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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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it is sunday and it's a very nice fall day on tap full forecast straight ahead. donald trump is not happy about the push for a recount in throw states because people have spoken and the but is it? and mixed reaction from constitutes world, some people in mourning while others rejoicing fidel castro's death. we'll have details a day after dicktator died. good morning welcome to fox 5 sunday >> is it still too late to say happy thanksgiving to people >> transition to happy holidays on her
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>> yes. >> caitlin is here with a look at weather. >> they're getting ready to decorate, annie were talking about how the tree arrived in its official fashion on a high school re horse carriage >> annie said we all receive our christmas tree that is way. it is time to get into the spirit. it was tough outside. very chilly and cold this morning. 40 at reagan national. much colder when you get away from the effect of the city at the optimistic river, 30 at dulles and 33 in baltimore. we got 20's showing up on the map. cold spot down in southwest of washington in central virginia. 26 in culpeper, 28 in fredericksberg.
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stevensville, 32 in winchester, 32 in gaithersburg. 31 in frederick. winds out of the northwest, did it calm down a bit. i think we'll have a bit of a breeze but should not be as gusty gusty as it was yesterday. satellite and radar showing clear skies and perfect for traveling whether leaving washington, dc by road or air, you should be fine, no weather related issues. sunday set's for pressure in place we'll rise into the 50's. compared to yesterday, less cloud cover, less winds, overall it will be pleasant. we'll hit 54. changes for this week and some much needed changes, i'll have all the details still ahead in your seven-day forecast. annie and tom. >> . starting tomorrow, metro
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riders along the orange and silver lines track your patience. >> they're going to be impacting a lot of riders especially across the entire region, alexandra limon is live with what to expect. >> reporter: if you're a metro customer and made it through the past ten safetrack surges expect this according to the agency itself. we're talking about safetrack surge 11 and re it kicks off and goes through december 21st. we're talking about a month worth of work and what metro will be doing working on repairing and placing portions of the track that are crumbling and doing work that has been neglected for years that means
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riders will be impacted. single tracking between east falls church and west falls church, also rush hour trains every 20 minutes on the orange line also on the silver line. metro warns customers to expect crowded platforms and crowded trains and even the possibility that people will not be able to board the trains. on top of metro will not be providing the regular shuttle bus extra service to help out. instead, they will only provide limited shuttle bus service and we're only talking about stations in northern virginia in the arlington part of the stranger it will begin in the boston area and head east towards places likes here, collaring done station and pentagon station. it's going to be a rough next month for commuters in northern
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the death of former fidel castro is sending shock waves around the world. >> the reaction has been coming in strong and heavy throughout the period when this news has been announced, phil keating is in miami with reaction from there. >> reporter: celebrations across the world as news spread of the death of former cuban fidel castro. however, there is a stark contrast to what is being celebrated. in paris, supporters held a village, in obtainness air >> many people consider him a saint and others a tyrant. the public opinion is very divided i believe. >> reporter: fidel castro came into power if in 1959 after leading a rebel army to victory.
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communism and defied the ten american presidents, for many who lived under his regime, the news is caused for celebration, not for his life, for his death >> the pains and illustration they went through and how fidel castro symbolled all death of a person, but he was so destructive in his past. it's a relief. it's a relief. it's sad to say but that's how we feel. it's beginning of a new time. >> reporter: they rally plans next week in an effort to pressure the cuban government to bring about change. >> being able to be in the streets and wave the cuban flag and the american flag, that shes what we have in this country,
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>> and the manpower miami fully expects the celebration will go on for days. in miami phil keating fox news. alcohol sales have been suspended and flags are at half staff and concerts cancelled. his remains have been cremated and his ashes will be taken around the country. foreign dignitaries are expected to arrive tuesday for a memorial this morning, president-elect trump is dismissing a recount effort in three battle ground states that
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could still end up in the white house. the chances of that happening are slim to none, but jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan, all states where narrowly beat hillary clinton. a handful of computer science experts are claiming a hacker could have potentially influenced the election. of course, there's currently no evidence t still stein says a full recount is needed >> we're standing up for a voting system we deserve. that we can have confidence in, that has integrity and security, and that we know is not subject to tampering, mall fee sense, hacking and so on. >> reporter: she's already raised more than $5 million well
