all of the these states and about 600 delegates t will be up for grabs
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in washington, doug luzader, fox >> let's get more on the resulte what comes next. fox5 political report ronicaa cleary joins us live.s liv the big story marco rubio eekinn out that second place finish. just barely.arely. >> i don't think it was the kind of second place he really wanten to give himself the credit he'sh trying to gain as that at a establishment. >> it wasn't'tse >> trump just knock it out oft n the park again.. and there are people saying say today that the gop race is overo i think that's -- toots too sooo to say that but definitelyinitey looking very good for drum.for u >> did we learn the jeb bushus followers went to trump. to >> that's funny trump said thatt too. when these people leave the racc don't think they'll go to thetoe other people.her the other candidates in thistest race because that's what lot oft the pundants were saying. they were saying jeb leaves this person leaves we add those totals together.ogethe marco can win this thing muchn h that's not what happened.ppen. there are people who are goinglo to trump when these candidatesaa leave the race. that's up evidentable that.videb will happen.wi >> we had a great discussion ono monday with bret baier justeter
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know, frump has embraced theas h fact that he's just beinghe jus himself and people are embracing him for not being the the traditional politician speakingn his mind doing things outside oo the box. box and how that might impactt political campaigns in thepaignt future. but for those who are competingg against him now, do you thinkoui we'll see anybody change theirdh way right now and try to get aet little bit of that going foroinf them or is it too late at thiss point. poin >> i think that's bad decision. strategically we saw jeb bushaw take off this glasses at theas very end of his campaign reallyy try to show this different side. you can't change ship right nown and with this whole discourse of being liar in this race that i could really back fire on an fia candidate.caidate. you want to seem truthful andl d authentic.entic. >> which one is not a liar.ia >> no comment. >> but i think the american people have really said throughg their votes and through their voices that they want somebodyob whose not establishment and thee want somebody who they feel is truthful and that's really herdr ted cruz recently with theseh te attacks from both donald trumpop and marco
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that he is a liar and that is i resonating with the american people and it's funny they're t' front of wagon the other o candidates are saying and you're seeing that in the results.esuls >> haven't really talked a lotta about the spanish speaking orr latin american vote in this. t you have ted cruz. cru you have marco rubio. with the -- they have theave th heritage.ri they come by this naturally.ura. >> sure. >> yet donald trump also takingn the latino vote in this last contest.ntest. i fine it >> you know what, people are listening to the details of what he's saying.'s sing. and he is tal talking about illl immigration and i guess that iss something that is resonatings ra with the voter.wi the v i certainly can't speak for latino americans.rins and how his message connects oro doesn't connect with them. the but at the end of the day the dy numbers don't i don't think people expectedopp that sort of support but donaldl trump is embracing it and like you said, steve, he has honesty truthfulness about him that i t think that people might notple t always like what he says, but bt they trust him. h
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love the poorly educated voters. and you should love all voter ar if's you're run fog you shall represent every voter if you're running for office but to use that language ton say iti in such a way there's an authenticity about it you cannoo deny.ny and i think that that is i resonating with voters of i wass types, and that's not just my thinking any more.ny m you see it in the numbers. numbe you sigh it that he won that vote last night and in a wayn w that he's winning these t victories that is connecting with people. >> they think he speak the trutu because he's not afraid to sayay he just says what he wants totst say. you know what i mean? he'ss never -- never -- >> no filter. no er >> straddling the fence. he's not trying to placate to everyone.. just says what he says. says. >> he's speaking his truth.ruth however you feel about these tse candidates, there are somees candidates who are going to tryg to speak to you and say what you think -- what you want to hear.a drum is that speaking the truthu he he sees.s sometimes you've seen it withh evangelical vote.caote. look, he may have this record of being pro choice.hoice.
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being as religious as we might like we're not voting for f someone to share our faith. we're shot voting someone whoeow will fight for us, take our issues to heart and care abouteo them. that's the message that donald trump has been able to convincee the voters of and i think that'a why it's working. wor we don't agree with you but weoe believe you and we trust you. that's something you're not you seeing voters connect with othet candidates. >> the bottom line forto republican it can be runwa run y victory they need to elect a candidate that can beat the democratic candidate. >> that's true.>> tha some of the hypotheticaltil matchups donald trump beatsmpea hillary. i haven't look at those numberss recently.ce so much can i was looking at this old storyo about the nevada caucuses fromso back in october. octob trump was winning carson was ini second in those polls with abouo 22% of the vote. vot last night he got less than 5%. you know we talk about these numbers.numb they are they have give you an idea of y what you're looking atou. but everything can change in ce minute. >> you can win your nominationti
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victory if you don't end up innn the white house -- -- >> you don't end up in the whit house.. >> the battle for number two,r t because that is all over theve e you have no idea who is comingci in second place. trump dominating but one week ik will be rubio. one week cruz. cz. carson was there. there now he's not even in the mix. m it's just alarming.larm >> try to stay win shoutinghout distance.ance >> it's not boring much.t bo >> that's true.t's . >> ronica, thank you very much.v >> thank you. thank you. >> still ahead fox5 bob barnardr no stranger to hustlingus sometimes reporting on three, te four stories just during therint morning hours when it comes tohc speed he's got nothing on thisni kid. a little bit later, he's introducing us to gatorade'sads runner of the year. yea first though what metro ridersed think of its newly crownedrown status as the number one transit system in the nation. natio number >> what? >> number one. o >> numbers don't lie, ronica roc said it, numbers don't lie. >> check the scoreboard. we're back in a moment.
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♪ they're about as number one asun nellie is right is t >> >> listen, this next -- >> on fire. >> this story might be hard ford commuters to believe but auts
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financial firm just named metro pause for dramatic effect the number one transit system in tht nation. >> please explain.>> >> well it might be hard forit a folks to understand consideringr the metro is plagued withh on-going problems including inci violence, delays, smoke issues,s remember that, but our annie yuu is live this morning in i alexandria with what metro riders think. think. that's kind of what we think.. >> i'm sure they'll all agree.'r annie, we came in number one. yay!y! >> reporter: i mean it'sean surprised me i'll be honest wheh you tell people dc ranked numben one. no, that's really funny.y funny come again. come a who ranked number one.rankumbe but it's true.t it i mean it's surprising to a lotl of riders. they beat out it came top dogog number one beat out sanea o francisco, boston, new york, ana also chicago. chica so some big cities here and ased you mentioned this comes from aa firm in new york city called smart asset a financialanci analytics firm in new ynork and they did this for the very first time and accordi
9:21 am
it just isn't the size thatiz ta makes d.c. shine.hi one of the big points is that a typical metro rider spends thick minutes traveling to work eveeln day 10 minutes below thees bel e average. that's pretty suavrprising to mm here's the kicker though.ker t you mention add little bit off formula they used did not take into account the troubles metrom has been riddled with over the e last few years.ew i mean, crime, you have the the safety record and also the declining ridership. so a lot of factors that weret not included in this.ded t so here's the deal. dea they crumped numbers from the census bureau and used their own metric system to determine the efficiency of each city'sit transit system, and if you takeu a look here the key factors thaa went into play here. her the study included 136 major cities, and they did -- thatid a considered the average commute m time for transit riders. the percentage differenceif between average commute times os car commuters and transit users. as well as the percentage of o commuters who use public transis and the total number of pe
9:22 am
who actually use pub lib transit and the difference between thefe citywide median income ande median income of riders. rid so that's a lot.hat' lot i know. kno but also they say that it used d census data from every city witt a population of at least 175,000 people.le so they needed to meet that criteria in order to be includec in this study, but we hit thesee streets here at the old town o t metro station and asked a fewedf people what they thought aboutho take listen. >> i'm surprised by this. t the metro has cut off times on weekends and i think during the weekdays so for me i would say new yorkaw city would be number one. o >> there's delays all the time, but i ride the yellow line ande yellow line i pretty good but bt red line i heard is bad. so --,. >> reporter: so there you haveou some riders here at the kinghe n street metro station. stati now one of the down falls of d.c. was that it came in as one of the highest fairs across
9:23 am
