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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ state ahead, two lives cut short. one a prince william countyam cy police officer. the other a wife and mother. mo. this morning the man accused ofo of gunning both down in due inue court why the d.c. region and a brothers and sisters in blue ibl nationwide honor and remember an officer's sacrifice.. donald is not going to makek america great.a g he's going to make america orange. oran >> donald trump taking it on all sides. sides. one day before super tuesday but 48 hours from not he can be the gop's last man standing. snd we'll preview what could be anua extraordinary week in american politics. >> 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times.. >> chris rock comes
9:01 am the oscar host tacklingacin hollywood's diversity issue heah on at the academy awards.rds we'll show was else he said.d. spotlight takes the top prize ti but leo won the night walking wg away a winner for the first t time. we'll have highlights from hollywood's golden night. n good day at 9a starts now. >> ♪ one thing surprised kevin williw talk about one of the of categories. i think the rest of them went bb the book.the what was expected. >> we'll chat let us know yournw thoughts as always #gooddaydc.. it's leap day mondayeap day mond february 29th when makes it the first ever good day leap d day.da >> that's right.>> >> good point. >> there won't be another for b four years. >> that's righte . >> we'll all be here toer celebrate >> thanks for being with us i'm steve alongside holly maureen mu and wisdom.and >> much more from the academymy award. chris rock monologue one of theo most anticipated and oscarloated did you watch it? according tot social media
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wee want to know what you think. kevin will have a look at theoot big winners, the prices, the possible performance and hasn'ts got snubbed. >> before we get to any of thatt first at 9:00 sunday was aas perfect day to spend outside and today could have its moments ass well. first we may have to go throughr in rain showers, gary mcgrady.. >> out of here i think.hi most of the vein out. >> this is updated situationon that you're -- youe >> we talked about morning i think they've -- mostly movedy on. on >> okay.>>kay. >> okay? o >> we're goining to leap day ino the 60s. how about that.w abouth >> nice. n >> take it. >> beautiful. >> here we go.>> >> thanks.>> ts >> temperatures out there righth now not bad started out real mild.mild we're up to 55. 55. quantico up to 57. 5 everybody in the 50s and actually few guys up to the guyu north and west getting sunshinee it looks like and temperaturest are are starting to warm up waru there as well.theras wel leonardtown right now is 54. so here's the deal. later today, the coldest of the air is way up to the north of us. real warm stuff d
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south. we're not going to get warm anda we're not going to be too chilli the next couple of days as we w start getting to wednesday somed of this colder air will startira settling on in.n it doesn't mean it will be coldc it just means it's going to be o cooler the next couple of days y we're easily be up into the 60s around showers to the west of us.of here's this little line that'se' moved through.moverough. now, we do see a little bit morm in the way of shower activity at back out to the north and to the west. but having a hard time hangingai on so there could be a couple oo more showers but at least this i initial line moved it's moved quickly off to theth east of us right now it's overts on the eastern shore so we'lle' watched that. tha listen i'm going to say there'se a chance at least for a few few showers for the morning hours. u and then coming up, we're goingg to have some sunshine thisshinet afternoon.rnoo temperatures later today willodl actually make it up into the 60s. and coming up in just a bitin jb we'll talk about latter part oft the week where guys there may bb another chance of snow. >> but next wee
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how about t >> okay. >> all >> you give and you take. >> you're making us manic.. >> we're up, we're done. d >> thank you, professor. profess >> it is 9:04. big story of course this morninr tributes continue to go pour in for hall fallen prince williamel county police officer. police o. officer ashley guindon was shots and killed over the weekend ase she respond to do doughness mess tick violence call. her first full day on the jobfuo with the department.artm two other officers were alsoe ao hurt in that shooting.n the other victim in this case crystal hamilton she was the ono who called 911 after a fight with her husband ronald.d. moments later, police say hee sh shot and killed her. h this morning memorials inoria tribute to both women are a growing.g. one on officer guindon's squadon car at the police station.ic s the other at the scene of the crime.crime. >> happening right now,ow, 32-year-old staff sergeanter ronald hamilton appearing inrini court for pair of a rain many hearing. he's facing multiple chargesg ma including capitol murder.urde fox5's bob
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first hearing season about toare head into his second one. s he joins us now live from live f manassas with the details onetao this terrible story, bob, we've, been reporting on all morning. i good morning to you.u >> reporter: wisdom g morningm n to you. point out there is a prince ari william county sheriff's cruiser here parked at the entrance tonc the courthouse unprecedented.. just to add to the security he here. even though the accused hamiltoi is in the jail and appeared inri court this morning via width w video hook up.ok u as you mentio mentioned two heag one that just ended 8:30 this t morning the murder charge for his wife crystal hamilton. she just 29 years old.ld the mother of their 11-year-oldd son.n. so the first degree murder mur charge has been arraigned this a morning he did not enter a plea. hamilton spoke politely with a deep voice to the judge. j he was surrounded by sevense sheriffs deputes at the jailes during the hearing. heang crystal hamilton's best friendti was in court sitting right in rt front of me with another friendi with her arm around er
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was shaking during the hearingea as she could see hamiltonee hil dressed in his orange jaill jumpsuit and handcuffed over the tv monitor. and hamilton will be defended by the head of virginia's capital defender office. off they handle capital murder cases even though this case againstin crystal is a first degree murder case. the judge lisa bearer i'll let this man who stood up and said i want to represent mr. hamilton represent him in this case andmt the one coming up at 9:30. 9 the capital murder charge against the army staff sergeantr in the casgee of ashley guindon. the 28-year-old rookie police officer. that hearing will be at 9:300 this morning. mr. hamilton will again beine repped by this head of the capital defender office.ffice the judge allowing him to to represent hamilton in bothn in b cases. he said he wanted the court to appoint a public defender. den but they pointed
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army salary was too much too qualify for public assistance ie terms of his defense.ef but this capital defender stoods up and that's where we stand.nd we'll have this next hearing att 9:30, guys. he's going nowhere. g now the alleged police officericff killer hamilton will remain in jail without bond. >> bob barnard reporting muchepg thanks,, bob also this morning, community c members are still in shock over saturday's tragic shooting.otin >> a lot came to pay theirhe respects to officer guindon and the two officers injured in thar exchange of gunfire.. fox5's melanie alnwick live in i manassas with more on this partr of the story. the s. mel?mel? >> reporter: good morning,r:d guys.guys. yeah, as you know, the businesss of policing continues here in hi prince william county despite the grief. there are counselors available.. there are chap lance availablee to the officers and their stafff of course, you can see the blacb draped police cruiser and the growing memorial of flowers and momentos left here out ifr
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of the western district stationn where officer ashley guindonui reported for her first and last day of duty saturday.y. sunday evening, bagpipes playedd at the prince william county complex.comp officer guindon had only only ol been on duty for an hour and aon half and two she and two other h officers one her training officer responded to crystal hamilton's call for help.el fellow officer and community members says despite her shortes time on the force she was nohe s less a part of them and deserver their respect. sunday morning, prince williamng county police officers held ae memorofial procession for then t young officer.ung off she was a former marine corps reservist and earned master'sase degree in forensic science. she interned with the department in 2011. 201 then graduated from the academy last year. left for personal reasons buteas came back in february.ebar speaking this morning to fox5 steve hudson says his officers c are grateful for the community's support. our hearts are broken as youu
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>> he parent the more seriously injured perhaps suffering asfe a three gunshot wounds.ou did go through some surgery. sge may have more surgeries ahead oo him. the chief says a very long recovery there.. officer guindon the fourth frt prince william county policentyi officer to be kill in the lineel of duty but only the second to s be murdered on the job. so far they're still woring on range. rang for her funeral.> r he live in woodbridge, melanie mele alnwick, fox5 local news. >> we appreciate the chiefreate joining us earlier this morningi bob barnard we'll check back b with him later on. criminal hearing in connection with the death of the officerff expected to happen a
