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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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weather and traffic on theand tr 5s at 6:05. 6:0 >> special day. good morning, i'm allisonon seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. cne we will can um to fox5 newscan m morning. first up a pentagon stafftagon f sergeant due in court in just i a few hours accused of killing l his wife and a prince williamlim county police officer. the deadly chain of events started saturday with a fight between ronald hamilton andiln his wifely she called 911 butd 1 she was shot and killed kille moments later.moments la when police arrived lament ton m is then accused of openingpe fire on three officers killingsi ashley guindon who had been h sworn in just the day before.ef. two other officers are still in the hospital.pil. >> friends and family gatheramia to remember officer ashleyshle guindon during a candlelightelig vigil. members of the community litniit candles and prayed that herraye life was not taken in vain.en i prince william county officersoc also held a memorial procession.on a makeshift memorial was started on the lawn on theaw crystal hamilton's woodbridge home. nearby residents say they were troubled by what happened andath they wanted to pay theiray t res
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flowers to honor her.owers to hr >> the police officer was shotof and killed on her first day onfo the job just an hour and a half into her first shift onst the job. >> melanie alnwick is live nowe at police headquarters withhe more on this horrible story.tory mel. >> reporter: well, steve andte allison, yesr:terday the policec chief said the county and thehe police force is in a deepeep sense of shock and sadness. sad you can see the county policeou car draped in blank burninged i remaining outside the western ws district station where officerrf guindon reported for her first h and last day of duty saturday. r sunday was a day of mourning. prince william county policeli officers held a memorial a memor procession for officeroc the 28-year-old was a former for marine corps reservist andvi earned a master's degree in forensic science. science she chief steve hudson praisedra her passion for helping others.othe. bag pipes played at the princepy william county complex sundayty evening. c officer guindon had only beeny on duty for an hour and a half when she and two other o officers responded to crystalpo hamilton's call
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fellow officers and community members said she was no less aas part of them. >> honor this lady who wasas killed guarding us all,, serving us all and we shouldnd w all honor and respect our resct first responders, our police, firefighters and our service sve men and women. w >> as americans we should be we should -- these men andse mea women go out to save us, goaloal out to serve us and they t deserve more than what they're -- >> reporter: well, the other o two officers that were with ashley guindon, 31-year-oldye jessie hempen and eight and a half year veteran of the force and 33-year-old david d mckeown on the force 10own on te years both were shot multipleule times and may need additionaldda surgery. the chief says they may haveys a very long recoveries ahead ofea them.. officer ashley guindon is the t fourth prince william countyilly police officer kille
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line of duty and only the second murdered on the job. live in prince william county,wi i'm melanie alnwick, fox5lanie w local news. n >> mel, thanks. we're going to continue tog follow this story all at 7:00 bob barnard will berd w outside of the prince william w county courtroom in manassasourt and then at 8:30 the prince pri william county police chief will join us to talk aboutus this deadly shooting in woodbridge.odidge >> new this morning, maryland state police now investigatingei a crash in charles county as ans potential homicide.omic police say a crash wasay cra reported around 3:00 yesterday afternoon along hughesville bypass on route five near oldead leonardtown road.n roa now, troopers found an overturned motorcycle and its driver who was ejected fromctedf the motorcycle pronounced deadno at the scene. investigators say a forensic for examer discovered the victim vti was also shot.waalso s detectives are still workingll r to determine the exact cause of death. dea >> and in montgomery county, a bethesda community is mournings the loss of a local high school student and his a his they were killed in a carree craskih at the intersection ofeo river road and pile road on saturday.ay
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mother and their 18-year-oldyear son died at the scene. a fourth family member was taken to the hospital with theti life-threatening injuries.hrea the other driver is expected exc to recover. so far no charges have been filed. ♪ ♪ >> four minutes past the let's get a check on thet a che forecast as we look outside a this morning. looks like a rather warm startms to this day after a beautifulea yesterday t hard to ask for more thanore that. >> it was in the mid 60'sin yesterday. tye >> that was great.. everybody was outside doingdoing something.s >> tell me about it:saw peoplewp all over the steam i went running. >> i see that. in >> training, yeah.h. >> good day for training or too warm. w >> good to have the trainingra over.over can hardly walk today. tay beautiful day.l d clouds, still looking at mildngd temperatures to start yourature monday and maybe a sprinkle sprl this morning but we're going'reg to keep the warm streak intact t for a few more days. more let's see. 53 in washington.hi 52 in leonardtown.rd 53 in fredericksburg.urg. everybody's in the uner 40's, 4 low 50's so nice mild start todr
