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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now off the top at 7 o'clock we have breakingck w news from the tornado aftermath. f four people are dead after aft severe storms moved through tou the commonwealth and we arewe ad live this morning in one ofni the hardest hit areas of >> and here locally the same sam system that brought heavy rain r and whipping winds to the d.c.ed region has left a mess this morning downed power lines and minor floodingoding impacting the morning rush and a we're live at the troublerole spots.ot >> it is going to be a betteret day for our regionegion weather-wise as we take a live v look outside on this thursday morning. nice sunny start to the day onay this february 25th.ruary 25th wind will be a factor but ther b rain is gon
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on the 5s at 7:05. 7 >> let's take you right to thea big story, though.big ory, you can see it right here. death and destruction innd southeast virginia.ut a live look fromhe the town ofno waverly as we begin right hereig at 7:00 a.m. at good morning, i'm allisonll seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s welcome to fox5 news morning.wsi right now virginia remainsem under a state of emergency.stat the national guard has beenal g called up. >> the the weather is being blamed for the deaths of fourord people in the commonwealth. state police say a plan in appomattox county was killed kle after a funnel cloudnel cl reportedly destroyed his home.em in essex county the storm injured 25 people and pple destroyed at least 15 homes.omes and in the tiny farming townng w of waverly a tornado is tordo believed to have touched downedd killing three the pe. >> that's where we find anniee n yu. she's there with the veryy latest for us this annie. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.d son. yeah, this is just devastation.statio virginia state police remaintare on scene. ne they actually set up a commandom center right up the road heree but as you enter the town ofow waverly this is what you're your greeted with right behind
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here. there's just destruction everywhere. we have homes that are -- thatrt have been taken down, multipleul agencies here.ere. there's so much damage andso flooding and we understandnderst tens of thousands of homes and businesses in this area are in e without power at this as you mentioned, this is a small farming area with aboutbo 2,000 people and you see as you drive up and down route r 460 there's branches trees knocked down. there's multiple structures that have been damaged and ween see some, you d know, homes that have been wiped clean even though the structure is standing.andi there's a laundromat here thatet is completely ripped apart and you see what's interesting iss the washing machines andhines an drivers are still standing. stan and then if you drive around aun you see some homes untouched,ch, some businesses untouched andese then across the street the businesses and structures are damaged.dama there are multiple roads thatler are closed right now along route 460. no word on when that willill reopen but that's due to d flooding and destruction. as you mentioned this storm stom did kill four people ine virgini
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appomattox county which isou about 90 miles from here.90 the three other victims were mhm found in this area. a we understand it was ad it 50-year-old man and a-yeaold 26-year-old man an an two-year-old.-o they were found 300 yards fromro their mobile home and i'mnd i'm being told on the scene heree that their mobile home is just beyond this white home herewhit closer to route 460.te 4 so, it's just a sad, sad situation out here.ou h last night first responderses went door to door to make sure r all residents are accounted acct for and according to stateste police, virginia state policee e there are no reports ofepor o missing persons at this timepe but whatrs remains still a mystery is reports of thatfha funnel cloud have not yet beenn confirm. the national weather service is supposed to be out hered conducting an investigation togi determine whether a tornadodo actually touched down. d one last thing i want toant mention is late last night l around 7:30 they enforced a curfew basically asking people o the stay off the roads, stay, s home so that they can get those first responders outrst sn here to help clean up.n up. that curfew remains in effect for now we're being to
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virginia state police.ol that's the very latest here in waverly. back to you in the studio.u >> annie thanks. thanks. devastation in northern a virginia.inia. downed power lines causing power attaches as well aswell as having an impact on the >> melanie alnwick is live inwin great falls with the latest. les mel, good >> reporter: good morning,ning, lost people here wondering wde when is it that the powerhat t p company is going get here. we're not faulting them. them. a lot of dangerous work to do wo here and you got wait untilaitnt sunrise and then when the sun t comes up you can see exactlyly what is causing the problemhe here. i know we've got some skyfox video as well.vide interesting thing, though, t when we saw this tree this treth morning we were like oh my gosh i can't believe how bigan that is.'t now i'm told that this i s a small tree, that there areee, e actually two other much largerge trees also down here goingereoig from this spot here and all a a the way down to springvale on georgetown pike and this ishis just one of the locations here h in the great falls mcleanls mcl area. i believe that this happened thp gh
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i'm told when people reported that they had lost power.ow we also understand that there's a tree down, someown, wires down on lawton street intn mclean.mclean. that's kind of right downtown mclean also ultimate route 123 and then just not too long agoo ago fairfax county police tweetedewe out that they also had anad issue, they were saying sorty rs of in the georgetown pike corridor between balls hillweil road and delaney, that wholet ol corridor there, big problem p there as well.the as there may be an issue with a transformer so as soon as wes wrap from this location we'reat going to go over to thatoha location check it out and lett l you guys know what we find. back to you. y >> thanks so much mel. t we do appreciateha it. >> shows the devastationastation across the state from the southeastern part of the stateot to rider here in our area. h now at a we see a little littl sunshine and we made it we i through. >> yes, things are gradually grl getting better, yeah. y yesterday we had it all,erdawe h didn't we. >> yeah, we.
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>> we did.weid. >> including the flooding.od >> i had no idea how serious h s it was and high to take my t child to basketball practice p and i was like what is goingat g on. the the flooding and and theyndt were you were it's really badeaa out here. out >> dangerous for a time.anrous . yeah, we're trying to getng t things gradually a littleittl better.bett it's not going to happen inhappn the next hour or two but iou think by this weekend thingskeni will be a lot better.ette here's the good news.. no big storms today. please don't forget we've got wt very saturated soil.oi parts of the area picked uprea d more than 2-inches of rainn yesterday. i think it was record rainfall a up at bwi marshall and with winds blowing 30 or 40 miles mil an hour we may see additionaldda trees falling or branches bnc falling that kind of thinghi here so just keep that in mind n as you're out and about. few leftover showers on it will generally be a cloudy cd day relatively mild.y m temperatures right now up nearp 50 and we'll keep them up near 50 this afternoon.50 t there are your winds.e yourds. they're expected to only picknl up in
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currently 15 washington, 12to out at dulles. dul again we could expect winds gusting 30 plus miles an hour pu later today with a high h temperature of 53 could be a few showers lay this afternoon. what we get will be widely not expecting another outbreak o of severe weather like yesterday.y. as much day looks sunny brighton and warmer.d for everyone looking for signs g of spring i think you'll likeouk it. in fact i guarantee you'llee you like >> it's the spring guarantee.uaa >> i think it might be -- wee -- might be 20 days out fromm spring. >> that's it?>> ts it >> yes. >> all right. under a month. that's a good thing.ood th >> getting close.>>etting close. >> let's check in with erinwih see how the roads are.ds >> i'm thinking about shopping for spring clothes allison. all >> that's right. >> that's much more excitinge en than spring trfic really messy thursday morning. i skyfox is over georgetown pike p at springvale road in great in r falls virginia. vgini do you understand trees, donder you understand pair lines. you can see a really bige cleanup they need to get tooet t this morning.this morning this is one of severalev intersections that is affected f by some downed
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morning. so we'll keep you updated butyoe be prepared as you head out o from great falls this morning you'll need to detour aroundd to georgetown p let's look at our maps.s. aside from that, westbound wtb side of the freeway stillreeways dealing with a crash sceneshce after sixth street. s delays back to the 11th street s bridge. in addition to that northbound side of 295 at suitland parkway center lane bocked with a crash. you're jammed up inbound 295nd 2 both directions between thetitw beltway and 50.0. 50 inbound new york avenue by bladensburg tons of volume.urg s same story south capitol as you head in from suitlandd parkway. we'll take a live look outsideoi right now. we're seeing a lot oft congestion. this is inbound south capitolap at the douglas bridge stackeddgd up for several miles. for s 395 inbound an earlier crashli has cleared by duke street but t still from the beltway to thetwo 14th street bridge a lot ofe volume and the key a bridgeses backing up into georgetown.eoetw more traffic in just a few. few steve. st >> still to come this morninghi donald trump's taxs how mitt romney is nowow involved and how trump isrump i fighting back. >> getting a li
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there. also president barack obamasi reportedly eyeing a johdeningohn leader as a possible nomineeom for the supreme court.ou more on the man being bei considered.ider >> and we're still followingll breaking news right now. pardon me.pardon m this is out of new york city. nc that fishing boat ran agroundrao in far rock a way eens, new york. the coast guard ship tried toar get it and overturn. ortur that crew being rescued bycued members of the new york city n k fire department.epartment. coast guard ship was trying torg res i cue people on that boat. so far good news for everyone. a lot of today. it's 7:09.
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donald trump blasting mittld t romney who has been calling onas trump to release his tax records. trump tweeted mitt romney who
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should have been won and whosenw tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough tou guy. romney says trump quit dragging on releasing his rel h returns suggests he has something to hide. >> republicans preparing 20li face off in houstocan tonight. n the last debate before super be tuesday. last night in texas all butal one of the gop candidates sat down with fox's megan kelly kel for a town hall. guess who wasn't there? yes,re donald trump.ld missed the forum due to a quote/unquote schedulely s conflict but his opponentsisppon came out swinging. swing >> well, listen, there haste never been a candidate likedi donald trump.donald t >> if you look nationally inat the head to head polls, donald consistently loses to i consistently beat hillary. hiy so the question right now isow how do we prevent nominating aot candidate who loses theidwho lo general election or for that fot matter if donald wins thehe general election, who the heck h knows what he would do as president? i mean, you know,t?e we need a president we can w trust. (applause).(appla >> marco
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trump saying he is not a conservative. democratic presidentialcrat candidates are gearing up for south carolinrea's democraticra primary this is a. bernie sanders talking to voters about poverty in southsoh carolina. tomorrow he'll have arr he'll h community for numb flintunity accomplish began to talk about b the water hillary clinton also addressing the water crisis inin while south carolina shee stressed her compliment toer c helping the city. >> could president obama be considering a republicana ubli nominee to replace the late thel justice antonin scalia. sli according to sources, nevada republican governor brian b sandoval is in the running.. republicans have threatened to reject any candidate by they president.iden he met with area rea harry reidr >> let's take a live lookiv outside on this thursdayts morning. there you go a little bit of a t sunshine. maybe that helps a little bit h compared to what we've seeno wh' the last couple days.the st cous weather an
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5s next. n it's 7:12.