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this morning.orni right now 10 minutes past the ps hour. let's check what else is makingg headlines on think mondayhi m morning. >> we'll begin in maryland grief counselors on hand today at walt whitman high school as it mourni the loss of one of its students. 18-year-old tommy was killed ini a horrific crash on saturday. sa it happened at the intersectiont of river road and pile road inri bethesda.da. tommy was senior at the school.o this father and mother were alsa killed in the crash.ra his younger sister wasas critically injured. she is a sophomore at walt whitman. whit the driver of the other car wasr not seriously hurt.. in north korea, we'reea w getting a glimpse of theing a gt university of virginia studentau since he was detained there two months ago.nt a in a press conference 21-year-old at ott tow warm beeb confessed to crimes againstd to north korea and apologized for trying to steal a political banner. he said he wanted the banner as a trophy to give to the motheroi of a friend. today president obama willdl present the medal of honor to navy seal for his actions in afghanistan.anistan. senior c
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operator edward bynes serve asee part of a team that rescued an american hostage back in december of 2012.. buyer social security the firstt living sailor to be award thelo the medal of honor since 1998. 1 there is a push on capitolha hill to make your next flight at little roomier.. senator charles schumer of new york wants to require the faa to institute minimum seat sizetize rules for airlines. senator schumer says airlines ai pack in passengers too tightly.. he also claims airlines havene h been shrinking the size of seats and reducing leg room.oo the average distance between bet rows of seats has dropped fromm 35-inches back in 1970 to just s 16 and a half inches today.oday and finally, when it comes c to money you could say formerr national stars iain desmond hash struck out.ut did he say mon has agreed to a one year, $8 million deal withal texas rangers.. now, you may remember in 2014 h4 turned down a more than
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$100 million deal with the natst then last november he turnede te down a nearly $60 million deal d in order to become a free agentt if do you the math he's turned t down a combined $123 million inn just two to seal the deal the rangersan must give up a first round drafa pick to the nationals.atio >> the nationals win in the endd they save $100 million and get a first draft pick.tick. >> who is his agent.. >> >> i had this conversation witho somebody else. else. agent's job to secure the best s deal possibl it's up to the talent to decidet if they accept that or not.. >> the agent got him a goodim ao >> but at what point does $100 million not sound tan at aa lizing to to u. >> when 110 is better.hen 11 b >> may i be so lucky. >> things are so out of wack. w >> it all comes around. >> baby powder can be found inw almost everyone's bathroom butob there's some more questions qsto about it's safety after one o major company settle add lawsuiu over woman's death.ea so this morning, we're learninga how some alternatives. >> first leonardo dicaprio stila cerdlebratg
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we'll show you who else walkedel away a winner and we'll talk t about how chris rock did hosting one of the most controversialsil ceremonies ever. 9:13 right now. >> ♪
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you're dam right hollywood isold race seive. sve >> it's racism that you've growg accustomed to.omed t hollywood is sorority racist.. it's like we liked you rhonda but you're not a c cappa. >> that's how hollywood.. things are changing. >> chris rock tackling hollywo hollywooded diversity issue heae on as host of the oscars getti i rave rye reviews online for howf he handled the controversy.. his opening remarks one of theno most anticipated moments of thes ceremony especially this rockiar remained silent leading up tongp the awards.awar. meanwhile, the rest of the ceremony with 3.5 hour runningng time, zzz -- not getting as much applause. in case you missed it, here's ir who walk away the big winners. mad max took home six awards. but spotlight the story of the boston globe reporters whoorters exposed a sex scandal in boston's catholic
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home the top prize. p best picture. leonardo dicaprio won his firstr acting award for his role as search full frontier nan emptynm revenant.vena alejandro inarritu took home the directing price for the revenant much his second in o the firsthr time that's every been done. room's brie larson best actresst first nomination and her first win. alicia vikander supportingr actress for the danishin girl oe of the night's biggest pricess bridge of spice mark rylance ryn took home the supporting actor a trophy even though stillugh stil investor stallone was consideren a sure thing.a su so did hollywood get it right? t here to weigh in our residentesn movie expert of course mr. calfc he kevin mccarthy.arth >> hello. >> one thing alejandro inarritua won back to back directors firsf time it happened since 1950. 10. >> to two directors did it earle in the oscars john ford allll about eve and michael -- the other guys name. n it's been done before.efore >> mark rylance what do we know
9:18 am
>> bridge of spice. s >> no new york city new yorkyo city.rk >> before. >> he does a lot of broadway shows.shs broadway show in brooklyn rightr now. very big theater actor.heat >> i have a funny story aboutrya him.hi my husband was in high schoolhih studying in england and they saw a bunch of shakespeare yannrean plays while there there mike mie rylance starred in one of them.. my teacher said at the timeat te that's the next lawrence olivia. >> in amazing.zing. >> phenomenal actor. >> he he didn't hear from him h again until he won an as or car. >> last night not only did alejandro inarritu emmanuel will he betty who shot revenant won three consecutiv couldn't seconu cinema graph. graph bird man, gravity and the a revenant.venant. cross rick did a phenomenal jobe last n he balanced comedy and a seriour tone very very well.tone vvery his opening monologue was overuo 10 minutes log and if you watch it back, it's actually prettyy brilliant how he weaved in and d out of serious and comedic and c think he hit points that were
9:19 am
kept entertaining for theth audience also giving ancelso gin education about the lack ofn abu diversity in the academy awardsa i thought did he brilliant jobll with his speech.with he even called out jada pinkettt smith. it we all know jada pinkett pin smith -- >> i was surprised at ah >> this is surprise.urpris stover jada pinkett smith and thll smith boycotter the he made a joke saying her boycotting the oscars like me boycotting rihanna panty's i pty wasn't invited.nvited. that was the joke he i thought it was fascinating you think obviously with the lack oc diversity that he wouldn't callc out jada pinkett smith for thata >> the part i thought was realll awkward this is not hisis monologue the stacey dashtay business.. >> stacey dash thing was veryngr awkward.d >> lost on a lot of people. peol >> stacey dash recently was inas the news back in january. janry she made a comment about sayingn essentially that we need to -- t we need to get rid of blackf bck history month and bet awards. aa last night he brings her out on stage chris rock does she makesm a joke about that but th
9:20 am
i felt like it was first of alla it's too old. o not everyone knows that i didn't think it actually -- i didn't connect witness audiencec that well. no one got the punch card.un ca. >> she looked nervous. nervo they looked nervous.ked rvo >> a lot of it where the entiret audience looked a littlea littl uncomfortable.orta >> right. they looked uncomfortable for fr the whole show. sw >> chris rock wanted to do. that's way does brilliantl brili makes people fee uncomfortably.b that power he has over the audience was incredible. incdib. i thought it was phenomenal whaw he did last night.. >> given magnitude of what hedea was under he did a great job. at >> i think so too.. the leonardo dicaprio big storys of the night first academy award ever this is his first actingct nomination deserved to win. his first nomination ever 1993 1 for cats eating gilbert grape. e he hasn't wouldn't obviouslyious now. he used his speech to talk aboua climate change.c he's very passionate about thatt i think he's making ak heakin documentary i believe he was in d.c. last week talking toking president obama about that.boutt he's very very passionate aboutt that
9:21 am
if you follow his instagram or bidder and uses his platform tor talk about that. that was very very cool. v he thanked his director.r. history was made with the phil p film maker and alejandro inarritu.. brie larson in studio on good gd day d.c. won best actor tress ae for her performance in room.mano her character in that room she was in a room for seven yearsen raising a child after she wasr e kidnap.kidn she really locked herself in hen home for a month. so she can get pale. also prepare herself for theor e she won best actress last night at the academy aid wards. war i'm stuttering. stu three hours of sleep.urs ofep the movie loss to stallonellone didn't win. mark rylance took the award forf best sporting actress. act. >> that was the big shocker. >> everyone thought stallone wae supposed to win.supposed to he was phenomenal in creed butet mark rye from bridge of spice op took home award. h the the other big surprise waspe lady gaga,. gag >> are you okay with the fact ic pick spotlight to win and you au didn't. >> i was a hundred% wrong.%ro i sd
9:22 am
bet picture three big short, revenant or spotligho and no one knew who was going tt win because each of them had won big are a wades leading up todig the oscar. i chose revenant.evenan you chose spotlight.chspot no clear front runner butut spotlight did >> i'm happy only i only saw ono and that was the best picture. e >> back at 10:00 with more.hor >> we'll have more oscar chatmoc later coming up as well.ell the day some people have waitedi four years f it is leap day and this morningi we'll help leap babies celebrate their birthday.theirt >> first though we'll talk about donald trump. he's fending off attacks overks endorsement by the kkk1 day day before super tuesday. tueay we'll have a preview of what's at stake when millions of voterv hit the polls coming up next.