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clouds are increasing lasting l couple hours an few showershowes out to the west could sneak in here and then we'll turnll t partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. we'll keep it nice and mild. m winds will be out of the weste and it will be a very, very ver pleasant monday afternoon andndt a pleasant tuesday, too,sday, t before we get to cooler coo weather for the middle of theth week but there you go.ut little bit of a gusty wind gty d this afternoon but with a higho temperature of 62 i think it will still feel pretty good.ett. generally don't need anralldon' umbrella. maybe a shower early thisshow morning.morning. >> okay. >> okay. >> looks good. thanks, tuck. >> thumbs up on you.thup o >> say good morning to erind mo hi, erin.hi >> good morning.>> g 6:05 and we have a lot to get through. skyfox is in montgomery countyon over muncaster mill.eril this is out by needwood road.dwd we have a big crash scene there. needwood blocked right now.lockg you'll need to detour aroundee that.d tss're in the process of trying to get some of the vehicles involveded to out ofnvl the way. you can see some firstt responders, police officersli out of their vehicles. use caution. looks like they are letting ltt southbound traffic through on needwood but it had been shut s down. we have another big crash.anot take a look at this.oo
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on the southbound side at adelphi road.i r several lanes are because ofne there it is causinu a huge backup on new hampshire avenue. factor in extra time becauseimec you can see both sides of the road right now just the center c lane squeezing by as folkss f merge into that one lane righth now. now. so like i said backed up for a f few miles right now.ightow we're going to keep youing top updated on both of those crashhe scenes. we'll take a look at our mapsoop right now. as side from that crashfromha activity in montgomery county,ou light traffic 70 to 80 on 270n 7 southbound.. right now we don't have anyw wed reported crashes. you can see that yellow zonelown right now, it is just movingovig slow as usual from frederickreri towards 395 southbound still dealingundt with an active work zone.on set to be out there throughre about 8 o'clock.about 8 o'clock. right lane after seminary roader are blocked. northbound traffic looking lookg good from the beltway throughbeh the 14th street bridge.ridg can he bridge moving alongridg just fine and the douglas dougl bridge seeing no prob else probe before. we'll let you know if anythingkt big starts to pop up. eleventh street bridge quiet.idi i'll let you know when that tt back to you allison. to >> thank you. emotionalmoan admiss
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next, our very first look at a virginia college student detained in north >> new fireworks before superoru tuesday. donald trump taking heat overt o a kk endorsement from all fm sides on the campaign trail. we'll be right back. it's 6:07. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> ♪ >> 6:08 now. the death toll in iraq is growing this morning following back to back bombings. now at 73 people. the first blast ripped throughsr a crowded market. marke then as people gathered atathere that site the suicide bombercidm blew up isis is claiming claimin responsibility overnight inrnigi north korea the first glim of g a university of have a is aty o student since he was detainedete there two months ago.e in a press conference 21-year-old otto warmier war confessed to crimes againstmes s north korea and apologized for trying to steal a politicalea banner. he said he wanted the bannerd t as a trophy to give to the mother of a friend.en one of pope francis' top top advisers testified on churchtifd abuse allegations yesterday an australian cardinal georgel geo pell said the catholic churchcrc made enormous mistakes. mke pell said the church was working to remedy those remedy e mistakes. he gave his testimony to
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australia's royal commissionommi via video link from a hotel a ht room in rome just a few blocksek from the vatican.atic >> less than 24 hours super tuesday on the campaigny n trail in virginia republicanubli presidential candidate marcoal n rubio blasting donald trumpald for not rejecting support from former kkk grand wizard david dd duke.duke rubio pointed out trump doesmp e know who he is.e i >> at some .10 or 15 years agogo when donald trump was thinkingg about running for presidentde in the re-- for the reformed red party one of the reasons why the he said he wasn't going to run is because david duke was part t of the reform party. par so he knows exactly who david dv duke he was asked this morning twongo times will you repudiate and you condemn the ku klux clan and a he refused to do that as well.el >> trump by the way picked upicd another big endorsement overseme the weekend from alabamaba senator jeff sessions.ession the gop frontrunner with twoith planned stops today, one at, ont radford university in virginiaty
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and then off to georgia. georgia ted cruz plans to campaign inig his home state of texas today,ay ben carson will be in thee t commonwealth at a forum ator a regent university in virginiainr be at george mason university ue in fairfax tomorrow.omrow. >> as for the democrats fresh dc off of herra big win in southut carolina hillary clinton willryn also make the campaign stop atto george mason university. the event takes place thislacehs afternoon and then it's off to t bernie sanders still confidentnt going forward. the vermont senator told hist se supporters he needs their helpel to win the general electionlecto and there would be nothing not that would give him moreim mor pleasure than to defeat donaldda if you still mail letters, t i do, do you?? >> occasionally.y. >> okay. good news for us, yay!, the price of a stamp sta getting cheaper.heaper. details >> i don't think i've ever't heard that befor te. >> live look ought yes, i didug cease we head to break this morning. warm, comfortable, weather and g traffic on the 5s next. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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with x1 from xfinity. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. >> starbucks brewing up a new be idea opening up its first store in italy. starbucks ceo says he wasngsts inspired to do so after drinking an espresso in milan. m the chain will open in milan mil early next year but will face a tough challenge due to italian's love of coffee ande a local cafes. >> i would think so. i w did you say something about aso debut. speaking of debuts apple will w unveil a new ipad and iphone later this month oneonthe day before the fbi hearing over a fight to unlock a cell c phone used in the san the s bernadino terror attack. now the new gadgets thoughadgets will reportedly be revealed onlo march 21st. 21st.
