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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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11. right now at 11, a shocking robbery, a woman trying to get home in the middle of yesterday's storm approached by thieves and shocked with a stun gun. as soon as i seen it i was just like, i needed to go downstairs. local neighbors walk us throughh their cleanup efforts after dangerous winds left them running for cover. and with less than a week to go before super tuesday, the gop candidates face off one last time. where was donald, he was firing dentist rodman on debit apprentice. fox5 local news at # 1 starts right now.ri and we thank you for joining,or i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for sean. a woman approached by a group of thieves shot with a stun gun and robbed. this happened last night near the potomac metro station in southeast.uthe fox5's marina maracco is lifee with the story. marina. >>report
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be the latest in a string of assaults that seems to be happening more frequently in this neighborhood. so residents now say they're going to be watching each others' backs as they walk ohm w home from the metro. >> owe, my gosh. that's scary. that's a same. at the height of wednesday's thunderstorm, five suspects jumped a 17 year old girl. they tasted her and stole her cash before pinning her to the ground and leaving her barefoot in the tore evenings downpour. police say the teen victim was walking home from the potomac avenue metro when she was kornered on this dark street of 14th street a lot of people live around hern and they have to get back and g forth to work. > ward 1 commissioner says the safety concerns in his neighborhood increase by the day.y. victims are being followed outfl of the metro system and they ara being prayed upon
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he set forth an initiative where neighborhood residents will station themselves for two hours during the evening rush, a visible presence to help thosect walking home from the metro feel safer. residents aware of the assaults in the area, they say it's back to basics and commonsense. >> i'm just more vigilant. i'm not on myville phone or with earphone us in my ear. e before i get off the train, i don't take out my wallet i justj have my metro card in my handnd and swipe that way.y. the guardian angels will be training these volunteers who will be armed with wisconsin w also and will be wearinig yellow rests in order to make themselves more visible.. they're hoping about the cooperation of d.c. police.. if you're looking to sign up and become a volunteer, you can find more information on our website, phi my fox philly we're eye now reporting life in
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marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we have a developing story out of hess ton, kansas where ae mass shooting happened tonight.n the local sheriff says that four people, including the gunmen are dead and another 20 to 30 people were hurt in that shoot manage.s which happened north of wichita. investigators say there were multiple crime scenes including an xl industries plant and two other nearby locations. the suspect gunman either was or had been an employee of that plant. > neighbors in waiverly, virginia are cleaning up the widespread damage that was caused by an e1 it hit the small town about 50 miles southeast of richmond about 26789. 30 yesterday afternoon.erno the national weather service says the twistier stayed on the ground for about 10 minutes and left a nine-mile long path of destruction. today terry mcauliffe toured the damage and was moved by what hee saw. it's almost hard to
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when you see it from flying in on the helicopter, the extent of the damage and the power, it's just amazing as you fly miles and miles of trees just clippedd in half like little match sticks broken in half. in that was one of the most amazing things to me, the shear power ow this tornado. > three people died when the tornado hit a mobile home and eight others were hurt. > in demass cuss, maryland clean up is underway. no one was hurt, but trees were upgraded. the national weather service says the damage was caused byd b straight line winds.inds we spoke with one man who was home when that storm hit. i just seen like a wall come through and as soon as i seen the wall knew it. > like a wall of clouds. >> clouds, rain.>> c it was heavy rain. i just -- it was weird, a weird feeling in the house.ouse i went right downstairs. > you went to the basement. >> yeah. > not a bad
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>> a smart move. > that man's next door neighbors lost part of their roof and a large tree in their yard. luckily the number of badly b homes could be counted on just one hand. > that's very forth mate. >> i know.w. a lot of people were lucky.. boy, did he do the right thing to go to the basement. you want to shield yourself from debris in case something is falling. we measure the tornadoes andnado they assess the damage and it's assessed on a scale of zero to five.five this is the scale they use and we had two of those tornadoes as ef1s and two that were ef3s. let me show you where they were. this is unbelievable. the ef1 tornadoes, maclin burg, virginia with 85 to 100-mile 100 hour winds. and waiverly, virginia with 100 to 110-mile per hour winds. w that was the first one we heard.
