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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  June 19, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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y212my yi0y >> ahead this morning one week since the deadly orlando night club shootings and the victims are laid to rest as we learn new details about the gunman. >> and part two of metro safe track program underway right now. but the real test will be tomorrow morning's commute. what you need to know ahead of time. >> and later, it is all about dad today. we're sharing sox your father's day photos and sweet messages and why retailers are also celebrating today. and good morning lx to "fox 5 news morning" on this sunday i'm annie yu. >> good morning to see you go dad. >> happy father's day. >> happy father's day to everybody out. there good old dads out there. a live look outside right now on this father's dayo
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there this morning. i hope you all get out there and enjoy the day. look who else is here. our friend mike thomas the non dad. >> the non dad. >> we consider syd your four legged son. >> you're a dog dad. >> he didn't get up and make me breakfast though this morning. >> he'll have a surprise when you get home later today. >> right on the carpet probably. >> happy father's day for all the dads. great forecast coming your way. they were not lying when they said it's great outside. it's a fantastic father's day ahead for all the dads out there. they want to get out and barbecue and head out to the pool and relax. lots of sunshine coming or way today. if you wake up early this morning a few high, thin clouds up there. that's the case as we head through the day today. clouds from time to time. but again a good amounts of sunshine today. uv index high today. so you have to make sure you put the suncreen on. put that
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10 out of 11 today. so you can burn in 10, 15 minutes if you don't put suncreen on. waking up to temperatures. humidity not bad. 68 in washington and annapolis 68, mannasas and culpeper in the 50s this morning and quickly warm later today. i want to mention air quality at code orpth north. not here in d.c. but baltimore metro stations. that air has not moved over the past couple days and i suspect this will be expanded southward as we head into the day tomorrow. quickly the forecast. 90 today. father's day sunshine. it's hot. but the good news no hultty ye yet. no humid tut yet it will sneak into the forecast. autopsyy and fitz over to you. >> thank you very much. >> time now 7:02, in you news this morning today marks a week since the dead
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land owe night club. 49 people were murdered. dozens more injured. this weekend funerals for many families as they bury the victims. >> these tributes continue to come in from all kind of various forms and varieties one of the most unique is tattoo artist creating body art as a way to remember those lost nat tack and they're accept doing nations for the victims. >> we're learning more about the gunman. the fbi is examining video surveillance inside the night club in part to determine ft. killer may have had accomplice. >> steve harry began has the latest. >> one week after first mass shooting in american history that left 49 dead victims of or land owe night club attack are being laid to rest. >> foremost in all of other mind is loss and grief held by people of or land owe especially lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual. >> of the
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there are fewer than 20 patients remaining. local officials say they are doing everything they can to make thur those impacted by the attack are getting the help they need. >> we're working through how we can directly district the funds on what criteria and we want to distribute them directly to the victims and families. >> fbi is still investigating how much help if any the killer may have had in plan anticipating carrying out his attack nirtion to phone calls and 911 he also texted his week noor. >> bottom line the fbi new matt each was problematic person and had an electric in jihadist ideology and he was in touch with people. >> president in the meantime continues to call for new gun control legislation. >> being tough on terrorism required more than talking tough on terrorism particularly source of home grown terrorism we've seen now in or
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and san bernadine owe means making it harder for people who want to kill americans to get their hands on assault weapons. >> there were a total of 13 funerals held for the victims this weekend inkuingd that of chris fir lynonin his mother wept on tv hours aft shooting while she was unsure if her said was done or alive. >> -- know anybody in that horrific incident i did they're guys, girls, brothers, signaturesers and dreams and hopes. >> that is singer keith urban remembering the victims of the shooting during a performance in tampa last night. urban paid tribute by perfor performing u2 song want. closer to home, phase two of metro safe track program officially under wiave the real test is tomorrow, monday morning during the monday morning commute. >> we'll see riders on
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blue and silver get ready for major delays. there are things keeping in mind right now for a smooth commute if that's possible tomorrow. "fox5" alex limone is live with more. >> good morning, well if are you one of the people that is dreading your commute next week because of all the work on metro, you're not the only one. but maybe i can offer you just a little bit of tiny bit of light at the ipd of the tunnel. a look at all the on parking spots. this will be on to commuters during the workweek for parking from 6 in the morning to 10 at night and it's only going to be $7. but keep in mind if there is a special event then the parking will be $15. and again this is all happening because of phase two of metro safe track program that got started yesterday and goes through jewel 3 and phase two will shut down segmento
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blue u. orange and silver line lines. here's exactly what you need to know. there's going to be no metro service between eastern market and minnesota avenue. also, between eastern market and bening road and finally no service between arlington sem mayor ta yairp roz land. also potomac avenue station and stadium armory stations will be closedal together. now the agency says they will be providing a shuttle bus service in place of those trains. however, it will not be able to accommodate all of the passengers that it needs to. you need to make other plans have a game plan and come up with it now. i want to warn you even that experience on the buses will be tough. again there's not enough bus capacity to handle volume we normally handle . . .. >> now, on top of those segment shut downs on the blue, orange and silver lines
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additional fewer trains in other areas. metro estimate this will all impact about 30,000 people. so you can imagine the mess that's going to create on the roads. so if you do need to drive and then plan on parking in a place like this, perhaps you can arrange to car pool with people or join a car pool. that's the advice city and county officials in the d.c. area are giving people. otherwise if you live close enough to workplace perhaps you can walk, take a bike. whatever you option you have, you should take that. "fox5 local news". alexandra limone. >> police in virginia continue to investigate the devastating scene in caroline county. six people killed and several other injured when the van crashed into another carch the van flipped several time the six deceased the, including a child, were thrown from the vick and none were wearing speedlimit and the driver of the second car was not injured.