6:15 am
the new iphone is rumored to be even smarter featuring ag a 4-inch display. displ this would be apple's firstle'sr media event of the new year. y >> a >> maybe it's time for me to get -- my phone now shuts offows at like 30 percent.0 rc >> battery is usually thesual first to go. tucker barnes with a look atoo the forecast out there today. ty looks like a pretty good one.ooe >> yeah, it's going to be a nice afternoon. afteron we got some clouds and maybe a few showers this morning. m speaking of nice, yesterdaye, yy was absolutely gorgeous withy go temperatures in the mid 60'sur for daytime highses.meig very pleasant afternoon anderno we're going do that again t a today. here's your bus stop forecast.or temperatures out there early ouy this morning about 50 or songbo with a few showers around. scattered -- we'll look at thele radar again.dar agai a few scattered showers reallyed not going to amount to much. muc after schooling breezyte conditions temperatures in there mid-50's to about 60 later this afternoon.ernoon 53 this morning in washington.hg 54 in annapolis.ol everybody pretty muchody prettyh everybody frederick you're 48, culpeper 48 but everybody else e 50 or b we're mild out there. pretty good winds ahead of ourwr front out of the south andofhe u south and west. w we'll be dealing with windsith s today. there's satellite and radar. cloud cover increasing prettyeat
6:16 am
quick. here's your shower activitysh and it's a cold front but theowe main ae off to the north and will dragn most of the energy to thef gy north here so i think most of m these showers are going toshers fall apart before they make it a into our region but we coulde cu have a few showers in the nextex few hours and then as this t front gets east of us we'll quickly clear out.le o wand blustery morning, early ely afternoon.oon. setting up for a nice evening, g nice tuesday before our nextay r chance of raine arrives onesn wednesday. there's a quick look at thequ sevenic day. d 62 glorious degrees today.ees t. should be another niceanr nice afternoon.afrnoon. look at tomorrow 63.orw and then some cooler weatherrthr and believe it or not we're tracking the possibility of, yes, the possibility of atyf little winter weather around arn here on friday. fy. yes, highs will only be in the e 30's so we'll have to watch to t that as there's a possibility --rin is giving giv it a thumbs down and a no way. w all right, erin, i'll work on o it. it how's traffic looking thisicoo morning. >> i gave eight cut it out
6:17 am
because i watched the new full f house on friday and i have ite on my brain. >> isn't it fuller house now.fuh >> yes, it is tucker recommend it. right now not so crazy about a the morning traffic. tra skyfox is over new hampshireir avenue it's the southbounds e s side. there's crash activity.s cras you can see blocking the intersection part of thear left-hand turn lane and thed tun right lane right there, one lane of traffic crawling by at adelphi road. r some metro buses are on detour. northbound traffic movingnd t along just fine but they have to get that accidente scenet s cleared out of the way. look from skyfox seeing a lotsk of typicalyf congestion picking up around the district sotrict s let's take a look at our maps op right now. we'll keep you updated onn that. southbound new hampshireound dealing with some reallyth some backed up traffic.ffic 270 southbound down to a high ah of about 31 miles per hour. hou light strom 85 to the truck scales. you'll need extra time there.ti. then 66 on the eastbound side sd 234 to 70ville 31 miles perper hour. a lot of congestion picking csto up.u. 395 south right lanes afteran seminary road are blocked bute b no major slowdowns and keep itee to the left. northbound traffic stillra flowing. flowing. some congestion picking upge
6:18 am
from the beltway.ay bottom of the beltway acrosse the wilson bridge increasingas volume but nothing slo down terribly yet and metro is t on schedule.chede. metrobus no alerts but like ie said, if you take new take new hampshire avenue southboundue so some buses are starting to seeos delays. that's your look at traffic.lot back to you steve and allison. s >> wie you may have felt the squeeze if you were recentlyif on an y airplane.irplan they have been slowly cuttingy i down on leg room and somee members of congress want to doat something about it.g out we'll explain after the break. >> hollywood's big nightly wrapped up just a few hours ago. this year's oscarswous full of
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laughs, a few surprises. few sur we'll break it down for you afou little bit later of course in the fox5. it's now 6:18. >> some in congress want toe in control the amount of leg roomam on planes. first though a check of the markets. joining us from the accident fox business network studioussso lauren simonetti. son how is it monday already,lrea lauren? good morning. mor >> reporter: i know and leap and day, rider. good morning. >> yeah. i feel happy again.i little bonus forfe me. m how are we looking on wall street. leap day not good for theay n stock market. that's true. his leap day as well. dow futures down about 80wn abo points. we had a mixed friday for last week. week the dow was down 57 points,w s n the nasdaq was up eight-point,hp s & p a bit lower.& p bit low here's the good news.heoo for the month of februaryh of fb which comes to an end today,to t it has been great for the dow d and the s & p. it really truly has. has. so, the nasdaq needs some s juice for the month but we'rer
6:22 am
finally starting to maybe we w can come back up. bk in your 401k if you don't likeol what yous >> that's good news. let's talk about can congress cn trying to get involved in theinn leg room on the oe pln now, see, i would think thathat congressmen and women just flyut first class and it doesn'tt doen matter but they're looking outng for the rest of under theunder e circumstances, lauren.rc >> reporter: new york r senator chuck schumer says look back in theep 1970's yous had a whole 17-inches more leg room. you had four extra inches.d fo so, it was 35-inches from youres seat to the seat in front ofn of you. you. that's called pitch and nowd n it's 31-inches. 31-inch seat width has shrunk byas s 2-inches as well.l. so, we've given up so muchh room yet we're paying so muchuch more to fly and schumer says s nope, that's not cool so he'll introduce an amendment to thehe upcoming federal aviation aat administration bill to forceon the agency to b set minimum space standards.ta
6:23 am
>> trying to figure out howe ouh that would actually work or be e carried out but that's okay. let's leave it up to peopleo ppl who are smarter than we are i i suppose. last but not least the priceri of a stamp may be going down goi which is something personally i've never reportd that it's i going down. because you're not 97 years old. the last time stamps went down m in price was 97 years ago. >> hm. >> reporter: it's a big rte deal. it's a little interesting howtl this is happening. right now the price of a stamp is 49 cents. come april 10th that goes downn not 48 but all the way to 47 t cents and the reason is if youiy remember back in 2014 the postal service hiked prices byrs three cents. as part of a deal withar congress where they said we'rehw bleeding cash we need moneyeedoy let us raise prices and bring b in some money and it workedt wor but things are looking a lking little bit better but as part ap of that deal congress said you have to roll these prices backsb so they're rolling them back by two cents in april. >> okay. every two cents counts.