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>> 9:25. following breaking news comingki in from prince george's county. foxfox5 confirmed duvall highalg school is on lock down right now. now it is not exactly clear whyw this is. i we do know there is polices pic activity in the area near duvall. right now classes are continuine on as normal.orma but no one is et in or out or of the duvall high school atool this time. again in landon maryland. mar we have crews on the way.crew we'll bring you those updates aa soon as we get them. g t >> we have confirmed there is ae shooting near the so that is the reason why theret is that police situation there.e producer confirm there is a shooting new duvall high schoolh more details coming in as we get them.em we'll pass that along to you. yu
9:26 am
talk politics now.ow this is the start of what couldo be an extraordinary week inkn politics.tics super tuesday is tomorrow and io could go a long way to determini the nominees of both party. p doug luzader has all the detai details. ♪ >> reporter: looking at justr: l the republican map there are so many states in play tomorrow anw so many delegates at stake thatt drum many could walk away with an almost insurmountable lead that prospect made this race rac very very personal. pna donald is not going to make to m america great.eric he's going to make america orange.oran >> a rally in virginia marco rubio taking a page from donald trump's playbook and going andoi negative. >> he's taller than me he's 6-foot two.6-foot two. i don't know why his hands are y the size of someone whose 5-foo5 have you seen his hands? hands they're like this. >> trump meantime fend off hisfs latest controversy racing fromig legal battles over trumpovrump university to endorsement ofsent sorts from former clan leadern
9:27 am
a soy in his words. w he also celebrated a big a big endorsement from alabama senaton jeff sessions. sesons. >> we need to make america great again! report.ep >> i hate to say it all these t people are now endorsing me.. i tell you.ll you. >> of all the states in playthep tomorrow texas may be the realhe weak spot for trump which ismp i likely to go to ted cruz. cru but for republicans the idea of stopping trump through the gopou convention this summer may be be farfetched. >> say he wins every placeryla except texas, on what basis dois you even get to a couldn't cld testified convention? convent >> thank you. y >> reporter: democratic race hillary clinton locked up southh carolina on saturday with a big win. giving her tremendous momentum elderring into tuesday.. opposed bite democraticemrati establishment bernie sanders may suffer more losses tomorrow toro particularly in the south. sou he see as come back. b >> we think we're going doingoi very well on minnesota on superr tuesday, colorado we'll do wel
9:28 am
oklahoma we'll do well. i think we'll win in win massachusetts. i believe we'll win in vermontim and we'll do better than peopleo think in other states. stas >> reporter: this is reallyr: ta the challenge for bernieor ber sanders.nder these are the states that are in play for democrats tomorrow.omro so many of them are concentratea in the t sou that's where hillary clinton cli seems to have a big advantage ie could be a rough day for bernie sanders. in washington, doug luzader, fox keep up to date on election news. also ahead on good day moreay academy award moments from lady gaga's powerful performance to t matt damon crashing an after afr party.. >> first pac free alternatives. the baby powder you have in you bathroom closet and why youhy y might want to seriously considen that change. >> will the start of march be mh more like a lion or more like a lamb? >> 9:28. 98. tuck -- well, tuck or gary. somebody look back with the forecast next. ♪
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♪ other breaking news comingei from prince george's countyrinc right now. righ show i was map so you can get at better idea of the proximity toi duvall high school. sool. fox5 confirmed duvall highl school in lock down right nownit after a shooting nearby. nea the shooting was actually on green belt road near aerospace road. we are told there's one victim c this is live chopper pick of thp scene right now.scene one victim.on police say they are loo lookingi three suspect. spect did not happen at duvall highvah school.scho don't know if there's anys a relationship to the scholiast sl
9:32 am
because of the proximity theyofp locked down the school.n s classes are going on as normalor at the high school but no one io getting in or out of duvall high school at this time because ofth again a shootingis nearby in in landon. >> let's recap our top story.. pentagon staff sergeant in courn today accused of killing his wife and a prince william countu police officer. deadly chain of events started on saturday with a fight between 32-year-old ronald ham hamiltonm and his wife.and she called 911 but was shot and killed moments when police arrived, hamiltonton then accused of opening fire onr three killing ashley guindon who had been sworn in just the day before.fore. two other officers are still inl the hospital. this tragic loss has sent shocks waves throughout our community u and really throughout theou country. tricks continue to pour in forn officer ashley guindon anduind crystal hamilton.taamil right now hamilton's criminall arraignment is expected to begig at 9:30. 9 this is actually his secondly h arraignment hearing thishis he is facing mrnultiple chargs
9:33 am
including murder.ur >> bob barnard is at that a hearing right now.heing ri as soon as we hear from him as soon as hhe's out of the hearing we'll let you know whatu k wha happened. in the meantime let's find out t about our forecast.ast if we can do anything likeing yesterday, gary, no complaintspl here. here. >> temperatures on the 50s on their way way to 60. t yesterday was about as good as it gets. so so good. let's see. tomorrow, tomorrow it's coming.n pointing at the wrong camera. 55 degrees for washington.ashing 54 for gaithersburg.ur i should say tomorrow is goodoo stuff coming. 57 for quantico right now. temperatures are all comingom newspaper the 50's a frontalal system that will swing throughwt today. behind the front it's in the 30e and fours this still is not badt for the last day of columbus at 37. pittsburgh 40. out to st. louis sitting at 44 degrees. what are we talking the next44ta couple of days? look the sun will be coming out more and mord through the day today. it few little rain showers 62 for a high today.h t we'll probably get up to 62 anda then cool off in the afternoon
9:34 am
auscult her air starts coming it on in.on i tomorrow gorgeous. gorge sunshine a lot like yesterdayrd temperature gets up to about 63 degrees. it's going to be a little windy today. and tomorrow not so much.h. so initial line of showers comee through still a little bit offit to the north and west. a w you can see how it's coming inci from the north and west and the line that moved through hereough initially off to the eastern eas shore. just a couple little showers.. it will be nice shower through h hagerstown how much of this will hold together as it basicallyt s come down 70 and swings on offwo to the east and the northeast. r it needs to be watched but thist will be the last line that comes through and then we'll start we' clearing thing out.ut. so spotty showers do linger line mainly those up to the north anh west. it will be gusty this afternoono winds will be 10 to 20. gusting up to 25.up to 2 maybe even 30 miles per hour anr high temperature gets up to 62 again it will cool off a littlel bit. as we start getting into theng e late afternoon hours. tomorrow is darn near perfectfet mostly sunny and
9:35 am
some showers around.d could be tuesday night into thet first part of wednesday still a few timing issues there.ues mostly sunny on and then we get right here toer friday. friday. there's a chance for some rainai and some snow too and some of the modeling is suggesting that we can get a little accumulating snow here but i do believe it's one to watch. it will change several morechanv times before we get there.e get. chilly on -- sunshine onshineon and then mostly sunny againin sunday.sund and right now, it's still lookso like neck week we're talkingalki about more 60s, maybe even some 70s coming our way.. so something to look forward to. maureen?ur >> all right. thank yo>>u gary. johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million forii the family a of woman who diedie of oh yeah van cancer c 62-year-old jackie fox of alabama died last her family claims her cancer waw caused by the company's talcum t powder she used the powder everr day for family argued
9:36 am
was aware of how dangerous thego powder was but didn't telln' tel consumers.nsumers. baby powder is a staple for lotf of people. so what do you need to know k about it and are there saferre r altern in a tips hear with some answers dr. arlene. >> i heard this and panic. i use talcum powder and as to do a lot of people. what do we need to know.d >> do we throw them out. tm >> a lot of people use babyy powder not just pour babiespoure people who have foot or feminini hygiene. women in particular using it for feminine hygiene. what they found is the studiesss are really inclusive. one study pointed towards it and one study pointed against it ain what they're finding is the particles traveling up the pal a low pee yann tubes and going and into the ovaries and creating inflammation. is that a risk factor for peoplc who use the powder. p you may not in it your pressedrp powder and make up.po is that going up in your nasal cavities and causing something t in lungs this is very debatable issue. i but what i alway
9:37 am
when in doubt throw it out.t just like food. foo >> good idea. g >> when in doubt throw it out. o there are healthier alternativet out there and we have to be houb conscience of it.consci >> how do you know when you gooo to look for powder are youder ae reading the label likeabel ingredients you would, no talc.t how do you know? >> this is really -- fda f unfortunately doesn't monitoronr cosmetics.s powder and cosmetics fall underr >> okay. >> they monitor obviously drugsd and things of that nature. the problem with talc powder p some is linked to asbestos theyy don't study cosmetics. cosmetics we have to be aware.we hav there are a lot of companiesompa these are a few options out there and they're well known fof being more organic or naturalal and they actual l say no talc. >> they will say that.hat. >> okay. >> corn starch is a greatorstar alternative as well because -- e >> and cheaper.>> and cheap >> and it works. and so a lot of people will use different things.his. bird's bees very very popularerp everybody aware you can buy itau in the groce
9:38 am
it's really freely available. honest company as taken a leaden on providing no talc powders. nutro by yacht tick is ano yac interesting powder. this is a powder for like foot and for as well as body and it i has tee tree toil in it an antiseptic people who have thatt decreases the inflammation andlt baby organics. oic you can go into the baby sectioy aisle. it's a safe bet baby powder waso in that as well you have to reao the label and you have to say no talc, no sulfates, no para bans and reach for that product. >> it seems daunting if you havv been using this powder do youero get check out after you throw yt out the powder what do you do do now? there is the panic and tht concern is there?re? >> right.>> rht. i always suggest if people are e feeling lethargic or have change of symptoms than usual theyhe should definitely go get checkeo from their physician. theirsi however, i don't think that at this point i would advise people to continue using it on ati regular basis likenu she did for like 30 years.0 yea there's another 100 cases tha