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million. the clinton campaign says it looked into every hacking as well and found nothing. but when they received stein's request. the clinton team jumped on board. in a post. now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million american whose cast ballots for hillary clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to insure that an accurate vote be reported. the official recount effort is expected to get underway late next week and filing deadline for pennsylvania is monday and michigan is wednesday. in washington, fox news. the trump campaign has transitioned released a statement calling signs of the the time a scam for an election that has already been conceded. the people have spoken and election is over. hillary clinton said in addition
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me weekend we must look to the shooter. police are still looking for the person who shot 16-year-old brianna mcmillon off i have not street southeast. officers responded to reports of several gunshots. they didn't found her shot multiple times. family and friends say they targeting her. >> she was just sweet to everybody. she knew everybody around is going to miss her. >> police are asking anyone with information about the murder to give them a call. the search continues this morning for a robbery suspect in the district who shot at a police officer. the suspect along with two other men robbed a barbershop in perp
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suspect fired at the police. eventually officers were able to detain two of the men but a third got away. in northeast dc police taped off several blocks as they investigated a crime against a u.s. postal carrier. a source tells fox 5 the mailman was robbed and pistol whipped and that gun may have discharged during the assault. police are looking for two men dressed in black. carrier is doing at this hour. if you have any for identification about this, police would like you to give them a call. your time right now is 7:11, still ahead, a holiday horror unfolds in texas. the search for a former nba player's comes to an end. there had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to be ok the way she was.
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horrific crash after being ejected 30 feet from a car. find out how responders found him safe and sound. >> here's a live look outside now, temperatures 40. the time again is 7:12.
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time is 7:14. the search for a missing 9-year-old boy in texas is over. a sad outcome. the autistic boy who went missing on thanksgiving was found dead. he is the nephew of former nba
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visiting his family for the holidays and he was from connecticut. arkansas where a baby is lucky to be alive after surviving horrific car crash. he was ejected from car flipped over after being struck boy a truck. firefighters say it is a miracle that this eight month old girl was not hurt. first responders found the child 35 feet away in the highways hey cover median. emts checked the child out. she only had a scratch. >> and the baby eight month old was sitting up and looking up at us. there had to be some kind of divine inters invention. >> if you don't in miracles, there was one right there.
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for causing that crash officials say they were hacked and. the message pop up and said you were hacked. new york city police were working overtime to make sure tourists and residents stay safe >> there are a lot of concerns especially during the holidays about the possibilities of profile times of the year. like this. more on the security efforts. >> reporter: new york city has the nationally busiest subway system close to 6 million riders every day. the trains can get crowded. so can the platforms. while police patrol the cars and stations, crimes and do ker below ground.
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alert. when trains are pulling fought that's not a good time to be on your phone. >> reporter: big crowds mean more opportunity for thieves. veteran officers recommend keeping stuff in your front pockets or close to your chest >> if you're carrying a bag, especially a female, you want to keep that bag in front of you. backpacks same thing. i don't recommend backpack it's because they're easy for pick pocketto behind you. >> reporter: also on how alert for terror attack >> we're always focused on mass transit it's something that the, you know, terrorists have talked about, that they, i think, they dream about, about causing some kind of terrorist attack, in the taken, we're focused on mass transit all the time. >> reporter: the latest from isis in an online magazine encouraging followers to use a vehicle to try and plow into crowds lining the parade route.
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a steel attack in france >> this is not something new to us in new york city. we've deployed blocker car vehicles and we create a safe perimeter around events all the time. we're going to use additional sand trucks, those don't move. somebody can hit them but they will not move. despite the cold, a lot of people were >> it was throw-day weekend. i was out in the afternoon yesterday. it was, dog park. trying to break the puppy into realizing there are other dogs in the world. so far that's gone good. the whether has been cooperating. it might not be so fun in about two months. trying >> they were busy despite the wind. how is it looking >> little less windy and more sunshine which will make it a pretty pleasant sunday.
