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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 8, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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> fox5 local news at 1 s with breaking news on it of texas. two police officers were shot in dallas during a protest over the recent deadly police shootings. these images right now, this looks like images coming from our sister station fox 4 in dallas. these are life pictures right now from the the scene. you can see a number of police officers on the scene. there is also crime scene tape and it appeared what we saw earlier were possible officers on the ground. it had been blurred out in front of police vehicle also. we are still working to get information here on this one. not exactly sure who fired those bullets. we don't know the conditions of those officers. but again, this happened during a rally, a demonstration in downtown dallas earlier tonight. again life images it looks like all sorts of law enforcement are there trying to figure out what happened. these pictures are coming from our affiliate in dallas, fox 4 news there. one of their reporters just tweeting a few moments ago that
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on guard right now for possibly multiple shooters firing from above. they are looking for multiple shooters who are firing from above. this is being considered an active shooter situation, although by reports from have not -- they have not heard any shots fired during the last several minutes, but there was an outburst of gunfire just around 9:00 this evening our time during that demonstration. we had pictures earlier of those demonstrators fleeing and just scattering as those shots rang out. take a look. this is just a short time ago. this is, we believe, video right after those shots rang out. these were people who were demonstrating piecefully. they were marching piecefully and everybody was starting to running for cover. some of the reporters said people started running up near the municipal buildings taking cover. people weren't just sure. you can imagine, this is a very large crowd. all of a sudden there was shooting.
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was coming from and people started running for cover because they did not know what was going to happen next. the people were demonstrating the recent police-involved shootings in minnesota than a down in baton rouge, louisiana. again, these are life images of police there. we can see dallas police officers from all different units there, the gang unit trying to find these alleged units the earlier information had us confirming two officers shot. fox 4 news in dallas now tweeting that multiple sources say three to six officers shot during tonight's protest. that coming from the fox television station in dallas quoting multiple sources saying about three to six officers have been shot during tonight's protest. that's a tweet that came out just a couple of minutes ago. very scary for the police officers who were there, for the protestors, the demonstrators there who were demonstrating the recent police shoot
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information about the shooters being arecentrecent policed or n into the custody. we don't know the condition of the officers who were shot at this time. these are life images coming from the streets of downtown dallas. we are working to get more informing. we will bring you the latest as we get it during this newscast. meanwhile, across the country and other cities tonight, protestor have marched piecefully but they voiced their anger, their frustration and they called for action and accountability. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. the crowds marched through the streets here in the district, also in new york, philadelphia and minneapolis just to name a few. this, of course, all flows the deadly police shootings of two black men. in the last two days police in two separate states lled two separate black men. contact steel's girlfriend life extreme the aftermath of the incident. contact steel was in a car with his daughter and girlfriend when he was pulled over for a broken
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his girlfriend diamond says police asked him for his license and registration. when he went to grab it he in officers that he had a firearm and a conceal and carry permit. what happened next is unclear, but contact steel was shot and killed. he is for no ron reason. they took his life for no reason. they did this to my daughter and they did it to me and i want justice. > this kind of behavior is unacceptable. it's not the norm. justice will be served in minnesota. > the officer involved has been removed from duty while the incident is investigated. > this comes amid the outrage and protests death offal ton sterling in baton rouge. sterling was killed outside of a convenience store tuesday morning. one of the officer claimed he saw sterling reach for a gun. both officers have been placed on
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the justice department opened up a civil rights investigation. president obama expressed frustration over these shootings. when we see data that indicates disparities and how african-americans and latinos may be treated in various jurisdictions around the country and it's incumbent on all of us to say we can do better than this. we are better than this. all right, fox5's jim lokay is life at the white house now where a large crowd of protestors gathered tonight and there is still some protestors there this evening. there is still a couple of protestors hundred me. they were out here as part of the big march early on. they went to the capital and they came back. this is on facebook as they marched against police brutality. i want you to take a listen to what we had earlier
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as you can see these are protesting different things at one time. chanting one thing, protesting another. then they came together and some began to chant to the capital, to the capital. at one point as they left the area and went to the capital there were some moments when they went through a preliminary barricade set up by capital barricade. the police were able to move back and they set up a secondary barricade. there were prayers, a little more pieceful. you can hear this is what happened outside the capital. some of them as you saw behind me worked their way back to the white house they made their passings evident. instead of us being out here right now and taking the time to say this is about black people and indian people, this is about everybody. if we don't come together, not just for black people,
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people. we need to protect against police brutality. we'll go home and it will be business as usual. i want to he take you over to congress heights where the black lives matter had a protest of their own. it was a little bit disjointed. either way as you saw what's happening out of dallas tonight, both incidents, both outside the white house and the capital far more pieceful than what we saw in dallas tonight. i should mention that afterwards a lot of the tourists outside of the white house. it was almost back to normal. that's something some of the protestors said they don't want to see. they want some action be taken as we continue to see the police-involved shootings across the cunt country. d.c. police released video of a deadly officer involved shooting here.