9:39 am
are johnson johnson seasonnson s coming up with who also associating talcum powder withwt cancer of the >> how would you even figure oun it was you fr powder that led td this cancer? that seemed odd se but you're saying she used ithed every single day in that in th particular region. region. >> she used it every day in a particular region writ mant fessed. some studies linked talcumm particle also are traveling uprg into the fallopian tubes and ovaries creating an inflammatorm process. it doesn't mean it's directn its cause but if you have ae if likelihood of having somethinggt and then you initiate it by by putting you environment thatirot makes you more likely, then youu just turn that thing on.hathing >> bottom line read the label. e if you have something that has h talcum come in it throw itt outlook for more natural alternatives. >> corn starve. sta >> that's my take away. >> doctor, thank you.hank >> how can people find you blusb and we're in bethesda,he maryland. >> all righty. thank
9:40 am
>> guys, back over to you.over u >> thank you both.nk bot appreciate that. still ahead at 9:00, the oscar red carpet. cart just as popular as the awards aa themselves coming up next.g up x we'll check out some of the mosm talked about looks and then later we'll share our favoritest as well. w back in a moment. mom don't go anywhere.nywhe. ♪ ♪
9:41 am
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♪ we have update to our breaking news into prince george's county right now.e ewhere's live picture of a scens of a shooting because of that
9:43 am
duvall high school in landon isn on lock down. d another schools too.anots the shooting was along greetlong belt road near aerospace road. r as far as the shooting isin concerned, we're told there is e one victi police say at this point theyntt are still looking for three forr suspects.suspec now this did not happen at theae high school.l. classes are going on as northnoh there. no one is getting in or out ofof the high school at this time.s we are also beitng told otherolo schools in the area also are ao locked down as a result of the shooting that robert goddarddard montessori school, catherine t.. read elementary school andy hooa magnolia elementary school. all four of those schools onchls lock down right now.ghtow because of a shooting nearby.y they are still looking for threr suspects in connection with thaa shooting. 9:43 is our time right now.. and let's talk about the oscars. hollywood's biggest stars shines on the red carpet as the 88th th annual academy awards walking the red carpet sharp tucks and a dazzling gowns.ow. fox's julie cheng talks fashion with some of the celebritiesof t before they made their way into the dol
9:44 am
night. >> reporter: the stars lit up s the red carpet sunday evening ag they made their way into thento dolby theater to honor hollywood's best at the 88th 88h annual academy awards.. >> i think the oscars have ae a classic air to them and theyhe should maintain that through tht fashion. >> a lot of wow and i think ita was a really spectacular evening for the carp. c >> reporter: the ladies the brought their a game dazzling in jewel town gowns, florall patterns and low flatteringlattr gems. bare shoulders and brightri diamonds dominating the carpet.t >> can i touch it? it? >> yes. >> the jewelry on the carp this year as always did not fail to impress.s there is lot of money walkingali down this red report roar the gentlemen strutterred their stuff ineiff modern and traditional tuxedoess >> trying to be classic. class with a touch of wow.fow guys have been on the same trend for the past few years a littlel bit more midnight blue.ghlu a little less tow tie and and straight tie but thankfully thet gentleman usually tend to stayds
9:45 am
classy. >> reporter: some stars tooke as the opportunity to make anotherh kind of fashion statement.tatem. >> this dress is made out of th recycled plastic bottles.otl >> the sunshine kids which is as great charity for kids withh cancer to just have a chance to forget about their troubles ands enjoy being a >> reporter: one thing is forngs sure this year's oars cars redca carpet did not disappoint and a will be all the rage come mondaa morning. >> there are very few eventsre e that are as important for the te fashion world as this red carpet.rp people will look to these lookss for many, many years to come. c some of them will become iconic so it's really a special momentn for the fashion world. wld and hollywood to come togetherer and create some really memorable looks.s >> reporter: in hollywood,, julie cheng, fox news. >> that was a look. >> we're commenting the wholeehe we'll comment more.'ll we have much more oscar coveragr coming up at 10:00.0. maureen, erin, tam lee, sarah fraser we are all going to breag down the best and
9:46 am
with our version of fashionhi police.ce >> it should be good. it sh >> we want to you let us know t what you think as well whom rocr the red carp.e car tweet us your favorites with the #gooddaydc. >> very cool.>> vy co let know was think.. coming up next we'll check in with tucker and allison. they're out about genial helping people celebrate leap day birthdays. looks they found somebody now.n everybody smile for the selfie. hi, everybody. happy birthday!hday >> back after this. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
9:47 am
9:48 am
9:49 am
♪ this is my favorite segmente >> this is? thi >> why is that tuck -- wisdom. >> because tucker and allison al always out on some adventure you never know how it may turn out.o >> i think they need super heror >> at least. >> form some of kind of animal.l >> they're in the form of form o birthday well wish >> where are you. whe are >> what do you got going on. >> hello wonderful duo.ondeul d >> we can hear you
9:50 am
>> we're hanging out in an outdooror >> very nice.>> ver >> let's hit the's hhe >> what are we here for. >> worries in falls churchls virginia and today very big day that only occurs once every fouu years for a very select brew se group of people.grou >> we're honorinp g leap day lpa babies. two of them in the dmv we wantat to start with sir your name ande tell us how old you are? >> may name is phoneys deb marcr and i've so many years old. >> seven years old today.od >> we want to wish you an extremely happy birthday. bth set the stage for us.. we're in target because you woru here and you're a supervisore ai here at target.t ta >> yes, i am. like you said my birthday bth happens every four years.. my boss nice enough to have this interview with you guys. g >> is it weird? what is it like?li? >> it's very special. speal usually i'm not really excite ec bowed my birthday but when it'se like on the 29th and everybody y is more excited than i am, i'm'm more -- i get it i
9:51 am
obviously my friends are alwaysy calling me on my phone. pne hey, what are we going to do? >> yeah. it's huge >> i love i wouldn't want to be born anyny other day than the 29th. >> it's special.. >> last year for example it happened on like the weekend. wd >> so i celebrated it on the the 28th and the first of march. mch >> on both days.. >> you do both days. d >> both days.h >> when it occurs and of every e four years that's an extra bigta blow out. >> with plans for tonight. >> you are turning >> my friends are waiting. i'm pretty sure once i get out of work we'll hit the streets sr gone to d.c. to d. >> awesome. >> awesome. all right.all ri you guys -- check this out. okay.ok so he's actually his licenseicen says if you can look at that carefully, where is it, right rg here, he's born on 2/29. >> born on the actual day.ctual >> i thaw the dmv or the license
9:52 am
or the march 1st. >> yeah.h >> or mva whatever you call ital in maryl >> sometimes they don't know t that the 29th of february actually so when you e filling out formss weeble ask me, oh, 29th? are? you sure you're the 29th? ? there's no 29 in february.ruy there actually is. is. but most people sometimes they don't know.n' >> are you an expert what it ist to be the leap day or leap yeare are you an expert on all of a that. >> i can't answer the simplens question of why do we actually u have a leap year.eap y >> i can answer that question.ue >> technically i don't know.alln >> okay. good. >> he doesn't even know. >> it takes 36,514th days4tay every four years we have to makm up for it. up >> you done. don >> before we get ready to go, w, got to do a birthday dance.ce >> yes.>> y birthday dance.. >> so me of moves.ov allison get over here. he. >> big birthday. show me the move.ow let's do it. >> queue the music. >> ryan always telling me to dot this i'll doing this for you guys.ouy >> oh, no.
9:53 am
>> it's your birthday.ur biry. once every four years.. >> it's your birthday. bir hit it. >> see a little act. >> yeah.. >> you're going to die when you hear the music they're playingla and how you're doing that dance. >> happy birthday.irth >> hit it. >> um-hmm.m- >> it's at that 50-cent beat.ea. it's your birthday so it's a little bit more smooth. hey, it's your birthday. going to party. pty >> if you go out tonight will w you take me with you? (laughter).ter). >> happy happy birthday.pypy b >> happy birthday to you. >> this is dancing between thehe beats. beats. that's >> allison is doing a good job smoothing it out right there ana trying to connect the dots.ct tt one quick question.. i want to know tongue kerr andtr allison how did you find a leapl year baby? year baby? >> how did you find this guy? >> we have connections and so we know friends of his friends and
9:54 am
that's why we're here. >> okay. >> i want to ask him do you gett an extra big gift every four years?? >> the question do you get andoa extra big gift every four yearsa >> not really. >> aww. >> aww. >> other than the big thanks --i thank to you my parents who arew always there for me.or he is special mile dad.e dad he never for gets my birthday.. at this age i always get postcard from him. h >> where are they? >> they're here.y' her alexandria virginia. vira i'm pretty sure they're watchint right now.ri want to say thank you to my parents.nt >> that's very sweet.ha >> parents if you are if yoare watching --watc >> all right, guys.hi >> exactly. exa he's got those dance moves fromm someone. on >> it's like the oscars ofhe oso birthdays. >> you should have the s opportunity to give a little speech. >> good job, guys.uys >> greatest days ever. >> bringing joy to the dmv leapa birthdays. >> i hear a rumor more they'reet off to find another birthday bth >> the adventuress continue. >> leap year comes around once o every four years if you didn't know that and
9:55 am
retailers are ready to roll out the leap day deals. fox businesses gerri willis hash the details. >> reporter: leap day comesp day every four years it's a day on o which the universe realizedze itself with our clocks and and this year retailers are hoping the occasion sings uphe with your spend oing dollars.ols you've got promotions, specials, special events, give aways, two for one specials, $29 specials.. two for $29 specials the listhes goes on and on. >> carrabba's is offering oer coupons or online ordering codes to save 20% off your entire meam through march 6th and leap and rings who celebrate birthday at hard rock cafes will receive a few entree. e >> before you head out, check out things like hash tag leap tl year, hash tag 29 february or hash tag flash sales and seealee what you come up with.ou c you never know.yove you can score some hash tagag coupons on your way.our w >> reporter: leap year babiesarb can take advantage of hotel hel deals like the for
9:56 am