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battled that wind, cloud cover yesterday. hit a high of 52, but didn't really feel like the in my opinion at all. i was out in the afternoon doing shopping, plenty of people going about their business, the weather wasn't bad. it was still very cool out and cold, a lot of 30's out there. 33 baltimore, 32 gaithersburg, 40 reagan national, 39 manassas. 28 in frederick. chilly high pr clear skies we're waking up to temperatures across the northeast in the 20's and 30s, some 40's, 40 in new york, 37 boston but 33 in pittsburgh, 26 in columbus, 20 stretching down to west virginia. travel weather on this sunday, busy day, we don't have any problems with any inclement weather. couple low pressure systems spinning about the west bringing snow showers west of denver,
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got showers, la into pacific northwest and this going to bring unusual showers. to places like southern california, arizona central plain, they will feel the effects of that storm system tomorrow. it is quiet across the northeast except for a couple of snow showers in new england. won't be fine come tuesday when first wave of that storm system will deliver rai down with the cold front that came through late friday. 40's to 50's. we'll see big changes the storm system arrives by the middle part of the week, we're actually going to warm up. the storm system will draw in a lot of moisture from the south. it almost kind of feels tropical at times. decent amount of rain it will be breezy probably hard to enjoy that warm weather but it looks like we will be showering and
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then possibly into thursday. dry on monday, clouds increase quickly. here's the rain showers and the first of it by early tuesday, nothing too heavy tuesday, that is just the first wave that goes through, you see clear being nights. the next wave will be on the heals arriving wednesday morning. high temperatures later, 54 in washington, quantico, 54 in manassas, overall seasonal, cold again tonight and, we'll see below freezing in north and west, seven-day forecast, 56 more includes on that monday, overall still dry, showers arrive tuesday. 66, despite the rain, we really it will be breezy and mild through thursday. 68 to 67 there. we'll have a decent amount of rain, showers linger. we dry out. that's the seven-day forecast. annie and tom
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shopping already, >> yeah but i feel like i'm behind schedule starting after thanksgiving. >> i give you credit for braving the stores, how were they? >> actually, i have a theory that later on in the offense are not so bad and they weren't. >> caitlin i'm not with black friday details, people can get better deals on amazon. it's not too bad in those shopping malls. >> i'm mr. -- i love cyber monday. that will -- this will be me all day tomorrow, clicking and posting >> it's so nice. >> talk to you later, caitlin. happening today, it is the start of the advent season. as you know. advent begins the fourth sunday before christmas day originates
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for christmas. it's about preparing for the celebration of jesus's birth at christmas. >> i love this time of year. your time is 7:22. we still have lots ahead. >> it's the time for professional shoplifting to put a period mark on those nice thing we were just talking about. this one isn't so nice. we'll get started on our christmas shopping soon so you're going what police are looking for this season.
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bargain shoppers are going to be spending their weekend looking for those post thanksgiving sales >> fox's samuel king has the story from >> reporter: it's a tool of the trade for professional shoplifters if you look closely. it's lined with foil >> what this it helps defeat the theft centers. when we see people utilizing items we know they're doing this almost as a career >> others across the metro are keeping a close eye on these types of trips. plainclothes officers will be stationed in major retail areas
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but the criminals don't, they're all over the metro and when weekend share information specially images it helps us better combat the shoplifters. >> reporter: he says their shoplifters or boosters more major crimes like human trafficking and gang activity >> that's why it's important to take a stance on the habitual terrible crimes around the metro and this is one way to stop. >> reporter: retailers welcome any help they can get >> we can't do it alone, without their partnership there deferral would be a lot more. >> reporter: they say shoppers can do their part as well by notifying stores fast if they see anything suspicious. >> it's not necessarily harder. we just have to keep more of an eye out for it.
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and they told me all of that stuff about the lined bags and what to look for, and all of that stuff. so it's like the more things change, the more they don't change because a lot of those same tactic to say shoplifters use, they is still do and i had a friend yesterday get pick pocketed at the detroit airport. lost his wallet but got it back. kept cards. in addition to all that shoplifting stuff, keep your eye 7:28. in russia this is crazy story, bergers made from one furry animal is the hottest craze right now >> i don't know if i want to guess >> they're being paid to eat rodent meat. we'll be pack after this. >> why? because there's nothing else to eat?