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very unusual to get these winds. top hand okay, virginia you had a 20-mile path and then in evergreen where we had a fatality, 136 to 165-mile an-mil hour winds.ur so tonight we're much whattingig the last vestiges of this storm system still pushing across thes area and even at this hour are you seeing a couple of floorries? outside our studios in northwest there's still a few flurries, they're not going to amount to anything. it's blustery breezes bringinges in the colder air and a few of the snow showers from across the mountains. overnight we'll drop to 27 in gaithersburg, 29 in dulles, vere cold start and as high pressure builds in tomorrow it's going to be on the cold side. it will be a quiet day. it shouldn't be as quite as blustery as today.s the layers will come in handy for friday and you'll be able tt ditch them by the time the t weekend is over.r. we'll talk about the warmer weekend forecast in just
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minutes. > thank you very much. inou frederick, maryland a persn found a body in a creek inside of willow dale park this morning. that passerby called police.d i is unclear how long the man's body was there before it was discovered. so far the deceased man has not been identified. investigators are trying to t determine if yesterday's stormry might have played a factor in this death. you're really getting beatenten badly. i know you're embarrassed. keep fighting. keep swinging. > a big night in houston, texas. it didn't take things to get ugly between the remaining five republican candidates. many topics were discusseded tonight from healthcare on the candidates' tax here's what the contenders hads to say about the issue of people coming into america illegally. how are you going to make them pay for the wall? i will and the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me.liev the answer is you complete e
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border. you let people know that once it's done you don't have to aright to come inch if you come in we don't want any excuse. you're he going to come back. i am sympathetic when someone came here when they were two or three on their own.w no matter how sympathetic we may be to a cause we cannot violate the constitution of the united states while this president doet on a regular basis. the obama, clinton community has done enormous damage in the hispanic community.ic c i am fighting so everyone who is struggling in the hispanic community and behind will have a fare and even shake in the t american dream.eric this is america and we immediate to have policies that givee liberty and just advertise to all people.l and that's the way that i have fashioned virtually every policy. > we'll see which of the five candidates come out on top during the super tuesday primary elections upcoming tuesday.
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details he emergency about the hunting trip that justice antonin scalia was on. > the families push to get an elementary school named after a fallen firefighter, while others are calling for it to be named after a former educator. the debate when fox5 local mus continues.
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> what a scene in rockville today where a car drove right into an office building. this is a look right on your screen here. this happened at montrose parkway and old georgetown road. despite the substantial damage to the billing, no one was hurt. police have not determined what caused that driver to lose control. > a tense debate is brewing over the name of an elementary school in manassas tonight. family members and firefighters want the school to honor fallen firefighter kyle wilson whosen death was the only line of duty death in the county's history. h while others want long time commuter member dr. georgegeor hamilton to have the honor.. teisha lewis has been followingi this story and joins us life with >>reporter: sarah and
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herbert sanders midd school sch hosted tonight's very patient nathan at times tense sound off. it's going to be a tough decision for the school board and also the naming committeeee because as one resident described it there's no wrong or bad decision. d 49 names were submitted and it has come down to these two individuals. the first fallen firefighter in prince william county, kyle wilson and also dr. georgerge hamilton. now, as for wilson, again he is the county's first firefighter, fallen firefighterment he lost his life in 2007 while fighting a house fire. hamilton is a retired lieutenant colonel and fill and the exist who has donated significant contributions to cancer research, education and also the arts. he did attend tonight's meeting. he is 87 years old. now tonight supporters for wilson and hamilton packed this assembly room inside sanders middle cool. one by one th
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why they feel like their loved one deserves this honor. they made assertions in front oo naming committee who will passl that information onto the school board. it seems like it's going to be a really tough decision. d >> i don't know why. i don't understand why there is any problem with me because my m field is education. i have spent my life dealing with education both as a civilian and as a military person. so i just think it's my turn. the impact that he had in his say 16 years, 14 years of being a teenager and young adult and a the impact he had on the number of people he did to me is very important. now the receipt to name this newest elementary school has been delayed due to
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weather. we are told from here the naming committee will present this p information to the school board and the school board will make a decision on wednesday. he can tell you i would not to o be in their position because itb is going to be a difficult decision. if kyle wilson does receive thit honor this will be the first elementary school in the countyn named after a firefighter. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > you have to feel for anyone y whos what impacted byy yesterday's storm. earlier this afternoon sky fox o was over demass cuss marylandand where straight line winds took down a number of trees. a handful of homes were badly damaged. i guess what we're saying here h in our area, sue, it certainlyly could have bench worse. wor >> it could have been. although that's pretty bad damage up there as well. a lot of trees down and the difference is the storms weren't rotating so much but had these tremendous bow equal who hes with them. the straight line winds. a lot of power
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people just assume they see the power lines down and the treeses up rooted they assume a tornadoa >> everything is going in the t same direction. where when you look down toward evergreen and you look at the damage from the drone, somethine is going this way, something is going that way, it's very fannef out, so you could tell there was rotation. glad there was no worse damage and more importantly nobody was injured by the fallen trees. i'm glad that he said iran right for the basement, exactly what you had you to do to get out of the way. > you may see a few flurries fu tomorrow morning because we're not quite done with this system yet. it's still going to be create a few flurries. we have a little accumulation il the mountains. we had some winter weathere advisories and it's still mighty cold and breezy out there. t i thought teisha looked cold. it will be a
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friday as skies clear out. at 8 in n the morning don't be e surprised if there's still a few passing flurries around. wind chills will be well down into the 20 #-s and maybe someoe teens at 8 in the morning. by noon about 38-degrees. 3 still rather breezy. the breezes will get better as a the day goes on, but still coldc enough to make the 38 feel like the upper 20s. winds will start to get better gradually. our average high temperature is now i wanted you to see that tomorrow only 42 so wee barely getting up there on the line graph. 42 for saturday. a big jump on sunday up to 60-degrees. soeg a 15-degree jump in a short amount of time will feel good. monday's treatment about 6 #ut 6 degrees. it looks like all these days da with the exception of a few flurries tomorrow are going to be on the dry side. we still could catch a gust of o 2 miles in the morning.
