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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  August 28, 2016 7:00am-8:54am EDT

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it's 7:00, tha over and another hot day on tap as we look ahead to the workweek. >> and we'll go live this morning as met row sets up a mock drill. lots of local departments are on hand as it all gets underwa underway. we'll have a live report for you. >> plus is it stiv eat there now. after hepatitis is linked to smoothie shops in virginia. >> i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald, along with you this sunday morning. it's a great one out there. caitlin roth here with us this morning to give us our first look at the weather this sunday morning. how are you doing. >> great, ho
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once that starts we're headed back to school. it's like everything winds dow down. >> seemed like the fun kind of ends. summer fun feeling, and it's like back to business. >> it is, back to school shopping and back to school and before football season beginning, all of these -- >> that's something to look forward to. >> that is it manuel avilay .eople excited about that many people are skate excited about that. humidity and temperatures fell into the 60s overnight. 57 reagan national and 67 out at dulles international and bwi, marshall coming in 68. so, we actually despite the hot day yesterday had a comfortable overnight. elsewhere, temperatures in the 6 0s and 70s. 65
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virginia. nice morning for exercise or just taking the dog for a walk. satellite and radar clear. we're looking at a bright, sunny day. still a hot one, though, we're in the same pattern of the jet stream far off to the north. this sunday the setup remains the same. warm with temperatures in the 9 0s. still humidity, not terribly oppressive but it's still out there as we wind down the final days of august. here's planning forecast for today, if you are lucky enough to be by the pool or water, great day for. it otherwise, you probably need the air conditioning it will rise to 90 later today and it should be a hot one alternates park against the rockies beginning 1:30 this afternoon. we have cooler temperatures in the 7-day forecast. i'll have that ahead. annie. >> well, developing overnight, d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the district 911 system
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down several hours and back up now. but around t experiencing an interruption and an hour and a half later was back up and running and no word yet on what caused 911 to go down. here we go again a new phase of metro safe track program is underway. surge 8 will last through september 11 and will affect blue line service in northern virginia. right now franconia and vandoren street stations are closed and will remain closed to the weekend and weekend avenue september 10. next weekend metro closes all stations between franconia springfield and king street. during the week, single tracking will take place between franconia springfield and vandoren street. trains will not run as often and if you're marriages we'll tell you now, expect delays. also happening today if you were in southwest d.c. or northern virginia you see a large emergency response involving an metro train. but do not be alarmed. this is only a drill. >> that's right, metro
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runing a full-scale emergencytgt and, while this is only an erc know very well this can actually happen. in fact, it did just happen near the east falls church plains station about a month ago. let me show you what is going on here. you can see this group of people, they're volunteers, emergency responders, metro employees, they're gathered here just getting ready, because the exercise has not actually started yet. but, once it does it will involve metro transit police, metro operations, u.s. park police, arlington county, alexandria and d.c. fire department. it will be a very large drill. and what they will do is that the train will be up on the section of the yellow line tracks over the potomac rivera approaching
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that is where the train wil the exercise, they will take part dll practice what it would be like to evacuate them from that section of the tracks. now, this has not actually started yet this morning. it willing start at 8:30 this morning. and it will impact meto service through 2 . again we're talking about the yellow line between la front plaza and pentagon station. if you head out keep this in mind it's just a drill. alexandra limone, "fox5 local news". >> now to the district where police are investigating two shootings that happened over the weekend. someone fired shots 34 street northeast 11:30 friday night. two men were hit and later died and the victims are 40-year-old
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rashard blue and trayvon johnon man fired shots during a robbery on s street southeast. police tell us two people were robbed there and one victim was shot in the leg. the victim is expected to make a full recovery and the robert got away with a wallet and phone. police need your help if you know more about this case. >> developing this morning a hepatitis outbreak hepatitis a in virginia is growing this morning. health officials are telling us that 35 people now contracted hepatitis a after visiting a local smoothie shop location across northern virginia. friday we learned that includes a worker at a gainsville location and virginia health department says frozen strawberry from egypt were likely the cause of this outbreak and the company has thrown
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the issue an alert until the 19th and some customers say they are not worryd august 5 the virginia department of health contacted us about a potential link between hepatitis a cases and frozen strawberries from egypt. we voluntary and healedly removed all those strawberry from all the cafes. >> you have to stay in business. it was a temporary thing and during a short period of time. so we pig figured they met those safety requirements. today is the first day going back in three or four weeks. tropical smoothie cafe is now facing two lawsuits at least the number of confirmed cases grew by 7 since last thursday. now to a wild crash in montgomery county involving a state trooper. police say a drunk driver plowed into a state trooper car i 270 montrose road the crash happened early saturday morning and the trooper was
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sky fox earlier this weekinto is hurt bad and expected to survive. now in d.c. and all 50 states it's law to move over or you could be find. thank god nobody was more injured than they were. that officer is lucky to be alive. >> time is now 7:08. do you think it's disrespectful to sit during the national anthem. >> reaction is mixed on this story. coming up nfl player sits during the national anthem in preseason game. we'll talk about why he did not get up to honor the flag and united states. >> and sos two stranded voters are rescued off a desserted island and no it's not an episode of gilligan's island but these cast aways are lucky they're found. we have that story and more coming up. >> caityln is back with a look at today's forecast coming up. stay withs
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>> a mississippi sman facing murder charges for killing two nones, 46-year-old rodney earl sanders is accused of killing the nones thursday at their home in during rabts. they were found murdered after they didn't find up at a clinic for people who koont ford healthcare. sanders confessed to the crimes while being questioned. >> and shooting of dwayne wad wade's cuz anyone chicago continues to send emotional waves throughout the country this morning. >> fox's brian yannes has the latest and why the shooting is parts of a much bigger problem. >> there's a death procession
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>> strong emotion saturdayge ky afternoon as pushing her newborn in a stroller. >> was not bothering nobody, just going to register her kids in school and bullets fly around and have no name, decided to find its way to her head. >> aldridge, a mother of 4 was cousin of nba star dwayne wade. ironically this week, weighed was part of espn special on violence in chicago. >> this is something that didn't started and won't end tomorrow and something we can start a conversation and start the work today and hopefully, eventually, we can stop it. >> according to the "chicago tribune" there have already been 455 homicides in chicago this year. compare that to the 490 murders in chicago in the whole of 201 2015. >> our children are living in fear. how do you go to school and get an education when yo
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to go to school and prayingou intended target of the shooting. her baby was not hurt. and is now being cared for by family members. in new york. brian yennis, fox news. all right. now to a story causeing a lot of controversy this morning. san francisco 49er quarterback colin kir patrick is under fire for what he did not do during the preseason game. he chose to sit during the national anthem. he made the dn to draw attention to civil rights and saying this is bigger than football and would be selfish on my part to look the other way. social media blew up over this a lot of people talking out. really from both sides. >> yeah, went viral almost immediately as it happened. let's view the tweets that came in for this marissa says everyone should stand for the national anthem. shame on you. another o
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during the national anthem and it's my right to not pay a dime for another nfl game. >> and this is from shawn shehee i mean what good is the land of the free if you are forced into thoughtless conformity #nationalanthem. >> obviously a lot of strong emotions on that. i don't think we heard of the last of what is going on with mr. ka pe rnick in that situation. >> changing gears. muggy when we walked outside this morning. >> still very warm for sure. and it will stay that way again today. yesterday i thought i did go out in middle of the afternoon in the heat of the someday and i was like, oh, my god.