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fox5's lauren demarco joins us with more. it is dramatic footage that some may find disturbing. this is the first time that the city has release officer body camera video from a deadly police-involved shooting. the mayor's office says the timing is coincidental but she denied to make it public even though the case is still under investigation. fourth district officers responding to a call for a man with a gun in northeast. they arrived to find 63 year old sherman evans holding a weapon near second and barn up streets. you can hear the repeated requests for him to drop the gun. then luckily four minutes into the 15 minute video the officers opened fire. more than a dozen shots can be heard. copy fire.
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the officers gave several commands. at some point they actually ended up bleeding with him to put down the weapon. that went on for almost seven minutes. the video shows the officer showed restraint. unfortunately mr. evans did not comply. evans was pronounced dead at the hospital. they later determined the weapon he was holding was a bibi gun. days later muriel bowser ordered this release. the chairman of the fraternal police disagrees with the move. my members have the same right due process as every other citizen. by releasing the video now we're in essence tampering with that criminal investigation. flowers and candles have been placed outside of evans' apartment building. police say he was the one to actually call 911 leaving some to say this was an act of
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suicide by cop. neighbors we spoke with who did not want to be identified heard it all play out from inside their unit. the case is still under investigation, but police say officers fired when evans raised his arm. since the lens was blocked by a vehicle during can the actual gunfire the neighbors feel it leaves some questions unanswered > two of the officers were wearing body cameras. you saw footage from both. the one who was amention the first to arrive at the scene and another who arrived after the shots were fired. all of the officers involved in the shooting are on routine administrative leave while the investigation continues. life in studio, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > outrage over all the ton sterling's death is hitting close to home. a d.c. firefighter is now suspended from his job after expressing his anger about the shooting on his personal facebook page. he made
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urging citizens to take matters in a their own hands and target racist cops. brooks says he apologizes if he offended anybody, but he was just exercising his first amendment right. this is starting to effect me, my family and my friends. if you're he a black person out there or just a concerned american and you're not concerned about it, i feel sorry for you. anyone can say that, especially a civil servant, especially a firefighter that we work with on a daily basis, both metropolitan, police, d.c. fire, all the local agencies within d.c. that they would say such a thing. i'm glad with they have been investigating it. our interview with him has pulled in 1.6 million views on facebook. > we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of l dallas tonight. two officers were shot during a protest tonight. right now we
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conditions. there's still a heavy police presence in downtown dallas. we'll have more coming up in just a few minutes. sue. we continue to have a who the forecast to tell you about. the headline for tomorrow is another who the one on the way. it will be humid. but we're going to change things up a little bit on friday and introduce a chance of thunderstorms. we're talking about that and what comes ahead of the seven day forecast all ahead. > this is fox5 local
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> we're back now with the breaking news in dallas. at least two police officers, after seeing reports from anywhere where three to six police police officers were shot. they are being p treated. hundreds of people gathered in downtown dallas to demand justice of two black men in louisiana and minnesota tonight. we're still working to get more details. we don't yet have the officers' conditions. there is no word yet -- you have an update tony. >> we have some life pictures
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now. i'm sorry. i'm scared. i've been watching the whole time. i'm sorry for the protestors who were scared. it's out of control here. it's unfortunate. ladies, thank you for your life. we're glad you're safe. we're here at the corner of murphy street and main street layers upon layers and police officers are lining the streets here trying to keep the public at bay so that negotiators and of
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scene can do their job. a the look of curious people out here as you can imagine p, hearing the succession of gunfire echoing. we take a life look here. the amount of people that have come down here who weren't part of the rally or the march, but who have come down here because of hearing all the rapid gun shots that you heard, 40 gun shots. we heard several dozen gun shots echoed through the tall buildings of danton dallas. a lot of people now obviously coming to check this out for themselves. we're going to continue to monitor this very fluid situation. > that's a report coming to you from our fox 44 station in dallas. this is video of when those shots rang out earlier, the crowd disbursing, multiple gun shots occurring. at least two officers shot