6:24 am
>> reporter: i agree butor what do you do for your forever stamps that are like 49 cents. i feel like you >> i'll slap them on there.m on lauren thank you so much uh thank you. >> yeah they're foreverer you just hold onto themd to t forever. >> now is your chance to buy low, tuck. >> exactly.xaly >> our poor post office, justic, so many changes, you know, and a people don't really mail reay letters like we used to. used >> is that true? >> uh-huh. i still like to get a goodl li letter in the mail, though.thoug >> probably send 10 bills aen month. now it's like's lik >> yes. >> incredible. >> all right, hey, what a beautiful sunday we had.igl ay w we'll have a good lookingl ha ag monday but not quite thereay but yet. we got a couple clouds, maybes, a shower here like that kind of look i have makeup in my eye but i was trying to do a squintint there. 53 at reagan national. >> it worked. >> bwi marshall 53 degrees. 53 r nice mild start. few clouds out there early and there's your shower activityoura working into western maryland. m most of the showers are going a to kind of work around our
6:25 am the energy on this one staysones to the north. the winds will pick up. up. it will b afternoon. we're still looking at mildil l temperatures.temper yesterday i'm sure every resident in greater washingtonn was outside for a period of glime so pretty.glim >> you can do the same today sat if you can get out of work for k a few hours as we'll be 62 degrees. tomorrow looks we have a cooldown and, yesrr,ns believe it or not by friday wed could have a return of some of s winter weather. weath. >> what? >> yeah. >> okay. >> we'll talk more about thatk e but let's enjoy today first. 62 degrees. >> thanks tucker.>> >> let's check in with erin see how the roads are this morning.he hi , erin. >> meh. new hampshire avenue avee southbound crash activity at csa adelphi road,y -- see one of s e the vehicles is on a flatbed ona right now.righnow traffic is getting by butting bt because some lanes are blockedab it's causing a delay and some se metro buses are also facingls delays. be prepared for that one. northbound traffic not traff affected and moving along just d we'll check in with our mapsh now.
6:26 am
a lot of typical congestion ingt stafford. 95 on the northbound side all n backed up as you head towardsor quantico.quanti 31 miles per hour.31 light volume in fredericklume ie right now. n 270 southbound, 85 to theund,to truck scales so just be just prepared for that one. that we'll crowds down for a lookowds in virginia on 66.n 6 234 to centreville 31 milesle per hour. pe big yellow zone as you head youa towards the beltway.s the b also just jt co a lot of folks trying to getofon into the district for work it 395 northbound looking good.oong southbound side by seminaryemin still dealing withea construction. as you make your way out on on metro this morning the good mnie news is no alerts for rail. all lines on schedule at thisult time.ti now keep in mind as you make you your way out on five inbound inb you're backed up suitland parkway inbound by naylor.aylo seeing a lot of heavyng a congestion. i got you covered. cov a lot of usual delays you'reof up against for this beautiful uf monday morning. mni back to you, allison and and steve.ev >> still ahead, the latest onat that deadly shooting of af police officer.ic
6:27 am
we're going to let you knoww about memorial efforts thatl efr are going on. o >> if sports the nationalsatio ngcked offspring training playfi business week. this weekend head a littletle fun. >> a live look outside on this n
6:28 am
6:29 am
leap day.le it's going to be another warm te day, a little windy, though. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> 6:29. welcome back to fox5 news morning. morning. it's leap day everybody, 2016.d2 weather and traffic coming up cp on the 5s at 6:35. 6:3 first at 6:30, though, a
6:30 am
pentagon staff sergeantff sergen accused of killing his wifeng h and a virginia police officerlif is due in c police say 32-year-old ronaldon hamilton gunned down princeun william county officer ashleyy guindon.guindon. two other officers werehefice injuredly they remainredlthey hospitalized. this deadly chain of eventsf evt started way fight betweenht b hamilton and his wife crystalryt in woodbridge.e. hamilton is charged withharged h capitol murder of a policemu of officer and first degreeirst d murder for the death of his wife.wife. hamilton is being held withoutit bond. prosecutors say they may seeksah the death penalty in thisty in h case. prince william countynty officer killed in thatr ki shooting was killed on her h first day on that job. job the incident happened just anpen hour and a half into her shift.sht. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters inli manassas now with more.ce just a horrible sastory n all around.around. mel, good morning.mel, >> reporter: that's right, allison, and just so muchust uch shock and grieve here ine prince william county, and of course here at the police pic
6:31 am
department as well. you can see the cards andar flowers that continue to beto left here this morning.orng people coming up and giving gin their condolences for officer oc officer in prince williame county to be killed in theo line of duty but only the the second to be murdered on the job.b. yesterday the police chief talked about the fact thathat officer guindon just needed todt come back to the force. for weren't that she trained with the force and then left for some personal reasons and decided that this was reallyea in her blood, this is what she s wanted to do and she needed todo come back and just so shocking g that it was really as we've w learned only an hour and a half into her very first shift here with the western district t station when she and two other o colleagues responded to that call for domestic violence, crystal hampton.ampton how they were gunned downe literally as they arrived on the scene there. the