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once the sun goes down and i didn't get to it today. >> maybe later today. we're looking atoras had now 47 days of 90 plus in washington this summer. that's about normal. we usually average 35, 36, but we are looking at another hot day, another one where temperatures should hit 90. so keep those air conditioners running and keep cool and keep the suncreen going. temperatures outside now 75 washington, 76 annapolis and north and west we are seeing cooler readings in only the 60s especially mountains and we felt so much humidity it's comfortable. temperatures across the north east, 60s and 70s same thing waking up 73 in new york city and 69 binghamton and 68 out in
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quiet weaeray, high uv index toy with all that sun. clouds staying on periphery of the system off to the west. looking at another nice day. if you don't mind the heat it's a gorgeous afternoon. fox future cast showing quiet weather to go with the heat. 5:00 this evening it's nice. the sunseting earlier now. 7:45 . those days getting shorter and we have limited amount of time to feel the heat. notice future cast putting a shower in here as the front makes its way through the area. anything we get is isolated. monday dry, tuesday dry, next chance of rain and believe it or not we could use rain is not really until wednesday afternoon with chance for thunderstorms and even that does not look too widespread. let's look at temperatures expected later today. 90 washington and 5 above normal this time of year low 90s
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there, annapolis 8 not bad and overnight readings around 80 right now unlike yesterday morning where we started out tying a record hig high/low, 79. here's pool planner today if you are lucky enough to be by the pool. some public pools are closing today some next week. clouds early, sunshine, 89 by 3 . 85 by 7 . a warm evening but in the evening hours it starts to feel nice. here's the 7 day forecast. we stay hot for the next few days. look at monday. looks warmer, more humid, 93 degrees. mostly sunny, 91 on tuesday. and we stay in the 9 owe owes 0s and it's actually going to alleviate so. heat and humidity beginning thursday. high of 86. look at this high of 82. lows back to 60s feeling good as
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weekend. temperatures no you guys. this next story is something out of gilligan's island two voters rescued after stranded for a week: the navy had to rescue the duo friday. and the couple did not have emergency equipment on their vessel so they wrote sos in the sand hoping someone would see them. 7 days later a passing ship noticed lights from the island and alerted u.s. navy they're now waiting to go home. that's incredible story. i wonder how do you go out sailing and you don't have emergency equipment on your boat? >> i thought the same thing too. the story itself and rescue, for a week they were standd they're lucky to be alive. >> extremely lucky. >> and they didn't have a film crew like tom hanks did with volleyball castaway. >> so we want to hear from you guys. what would you think? what owe would you do if that happened to you? >> when you sit
7:19 am
friends remember those when you strappeded on with you? >> taken was what five albums would you have. nobody could explain how you would play them. >> oh, man. one colorado man is making sure summer goes out with a blast. >> he sure d he's performing death defying stunt with help of jet pack. get this at the end of summer gathering he performed all this in front of a crowd. fox's tevin torres has the story. on a priceless summer evening in lowdale, patrons got a taste of something both beautiful. >> you're lucky you're cute. >> and bizarre. >> this is the smartest thing i ever did. >> that is a taste of a slice of nick mc comber adventurous life. he works for apolo jets and is one of their flyers.
7:20 am
me. he said sure. >> then i started doing focus, most realizedk because of student like this. on this night a jet pack propelled nick wept from the roof house overlooking most of loden and nick says the stunt is as school as it looks. >> like what every kid dreams of you. >> know when you're young and your imagination goes well and i imagine flying that's exact what i you're doing. >> unfortunately the flight lasts 30 seconds and back down-to-earth. >> you're on your prayer chute we call it. >> some onlookers took picture after picture. >> it's business and work and
7:21 am
it. >> capture aflava i guess. >> that's cool stuff. a teenager from australia also made his way into the record books becoming youngest person to circle the globe by himself in single engine plane. lock lynn smart made history and finished the trip with 15 countries and 24 locations during the 7-week trip. >> talk about inspiration. >> 17 years old i was just getting driver's license i could not even go around the road let alone the globe. >> donald trump pushing hard for black voters. >> has he gone too far this time using dwayne wade tragedy as a way to reach out to the black community. you decide. >> and terrifying moments for passengers during a rare in-air emergency a southwest jet losses
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>> welcome back. if you're just waking up and joining us, time now is 7:2 4 let's talk politics and the latest on the campaign train. >> donald trump is camig
7:25 am
in the heartland and hillary clinton has ath annual roost ane veterans event in iowa and. >> hillary clinton is entitled to be president she thinks her criminal conduct at home and failed interventions overseas make her unfit. she is unfit to serve in the overall office. >> trump is working hard to clear up any confusion about his immigration policy after critics implied it might be softening. >> on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal, immigrants from this country. >> trump stirring up controversy on twitter after murder of nba star dwayne wad wade's cousin trump tweeted, dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago just what i've been saying, african-americans will vote trump. part of his
7:26 am
upper cities are dangerous and people that liomn democratic sie hillary clinton spent saturday morning getting first national security briefing adds party nominee and donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month after the clinton campaign got good news from the state department announcing logs of all her meeting of secretary of state will not be fully released until december well after election. this comes as her campaign it trying to get back on message attacking donald trump releasing this new tv ad. >> you cannot make america great again if you don't make things in america. >> we are now less than 1 month a way from first debate when trump and clinton will face off on the same stage for the first time in des moines, iowa, peter duce, fox news. >> well the spread of zika virus is prompting new order by the u.s. food and drug administration. fad is calling on all u.s.