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welcome back, 7:31. turn over to caitlin roth. >> we have a live picture right here. >> i know, it's bright and beautiful but it is cold, and the past week, since i was on last sunday, we've had a wide variety of weather, very cold start to the week, the holiday
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yesterday. 40 at reagan national. 30 at dulles. when you get away from the effect it's of the optimistic river, makeup chillier, 33 in baltimore along the chesapeake little bit warmer, we're seeing temperatures at least above freezing, 37 in frederick. temperatures 28 in frederick, 28 in culpeper. winds out of the north but subsided and we should not be as gusty as we were yeste tough to be outside at the times with all the cloud cover and the breezy winds. it was chilly. satellite and radar showing a couple of left over snorts moving through northern pennsylvania. lake effect and snow showers down through upstate new york, locally home in washington, few clouds and travel weather looks find if you're leaving washington after being here for the holiday weekend you should be fine on the roads and the airports are not looking at weather related delays. next storm system arrives tuesday, this is a real slow
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chilly weather to the southwest. pretty rare, but as it moves through, it's going to come in kind of two ways, more like two pressure systems, drawing in a lot of moisture from the south, it will push a warm front through our north, we'll see temperatures in the 60's tuesday and wednesday but the cool air comes back in thursday. we'll also see rain, we've been in a bit of a drought and our we should inch or two. pretty nice overall light winds out of the northwest. seven-day forecast, 56 more clouds monday but we stay dry monday. to start the work week, fine, showers arrive tuesday, we get a break tuesday into early wednesday but the clouds will be there and the rain will return
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we see clearing as we head toward late thursday into early friday. and back to that seasonally cool weather there into next weekend. december, guys already begins on thursday. it will be mild but probably cooler air to follow. that's seven-day forecast. guys send it back to you. >> thank you starting tomorrow, believe it or not, safetrack surge 11 begins. that means orange and silver lines if you silver lines you're going to have to pack your patience. >> that's a good thing to pack. >> pack your patience in your purse. >> >> people would get along better. alexandra limon is at the claritan metro station for what you need to know. >> reporter: you're not wrong,
7:35 am
patients. we've had ten safetrack surges already. tomorrow is 11's you can expect this one to be much more severe. those are words that the transit agency itself is using. we're talking about almost a month worth of repair work, and it goes through december 21st. what metro is going to be doing is repairing and replacing portions of the tracks that are either crumbling, that's a scary thought, or just work that has been neglected for years, and and silver line riders will be greatly impacted because of things like continuance single tracking between east falls church and west falls church and rush hour trains only running every 20 minutes between vienna and new carlton, on the orange line between wheelie to largo on the silver. metro warns customers to expect very crowd platforms and trains and even the possibility that
7:36 am
the train that you want. also, keep in mind that this time around, there won't be as much shuttle bus service as metro normally provides during the surges. instead, they're only going to have limited service on shuttle busses and it's only going to be in the arlington, the city parts, we're talking about station like boston to claridan to baltimore city. a rough northern virginia rider that relies on the metro. >> surge 11, here we are already. we've been through ten already. here comes another one. pack your patience. time is 7:36. >> a lot coming up. including it's the district's chance to show off. that comes once every four years. >> presidential gnawing representations are huge,
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we'll take a look at the financial effect coming up
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in time's 7:39.
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inauguration will mean big bucks for the district's hotels, museums and shops. >> joel waldman breaks it down and how much people will be forking over for a front row seat. >> reporter: january 20th, 2017, day those in dc have been preparing for quite some time as all eyes will be on the city in charge of hosting the inauguration, with million people expected to attend the inaugural festivities, hotel, restaurants are creating packages, menus, exhibits and tours eager >> our community knows what to expect in terms of an influx of individuals coming into the city. our restaurants have unique
7:41 am
other food operations. >> reporter: from the parades to the balls to swearing in ceremonies, it comes as no surprise that being part of the big celebration means forking over a lot of cash. hotel packages have been designed for family friendly document as well as luxury travelers >> we have one of our main suites, our royal suite, the only bulletproof window equipped in the city for $20,000, it is about 4,000 square feet. >> reporter: if you're lucky enough to fall into the group of luxury travelers you may consider a package such as the one being offered by the four seasons in georgetown >> enough comes with that, we see space and entertainment space as well. we have a private entrance, this
7:42 am
unit if you wanted to. >> a committee of locally elected officials estimates insuring everyone involved will cost over $75 million. the city itself will spend somewhere between 40 and $50 million. much of it going toward crowd control. some just to get people around town. >> you'll find that washington is will be easy to get from point a to b but we encourage individuals to take metro. do not bring a car. and tack public transportation as much as possible. >> reporter: business owners are cashing in too, from gift shops to district bar, many will be open 24 hours a day five straight days. in washington, joel waldman fox
7:43 am
>> we'll be in washington for the inauguration. >> no matter what you thought about the election, the inauguration is especially time >> it's 7:43. this is bizarre. >> bizarre is one way to put it. our friends in russia have a new obsession, the row denned bumpers. it might be better than it sounds. we'll have details coming >> having a taste of it? >> no, we're not. how is that for a talk? speaking of rat burgers. >> we do have cold temperatures this morning, some below freezing, nice day ahead and big changes including a warm up. i'll have the full cast coming
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returns after this.