package at melrose georgetownrgw hotel in washington, d.c. deal includes dinner for two, t complete with birthday cake ande a champagne toast.oast >> primarily it's a day aboutbot eating and drinking and speciali deals and special menus thatt revolve around leap >> several retailers like footeo locker, aero' tal are offering n leap day goes. >> glare sale that disappearede right before our very eyes.yes so they're extremely popular pul with consumers and gets them tot actually jump in there and guy.. >> jet blue offering anotherg ar dale through april 30th thoug though. use code winter 16.ter >> it's a little gimmick key on the part of the retailer ore rer businesses but it's all about aa the end of the day keeping theit existing customers happy andpy a attracting new ones as well.s al >> in new york, gerri willis,, fox business. busines >> there you have all your leape day information. >> there you go.>> >> good to go. >> still ahead more on thead breaking news situation cominge out of prince george's we'll talk about that shooting g near a school.near
9:57 am
up at 10.0. also more oscar coverageage including breaking down, you dny know, i guess it's our fashion police. >> who wore it best. wor >> i was going to say that. >> fashion.>> >> we'll do it.>> right now coffee time gone day dc if you want one of our brand new good day mugs listen up. new good day dunkin' donuts mugm perfect cup for that great gre dunkin' donuts coffee. cfee head to fox5 d.c./contests ortsr facebook page. one lucky winner selected byec random drawing. you have until 11 a.m. to entere see you right after this for the 10a. ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
>> okay, okay. quiet on the set. the 10a is bk
10:01 am
this monday.this monday. >> we're talking hollywoodwood biggest night. >> the clips, the -- glitz the glamour ho* how did the stars fair were if he fab or fail. f >> our version of the fashion police here to talk oscar fashion. fashion. you won't want to miss at 10:30. >> don't miss my exclusivesive interview with taraji p. hensonh her message to all empire fans.. >> tucker and allison hit the te road. boy do they have a surprise fore one person celebrating birthday this leap year.. >> 10a starts right now. ♪ bright lights, big city. >> love it.ovt. >> i'd like to thank the acade academy. >> i would like to thank all of you.e >> that music playing, scoal ata the bottom of the screen, holly. i put your name. >> i didn't my name. n >> i may have forgotten it.. >> come on oscar. o >> we do have a lot going on.oig we'll talk oscars.s awed little personal time wi
10:02 am
taraji.taraji >> i did. >> naked about that.t >> we'll talk about a lot of things. th we dawk dating and about empire coming back. she's the chill left lady ever. >> leap day birthdays toay celebrate. serious news to get tom thanksem for staying with us for the 1010 al. i'm steve alongside holly, hol maureen and wisdom. let's get to breaking news, wiss >> latest on that breaking news out of the prince george'she county right now. police are on the scencoe of a shooting near duvall high school in lanham. lan it happened near a bus stopp along green belt road. belt roa skyfox live over the scene. sce we're told there is one victim. duvall high school is now on n lock classes are going on as normal.n we've also learned self in thatt area on look down robert goddard montessori school. catherine t. read elementarylent school and magnolia elementarylr school.hool. this shooting occurred near ther school, not at them. a t paul wagner is heading to theea scene and will bring us mores information as soon as he knows it.. more breaking news as wellsw
10:03 am
also involving schools. fairfax police responding to a scene at mclean high school soo reported bomb shredder threatshd there and because of thatha they're closing mclean high school. the kids will be bussed home. so you have the schools closedco in prince george's county of a shooting nearby, not at the a school but nearby the school inh virginia mclean high school nowl closing early because of a bombm threat at that schoo the students will be bussedusse home.home just a couple of the stories still developing this hour atou 10:00 o'clock.:00 cloc finding out hour about what aboa happened in principal william county over the week andy pentagon staff sergeant inff s 32-year-old ron hamilton accusen of killing officer ashleysh guindon and his wife crystalryst over the weekend. bob barnard live in manassasan with the very latest from theatr courthouse.ou earlier this morning in domestis court we had one hearing.eari what happened now?at happe >> reporter: the secondheec hearing, steve was at 9:30 this morning here in district court. where ronald hamilton has facedd a judge. judge he's been ordered
10:04 am
bond charged with capital murder. he looked a lot more alert thant you see him in his mug shot thih is a large man. 6 feet 1 inches two, 265 poundsp he was wearing an orange jaill jumpsuit.mpit his hand -- his handcuffed inufi front of him. spoke loudly and politely to the judge.judg and was again ordered held without bond. i will tell you nest paper workw that has come out in this case, it is saying, according to theno arrest warrant that hamilton used a arrival to shoot thehoot three officers. he of course killed ashley guindon first day on her job, 2 years old, and seriouslyerio wounding the other two officers. but paul ebert the wealthea commonwealth attorney toll uswe afterwards they'll wait for theo autopsy to determine whether it was actual the rifle or a handgun both of which were whi recovered from the scene.he it was actually used to kill ashley and to wound the other officers.of we also learned from
10:05 am
ebert that mr. hamilton has prior conviction about 10 years0 ago an assault case. he said was either out ofr out tennessee or south carolina.outc he was not sure. he would not say whether therete was a history of domestic violence with the hamiltonilto family.fa whether the authorities had been involved with this couple. cpl crystal hamilton, 29 years old,o was shot and killed inside the couple's home on she's the one who called 911 which brought police to the >> couldn't be any worse caseas than this in my opinion for a police officer -- i always calls this an officer's worstst nightmare. to go routine call and wind up that's happened during my course of three different occasions and that's something people don'teoe appreciate about our policeiaboo officers what they face every e day and while they may be apprehensive maybe not n
10:06 am
people when they deal with others, people have to understand that. >> reporter: mr. ebert m ebe speaking to reporters justo epor moments ago. mr. hamilton is going to be represented by the virginia capital dough fender officer o which is basically a statetate agency that defends those facinn the death penalty which mr. hamilton may.milton m we asked about the couple'soupl 11-year-old son, we're told the son is stayingng with family. the son was in that woodbridge home at the time of saturdayf s evening's awful shooting. >> bob bernard, thank you for ta that upd i want to switch gears nowt talk a little bit weather.eathe. tomorrow marking the first daykt of march. will it be more like a lion or o lamb? how is it coming in? for dough tales gary mcgrady backac with the first check of theheck forecast. gary. >> it's a lamb all the way.s just sa o you know, okay? todad though, it's a little bit bree breezy out this morniout this morning. let me show you thnge numbers as we see them here.
10:07 am
cases up to 40 miles per hour.. see that's martinsburg and theta heaviest winds right now are a along i81. just checking the general wind speed across the area. it's 7 miles per hour wind spees here in the city and strongerge winds obviously along i81 thoset will be moving in our directionn we expect them to be getting gustier later on.ter o quantico pushing 6 fredericksburg is 57 degrees and leonardtown right now is comingo in at 55. 5 annapolis you're right aboutigha 60 degrees as well.l so another very mild day out there.e showers to the west of us buts we're start to go break up those showers and the clouds, too.s, t just a few little showers on the inside of 81 and then up into northern regions of frederickofe county extreme northern sectionn of carroll county little banditb moving across looks like most of this will stay out of the city t and out of the metro and if it i gets here it will be real real r light
10:08 am
by. highs today lower 60 toss upperr 50s pretty much area wide. we. unusual warmth continues for this the last extra day of february. february seven day forecast looks like this.. 63 tomorrow looks gorgeous, gu tomorrow is a lot like it was yesterday.yest just probably not quite as warms and then we cool off headingea into the rest of the week. the we cool off. cool i don't see any super cold c weather except that nuisance ofe some rain possibly some snow s s coming up on friday.rida back upstairs. >> i didn't hear that last partr >> we're ignoring it. ignor >> ignoring that. >> i just heard the part leadinl up to it.up >> shall i say it >> no!>> no! >> thanks, gary. chris rock tackling hollywoodlld diversity issue head on as hostt of the oscars.scs and he's getting rave reviews re online for how he handled thedld controversy surrounding thedi te ceremony. his opening remarks one of thear most anticipated moments of thet ceremony especially since rockoc had remained silent leading up i to the awards meanwhile the resr of the ceremony with a 3.5 hour run
10:09 am
applause.plause so in case you missed the bighe moments here always you need ton know. kn that our resident movie expert n mr. kevin mccarthy is going tong weigh in and come on over and oe break it all down.. >> that's why we don't need toot watch, kevin.h, we have you. >> i've been wearing this exacta same outfit since friday. >> probably really smells.eall enjoy the smell of this outfit. >> it's the mixture of old spice, speed stick and sweat. se >> that is a glorious -- >> you're loving the smell thiss morning.morng. >> aroma.>> >> it's like a scent. s beachwood aging. >> beachwood aging. aging >> what's that.. >> very polite. pol >> beer. >> thank you very much. t >> i didha -- >> good to see you guy. g the top five moments of the o te night if you miff the show theht show was on till midnight. mnigt best picture didn't get nomina nominated until midnigh.l mi first of all, someone said thisd on twitter to me earlier great t point. poin start the oscars at 6:30 like:3i the super bowl. super that way it's over by,
10:10 am
or 11. to be up all night longig impossible for a lot of peoplefp who had to work in the morning.i >> start it at 3:30 in la peoplp would have to start gettingrt ready at 5:00 in the >> who cares? >> so rough for them.rough them >> top five moments last night you heard the winners spotlight best picture but the opening o monologue was chris rock did a brilliant job. weaving in and out of comedy, comedic moments and seriousio moments. he tackled the lack of diversitr in hollywood but keeping thingsg funny he had a 10.5 minute min monologue fantastic he even cale out jada pinkett smith who wasto very vocal about boycotting thet oscars this year and he said he sean even invited he made a jokj about that. t interesting to hear him joke hej about someone boycotting the show while also bringing lightg to the lack of diversity in thei show as well. w some of the funnier moments inos his show itself he had a great t moment where he inn clued actors nominated pieces so he had tracy morgan played the danish girl. krick rock played the martian. i it was very very funny
10:11 am