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>> what is a good word.d w >> is this a beautiful sunshine rainbow day we saw aaw minute ago or a heavy cloud layer kind of dark day thatnd od we're seeing depending whatngha picture we look at. >> or this normal --or >> we're in a big area. a >> it's going end up being
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overcast cloudy rather moodyathe looking day, okay. o >> so we should enjoy this t time when we see it. when see >> yes. cooler air trying to work inok and a secondary front.da we're really not done with the sort of leftovers. after a big storm like thatstort you often have leftovers the next day. that's what we're dealinge' with. you can see the cloud cover out there. yes, a fthew peeks oe sunshine for parts of the area. 50 in southern maryland at the moment and a little bands ofeds showers set up moving right across 95 the northeast sideeast of the beltway there and thentwe out along route 50. so, let's see, beetleville,eetll college park getting lightetting shower activity. bowie and annapolis over the ov next few minutes. m what can we expect today? generally cloudy skies. ski you'll get some peeks ofe ek sunshine. look at that mess to the west turning into winter into ohiotoe indiana and parts of westsf virginia where they're gethere something pretty good up slopeds snows. we can expect lots of cloudsec today. a few showers.few owers. temperatures about 50 the mostht importantly the winds.y the w the winds are going to goi blow 30 plus miles an hour 30 around here
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afternoon so be ready for aso b very windy day.very windy day there are your current winds gusting 25 in pittsburgh, 31 richmond, 33 boston and wennd w currently have winds gusting gus about 15 to 20 around here butde as our area of low pressure pres continues to push away anda deepen we're going to get ao get pretty good pressure gradientnt today and a lot of wind. w thursday your seven day.ursday let's talk about sunshine andbod warmer conditions and we'lls w get that by the weekend sundayka and monday up near 60 degrees. >> nice. >> all right.>> all >> something good to lookhing gl forward to.o. >> very cool. cool. >> let's check in with erin chek see how things are on our o commute this thursday morning. >> they're slow. it's 7:17. we've played to it friday evet e but if you're trying to get to work on team here's a look atook 66 by a gallows.. crowded conditions. conti nutley street a crash issh blocking the right laneig between nutley and the beltway.ltway. give yourself extra time to get from manassas throughfrom ms centreville this m 395 on the northbound side byboe duke street heavy trafficra there from the beltway to theayt 14th street bridge. you'll hit a lot ofit a l stop-and-go traffic.op
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top of the beltway outer loop by new hampshire usual flow ofpi traffic slowing us down between 95 and 270.70 it's just a lot of heavyfea traffic across all lanes.allan no crashes there. the now inbound south capitol as you make your way fromour wafrom suitland parkway you seeee things are just really jammed jj up getting into the city. same story new york avenuekve inbound as you make your wayour past bladensburg road. bladensburg also backing up. you can see just how mucht w volume is around the area. are that continues 270 southbound.on down to about 16 miles per hour from frederick all the all way down to the spur, justpur, s really heavy conditions.diti and then as you make your way yw out on the westbound side ofes the freeway we have a crash csh after sixth. delays back to the 11th street e bridge. crash on 295 northboundbo throwing us down by suitlandd parkway. we'll keep you updated. updat that's your traffic.ra back to you allison and >> thank you. >> after being ranked numberd nr one transit system in the
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>> bob barnard is live at the it eastern market metro station.ta tell us how we're going livere g up to our number one status. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, guys, yeah an interesting thing came outg thi this week. i'll tell you more about thatu in a ainut yes, today's metro boardet b meeting has a strong focus on not only things that happentap like happen on the green line ln earlier this week, a shooting so on the green line, other kindsis of violent attacks but also in a some in house stuff talking tal about this new report aboutor ao distracted and daydreamingmi operators, the federaled government reporting something m like 47 red light runners since 2012.2. we are here at eastern this is the on blu orange blue d silver line trains. train metro says they're installing'rn systems to monitor red light violators.violator they say they can already a intervene automatically if trains move on without actually getting clearance to do so. so. they say sometimes metro m
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be leaving the platform heres kind of t in a daze and so metrm says they're going to be adjusting schedules enhancing e some of their procedures tof th try to improve that kind of operator safety here in theoraft metro system. also metro's new gm has g reportd that they have begun installing 100 miles of coaxial cable in under grounde n tunnels to improve radio communications for firstunicionf responders and wireless wir service for customers.icfo it's a $120 million projectct here. and they are also working withow the wireless providers to t improve communicationss underground.undergro you mentioned that new york based if this tech company smart assets that wast basically crunching thecru numbers and they basicallyas said that our metro system is number one in the country, sansn francisco being and it's based on basically basl the time you save by riding metro as opposed to driving tong work and to home after worker here in the d.c. metrore
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so, despite some of the safety issues, our system is number n one at least according to thisni new york-based company that'sha come out with this survey thisy week guys.weekuys. >> looking good on paper atn least when it comes to getting i there on time.e. bob, thank you so much. m >> still ahead some aad s encouraging news about thisws at year's flu vaccine. vacne >> and we continue to followtieo breaking news out of new yorkf k a coast guard ship overturnedd off shore near far rockaway inka queens. the crew is being rescued by b members of the new york fires of department. the coast guard ship was trying to rescue people on aon a fishing boat that had running hn a ground. we'll continue to stay on thistt story for you and the rest of r the day's news around here. we're back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> 7:24 right now.>> we're learning more about ani colorado man who was shot andngs killed after opening fire on three cher rivers deputies asr i they delivered him an evictioncn notice. one of those deputies dieds die from his injuries, two otherswor were injured. i the shooting unfolded uol yesterday in bailey colorado. cd police say the gunman had sued s the governor of colorado after t losing a court battle over his home for closure. clo >> health officials confirmcialn three pregnant women testnant adiposes tiff for the zikaed positivity for the zika virus. r the zika virus is linked to aket birth defect that causes cau babies to be born with to ben unusually small heads.. >> new information reveals theea flu vaccine actually moreually o ef
7:25 am
so far data suggests it's about 59 percent effective.t a big improvement over last las winter when the vaccine wascines less than 20 percent0 effective. this year'efs vaccine is a goodo match to the strains that are currently making people sick.ngl the health officials say theicis flu season has yet to peek. t p >> get a flu shot this year. thy >> i did not.>> i did >> i didn't either this year.isy >> this is the year it's working.working. >> okay. tucker barnes is standing are you talking about the cold c there i have right now >> i'm sharing one with you. >> oh, okay. o we should have gotten a fluen shot.ot. tucker, over to you.ou >> you two are becoming a bic ba aring couple over there.r here we go we got rain showersns across the region.rosshe regio very light here.very this is just some leftovers lefe from last night. and we don't have any severeev weather threat today but weay have a lot of cloud cover.oud cool conditions and a lot off windily we'll have a winde a storm today as winds are going to be blowing in out of theg i south and west here at times 15, 20, maybe 30, 30 plus0, 30 p miles an hour as our area ofoura low pressure
7:26 am
to our west yesterdayte continues to deepen here.ner 15 the current wind in washington, 21 leonardtown.naton 15 fredericksburg.risburg. 14 winchester.te again temperatures today about a 50. plenty of cloud cover. could be a few showers thisrshi afternoon.afte we're going get a little a lit instability this afternoon andyh that could can kick up a few showers but again they'll bee widely scattered. not talking about what we had wa yesterday. 53 he today.od very cold tonight. overnight low below freezing, fz 30 degrees by tomorrow morning o and then we start a gradualra warmup which includes ilu temperatures right aroundro 60 degrees by sunday andes by sa monday with lots of sunshine.unh so, signs of spring all over the place how is traffic looking? >> nothing to smile about like t weather is right now.o from the rain from overhenigr ht and last night we're dealing with a lot of heavy traffic. trf skyfox over the beltway. this is the inner loop out byneo tysons and you can see thateeha steady flow of traffic near the mall.e mall. give yourself extra time to time get through area.
7:27 am
springfield interchangenter through annandale. aanda no crashes to report.o repor we'll take a look now at our cameras.mes. 95 out by fairfax county cou parkway that overpass. you can see 95 northbound i'll get out of the way is justof t really slow all lanes are a crowded so extra time there as well. we'll take a look at our mapsk m next. that's your traffic.ffic back to you guys. to westbound freeway earlier earer crash cleared. cleared. >> we're back on our top story s the extreme weather andeaer destruction in virginia. >> we'll check in with anniewit yu live in waverly virginia vgia where a tornado unfortunatelyly killed three people. back in a moment. ent.