country that's what a lot ofot riders are saying in addition to the crime and the questioning o safety. safety. they say that they're not happyh with the fares here but it wastw tough to find people who agreedo with this, guys. g back to t >> i'm not surprised at thatpris annie. i'll be honest f we're numberum one i'm a little afraid to get o on number two. >> during the study they didn'ty talk about crime and accidentscd and all this kind of stuff it si was just raw numbers of who is riding. how long it takes, they just,he used a bunch of numbers thatf ue didn't include crime andrime accident. >> as i said to you earlier,sait wis, it means we can be a great transit system.. somewhere within the system. >> ground work is there. t >> we've got to get control ofof these accidents and the fear of riding and the we can be so come on students. >> you can weigh in and will hei us know you what think of thishi ranking tweet us using the #gooddaydc. >> 9:23. it is oscar week in hollywood but winning that golden statuena all it's cracked up to you.ckedy we'll take look who had the bess and the worst career after aft winnin
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>> first though the worse came c secret in washington.hin redskins general manager makingk it all but official what he saii about rgiii's future or lackac there of in washington, d.c., that's coming up next. n ♪
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♪ well, the weight i guess ono step closer to being official oc right now when it comes toom robert griffin the third. the td we know he won't be
9:27 am
gun dough and gold next season.s we kind of new when he didn'te d play a down all last season.asta >> i think he dressed out onedrt game. >> maybe. >> put the uniform on for onenio game. >> i hated that when his little hat was knock over to the side. >> that was kind of thehat beginning of the end. any way, team president brucede allen revealed the news on san diego radio show yesterdayrd confirming what many of us have suspected for quiet sometime. st take listen. >> hate to owe robert -- like tk seat robert get an opportunitypr with another team. i think we've heard from somerom teams that are interested, and d think he's going to have a hav choice of a couple of teams that will let him excel in theel in h future. he's been a good teammate and a good guy. i know some people on the outside always like to be like o critical but his teammates likee him. his coaches like him and he does have some specialal talents and we wish him well. w >> all right. an official no
9:28 am
grief vinos' future expectedxp when the nfl new business yearis opens up march 9th. rgiii took to twitter for the first time since allen intervier and tweeted just work hard and a watch god work it all out. hashash tag know your why. >> chapter closed.. >> chapter closed. move glob still ahead on goodiln day kesha opening up for the 40 since that court loss.t loss. what she said in her emotional instagram post plus her heartera will go on. celine dion back on stage fortae the fir since the loss of her hr husband. >> plus born to run.un we'll introduce to you the new w high school record holder fordef the indoor mile. wait until you hear how fast iti was.wa. >> powerful storms making theirt way toward d.c. tucker will be back with thek wt timtiming and an update on anyny watches or warnings in our areae next. next. ♪ ♪
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>> pardon me. so nasty. i apologize. >> i hear you. >> what else is making headlines this morning al. >> thanks steve. apple and fbi still locking l horns over unlocking the san bernardino shooter's iphone. according to attorney for applef the company will file legaleg documents this week requestingee the battle play out in congressn and not in the court system.rt >> also the president facingnt n heavy opposition fromio republicans on the hill.hel yesterday the president laid oua this four-point plan to
9:32 am
guantonimo bay prison. white house officials say the planof could save as much as $180 million per year.ear. meantime senate republicans sayi they plan to block any supreme a court nominations that the whitt house may offer up.. in annapolis house judiciary committee will discuss know kw what's law proposal that would require ignition interlockignit device for anybody convicted ofd drunk driving in the t the bill is named hein honor ofr montgomery county police officeo noah leotta who was hit and hit killed by an alleged drunk d driver on duty last year. and the centers for disease control and prevention said it's investigating 14 new reports off zika virus being sexually transmitted in at least two of t the cases a zika infection wasns confirmed when women whose onlyo known risk factor was sexuall contact with someone who recen recently returned from zika a flicked countries. count agency did not dent fight statea where those cases are being investigated. and finally this next videod has gone viral now and when you see it you may understand why.dw a mom comes home to quite the t shock.shoc check it out.
9:33 am
>> what? (inaudible).. >> she loves them. she loves scene brass so muchne she decided to try to turn herur sister into one. o residential explanation much thc video has been viewed more thanr 10 million times so far online.. (laughter).ghte. >> she's like, i love them. >> it makes sense, >> hello. >> look how creative i was. was. >> turned my sister into ar int zebra. that's awesome. >> do you see the stripes? does you see the stripes? any way. tucker barnes is in thess ie building right now.ildi talking about rain.ou r >> cutest thing the littlethe sister doesn't even team to minn being a zebra.eb >> no.>> n. >> whatever. >> lines all over the forehead l everywhere.
9:34 am
>> looking cool. all right. that's go to weather. let's do it. rain and potentially thunderstorms in the forecastorc afternoon.te most concerned with that coned thunderstorm activity later today. as it could bring us acoulbrin combination of very gusty windsw and some very heavy rain. r flood watch and we're concernede about some other thing, too. t i'll show in you just a second.n rain overnight.ravernig most pretty light. but it's been persistent so theo roadways are wet, and areas that aren't getting measurable rainen are dealing with some mist andmt some drizzle out there at thisht hour. so this will be the morninge m forecast. we're trying to work warmer airr in across the region and we think our daytime highs will tot out near 60 degrees.imne so that's the first player inste the forecast.the fore once we get the temperatures ups you'll notice a whole differentf air mass in place and that airta mass will be very unstable. unsa so it will help driveve thunderstorm activity latery l today. there's the big picture. history of severe weather laster night of course with lots of l wind damage up to 30 reports off tornadoes to our south there t across the northern gulf.thern and we're dealing with the the
9:35 am
dynamic of that storm system sto later today.teray so rain showers this morning. mr then later this afternoon as a frontal system approaches coldhl front approaches it will try too squeeze out that instability ini the atmosphere and that's whenhw we can fire off line ofin o thunderstorms across the area ta that could be in a few cases severe. so i know it's we don't usually talk about talk severe thunderstorms inerstor february, we have at least thata potential later t there we are at noon keepn kee umbrella handy it will get mildm here again with temperaturesra about 60 but rain throughout thr day and there we are unfortunately right in time fort the evening rush hour our futurf cast trying give us a line ofe severe thunderstorms. potential align of severe thunderstorm.thunde winds along this line could gusg 60 to 70 miles an hour and veryy heavy localized rain.aled so again that combination could give us some problems here thisi >> the good news we'll get itnes out of here and we'll get a a chance to dry thing out thing overnight and we'll be windy tomorrow as our area of lowf pressure continues to pass by tb the north and west but the goodg news is, we'll be drier drier tomorrow. we won't be dealing withe ing potential for severe weather. sa you don't
9:36 am
storm prediction center inentern oklahoma issuing potential forel severe thunder across our areaur now enhanced risk for southern h maryland, lower eastern shorerns southeast virginia the highest h risk for severe thunderstormsndr and potentially tornadoes across eastern north carolina but we bt too are in that slight riskht r category here even in d.c. late. today. we got to watch the forecast f very i'll be tweeting tucker fox5 al5 the latest weather and theeath d latest tonight at 5:00 o'clocko' with sue and caitlyn and mikee there's your seven day.s yo we do turn sunny and bright by b tomorrow.rrow gusty winds and we'll tow cusslw on the weekend by sunday and monday signs of spring upper 50s to about 60. about nice flowers for the week glennk definitely sounds like a betteru option. weather update in a few minutest >> thanks tucker.ucke >> right now, right at this very moment, a local high schoolh student is being honored by gatorade he's gatorade'ss gatord national boys cross country boyo runner of the year. fox5's very fast, very quick bob barnard is live at loudoun atou valley high school where the whe honor was just be
9:37 am
hello there mr. quick. >> reporter: i'll tell was was wisdom i was not going to do this interview on the track ivio wouldn't be able to keep up. kep let's show you some video tapeit from just after 9:00 o'clocko'cl this morning here in the weighti room at loudoun valley highh school when drew hunter sr., cross country run are in was w presented with the gatorade gat national player of the year in cross country. cnt he was presented the trophy by y alan web legend here in loudounn county himself. himself a record holder in the mile forf the us. and it was presented in front of his track mates, the boys and bs girls track teams here at loudoun valley high school.h s we're here in the weight room to surprise drew this morning.thisg here he is with the trophy. with his parents and with alanha web and it's interesting becausc and his family hess siblingss here. drew's parents coached alan back in the day. the d so we'll go ahead and interruptt this photo shoot here and talker to these guys.hese sorry to interrupt, guys.. hey, you look
9:38 am