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7:46. >> caitlin you were talking about rainfall. we certainly do need it. i haven't felt rain drops in awhile >> couple sprinkles here and there. >> guys we have had such a dry fall. it's made for a beautiful fall but september 1st, running well below in this matter for a rainfall. in fact, for the whole year,
7:47 am
much of the east coast is the same way. we're looking at another pleasant rain-free day. this week, we will get a dose of some much needed rain, it's not going to alleviate the drought that's developed in work but it will help. it's a good start. 33 baltimore, 39 indianapolis, 40 at reagan national. 32 in manassas, 20's showing up around cold central virginia. 26 in culpeper. 29 in frederick and across the place, clear skies, we're seeing temperatures bottom out, 37 boston, 40 new york city, 33 pittsburgh, 20's in the core of the coldest air in the ohio valley. very chilly to begin the day, but it is late november. and as we get into the afternoon, the sunshine will help warm us up a little bit. travel weather if you're leaving our fair city this afternoon, this evening, just looking at a few issues in the western half of the country. far away from here, but maybe
7:48 am
along the west coast stretching all the way down to dismiss as the storm system gets going to the four corners and will bring us that rain chance by tuesday tuesday. travel is fine across the east coast. two troubled spots, like i said, rain starting to move into the central plains, inner mountain west rai coast. residual snow showers in new england. not so bad for travel with ties and wednesday, it will be a little different. rain something we have not been accustomed to and will have to drive in again is going to arrive by early tuesday morning. monday, your drive both commutes look fine. clouds will increase, we don't have that much sunshine but the rain holds off till early tuesday, we may even be able to squeak out the tuesday morning commute. here's showers arising during
7:49 am
by evening. it doesn't look like a lot. this is one wave of rain that we're expecting. the second wave and i think the stronger one will arrive early wednesday morning last through thursday morning. high temperatures for today, back to this afternoon, looking pretty good. less cloud cover than yesterday, less wind, we'll see temperatures into the 50's. cold tonight. i think better chance get to freezing or below freezing there cans in the district. seven-day fe clouds on monday, mild with showers tuesday and wednesday. as we segway into december on thursday, it is optimal start. all eyes on the holiday thanksgiving has passed us, if you want to do decorating go pick out the tree, it looks really nice for the rain showers tuesday and wednesday of course we're back to work and school.
7:50 am
weekend. have you been outside yet >> yes, it's been beautiful. i'm putting you in charge of the holiday, she knows when we get the tree. >> yesterday, she said if you're putting up lights >> you're now in charge of my holiday. >> suggestion, no problems. if you're looking for something else to do. new movies are making their debut at the box office >> the big holiday movie seasons. kevin mccarthy has you covered with all the recommendations >> i'm here with your movie reviews for this thanksgiving holiday weekend. they say so many films, including moana also a new film following brad pitt and rules don't apply with warren beatty. arrival will blow your mind, this film has one of the most incredible endings i've ever seen, i'm still think about it.
7:51 am
phenomenonal movie. first is moana starting duane the rock johnson in a disney animated it's about a story about a young teenage girl who embarks on a journey through the ocean and now with played by the rock joins her, he's somehow connected. and the film has beautiful great messages about film, i think disney always does things right. when they make a film that works well for adults and for kids. when adults have to pay so much money to go to a movie with their children, you want to have quality entertainment for adults as well. the animation is amazing and the song that lynn man well wrote are so catchy. you'll be sing when you leave
7:52 am
aladdin. so you know quality is expected. i give it a four out of five. next stop is allies, played by robert z emekis. he did cast away, this is brad pitt. brad pitt's character and mara meet undercover in north africa. they later get married and move to london and then she he out she may or may not be a german spy. he doesn't know what to do. that becomes the whole idea behind the film it's beautifully directed. the sinning tography is incredible i want to say brad pet is fantastic. i thought the middle section got a little bit slow. i don't think it's as memorable as i wanted it to be. it will keep you guessing. i gave it a 3.5 out of 5.