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♪ look at the city streetse cr this morning. morni. the conditions ranging acrossg the area but one constant tuckec barnes says it's going to be windy today.od. no more rain here in the hin district.dist severe storms all across the the area last night. night all across the northeast last night.t. widespread damage after thoseaft powerful storms. storm >> small farming town ofown o waverly, virginia was one of tho hardest hit three people were killed thereie and the national weather servicr is expected to survey that areae today to confirm whether a tornado actually touched down.ow annie is there this morning inor y verly with the latestrl information and the damage justs staggering this morning. annie?anni
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really is.really is being here and seeing this firsr hand.ha this is where the bulk of thethf damage is.mage is. we haven't seen anyone who livel here walking around just yet,usy but this is where i'm told the bulk of it as soon as you enter the town ow waverly this is what you're whay greeted with.grted this morning many folks in this small town waking up with nopit power and debris everywhere.whe. what you're looking at here is a piece of a metal piece of somefm sort that fell off this t transformer here and this ishi what you're going to see sort of scattered along route 460 just s debris everywhere.rywh you know last night curfew wasfw put in place in waverly urging residents to not walk or drivere around so that these clean up up efforts can begin and police anp tell us that that curfew remainm in effect because there's a lota of destruction scattered along a this area. a the violent storm ripped througo this area around 3:00 o'clock i the afternoon.eron killed four people.eo left dozens injured andnjed officials right now haven'tighth released the names of those thoe victims but virginia police tolt me that three of victims here
7:32 am
waverly were a two-year-oldear-l child and two men and then they found another body aboutyut 90 miles from just devastating news.ew and here in this town ofowo waverly. wa there's just debris strewn abou in this area. in t branches down, trees knockedrees down, there's tires everywhere.e downed power multiple structures within thewe town have been reported damagedd including this laundromat here.e the structure just been destroyed but you can still see some of the washing machineswag standing.din if you look on one side on theet other side of route 60 you see, you know, it's perfectly regular. the homes are up and it's kind d of erie, you know torque see one side destruct the. destruct th the other perfectly fine. f we see the whole side of homesos and businesses wiped clean evenn though the structures are stan standing so this is is a small s community and it's going to be t awhile before they can get backt on their feet. f i can tell i was few roads are a impassible at this pointint especially along route 460.ou 4 there's flooding everywherewhere along this area and up the roada
7:33 am
set up a command center just upe the road here and they're going to continue to respond here anda help those that are so desperata until need i think you mentionei this too, the national wetl service will be out here lateret today to survey the area too determine whether a tornado inoi fact touched down. that's the very latest here inin waverly. back to you in the studio.u inhs >> definitely cannot dispute the damage, annie, thank you veryano much. storm causing damage in marylanr especially for home along briggi road in silver spring close tost d.c.c. the basement collapsed . one man had to be rescued fromcf the rubble. montgomery county fire officials say the man was in the basementn checking the sump pump when the wall caved in. only minor injuries in this case thankfully.than staying in montgomery coun county, swift water rescue crews deployed to goldsboro road and math avenue in bells bt a car stuck in high water in wei that intersection. i the driver had to be rescued. thankfully they were not n seriously hurt.y hur in other news this morningoi emotional testimony in annapolip i was laws makers in marylandarl continue legislation at a tot ao crack down o
7:34 am
law enforcement officers are demanding the passage of noah'ss law named after montgomery county police officer noah nh leotta killed by is suspecteded drunk driver in december. dembe measure would require r breathalyzer ignition locks forn drunk drivers with a blood a bld alcohol content of .08 or higher. right now they are only required for those at .15 nearly twice the legal limb. the officers father says if noah's law was in effect his soh might still be >> my son is in the grave t g because we haven't done enough i have to go and talk to my son at the grave.rave. how would you feel if that was you?yo >> this is about dozens, hundreds, thousands of peopleeo that have been killed on kled on maryland highways over the yeara because of our weak drunkdr driving laws and weak drunkeak n driving penalties. >> lawmakers have in the end ofo this session to get noah's laws passed.pass. the session ends in april. if not it will have to
7:35 am
again until next year. all right.l time to check in once again with our ticker barnes.arne been busy.beenusy my goodness. i know you wanted to come ande a join your colleagues yesterdayll with all that storm coverageea.g >> yesterday afternoon we hadayr big line of thunderstormnderst activity come through, thisou, morning the good news we've got' the worst of out of here.e. the bad news very windy conditions expected for thursd thursday. gusting to 40 miles an hour. 40 cloud out there early. a couple showers in fact anac couple pretty good showersdho moving through parts ofng t montgomery and howard countynd early crossing 95 now working wi out towards annapolis and glenng bernie. we're in for a cloudy and coolno day today. tay temperatures right now about 50 i think we're looking at daytime highs and a lot of wind here inr the wake of our big storm systes from yesterday.esrd the good news we're not expecting severe weather but ase our area of low pressure pss continues to push away andnd deepen, and we get high pressure building in we'll get a lot of' wind around here this afternoonn so check out your potential winn ststs. i want to show you this.s.
7:36 am
afternoon look at that winds expected to gust 35 close to t 40 miles per hour for most of h the region. rio so we have very saturated soilud from yesterday parts of the arer picked up more than 2-inches ofo rain. in certainly potential we could ses a few more trees fall down thatn kind of thing this afternoon.. here's your planner.nner a couple showers out there latet today. today. temperatures in the upper 40ses iand low 50s very gusty wind w persists right through the evening rush hour and thenr andt things will quiet down tonight.t it will be cold tonight. tig overnight lows back nearack take look at the seven dayat t forecast an nice warmup for the weekend and we'll definitely del into erin's weekend plans cominm up in just a minute. in st a right, err gin.ght, ein >> yes. my mom and dad are visiting. vit big party weekend.yeekend. >> are you cooking for them?ou g >> taking them out for >> oh yeah. y nice.ce. >> nobody wants to cook onntto saturday. >> although erin is an excellenl cook, though.ho >> thank you. >> okay.>> o >> mr. como wants to each soom much pasta i couldn'o t even mam enough for it to w right now metro update. delays both directions signalnsg problem on the red line ate at grosvenor. so give yourself plenty of extre time if you'e
7:37 am
this morning.orning southeast right now westboundghe freeway a crash did clear.d cle let's take live look at some of our cameras our inbound bridgesi this is a key bridge you can seu a really heavy as you make your way into georgetown thiss morning. we'll move over for look at the 14th street bridge. bridge. that's also an area where you'ru really crowded. crowded you can see typical volume thert in the douglas bridge as youdge head inbound at south capitol. p take a look at that camera youou can see stacked up there a lotae of traffic out and about this morning.g. leave early you'll battle thattl typical volume also watch out wh for ponding conditions.dition bottom of the beltway inner looi jams up from the springfield ini change through annandale asda a well. we got you covered this morningr for your morning commute. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi back in just a few.
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♪ >> 7:40 right now.0 righ n >> the debate over the bluehe b senior high school name change g continues.nt the coalition of alumni and students against the name change will meet again tonight. the marion barry memorial mem commission wants to change thetg school's name to honor theonor t former mayor who died in 2014. 2 now the community appears splits on the name change.hange some say naming ballou would bel great way to honor barry whileai others say the ballou name is historic and should not be changed.d. the school board in princenp william county will vote tonighg whether to rename an elementarye school in honor of a fallen firefighter named kyle wilson.. wilson died back in 2007 whilele fighting a fire. one of the counties newest new elementary schools could beools named in his honor it would bewb the first time that a
7:41 am
william county school would beco named after a fallen firefight firefighter. dc police made a thirdice arrest in connection with aectin deadly christopher procter has beenr pr charged with second degreend murder in the death of matthewew slonsky.slonsky. the 23-year-old american ari university graduate was gettinge out of a cab last august near the shaw howard metro stationti when two groups started shootint at each other. oer police say he wasn't the target. simply got caught in the cross o foyer.foye two teenagers arrested inere connection with a shooting at ai metro train will both be tried t as adults in the case. 16-year-old hassan graves and 11 year odd andre brody were both charged yesterday with assault a with intent to kill. kill. 24-year-old man was shot in thet back tuesday afternoon as the at green line train approached the anacostia station. police believe the shooting maks the result of an attempteded robbery. graves was also charged for hish involvement in an armed robbery last december at a 7eleven inn southeast.heas coming up in today's fox beat who signed to star in the n reboot of the movie cruel intentions? >> khloe kardashian speaking out
7:42 am
about the new oj simpson miniini series which she says the show o gets ♪
7:44 am
♪ >> there's a look outside righto now in the district. we'll see some winds today as td far as -- you don't see win. see you feel wind. win >> sometimes you can see it. y n >> quite >> you can see the debris can blowing in the wind. w >> look at the flags whipping te around. >> tuck, i have a question forir you. i know officially they'rehe looking to see if that was a sew tornado to waverly virginia.gina
7:45 am
straight line winds. w >> it could be straight lineuldh winds. i think there were actuallyth photographs of that tornado yeers sterday we showed.erday i suspect that's a tornado. also just looking at the damage. generally straight line windse i won't cause that kind of damage. >> gotcha.>> >> just curious.. >> residents of virginia as well saying they had damage, too. t everybody looks up.ody oks u f of course. melanie is out in great falls gf where we had damage. dam much of the area waking up to downed trees and tree limbs and that kind of myat neighborhood had downed tre limbs.lis. >> yeah. >> i was just going ask.ust ing >> my parents didn't.idt. i'm calling. >> lot of it for about three a hours yesterday.urs >> at one point i'm like here wr go. go >> right. >> here we go. ♪ >> where is that flashlight. >> that's it. >> quick get everything out of t the refrigerator it will be fou days. no, it was fine. f strong winds today.. again, be on the look out here.. as winds will be blowing 30,0, 40 miles an hour later thisat ti afternoon and they're only goiny to be picking up here as ourur
7:46 am
away and intensify.ensify all right.all got a couple raindrops left oveo there. just moved across 95 in thehe northeast side of the beltway o now pushing out towards nap tows list. really just very light stuff ana a lot of clouds out there. it's going to be mostly cloudyud day today. day we'll get little bit of sunshinh but this is our transition dayn back into a nicer pattern it pai will take another day or soher s before we can get there.get the there's the big picture lookk what's happening the back side c of it.of it. winter has returned to ohio ando west virginia and end inn this morning with pretty good snow go there in the wake of the systeme and our area of low pressure p that brought all the problems pl yesterday now pushing up towards toronto and we'll ride up through saint lawrence river riv valley off normal and west as it continues to deepen and highpenh pressure builds in out to the bi west we get very strong pressurr gradients the winds will be vere strong here out of the north ofe we'll really out of the south te and south and west eventuallynta the north and west later today.t and again we're looking at thekt potential for really for allll intents and purposes a windur storm. the potential for 30,
7:47 am