you guys twins. >> yeah. >> i almost interviewed hised h brother.brothe this is drew. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell our viewers what happened last month in new yorkk that was pretty extraordinaryxti and may have helped to lead toed this honor today.. >> so i broke four minutes for ther first time in also broke the t national high school record inen the m that alan web previously had sos yeah, it was really cool.y >> that's very cool.>> alan is right here.t here. alan, these are the hunt familyy here. here >> part of it. >> part of the family. pof t tell me you have a family fam connection here.connection h even though you grew up and wend to high school in reston and were percyville. p tell us about these peoplehe p standing next to you. you >> mark and joan my first track i remember taking my first iceit bath after workouts outside off south lake high school. and later that -- later that year joan got pregnant withdrewe and so i'm -- it's been a pleasure to watch drew
9:39 am
and i'm honored to pass theass torch on to drew to go becomee the next great american miler.. >> there's something in theometi water in london county.nty the record holder in the mile im the us, correct.rect >> well -- i used to be.seto b >> used to be. used to >> he's the american recordmerin holder. >> right american.meca proud parents.ouar i mean involved in all this.d t what do you make of what's wha happened here today, this thi extraordinary honor for your son? >> well, it's culmination a lota of hard work. wor a long time coming, and drew dre does as i tell everybody he doed all the little things that nohis one else is willing to do, andod that's why he's here. there are probably, i don't know, 100 so athletes in londonn county that could probable beba gas as him.gas h but he is willing to do the things that not many others aree willing to do.g to d behind the scenes.hind t sce he has a running part everybodyy does, but those things that, yo, know, the nutrition, the sleep, the injury prevention.n
9:40 am
but we only have a minute. a min drew tell me about those thingst and the board back here saysay academic achievement, athletic excellence.ll. exemplary characterempl extraordinary things as what does it take? there are h kids running cross country allny over this country but to geto gt this, what dedication did iticad take from you to do what you've done? >> i think it's what my dad sais the little things but also justt sacrificing some things and knowing that, you know, i havey to be -- get my sleep and, um - >> we hear you. y >> and just like all the littlet things they add up and i thinkhi that's something -- that's kindi of separated me from a lot ofm t people just i'm willing to, youy know, make sacrifices to be thet best runner i can. i >> mom, sleep and nutritionri those are important thingsta obviously, right.viou >> those are really importantre things and those are two t rhins that drew just meticulous about, it's really really helped him. h he didn't start out that way tha necessarily but over time he'seh really become very very carefulr about how he eats and gettingti his sleep.hislee >> awesome.>> a well, the hunter family, drew, , alan
9:41 am
much. congratulations haitians again.a track star here in loudoundo county honored nationally thisyi morning by gatorade.y g guys. guys >> bob it's fair to say he'll bl on the oregon duck track team come fall? f >> yes, he's going to oregon. what is it about oregon, too, my goodness. >> loudoun county and oregon. cn they're doing the right thank it guess. >> bob, me being fiscallyisca conservative parent ask his ask parents how they feel about nott having to pay for college. >> reporter: wisdom martin conservative parent how do youoo feel not having to pay for payor >> that part is really great.. we have nine >> how many? >> you can go wherever you'dou like to go. nine k >> wow!>>ow >> how many kids. >> nine?e? >> nine? nin >> nine children.>> n >> oh, my gosh. buried the lead. lead. >> she needs a medal, too.. >> give mom a medal. med >> all right.. >> did i just say that, i'm so i sorry. >> amazing. >> that's great. good for him. 9:41. still ahead in the fox beat
9:42 am
fight between kesha and her her producer dr. luke.e also, no place look home for rob kardashian.rd is he heading back home? we'llw head to tmz and we'll get the gt details for you neck. 9:42.9:42.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
kardashian how kanye may single hasn'tedly saved tidal. >> for doodles we turn to tmz dax holt live in los angeles.ngl good morning, dax., d how you doing, buddy? >> i'm good. how is everyone out >> we're doing really good.eallo this kesha story just took a new spin tmz obtained video that t kind of turns the tables aab little bit. what's the late details on thist >> this video is very interesting. this is from 2011 she did 201she deposition in which she sat down and said under oath that doctorc luke had -- her and him have never had sex.ex she was never raped by him.erap. she never did any drugs with h him. him. or he never drug her.g h this was really important impora because her whole case with sons this was kind of the centeren point was that he had raped her, and so now her lawyer has now fired back saying, look, she she went under oath, yes, but sheuts was intimidated, she was told by him that she neede
9:46 am
he was rich, he was powerful.. he's sony's number one producer she was scared to say anything h else other than lie for him, and argos her lawyer went on to says dr. luke is no more than aha modern day bill cosby. >> wow! >> that's the kind of story thaa i guess you can say, you know, k might tug at the heart the heara strings of people that but she'e dealing with the core systemhes here. isn't the court system going too say if you lied under oath ornd you're lying now, one way ore wy another that doesn't sun like dn it's good for her legal case.. >> well that's the problem. pbl like you said, one way or another, she lied. lie so now people have to go ande to figure out did she lie the firsr time or is she league now? and so this going to be really tougu case for either way, you know, i don't, o see this going away any timengw soon and dr. luke is now not n n holding back at all.t all he's been firing away on twitter going after her and i see this t just being really nasty between the two of them and it sounds sd like kesha is kind
9:47 am
lot of money on lawyer fees andd court and all of that, and she's starting to kind of go broke honestly.nest >> taylor swift obviously earlier in the week gave $250,000.00. >> others trying help out.ers >> kesha released a tweet on tet tuesday thanking her fans for f all of this as well. w people can follow her this story will keep developingv that moving on rob kardashian whh apparently has a new house butou it's still pretty close tolo t everybody else.ybody . right? >> i love this. kardashians, they have really taken over the oaks in fancy f neighborhood but you got to realize khloe lives there, courtney lives in there, kiley,, lamar just moved into there because khloe has him moved dowd the street and now rob n kardashian has a home in this an area it's not like a huge gatedd i mean there's hundreds of hom homes, but when walking throughg the streets you'll bound to seeu a kardashian or jenner out the there. but basically it seems like thet family trust bought him this $2 million
9:48 am
it's beautiful.utif. it's got four bedrooms.s. >> why? >> a pool outside. it seems, though, that maybet me chris went in there bought himt this home to get him out ofimut black china' house.ou seems like the family really rll real he will did he say spices i black chain inform wants him too be living by himself. hlf but i don't think that'sn't thik happening any time soon. tanme s rob made it pretty clear onn instagram this morning he wasor choosing black china over the ce family.fa he's calling himself an orphan h now.w >> i'm cop fused by one personus needs a four bedroom over $2 million home. >> that's just the where did hed live. live. >> i don't understand it.and it >> dax, did you cut deals with every neighbor in thateighbor it development right now that seems like a gold mine of informationa >> no kidding, right? well, it's just you know when you're living out here the oaks is her basically owned by the carryings. >> that's crazy.>> >> one more has moved in. e >> the good news rob has losts lot of weight recently some gooo coming out of that and maybend m being close to mom will helpel there.the. real quick we heard kanye whenyn
9:49 am
he was on saturday night live talking about where you can get his new album apparently you can only get it in certain places and now he's helping out one of his fellow rappers. >> yes. tow tidal is werh cerepi hefe exclusively released this albumb only place you can download itol which is, you know, the new venture that jay-z has out there of the the music platform and it has done really well for tidal. doubled actually more than doubled their subscribers.ei they went from about a million subscribers to 2.5 millionon subscribers brought inbrou i $15 million in revenue to thehe and that is a big deal. dea i got to think jay-z is veryser happy with this. t and, yes, it's good for problem is, there's always lot'y of people pirating this album because they don't want to sign up for so it's kind of like good ford r tidal and bad at the same time. >> yeah, also in the article yon do mention there might be a official copy coming soon. copy. we got to let you go, dax. g d appreciate you coming on the co show today and thank you so y s much. we'll see you neck week. tmz airs weekdays at 3:00 and:0 6:30 right here on fox5.5. >> we'll send it back over to uu
9:50 am
>> i like the miss very fag forward. >> let me tell you about that. t 5:00 a.m. at my house thisse t morning i couldn't see what wast going on i grab the wrong jack jacket. >> kev the tie puts it altogether. >> if you didn't say anythingdnt nobody would know.dy wou >> the pants are shiny theants jacket is not.cket >> fag forward. i like it. >> it's not fashion forward.not >> own it, kevin. kev own it.n >> you can pull it off, kev. >> you're wearing black andarin blue, too. >> own it kevin.>> own i own it. >> we'll take a picture.. >> coming up oscar glory. g we are just days away from hollywood's big night.bight but next we'll show you why why winning an academy award doesn'e always mean a successful career. ♪ >> come on, kev., kev. we'll get a picture.. >> we'll be rocking black andock blue. my pants are shiny. >> huh! >> i can be in the black and blue picture. >> black shoes, blue.