7:53 am
return of warren beatty. reds and dick tracy and bonnie and collide. the story is warren beatty place howard hughes. there's a couple who are falling in love. now, alden is an actual driver working for howard hughes and lily collins is an actress. it brings back the old school holiday feeling. that's what i enjoyed about it. it makes you fall in love with cinema, the old school way they did films back in the day. rules don't apply gets a put 3.5 out of five. tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv let me know what you're seeing and i'll respond back with you. we'll talk and review moves together, kevin mccarthy, fox news. >> a lot to see.
7:54 am
return, not only of warren beatty, but anne bending. she's a really good actress. >> i love when they come out and do a movie after awhile of going kind of silent >> aaron al bright coming out. 7:54. coming up. russia has a new burger on the menu that is sure to repel most westerners. >> this is a rat burger. specifically, it's made of rodent meat but basically it's a giving it a try. stay tuned.
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skunks apparently have two glands on either side of the stop talking! the after thanksgiving sale at havertys.
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sips you apologize to you personally. can you stomach this from the river bed to between two slice of burgers. there's a restaurant serving nutria. what is known as a river rat. it's not really a rat burger but it contains nutria. about 500, about eight and a half bucks but the name rat burger? i don't think that's big >> is it part of the rodent family >> yes.
7:58 am
that does it for us at 7:00. come back and join us for another hour, much more coming
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this is fox 5 must morning. welcome back on this sunday, november 27th, 2016 >> i'm annie yu
8:01 am
thanksgiving holiday weekend. caitlin roth is here. >> i'm still working on mine >> it's not over till monday morning. >> they won't count it's still a holiday weekend. let's take a live look outside on november 27th, more sunshine today. it was a blustery saturday afternoon. but we should have a little less wind today. actually looks like it will be a nice afternoon. also travel weather looks too. at our airport it's we have no reported delays. or cancellations. 43 at reagan national, dulles 32, 37 at bwi. it's cold well below freezing. 27 in culpeper, 29 in frederick. he will where we're seeing 36 in winchester, little bit milder along the chesapeake. winds still out of the north but
8:02 am
ten miles an hour wind we can handle that. not so headquarters to hang up the holiday lights when you're gusting to 30 miles an hour. satellite and radar. cloud out there. really, if you are leaving, hopefully you enjoyed dc for the holiday weekend. you shouldn't have any problems oh road. weather related it will be nice and sunny. that's the set up for today. high pressure in place, we'll rise into the 50's. seasonal with a lot of sunshine. overall pretty nice. warm things up under mostly sunny skies, hitting 54 at some point later. we'll fall back into the 40's after dark. big changes as we move into the work week. changes we really need, meaning wet weather. feels like it hasn't rained all fall. actually, it hasn't. we'll take a look at that in your full seven-day forecast. annie and tom starting tomorrow, metro surge 11 is kicking off.
8:03 am
patient. trains will be single tracking >> this will impact riders across the entire region, fox 5 alexandra limon is live at arlington's collar collar den station. >> reporter: according to metro it will have the biggest impact yet. surge 11 kicks off monday and lasts through december 21st. worth of work and the agency will be working to repair and replace portions of the track that are crumbling. also doing work that's been neglected for years. and that all means orange and silver line riders will be greatly impacted because of things look single tracking between the east falls and west falls church station, rush hour
8:04 am
on the orange and silver line. metro want customers to expect crowdeds platforms and trains and even the possibility you may not make it on to the train you want. metro will not be running the normal shuttle busses they normally do during these surges. instead, they will only have limited shuttle bus service that will start in the boston station and run to areas like and rosslyn and pentagon but that's it. 8:04 the death of fidel castro is sending shock waves. >> phil keating is in a savannah neighborhood reacting. >> reporter: celebrations rip link across the world as news spreads of the death of former president fidel castro. however, there is a stark
8:05 am
being celebrated. in paris, supporters held a village to honor the leader in buenes, ares, possibly left messages >> many people consider him a saint and others a tyrant. the opinion is divided. >> reporter: fidel castro came into power in 1959 after leading a rebel army to victory. he embraced soviet style communism and defied the power of ten american presidents power. for many families of people who lived under his regime, the news is caused for celebration. not for had us life but death >> my rack was joy for my grandparents, they told us all the pains and struggles they went through and how fidel castro symbolized that pain. to his death is a is symbol of an ending to that pain
8:06 am