40 miles an hour wind gusts an n around here later today.e late t keep that in mine. that in very saturated soil. soi we had two plus inches of rainsf for parts of the area yesterday and it won't take a lot to havev a few more trees fall down. fall winds currently out of the soutt and west about 15 here in here i washington. 17 in baltimore.timo you get the idea here againe a winds are just kind of getting t going now and we're expectingxp those to pick up here later thii afternoon.afteoon. temps not terrible.s terr 48 in washington. whi 41 in gaithersburg.sburg 45 in annapolis around 50 today. then a big big cool down tonight that colder air will finallyin rush in here on those winds andd overnight low about 30 degrees.e there's your seven day forecast. chilly one tomorrow. tomor and then a nice warmup springp r like by sunday, monday, highs ii the upper 50s and low 60's. i'm going to queue the spring sr music. steve, allison, we'll be talkint cherry blossoms in a couple ofpf days.days >> won't be long.'t be ng >> just quick heads up.ckeads few showers this all right.all erin, how about traffic? >> tucker, this is my firsty cherry blossom season in d.c.n n i'm so excit i cannot wait to go down andt to check them out. >> i higly
7:48 am
there on prime time you'll lovel it. >> i can't wait. >> and take snacks. >> i heard there's a lot ofrd te crowds. i'm thinking maybe a monday afternoon start of the seasonf a right after the morning show.nig >> you might want to walk from k here.he >> metro. >> go before the morning show ti like at 5:00 a.mng. at 5:00 a.m >> well do a team trip.m trip. i like the sound of that. o t thanks guys.. metro delays signals problems in red line both ways.rene bot give yourself plenty of extraf a time. time. if you have any cherry blows sas strategic planning for me i'dg m love to hear the best time youe think it is to go down if you'rw a local much aside from thatsirm right now in prince george'sce g county, 382 cleared north of brooks church road.h we had earlier problem with ablt downed tree. also saint mary's county indiana bridge closed near look out adad. that problem still out there.tie aside from that crash activity t gw parkway southbound after oneo twenty three. delays are back to turkey run r park so leave early. ear we're seeing a big red zoneedon westbound freeway earlier crasha cleared but we're still dealingl
7:49 am
with delays on the westbound side of the freeway out there te the 11th street bridge. bridg several areas downed power lines affecting georgetown pike nearr springdale road old dominion drive as well downed trees andla power lines.powe big cleanup underway out in outn fairfax and inner loop of theoot beltway i want to show you thisu really fast you can see as you u heads towards the wilson bridgei really backed up and again from the springfield interchangefieln through annandale as you head h towards tysons.rd tys a heavy flow of traffic.fra we'll have more in just a few jt much that's your look atch thato traffic. back to you, allison. >> sports reporter erin andrew'e dad has taken a stand during his daughter's lawsuit against thein man who secretly video taped her walking around nude in a hotelda and posted it online.e. the incident caused erin to bedo afraid of people. peo he also said she became a shelle of herself after the incidenthei andrews is suing the marriott,ot vanderbilt university where the incident happened and michaelha david barrett who got two yearsa in prison after pleading guiltyt to interstate
7:50 am
>> the lawsuit alleges that pierre paul's privacy was w violated as was florida medicall records statue.tatue. the lawsuit stems from thet steo report about how he severely ser injured his right hand in ahanda fireworks accident on july 4t july 4th ju >> 7:50 right 4 7:5 kevin is back with us for the t fox beat.foxea >> my fiance' lauren's favoritet morning of all time is cruelruel intentioning it has alwayst hasn't since we we first met. m. when the news broke last nightan she started crying.ted crng. >> upset? >> the best way possible.he bes >> in a good waypo.n a go way >> what's happening.appeni >> they're bringing back sarahah michelle gellar for a tv shore s boost famous 1999 film. i know this film has massive mas amounts of fans around lauren'su age she grew up on this film shl loved it so much.loved it the queen of mean is back sarahh michelle gellar confirmed toed return for her role in the tv spin off of cruel intentions shi made the announce many yesterday on instagram
7:51 am
the best counting crows song called color blind. 17 years since she played the role of catherine.rine spin off will take 15 yearse 15y after the rental of the movie and follow gellar's character ar she have is for control of herfr family's business. busin no confirmation yet on whetheree or not -- witherspoon or jackson will return. if you remember if you've seenem the movie ryan philips charactea does die at the end. end wonder if they'll bring him back in >> soil spoiler. sl s >> 18 years later. l i think they might bring himtheh back in flash in flash there was a huge parody musicall done in la last year i went to n and sarah michelle gellar, blair and reece witherspoon went to the show to see it.see i >> i don't know. i think it has a big audience. cult following a big film. >> at least get cameos.s they may not be a part of the major product. pdu >> it's great role for sarah michelle gellar.ella >> why did lauren cry. >> she cried -- she's exc
7:52 am
>> happy.appy >> happy tears.>> >> most excitement possible. >> like officer and a gentlemann two. >> you would definitely getefint teary eyed in they announceded that. >> would you want to leave itt i asthma gentlemen cal. c >> i'd want to leave it. >> that is they starred >> we kind of did it already. >> i know. khloe kardashian clearing then l air about questions about thebot mini series people versus oj >> i'm watching it.>> we are obsessed with i this sho. >> cuba gooding, jr. is jr. i phenomenal.en >> he's maze.e'saze. courtney advance.courtney advane john travolta. tlt >> swimmer is great as carryingy >> exactly. great show if you haven't seen o it. i'm absolutely hook.bsolutely we had a viewer tweeting me why we haven't talked bit. b kardashian confirms the scenece which is simpson's suicide. in real life it happened in hern reality tv shows james cordende the scene is ex catch rated to quote bring in younger audience. the 31-year-old set the record r sai
7:53 am
her family unhappy with the wayw they're portrayed on the show. she said bay tow phenomenal.l. teachers would put the trial onl in case and make her and the h students watch.stud she was 10 years old when this was happening.wapp a fascinating perspective againa you get a look but seeing the t kardashian side and travolta. everything is so well executed. the bronco chase wasas unbelievable.unbeli again i was only 11 or 12 whenhn this was happening. >> right. >> i'm learning a lot more ofin the details. >> you were -- wer >> kevin even talk about a i can remember this old time i m was at my first ever station ini upstate new york.wor we used the news used to come im on what was called literally they came in.y theyam. i was reading it like this andhi i'm like, what? oj simpson on the freeway in la being -- itng- was amazing and then after thatt it just became almost surrealur and then we saw it play out andt i remember the verdict. all of that.all of so to see it this way is -- steve you got to watch it. i >> i wanted to talk about it.
7:54 am
show she covered that court ca case. >> entire second episode thesece bronco it's unbelievable. unbelieva >> very good. very well >> one month away from batman super man hitting theaters evens better news while the theater te version will be pg the director's cut has received an r rating. rati according to the classificationf ratings administration thee so-called ultimate edition willn be r rated blu-ray version asern well as the pg13 theatricalcal release. film director zach schneider noo stranger to releasing twoea versions he did the same thingst with watchman and harsher har version of the film back in 209 2009. dead pool the highest opening r rated movie of all time. tim there is claims this was alreads submitted prior to dead pool'sl' massive success but clearlyle studios now are wondering shouls we do more r rated super heroo films -- >> i have nerd tears question for you. >> sure. >> when you talk to the directoc ask him if they edit both b versions at the same time.ions >> good question.>> i think she shoot r ratedated version on purpose so they canrs release it r
7:55 am
sometimes the actor will say a curse word don the same lineamen again with a different version d of the words you can do airplanr version or a tv version or versn something like that.hit. they probable dollar edit at the same time. >> as -- i don't know. i like to see it more pg13 so so that more people can go a lot ot kids really like it, too. i don't know. k i would rather it be -- >> the theater version is you have no problem there.l it will be the r rated version.v >> i'm talking about dead pool. >> no. that can't -- that would be 10wb minute >> right.>> >> dead pool would be 10 minut minutes. >> before we get to tucker barnes we do developingopg situation out on the bw parkway. skyfox is over standing water or the parkway.ay and there you go. you can see look, well, let'sell get closer we can actually see it somewhere and take our wordd for it. i traffic is being diverted rightd now. there you go.there >> wow. >> baltimore beltway far north r right now.tow there's a car got caught up ingi it as well. as
7:56 am
this will be closer to baltimori headed up that way this morning. be aware you'll have someom problems if you're trying to geg up to the baltimore beltwayaltil you'll have to get off there toe circle around much heads up.heas not a good day for that driver right there. hopefully they got out safely. s >> my goodness.>> my tucker barnes standing by now.dy >> that water naturally occur ir nature? na >> i'm wondering why is it is i >> it mixes with mud, guys.mi >> let's hope it's mudxe.e it' d not something else. (laughter). >> all right. let's do the weather forecast quickealy. we got light rain showers across -- >> sea foam. sea foam. >> i knew that was coming neck.w lots of cloud cover out there te today. very windy conditions expected.. we'll see winds gusting, 35,, 40 miles an hour today. an houry there are your current numbers.e 47 at reagan national. nio 45 dulles and bwi marshall. marh very quickly, 53 today with a wa few showers very windy. just a minute of want to focusi on sunday and monday.onday. sunday time frame looksfr fantastic look at that highc oka temperatures around here withre high pressure off to our south and east 60s on sunday withit sunshine. >> wahoo! wah >> all
7:57 am
traffic now with erin.ri >> we'll take closer look aterok skyfox right now.. you saw the flooding bw parkway both directions is not passibles right now it's completely shutyu down between six knife baltimorl beltway and 95.ltand flooding this intersectionn specifically closest to waterset view avenue.ew a and you can see unfortunatelynfu allison and steve point the oute some vehicles stuck in that mixm really deep standing water.ater. take 95 or take the baltimoreali beltway to get around that. tha this is causing significant s delays this morning.s mni keep it to fox5 news morning.soi we have you covered. we'll have more in just a few as we start our 8:00 o'clock hour.h ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. live look outside on thisk u thursday morning. it's february 25, 2016. here's a snapshot of the storm'r aftermatruh.afteath. you see damage from deadlyeadl tornadoes in virginia, also, als downed trees and power lines but a brighter sky for our weather today. welcome to fox5 news mornins in the 8:00 o'clock hour.k i'm allison seymour. seymour >> i'm steve chenevey. cneve welcome to fox5 news breaking right now atight n 8:00 o'clock this morning theckt storm cleanup continues.ontinu a state of emergency now in nn effect across the commonwealth.o >> the small town of waverlyaver southeast of richmond is one ofe the hardest hit areas.reas reported tornado killing threenr people there including a two-year-old boy. >> our annie yu has been in b waverly all night. she has the latest on the cleann up efforts this morning.s mng annie g morning. m
8:01 am
>> reporter: good morning, morng steve and allison.analli yeah, the storm has come and coe gone and today it's all about ao the cleanup efforts. eorts this is where the bulk of the te damage is in this small town of waverly. there's debris strewn about inbo this area. there's tree branches everywhe everywhere. big trees knocked down.s knocke downd ed power lines and a signa off of this train area here it i blew over if you see that bigt g metal piece in the center theret the train signal in just blueus over here from some of the work that they're doing at this thi nearby railroad track butck multiple structures and homes is this area are damaged including this laundromat here.mat her the structure has been destroyer but you can still see some of the washing machines standing sd and you can see even the changea machine on its side. side the refrigerator that storedd sodas down as well. w but the bricks from thatt foundation still there. there you know, these homes are justre ripped apart along here. some of them are mobile homes. s the violence storm killed four people in virginia.. and left dozens
8:02 am
among the deceased you mentionen two-year-old child.ldhi two men.two they were found actually 300 yards from their mobile home right here where we are stan standing. another man was found dead abouo 90 miles from here. from her a total of four lives gone. gon as a result of this powerfulerfu storm.. many waking up without power anw as we drove up route 460 which h is the main wrote here, theree,e were several roads that weree closed and impassible because os the debris and the tree that iss were tossed by winds gusting tot 60 miles per hour or more. m we just heard from the virginia national guard they're equippedp with chain sauce and humvees they'll be helping with the h clean up effelorts out meanwhile we're told by virginii state police the curfew they pup into effect around 7:30 last:30s night urging residents to stay n off the roads not to be walkingi around remains in so they want people to stay homm or avoid this area or the storm -- storm hit areas untilrt further notice. that's the very latest here int waverly.wa back to you in the studio.