9:51 am
what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch?
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♪ ha> we're having so much fun. >> aren't we having a good timed today. >> we are. >> we're just four hours away from this year's -- how many days.ys. >> away -- away >> four days away from thists year's oscars. oscs >> forget about the best films. we are doing
9:54 am
keep it here.. how would you -- how about whoho would get the golden statue whew it comes to best and worse w careers after winning an oscar?c >> that's it right there.s it rt writer for the website 8 looked at all the best actor and actor winners since 1970.97 he considers things such as how many movies they made before ane after winning, and how welll those movies then perform. perrm here's what he came up with. after forest whitaker the most s notable of the mail winners onne average he made a film every three months since winning an wg oscar in 2006. >> reading a line. lin >> i don't know. name them. any way compare that to art carney --rney >> he was on the tip of youryou tongue. ng >> following his 1974 win went4t more than five years betweenbe >> okay. >> wayne.ay. can we not get a better picturee of art carney. car >> it's art. >> okay.>> oy. turning to the
9:55 am
actress kate blanchett has maded a movie every three months sipss her win back in 2013. meanwhile, the least productive actress honor actually goes to e katharine hepburn who, get this, 366 months between films after her 1981 win.1 >> but she's a classic.lass she does what she wants to do. d and still has -- h >> that's right. >> right. >> when it comes to post oscar c movie success acts such as paul newman, philip seymour half mana denzel washington, kate blanchett, mary little streepit they starred in films scoringms 50% or higher on the view website rotten tomatoes if yous combine the post oscar movie m suck sense the number of movies made actor tom hanks actually aa comes out on top.. hangs starred in 16 films rated at 90% or above after winning wg back to back oscars. and for the ladies kate kat blanchett is the winner. the wr also of note italian actor
9:56 am
particularly going average of 43 months aftet his 1998 win and for the women marley matlin went about 45bo 4 months.nt >> what did we learn in this is study. >> metro is number one. (laughter).ghte >> number one.. >> rgiii is no longer going tone be with the redskins.e rsk >> that's exactly right.hat's ei that's what i got out ofgh study >> there was a curse about theaa best supporting actor like cubaa gooding wouldn't it, lou gossos sick, then you just never really -- heard from them again. >> right.>> rig. >> so i don't know.>> there is such a thing as occu sc i think out there.. >> my money would have gone onve tom hanks if you would haved hav asked -- >> not only did he continue tonu make movies he made good moviesv was the thing. t >> still ahead at 10:00 o'clock coming up on the 10a generation so lazy they're destroyingesoy breakfast as we know it.know it. we'll tell you how they are howe committing that party foul plusl breaking news from facebook.aceo new options available now besides -- i'm so confused where to look right now. lrigh >> look ahead. >> new options besides justes j we'l
9:57 am
coming up but first -- ♪ >> it's coffee time right hereih on were day d.c. that's why i'mi standing up. u if you've been eyeing our cooloo good day mug listen up.isten we now have a new good day d.c.d dunkin' donuts mug to give awaya the perfect cup for that great g dunkin' donuts coffee. cof so head to or our facebook page at w d.c. to dt enter our mug contest. cte one lucky winner will bee selected by random drawing butwb hurry you only have from nowly m until 11 a.m. to enter.. time now 9:57. 9 back in a moment. ♪
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>> a wild weather d
10:01 am
>> tucker is following the linee of severe storms that could besr dangerous for some.ngers fo live updates throughout the 10a. >> celebrity dish beyonce' boycott gross, celine returnset and did you see britney in that bikini?ni >> american idol season nine and live in the loft lee dewyze weee talk the end of idol new music m and yes, he will perform.errm >> ladies, we have the fashionee finds you need to buy now whilew you still can. c >> let's do this.eto th the 10a starts now. ♪ >> kilt music. kill the music.ll tusic >> life music. mus -- there it is. >> aww. >> look it's american idol winner lee dewyze in the loft. >> yay! >> dewyze unplugged. >> there it is.>> >> good way to start the 10a.0a >> sounding so good. we'll chat with lee.hee he'll perform for us, too. >> step out and let's walk together.tother. >> allison let me escort you tom the couch. come on holly we needing to thi way.
10:02 am
let me see ladies.t me i'm sick, wis, don't grab thishi hasn't. now you got the cooties.ties. >> i got good genes.ood g i'm not worried about it.d abo m we're missing the thirdre charlie angel she's on locationt on assignment. assignm thank you so much.than >> maureen is not here today tod because she is headed to the bib >> yes. >> excited for her.edor h that's great.atreat. >> holly i know you know your kr way to the couch. allison --li >> everybody needs a littlebodyn help. >> he tried to trip me. (laughter).(laugh >> listen maureen is gettingurei ready to one-on-one with taraji p. henson cookie herself.erself >> very cool.. >> yes. obviously this is all leading u to empire coming back which isii about march 30th i believe i b here on on >> yes. >> and so we're excited.ed excited for maureen and i'men a excited to hear what howard'sow own cookie has to say. >> if you have any questions you would like maureen to ask tarajr tweet us.t us. something that you reallying th answered about her, her time ine d.c., her time on the show,s? ? so smollett is in d.c. today, ty too. too. >> right. >> very exciting. v a little empireer taking over tt nation's cap to.'s c t >> his sister was here a coupleu days ago.ys >> with us.
10:03 am
ground.nd. >> yeah. cool. >> very cool. >> all righty.>> first at 10:00 a.m. it is already warm, it's wet out there, i broke that up now up n severe weather is making its waw towards d.c. region.n for dough tales tucker is back c with a first check of theck o forecast. fo tuck, good morning.. >> allison, lots happening inpei the weather world today.he not so warm yet but we think t later today our daytime highsigs will top out well into the uppep 50s and low 60s maybe even somee mid 60s around here temporarilyy the big risk for thunderstormsnt arrives this afternoon.on. there's your headline more rainn and thunder and again lastgain l couple of weeks we've beene've e talking about winter weatherer today we're talking spring likeg weather with rain showers andwea potential for gusty winds alongo with our thunderstorm activity t and potentially heavy rain andnd there's your satellite/radar. raining lightly all night kindhn of off and on spritzing andrig d drizzling and feel very overcass and cool out there withol o the temperatures right now in theesn 40s. we think we'll pop the warmer temperatures in here by earlyary afternoon and we'll get a big surge so even though even though temp
10:04 am
40s again we're looking upper 50s and even some 60s around aun here before our cold frontolfr arrives. all right.all ght very very powerful area of lowfw pressure out to west causingesag lots of problem in the past 24 hours. you talk about the tornadoes ana wind damage across the deeps thd south during the late afternoon yesterday.y. we potentially have that risk is our area later tod i think the thunderstorm risk r certainly right that was thet t washington, d.c. area and then,h as you get further south andth east the risk of tornado activity into southeast virginir and north carolina later today.t all right.. flood watch, yeah, potential foi another inch plus of rainf rai unfortunately it look like theeo heaviest of the rain will get in here later this afternoon.eron right during the rush hour. so maybe three, four, 5:00 o'clock we'll take look at that line of thunderstormserstms coming up but be ready for the t potential for strongtr thunderstorms this afternoontors again between three, six,ee, 7:00 o'clock tonight, and focus on that in just a couple ofouplo minutes. all right, guys, i'm done. guys, back to you.yo see in you a few minutes.inutes >> tough day for commuters.te early commute with the accidentt and light commute with the
10:05 am
let's check what's trending.eckt first up t'shis morning speaking of the commute d.c. metro namerm the best in the country.. beating other big stories like new york and chicago and san francisco.ncisc according to the website smart assets a new york based financial tech company,pany washington's metro system wastew the top in the country out one arthritic cities.itie firm crunched census bureau datd on the use of public transportation were of of everye city with a pop laying of 175,000 people.000 peo it does not focus on the accidents, it does not focus onc other issues surrounding threata metro just the numbers.s. a lot of it is commuting timemug that was put into this.ut int here's your top five.e. d.c., san francisco, boston,ton, chicago and new york city.kit here's the criteria. the average commute time formuie transit users. percentage difference betweenife average commute times of car of commuters and transit users.. >> yup. >> percentage of commuters whoef use public transportation.. total number of commuters whomuw use public transit and the difference between citywide cyw median incom
10:06 am