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reporter with fox 4 news in dallas says there are several officers gravely injured. for those of you familiar with the dallas area, at least one officer was taken to baylor medical center after the shooting. and another reporter said that park hospital is expecting injuries as well. there is a large part that has shutdown. again, multiple officers we are told were shot tonight. we do not know their condition. one of the reporters just a short time ago. this is new video. these are probably people who were in the crowd. they ran to duck for cover behind some of the cars. some of the reporters there, some of our reporters at our sister station there reported seeing what they believe was an undercover officer coming out of an emergency room with a shoulder wound. his shoulder was wrapped up. again, we have no
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officers were hurt. we were hearing reports that the gun shots could have been coming up from up high. there were reports that police investigators were going into hotels and going into elevators. they were looking every where to find the shooters. i can't imagine what the police officers are going through right now. it must be frustrating for them as to who was taking aim the at them. not only was it a pieceful demonstration. it was very calm and police officers and citizens were taking pictures together. it was such a calm demonstration until those shots did rink out. again, no word at this time, no official word on whether or not any suspects have been captured. there are reamers being reported on social media, but i've seen no official word from dallas police and nothing from our station in dallas as to whether or not any suspects have been captured at this this time. we should let you know
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keep you updated right here on fox5 until buy he he go off the air, also our fox5 and our facebook and twitter pages. > let's keep you updated on the weather. it was a who the day today. it looks like we have another who the day tomorrow. we sure do. tomorrow will be day 4. weould see some clouds tomorrow. but i think we'll still get to 95. it should be our who thest day of this stretch. shawn and tony we get a break over the weekend, especially on sunday and a any humidity break, but it looks like heat is going to be building back in for next week. we're another going to keep our heat going. here's another look at the high temperatures today. as i mentioned we got up to 93-degrees and just a little bit of cloud cover helped us out just a about it. as far as tomorrow, it looks pretty easy for 93-degrees even if we do get a little cloud
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cover. we're rooting for clouds because it's heat release and it will tap the atmosphere from getting too riled up with thunderstorms. the average high is 89. not too far off the mark for this time of year. the humidity has been so incredible high high, it does make the temperatures 85 in the district, the humidity combines in with the temperature to make it feel like it's still 89-degrees at 9:00. 79 at frederick, 83 for dulles, 84 for fredericksburg. sunshine tomorrow, a warm start is that for sure. about 78-degrees when the sun comes up at 5:51. thank you to barbara lieu for the beautiful photo you sent in. it's a who the map tomorrow with temperatures in the low to mid 90s expected, but the changeup, a round of thunderstorms likely to be around in the area between 3 and 7:00.
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passing by to our south he so it affected a couple of spots in charles county. most of us didn't see it. coming out of pennsylvania may deposit some clouds but i think we'll see very little rain from that. we'll keep it partly cloudy overnight, a stray storm, if anything. tomorrow, again, a who the and humid day. i think we'll cook up a few thunderstorms as well. 95 with some sunny skies. a little bit chance that we see those compared to today. here comes the frontal boundary and that's what we'll be seeing pushing into our area. the possibility of some of those being strong or severe with gusty winds and hail being the main threats. obviously they'll have a little bit of rain with all the humidity. still who the saturday, but much humid on sunday. all next week, though, we're starting to go right back into the low 90s. so fasten your seat belts, july is
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> one last check on the breaking news out of dallas, texas where a protest was being held. tonight a protest or a rally regarding the shootings of african-american men by police officers during the last couple of days. shots rang out during that demonstration. you're seeing video of protestors. some of those attending the rally flowing as the gun shots rang out. these are life pictures. these are life images. as you can see there's a police helicopter. at this point we don't know how many shooters police are looking for. but we can tell you contact lens dallas police are still trying to sort through everything. multiple media outlets are reporting at least two officers were shot, but there has been no official confirmation of that. dallas police say in a statement it's clearly still a very active scene. we will have much more on this on our website and facebook
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