7:27 am
september 6 and zika will be one of the first things they take up. >> scare in the air for passengers on a flight to ar long owe after pilots were forced to make a landing. it took off from new orleans when not far it settled loss of cabin pressure. they are calling this major engine failure and pilots are credited with landing plane safely in pensacola. 99 passengers and five crew members all landed safely. no injuries. it was a loud explosion and i had my 5-year-old sitting next to me. i looked out the window there was all this smoke and i kind of held him close to me i looked back it was gone i saw metal flapping. >> wow ntsb is investigating what it is calling uncontained engine failure
7:28 am
tells us the plane is >>ing when doing that interview ther there. >> you could hear it in her voice. >> the oxygen mask deployed. >> he don't want to see that. only during the demonstration. that's it. >> time 7:28 the saying goes liars never prosper. >> that's true. you can if you spot a few tips on how to never belied to again. coming up, we'll tell you how plus caityln is back with a
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♪ all right. welcome back. time now 7:31. here's a live look at rehoboth beach now. >> protest. >> i so pretty. >> i think a lot of people trying to take advantage of the last few days before back to school right? >> yes. >> i don't see -- i see a handful of people walking on boardwalk. takes beautiful morning out there. enjoy. my sister and niece are there as well. >> lucky them. >> this is the last week of vacation you know? before labor day weekend. >> it's close enough to make a weekend get away. >> growing up at the beach you have the second season. so all the people out there are
7:32 am
in september because they get the beach to secret that is now not a secret. locals love t. right. >> thank you, guys, beach weather looks fantastic for. it's warm. high temperatures 90. lot of sunshine. high uv index there too. waking up to pleasant 75 reagan national. out at dulles 67. and our suburban spot on the cool side. at least comfortable this morning if you just about to head outlooking at 60s and 70s. a drop in the humidity yesterday afternoon. it was still hot. we didn't have oppressive humidity. that allows some of us to cool down overnight. we'll see temperatures jump as we go through the morning hour hours. satellite and radar not much to see. clouds staying west for now. we'll call for mostly sunny skies today and high pressure overhead across the northeast mid atlantic and quiet and pretty nice weather. tropical department has
7:33 am
stand still. we'll show you more at 7days no. jet stream still far off north. heat is in place and these last days of august as summer winds down will be a hot one and august as a whole is incredibly hot and most days have temperatures 90 plus at some point. heat in place. high pressure north. more easterly flow is one thing that is saving us. it's kind of dragging down cooler air from northeast. cooler also pretty relative. we won't have anything too humid today. nationals baseball again rockys in town here. we have another 1:35 game yesterday going to extra innings and all the fans out there looked so hot. it's tough. because even though you have nice day you have 87 by first pitch and then by the 6th inning, 90, 89 by final. yesterday's final was more like 5:30, close
7:34 am
you get the idea if nine inning game seen if you can. water too. it is not dangerous by any stretch of the imagination. it's really warm. 7 day forecast calls it's quiet and sunny and hot tomorrow. 93. still warm. 91 mostly sunny on tuesday. pool and beach weather continues here and if it is your vacation week leading up to labor day weekend it's great to be by the beaches. scattered thunderstorms as the cold front comes through. here's the heat relief into labor day weekend. 86 thursday. 82 feeling good by friday and 85 saturday and if anything develops tropicily that could throw a wrenches in the forecast for the rest of the week but for now looks nice early call as we head to labor day weekend. that's a look at 7 day forecast. tom and annie? thank you very much, caityln. happening today if you are over in southwest d.c. or
7:35 am
virginia you see large that's where we find "fox5""fo " alexandra limon and what is happening out there and what will we really see. >> good morning, metro is simulating a train derailment. the exercise has not started yet. out here you can see some of the people participating just standing by. these are observers from local police and fire departments observing metro training exercise that will involve a train on section of tracks of yellow line over potomac river heading to pentagon station simulating derailment. now as we all know, though, this can and has actually recently happened near the east false church metro stationism want to bring in met wrote police chief pable. i know
7:36 am
riders tt exercise and of courf they're involved in real emergency what should they take away from exercises like that. >> this is to prepare the rangeon for real life situations. if a customer finds themself in emergency listen to conductors and riders. >> and you have specific reasons there's real dangers outside of the train. talk to me a little about that. >> there are inherpt dangers in metro. example third rail where a person could be elect cuteed and tripping hazard and we encourage riders never self evacuate. stay on and listen for directions. >> this over water that's another danger as chief mentioned this is for metro to practice communications between them and local fire departments for example arlington county
7:37 am
and alexandria are ones participating today's drill la front plaza and pentagon station. if you're a customer keep that in mind. if you're in the area and see this large response it's a drill. reporting live in southwest d.c., alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> time 7:37 and students in our area are starting school tomorrow. >> they are. if you have last minute sho shopping to do we have you covered. what it bring to back to school this year. what essentials you'll need. >> yes, you're familiar with that. >> sure am. so is my bank account. nobody likes to be lied to. what to do if you think someone is lying to you. there's cues to look out for and it's all in their face apparently and we have details and i signs coming up. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> all right. welcome back. tomorrow is a big, big day for students across the area. it's back to school time. >> how did that happen already? >> summer is over. foremany of us means a big rush against the clock to get back to scho
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achievement program. you're buying clothesy, pieces d affordable, too, same with kmart they have same rise wear line this is cool, looks like nice really fun sneakers that all the boys are wearing and affordable prices and they have graphic tees for $6 and these are girls dresses starting $10. kmart is doing a great job at beating that price scale you know and making parents like it which is what we want to do. >> we always think about back to school and essentials and notebooks and pencils and you have things that can personal lies things that get lost. >> i'm obsessed with sugru. it came to me. it is moldable glue and hardens overnight in 24 hours you can use for home repairs and tech stuff and for back to school we have all these different diy options to do
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and mold letters in here and we have a okay sugru has different packs of all different color varieties with . >> and lands end doing embroiders lunch boxes and uniforms and ranging from $1 $15.50 to $24 you can do emogi emogis. these are for my niece and nephew they're excited about this. >> and snacks. >> what happens about lunch box you need to have essentials in t from fruit shoot it's a refreshing drink to drink after recess or playing for an hour fruit and quaker, you know we love granola bars and new snack
7:44 am
granola bars and new snackwiches. you have real ingredientsyoand e snackwiches have granola on the other side. >> great ideas. >> lots of color i love it. >> time now 7:44 have you ever been told a fib or maybe a white lie. >> never, never, never do that to you annie. >> they might weigh in the experts in a minute trying to catch somebody lying to your face. hi, caityln. >> i heard it's if you look up to the left. the forecast we're cooling off i swear. >> we have another one ahead. >> not yet, guys, we're talking about a hot weekend with another warm day ahead. let's look live at one cooler place, virginia beach, sunrise over the popular vacation spot for a lot of locals. if this is beach weekend you picked a good one. hot weather headed our way as the last days of august wind down. stick with us. your 7-day forecast is next.