of transit users. >> now one thing they did not take into account aside from tho crime it did take it intot account we didn't do well theidt cost of riding metro.. d.c. metro ridership monthlyly pass or monthly average one ofge the highest in the country. couy >> really didn't take intot tak account all the things peoplel are concerned about?thabout? >> right. >> the things that would keeps you off the drain.ththe dr >> right.>> right. >> okay. >> well, but you know whatw w compared to some of the othermeh ones chicago and new york, metro is clean.clean. >> it is >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it is.i >> it doesn't have that odor. o >> it has the framework to be be great. >> frequent riders would like te see it stack up against howp aih often do the trapes break down t in other cities?ra how often at there delays in other citieser c that wasn't take into account. >> okay. all right. also this morning if you don't d take metro chances are drive. di are you among the millions of of distracted drivers hitting the roads? new research findsrch fi two-thirds of all crashesllrashs involve some type of distract.t that accounts for drivers rang ranging in ages from 16 to 90. 9 no surprise here the
10:07 am
dangerous distractions come from cell phones.hos. increases the chance of the accident by four times. tes other distractions include reading, writing, reaching for something and using touchouch screens on your dashboard.ashboa how about this? we are distracted by something for hall of the time that we're behind bh the wheel. >> wow! >> half the time.>> >> that's scary. even h thinking of thing.fhing i find myself what do i have to do today? today >> and don't let children be ini the going at it.g att. >> reaching back. reachba >> yeah. all right.. >> surprise we're not distractet more. >> i know. that's a low number. a num >> yeah.>>eah. >> speaking of distractions, today's teenagers and children are steeped into the internet,ei social media, selfies, texts nes book out there called american i girl social median the secrethee lives of teenagers.gers it says your teenaged girl coul be and that their device oric o consuming media like even likve watching television for up to fp nine to 11 hours a day. d and sending 100 techs betweenen waking up and going to
10:08 am
the author nancy jo sales saysls this is really an unprecedentedd change in the lives of ourf teenagers.. she stresses it's important fora parents to know what their kidsk are doing and also know whatnoww source of apps are out there and what goes on on those apps.s. so according to sales, theal, author, the first step for ste r parents is just have at hav conversation and talk about social media with their but i got to tell you something, having -- you talking aboutalkia distractions. this would take up your entire day. at some point, you know, you keep drilling the message home,e girls n my house, be careful.. this never goes away. this will foul.l. something you think is privatere between a girl or even a guy guy that you know, it's not private. but it's very frightening. frigg >> i got to be honest.ot tbe h it's very scary. scary >> hard message to sell to theet young people.young >> it really is.>> >> they don't see the big theig picture.ct >> the culture.>> the this is what everybody is doingy >> we have to keep pushing. >> yeah. >> keep telling >> you're right.p >> sticking with social media,gi so much of it is about liking ln
10:09 am
show your approval for differenf things.thgs facebook originated the like bue this morning the social giant is letting you express yourself inf many more ways. ws. introducing facebook's newew reaction emojis.jis check it out. o there's the standard like thumbu up. up. but also a heart for love and laughing face for ha, ha wide we open mouth face for wow. tear drop for sad and a scowlndl face for angry.. this change comes after facebook users for years have asked forsf something more than just like. l so there you go.reou g they got it now.they got it now do you have to download the moss recent version of facebook onfak iphone or and droid to get theet new emojis. >> is that a buzz kill, holdly.l >> whatever the neck update is.. >> i'll wait for the next upda update. >> it's not worth the wholertthl >> i wouldn't take the extrat step.ep. >> no.>> not doing it. okay.. i'll just keep liking. next up another thingther t millennials have ruined, breakfast.kf >> what? >> according to new survey 40%0% of
10:10 am
inconvenient because they wouldc have to clean up after eatingin it. >> yeah, you might spill the milk. >> the horror.>>he h the cereal tree is struggling il the past 15 years sales have tumbled almost 30% and that'sha because lost people don't eatat breakfast at home an lot off millennials don't eat it becausc of cleanup. really? seems people want everything to be just convenie convenient. >> i can kind of see that but is don't buy that because cerealer has gotten so expensive. >> really has. >> that's true.hat's ue. >> unless you have a love for ar certain type, there are far more affordable >> what do young people eatat then? >> i consider cereal to be the easy breakfast. you know what i mean, oh, my gosh -- >> cereal not only is it expens suv but it doesn't fill you up.. like 30 seconds after you're a done with a bowl of cereal cer you're like okay he >> not if you're buy tricks ors apple jax.ap you got to buy heaters drear d ya'll. >> granola. g >> that's even more expensive ti eat a portion so much smalleruca than you think you're eating.'rt
10:11 am
>> phil the bowl to the top. >> if you need another proof of laziness check out this netflix survey.ey sometimes when you're browsingre for a good movie it feels likeek you've been searching forever,or right new study calculatedted people only spend 60 to 90 t seconds browsing before they get so fed up they just quit.t qui >> that's hilarious.laous >> that's a long time.lo tim 90 seconds to be clicking. click >> all right.ight. >> i would give up, too.up, t. >> millennial in an older man's body. body this is a big deal to thes company though.a the more eyes on their streaminr service the more money they makk so netflix is actually workingor to make the recommendationecommd system better.stem bter >> my issue is i feel like i can stop here because there's soause many other options.ions i see good, whatever, i got to t make sure that i'm not missingis some other epic thing on netflix or hulu or apple. >> when i go through three orhre four pages i'm done. i'll get something else to do. o >> when you get ready to buyt ry stuff put it in a cart. c >> that's good idea.hat's idea. >> look at you. >> i'll patent that before they steal that idea.stea
10:12 am
>> developers have it done.s hae >> i'm still poor and sittinglln here.he. >> no cereal for you.. >> work on my friend.ork on my r >> still ahead on the ie10aheade american idol winner lee dewyzez is here us a saw at the top ofhe the hour. we'll be talking about the end e of idol.of idol. this is the last season, but itt is definitely not the end of end him. he has brand new album out he ot will perform for us coming up.ou very cool. c >> very excited about that.teout first, though the beyonce' boycott.t. kesha breaks her silence on instagram, and oops, britney hah done it good day celebrity dish coming n up next. up ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ it is time for the good dayd celebrity dish.brit dish. first up we are going to startgo today's celeb britt dish with aa sad and emotional story. a tearful celine dion returned t to the stage last night after losing her husband renee' to cancer just last month. m she started her show with ait tribute to her late husband.nd audience greeted celine with aea standing ovation and roaringri applause as she belled out with one more look at you whilehi holding back tears. tears she told the audience she had rehearsed the song in her closet and had gone much better thanett that. but that no matter where renee'n was in life he was always withas her on
10:16 am
nothing will ever change that.. renee' was the love of her lifel and all protected her from therm more difficult parts of showtsfs business. >> so much talent. talen >> touching moment right there.t >> that's sad.>> sad touching mom we also have update on kesha's story.y. we kept you updated on her legal battle with sony and the and celebrity support she's receivee after a judge denied her requesq for temporary injunctionunctn releasing her from her contract. and now, the singer has finallyn broken her silence. she posted a photo of herselfer and thanked her fans for fan supporting her.supporng h she captioned photo saying, her face is swollen from tears andle she loves her fans. f she also said a larger statemene is forthcoming. >> unfortunately i don't thinkta that story is over.toryover >> here's another update foror you. raleigh north carolina policenoa union will not boycott beyonce''s upcoming concert in response to her super bowl halfw time act. ti new video. video but unions in miami, tampa and
10:17 am
officers to boycott her music oo urging them not to volunteer tor work at her show because the act and her video contain what theyh are calling anti police messag messages. now beyonce' is considered to be obviously one of the biggesty oe female touring acts in the worl and despite the talk of police protests, she's already made a upwards of $100 million onio o ticket she's on one of the hottesttest tours of 2016 much that's not t' all. sources say after she wraps herh formation tour, beyonce' will finalize a worldwide tour and a joint album with husband jay-z. >> maybe she can come to dc th then. >> um-hmm. >> baltimore is the closesttimo spot. >> that's the closest. i think it's baltimore. >> maybe we can get her in theca loft.ft (laughter).gh >> that would be great. wanted to us chuckle for minute. >> exactly.>> exa >> it's chrissy tee began versuu us magazine model not happy witw the headline celebrity weekly we chose after an interview she did with them