6:32 am
there has been an outpouring ouo of support. of support. we know that fairfax county officers were out in front ofon the hospital showing how much they were pulling for those tse officers.offi we have video for you fromo forr yesterday, pretty much a dayreth of morning from sun up to sundown, countywide in prince william county. county. officers held a processionalceio and memorial, the prince t william county officers d wecouf know that ashley was a marine corps she had a master's degree ine forensic science. scien chief hudson praised her praed passion for helping others. yesterday in the evening thereng was a more countywide serviceidi at the prince william county complex. there were bag pipes and b bikers out there, people of all walks of life saying thatsaa even though she had only been on the job for a very short time, she was no less a memberr of their families saying thating we really need to be thankful ta and pay more attention andion ad more respect to the jobs thats t
6:33 am
police officers do today too help keep everybody else safe s in their communities and in a i their homes and out on the chief hudson was definitely --in you could tell he was tryingry to hold it very much close toseo the vest in that press conference, really wanting too give his heart felt thanks tot h the officers and to the rest r of the police officerf e po community for their supportei sp during this very difficult dficu time. live in woodbridge, i'mwood melanie alnwick, fox5 localk, f news. >> thank you melanie. 6:33. time for the morning line and m we'rore three months away fromnt the stanley cup if i'ms and it d is the capitals still with thei best record in the league andd n they have a change thise ts season. se a chance i should say to pass the detroit red wings record for points set in 1996. 199 another good team defending defi champion blackhawks and those t teams faced off on the ice yesterday.yester caps on the power play justinwe williams denied mark can cank c you say johansson.y joanss goal number 15 for him.or but unfortunately a short
6:34 am
lived lead. ld. 30 seconds the to be act. king beat holtby but this time e king got the best of him. that's year for cane. holtby allowed three goals including an assist via a kick k and the capitals lose three to two. two. no lebron james on the leb court at verizon center.t ver he sat out against theinst wizards. the wizards led by nine at the half. they rolled assembled halfolle otto porter show three shoth straight possessions threeht straight 3's. pstraht 3 porter outscored the cavs by him sever in the thirdseve quarter. washington rested its starter it in the fourth. fouh. they cruised 113-99. at one point they were up 30. another home game for thee for t wizards tonight hosting the 76ers. what a game for steph curry. on saturday night this is wentts to overtime. ove here's your game win e everything he throws up goes in. game winner. win curry shooting 40 percent onrceo shots over 30 feet. a full 8 feet farther than then three-point line in the nba. unbelievable.ev sports junkies could not joinldn us today because they are iny ai florida.fl
6:35 am
they're catching up with the upt nationals on spring training tin at spring the first training game willamwi the team released this videoideo on their twitter page showing so the players arriving over the t past week or so on theon t practice field and sign something autographs for theau fans down in flotorida.da some nats players had a littleie fun before last night'snighs oscars. there's jayson werth with hisonw nomination for best picture. no caption necessary for thery t that is max scherzer. i sayss making a waste land out of opposing lineups in honorn h of "mad max." and erin barrett released a bear for the revenant. >> highlight was when the bearnh was applauding last night. nig did you see that.e that >> no. >> i don't know what a ward it was but someone was dressed upp as a bear >> bare did have a major roled a in that movie he. >> bare did, yes. y bear could have won probablywonb best. be
6:36 am
>> supporting actor.>> s >> in a comedy.a ed >> not sure that scene was comedy but yes i get what you're saying.ay that steve curry shot ws he looked so relaxed while he wi was doing it. >> jogging down the court and throws it up. >> i couldn't even throw thathrt it far. it f 48 in frederick.freri mild start to the day.rto th another very mild afternoon,ftnn warm afternoon, low 60's out0'st there.ther we are waking up with some clouds.clouds. we'll have a sprinkle officerinl shower in the early morning morg forecast.forecast most of your day will be part bp to mostly sun as this front very quicklyy moves through the region andregi we get a chance to clear it out. out. 62 this afternoon it is goingrn to be a breezy afternoon.ooee tomorrow looks absolutely looksl govern, 63 degrees. 63 gree rain cooler temperatures by wednesday.we and we're on track right now for something wintry onn friday. what that might be i'm just jus not sure yet. y >> maybe just cold weather, tucker. tuck >> cold weather, maybe some s snowflakes, some other winter, o friends but this might be the te last hurrah.