8:03 am
>> annie, thanks.hanks damage suss substantial shalllyl in southern virginia.ginia. let's go to northern virginia.g. why spread damage as well not to that extent but still downedllow power lines, trees snapped innap half. melanie alnwick is live in greae falls, virginia, this morningni with a look at how things are there. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. morng good news here for folks along georgetown pike. pik you can see a large contingenttg there of dominion virginia crews have now arrived to try to takek care of the storm damage. d we think it happened right hapnd around 5:00 o'clock last night t police officers were telling mee that that's when folks starteded reporting that their power was out and if you can kind of -- o can you see that mike? kind ofn thread that line of grass inn between the fence line and the e road, and you can see those tho trees down across and hittingng those power lines pulling themne down to the road. the roa we did just see one truck coming with a new power pole so that
8:04 am
tells me that -- wove replace at least one of those. also, traffic lights are out o here. so fairfax county police areolia here on the scene helping toelng direct most people being pretty goodino about it knowing you treat thate as a four-way a couple of other locations across great falls, mclane areae as well we're hearing about. some in mclean proper and some s also we're told around like oldd dominion and the balls hill roaa area, too, so drivers in this ii area need to be very careful. cf we also took a little trip down around on route 7 and the traffic is just really bad thisi morning, because people arere having to all kind of funneld of into that one road to get arounn these closure points.. so, again, it look like this iss kind of the area where must havh been a very powerful wind gust s or cell that came right throughu here. in dig to the trees we were on w the other side we did see a lotl of debris down in the r
8:05 am
well.. but looks like finally at somee point they'll get they're powere back on here back to you ckguys.s >> that is the optimistic news s there. th thanks so much.ano mu >> let's continue the storm conm damage right now. n parts of north carolina got hith hard as well. charlotte high winds knockeddsno down trees there damagingam several buildings and h at the height of storm aboutut 3,000 possible without powerssio there in the southern part oferp north carolina. similar scene in i philadelphia. check this strong winds tore down a sign at the burger king restaurantesuran there. there were customers inside atrd the time.eim thankfully no one was h again this is in philadelphia.di all right. in the midwest it's nott's t tornadoes they're dealing witheg but snow.bu several inches of the white thee stuff fell in indiana after aiar blizzard passed through lasth lt night. night. got more than a foot of snow inw some areas burying everything in sight. in chicago, more than a thousand flights were canceled. so, man, i'll tell was'llell there's your weather wrap upup from all across the eastern halh of the united states.nitestat >> busy 24 hours.24ours
8:06 am
severe that's more fipp cal ofal something we get in spring thana february. >> right. >> very unusual.unusua. wind, flooding, yeah, we had itt all. big thunderstorm.. >> today quieter.. although we are still dealing with windy conditions.tis >> okay. >> i just got tweeted by mail carrier whose like n ams a. >> rough out there. the first flooding rains, big storms noun 40 miles an hour winds.hous >> terrible.rie >> everybody needs a break.body all right.all light showers, yes, anne arundel county leftover -- across thes t bay out towards, let's see, see stevensville, maybe light shower much that's about it.. otherwise most of the area aa waking up to cloud cover and increasing winds. w our winds right now about 15 to5 20 but they'll be gusting at times 30, 35, maybe even e 40 miles per hour later there's the big storm systemys steve mentioned the snow back b out to our still in indiana. ohio west virginia i even saw a picture on -- on the internet there in western maryl
8:07 am
getting snow out in garrett gart county.coun so there you go.ou go all right winds currently eight. don't be fooled by that number.. moatlike 20 to 30 over the nextn couple of hours as our stormurto system continues to intensify iy and move on out. 53 today.oday maybe a shower later.. i'm just debating whether or not i want to take an umbrella.a. most of the shower activityctivt pretty light later today. could be a few scattered showe showers. seven day looks great.look nice warmup and lots of sun soon for the weekend weevil look att in just a minute. >> thank you very much, tucker.r >> we shall use that break fory sure. let's check in with erin get aet look what's happening outside. i >> it's a rough morning.orng if you're taking metro signal problems on the grosvenor on thg red line continue to causeo c delays in both directions.ectio. all other rail lines onr railins schedule.sche we're dealing with crash activity george washingtonty g parkway parkway southbound afteo 123. delays back to turkey run parkur you need significant time to geo through that area in fairfax. southeast westbound freewaywebon earlier crash cleared but lookul at those leftover delays. also inbound york backs by bladensburg heavy traffic from bowie stop ge
8:08 am
beltway as well.ltwa more backups inbound 295 in bott directions from the beltway anda 50 seeing a lot of red.ed northbound crash did clear out of the center lane at suitland l parkway on 295 northbound.un five inbound has a lot of stop o and go traffic. t suitland parkway just jammed asa usual.usl. closure right now did clear outr of the way in saint mary's let't see if we can zoom our maps ands get out to fairfax.fax downed power lines we still havh several areas you want to avoido as melanie showed us.d us. georgetown pike near springdalee road several downed trees at thw intersection of lawton street ie old dominion drive eastbound at 123.12 as i move out of the way you cae re all that red on the mapat hyped us.d 395 inbound jams from theams beltway to the 14th streett bridge. 95 from stafford through dale city stop and go traffic.p an that's your back to you allison and steve.te >> still to come this morning as new threat from isis as theshe terrorist organization is nowats released video taking aim at tw big tech leaders, the bold b claims the group is making nextx and also apple c. c o tim cook speaking for theor first time about apple's app showdown with the fbi.
8:09 am
why he thinks and says breakingk into the iphone would make other customers vulnerable. 8:08. stay with us.
8:10 am
>> 10 past the hour.>> a group of isis supportersof threatening to take down facebook and take down twitter. the groupak released a 25 minute video featuring pictures of marr zuckerberg and jack dorsey who' the ceo of twitter. t it shows the 2ceo' engulfed infi flames and mark with bulletul holes.
8:11 am
facebook and twitter to try to y stop terrorist activity on their social media flat its platforms. apple tim cook is speakingpn out about the company's battle b and it wer fbi. in an interview with abc news world news tonight, with david v mure err, cook says the fight is about more than just one phone. >> this case is not about onebot onone. this case is about the future. what is eight stake here is can the government compel apple to wright software that we believe would make hundreds of millionsn of customers vulnerable aroundud the world including the us? >> meanwhile the new york timesk reports that apple engineers ara working to develop an iphone even harder to hack.. politics now. n donald trump going head to headh with former massachusettsauset governor mitt romney who wants w trauma top release his taxse his returns a
8:12 am
hiding something since he won'tt trump fought back on twitter twi saying mitt romney who totally t blew an election that he shouldd have won and who's tax returnsar made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. just in the last hour trumpp back at it again online tweetine this quote mitt romney is one oo the dumbest and worst candidatea in the history of republicanlica politicians is push mowing onh g tax returns. dope. when did you have donald trump being dope.g did you have it in february?t iu >> did i? that's -- okay. that's what drum is that's m doing to stay in the news muchsm it's working. worki he's ahead of most of the pollsp >> sure is.>> sure is. >> more and more driversri engaging in unsafe behavioreh behind the wheel.nd theel the new results of a study might surprise you. >> we're learning how to l successfully price match at ourr favorite stores. s we'll share those tips andip tricks with you. you so you can save on your next shopping trip.op who doesn't want to.n't wa to. >> i'm too embarrasseed to this.
8:13 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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8:15 am
>> welcome back. that's annapolis, tucker. >> oh, yeah.ap >> looks familiar, doesn't >> i think it's high tide. te. that's right there eagle alley. >> and that's crazy rain didn'tt help. >> the rain didn't help. rain usually that's -- i can't quiet. right downtown usually becausesl of the high tides. tid what happens when you big the t southerly winds like we got yesterday water gets pushed upud the bay like a bathtub and getsg push out especially in napap flips. flips. >> beautiful annapolis.iful >> gorgeous. they're doing lot ofot reconstruction down there.