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fan favorite soaring high once again this morning. we'll tell you where you can catch the thunder birds in action. >> but first the parents of a 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator speaking out. their heartfelt message and how the community is rallying around them. >> plus mike has another look at this father's day forecast. stay with us. "fox5 news morning" will be right back after
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>> back now at 7:11 the parents of 2-year-old killed by an alligator at disneyworld say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and however they are not readied to speak publicly about the tragedy. lane drives was snavd from the shore
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died of drouping and other traumatic injuries. since the attack disney posted signs warning of alligators in that area. meanwhile neighbors of that little boy showing their support for his parents they tied blue ribbons around trees and mailboxes in the neighborhood to send a message of love. and turn together race for the whitehouse now bernie sanders in the running despite hillary clinton becoming presumetive nominee offer a week ago and on republican side donald trump is wlaingting his own party for what he says is lack of surprise port. fox alicia kuna has the latest from the campaign trail. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders still has not endorsed hillary clinton or quit campaign built is promising to help defeat donald trump. >> after centuries of racism, sexism and discrimination of all forms in our country, we do not need a major party candidate who makes bigotry the
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>> trump in the meantime is firing up supporters at rally this weekend and presumetive republican presidential nominee blasted hillary clinton for what he calls her lack of integrity. >> hillary clinton you can say it any way you want she does not have the integrity. she does not have the integrity to be president. and perhaps equally important, she's got very, very bad judgment. >> trump hitting back at his own party abid talk about a possible koo at next month's gop convention. >> if the republican party i hope they come together i hope they come together it's great but if they get a little bit like they don't want to help out as much i'll fund my own xam pain. >> after securing the nomination hillary clinton has taken the weekend off for the campaign trail and there's been plenty of activity at campaign headquarters in preparation for next month's convention. >> those cop recollection haves provide a dose of information about the candidate, his famil
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family, their positions, whole nine yard. they really are important turning point in the campaign. >> democrats prepare foring all-out 'tis ago tack on donald trump getting ready to drop more than 40 million on commercials incrucial swing state n las vegas, alicia kuna, fox news. >> another hot issue on the campaign trail this year is gun control. >> in the wake of orlando night club shooting lawmakers once again engage in a heated debate. it's also a big topic on "fox" news sunday this week. here's a preview of what we can expect. >> in the wake of the terrible attack in orlando, how do we keep the country safe. how do we keep it safe from guns and terrorists. and we'll be talking to the attorney general of the united states loretta lynch. obviously a lot of that will focus on the question of gun control and a big vote on a couple of various proposals in the senate this week. and also the question of the threat from isis trying to
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infiltrate into this country either by literally sending people over in the flow of refugees or trying to inspire people over the internet. >> remember you can catch fox news sunday here at 9 a.m. right after "fox 5 news" on the hill. the editor in chief kusack and veronica cleary and i will have a politics packed sunday morning. "fox 5 news" on the hill starts here at 8:30. >> the first family enjoying a weekend get away at two of american's famous nagal parks they're touring in new mexico and yosemite in california. national parks are celebrating 100 years in celebration and president obama took time to bring had attention to every kid in a park initiative that gives free passes to fourth grade areas around the country to tour national parks. a fan favorite is back in action this weekend in marylan maryland. u.s. air force thunder birds are
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coming weeks after a colorado pilot was forced to eject from his plane after pry flying over a crowd at air force academy graduation. if you missed show yesterday you're in luck there's one more show planned for today. they are amazing if you ever get a chance to see them. >> oh, yeah. >> thunder birds or blue angels evenly erwin you cannot go wrong. that's something special. >> i used to watch them all the time when i was a kid. >> now is your big chance. >> get out to watch them. should be a great day for it. >> it's another ideal morning. >> i'm considering this my first father's day present today your forecast. thank you. >> that's all for you. >> i appreciate that. you're a pretty powerful guy if you can deliver that. >> i dry, i try. time to go to the wall. >> d.j.. >> i'm almost there sing something quick. >> i don't know. i'm not good at this. >> we'll work on that for late later. >> papa was a rolling stone.