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>> time now 7:47 a sign summer is drawing to a close even though brutally hot out there folks neighborhood pools if city are shutting down after this weekend shutting down for the season. these pools include anacostia, for the stanton, randle, theater door hagan and folk park. one facility east potomac
7:48 am
southwest will remain on extending for everyone. >> i never heard of that. >> i don't want the pools closing i wants them sglop it's still nice out. >> it's not even labor day weekend yet. really warm. september is generally warm. mid october. maybe not so much. they're covering themselves. >> all right guys we had a hot august and we wind down the months these final days. no exception very, very warm. hot and dry. we have 90s around. we also have been keeping a close eye on tropics. quiet hurricane season so far and it usually reaches peak this time of year late august early september and little to no movement on hurricane gaston flip flopping between tropical storm status to hurricane status as it goes through warm waters. as you can see it's largely o
7:49 am
to sea bringing rough surf gast. a tropical wave is bringing winds to caribbean moving cuba and south florida. what the models do with this which is not a tropical system yet t. push it's into the gulf next couple days and some models do expect it to strengthen to a tropical storm. a lot of different tracks are up for grabs now. we have to see what happens as it moves into the gulf. some models taking it to western gulf through texas and some swinging through central florida. regardless we have to watch to see what happens with the weather. it does develop to a tropical strength storm and whether it's affecting the u.s. main land. that's something to watch next week. otherwise some of these tracks going to central florida. otherwise it's
7:50 am
across miami now and seeing and this sits and spins now. back home here nothing to be concerned about. high pressure overhead. sunshine, clouds west. looking at a nice day. temperatures kind of cooled off a bit overnight with less humidity. felt good. 75 washington right now. 68 gaithersburg and 67 dulles and 6 8 winchester. nice comfortable morning. 72 leonardtown. we'll warm up quickly as we go through today. fox future cast sunshine. tomorrow monday sunny. although some models including inhouse here future cast wanting to bring in isolated shower. we don't have a chance for rain which we need until wednesday afternoon with thunderstorms. daytime highs, 90 in washingto washington. 89 quantico and 90 mannasas and 88 gaithersburg and 86 in annapolis. lows overnight again should be comfortable north and west. that's when you start to fall back to 60s. you
7:51 am
oppressive, 73 in washington. here's the setup. warm here. look at this on monday 93. sunny and hot. 91 mostly sunny tuesday. we have so far had 47 days of summer of 90 plus tacking on a few more getting 50 plus territory. cold front here wednesday 91. scattered afternoon thunderstorms and we cool down. feeling nice, temperatures returning back to normal in the low to mid 80s. lows in 60s if we have tropical development that could throw a wrenches this things. clouds and showers. for now early call for the rest of the week looks good and into labor day weekend as well. let's look at the forecast. >> whether it's a little white lie or big old whopper some struggle with telling the whole truth. >> this is true. a new study suggests it's easier to spot a liar in group setting than confronting
7:52 am
individual. when group members are telling truth they have collective memory of shared event but dynamic is missing in groups people lie. people caught lying often memorize a script to make stories consistent with others. here are tips a person may belying. fake smile. a real smile is even in eyes and fake smile is only in mouth. isn't that interesting? and curled lip cornner smile also may mean someone lying. >> i used to think it was eye contact. >> right. >> but you know. >> eye contact. >> everybody does this now i've gotten over the eye contact thing because everybody is multi-tasking all the time. but, you know, i think if you were in a group, though, isn't there danger someone will remember the true story and correct you at it. >> exactly. >> you should not lie by yourself or in groups that's probably better rule. >> the only time you can tem a white likely is if your wife asks
7:53 am
asks you, do i look fat in this. >> yes and the answer is you look fantastic. >> time 7:52 you're watching "fox5 news morning" coming up what to look forward to this week it kicks off tonight. a lot of people looking forward to this can britt hi any the pop princess look to the vma. >> fi. it z you know you're tuning in. set at large clock. >> and we'll look at the week ahead.
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>> 7:56 now game, set, match the world's greatest tennis players hitting the courts at the 2016 on. >> and music brightest stars head for the vma awards. these stories and more in the week ahead. >> mtv is bringing moon man back to big apple. hottest names in music make their way to madison square garden sunday. rhianna is set to receive the coveted michael jackson award and britney spears slighte slated to make a come back to the vma stage. it's been a decade since she performed at the mtv awards show and new york hosts another major events. best in tennis face off at 2016 u.s. on championships in flus flushing meadows started in 18 1881 the two-week event is
7:57 am
grand slam championship held no. >> president left wednesday for 20th annual lake tahoe summit. senator harry reid and tahoe fund will host the event which will bring federal, state and local officials together to protect lake tahoe and a end up in hawaii before flying to china over the weekend. during his visit heeds expected to hold bilateral meetings with chinese president along the sidelines of g20 summit and meanwhile friday marks 71 anniversary of what is vj day or victory over japan day. it's the date that officially marked end of world war ii. although japan surrendered august 15, 19 45 the formal surrender ceremony was not held until more than two weeks later when truman declared december 2
7:58 am
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>> good morning, welcome back to "fox5 news morning". it's 8:00 this sunday i'm annie yu. >> there we go. >> good to see you. how are you this morning. it's sunday start of a whole new workweek. rob is here. the sun is out. what more do you want than tha that. >> i don't know. and the summer is winding down. have to ta
8:01 am
warm days while we have them. sd morning to everyone. nice comfortable start out there actually. cooled off decently. we're well on way to warming up to high of 90. it was warm yesterday. >> it was. >> muggy out there. >> yeah it looked pretty hazy on that live look in northwest d.c.. we had a hot august i know it's hot every year in august but unusually warm. we had three days of 100 plus. yeah, pretty mild. let's start it off now at the airport. reagan national 75. dulles, bwi mar thal jumping to 70s last hour in the mid 60s. with that sun peaking up you you know we worm up quickly. 72 quantico and 72 leonardtown and 77 annapolis and 73 in baltimore. beautiful day to be along the water out at the beach. it's gorgeous if you don't minding in the heat. satellite and radar now showing a few clouds on periphery of
8:02 am
anchored over mid atlantic and we're expecting another hot one. high probably around 90. smith cooler than yesterday. and humidity should not be too unbearable. nice easterly flow around that high keeping things on drier side. sunday setup looks great. mostly sunny. warm. do enjoy this one. 85 by 11 a.m. and another hot day alternates park. that looks like long game for the fans yesterday. extra innings and hot, 88 by 2 . 90 by 5 . nice full forecast. don't forget the suncreen. high uv index and we'll have the 7 day forecast ahead. annie. well, developing overnigh overnight, d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the district 911 system was down overnight and back up now. that's the good news. around 12:30 this morning becauseer tweeted this, d.c. 9 911 experiencing an
8:03 am
what caused it to go down. right now, officials are meeting to discuss what happened and we'll bring you the latest from that meeting when we get the information. well, here we go again. a new phase of metro safe track program is now underway surge 8 will last through september 11 and affect will be on blue line service in northern virginia and right now franconia springfield and vandoren street stations are closed and remain that way through this weekend and weekend of september 10. next weekend metro will close all stations between franconia springfield and key street. during the week single tracking will take place between franconia springfield and vandoren street. trains will not run as often. so you have to be careful of the passengers you cannot -- expect delays. >> now into the district police are expecting two shootings that happened over the weekend. someone fired shots 34 street north east 11:30 friday night and two men were hit by gunfire and later died.