6:37 am
>> 62 today. >> uh-huh. >> and maybe snow on friday. >> yeah, in fact i would say likely we'll get winteretin weather around here on friday. >> okay. >> yesterday my daughter asked why is there a leap day.y. >> i said it's an extra day.xtr. >> but she said why.ut she saidy >> i'll get back to you latercko after school.r s >> you can just say go look it upline. >> it is but i want to be thehe authority. >> i know but you didn't have h the or there. t >> i didn't know how to >> mommy knows and explain toxpn me what do you think.hat do some research. researc >> go look it up, i like that.ea >> see, i got you covered allison. right now car fire reported repe inner loop at 202. at 2 caution at that location. thaloc we'll certainly keep youlyeep updated and let you know if several lanes get blocked inet prince george's county. georg in prince georges county bws cou parkway right now northbound crash after powder mill road.del delays back to the goddardheod flight center.hten
6:38 am
give yourself extra time.xtra tm if you have to get to bwi 95 bwi northbound might be a better typical congestion bw southbound. 31 miles per hour light volume l 85 to the truck scales you'llca need extra time to get througher that once you get down to gaithersburg you will hit more e stop-and-go traffic. tffic 66 east same story there 234 th2 to centreville. centrev bottom of the beltway springfield interchangengfield through annandale getting ageing little heavier as well.el we'll take a live look outsidese show you how awesome yourso commute is shaping u you can see five inbounde iou northbound volume at 301 a lot0a of brake lights as you head toss the beltway.the belt new york avenue inboundyork backing up in suit lands suit ld parkway inbound as you head h into the district by naylor.y no heavy traffic as well ourl bridge traffic on the key on thy bridge picking up, too.p, got you covered.u cover that is your look at traffic. l metro is on time. o time. might be a better bet andetter a sounds like it's going to be a beautiful walk this morning to the metro stop. steve. >> coming up a very specialery i honor today for a navyr y fo serviceman. >> the big winners from last wns
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
night's oscars. oscar plus a lot of laughs couple of snubs. kevin mccarthy is back withrt i that in today's fox beat. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> at the white house studentswt from d.c. and baltimore will. aa help president barack obamare kick off national week at theioa lab. scientists and engineers will be on land to help withland hands-on activities on land to help with that and throughout the week more than 50 labs in 20 states will open their doors to elementary and high ati
6:42 am
school the goal is to end can occur o rap young people especiallype girls and minoritys to pursue careers in the fields of science technology engineeringii and math or stem. >> happening in the district i the 33rd annual law law enforcement awards ceremonyeron awards presented to about 20000 federal state and local lawaw enforcement officers. the event sponsored by thehe d.c. u.s. attorney's officers. r the president willt presenter the medal of honor to a navy s.e.a.l. for hiss. for actions in afghanistan.hani senior chief special warfare war officer ward bynes served as aye team that rescued an americann a hostage in afghanistan inin a 2012. bynes and his family will joinmy the president at the whitent house to receive that award.war. coming up next it is theex morning after.morninter. kevin joins us after getting g just a couple hours of sleepf up late watching the that's up next. >> before we take tout breaktoub
6:43 am
6:45 am
if you have a news tip sharetipe it with us. e-mail your tips to fox5 tips5 t at we're back in a moment. >> this is the bw parkwayis bw right around powder mill an accident involving thatolvint commuter bus right there and a r car. the bus was empty at the time.t no reports on injuries rightiesr now but looks like traffic israc getting by but again one laneinn is blocked right now. block rig bw parkway at powder milldemi road. we'll get erin on that. t you can see some of the somof te backups that were formings th because they lost that lane onos the right side.righside boy, this backup starting totar extend pretty good right nowy gd at 6:45. >> yeah, good morning. mor
6:46 am
>> welcome to monday. >> happy monday. m >> i've got good news in thehe monday in addition to the fact it's it' afternoonetts go to thes go the graphic.grap kick back and i know it's early b but see ifus you can understand this.can all right. rht today sunrise at 6:41 a.m. sunsets for the first time tim this year at 6:clock. 6:clock all right? headed in theheed i right direction.ecti we now get 11 hours and 19nd minutes of sunshine today.unshiy >> thank you. >> already looking forward to lg springing forward.foward >> we do that a week fromro saturday.satu >> we do?? >> yeah.>> >> it's that soon.>> it's >> yeah. >> a week from saturday. s >> just made me happy, tuck.pyuc >> it's on the way.s on the all right, let's see if this t will make you happy now.ap 53 in washington.asng we probably will add about abo 10 degrees to these numbers as m we'll be back in the low 60's.0' 52 in leonardtown.rdto north and west we got a 48 in frederick. the entire region fairly mild ml to start your day and we'll be b in for another pleasantt afternoon. yesterday made it into the midid 60'sly all three area airports o
6:47 am