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music here. slight sli beautiful ult looking at the national cam he'd ral down up to. shakeing a little bit. bit of a breeze out there and not that bad. it should be a beautiful day. 68 to start the day. humidity not bad at all. 56%. whipped west southwest five miles an hour that's a warm sgrex for us and things start to turn out of the south today and bring in more heat from the south as we work our way to the afternoon. 68 washington. pittsburgh good morning 63. rich mopped 60. beckly west virginia 58 rngt columbus ohio 65 this hour. again a nice start. we'll heat things up this afternoon. good news is humidity should stay away from the day today. maybe not tomorrow. more details on that in a minute. satellite and radar few high thin cloud and that's all we're concerned about for the most part an absolutely beautiful day. high pressure in still in control. this is where it was yesterday it moved south. tins is done that it taps
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more of that southerly wind near if not above 90 and forecasting 90. 82 by 11, 87 by 2:00 this afternoon and 8 degrees by the time we get to 5:00. again a great day to get outside. barbecue and give data a break and take the grill for a day and rest up a bit. 09 in d.c.. upper 80s. lower the 0s for everybody humidity stays away there father's day. but we're heating it back up as we start your workweek tomorrow. more details on that. coming your way in about 15 minutes or so. all right. annie and fitz back over to you. >> 7:18 this morning the flooding and land slides continue in indonesia blamed this morning for deaths of 24 people and another 26 are still missing and officials say several houses and
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have also been destroyed in the city of java. >> back in the states crews out west continue to battle wildfires in four states including california, newic mexico and california. hundreds are homes are at risk n new mexico the national guard was called in to support that area. >> no ugly ties or mugs. >> i like ugly ties and mugs. >> i always give uingry ties. i'm the best ugly tie give it's time to get creative owe on father's day today. >> it's a hole in one weekend for the golf fans out there. toes stories nor in the week ahead. >> light up the grill and spend quality time with good old dad. father's day across the nation children remember and honor fathers for contributions and sacrifices paid for the family. >> catch a final around of 116 u.s. on
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fox and world's best golfers square off stapled by the united states golf association it's bument as the most demanding test in golf and summer officially arrives monday northern hemisphere on longest day of the year. tuesday, is selfie day. yep, you heard it correct. forget about throw back photos and break out selfie stixz. it's time to snap a few pictures of yourself. >> democrats and republicans square off in one of the biggest congressional battles of the year quite literally. this time both side are playing hard ball. thursday is annual congressional baseball game the event raises money for three d.c. area charities. >> hockey fans it's event we've been waiting for all year. friday is 2016 nhl draft. all 30 nhl teams make their way to the first center in new york that's a look ahead
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ibanez, fox news. >> leaders in russia vowing to fight back against a ban against athletes at this year's summer olympic games. we'll have the latest own growing doping scandle ahead. >> and still ahead later what is the cereal all over these babies. we'll tell you about the cheer owe challenge. this seems wrong. taking internet by storm. >> what is wrong with people. >> it's just in time for fathe father's day. >> okay. >> speaking of dads we're enjoying seeing all dad foyt owes keep them coming look at all these wonderful dad photos, fitz. >> we have to get one of you up there. >> all ages of dad and kids i guess keep them coming if you have a shout out to your dad let us know about if and send it to us.
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>> the two were dating at the time and his defense maintained he was drunk and should not be held responsible this is second conviction for vandenburg his conviction last year was tossed because a your juror did
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reveal she ways victim of statutory rain. >> developing this morning overseas russian leaders of olympic movement there are vowing what they fight up justice at the international committee banning track and field athletes from competing in brazil. this decision follows growing scandal over widespread doping in sports. here's the details. >> never before has an entire nation's olympic delegation in a sport been outright banned because of doping that's exactly what has happened. all of russia track and field athletes will be band from 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro. and finding for years russia operated a government sponsored widespread doping system for its olympic aming lights. russia's track and field annual lights were suspended from track and feel after that damming report in november on saturday the international committee
7:26 am
and support the decision of the iaaf ruling russia has not made enough recommended changes to be able to participate in the olympics" the russian government denied it was government sponsored and vladimir putin is calling the ban unjust and fair because innocent and cleanage threats are being punished. responsibility must be person that committed offense and nobody not directly involved with the offense should suffer. therefore i expect we will speak more to the colleagues from the anti-doping organization. >> there is a possibility clean rishian athlete will participate but not for russia. >> it came half a thorough and fair process it's the only proper course of action giving the evidence presented to council. ultimately council chose to
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with unanmity and trust. >> russia is find ago way to appeal ioc meeting tuesday and they hinted more far reaching punishment could be on the way for russia. in new york, brian yannis, fox news. >> ahead at 7:30 today marks one week since the deadly orlando night club shooting and how the victims are being remembered. and the attack now once again sporting a heated debate in washington over gun control and lawmakers may be working towards common ground. we'll have details for you coming up on that.