10:18 am
us magazine chose the headline chrissy tee began we're hiring n night nurse for baby.or b the super model tweeted so i'm nice enough to choose to stope s and talk to you guys and you you used the last of my manyan questions as your headline? porter who interviewed her her jumped and responded say he h asked three questions and all ol it is in the article. this feels like misplaced anger. that led to more back and forthh between the two and ultimatelyll the reporter was fired.ed >> what? >> by the magazine.e magazine. >> are you kidding me? >> anger seems couldn't did he zenning that irritates me.tate m misplaced anger.nger >> i also think it's a little -- >> the reporter asked questions. >> he reports the >> and then she doesn't like how they come out -- - >> not typically reporter thatoe chooses the cover or thee coveot headlines.headline >> right. >> somebody else from theomeb magazine did that and thene reporter gets d fired. >> gets fired? there may bed?e more to that. that. because that just doesn't -- dot >> i think the reporter is thenr fall guy
10:19 am
want to lose its relationshipel with the really big star of a ii didn't feel. and john legend and all theirher friends. fr they're obviously very connect.. >> the person who pick the headline should get to ask if ta that's the case. >> like steve always tells me dm not engage.noenga >> you're right.. >> probably listen as well as allison listens to mean engagesg >> she gives i was chuckle ste steve. >> let's talk about britney t spearsal britney's forth studioo album came out decade ago but the singer has not forget 101 of its lesser known tracks breatheb on me. yesterday decided there's nohers time like the singer up load add short video fort song to her instagram page cappinged the video in partn p girls just want to have fun. han and joy. >> she looks amazing.. >> tattoo on her left leg? t leg that's a tattoo, right. r >> that's not her leg. >> there is one on her log. is i was looking at her --er >> on her -- right thigh. thigh >> she's 40 years old.'syear >> not quiet
10:20 am
>> her right oblique if you wiwl will. >> underneath her ribcage.ribcag right.right. >> wow! >> all right. >> good for you britt. look good. >> finally, we are just days das away from the premier of fullerr house but reviewers already a ripping it to shreds.ohreds. the half hour comedy reboot ofet hit '90's show full house variety label the sitcom as sell obsessed. review by rider at the associated press fuller houseulr may please fans but no one else and there are plenty of harsher -- who else did theye dd make it for? to you had to pick between the critics and fans i think they'll be competing withi house of cards.ds one writer said the reboot isd o like a porn parody without the porn. >> so it's a parody.arod hollywood reporters daniel dan feinberg didn't hold back.dac he said it's doubtful there wile be a more painful tv episodede than fuller house's pilot. starting friday author episodesi will be available for streamingg on netflix.
10:21 am
>> kind of like watching the show is kind of like watchingatn porn without the porn. >> yeah.>> >> so why? >> okay.>> oy. (laughter). >> you didn't say that outloud. i'm just kidding.. >> john stamos always looks go good. >> and allow yourself 60 to 90 seconds to fine it on >> you should put it in a cartn but that's not available yet. a put it in the cart and come back and get it. >> they develop it in the time t you gave them the idea.the idea. >> right. >> thanks, guys.ha still ahead those winter fashioi finds you should buy right now.g one of our fox5 fashionistasonis here with the inside >> also tucker is keeping an eyn on what's happening outside. o storms headed our way.our w. yes, the white house and other places and some could be prettyy severe. his live update coming up next.x it's 10:21.0: ♪ ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ all right. want to give you weather updatea there's live shot of the us capc tom you can see we're plowed ini fog and low clouds, drizzle outo there. light rain at this hour. a we're still focused on this afternoon with potential for ann area of strong thunderstorms tos develop up ahead of our next frontal system as we've got a very very strong area of lowaf l pressure off to our south andthd west this morning.g. there's your satellite/ you can see light rainel showerr activity notice the movement mom south to north and that persistence along with the warmw front we think we'll see a a pretty quick warm up b
10:25 am
afternoon and with temperaturess right now in the low to mid 40s4 we eventually think that daytimi highs will be in the upper 50s s and low 60s around here.e so a quick warmup and that set the stage with very unstable unl atmosphere fort potential forti strong thunderstorms a littleert later this afternoon much there's bigger picture look at t the snow on the back side of itf all right a hid history of producing tornadoes and damaging winds across the deep southee su yesterday afternoon as we getoog into the afternoon hours withonh that warm unstable air in placep we have the potential to pop thunderstorm activity aivity particularly dc and south.c ansu south and east is where it lookk like the worst of this system se will be as the air and the jet will be most fave rabble forbler development of severelopm thunderstorm. all right. here's future cast.uturst. again, going to be rainingbe rai today. bring your umbrella.yo never going to get out of theett crowds clouds and rain showers. there we are at 1:00 o'clock,t : and watch future cast developas that thunderstorm activity byctb five or six tonight. as we could possibly see somee pretty good rains around here ii time for that evening rush houru as well. wel s
10:26 am
to you as well.s we can see heavy downpours latet this afternoon, and it will bewb right in time for our evening rush hour as we have potential for another inch plus of rainai later this afternoon early thist evening.evenin good news well get it out of o late tonight. we will be windy tomorrow.omro we'll get right back in the bin sunshine.sunshi get a chance to dry thing out severe storm potential out later this evening. eveng this put out by the stormtorm predict center in normanorma oklahoma.ho warranted slight risk for severv thunderstorm activity and you y can see just to the south andou east end hasn'ted risk, moderate risk across the carolinas andas the concern here not only severe thunderstorms as you get furthef south and east the potential for tornadoes later this afternoon.n so do keep a close eye on the o forecast.cast both gary and myself will bewi tweeting all day and of coursefs sue and caitlyn and mike wille l have the latest for you at you a 5:00 o'clock if we have severeer thunderstorms develop.v there's your seven day forecasty gel it out of here tonight.onigt right back in the sunshine tomorrow. good looking weekend to look w forward to. we got to keep our f
10:27 am
crossed we get through thiset afternoon t without too manyhout problems. all right, guys, that's a g weather updateuy from downstaira toss it back up to you.o >> thanks tuck. appreciate it. still ahead on good day we haveh an idol in the an idol winner in our midst. lee dewyze in the house.e hou we are excited to hear him perform.m. that's coming up right after thr break. you are watching by the way the number one good day at 10a. >> right.>> >> we'll be right back. b e ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> in you next guest is a singet song rider and american g idol champion.pion lee dewyze took the reality shoo crowd back in season -- crownro back in season nine and sincende then he's released three albumsb toward the nation and he's nowen back on the road in support of t his brand new album oil and water which hits store shelveste earlier this month.thonth tonight, he is performing ain special show in fifty two then n virginia jamming java first he'h here in the loft to perform thet title track from the new album.b please welcome, lee dewyze! ♪ >> ♪ kiss me good night
10:31 am
i'll be gone in the morning light. i just want to tell you that i need you one more time ♪ >> ♪ every time a taxi comes ios second guess myself, my lifey becomes got to separate what i want and what needs to be donee ♪ >> ♪ so won't you kiss me good night 'cause i'll be gone in the morning light, i just want to tell you that i need you one more time ♪ >> ♪ love me one more time >> ♪ kiss me good night becausec i'll be gone in the morningning light. i just want to tell you now, i i need you one more time
10:32 am
>> ♪ every time a song goes g down i'll wrap my arms aroundsr you like oil and water, like oil and water, yeah, kiss me goodoo night 'cause i'll be gone in the morning light, i just want to tell you that i love you one you more time ♪ >> ♪ so please don't forget 'cause -- like oil and water, wt like oil and water ♪ >> ♪ kiss me good night and i'll be gone in the morningning light, i just want to tell you i need you one more time so let me
10:33 am