8:04 am
shard blue and 27-year-old ray shawn johnson. no one is in custody now and police are trying it determine a motive for the killing. meanwhile around noon yesterday a man fired shots during a robbery on s street southeast and police tell us two people were robbed and one victim was shot in the leg. that victim is expected to make a full recovery. we're told the robbers got away with a wallet and phone and police need your help if you know anything about this case. developing this morning. a hepatitis a outbreak in virginia is growing. health officials say now 35 people have contracted hepatitis a after visiting tropical shoojy cafe at locations throughout northern virginia and friday we learned one of those includes a worker at gainsville location and virginia health department says frozen strawberry from egypt likely caused that outbreakch the company is throwing those strawberries out.
8:05 am
contamination august 5 and the health department did not issue alert until 19th. some customers still say they are not worried. >> on august 5 virginia department of health contacted us about a potential link between hepatitis a cases and frozen strawberry from egypt. we voluntarily and immediately removed all strae buries from all our cafes. >> we have to stay in business it was temporary thing and only during a short period of time. so we figured hey they met those safety requirements and so today is first day going back in probably three or four weeks. >> well, tropical smoothie cafe is now facing two lawsuits. the number of confirmed cases grew by 7 just since thursday. now to wild crash in montgomery country involving a state trooper. police say a drunk driver plow nod a state trooper car on i 270 near montrose road apt crash happened early saturday morning and trooper is okay. earlier this week there
8:06 am
similar situation sky fox over the scene and alleged drunk driver plow into another montgomery country police car. the officer in that crash is hurt pretty bad. but he's expected to survive. in d.c. in all 50 states it's law to move over or you could be find. time now 8:06. do you think it's disrespectful to sit during the national anthem. >> a lot of people are talking about this now and the reason is a controversial story out of nfl quarterback sitting while the anthem is playing during a pregame now he did not do it because he says he has issues with both the flag and united states. >> and sos two stranded boaters are rescued off a desserted island and no it's not episode of gilligan's island but these castaways are lucky they were found we'll have that story coming up. >> and in just a moment caityln roth will be back with another look at today's weather forecast stay with us "fox5 news morning" will be right back after
8:07 am
back after
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> a mississippi man is facing murder kharps for killing two nuns, 46-year-old rodney earl sanders is accused of killing a woman in durant. police say they have no motive and sanders they say confessed to the crimes while he was
8:10 am
being questioned. >> and the shooting death of co continues to send emotional waves throughout th country. >> brian yenis has the latest and why the shooting is part of a bigger problem. >> there is a death procession going on in chicago. >> strong emotion saturday at a prayer vigil for 32-year-old nykea aldridge who was killed while pushing her newborn in a stroller. >> was not bothering nobody. was going to remingster her kids in school and bullets that fly around and have no name decided to find its way to her head. >> she was cousin of nba star dwyane wade and ironically this week weighed was part of espn special on violence in chicago. >> this is something tractor-trailer didn't started and something that will not end tomorrow and something we can start a conversation and start the work today and hopefully, eventually, we can stop it. >> according to
8:11 am
tribune" there's been 45ago thir and compare that to 4 90 murders in chicago in whole of 2015. >> our children are living in fear. how do you go to school and get an education when you're afraid to go to school and praying you get home from school alive. >> police say aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting. her baby was not hurt and is now being cared for by family members. in new york, brian yenis, fox news. >> all right, now to a story causing a lot of controversy this morning. san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick is under fire for what he did not do during the preseason game. 28-year-old chose to sit during national anthem he made the decision to take a stand for civil rights and draw attention to racial issues in america. he told the nfl media in part this is bigger than football and would be selfish
8:12 am
to look the other way. clearly a l there and we'll hear sweets out there. >> and he was not sitting for colin kaepernick he was sitting for the people who are not colin kaepernick, #nfl united states #nationalanthem. great sxlaition for why you sat during the national anthem i surprise poverty your right to do so. go seahawks. that's a bit of shout there. politically stripped right sitting down during national anthem is literally not standing up for anything #smh and #oppressed and #49ers #colin. so a wide spectrum of feedback there. a lot of it not so positive for colin kaepernick on this one. right now. but we're having -- >> let us know, tom, via twitter handle. >>
8:13 am
and caitlin roth fox d.c. >> what's going on in the weather department today. >> for us here, quiet, warm, and last unofficial week of summer right? so a big vacation week for a lot of people and also back to school week for a lot of people. it's tough to be doing all this in the heat sweaters and jeans. >> i refuse to go with the end of summer stuff. >> another big player in september weather nationally is tropics and hurricane season has been pretty benign so far and we're watching for potential development later this week. and not with hurricane gaston this is spinning around in the atlantic for days tropical storm and flipping and flopping. it remains largely out at sea and not a threat to us. tropical wave which is basically a storm system that originated in the tropics and is not strong or organized enough to become a prop call depression or storm is sitting over western cuba bringing showers
8:14 am
of south florida. differentiatit happens with the storm next. but as it goes to very warm waters of the gulf of mexico there could be some strngthens and some decent strengthening to tropical storm and perhaps hurricane and then models die vurming these are different model solutions is it going to move off to the right and into central florida and carolinas and maybe along the gulf coast or texas and a lot has to be played out. you have to see what happens once the low gets to gulf and starts to strengthen if it doe does. this is something to watch in the coming days and not affecting u.s. for probably tuesday, wednesday, something like that. all right. back home here another hot day with very steamy saturday. we had a lot of sunshine and temperatures hitting low 90s. it felt warm out there under the sun temperatures now 75 washington and 73 baltimore and 77 annapolis and 72 frederick and 70 winchester and with a little bit less humidity temperatures were able to cool off overnight. it's fairly mf