really well. moving ton smatter moments the girl cut cookies this is veryoos very cool he game out into theue crowd and said, my daughter got second place last year in theean girl scout cookies so this is as moment where he asked the crowdo to actually purchase -- listen-s to this.. >> come on. michael b. jordan. j >> leo made 30 million buy somes girl scout cookies. >> he help his daughter sellteel girl scout cookies they're justs like >> exactly.>> ectly >> look they're holdin holdinge money. >> look how much he raised. >> $65,000.>>,000 >> wow! >> by the way, $20 of that was from vice-president joe biden.. >> nice. >> >> very very cool.>> chris rock tweeted out a video a of biden getting that.ha moving on to something seriouser speak of biden biden introducedd powerful moment with lady gaga. lady gaga had a song nominatedie oscars this year. and her amazing performanceerfo featured victims of sexualf ua assault on college campuses. cae they had written on theirir arms -- i'm not at fault. f it was very -- very powerful
10:12 am
moment. great song. great performance.foan having biden there to introduce her was very powerful.ow great song. she is killing it this year.s y national anthem at the super the bowl.bowl this. one of the best singers work daa no questio moving on now, to the stalloneta upset this is a big deal lastlt everyone thought stallone waslle going to win the oscar. o no question going into this. though lie say the big indicatoc was he wasn't nominated for an' sag award. that's a really massive msi indicator of him not winning w last night. >> mark rylance the winner ofr f the sag was idris alba. a not nominated for the stallone was the favorite toe win. shocking he didn't he was nominated in 77 pour the first r rocky lost that award to peter finch for network. did not win last night. night 39 years later very upsetting us and fina finally, one of my fave moments of the mad fax won theoe most awards of all night.. i will say six wins going crazya for awhile everyone was gettingg excited.cid. si
10:13 am
my favorite movie of 2015. 201 i loved seeing that film getilm love at the academy awards lastt night. night. spotlight took picture and alejandro inarritu tookitu took director. >> one thing i want to say i w emmanuel, who shot gravity and d bird man and revenant he is now the first person ever to win to three consecutive kin ma to have oscars. >> how much money do you have ie your rocket right now.your rket >> zero money.ero moey >> yes.>> >> our executive producer does d not have daughter but we're b w selling his girl scout cookies o to raise money. rai mon >> by the way -->> by >> i think you should pony.houl. >> i will. these are the best in the freezer. >> by the way i am selling girlr scout cookies.out ies >> i'll buy them from yourour daughters. are your daughters doing it.oini >> absolutely. we'll talk. >> can you get to $65,000.65 >> you continue to negotiate.. >> plenty more oscar why sam smith is actually beingl slammed for one of his moments. also ahead the oprah oops that went viral.nt val ben affleck moment you just have
10:14 am
they? we're talking about drako and rihanna? are they working r it? you know what i mean.t i ma we're back after very short break. ♪
10:16 am
for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. >> we'll start wi t
10:17 am
of today's first celebrity dish story. story. total beauty posted photo of whoop peel goldberg arriving atn the oscars red carpet andpe captioned it we had no idea oprah was there and we love it. >> oprah was at a the mix up left many people inee the twitter world angry and in disbelief and shortly afterwarda the hash tag that's not oprahotr was trending.rending. the news got back to oprah andph her bff gale king. the two they commented on thenhe incident, inn instagram we all l love whoopi but we don't lookoo alike.e jeez.jeez. total beauty took to twitter tor apologize to both women andh won anyone else they offensed.ed how does that happen?? >> people took to twitter andtot they started posting otherer people. hey, i didn't know matthew mcconaughey had at a time asma picture of brad pitt.. hilarious. >> making light of it.t of i >> that's not all for oscars. >> during his acceptance speeche for best original
10:18 am
thought he might be the firstbef openly gay star to win an oscar. he said quote i read an articlec a few months ago which said no n openly gay man had ever won an oscar if this is the case evenae if it isn't the case i want to t dedicate this to the lgbt commune account all around thehe world.wor well, sam smith was wrong.. oscar winning screen writer dustin lance black took to tookt twitter to remind smith that het won an oscar in '0 '09 for his s movie milk.e he included youtube link to his settlement tans for smith to t watch. he told smith to stop textingin his fiance'.. t? what? >> okay. seriously.ousl >> drop the phone. >> oh, wow.. >> mr. black was being a littlel petty let it go but --ut >> no, no.>> no >> texting his fiance'.ngis fiac >> it was an avenue to get thatt last line in. i >> oh, wow. >> sam s hmm. >> all right.. >> jacob it
10:19 am
hit the dna jackpot posted histe picture of himself and hislf parents on their way to thes ony oscars.oscars wow, tomb mom and dad certainlya aren't looking in the looks in l department. >> beautiful family.>> b >> picture sent to social media. with people commenting outom incredibly good looking hisoo family is. very cool. coo very nice. n >> she looks a little bit likeet kate middleton to me. >> jimmy kimmel got a two for t one surprise on his talk showals last night this surprise wasn'tw necessarily welcome. wcome by the jimmy kimmel live host. ben affleck waddled onsetdl wearing a huge oversized blackck coat. when kimmel finally opened the overcoat, wait for it, guess who popped out? >> batman. >> super man.. >> wait. >> shut up. >> surprise. who is it? >> you've got to be kidding me. >> it is matt damon. >> jason born. b >> listen to this. liste t fans of the show know of thew ot long running joke that has leadl
10:20 am
banned from being a guest but last night he took his seat in i the best chair next to affleck.k at that point what's jimmy kimmel going to do. why was he banned? b >> i don't know the back story. >> well i guess -- i don't know what -- they did all those videos back and forth which arei very funny but that's hilariouss >> anybody know why he's beendyk banned.ban >> super creepy. >> chris is explaining it. >> google it. >> it's time to bury the hatch hatchet. >> any way -- there's a storys t there. chris just explain it. expin it didn't go on air but chris b just complained we get it now. >> last week we saw drake andawe roman put on very steamy display at the awards.wa the two were spotted together ae a london nightclub after their e performance. and now sources are the two ar
10:21 am
an item again.. drake's team has teasing him tei about the reunion but nothing ng can wipe that smile off his face. wait.. i thought she was datinge s dat leonardo dicaprio or messingo os with leonardo dicaprio. >> she might be messing with or hooking up with leonardog w dicaprio. >> that was ages ago, chris? >> yeah. >> clearly i'm so behind on my o drake rihanna leonardo dicaprio news. >> if you want to know moreore about the matt damon kimmel feud tweet chris he's up on it.on it >> he's on all it. all >> if you do a video like did he with rihanna you should hook upk i'm just saying.aying. >> i think that video was the hook up.p >> it was pretty -- >> racy. >> it was hot. > it was hot. >> yes. all of those words and then so >> time now 10:21.0: coming up a little later, myy one-on-one with taraji p. hensoh what she's dishing about thengue return of empire. >> first though still followingl breaking news coming out of prince george's county.georgeou multiple schools on lock downlsk this morning. m we'll tell you why right after the break. ♪
10:24 am
>> this is view from skyfoxis v right now in prince george's p county. this is lanham maryland. nh maryl schools close that as a matter m of fact four schools have beencv closed in that area. a they're put on lock down. dow the learning continues.ties the lectures continues. the classroom continues.ties no one coming in our out of of those schools a shooting nearby. police still looking for threeot suspects.ts so four schools in lanhaman maryland this morning on lock
10:25 am
so we'll keep an eye on the situation. having learned anything knew iny the last few minutes.stew m want to share new video into the fox5 newsroom from the home in woodbridge virginia crystal cst hamilton was shot and killed ono saturday at the hands of her husband ronald. r her family is there at the homee right now. n out on the front lawn. l as police investigators remaingi on the scene. the sce we can see officers at the doord to the home. h this is also where prince prie william county police officers f ashley guindon was shot andt killed and two other officerserc wounded. crystal hamilton's aunt spokeuno with our crew a few minutes agoa >> my niece is gone. my precious baby is gone.on that's all i know. she's gone. >> we'll have more on this t story. bob barnard and melanie alnwicki covering this story for us allor morning long.. >> so sad on so many levels. >> >> exactly. switching gears drastically here still we'll talk about red hot oscar fashions. fhi some stars, of course,no
10:26 am
out of the park. others ew. not so much.h. coming up next we'll have oureur own version of the fashion police, fab or fail? tell us what you think.what you think don't forget to use the #gooddaydc.oodc ♪ i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. ♪ my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive... who's that, jenny? no kate...turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs ...i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% then i thought, maybe other things could be better.
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10:29 am
>> we all know that the cos cara really isn't about the movie awards.ds it's all about the fashion. fasn take my and the red carpet as always alw there are hits and there are a misses and that's why we have assembled one amazing fashion police. poli miss maureen umeh always looki i fab of course. she gets -- get >> work it girl. gl. >> great reviews.evws. >> erin como in the house. >> erin! >> she has pins to share. >> we have tam lee our residentn fashionista. >> we can't diss without her. hr >> never is there a good gossip combo without sarah fraser.raser >> but she's always fab. fab >> all right.>> here's what we're going to do. we're going to go down the listt of people that represented lasts night at the academy awards.rd we're going to give our opinions, please weigh inn hashing that good day dc at homh as well. they're an honorary member oforf our fashion police.fash >> over all did you
10:30 am
or fail overall. >> >> did you say fail, too. s >> yes. >> here's why.>> i want someone to wow me al la lupita the year she wore that tt red gown the statement gown.nto. i think overall everyone waserar kind of safe. >> overall. >> you think so.>> y >> overall.>> orall there are misses but everyonee was safe g it was toned down inw light of everything that wasverh going on but i'm with you.h y you needed some real showl sh stoppers. i was so disappointed.ind. isn't we'll start with who i i actually thought was the most -- talk about show >> hollywood glamour fab or faii charlene theron.ron. >> absolutely. >> number one look of the night >> i loved it.. >> oh, night gosh. >> i loved it. >> she was wearing >> it was really really very classy.y >> also their spokesperson thatr falls in line.e. what i loved she look like hollywood glamour. she waist's to you we can. can that plunging neck >> she look like a movie star.