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>> rk back time now 7:30 another live look outside and it is another beautiful day in our area and just ideal weekend really, mike. >> it's perfect. >> thank you, thank you sir. >> honestly i don't think it could get better than yesterday. >> makes your job easy righting. >> it does. i'm so happy coming in on the weekend i don't have to be stay inside all day it will rain all day perfect. >> yesterday was a day you sat for a moment and said i'll soak this up because it -- light breeze, hoe humidity, comfortable fem turz. perfect every way. shape and form. >> we'll try to repeat that today but it will be warmer. >> i don't mind that. is the humidity going to rise? >> not today. >> more details
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something is calling to you move. >>♪ . >> go mike, go mike, go, go, go mike. >> let walk to the beat. >> there you go. ♪ wow. getting fancy. >> that's tucker barnes is on vacation and if you missed his walk he'll be back on tuesday. that's the best i can do to fill in for tuger when he get back. m why the beautiful beach scene and water behind us. so summer officially begins tomorrow not until tomorrow eeption 6:35 p.m. summer officially begins we'll teal like summer out and about. lot of sunshine. maybe few high think clouds than yesterday k cloud cover comeing across the ohio valley will and that slides our way later on. lot of sunshine. uv index is high this afternoon. ten out of 11
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again only one more to get up there and tomorrow in extreme category. today high, throw the sun screen on if you're out and about and do best to enjoy it. 68 degrees. current number in d.c.. baltimore 65. westminster 70. frederick still cool spot at 5 59. you'll warm up quickly. same deal mannasas and culpeper and good morning and 63 at this hour. dewpoint remain comfortable. it's comfortable. 55 mannasas and 64 westminster and 67 at red frederick. those due point steal here we'll feel comfortable as we get into the day today and monday afternoon and by the time we get to tuesday up cal holcomb for theable cold front coming our way. 90. low humidity. beautiful afternoon. we head into monday
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the work week hot. first day of summer, 93. how about that? that is a check of got car more details in the 7 day come where you are yeah in a bit. annie and fitz back to you. >> 7:33 a head up for metro riders tomorrow morning's commute could be interesting and not in a good way. it will be first work dave phase two of safe track program there will be no service between eastern mark eliminate, minnesota avenue and eastern market and bening road. also, over to arlington cemetery in rosland land, rk stadium offing parking for $7 a day. well today marks one week since the deadly shoolting at orlando night club. 49 people were killed. dozen more injured. this weekend was one of final goodbyes for many families as they laid their loved ones to rest. there were a total of 13 funerals including that of christopher linonin his mother wt
7:34 am
the shooting while she was unsure if her son was dead or alive and shooting has once again sparked a fierce gun control debate. >> republicans and democrats both remain at odz over this issue and there's signs now that there could be some common ground in the works. garrett steny explanation. >> it gives us an opportunity to fool a sechbs belonging with other people at a time of great loss. >> we'll get to that story a little airt. one of the things talking about was this depate on the senate fill bust they are week. there were indication there's would be a vote taking place now we have a report from this week there were signs of a compromise in congress. they'll vote on four different proposals to rely
7:35 am
none of these proposals are expected to pass. similar proposals failed after the sandy hook shooting and after at facts in san bernadine owe. today president obama again made his case for gun reform in weekly address by pressing for a ban on assault weapons. >> being tough on terrorism particularly source of home grown terrorism that we've seen now in orlando and san bernadine owe means making it harder for people who want to kill americans toe get their hand on assault weapons capable of killing dozens of innocent as quickly as possible. >> republican senator sution an collins is more than a mod republican hoping to lead bipartisan proposal next week many reps are frustrated with the whitehouse and leading democrats am say
7:36 am
problem is radical terrorism. >> the american people find it ridiculous in response to isis terror attack and democrats go on high dungeon that we've got a restrict the second amendment right of law abiding citizens this is not a gun control issue this is a terrorism issue. >> and republican nominee donald trum app announced he planes to meet with nra to discuss gun control legislation as well in washington i'm garrett steny fox news. . >> "fox5" is gearing up for long eliminateest day and hoping to raise awareness of alzheimer's disease and kun incredible story of taking care her mother hope had alzheimer's while she was still in college. >> and as we head to break now we remember the 49 lives lost time now is 7:36 we'll be right
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>> welcome back "fox5" cares has been partnering with alzheimer's associatingtion getting ready for the fundrais fundraising event called the longest day which is monday. we've been sharing stories all week of people dealing with alzheimer's and other forms of dementia with the hopes of raising awareness. >> 33-year-old
7:42 am