8:15 am
there. high pressure still in place so yes we're looking at sunshine for today. here's a quick peek down south where the low pressure system is spinning east to west. some showers across southern florida. not seeing much yet you have to go closer to cuba where the low pressure system is heavy rain across northern portions of country near havana. fox future cast doesn't show much here. high pressure protecting us from much of anything. sunshine today, want to bring in isolated shower tomorrow. but this front moving through best chance will be off towards west along the mountains and otherwise we'll wait until another cold front comes through wednesday to give us chance of scattered thunderstorms. high temperatures today bright sunshine around 90. nats game should be a hot one in the sun. extra innings made it tough yesterday. overnight falling back to 60s to low 70s. 7-day forecast we'll continue this heat streak for next few days. look at this monday, 93, 91 tuesday and 91 again on
8:16 am
going and but we do of workweek. for some of you that wanted cooler weather here it comes. low humidity, highs in the low to mid 80s and back to normal feeling like sment and in fact september officially begins on thursday and this is taking us straight into labor day weekend which as for now looks good around here. here's a look at the 7 day forecast. annie and tom back to you guys. >> time now 8:16 very scary moments in the sky. >> imagine being on a flight those oxygen masks come down on top of you. no thanks. details about what wept
8:17 am
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8:19 am
there was a scare in the air for passengers on board a southwest flight to orlando after pilots were forced to make emergency landing and plane took off from new orleans yesterday when not far in the flight experienced sudden loss of cabin pressure and investigators are calling this major engine failure and pilots are credited with landing plane safely in pensacola 99 passengers and five crew members all landed safely with no injuries. >> it was a loud explosion and then hi my 5-year-old sitting next to me and i looked out the window and there was a lot of smoke and held him close to me and looked back and it was gone and saw metal flapping. >> so scary. ntsb is investigate what is calling uncontained engine failure an
8:20 am
the plane is grounded and airline fully cooperating with the investigation. all right this next story is like gilligan's island in a nutshell. two boaters rescued after stand for a week on uninhabited island of micronesia and the couple did not have emergency wment on the vessel and had to write sos in sand and hope someone saw it and 7 days later a passing ship noticed lights from island and alerted u.s. navy thank goodness and they're going to go home now. so happy ending to this very scary story. >> thank god they had light because if it was passing ship they probably wouldn't have been able to see sos scrolled out on beach. that's serious situation in that part of world. >> all rig. well a teenager down in australia made his way into the history books by get this becoming youngest person ever to circle globe by himself in single engine pla
8:21 am
this is charles lynnburg18-old k made history yesterday the young pilot finished final leg of trip and circled earth and stopped in 15 countries, 24 locations during his seven-week trip. 17 years oiled flew around the world. that is amazing. >> it's truly amazing and inspirational. and those two stories i think both are just really. >> the people who venture out there into the world and you know some of them it works out and some it doesn't. >> i know. i know. so let us know what you think. because fitz. >> what's your twitter handle fitz 5 d.c. >> tweet us because we're your favorite weekend anchor team. >> had you to say that? >> sorry. >> that was not executed well. that was slightly awkward. that does it for me on that note. stay tuned for on the hill. >> i'm slightly walk ward but
8:22 am
it's okay i love you guys. >> we'll be back after this
8:23 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
8:24 am
>> welcome back. local swimming olympic gold medalist katie ledecky sits down with fox's chris wallace today and first we hear from chris about two big int
8:25 am
trump campaign manager kelly anne conway and libertarian candidate gary johnson. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you veronica. >> tell me a bit about kelly anne conway has a big task and she's different from donald trump coming in as third campaign manager has a totally different style. how can this really help donald trump? >> well, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. since she came on in the last two weeks trump has been a better candidate and more disciplined and has not been getting into useless fights with gold star families and members of the republican party and he's much more focused on hillary clinton and making the case against her and if he stays on that, and that's a big if, over the next ten weeks of the campaign my guess it will have an impact on his standing. >> yeah i think about kelly anne conway when i see trump make certain choices now that's she's part of team. you have to wonder is
8:26 am
part of strategic decisions we let's move to gary johnson libertarian candidate still struggling to hit that 15% to get on debate stages. what do you make of his chances to make that happen? >> well he's at about 8% in the polls and obviously that's going to be more focus and one of the reasons we're talking to him today. he says if people listen to his policies and compare to trump and clinton's that they will some of them will go to him. you're exactly right he has a two-part strategy. first he has to get on debate stage he's 8% has to double that to 15% to get on debate stapling for first presidential debate on september 26. and then he says once he gets better known he can pick up states, his goal is to keep either of candidates from getting 270 electoral votes majority and throw to house of representatives which has not happened since the 19 plg century
8:27 am
horse trading they end up picking him. it's a long shot, but, look, why not get into it? we'll talk to him today and people can make up their own mind whether they think he present an interesting alternative to two major party candidates. >> it's an interesting tris see. thank you, chris, you can catch fox news sunday was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about aczone dapsone gel 7.5%.