8:16 am
nice in the summertime.n the su >> i can't wait.t. >> okay. oka >> all right. so we had a rather confusing con first five yesterday.esrd >> we sorted it all out. o before we get to today fossesose first five we just wanted tojusn make a correction to yesterday's first five.t we want to show mason. mas we saw this sweet baby faceyac yesterday there was differentwad name it wasn't confusing and son we all heard from mason's momom who was so sweet about it.t. she's like the baby was adorabla but mason is my baby.ab we want to say hello to you. >> cute as can be. a >> cute as can be. >> hi to mason's mom as well.s w >> thank you for letting us knw know. we're sorry about all that. but you got a two for. f >> that's number one.t' >> now it's time for today's fox5 -- >> ♪>> >> yeah. >> ut-oh. fox5 first five photo of the day day. >> so cute. >> i know that song, yes, it ist this is layla, everybody.rybo >> she's got super adorable ability.. >> look at her
8:17 am
>> i love it.ov >> layla is two years alter. >> okay. >> in case you can't tell fromot the picture her favorite thingit to do is go shopping. shoppin >> ooh.. >> fashionable.hionle. >> um-hmm. >> let's go. >> and to smile and that is very fashionable,, what do we call that even. >> little vest and her adorabl adorablable bag.ador >> little bag.>> >> um-hmm.>> >> not to mention her face is so cute. >> aww.>> aww. >> have a super duper day. >> i lick that color vest. >> ♪ >> we'll have to hear this song. >> i have to hear allison byon b elvis costello and i love it.ovi every time i hear it i thinkt hi about you. >> there you go. there you go. >> isn't that weird.>>'t tha >> mission accomplish. mis >> yes. layla we love your picture, anda to send us your child's picturee go to our fox5 first fiveirst fv facebook page. p >> that's right.t' >> send it on in, and we willil celebrate tomorrow.omorrow. >> um-hmm. >> all right. let's do some weather. we are looking at quiet at conditions out there early thist morning. a couple leftover showers andr a sprinkles early a lot of cloud d cover. ve temperatures around 50 right non that's generally our highly ourh
8:18 am
so kind of a cool afternoon herr with cloud cover.with c look at all the snow on the bacb side of our system.sys we will for the most part be pt dealing with clouds and wind a n a lot of win.a lot of winds will be gusting up toup to about 40 miles per hour.r. here's a future cast showing yoo the win conditions expectedxpecd around here by four, herou 5:00 o'clock today. there you go.there go 34 in washington. 34 down in quantico. qnt 36 in cumberland.rlan so very windy conditionsontion expected later this afternoon and tonight.antoni and then we will see things thi quiet down tomorrow. quick look at the seven day.. 53 today.53 tod you know what, you might want to take umb we can have a few showers arouno here later today.ay but the cooler air works inorks tonight look at the overnightveg low 30 tonight and warm up thisu weekend.weend. sunday and monday springtime.inm >> bring it on.t on. >> love it. >> can't get here soon enough. o >> bring it on.>> >> let's get through this morning. what's going on erin. >> i'm so itemed to use sun lesn tanner but i'm going wait for wr the real sff >> just wait. >> a lot of spf and lounging inn our future.ture >> york it is. >> tucker is giving me the whyew do we care look. look.
8:19 am
>> move over to traffic.ffic westbound freeway crash after ar sixth street southeast cleared we leftover delays and also froo that we're dealing with a lot of backups 295 both directions between the beltway and 50. this crash northbound cleared cr suitland parkway.. inbound still really backed upad as i don't know why that made met e laugh so hard but that was a jea went laugh. crash george washington parkway parkway after 123 delayster 123s continue. south of there to the roosevelt bridge.idge. key bridge backing up, 11th 1 street and 14th street overeet the douglas bridge.ri give yourself extra time. tim avoid bw parkway in baltimore ii you're headed to or from thefr area shut down with floodingloin signed the baltimore beltwayel keep at this time knife.t back to you guyths.uuy >> thanks erin. thankerin. appreciate it.apprte >> we've seen so many people do it text put on makeup eat foodao while driving.ri >> you'll be surprised to seeee how often people behave badlyead behind the wheel.hihe whe fox5's bob barnard is live inn northwest to break down the neww bo
8:20 am
doing well behind the wheel.thee good morning.orni >> reporter: no, good morning, allison and steve.allin an that's's true hey, spend few minutes at a bus intersection like this one, thih is massachusetts avenue at fiftf street here in downtown. and you'll see what aaa is a i talking about. a the headline from its latest drivers survey, nine in 10 drivers admit they engage in unsafe behaviors while behind bn the wheel.heel aaa is calling it a culture of indifference despite thehe increasing numbers of fatal of t crashes due to distracted driving. 33,000 americans were killed in car crashes in 2014. 2014. the early estimates of data from last year between 15 will show 9% increase in deaths.ea here in the district last year, 14 pedestrians, 26 people26 peo altogether were killed in car crashes. two more than in 2014. 201 now here's some of the's somof t statistics from that aaa survey. 70% of drivers talk on the cell nearly
8:21 am
an hour over the speed limit. 32% say they have a hard time tm keeping their eyes on the road. the good news is on seat beltea use. less than one in five driversrs say they don't wear a seat beltl so the word has gotten out about that.. but according to the survey, 1500 people a year here in the district are injured in car car crashes many of that caused byy distracted driving >> all right.ig thank you so much, bob.ob it's just important to rememberm when you're behind the wheel ifi you're itemed to --me to -- >> i know much it is tempting. t >> to do one of those things. o >> he is special physical you'rp sitting in traffic for so long.. >> a woman bites into something unusual at a seafood restaurantn now this is not one of thosese creepy stories that you might yt thinking right now.ow it's actually kind of we'll tell was she found in her meal.meal. >> tinder released a list of thl jobs most likely to get swipedei right. >> interesting. >> is your job one of them. >> 8:21. we're back with that after the
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ washington state woman makes a rare find while out to dinnerd she was eating a see footer diso when she bit into a pearl.. i did this yesterday steveay s because that's what i knew thatt it was going to be. go >> okay. the woman realized that she she didn't realize it when it when t happened but she ended up takint it to a gemologist whoist w detei
8:25 am
guess how much, steve.ess how mh >> how much?, >> worth $600. $60 >> that little bitty thing.tle h >> the woman says she may have h it made into a necklace.klac >> honestly i would have probably thrown it out.obab what is this in my food. f i could have broken my >> it's so perfect.t' i would would be pretty mad. >> $600. i wonder what kind of seafoodins she was actually eating. an oyster i would assume.ssum >> yeah.h. >> rare oyster. oys >> here's lie thing. >> rare oyster is that what your said.said >> $600 woning worth it.60th i would do $3,000 of damage.e. >> to your tooth n exactly. ect >> i got to be honest. i would sell it. i >> you would, would you?? >> yes. >> i would sell ill.ellll >> sure.>> but i mean -- don't you need ada group upon to be like -- >> one for $600. >> it's a conversation peace.n a >> you will keep it. y >> makes a good story. mak >> i don't know what i would doo >> she'll make it in a necklacec >> if somebody made me an offerf to buy it i would sell it.ell i i don't know that i would shopkn it. >> would you sell the weather, steve? would you sell today'syt forecast. >> i can't get much more today.m monday i can sell for lot ofor l
8:26 am
if i can buy low today and sell high monday. m we'd be in the weather businesss together. >> we need to do that.e ne all right. cloud cover and a few showers s and sprinkles today with cool temperatures. upper 40s and low 50s but win iw the real story with our forecass this afternoon.isfter we'll see a high temperature off 53 degrees.53 d hey, cold tonight overnight lows everybody is at or belowis aor freezing. haven't done that in a few daysy and then the warmup as mentionei sunday and monday that's they as weather you want to sell with w highs in the upper 50s and low 60s signs of spring it won't ben long before the daffodils.. i got to check on whatever those flowers are. >> take a picture for me.cte fo >> i'm curious. >> i'll do that today. >> erin como has a look at the e traffic now. >> i need a spring anthem.ringnt what's your favorite it will be springtime.ringti >> i got to think about it. a >> you need to pick one.k o our motto then.ttohen. >> okay.>> o >> warm weather starts.r art right now 8:26 on friday eve orr am of you call thursday morningi backups inbound 295 both directions between the beltway b and 5 solid line of red it's just a it
8:27 am
down inbound new york avenue bye bladensburg remains heavy h suitland parkway inbound slowous traffic into the beltway. inner loop branch avenue to thea wilson bridge average speed sed 17 miles per and then once you cross thehe bridge into alexandria from the springfield interchange throught annandale same story speeds s dropping under 20 miles an houru crash bw parkway south after 123 delays continue two rows vessell bridge. we'll have more traffic in justr a few. a fe back to you guys.backo you guys. >> we'll help you save moneyp yo coming up we're talking aboutkia price matching tips.ching ti how to save money at yourney at favorite stores.riteres. and later, step aside kale. >> what i was just getting usede it to. there's a new health foode' getting attention and it comes from the sea. the fox medical team shows us ts how to and joy -- this isn'tsn't new, seaweed. people have been saying what,n n it's been around for thousandsho of years.of we'll tell you about it of it's new. >> well, no.