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notice the direction out of the north, northwest. as we go through the day it should get a little bit better. as you are heading out tomorrow night take a jacket. it will still be cold. high pressure will eventually billed in but we'll keep the gusts over 20 miles an hour as you saw there on our model for the next 4 hours. ho good news for the weekend, as the high builds in, a dry chilly saturday, but a nice sunday as we head for the 60s. 6 as we look at four fox5 seven day forecast, even monday with a little bit cloud cover we'll w still be warm. maybe lunch outside on monday to extend the good feeling.. tuesday, 60-degrees, our next nx chance of rain comes on wednesday of we think that storm on wednesday is going to take a track more to the west which means it's going to be another rain producer for us keeping the snow out of the d.c. region at least for the wednesday storm. s that is your seven day forecast. jim lokay.
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six days from now the nats play their first spring training down against the raise. but now it's time to take the dust t off and learn under a new manager baker.o > everyone got there with the exception of jason werth. busty baker who was first drafted by a player by the atlanta brace 49 years ago how has his approach changed other time. >> the guys usually don't respond until maybe end of camp. it takes them longer, you know. where the young kids, they are wide open.. that's why i don't compare young kids with older players in i spring training too much because it's not fair to the older dudes > true story he forgot bruce harper's game and
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wrist. > the half shot, end of third quarter, all that way. that's his third game of this the season with at least 50 points. the most in seven years, the final 130 to 114. the warriors are now 52 and 5. a all right, you decide 2016 and d no, we're not you can thatting about the gop debate. d we're talking about a presidency that transends boarders, transsends cultures, the if i a president i is up for grabs. f without further ado the can't dads. >> shake them man running aiagt al bin hussain who iso the us choice. i'm calling this guy johnny the baby.. his real name is johnny infant teen owe. and then the fun names, jerome champagne of france. my personal p favorite tokyo second wall
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one of those people will be your if i a president. > replacing set bladder. b already we had a strange name. >> i think it's part of the qualification. > coming up next, why advise a president joe biden is making aa special appearance at the cross areas this weekend. see what happened when kerry underwood surprised a local military family right here in d.c. as we head to break, here's a look at some of the thursday throw back pictures you sent us using hashtag fox5 tbt. .
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> it was a special night fora one military family in thespamil district. the juan family got to meet country music superstar carry underwood before she hit the stage at the verizon center tonight. it was all thanks to carnival crews line who teamed up with operation home front. it seemed like a great gre opportunity when we started talking to carnival about, you know, things that we could do d and they talked about operation home front and how near and deer that was to their hearts. i was like i would love to be involved. again, i get to just show up and meet really good people and hear cool stories and say thank you. it's just a no brainer. > underwood priced the family with a trip to new york for later this year for a private concert port side aboard carnival's newest ship carnival vista. very, very nice.
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>> yes, she is. > new details are emerge i about the hunting trip that tri supreme court justice antonin scalia was on. they report he was on a get away of a high ranking hunters thatng dates back to 1965. >> never heard of this. thi > probably not. good one, sarah.. hello mrs. obvious. people in the washington post report scalia was a member of the secretive society called the international state tubb necessary. the owner of the ranch tells the post that he is not aware of any relationship between scalia and the group. so strange.. >> that's our show for tonight. we'll see you tomorrow morning. bye-bye.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ufc champ conor mcgregor gets -- regrets saying he would whoop jesus christ's ass and taking it out on our photog. >> what could be better, getting trash talked from the best trash talker. harvey: charlie, he was two steps from kicking your ass. >> do you get workmen's camp if you got hit? >> next time i see him i'm going to ask another jesus question. >> big man, you could get jesus' ass! >> chris pratt at l.a.x. i go, do you ever miss being fat? >> i'm still a bit fat. >> no, you're not. >> it's just all hidden. >> dude, he's right, he will never not be fat. he's just fighting it. if he lets it go, he will put ranch on his ice cream. i promise you. >> kylie jenner, she may have an unwanted visitor at her home.


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