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hool or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period. staples. make more happen. staples has the lowest prices... period. >>
8:30 am
>> donald trump butting out a new label for hillary clinton. it's part of his plan top appeal to minority voters but some stay may have cross the lion. he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> and then clinton called trump a racist and. >> the majority of american voters dislike and distrust both those candidates. >> the green party candidate waiting in the wings to get what she calls unsatisfied voters. on the hill starts rights now. >> good morning it's sunday, august 28 i'm veronica cleary that's my name. >> who are you? >> alongside tom fitzgerald and bob kusack from on the hillary >> i went home this week and brought presents for you presents for both of you from the jersey shore. veronica gets a dunkin' donuts ne
8:31 am
>> i thought i would get your famous stone pony mug. >> bob is tennis guy and all the pony colleges are black. >> thank you. >> i could suess this in the heat. >> tennis guy wear that to springstein. >> thank you. >> look at the love we have at fox a5 on the hill this is great you know i collect mugs from all these important political states. >> how are you doing. >> great. >> did you have fun at home. >> oh, yes, it was great. good to be back. we have a lot to get to. >> we really do. >> labor day around the corner from us now and you know, you think it's been crazy up to this point. and it's about to kick into high gear. pedal to the metal time with presidential election. just coming up 9 weeks now. >> you know what, tom, we're talking about tweets again and it just -- we can't seem to get fast and if you have not heard aboutty think it was yesterday, donald trump tweeted this about dwyane wade's cousin who passed
8:32 am
dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago and just what i have been saying african americans will vote trump. many people respond todd this calling it insensitive and not appropriate and trump tweeted this if we have the tweet he followed up with if not he tweeted basically saying he's sending his thoughts and prayers my condolences and he names his cousin nykea thoughts and prayers with are them. >> we've been talking about the tale of two trump campaign campaigns. we have steve coming out now and kelly anne conway coming i in. you know, you look at these one of them of them seems like kelly anne conway trump which is it? >> well i think it's kelly anne conway who i think is doing a good job. it's trying to deal
8:33 am
hand in some ways and is she cannot control trump and what he tweets and i had a friend of mine after that tweet came out saying once again, does he want to win? does he want to win? he keeps doing this and this is what you see. he's trying to be better and he has those types of outbursts and reaching out to minority voters which is smart and then you have insensitive tweet and i think calling -- in the intro we had him calling hillary a bigot that's part two. >> there's different ways to reach out to people and it's not just about reaching out it's what you do once your hand is out there. you know? you can comfort somebody and poke them and a lot of trump's out reach to black communities seems to be in this prodding way which is not resonating -- you're talking all about the bad things and -- raise the question, in a lot of bad communities is this out reach
8:34 am
reach out to the black communities or is this out reach to white voters to point out fears and misunderstandings about what's going on in parts of this country that are at odds with each other. >> i don't think it's that strategic. it's interesting point you mak make. so much of this is off the cuff and not really thought through and then you have kelly anne conway saying you better tweet that apology tweet. let's talk about bob what you brought up donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot and saying that was too far and many responding saying what hillary clinton responded with went too far saying donald trump is a part of alt right. i have not heard much about the alt right before this big speech hillary clinton made a little about the alt right they're often associated with white supremists and anti-semitism and it's controversial fringe movement mostly online
8:35 am
listen to hillary clinton detail and articulate why she feels donald trump is connected to this very extreme movement. and latest shakeup was designed to "let trump be trum trump" so to do that he hired steven banion head of right wing web site called bright ba as champion ceo according to southern poverty law center, which tracks hate groups, brightbart embraces ideas on the extremist fringe of conservative rights. this is not conserve six as we've known it. this is not republicanism as we've known it. these are racist ideas. race baiting ideas and anti-muslim and anti-immigrant and anti-women all key ten enters making up emerging ideology make of
8:36 am
>> it's been an inside >> i think it's tear toybl use that. >> be clear what you're sayin saying. it sounds to me this is updated 2016 version of right vast right wing conspiracy. and you know both both -- this is problem with both sides of this race this year, they have so far gone out to the fringes that you know we always talk about the general election campaign and that somehow they're both magically going to come back to the middle and talk to you know you want to talk about the vast, the vast majority of these voters who are in the middle who with going to decide this thing. they don't seem all that interested in the republican side or democratic side of talking about your independent voters who are really going to be the ones to decide this election. >> i agree on the alt right. nobody knows what that means. and this is, also, she's not a good marker. there's no hope and change message or bumper sticker
8:37 am
hillary clinton that anyone remembers and alt right and steve banion very few people know who he is as well. >> if you're in the situation where hillary clinton is going around accusing republicans of spinning all these conspiracies then what does she go do this week she spins this alt right conspiracy herself. doesn't that take her down a tag on her credibility. >> i think it does. it's interesting i reached out to someone from the alt right and he's editor of american renaissance a group openly part of alt right movement and he said donald trump is not one of us. and he said you know we may agree with some of his ideas and philosophies so you have people who admit to being a part of this group that says they don't belief the raess are he equivalent and that was language this man used. very extreme, very racist conversation and saying look, donald trump is not that and then you think this hurts hillary clinton and one of things hillary clinton did bring up but it's not getting any attention is
8:38 am
page of times today and it says no vacancies for blacks and trump's start in real estate include accusations of bias. she talks about this briefly in her speech and it's interesting conversation to have and nobody is talking about it or looking at this which you may argue could hurt trump this history of potential bias because she brings in accusation of him being part of at right. it hurts her aring the and you bring up a great point. she could point to donald trump all along and say look at the things that are extreme and she does the same thing. >> you're saying there's enough things in trump's biography. >> i don't know. >> that you could point to. >> i don't no, i i think -- >> and that's a "new york times" storing about african americans trying to get apartments in trump family apartment buildings in the 80s and 70s and not being -- accusation they were into the lou todd rent those properties. she went to atlantic city and stood in front
8:39 am
he's a history that she could point to. but instead we're kind of spinning off to this conspiracy world again both sides and both sides republican and democratic side and you know, again, here we are in the middle waiting to see if the general election begins and they're staked out where they are. >> and that's why rise of third party is here and we're talking about them more this cycle because i think hillary clinton has a tough week with the clinton foundation and email stuff never will go away and it won't go away until after the election and you know, it was -- i think a pretty rough week for hillary after a disastrous month for trump. >> pay-to-play acquisition trump got to as well and before i was at the beach this week you notice i was at the beach a lot i saw a lot of flip flops on the boardwalk lot of people wearing flip flops on the boardwalk. trump has his own little flip flop problem. first he want todd deport 11
8:40 am
and now it appears gentler version this we're told is that he is on to some you know changes on this. how damaging is the question right now is this to trump's mandate when he blasted into this race this was the very first thing he said, listen to what he is saying now. >> we go a step further and they'll pay back taxes and they have to pay taxes and there's no advocacy as -- am nesty and we work with them -- and when i look and have this all over, now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. when i go through and meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject and i have had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me and they've said, mr. trump, i love you. but to take a person that's been here 15 or 20 years and throw them and a family out it'
8:41 am