death of a person. but he was so destructive in his path. it's a relief. it's a relief, and it's sad to say but that's how we feel. >> reporter: they have are a rally planned for next week in an effort to pressure the cuban government to bring about change. >> being able to be in the street and wave the american flag, that shows what we have in this country. we should never take it for granted >> the mayor of miami fully expects a celebration here me little havana lit go on for days, in miami, phil keating fox news. in cuba nine days of mourning have gun, alcohol sales suspend flags half staff and concerts cancelled. his remains have been cremated and his ashes will be taken around the country. foreign dignitaries are expected to arrive on tuesday for a
8:07 am
this morning, president-elect trump is dismissing a recount effort in three battleground states. this is being pushed by jean stein and now she has an ally, hillary clinton's campaign. >>reporter: hillary clinton could still end up in the white house depending on outcomes of recounts in several key battleground states. the chances are slim to none but still green party candidate jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan, all states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton meanwhile stein admits there's no indication that hacking or vote tampering took place, a handful of computer science experts are claiming a hacker could have potentially influenced the election. there's currently no evidence to
8:08 am
is needed >> we're standing up for a voting system we deserve, that we can have confidence in. that has integrity, and security, and that we know is not subject to tampering, mall fee sans hacking and sworn. >> reporter: stein already raised more than five million well on its way to the goal of seven million >> the looked into every hacking or voters irregularities as well and found nothing. clinton attorney mark eric allies wrote now that a recount is underway, westbound we have an obligation to more than the 64 million americans who cast ballots to participate in ongoing proceedings to insure an accurate vote count will be
8:09 am
underway late next week and the filing deadline for pennsylvania is monday and michigan is wednesday. in washington, i'm garrett tenney fox news. the trump transition released a statement calling stein's at me a quote a scam for an election that's anywhere been conceded. the people have spoken and the election is over and as hillary clinton herself said on election night in addition to her conceding by congratulating to the future a candlelight vigil was held in southeast. the site of a deadly shooting of a teenage girl, they're still looking for the person who shot 16-year-old brianna mcmillon. officers responded to a report of several gunshots heard in the area. shortly before noon. when they arrived, they found mcmillon shot multiple times.
8:10 am
targeting her. >> she was just sweet to everybody. she -- everybody around is going to miss her >> police are asking anyone with information about the murder to give them a call. the search continues that is morning for a robbery suspect in the district who shot at a police officer. the suspect along with two other men robbed a barbershop in prince george's county yesterday. and sent police on a wild chase through the dc area. the suspect even police, eventually officers were able to detain two of the men but a third got away in northeast dc police taped off several blocks as they investigated a violent crime against a postal worker. this happened on the edgewood neighborhood. the man was robbed and pistol whipped. police sent out a tweet saying they're looking for two men dressed in black, no word on how the mail carrier is doing. if you have information about
8:11 am
them a call. 8:10. coming up. >> there had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up ok >> unbelievable. a miracle baby surviving a horrific crash being ejected 30 feet from a car. find out you how the is first responders found that baby safe and sound. >> reporter: caitlin roth will be back with another look at the things are looking beautiful. a sunny and beautiful start on this sunday, we'll be right
8:12 am
8:13 am
today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents.
8:14 am
strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. welcome back, time is 8:14, the search for a missing 9-year-old boy in texas is over. a sad tc thanksgiving day was found dead. marcus magee was found yesterday. official it's say right now, there are no signs of foul play and the little boy was visiting his family there for the holidays. he was from connecticut. arkansas where baby is lucky to be alive after surviving what was just a horrific highway crash. this baby was ejected by a car after being struck by a truck.
8:15 am
not hurt. first responders found the child 35 feet away in a shallow drainage grate in the hey covered median. the child only had a scratch on her forehead. >> and the baby at the time, the eight month old was sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out. there had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being ok the way she was >> her, the driver was given a citation for unsafe lane change and nearly causing that deadly accident. california railway system is under attack. all the fare payment machines in the went down and official it's say they were hacked. there were signs on the message screens that says you hacked. the system has been dealing with outages since friday but the bulk happened yesterday. many rider got to ride free as a
8:16 am
this next story is pretty bizarre >> how daring are you when it comes to the things you will eat. we're going to tell about russia's new obsession. maybe hard to stomach for some folks.