kristin's dad is diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's and then is not the first time kristin dealt with the disease. >> seeing my grandmother and grandfather granny and gramp s suffer through the disease seemed normal they were older and lived a long life. i was older grandchild in their mind. what really struck me was how shocked i was when my own father was diagnosed with it in 2014. what was so shocking i had experienced this and the symptoms with my grandfather a decade and it took me by such surprise when had hit my own father. >> john angus my father how i remember him as a fierce political debate erin interest luck tuille and most generous individual who would help nip or neighbor. today he's a shy, quiet. individual who can barely converse. there are no words to talk about experiencing that
7:43 am
transformation in someone as close to you as your father. it's heartbreaking and hard every single day. i like to focus on maybe the joy we can still find. i have a 9-month-old nephew who has stolen all you're hearts including my father's body is one of the only individuals my father can recognize. always i'm certifies not an old person's disease. it impact people of all ages. whether you have a grand parent who is dealing with it or a parent like me who dealing like it, it impacts you in maze you may not be ready for ways to impact you and i challenge everybody to take a second to think about what would your life look like if you lost somebody. . >> there are lots of ways you can get involved an ways you can help. check out the web site you see on the screen there. young nationals. spelled nation alz it's a facebook page don't forget official longest day event is tomorrow, monday, you can get involved, donate to
7:44 am
going to day. >> all of those stories have been incredible, incredible. >> it's tough to watch but i mean i know it's head hitting people and a lot of people out there relate to it and they know firsthand what it's like to have a loved one with alzheimer's. >> a lot of folks just in time for father's day only something a dad would do. now, cheer owe challenge taking sobl immediate by by storm. >> this is what moms think we do when they're gone. >> inspired challenges up next. >> can we turn this on our little baby here. >> maybe we'll try this after this. we'll be right back. stick with us.
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>> here are more "fox5" father this morning we want you to send in a picture of your dad use #"fox5" dads show us who you are honoring this father's day you ab i father yourself or with picture of own father it's great to see everybody. it's a great thing. that's a great picture
7:48 am
>> that's what to do there. >> that's kyle. kyle -- that is our news content manager right there that's kyle kormean and his dad look at that was kyle of that small? he looks so independent. >> that's fantastic. >> looks look a good little boy aisle blow that up use that #"fox5" dads supposed in your photos. >> keep them coming. >> we have plans today for dad dads. >> yes how about dinner with dad. >> dinner with dad. >> same here. >> my turn to embarrass my dad here. here's a live look outside a beautiful afternoon for all the dads outside today it will be great day for it and time for me to wish my father a happy feernl's day that's the whole family. >> that's fantastic mike. >> you look dad good look good dad. >> i did you a favor this is from 2009 still looking
7:49 am
there. >> did your dad tell to you get a haircut. >> yeah that was this is -- this was freshman year college mike we worked on the hairdo over the past few years. >> happy father's day to all the dads out there and happy father's day to you dad. >> lots of sunshine coming your way. gorgeous afternoon. hotter today. in fact 90s returning today and we stick around the next 2, 3 days there and several days of summertime heat coming your way and humidity stays comfortable for the day today and get outside and enjoy if you can. next chance of storms tuesday. let's roll through temperature temperatures. 68 washington. dulles 62, boolt more 65. annapolis 68 this morning and satellites and radar queue eight side from high, thin cloud. great day today. make sure you get out and enjoy. it high pressure still in control. although it has moved down to the south and that will start to filter in the hat
7:50 am
number low 90s this afternoon more heat coming your way as we start the workweek. nothing changes and high pressure down south good southerly push of air warms us up low to mid 90s. cold fronts slides southward that slams to hot and humid air this time of year that always means chance for thunderstorms i don't think too wide spraet definitely something we have potential for right now there is some risk especially through central virginia up to southern maryland we'll keep our eye on the situation and bring you updates over the next several days 0 the daytime high. lots of foreman's day sunshine. get out and enjoy all the dads out there throw on the sun the scene. you'll need it. first day of summer is tomorrow. 93 degrees very, very hot and humid as well and 92 on tuesday with a spotty thunderstorm cold
7:51 am
where we should be this time of year 7 wednesday few clouds probably best chance of rain all week right now looks like thursday afternoon and good chance of thunderstorms in the highch 85. that's a check of 7 day forecast. annie and tom back to you. . >> thanks, mike in honor of father's day dads everywhere it's the cheer owe challenge. stack as many cheerios as you can. the challenge was started by life of dad now it sound easy but apparently online it's harder than it looks that's a lot of cheerios especially if you try to hold back the laughter it's pretty funny. >> those are things moms worry about and dads doing when they
7:52 am
>> it shows how laid back dads are they're not sweating just stacking cheeros. >> my daughter is nine i have enough cheerios still in my car this day to get a pile that high it already may feel like summer out there but tomorrow actually is the start of summer to sem operate we're heating it up in the loft. >> joining us with perfect summertime dishes.