10:31 am
the jewelry she had on. on. she was professional.fessional. >> hair and makeup went with iti >> you guys know some peoplee pl will not red on the red carp.edc >> for fear the reds will clashh >> i love that about her. >> be like the bright star. >> she's definitely stuck outef for me. >> she to two bright starsttars sticking out there. brie larson, fab or fail, brie i larson.laon. >> a strong fail.l >> i was -- >> fail.>> fl. really?? >> i like her dress. dre i did not like her hair. >> custom gucci working on it for months.s. but it was a little --tle >> work harder.ork rder >> yeah.>> yeah again this is one of those i'm not -- i'm not wowed. she looks fake. >> she looks gut good but fake. >> the whole mid be dazzlezle thing -- all right. >> when you have a bun in the t oven, it's hard to rock a gown g but if anyone can chis
10:32 am
teigen i'm going fab. >> fab.>> fab. >> she's always fabulous andbuld then of course you know her husband compliments her.mplimehr they always look nice together.. >> power couple. couple. >> isn't that how do you it? i tam don't you think that to mee maureen was a wow moment.ent >> i think, yeah, again for herh being pregnant i like theike t pattern.ttn. i think she want add camouflage her baby bum many i think shenks was but she looked amazing.. >> that's glam. >> i think she's setting up hert little girl just right. girl >> there you go. go >> some of the designers i'mig sure are fight to go dress you. >> all right. right. let's talk about lady gaga.a. no, margo robbie.go rbi >> i loved it.>> i >> this is our own -- she's our own oscar. >> i love it.e i i thought it was really classy. she looked like one of theone he awards.ds. >> a loft the were saying it was a
10:33 am
i thought it was really really l clack. one of those pictures you look o back for years on in your life. >> there's a fine line betweenet classic and safe.afe. if it's classic -- >> i'm not liking the clutch she has.ha i think that clashes too much. c the clutch.clutch >> take away. >> that's a did he merit. >> i'd get her roots done a r da little more.e. >> lady gaga. >> this is funny you guys.uys. let me tell you.ell you i was just telling them that the back room that all the blahs bla have her one of the best. b they loved it.thoved this is one -- it was a design s from brandon maxwell which wasch her long time stylist now turned >> really good friend.lly good . >> really good friend of hers.or i love a good jumpsuit but it bt was just -- it was dramatic. >> not figure flattering. >> yeah. yh i was -- >> we needing to go faster. fase lose do olivia mu inform n. >> fail. >> fail. >> i gave her fab. >> you gave
10:34 am
>> yes.>> y we jumped ahead to the the disasters.disa come on now. >> fail.>>l. >> heidi blum, fail. hlu >> there's olivia mu inform n. >> how gorgeous and classy doese she look. w who. >> olivia munn.un >> i think the rest ofs have to wear black to hide everything. celebrities should not.d n >> color was awesome. was we've had this up a long timee you're probably nauseous heidisi klum was an ultimate fail. >> rachel -- >> i'm really surprised at herrp because she's a beautiful -- i i did not like that. tha it look like a barbie dress. >> rachel mcadams fail. >> fail.>> fai >> looked like prom dress. dre >> look how wrinkled.le whatever the material was.ateris >> you got to be careful with wt silk on the red carpet. >> our girl kerry washington. >> now this fail. fai >> fail. >> i'm going fab. fab. >> you guys know that was very r ka* is a chi along with heidih d klum was versachi. >> this we could see in the nex
10:35 am
man. >> this is not an oscar gown foo me.. she looked fierce and i like it. maybe not oscar but i like it.t. >> a little confusing to >> enough about the women.h out let's talk guys.s. >> we had good moments with the guys. >> jacob, total fab. >> trend setter in the making. i love everything from the partp in the hair on down. >> amazing.mazi >> cute. >> i was sad that sylvestervest stallone didn't win. win. >> yeah.>>eah >> how did he look on the red carpet? >> he was absolutely --y -- >> i gave him a fab. he was wearing white.hite. >> look at him.>> l i thought that was one bestt tuxedos. >> is that navy blew. >> never blue and black.d is that his wife. tt hi >> yes. he looks i was if. wf >> that's his wife. >> who did you think it was, his daughter?hter? >> yeah. >> eddie redmayne.ddiemayn >> classic.>> cssic >> i loved that. >> alw
10:36 am
>> the velvet jacket.. >> i love that. >> >> common, let's see. >> come on.ome on. >> ice cream man. >> i like it.. >> fail. >> he could pull it off.d >> no.>> n >> you know what i think with that, tailoring is really real the important.ornt a good tailor you can put it it off. >> he looks like mr. clean g kevin hart big fail. fai >> really? i mean, who be b dazzled your tuck seed dough? seriously.ousl (laughter). >> every time i see him i stilll go, man, he's short. >> i thought his girlfriendlf looked awesome.some >> now she was his oscar. >> yes.. >> jared leto. jar >> last one. jared leto. >> big fail.. >> fail. >> i don't know what he was wearing. >> he rolled up to michaelw 's c
10:37 am
>> he went to michael's.'s >> he went to michael's with wi fake flowers.lors >> i tell was, this panel thougg we are all fabulous. >> let me tell you. >> bar 91 but that's part of any award show is the fashion.ashion you guys know it.w i we know it, too.oo that's why we're giving it tog you like t panel, thank you. you. >> you're welcome.welce >> what's next award show coming up. >> tam f you could get me ae knock off of naomi what's dresse >> i'm on it. >> i loved it.t. >> let's break. break quick out out to paul whartonl o who wanted to be here to dish dh with us. he couldn't.he could we miss you.n'iss next time. next i had tough assignment to go tot new york city. it was so hard and interview the one on only trap gee p. henson.. we talked a men and dating datin to empire season two, part two.o she also has a message for d.c. fans.fa my exclusive one-on-one is coming up up next.
10:38 am
10:39 am
♪ ♪
10:40 am
>> empire fans the wait isire almost over. the hit show will be back in a few week. before then we are getting a g inside scoop on what's about tot go down.go dow from none other than empire's queen bee taraji p henson aka cookie. hey sat down of the star as shes dished about what's ahead. wah >> first things first, wove getg our company back. we have to start and we have to
10:41 am
about it.t that's all i can share about i e that. let's see what else. e somebody is getting married.. and i hear rumors somebody is i dying. >> ome. is someone about to die on empire? taraji p henson could c be spilling the beans there butb not about the cliff hanger hasas everyone asking -- >> who pushed ron do down the dn stairs, can you tell us that. t >> i wish i can. >> henson is em jig the whirl l whirlwind which is empire.. it has hasn't always been easy journey but she work hard whilee juggling classes and work as ae single mother at howard howard university she says she is neven doubted she would would be awoul success.success. >> what made you say acting isci for me? this is where i can blossom. >> whenever i was on a stage s whenever i had a script in frona of me i just fel st at home.. i felt at peace.ce. i just knew that it had to be acting. i didn't have a plan b. because i didn't want to fail ss i didn't set myself for up
10:42 am >> was there anyone from your uu bringing that you took a littlet bit of to play cookie? >> um, most people think another going cookie from a woman.rom am actually my dad. he had no buffer when he spoke.e people were afraid to ask his ak opinion because they knew they were going to raw truth. t >> i think that's why people who connect with cookie so much because she's not afraid to livv or tell her >> and that's a life lessonn henson hopes resonates especially with her youngerou fans. fans she had heartfelt words oftfeltf advice for them.adce f >> for the babies coming from fm the hood i just want you to knoo get out of your zip code. that's the first -- that's firsi fact. get out of your zip code.e. there is a big world out there.e and i was blessed to have a a mother that didn't -- event -- e though i live in the hood, i h didn't stay in the hood.oo i was always somewhere on thehe weekends in the summers i wouldw would be down the country withrw my grandmother.grandmother i grew up in the hood but i hd b didn't grow up way hood state o mine.mine. because my mother got me out ofo the hood. you know, the big world outbig u there. it doesn't matter where your whe you started it's always about
10:43 am
you finish. >> amen sister. empire returns march 30ing righ3 here on and tomorrow we'll get personall with taraji with some of your ou questions including some abouteo dating and some about fashion. >> comincomingcoming up celebril day birthdays.irth >> another way to celebrate thet calendar day that only happens once every four years. yea we can all talk about alcohollch because there's anotherhere'snoh tradition that goes along with g leap day you might not be mighte familiar with. we'll talk about that coming up. do tell. >> over a glass of champagne.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> we're doing as much as we caa to celebrate those who are borno on this very special day because we only get february 2se9th once every four years and ladies youl might not be aware of this.. but you have an opportunity tott do something as well part oftf tradition.n if have you been wondering wondi whether or not you should prohol pone pose to your significantiga other today may be the day the d because tradition has it that on the leap year day women can beya the one to pop the
10:47 am