mid 60's. what a great sunday.atunday. little bit of cloud of this is a cold ia coldf it won't bring us colder airde a activity bit will bring a lotril of winds later this morning so labor day breezy afternoon. we could fire up a shower or a sprinkle here over the next t n couple hours but really noty very impress did you have impre. tomorrow looks fantastic. then we'll start a progression s of cooler temperatures by therau middle of the week that willhatl set us up for friday. fri we'll talk about that.ou t 62 winds out of the west 1520 sunny and breezy mild afternoon.aftern another round of rain onr ro wednesday and then it looksd th like we're settilong the stage e for a possible wintry event eve here on friday.ri rain and or snow. s temperatures will be in the upper 30's for daytime highs.ig. and i was just looking the the latest guidance. of course we all look at these
6:48 am
all the time now. timno it looks like it could bring bri us wintry weather by earlyyar friday morning so maybe onebe last chance for a little bitr te of winter weather for those f all right, that is weather.eathr erin's back with the roads. r how is it looking out thereut this morning.orni. >> 6:47. we'll start you out withh skyfox. bw parkway a crash involving an empty commuter bus andbus d another vehicle. veh right lane right shoulderht shoe blocked just north of powder pow mill road and slow movingoaand traffic you can see lingering back to the goddard spacerdpace flight center. i'd avoid bw parkway this morning if you're heading upbw towards bwi. b take 95 northbound. you can see just several milesem of crawling traffic southboundgr side actually towards theua beltway looking muchll i'll let you know when that right lane does reopen this morning. some other issues you need to be aware of this morning. 295 and south really heavyyea traffic right now. n eastern avenue to pennsylvaniana avenue average speeds at about a 14 miles per hour.14 miles then we have a crash on the shoulder, 95 northbound inn stafford, 610 that's where the6 crash scene s delays all thelaye way back to centreport parkway.
6:49 am
look at that long line of red l as you head out in stafford, sta be prepared 95 northbound isboud not looking so hot.o h then once you get north of that point towards woodbridgeri and dale city you do hit stop-and-go traffic again and we have a vehicle firecle fe reported inner loop at 202. 2 caution through that area.n inner loopth really jams right r now over the wilson bridge andsa then 270 south just a reallyea slow roll as you head throughd o delays are starting to get atart little heavier towards theowardt truck scales.truck sc that's your look at traffic. arf we got you covered for this fors monday back to you guys. >> ♪ >> want to say good morning to s our facebook fan of the dayf th today, it is arne cia. c today it is her birthday andthdn that means she is indeed aee leap year baby. >> all right. so, get this. she is turning nine years oldea young forever. forever >> that is funny and she saysnye that she plans on watching watin fox5 to start her birthday off right.t.
6:50 am
for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a photo p below arnecia. aec also want to say good morning to mis >> ready. >> you look like a reservoir dog. >> did you sleep in that >> i've been in this suitbeen probably since i friday.ri >> all right still lookingoo dapper.dapper. >> that looks legit. leg >> it is the reservoir dogs.ogs. lots of awards last night, nig lots of surprises.lots of s one quick note about the show itself. itself way too long.wa you can't give best picture at midnight. ridiculous.ridicu >> you were probably so ampedmp after that you didn't sleept sl the all.ll >> i was sleeping coffeeas sleen throughout the show because ihoe had been doing predictions onre fox and friends.x d friends. this show to me was problematic, chris rock had a powerful opening monologue and then you go to screen play.een a you have to keep going with wit the power house of the t go to a big award, go to an a acting award. >> what do they normally >> they've gone to supportingupn
6:51 am
actors in the past. p this year they went to been. tob >> play. you have this lull of hourshi with no majors awards.wa i like the technic most audiences want to seat to a best actor and best actress award.awd. i thought the show was a little too drawn out.. there's some performances.fos. we'll get to how chris rockk did. best picture "spotlight."spotli. i think this was the best the journalism film since all the fl president's men.esid this film is based on the true t story of the boston globetogl spotlight division of theirf thr investigation that uncoveredion the massive child molestationtin scandal in the boston catholic "spotlight" is the first filmirf since 1950's the greatest show on earth to win best pictureic were you only two total oscars. very interesting there. the the revenant took home threethre oscars last night including ilu best actor finally forinly leonardo dicaprio. this is a huge win for him.or hm he's never won before.onefor fifth acting nomination andnnd finally he took home the oscar.oscar. great, great political speech se about climate control lastma night. check this out. out
6:52 am
>> our production needed toctn e move to the southern tip ofn ti this planet just to be able to t find snow. s climate change is it is happening right now. n it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. sci and we need to work collectiveov together and stop procrastinating.ra let us not take this planet pne for granted.ed i do in the take tonight foror granted.grte thank you so very much.ery >> that was a great speech.s a r he receivedea his first oscar nomination at the age of 18 o for what's eating gilbertg gil grape. that was 23 years ago. 2 he was nominated for wolf oforof wall street. couple things that made revenant director alejandro iñárritu won for birdman last
6:53 am