8:28 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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e. >> welcome back. 8:30. what you're looking right here abouts waverly, virginia, 150 miles south of washington, d.c. down southeastern virginia and a this is where what they believey was a tornado struck last nightg and tragically turned deadly.ea three people were killed in this storm and that's the house wherw they used to live. l two men and a two-year-old child apparently died in this storm. o they're going to be on the scens today officially checking to see if it was a tornado or some type of severe winds but at this point there were parent smell sidings and funnel clouds they d do believe it was t
8:31 am
struck waverly, virginia,, gi southeastern virginia about 150 miles south of washington,wa d.c. annie yu is there this morning.r these are her picture.r pic we'll check in with annie andinn we'll get update from the scenes down in waverly.wn i let's try to save some money. m allison seymour has us covered.v >> steve, thank you. over here in the loft this loft morning. when you go shopping do youpp think, hmm, i could get this thi item elsewhere for cheaper, butb going to different store after o store looking it up online canen be a hassle. you real scholl considersi something called price matchingi it's a growing number of storeso they'll match the prices notot just of their brick and mortaroa competitors but also onlineonl shopping outlets as well.. so how much you can save reallyl just depends on where you are ye and if you just ask, right? ? consumer checkbook magazine wen undercover to get you the deals. jim us now kevin brass lower brl executive editor at okay. what are are we talking about w here. >> we're talking about priceki o matching. we decid decidedc
8:32 am
we knew some of these stores ha price matching policies.s. really liberal price matching mh policies. policies. we knew that target and wal*marl and best buy, for example, hadm, these policies.. they'll match their local theirl competitors prices but also some online prices like they'll match amazon's price.ri if it's a lower price.rice they've dawn little bit of outtl reach.reac we researched a bunch of chainsh and found more than 30 chains in the area big chains have havehah these policies they'll match a h local competitors in storetore price, local competitor's onlino price or online only retailer'se price like amazon.mazon sounds a little unusual to sayat i'll match a local competitor'so in store price, but that basi basically means you can shop at that store and pay wal*mart's wl low prices and not have to go tg wal*mart to get them. the >> how do we as a consumer actually make this happen at the store? >> the second thing we asked ho hard is this? these storiesse o haven't made it known that yout can do this. it's usually buried in fined i print on the website somewhere.e let's put them to the test.m toe
8:33 am
actually agree to their policy.. we found it was remarkablelykabl easy. we sent our shoppers into dozens of area stores and for some ofe them dozens of locations of thef same chain and found that fornda the most part we just had tot t it wasn't just -- it wasn't wai' for manager and ask. ask. some stores we were able to gett them to match right at the cashs register. >> really. >> by showing them the loweringe price on our phones.ho >> some stores we had to go to o customer service desk which ikch thought that's a pain.t at's who wants to do that.o wantto d but it was usually one minute oe wait and the person right them t and there gave them the lowerow the key is, we found some of sef these stores really the savingss really add up. a u i mean for some of the things w were testing them on. on. speaker system, for example, at, best buy we got them to give uss a price that was $140 lower. >> come on. on. >> vacuum cleaner at bed bath bt and beyond we saved 70 bucks0 b right there o we got amazon's price 70 bucks lower.r. >> okay. >> so we got these lower pricesp saved a lot of money. we didn't really waist that much time having to get t
8:34 am
it. didn't really have any troublesb except at one chain home depotet was -- it was really not easy tt get home depot to do it. to do you had to bring a manager overn and when the manager came over o often the manager didn't known't their own policy. polic most of the other stores weer so tested and we testified dozens d it was quite easy.. and saved, you know, fair amouno of money.of money >> war the exceptions here? >> so there are some rubs here. >> okay. >> one is, if you -- if they're' price matching amazon part ofzor their policy, they'll only match amazon's price, not a third a party seller's price. >> okay. >> they also -- they won't matcm a price if it's discontinued oro on clearance which is unfortunate they phrase it thatt way that's very ambiguous that t mean a special order, a special product.prt. they only match specificcifi products so if that vacuumt v cleaner at target is a targett exclusive color vacuum cleaner, you might not be able to get a t them to match that item becausem it has to be the exact same it
8:35 am
but the items we tester and werr test add lot of them, we really ran into very few problems ats t all. all. >> you mentioned kevin but canan you list some of the talk thethk about some of the items yousome saved money on but also some ofo the stories offering the bestere price matching.atchin >> the stores really offer thefe most generous price matchingin policies were match not onlyot o local competitor's prices likee wal*mart but amazon prices whats it comes down to. bed bath and beyond.d bath best buy, bye-bye baby, wal*ma wal*mart, and target.. some really big chains.s. >> okay. oka >> those had some of the moste s liberal policies but a lot of lt other chains that will, yous thl know, we found that will match m local competitors prices ands ad pretty good deal often, too youo can find.n >> before you head out to thee store any that don't matchon'tah prices? >> there are a lot that don't. and some that do haveo stipulations we didn't know d about either.ab home depot and lose they won'thn match online prices but they'lle match each other's price. pri and not only will they match thm each other price but they're bu' supposed to beat it by 10%.
8:36 am
>> where do we find this information.n matchi matching. >> i -- the whole story isthe there. >> i like how you didn't correco me right o you did it's >> all right. thanks so much. come back seen us soon. us s >> tucker, over to you.ker, ovey >> all right. allison. thank you very much.k let's get right it to.t's ge a lot of win in the forecastwiie today. had a couple showers early you can see those fade off to thee south and east even a couple cpl snowflakes out the mountains. ms we are looking at big winds b w today. that's going to be the mainoing story as winds will be blowing at about 20, 25, 30 maybe up too gusting up to 40 later this afternoon in the wake of our war system. there you go. left over snow on the back sidec of this. we're not expecting that butexph we'll get a lot of clouds today. with secondary little frontry moving through this afternoon at that will keep the clouds andud maybe a few showers in the forecast today. t all current winds gusting to about 25 here in leonardtown. 24 frederick.rede 26 in fredericksburg.decksb again very very blusteryry veryu afternoon there's a look at you planner, and we'll cool it off i this afternoon into the fours tf and then cold tonight.ig. over
8:37 am
for everybody.very but the seven day featuring nicn spring like temperatures look ae that in just a minute.just a let's see how roads are dealingn with the morning cars. >> this is -- i >> and water with erin.nd >> look at this sky fox over bw parkway in baltimore. b avoid that area.t are fortunately nor this driver they got stuck in the mess.k he m we hope no injuries were solveds in this. 91 reported that we know. know. bw parkway north and southboundu closed because of water at the t baltimore beltway.ay exit at the beltway take 95 to9o avoid that north and southboundh this can cause a lot of delays l in the area and perfect time tim tore mine drivers turn aroundd down drown.rown never try to drive throughri staning water.stan you just don't know how deep itt is. check in with me on twitter atme erin fox5 d.c. as soon as asoon they're able to open thatpen stretch of bw parkway in bothh directions. taking a look at our map. m last night's heavy rain and winw caused a lot of problems throughout the area n fairfaxai downed power lines geo
8:38 am
pike near springfield road.ield old dominion at 123. 1 we have inner loop delaysoo dely through springfield and gallowsg this morning. so c we'll keep updated.we'll keep u that's yourpd traffic.ic ♪ ♪ >> erin, thank you. erihank coming up, in today's fox beat chrissy tiegen responds tot backlash over choosing the sexnt of her baby. her >> all right. another award show, too, thisar, one across the upon big night b for adele at the britt awardswad plus the celebrity she is now backing. ba we'll get all your details fromo kevin coming up. it's 8:38.
8:39 am
what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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♪ time for the fox beat right now. let's zen things over to kevinov mccarthy and get all the scoop.e >> good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> i'm actually upset i'm notetm sitting next to instead of right now. >> miss you so much. >> guys -- - >> good to see you guys. adele dominate the the britt eight wards last night.t wards n she was named the british femall solo artist of the year. y one of the four awards she wonon last night. nig while accepting eight ward adele suppressed support for kesha who in a highly pub will he seisseds court balder to get out of age t recording deal with producer dr. luke who kesha says sexually assaulted her now. now. a couple recent updates.tpdates dr. luke tweeted out earlier two this week denied the allegationd and last t friday judge deniedd kesha's request to break the contract.ra we'll keep updated herel ke upd continuing on fox5. moving on now christie tiegen responding to backlash over choosing the sex of h
8:42 am
new interview with peopleterv magazine tiegen reveal she chosc the girl embry during ivfvf treatment and told people quotee i was most excited and al luredu the fact that john would be the best father to little girl. that excited me. this is creating a lot ofof outrage.outr many took to social media to to blast her implying she's hand hd picking the quality that she wants. s. tiegen blasted back with thewith criticism saying, quote whatt year is this? she also saidlsos quote i'm around so many open minded people and forgot it'ss controversial.veial so back to you guys. i think it's a very interesting story line. people are going crazy with herh about that and she's just tryint to fight back on twitter.on tttr she has made such a name fore herself on twitter i just loveoe watching her go back andac forthwith people.e. >> no doubt about it. n >> people do -- this iso not aa new argument people -- it's controversial, you know,rove designer babies and all thater kind of thing >> why is it anyone else's business.buness >> they'll say because she putlb it on -- o >> put it on public much it'smuh her choice. leave her alone..
8:43 am
leave her alone.leher >> still to come this morning,sr the most attractive job for men and women according to tinder.r. ka okay. well, attractiveness in tinders go hand in hand, right? alsohts the salty yesterday foods might not be the ones that you expecte we'll help you make better choices when it comes to youreni next meal with a little help l from our fox medical team. it's 8:43.