to do so, then make they havethv the get up the nerve cocktail.ol here to show what it entails aj johnson from bistro. >> happy leap year day. >> happy leap year day. day >> i was not unwear thisthis >> i was not.>> ias not. high to do research on this julius caesar implemented thisil thousands of years ago. >> i guess it's stilt out thereu as attrition tradition.rati >> a lot of stuff happened termr of the irish tradition womenom were given the aunt to balance out the mile and female rollsol every four years. one of the twists back in thestn day was that women had the right on this day to ask someone to marry them if the guy said no sd they had to give them a presente >> they did have to give them aa present generally tradition holds it was supposed to beposeo glove y
10:48 am
finger. >> is that what it was. was. >> 12 pairs of gloves.loves. >> we want to learn how to makem a drink. a drink you are doing something specials to get up the nerve cocktail.ktl >> we're doing little bit of promotion of two sort off highlight our new extension exti space as well magnolia room. it's called get up the nerve. nr so we are inviting women to getg up the nerve and propose to proe their lucky men or lady on thist day.y. you go to meghan bistro our facebook page like our facebookb page and then put the hash tag h get up the nerve. ner we'll go through. tou see pictures best picture mostrm likes and give away a freeree cocktail party for the lady. l >> all who doesn't want a free cocktail party. >> this is the drink of its namn sake.. >> what are we putting in here?h i don't recognize this bottle. >> is that black wells jay may can rum.can m. very nice caramelize flavors there, date syrup, orange and ad brown sugar. angus store bitters for little l
10:49 am
and add ice to that. t little play on traditionalal champagne cocktail just as we'rw sort of breaking through regular traditions with this day.ay all right. we'll add little bit more here.r >> how many of these will wehese need to truly get up the nerve? >> probably two.bly two >> okay. >> i'd say two.>> say t yeah. >> more than one for sure.or sur >> indeed. indeed >> are you making two of theingt same drinks or something different.different >> i'm making two of the same.i >> well, good. wel >> little bit extra.bitra >> are you expecting anybody to actually come in and propose? p? >> i don't know.>> >> you'll be ready. >> i don't know. >> i'll be ready if they do. re >> tell us about a little bittle about the >> we're located right up by chevy chase circle. 5520 connecticut avenuect northwest.nort >> right on the border of chevy chase maryland and d.c. a >> on the d.c. side of thing.f . on the d.c. side of things.t >> the champagne is that for tt that drink for to us celebrate. >> it is for the drink. adds charm with the celebratoryo effect of what we're celebrate
10:50 am
celebrating. >> since you're the beverage director there any specialtiespi that you guys whip up that wehat want to try if we come in on ana other day aside from today.oday >> any other day?>>ny o >> i probably say the mostthe m popular cocktail right now is nw the 20 by two. t it is a really really nice playa on a classic manhattan.. >> okay.>> oka >> yeah. it's little bit of sweet. little bit of little bit of orange there forre you as well.l. >> speaking of sweet, bitter ann orange what are you doing that orange peel. i'm soaking it to give it feel.el burning the peel.burning th give eight little bit ofe arrow mat ticks.mat ti and there you are. ooh.oo >> fancy. >> we are.>> w >> i feel like i should wait fof you so we can toast this leap t year day. year indeed. >> do you have anybody that hase a leap year day birthday. abirth i just met a girl that does havv one.e. >> yes. we're finding them all over them place. as a matter of fact, we sent our he is steamed colleagues out tod try to find some peopl
10:51 am
as you might imagine is not ann easy task. tk. >> probably not easy. pro >> are you online social mediaam the facebook page.k pag indeed making bit tow and hash tag get up the nerve. nerve >> that is tasty.. >> i like it.t. >> yeah.>> yea i'm going to stop short of two don't make any bad additions in the >> speak of leap year birthdayss thank you very much.h. >> you're very welcome.ou're >> back to the couch and findndf out about the search forrch f birthday babies. >> the search continues.ces allison and tucker they've beene out and about looking for these myth cal leap year babies dodge they exist? allison you foundou one earlier you and tucker butub you found another one. one >> we we're at the home of amos and carol jones in prince george'sng county, maryland. this was a surprise.urpr you're beautiful wife didn't --d you didn't know.didnnow. >> no. >> i wish we had waited to knock on the door when we came on tv n happy birthday. bth >> happy birthday! >> i can believe this
10:52 am
(laughter). >> you should have seen his face when we knock on the door sixheo minutes ago. >> aww look at you carol beingai the best wife ever.r >> thank you so much. >> yes i just wanted to doo do something special for him heim always watch every morning and g talk about you. y this is like an awesome birthdah for him. him >> all right. >> this is indeed 2/29.9. okay. kind of blow it out every four u years when it occurs on the big day. >> i try to get drunk but yeah.y >> you don't need a birthday foa that. >> we're on tv right now. now. >> i'm sorry but, yes. i can't even talk. >> really a surprise. surpris when i said surprise, i'm thin thinking we're going out toe're dinner -- brunch. brunc ya'll walk to the door. >> tucker and allison. >> we brought i was iak >> oh, my goodness.h, my goodne >> we brought i was cake to wasc celebrate today.celeate >> okay. all right.. >> why you so emotional right
10:53 am
>> i menial? men >> okay. >> that's so sweet. sweet >> tell me about the birthday. you kind of like when it's notts on the actual day, you celebrate both days like the 28th and the first or how does it work.or >> when the 29 don't come arouno i celebrate on the 28th andnd the first but i party through t the whole thing. thi >> oh yeah.>> o >> how is it like, now youite, w understand what it is but when w you're 10 years old, you're likl where is my birthday? where isi february 29th.uary 29th >> that's the funny question i don't even remember.t evenemem >> okay. oka >> as you get older then you understand, you know, the difference in the years.. >> right. rig i still can't the >> you're 44 today. t >> right today. >> that makes me -- >> 11. 11. >> aww.. >> so precious. sciou >> so cute for 11. >> cute little cheeks.. (laughter). >> okay. so >> that's okay. >> aim mows, we have a traditi tradition. celebrate your birthday we gotir to do little come on.
10:54 am
>> i'll do it with you >> let me just -- show us the te >> it's stevie wonder right here. happy birthday.y thda that's where it is. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> happy birthday.. >> happy birthday.irda i'm going to get the cake. >> oh, yeah. >> did i miss the stinky leg? >> yeah. >> oh, n>>o. >> all right. r >> from channel five to you aim mows jones today on your leapoue day birthday, happy birthday to you and carol you're wonderful too. >> thank you very much.hank you >> celebrate party like it's p your birthday because itause actually is your birthday. >> fox5 is number one.berne >> we appreciate it. we >> that's all i do.>> t >> you got big plans thiss afternoon? what's going on. wg >> i haven't the light tesoit idea. >> we have dinner plans.. >> and then this. t what epic surprise. surpris thank you for watching.chin >> all day.>> all day. >> thank you for >> no doubt. dou >> tucker and i were just doingd what we do.o. bringing joy to
10:55 am
>> we love it. >> back to you. >> great job. j >> happy birthday.pythda >> we got one up you because wew found a nine-year-old come onome over here nine-year-old. >> yay! yay >> happy birthday.appythda >> happy birthday to you. >> we one upped you.pp you >> happy birthday.y >> all right.>> a >> come on in here.n h >> you excite.>> >> i'm excited. yit i'm nervous.ou oh, my goodness. gess >> tell us who you are.l us w yu >> wisdom doesn't bite onite monday. >> my name is rochelle alexander from green belt maryland and i'i here with you today celebratingi my ninth birthday.. >> happy birthday.. >> we don't want to you leavetoa empty handed we got i was drinki if you're not into drinkingrinkg everybody loves cake. >> we got i was cake, too.. >> best birthday ever. >> leap year birthday.irth >> you got to put it down yourou birthday dance. >> yeah. h. >> you can hear the music.anear >> here we go. >> there you y >> you might want to drink at to little bit more. >> one more.or >> happy birthday -- dancing mimi?? >
10:56 am
>> let's go. let's do it.. >> listen to the music.ic >> she's breaking it down. i dow >> she got the birthday dance d >> show her birthday shoes. sho >> where did wisdom go? >> bum come on, wisdom. >> i am loving it. >> i'm going skiing, snow tub tubing, zip lining went to thenw water park.wa >> did you this all this year.ha >> this weekend.we >> oh wow. >> way to go.o >> master of nothing. notng >> every four years when yourou birthday is on the 29th do you d do some extra special.spec >> i'm here today on the 29thto much this is the best birtonhdaa ever.ever >> aww you're the best.s >> so glad we can be part of pt your special day.alay >> gary good conditions today. i >> another day in the d tomorrow in the 60s, too., t you'll celebrate tomorrow,or right?ri >> i am. 28, 29. the first -- >> celebrations.s. >> aww.>> aww. >> hard to drink.>> h >> they're great.y'rere happy birthday to everybody elss who celebrating leap yearap y birthday today. we'll see you ya'll again in agn four years. years. everybody else we'll seeybod tomorr
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:57 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you. >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy. [ music playing [ music playing ] . >> wendy: hi, welcome to the show.


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