>> ♪ oh, love me one more time ♪ >> ♪ our love like oil andike o water ♪ (applause). >> all right.ight lee, thank you so much. >> we love having you here. y h >> good to be here. be re. >> we'll come over here and sith down. >> let's talk. letal >> let's chat.'s c let's have a fireside chat.. >> yes, we shall.ha >> so this is your sixth albumia that's out. >> technically, i guess it is. it's been a long time, um, thata i've been doing music and mic playing songs and writing songsn and all of that, and, you know,k this is the one, though. tho i mean -- mn >> you think. >> yeah. for everything in life there's a process and things you gongs you through to get to a certain ta c point i feel like through myroug career it's always been, you bey know, about the song writing for me. i've always considered myself a song writer. i'm a song writer
10:34 am
american idol not an americann e idol that became a song writer.i >> a lot of people may note mayn realize you had put out two amwa bums with your band before youyr even entered idol. >> i was playing out and doing d all sorts of stuff.sorts of s what american idol did for me at the end of day i did it becausee i love music. mic it allowed me to get in front on a large audience all at it was an awesome experience.xpe >> gave i was fan base.wafan >> of course.e. but since then, you know, it's really -- it's really on me, yo, know, that's not the way i wantt to ride the rest of my life obviously, and so for --- >> you want american idol to ben one of things you've done.e >> yeah. i try to look at it like youyo know, song writing is my hat rack and american idol is one oe the prettier hats on it.ts on i so for me, it's really about,bo, um, you know, demonstrating whog i am as an artist as a personer through my music, and since thet we've been able to do so many m different things from writing to other artists.rtts writing songs for tv shows likel the walking dead or whatever, we but all of that stuff all equalu something and for me it's this record. and i
10:35 am
my engineer even wrote all of the songs and i just reallytea proud of it because i feel like if someone to say what lee deetl wise about i would play them pla this record.thecord >> that's awesome. a >> yeah. >> you have been a part, thougha forever be a part of this phenomenon called american idol. >> totally.>> totally >> and it's coming to an end.. >> yeah. >> which is kind of because it seems like it's always been there. >> yeah.>> >> the last 15 seasons ort 15 s whatever.. >> what's going to be your rolel in the final season this year? >> um, well right now obviouslyv i'm on tour. i'm promoting a record but, youo know, i was on earlier this season as a judge in the earlyar rounds which was fun. f getting to go back and see everybody was awesome awesome experience. i had a really good time doing that but you know with things tg like idol and the finale thingsi change so quickly but, you knowk if they invite me back to b perform like i will be back.e b i mean, if they invite me back c to perform i will be. >> you'll there be. b
10:36 am
>> do you stay in contact with w some of the people that you wenw through idolen with? wit >> yeah. i mean it's really hard to not.l yomean it's like, you know, ily mean, listen not everybody,, right? it's not a show whereho you go to become friends with everybody. >> you go to beat everybody.t ev >> but do you formorm relationships, right? so thereh are people i still talk to a l lot. you know i guess you can say bun everyone has got their ownhe career and i think that's one of big misconceptions abouts a american idol.american i i feel people see these kids,sed right i was a kid. k they say, wow, you know, they'rt all the same.he sam they're all up there and allnd a have the same career path and dd the same thing.e but really when you kind of digf deeper everyone is a different artist m people they're songey's writers, singers, they do sorsh many different thing that's thet beauty of why the show was sow w special in the beginning it wasi about the individuality of allna the artists and the contestants. i think that point out there'she so many different owl let's foro voting and twlv shows it's likek they're the trail blazers andlaa they s
10:37 am
think it will ever really beer b >> okay. so can we get perm for just a little time we have left.e >> definitely, let's get perm. p >> you got married 2012.2. >> yeah.>>ea >> wedded bliss? >> of course. my wife janna and i -- we were happily married. she's an actress.. she's on -- she's on a tv show s right now.ght now. she's doing her thing. thing you know, she's -- ion tour. it's like you know one of those things where -- >> it's an entertainment showmes business type marriage.e >> it is but it's we're suchre s home bodies that it's like --ik- >> luxury to be >> yeah.>>eah >> we'd rather be home watchingb a movie than, you know -- >> netflix i got it.ot >> doing the la thing. >> english bulldog capone.og can >> no new york city new yorkw city new york city.yo i'm sorry. >> i have tya n golden retriever that was incorrect.. there's lot of stuff oh itt there. a lot of stuff out there. tre that was one myth --yt-- >> yes.>>es. we corrected.rect. >> debunked a myth. >> do you love to play scrabblel i heard that.t >> i do
10:38 am
>> we'll catch up and play. catn >> this is the biggest one ihegt really want to know.really wantk do you actually have a tattoo of a michelle silverstein on your arm. >> i do. >> >> the giving tree. >> i don't think i can show you. >> it's the guitar that playshap itself. so it's a -- >> sidewalk inn.nn >> scrabble. we're there. >> tonight you're doing jammingi java one of your favoriteavorit venues. >> i love being here. l i love playing this venues muchh it's one of those venues you gog to go to it to experience and ii will ab good crowd.will ab go it will be i'm playing all the new music. and i'll be saying hi to peopleo out l come on out, have a good time. time >> you have a great vibe about you thank you very much. >> hey, thanks for having me. fn >> for playing. you have a standing april havepe you takes to come to the lofttot any time you're in >> i'll take you up on that. t >> very good. veryoo >> ask him about the album cov cover. what's the -- what is thehe feeling
10:39 am
>> ironically album name is oils and water and so i ende ended k working with my team of peopleel including one of my best friends andrew and we found this artistt and we loved his -- we loved the guy's artwork.. so we basically look at some ofe the his stuff and we went inn contact with him and he's inn lymph wane in a his name is jed today ame in prank fifty seven.n i'm definitely saying it wrong.. (laughter). >> we've actually never spoken.. it was through e-mail. e-ml language barrier but it wasut i awesome.awome. and so i'm working on in the the daytime he's working on it in oi the nighttime.htme i wake up to how is this? coolo let's change this. thi it was just really cool thing wg had going on.oi at the end of the day, all the,e elements of the songs are on the cover from --r fro >> that's cool.>> >> from my wife and the names oo the songs and the things that tt are important to me.e iman all these things are -- all the record titles are incorporated in there and --nd >> real meaning. >> even my golden retriever.olde
10:40 am
>> very cool.ool >> lee, good to have you here.oh real quick if you can tour with other american idol winner on on contestant who would it be? (laughter).r). >> we'll let him pause and think on that. >> we'll find out neck week. >> fair enough. eo >> thanks, >> thanks, holly. >> tonight jamming java.mingav still ahead at 10:00 did someonm say shopping? fox5 fashionistas is here to show us the hot winter finds we should buy now y because they'll still be inilbe style next winter. we will be right back. tam pam lee is here. her
10:41 am
10:42 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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♪ it's unfair when i hear thatr t song, i feel like i needed to something. but i won't do it right now. the weather starting to warw up a little bit so let's putet p winter behind us and talk nextet winter.winter. so what trends will stick arounc want colors will be hot.. what trends should we kick to k the curb joining us with the inside scoop stylist end owner of hush boutique our friend tama lee.le >> what's going on, tam.s goino >> good morning everybody.d morn you know fashion week justg hiou ended.d. >> okay. >> i had the pleasure to attend fashion week new york fax week.. >> cool. >> it was amazing. my gosh. i got a sneak peek what we'llte' see next fall and winter. 2016 and 17. 1 i'll show you guys some of these colors that are going to be ingo
10:44 am
so before you start stashinging away, you know, for spring, youu know, what the keep kind ofp kio clothes and some of the things to push all the way to the backb >> do you get rid of stuff evere season for you? y? >> i purge. pur >> you do. >> i purge.>> i purge >> i shall do that.>> purging is good. i good. >> yeah. >> i just don't know -- i feeltn like that's a classic. classic that's classic.lass but this is really going to beag hot. tell us about it.tell uabout >> absolutely. absolutely. okay. so the color palate for next fall and winter was inn sparreda by tranquility.uili. so the blues are going to take over.over. >> okay. >> next fall and winter so youty guys keep those blues up frontpf in your closet. >> what shades. there are 20 shades of blue. >> it's new color calledor c riverside.rive which is a soft blue but you'lly see all shades of blue.flu you're going to see a loft earte tones a lot of olives in one bib color is really going to be gr gray. >> okay. gray will take over too. >> seems tow drab. >> i think. everything is -- it'sng tranquility.y. everything is going into mono io crow lat mat tick looks so youos got your grays. so this is in right now. n right now