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this morning jiping uing liver with a preview on what you're calling the white dinner which sounds amazing. >> and you have to be careful how you eat it too,. >> what is the white. >> white dinner started in europe actually a few decades ago something you find all over europe now actually we're start to see it in washington and this country as well and the idea is to bring people together in urban space to break bread and dialogue together we took that as inspiration to put together a white dinner in front of our restaurant. now in europe you have to bring all
7:56 am
we'll did all of that for you all you have to do is dress in white. . >> the arope acoming off this is as i mag. obviously people are learning now italian cuisine is jar i jarid.e this is not spaing yet a and meatballs. >> insala ta adidi. >> this translate well for summer picnic or dinner under the stars to welcome in summer solstice
7:57 am
refrigerator it's just prep the secret is to have all the ingredients the same size are you ready to help me a little bit. >> yes. >> i fresh measured everything we start with rice and peas and then we have chopped tomatoes throw that in chopped tomatoes and chopped any kind of cheese you want. >> this is how do i it. >> there you go. >> when i watch the cooking shows they're jept sgrl black olives and can do rosemary, ha ham, or mortedela. >> oh, and we got some chopped red peppers throw those in. >> and those rts little pickle pickles. >> this is tuna we make in house. >> the
7:58 am
off it. >> if you will not make your own you get a can of tuna packed in olive oil please because you use the oil. >> my mother used to make anti-pasta with olive oil tuna it adds toe flavor. >> yes and then lots of khivrs for color and flavor salt, of course. >> this is so easy. >> very easy. >> this is standard dish in italy. >> these are classic ingrade yents. >> you can put whatever you want in it. the whipts dinner will be tomorrow. >> it's 6:34 solstice starts we'll have a party. >> we're white. >> thank you. >> we'll be right
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>> good sunday morning welcome back. a live look on this father's day. it is june 19. we hope all you dads out there are enjoying your day so far. it's a bite full day. good morning, i'm annie yu. >> fantastic weather out there tom fitzgerald great to see you this morning it's father'
8:02 am
the day before the first day of summer. even though we had a little taste of warm weather lately. and look who else is here. mike thomas here with the weather station. how are you doing, mike. >> hi, everybody. happy to be here today and giving all dads out there a forecast. we have a good one. >> happy father's day to our own tom fitzgerald. >> thank you appreciate it. >> on behalf of all dads we accept your congratulations thank you very much. >> all right. >> let's get right to did for all the dads out there a special father's day forecast. for my dad too, happy father's day to you. 71 this morning comfortable out there dulles 67 and mannasas 63 and frederick 63 and 66 in and they now warmed to almost mid 60s you can get a sense of how fast we warm things up today. dry air in place and lots of sunshine and things heat up quickly. re
8:03 am
radar. again pretty much sunshine dominating today with maybe a few high thin clouds and right now over the ohio valley trying to slide our way later today. that will be about the only concern today. it's going to be a good one. 90 degrees. however, as someone wrote on my fashion book yesterday they don't care if it's 100 as long as humidity stays low. that is what we'll have today. humidity stiz low. hot one. father's day lots of sunshine for all the number one dads out there get outside and enjoy. it throw the sun screen on uv index high this year an you can burn in 15 minutes if you don't we don't want to hear about any of that. more at the details in a mixt annie and tom back to you. >> the clock is ticking this time tomorrow will be a major test for metro during first commuting day of phase 2 of safe track program. >> as riders on the orange, blue and silver lines are about to find out tomorrow morning they nobody store for major delays and monday morning
8:04 am
riders should keep in mind. alex limone is live in south east with the details. good morning, alex. >> good morning if you're drea dreading your commute because of all the work on meto you're not the only one. built maybe i can offer you a little tiny bit of good news if you choose to drive. you see all on parking spots they're making them available to commuters. we're lot three of rfk stadium and parking lot opens up 6 in the morning to 10 at night daily and parking will be 7 and it will actually jump up to $15 during special event. it's good to know there will be more parking since there will be a lots more cars on the road. again this is all happening because of phase two of 34e9 row safe track program that shuts down segments of blue, orange and silver lines. the areas impacted
8:05 am
eastern market and bening road there will nobody metro service also between eastern market and minnesota avenue. and between arlington cemetery and roz land and army stadium and potomac avenue stations will be close closedal togethe together. metro is trying to offer additional solutions by offering shuttle bus service and the problem is the agency says they already know those buses will not be able to accommodate all of the regular metro customers. >> you do need to make other plans and you need to have a game plan and need to come up with it now. i also want to warn you that even that experience on the buses will be tough. again there's just not enough bus capacity to handle volumes we normally handle. >> on top of those closures there will also be additional decreased service. metro estimate it will