year. >> different styles, too. >> i know totally differentnt styles.stes. even cooler emanuel his cinema. actress award last night for a phenomenal performance in thecei move she stayed at home for a month m to get pale for the role.ale fo her character is kidnapped anded locked in a room for seven forev years and raises her son by jacob tumble in the film. in thf he was not nominated lastinat ls night but he was a star of the e show when the star wars stuffwau was happening, that's prettyhats funny watch: "mad max" took" t home the most award of the night, six oscars last nightstig but all in technical categories, editing costume cos design and production decentnd huge show for "mad max" but no p best"m picture. pictu that was my choice to win best picture. i wantd that film to win butat obviously was not going to gng win. wi the biggest upset of the nighttg by the way, sylvester stallonetl losing to mark ryland. ran stallone lost the oscar.scar. everyone thought he was goinghog to he was predicted to win by win b most experts out there. out the >> who is mark right lanemark t
6:54 am
expand he's in the movies inhe m bridge of spice. he's an actor, been around forud a long time but really everyone was expecting --ecting- >> bridge of spice spielberg spl starring tom hanks andks a schwarzenegger released agg comment saying his friend his fn deserved it mr. stallone.on this is a massive upset. everyone thought he was going h to win. here was the big indicator iicat though. i think everybody wasin overlooking. stallone didn't get ak sag nomination.nomi idris elba won that award.t awa elba was not nominated for a oscar but mark ryland tookland o home the award. ard then finally sam smith another h upset as well winning over o lady gaga was a major surprise as well. w sam smith did the bond song this year. that movie was mode yolk song was okay. oka i felt like gaga's song was powerful. if you saw her performanceerrman vice president joe bidenre introduced her and the song h and the performanceer was abouto bringing a wearness to sexual assault on college campusesampu and it was a powerful performance.perf that was shaw joined byas victims on the stage who had std writing on their arms sayingrms it's not my fault.y f it was very, very powerful and
6:55 am
i really thought she was going w win the award because herau performance is incredible on this song. it's very important as well.y we'll have m coming up later on the show on w today in the 7:00 a.m. hour including our thoughts on chris rock as host. h what did you think of hisid you opening monologue? monol >> i thought it was g i thoug thought he came out strong.t stn it was a little long. long >> on pace with the show.the >> yeah, i thought he did whatut he had to to >> yes. we'll talk more about that inor the 7:00 a.m. hour thishour morning. thanks a lot guys. guy >> thanks cold front. >> 6:55 right now.>> 6 let's check in with our own own award winning meteorologist tucker barnes. >> i thank you steve.te >> you're welcome.>> y >> it's been a long time sincein i've been given any awards.wa >> you have time for to give giv your speech. >> "mad max" the remake.emake. >> it's the fourth form in a >> it's like a remake.e. >> fourth film in the series.. >> saw mel gibson do it when ini was a kid.. >> with tina turner. >> i like the mel gibsonel g version its like a five-dollario
6:56 am
version of the recent one.he i saw it recently r allison.llis it's like -- like like theyike t filmed in it somebody'sed in backyard. 53 reagan national, 51 l 53 bwi marshall. marsh satellite and radar, cloud cover a sprinkle early. ear then going mostly sunny andostly breezy and mild this m afternoon. more mild weather, low 60's. enjoy a gorgeous afternoon. tomorrow first dave march dav comes in like a lamb. lam >> ooh. >> but maybe a little morebe ato lion like by friday withith winter weather. w we'll talk more about that. erin is back with traffic. traff >> let's go ahead at 6:56 and 6 take a look at our commute. 295 really jammed easternd eaer avenue to pennsylvania down tonn 14 miles per hour.14 miles i want to show you a look at skyfox right now.yfox bw parkway on the northbound t side there's a crash involving i an empty commuter bus and a another vehicle. this is just north of powder p mill road and just shoulders sul blocked at this point. both lanes getting by butaneseti you're still very slow all thewl way back to the goddard spaceoda flight center. if you don't want to sit in miles of backed up trafficra keep to it 95 northbound to nord led to baltimore this southbound traffic lookingound good. go
6:57 am
6:58 am
keep it to fox5 news morning.5 i we got you covered on this t leap year day. we'll be back in just a few. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ♪ >> our local community deep in mourning over a tragedy hea tray that's touchinthat'stouching the >> ashley guindon was one off truly heart felt service tolter prince william county. c >> a police officer who hasfi given so much to her community c and country in her young life gunned down in her first hoursoh on the jober. the responding to a call that took o the life of another young woman. >> our prayers and thoughts go out to her family and loved led ones for this sad and senseless death. dea >> now a weekend of tremendous u loss and sadness turns into ao week where the search for justice the alleged shooter an army sergeant who worked at the pentagon is due in court 90 minutes from now. n good monday morning, i'm, allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.>> i welcome to fox5 news morning mor on this monday this morning.ay r let's get right to thet ri breaking news overnight nerni concerning an american held in l north korea also remembering rem three members of the family in montgomery county their lives c lost this weekend in aouns weekn accident.


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