10:45 am
on. you guys pick up some of yourou grays because that's going to b' hot. >> how do you wear this tam.s >> you wear this with all blackl under it. i or do white up under it. long sleeved t and put a pair oo leggings on us.n you can get this on my website hour love the grays are going to be hot.nt the blues are going to be also always going to have a ta splash of your colors i know for you guys who love colors don'tod you afraid.d the mustard is going to be hot next fall.all. so anything that you have inintt your closet that's mustard you see up on the screen. >> cute.>> cute >> oh, yeah.>> oh,eah. >> yeah. mustard will be in. bn >> but what's really, v spicy mustard. >> it's spicy mustard they tript me out about these colors.olor the way they name the colors.. roo invent them. tm. so mono crow mat tick looks will be really r and that's, you know, you gotout your -- where you do your thinri color at the top and the bottom. >> cute.>> ce >> wide legs i >> cute.>> cut >> totally in. high wasted
10:46 am
>> yeah. >> yea >> all right. i pick this up. these are nice -- nice -- >> >> you'll see a lot of widel legs, next season you'll see a lot oft wide legs.deegs. that will be really reallylly important. some of the trends that are tre going to be in and out i knoww you guys for all of you who lovl the fringe it's going to slowly, slowly fade away.. isn't okay. ok so you're not going to see the big even though this is reallysa really cute.ut >> it is cute.>> >> i wear this up under ap und blazer, too.blazer, too. >> yes. >> yes. >> you're not going to see asgon much fringe next season.son. >> um-hmm. um- >> you want to push that all tha way back.k >> it will come back.. >> that's why we should keep it >> fashion just repeats itself.s >> right.>> rig >> most trends stay around for about two >> okay.>> okay. >> then they fade away they'll come back. don't get rid of it.t of just kind of push it back. b in the back of the closet.set >> i see all this the faux furs. is that staying.taying. >> that will stay. >> okay. >> i saw a lot of let leather or the runway.the ru i saw a lot of faux fur.x f one thing i did not see color blocking. we should to pair a totallyr aot different
10:47 am
i saw mormon know crow mat tickc looks all one color.ol kim kardashian look.oo >> what about the cut outs? wew see a lot of that. i love those dresses it gives ii was little shape inside yourhand dress.dr >> a lot of jump suits with cutu outside. outs it will be a lot of fun newf f n things before you stash you sta everything away for springg keep -- just keep in mind some of the hot colors that are cors coming in for next season soon that you can be ready. rea >> okay. okay. >> wait. one good trend everything isvery going to be maxi. so we'll do a lot of long skirtr next >> we are? >> i know. i k >> okay. >> i saw a lot of that on theot runw oay so i didn't really sees any mini skirts. ski >> right. >> everything is going to beis long. long coats like this. lik t >> okay. oka >> you, that's correct looksat's like the matrix. matrix. (laughter). >> i like it. >> you're going to see a lot oft long coats.long you're definitely going to see a lot of long coats, a lot of long dresses, so get ready. ready >> what's the hot color forhot f spring? ri >> the hot color for springin neutral still. sti >> >> neutral. >> okay. if you guys want to follow mownt on intra gram boutique hus
10:48 am
boutique i'm talking all thingsg fag. i'll keep you in the know. >> yes, she will.he back to the couch. cch holly were you listening? it's' exciting. >> i know. i love love it love it as alwa always. >> yeah. 10:48.10:4 snl reunion right here in d.c. . kevin hits the red carpet with the star and producer of whisk whiskey, tango forks trot. that's coming up next. nex ♪ ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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♪ listen up. it's happening. the network is stretched thin.di all our talent is going people.o we need people to fill the voidv in afgha and you folks here are all the e unmarried child less personnelsr in this bureau.. >> for those of you who are youo behind the scenes there ares thr opportunities to be on camera. ki
10:52 am
in? >> travel or the crying?ing? (laughter).te. >> that's a clip from the newew movie whiskey, tango and fox trot. tina fey stars as a warar correspondent in afghanistan ang pakistan.pakistan. it's mini reunion for the saturday night line vet produceu by lauer run michaels and havesd it 10 by snl rock rider robert r carl lot. lot last night they hit the redhe r carpet for the d.c. premier.rem. kevin mccarthy was there and now he's here.heere. >> with my miss matched jacketic and pants. >> kevin -- -- >> fashion forward. >> i'm with you on that.'m wit we look like val lace at some se weird event film we do.t fi we sitting next to each other. >> you on exactly match.. you're wearing the black boots. we're all doing it.we'r >> here we go.o. >> we men to do it, kevin. remember?? >> exactly. exact >> last night i'm at the us navn memorial theater in d.c. phenomenal premier pmi vice-president joe biden made ad surprise appearance. john kerry was the it was a night
10:53 am
michaels head honcho of snl tinn fey, the writer robert carl lot it felt special to be there be extremely amazing nightht interviewing lauren michaels wal so special to me i always wantew to him questions about theionsbt process of s inform l.ess inf he's famous for not liking whenw actors break -- laugh during comedic 67.dic i think it's funny when thatny w happens it makes for a genuine i moment. i asked him why he doesn't likel i asked tina fey about thebout scenes she had to film some of them are action pack. p was it dangerous for her to forr shoot. check this out. >> my best friend.t fri i'll give you a hug if you werew to play this character on scter inform l stage how different would you approach it.apch i it would be more comedic were would you >> probably more drunk. more overtly drunk, yes.nk y >> i like that. likat. >> and a wig. w a funnier wig than the wig i'm m wearing right now. >> that's amazing wig.. >> bleep. obviously the story about they
10:54 am
that happened there and thepethr reportedly you actually had to l calm him -- go talk to him and try to come to try to come backc live. live o at do you say to him. d >> he had done a great performance during dress rehearsal.hel something that changed it was at very complicated setup.. somebody changed something and he thought it would throw offouw his performance. >> like the kanye whisperer.sper what do you say to him to calmto him down.himow what do you say.. >> he's in the same, you know,w he's a brilliant performer and you never know what it takes tot go out there and do it, yout, know, and so you don'td you underestimate it. and my job is to sort off appreciate what it takes to go t out there. (applause). >> reportedly you don't liketed when actors break on a show likk if they laugh in the show.he sho >> if it's honest --t -- >> yes. good i'm great with it. >> debbie downer episode withith lindsay lohan when they
10:55 am
broke.. why don't you like when the actors break. b somebody wrote it.medy wro were her it it's an easy way toa get the audience on your side. d if it's honest i'm great with it. if it's interest i'm less thansm happy about it. >> let me ask you this questiont you wouldn't let now i want to know the scenet te when you have to go to theouhe bathroom and you get out of thef car you have the camera, what's' actually happening onset, isnse there real gunfire, how does --e is that dangerous for you at a all?al >> i mean it's not as dangerouse but, yeah, you have to hit yourt mark and stuff because there'sst gunfire. there's blanks being fired, it'd very loud. ry lou there's real explosion.lo there's lot of heat and dustand from that explosion.xplo yeah, if you were a dumb dumb you can get hurt. but thankfully we were okay. >> the movie opens up on marc march 4th called whiskey tango fox trost. that episode of snl where jimmyy fallon and lindsay low manayow breaking the debbie downer i'llr post it on my facebook page it g was funny.
10:56 am
breaking all the time. all t >> still does. sll doe >> yeah. i get what lauren michaels ismih saying. sayi i think it's funny when theyit'f break. >> let me ask you real quick about this movie though they tug screened this for a lot ofhia lo network news women who gave tinv fey a lot of problems for being realistic in the character. is it a comedy or drama? >> or a crumb dee. a >> is it meant to be funny. mean >> i think it's moreny dramaticd than comedic. it's interestingly enough baseds on true story and the woman shee plays in the film her real namee is kim barring kerr and becausee they fictional arrived a lot ofl elements changed the name to t baker took the r out which ischi hilarious but they really had th do that because it was fictional arrived.rive >> somebody kim barker is saying --yi >> someone posted on my facebooo holly i don't think kiss wee tango fox trost is really what wtf stands for. >> i don't think so either. >> hash tag movie wtf the moviev of course they're going for thh that. >> creative. >> thanks kev. >> all righty. blue wednesday blue wednesday.
10:57 am
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live from new york city, it is "the wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no change. now, here's wendy! >> thank you for watching. we're going to have a great day here at


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