8:06 am
30,000 customers. if you can think of alternate way to get to work like maybe a car pool you should do that. reporting live in south east d.c. alexander limone, "fox5 local news". >> today marks one week since the deadly shooting at or land owe night club. 49 people were killed. dozens more injured. meanwhile the fbi is now examining video surveillance from inside the night club in part to determine gunman omar mateen may have had accomplice he made calls to 911, media and texted his wife during the shooting. there were a total of 13 funerals held for vick thimz this weekend including that of christopher lynonin she appeared on tv hours after the shooting and was not sure if her son was dead or alive. >> turning to race for white house right now donald trump plaqueing own party for lack of support while firing
8:07 am
supporters he. he took aim at own party amid talk of boss i believe coo in cleveland. democrats are calling for attack on trum in coming months dropping more than 50 millions in crucial swing states. >> another hot issue is gun control. in the wake of or land owe night club shooting lawmakers have engaged in heated debate and also a big topic on "fox" news sunday this week. here's a preview on what you can expect. >> in the wake of the terrible attack in or land owe how do we keep the country safe and safe from guns and safe from terrorists. we will be talking to the attorney general of the united states loretta lynch. obviously a lot of that will focus on the question of gun control, big vote on a couple of various proposals in the senate this week and also the question of the threat from isis is
8:08 am
into this country either by literally sendsing people over in flow avenue ref ufees or inspare people over the interest met. >> you can kax fox news sunday following fox news on the hill and along with "fox5" political reporter ver on aka cleary. "fox 5 news" opt hill and fox news surprised so double serviced sunday morning politics. >> today is all about dads and retailers are cashing in. a look at some of the hottest father daes a gifts ahead. first 3d printed cards. yes we willty you to showroom national harbor presenting out cards and working to gets printed cards on the road. amazing stuff. i'm 8 oox 08. test
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> back now time 8:11 this sunday morning parents of a 2 2-year-old killed by call gator at disneyworld are over womened by outpouring of support however they're not ready to speak publicly about this tragedy. lane graves was snatched feet from the shore at the grand floridian hotel resort in disneyworld and autopsy showed he died of drouing and other traumatic injuries since the attack he posted signs warning of alligators in that area. meantime crews out west continue to battle wildfires in four states including california and ne
8:12 am
arizona and in california the names will half contained and hundreds of homes are at risk. in new mexico the national guard called in to help secure that area and to make matters worse out west folks are dealing with excruciating tem tears. temperatures in feepism could reach 120 degrees today excessive heat warnings are in effect and parts of california seeing similar temperatures. playsing out there. >> friend of mine from that part of the country had somebody come here and said it was almost cold. >> is that norm for them. >> yes this time of year. >> take a look at this coming up we're blasting into the future with 3d presented cars. catch a glips of these cool cars yourself coming up
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
that's wedding day picture jennings and moving another one in there. we have another one? no? this one the the mack daddy. >> my dad i'll never forget my dad taught me thousand mow the lawn random fact but it comes in handy on a day like to when a lot of people may be mowing the lawn. >> from a young age wash cars, vacuum cars, dad loved me. >> that would be a great thing for to you do for dad today go over and mow the lawn. >> my dad lives with me fitz so i hoe mow the lawn. my mom taught me how to vacuum and i dad taught me to mow the lawn. >> i notice how they teach something for life. >> life. >> those are good things to know. . >> those are good things to know. >> so thankful. >> gifting here's here dads to little cuteness
8:17 am
back to dads. >> are you the little kid. >> she's five years old and guess what she just graduated. . >> that's a big milestone. >> she's on her way to first grade and loves to dance and read. >> fantastic. >> awesome. continue to dance and read aerial. >> congratulations. go to "fox5" d.c. page and post your picture. >> aerials dress for weather today got her shades on. >> yeah. >> short sleeves. >> she's ready for it. >> we're walking one more time. we don't have music for it it's just standard. >> we got complaint calls the first time. >> i'm not surprised shocked they let me be on tv the rest of the day. bawb to dads, lisa
8:18 am