8:17 am
8:18 am
it is 18 minutes after the hour. could use a little christmas music. it's beginning to look a lot
8:19 am
like christmas. a big crowd turned out in center city northwest for the holiday trow lighting. the 75 foot tree is aborn re door anded with plenty of light. there was plenty of entertain for people who showed up. jugglers, face painters balloon artists and making this a memorable event. it's nice to drive through that area and see that tree. we have the white house tree and we have the capitol hill tree. nice to have one downtown >> maybe we should keep that up all year round keep us jovial and in the spirit all year round >> even the middle of the summer >> you don't have to take the decorations down >> i keep mine up for awhile. >> take them down on st. patrick's day but just don't turn them on. >> caitlin, how is it looking
8:20 am
the holiday spirit. in the throes of this holiday weekend. a lot are traveling coming up, shopping, whatever. we're looking like a pleasant day. less cloud cover, less winds than yesterday. still seasonal temperatures and sunny. overall pretty nice afternoon. it's been a cold morning, temperatures started at 40. at reagan national. now 43. 37 gaithersburg, 37 baltimore, 32 in manassas. 20 in you can see where the coldest air is southwest of the district where temperatures are in the 20's. 35 richmond, 40 new york city 32 in bing ton and 33 in pittsburgh. fair weather across the midatlantic. no issues. couple of clouds clearing away, we should have sunshine. seasonally cool. 40's off to the north, 50's in
8:21 am
pattern we're watching a storm system that will deliver us much needed rain by tuesday, that will push across the east coast over the next 24 hours and the jet stream will shift off towards the north, looking at a warmup. it's not going to be chilly. it will be mild breezy showery couple of days of temperatures soaring into the 60's. it's hard to enjoy the warm weather when futurecast. clouds increase throughout the day. monday overall, it's dry, not bad, we get both commutes in without any rain and we may even be ok early tuesday. the latest guidance putting that stripe of rain in, showers will continue throughout the day. you see this clearing line by tuesday? that's great but our second wave of rain poise by early monday, i believe the wednesday one could be heavier.
8:22 am
54 and sunny, not bad sunday. pretty enjoyable, actually. and shouldn't feel as chilly as yesterday. cold again tonight. i think temperatures will be lower as we continue to settle under clear skies, low freezing marks north and west, 36 here in washington. 40 in indianapolis. 54 and sunny here today, more clouds tomorrow, despite that warmer air trying to move in. 56 for monday. showers arrive tuesday. look at these temperatures close despite the fact that it's rainy, breezy, showers linger into early thursday, but worry still mild and then looks like we cool off back to more seasonal readings, 53 friday, 54 on saturday first weekend of december. it's looking good. i got your seven-day forecast. annie and tom >> if you were looking to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, rejoice because cyber monday is tomorrow.
8:23 am
those who stayed out of the maximum on friday will have the opportunity to find a will probably be big deals and promotions from major retailers across the country all from the comfort of your own home. stores such as best buy and wal-mart have started their cyber discounts today on their websites. >> i will be getting into that monday, i'll all about the free shipping. i'll have like 10 of things in my cart but click cancel because i don't want to pay the $10 shipping. i'll just go to the store and buy it. burgers made by one furry animal is the hottest craze right now >> we're going to tell you about this craze in russia where people are paying to eat a small animal. we'll tell you what it is coming
8:24 am
8:25 am
?? ?? ?? ??
8:26 am
? ? you might not think this one is so pretty because here's the question. how strong is your stomach? this meal that you're looking at here is going from the river bed between two slices of bread and
8:27 am
where they're wolfing down rat burgers. there's a restaurant called nutria. a river rat. they're saying it's simple, tasty, full of nutrition, but he also ads that some people might have a problem with this. even though nutria, meat and liver is an aquatic rodent >> it's not like you're a georgiatown rat. this is a animals. double patty, everybody, i'm all in. thanks for joining us. we got much more ahead with fitz and ronica cleary coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon!
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? ?. good morning. it's sunday november >> happy thanksgiving. >> can we still say that >> i think so, is that offensive now too? i'm not sure. >> it's like you have thursday night. everybody had thursday off >> i didn't. >> so you know, i think you can stretch the whole stinking holiday >> i went shopping on black friday and wished everyone a very happy thanksgiving. i'm ronica cleary, this is tom fitzgerald. we're here for on the hill. talking about more than thanksgiving, of course, let's talk about the week in politics.


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