8:44 am
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ al, looks what's co
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>> set your dvtor folks.. hollywood biggest night thishthi weekend before the academy awara they handed out the aka gang has a few thoughts to share. s. >> kevin mccarthy, annie yu and our newest friend alex holley getting together this fridayther night.ght fashion, celebrity moments froms kevin you won't see anywherewh else aka the awards specialpe friday night. nig. 10:30 right here on fox5. >> i just -- fun.un >> just decided i'll tweet out t my oscar thoughts all weekend. . >> you are? >> yeah. i've seen three movies this ye year. (laughter). >> okay. >> i'm going tweet out who i t think will win.thk will win. >> at least one of them is is nominate.nate >> which one? >> the revenant. rev >> oh, yeah i did see theehe revenant.vent. >> yeah. >> did you like it? >> i did like the revenant, yes. >> should it win best picture. >> right now it's a strongong running. i have to see who else in thehe i promise it will be entertaining my comments.nt or maybe not. not. >> we look forward to it. >> where are my crickets? let's go to the stro w
8:47 am
we're looking at gusty winds up to about 40 miles an hour andoua i've got like 10 movies have ioa to watch this weekend if i'm going -- going -- >> you getter hurry up.y >> you can do it. >> all right.. cloud cover and a sprinkle orpro two early this morning. mni so here's what's happening whati today. we got a secondary fromm systems moving on through. tou that's going to keep clouds inp the forecast and it will give ul a chance g for a few instabiliti showers this afternoon and along with it a lot of a lot of wind.w our winds again will be gustingg 20, 25, 30 maybe up to 40 milesi per hour. per hour. somebody just tweet add picturew to me of tree that fell on herl house last night.stight >> oh my goodness.myes >> i'm a little concerned with the saturated soil we can see aa few more trees fall down laterow today. be on the look out for that.or t there's your area of lowe'your pressure, and we call the storms pressure gradient were we get a big difference there between tht high and low pressure as the a area of low pressure continues n to deepen.topen so fours the bottom line windy conditions a wind storm today t for much of the afternoon wit
8:48 am
winds again gusting to 30 plus0p miles an hour. hou here's a forecast. forect put out by one of our computerse of the winds look at that.t. 36 miles per hour wind gusts byy 5:00 p.m. across much of thes mf area. ocean city, comer land, d.c. all looking at 30 to 40 miles permie hour wind gusts things to starts lighten up a little bit later b tonight. all right. there's your seven day.yo 53 today.od cold overnight. tomorrow morning's low belowel freezing for everybody. e a chilly friday and then we will gradually warm it up by sunday and monday.on get out the suntan lotion. >> ♪ >> okay.. >> just in my head are am i am hearing it? it? >> okay.>> >> no, everybody is hearing it. >> i'm to the sure what that'ssr about.abou >> spring fever. spr >> all right. spring fever. i get it.i ge. okay.. >> i'll put flowers into sunday and monday forecast.ay forecast. >> okay. >> all righty.igy thank you very much, tucker.ry c >> we have breaking news to getk to now from northwest d.c. take look. look q street between first street f
8:49 am
now. now. what you're looking at is a building in that blockt structurally coms police have closed off that area so that engineers can come andee take a look at that building.uln just wanted you to know what's w going on. >> fine out what's happening.apg apparently you can't get past yn that we'll let you know more comingem up also speaking of coming upomp let's check in with holly andhol maureen fine out what's comingom up on good day d.c. hi >> we continue to followo aftermath of the severe stormshe that ripped through our regionue last n >> we are live in the small tow of waverly, virginia wherehere tornadoes have touched down there. th killing three people including i two-year-old.-old >> closer to home flooding,omoon trees, power lines down. we are out surveying the damaget in our hardest hite areas. aas >> and developing at 9a theing a battle between the fbi and appla both refuse to go back down. d now the ceo of apple is speaking out.t. >> a different battle brewing in the world of politics.d of pics why donald trump is going headed to head with mitt romney. rne >> also ahead, football and tv star terry crews
8:50 am
personal confession how healfess treated his addiction to porn. >> at 10a, boy are we bring thet star power today, oh, we loved him on glee. darrin chris live in the loft te with us, yes, we are gleeking gn out. out. >> we're not done yet.e're n don gospel singer anthony brown alss here and he will perform.errm >> what a >> prime time for empire fans,a, too. i will have a little sneak peeke from my one on with taraji p.. henson yesterday in new yorkew city.ty bam, boom, pow pow, good dayoo d d.c. a few minutes away. >> see how she name drops likepk that. >> all in day's work. w >> i love it.e i >> i'd be name dropping that,ing too. >> i love it.>> lov >> biggest name as you get nas y empire g stuff. stuff thanks guys. when it comes to online dating t lot of things play a factor inai meet the perfect match. mat >> new study shows your job mayy matter more than than yourn you looks. the dating app tinder released a list of the top 15 most rightt r swiped jobs for men and women. that means people like them.e l. here the list for men. pilot, entrepreneur andr and
8:51 am
what do you think, steve? sve >> i didn't make the list. list. >> for women, a physical phsical therapist, interior designer and entrepreneur.epur. >> interesting. model and teacher made bothd b lists for the most desired profession on tinder. >> hmm. >> okay. >> all right. there you go. >> when it comes to>>th saltt overload it's not always the salt shaker or french fried tohr blame the biggest culprits some of our every day favorites. fav. we need to know what they are sy we can handle things in a a moderate way. fox medical team deenaee centofanti joins to us explain.a hi, deena.eena what are we eating that's too salty for us?r us? >> i hate to be the big downerir of the morning, but it's, it's important to know because we'reo only supposed to be getting,d tt steve, 1500 milligrams of sodium max, okay? so 15 max two slices of bread and by the way the t labeling is getting pretty goodd we shall be paying attention tot all these little numbers.umbe two slices of breadbread 500 milligrams of sodium that's the just the bread.the just the that is before you put the hamuh on it.on do you want to guess how muchuch sodium i
8:52 am
>> processed ham i'm going sayai the bread is 500 i'll going 7500 >> reporter: two slices of hamch is about a so you put the ham on the breade and you've got your full day d allotment of sodium. sodm. and that's really the problem il these hidden sources on soup, s whether it's canned or in the bag, you know that when you loou at the labels on soup that you u have to be this bag of soup is 1580-milligram of sodium. and that's more than your day'ss allotment.. the other thing when you go toyu sandwich shop you don't think -i you think kind of healthy lunchl and maybe it could be. cou but remember you got the bread,e the lunch meat and some otheromo forms of sodium happening inpeng between the bread and so this is going to probably be close tose your full day's allotment this little 6-inch sub of sodium. the thing is, steve, it's not is just for people who have highe h blood pressure but taking in too much sodium can affect yourr systems, make you bloated.oulo nobody wants to be bloated. pizza, pepperoni is the bad guyb on the pizza and the cheeseshe cheese and the bread -- actuall
8:53 am
the whole thing is not good.d. it's all so be aware of this when you'rer eating it, and especially if you deal with hypertension in anyioa way. these are some of the foods thao you might casually eat and not a be aware of and last one poult poultry. this is the salty six from american heart association. poultry which chicken is your gg to healthy meal these chickens k can be pumped with sodium, andoa it's hard to detect because it'i not labeled well, unthink you'rr eating something healthy and yoa might not be.e >> i wonder, deena, maybe this is a story for another day if d there are other spices that aree not as high in sodium we can usc in he can change of salt becausu you want -- you don't want blanb food but at the same time we at don't want to ingest all thato n sodium. >> reporter: absolutely.bsolel and these days you have seven ae nice choice when you go and youu buy the fresh ground -- i bought italian seasoning that you grind and that's just or regular begar know and basil a lot of pepper fresh ground pepper, lemon,em there's a ton of things you canc do. do you're exactly right. basil,
8:54 am
you can add so much flavor f without adding sodium.odm and it doesn't take a lot off work. work i bought garlic, you know, evene if you don't want to chop it you will up you buy it in jar and id that adds ton of flavor.n of fvo >> let's talk about since we're talking about healthier optionss kale was kind of the healthy kih food of 2015. 201 2016 looks like we might trendhe in different direction. >> reporter: yeah, i know we i o love a a t we love a fad. we americans. i don't know about this one. tho but i'll let you decide.ouec so we're talking about seaweed,, and you've seen seaweed aroundun roar sushi of course now it'srsw being sold in the chip aisle. so it's supposed to be potatoo chip alternative. and tell you about the benefitst shown was it look like much it's really -- newt trent dense as dn the nutritionists like to say. s it's got iron, it's got vitaminn c, it's got vitamin d, it's gott some healthy fats omega threes r in there, and what a lot of people like it's abundant,, environmentally friendly.ri
8:55 am
so you don't have to worry aboua running out of seaweed andnd taking upland space, right, andd fertilizing it and doing allll that jazz. so, um, steve, this is what it t look like when you buy the seaweed chip.aweed chip. have you ever had one of these. >> i tried oneha and i -- for mr personal taste i didn't love itt but i know that a lot of peoplee i see eating it and snacking onn it. you're not a fan either? a fan e >> reporter: i know. k i don't get how people like itei to be honest.. and i like kale chips.hips i like spinach.pinach but this one, um, i can't -- ia- can't do it. there are different flavors. fls so maybe you need to try a different flare.t >> maybe that's it.>> m >> if you're curious you want tn give it to the kids very prettye to look l >> sometimes we try them justus because they're trendy and we tn want to be cool and try out thee cool kid food.d. deena, we'll leave it there. t thank you very uch and the chicken looked much better.bett hopefully you get to enjoy that. 8:55. 8:55. >> reporter: i know. repor >> >> ♪>> >> people who love sushi love seaweed? do you love sushi.
8:56 am
>> possible. i don't love but i eat eat. >> i can't do it either. do tuck, over to >> thanks we are looking at leftoverve sprinkle or shower here earlyery big storms from yesterdayesterd offshore and look what'sook happening in the wake.g yes, snows out to the west.he w for us today, cloud cover, we'lw keep it cool about 50 an lot ofl wind a lot of wind might be ainh shower or a sprinkle thisinkl afternoon as well but really thy theme is wind today with windsin gusting 30, 40 miles an hour.leu 47 right now in washington.. 45 out at dulles.. weekend forecast looks great.asg look at sunday and monday.nd m we'll have a high pressure builb in and that means gorgeousorou conditions around here. h by sunday afternoon nearear 60 degrees. all right. that's weather. erin is back with another looktr at your roads.r roa >> outdoor brunch party on brunc sunday perhaps? phaps >> right now, we do have someave breaking news if you're headingh out in northwest portion of the district. emergency response right now rin structural collapse q streetee northwest closed between firster street and florida avenuedave getting reports that there may y have a been a building clap atgp that locate.
8:57 am
avoid that portion of q street e it's causing some backup surrounding secondaries in that portion of the district. dtric still dealing with signaldeg wi problem at grosvenor.roen on metro and the red line all ll other rail lines on or close tot schedule. let's take a live look outside.e still a lot of congestion watcht out for ponding conditions fromf the heavy rain that movedov through.thro typical congestion at newti at hampshire on the outer loop as t you head toward the spur.r. 270 south still a bit slow s through gaithersburg.g that is your lock at traffic. steve? >> still to come this morningco the presidentme pays tribute too ray charles. charles. we'll have highlights from the big performance at the white house last night. >> also, sneak peek at maureen'e sit down with taraji p. henson.n good say is next.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, februaryy fury.fury four people dead in virginia.gia and a state of emergencyency declared after severe weather ir at least one tornado tears t through the commonwealth.thcomm we're live in some of thef t hardest hit areas.. this case is not about my m phone. ph this case is about the future. >> not backing the battle between apple and tht fbi intent feig. fei why the head of the tech giantec told abc news complying with thi court order would be bad for america. supreme showdown.premowdo president obama trying too pressure congress into considering a nominee.. but the standoff over the emptye seat on the high court is becoming a full scale d.c.


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