to my twitter. watt the wish the dad in her life. dad is caughted here. this is john henrehan is caughted live the father's day pictures "fox5" dad if we don't get them on today we'll thoe show them later tonight. lots of skies across the region today. few clouds slideing across or trying to slide across ohio valley. maybe more in the way of high, thin clouds later this afternoon. that's not the only concern today. beautiful day coming your way for all the dads out. there going to be fantastic. it is a fantastic start to the day here. 71 in d.c. to start the dane 67 dulles and southern maryland good morning to all the dads down there 68 and baltimore 70 this morning and frederick stub rn in the 50s you'll warm up here as we head through the next couple hours. want to mention air quality. code orpth to me. air has not moved at much. it's unhel
8:19 am
groups. howard county and anne arrundel and baltimore and metro ream yoon that's the concern area today. since air is not not muching much by tomorrow i expect this may extend south ward adds we head into monday each late you know the latest as we head to the next few days here. 0s coming your way. not just today, tomorrow and tuesday as well. smir time heat and official start of summer is tomorrow 6:35 . summer solstice tomorrow 15 hours of sunlight tomorrow. then by the time we get to middle of the week dipping down to the south and stay warm more seasonal temperatures getting upper 80s. there's "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 90 today. first day of summer feels like it 93. more monday, tuesday and watch one or two soux d.c. on the strong side and best chance of rain all week right now looks like thursday afternoon high of 85
8:20 am
that's a check weather. annie and tom over to you. >> thanks so much mike looking for something fun to did with dad today why not check out future of cars. >> this is cool arizona based company called local motors introduced latest vehicle and it's marshallly made by 3d police departmenter "fox5" bob barnard takes us tots showroom at national harbor. >> these are first two unofficially made three 3d printed cards this is material here this is car 3d prinlted in machine like this 3d presenter that can man ufracture a car. it's little bits of plastic and cole and they take this stuff and compress it and get all the moisture out of it in these machines to make their 3d printed cars second official
8:21 am
car local motors is name right here it doesn't look like a car looks like a shuttle bus and basically that's what they tell us it s driverless shuttle and inside ollie is fully self driving vehicle we have developed in the united states. i think people find it fascinating made by bay printe printer. >> parts of it were made by printer aspects of vehicle like wheel wells were 3d printed and other interior and some had traditional manufacturering to develop this one more and more of this vehicle down the line will be 3d printd the whole in addition to of local motors is design your car and come and make it you help them make it. >> the experiences is here for us to bring t
8:22 am
to help us cocreate vehicles. both vehicles you saw earlier were printed on the machine not here at this time but in our facility in chandler, arizona. >> this is future i guess. >> this is. we was impressed the governor and we're working with the state of maryland to investigate how we may put a full micro factory here potentially near university of maryland and college park. >> interesting things happening and happening here in our own backyard. >> you can check out that car yourself today national harbor noon to 3 on the boardwalk which is near the peeps store that's pretty cool sxwli know that area well. >> love that beeps store. >> i am sure do you. get those peeps. we'll be rights back. 8 auto:22 sunday morning stick us with.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> 192.20 is the achbl for father's day that adds up and it's not just power tools and trips to the ballpark. hottest trip for dad is brunch, dinner ar family fun
8:26 am
if you liquor read more into this study here we spend more on moms than dads. >> of course you spend more on moms that's the way it s dads have to feel about w that factor. here are a couple of "fox5" dads this morning. we've been showing you these all morning. everybody has been nice enough to send us in great pictures of dads out and about. you know, different weddings. we've seen amusement parks sglaen graduations. >> sleeping dads this morning and vincent c well with daughter delooil lie la there and lots of folks honoring dear old dad and we salute all you fathers out there this father's day. >> absolutely. happy father's day to all. >> happy father's day. >> that does it for mike and i on this sunday. we are signing off. >> don't go anywhere. "fox 5 news" on the hill kicks off in just a few moments. the editor in
8:27 am
the editor in chief of the "fox5" local reporter veronica cleary we kickoff at 8:30 then fox news sunday at night. we'll be right back
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> we cannot prevent every tragedy. i'm not talking about being tough on terrorism. actually being tough on terrorism
8:30 am
>> we had the time of our lives and top worst night of lives all within a matter of minutes. >> to all the lgbt people grieving today in nor day and across the country you have millions of allies who will always have your back. >> because we are family and it is something important to me since day one we bring people together to prevent vie and to prevent hatred and to create the nation that we know is standing together we can create. >> it breaks my heart that in today's society this still happens and people can't go


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