i have it all the time. it's a very, very hard thing. we will build the wall 100% and mexico will be paying for the wall. we will build it one hundred percent. >> here is the problem with this all right? you've now stepped into another situation where people are accusing of you flip flopping. when hillary clinton handed you on silver platter this week more email stuff. these allegations about clinton foundation pay-to-play. if you donated to the foundation you punched gold ticket into foggy bottom of the state department to see the secretary of state. >> right. >> how does she get past this, bob. >> number one she has to cut all ties to the clinton foundation and bill clinton sent out a message saying we're going to not take foreign contributions however they were
8:42 am
testimony to the senate and she said we were going to be completely transparent. they were not completely transparent. deposit disclose millions of dollars in donations she has to cut all ties to them you can't have chelsea clinton on the board. you're president of the united states you can't have anyone giving money. the problem for her without a doubt. trump has to say, listen, as he said there, people told me you cannot deport 11 million peopl people. don't deny you're changing position because you are changing your position. >> i argue one of the best responses to changing your positions i ever heard was from chris christie when he talked about how, look, i had a change of heart. you grow, you hear things, you learn you develop. you can address a "flip flop" it's all how you do. it and also, you know, calling a spade a spade my stance is changing and here's why. i don't think it's as damaging as it has been in the past. he's isolating
8:43 am
is she -- >> they're not going to vote for hillary. >> the one thing hillary clinton campaign does not seem to get, even as we head into september now, is that they are believeding by death of a thousand and little pin pricks here. get all the emails out. get it all out. when we have situations where there's 5,000 here and 5,000 there, it's a whole little patch of stories and it's a whole new batch of explanation explanations, those explanations get held up to the light against what she said previously. this story should have been handled and dispatched months ago. they can't seem to get out of their own way and get one narrative going here about what actually happened. we're talking about bono sending emails to have a youtube concert on the space station. this is gold if you run against her. this is the kind of stuff you need to keep this story going and they provide it willingly. >> so, tom that's interesting point. one of the things i
8:44 am
week, though, was ask people -- fist of all, there are so many different scandals. it doesn't overwhelm you when you think of it as a voter between emails and foundation and ap story that came out this week deposit have to do with emails it had to do with getting access to schedules. does it confuse you and does it matter? listen to what people have to say. i don't know if it's death by a thousand and pin pricks. listen to this. >> does it ever feel like too much to really understand it all as you're think about your vote? >> no, i stay pretty well informed and read a lot about it. let's put it this way, i'm independent. but i am so negative on donald trump that hillary clinton gets my vote regardless if i have problems on her emails. >> not really. seems pretty straight forward to me to be honest. i honestly have not seen -- i started my first year of law school i'm completely blacked out from everything now. >> i'm
8:45 am
off certain facts and i'm not going to. it's not going to han. >> it's media. >> i believe so. >> does it overwhelm you as a voter. >> no, particularly not in a year where she's running against donald trump. >> i would argue that that is northwest d.c. people you're talking to there. having spent a lot of my summer in ohio, there's a very sizedly different take on this when you go outside of the beltway. >> after that aired someone tweeted me and said that no matter what emails are they're definitely voting for trump. my point in that is just i don't know if people really care. i don't know if people care. >> well, you know, donald trump seems to keep providing clinton campaign their own father to go after him and don't seem to be able to get the traction itself to move away from this story and until they do it will keep sticking to their shoes. >> clintons. >> until they do
8:46 am
-- you know we talk about another one donald trump every . what do we called talk about consistently this email story and not because anybody is bea beating a dead horse over it. there's new stuff every week. >> it plays into narrative of her weakness trust wormyness and she's favored to be new president and she'll have historic low numbers. and i don't understand why people don't trust me. look at email. >> so are the voters going to go to third party candidate? we'll talk about that after the break. stay tuned. 4
8:47 am
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>> legal, some voters feel like they're stuck between a rock and hard place. they don't like hillary clinton or donald trump. 39% of americans identified adds independent voters and earlier this week, dr. jill stein spoke to greta on "fox" news and said current candidates are lousy. take a listen. >> in my view they are. they are a continuation of the system that we have that has thrown the american people under the bus. they sent our jobs overseas and you know hillary clinton has a track record. donald sent his jobs overseas although complaining about transpacific partnership.
8:50 am
that's what he's been doing. he says tear ill and frighte frightening things he's fear amonger and war amonger and hate amonger and he haze track record for doing what donald talked about. >> one of the questions about independent candidates both you know green party and lib tear yns who do they help if you believe it's either going to be republican candidate or democratic candidate. what is juror sense of where green votes and libertarian votes, whose side are they coming out. >> i certainly think jill stein hurts hillary clinton. she's very liberal. we interviewed her she wants 70% tax rate at top. i think she's polished. she's not doing as well as gary johnson. that's -- i'm got sure whether gary johnson hurts trump. i've seen mixed date aon that. he's polling from both sides at this point. people as you know people are
8:51 am
day. a lot ofhedon't make decision until after labor day. gary johnson could get momentum in the coming weeks. >> i think voters some don't understand how these candidates can actually win or keep donald trump or hillary clinton from winning. evan mc mullen who came out can't get on all the ballots he's too late but could be a player by potentially winning utah. he's independent campaign. i think some people say what are they doing? what's the point? >> i think they do understand the impact that these candidates can have otherwise we would be talking about the history of the al gore presidency. when you look at what ralph madeer was able to effect in the 2000 race and looking at why george h.w. bush was denied a second term with the impact of having ross per owe in that race. you know, it's a situation where a lot of people you know we know you tweet us a lot
8:52 am
about the third party candidates. if we are going to get to the point though of a real third party in this country, don't we have to have like a real split-off though from the main parties into these you know parties like libertarians and greens and just establishment of whole other party because it seems like you now they tweeter arounds this optimistically 10% mark don't they have to get best of that. >> one thing they lack, money. per owe had the money. they don't have sugar daddy. we have more to get to. we'll come back. fox news on the hill back after this
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
. did you see this a florida man recently decided he want aid patriotic tattoo and said nothing was more patriotic than a portrait of donald trump. the man that got the tattoo and artist said they are happy how it turned out. they do not worry in trump los
8:56 am
losses to hillary clinton but it is amazing ic that is not donald drump's lug he got his own face on his own leg. >> i wouldn't want my kids to do that. >> okay top and bottom of hill are a nod bob from the hill. who had the best and worst week in politics. i will go out there i say evan mc mullen he's a republican and launched this campaign as part of the never trump movement. >> nobody has evan mc mullen tattoo. >> not yet. >> we're looking for you if you have one tweet us and he got enough signatures to get on the ballot here in virginia. many say he needs to win utah to be a force in this race. i thought it was worth bringing up bottom of the hill. >> who is on the bottom. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> emails? >> emails, clinton foundation and even when members come back in september we'll be asking them about clinton foundation and what should she do. we're talking about democrats
8:57 am
and democrats privately critical of how she did this. >> these emails dumps keep coming out october surprise we have a lot coming on this we'll find out exactly what were some of the emails and you know it could be more trouble heading in directly. worst possible timing for this too. it's urgent for them to get auto hold of this in september and not wait until october. that does it for this week. fox news on the hill bob kusac kusack, veronica cleary, we'll see you back here next week. remember to tweet us pound side on the hill and fox5 defendant d.c.. we'll see you "fox5" chris wallace next
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. it's still august, but the presidential race hits a new low as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations over race. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> today donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, on clinton tying trump to the alt-right and the effort to keep trump on message. then the libertarian party's presidential nominee, gary johnson. [ applause ]


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