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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:59am EST

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?? straight ahead, trump takess a victory lap.. >> thank you to ohio. >> and in the midst of doing sos drops his pick for secretary ofy defense.. >> we are going to appoint mad dog defense. >> but in order for the retired marine colonel to be pentagontao chief some rules have to be he o we'll explain. more maintenance, less track time.time. the push for cutting backk metro's hours in order to fix the ailing system not sitting st well with this as metro officials head to the hill today to talk accountability.countabi we'll have a life report.
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grand opening of mgm nationalnal harbor.or. it's a sure bet traffic will bel a nightmare. we'll have the odds on gettinget in and around that day plus howh you can double down for a goodod time as the celebrity lineup ses to perform in the casino's firsr few months continues to grow. and later, he's ooh billionairee and the next president of thehe united states. but trump latest fashion fauxasx pas might have you saying can'tt we make ties great again? good ?? we love friday but we love l it even more when it's pay day, right? happy happy happy thatat you all are with good day d.c. d. it's just after 9:00 o'clock onl a friday december 2nd.e2nd i'm holly morris alongside ofsif the lovely allison seymour, the effervescent maureen umeh and ad always cool cat wisdom martin.
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enjoy your weekend early. >> i'm lovely the. >> i'm he have stress zen takehe that. >> the first family lighting thg national christmas tree one last time. me we'll take you back to that tt star-studded special moment.en i unfortunately missed it but ib gathered it was phenomenal.nal >> i admitted forgot it wast itw happening.ening >> totally forgot.t >> i got a chance to see some om it yesterday. it was pretty cool. >> it's y aesmazingit w.. >> last one, too, so yeah prettt >> i've got to get there don ite live one of these years. of the. i was telling holly earl yes all my years i've never seen it i live. >> the setting is amazing.. >> every time to get in on the t lottery and i suspect and that'a fine because i work in thehe business maybe give somebody gis else a chance but, hey, i'm just a regular person. per >> no, no new york city i don't think see. i think it'syo truly a lottery. ltery they try to get people from around the nation that has beens the obama thing they did it witt the white house easter egg roll. i don't think there's someoneom
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>> i like that think thatnk happens. >> that might explain it. >> i think you're just nothat winnmiinhignk y the lowry.. story. >> i would love to think it's thatld l.ov th that's good. yea. >> let's talk about weather.. because it's going to start feef like winter out there.r outhe i was just out there a shortst a time ago it feels like winter te me already. wdy. >> okay.>>kay. >> but nonetheless we'll turn to fox5's mike thomas so he cano hc give us some more informationnfi about what i was just talking tg about.abou which is weather. >> hello, young mike thomas. tma >> that's what io. >> wisdom comes with >> yes, it [ laughter ]er >> holly, i didn't see youdn'tey yesterday. e yo to see you. >> thank you, thank you good to see you.ou, th i'm glad you'rese >> little nip tee outside thisps morning film it was.mornfilm >> cold, yup.old, y december feel coming back atkt you. yo but the good news for your your friday, hey, another sunny andua breezy day coming your way muchh like yesterday yes so very pleasant decemberecbe weather here.he. but, definitely chilly outsideut this morning.orng. some clouds kind of moved acrosr earlier this morning but we'llnb get rid of those and we'll be wb
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afternoon witness exception of those of you that live out to the west.witnes we don't wan yt toou t forget our our viewers panhandle of maryland, m mountains of west virginia,ins i they'll be dealing with moreithm clouds.ouds maybe even some snowflakes innoe the mountains tonight.. big storm system there that brought us rain earlier thisn eh week is spinning off to theo t north here, and that's going tog be hanging around the nextd then couple of days and keepingnd kei things on the cooler side.r sid. 49 here in washington right nown 43 for gaithersburg. 45 for dulles. manassas 36 degrees this they too will warm it up as wep head through the afternoon. 53 degrees your daytime high later today. la mostly sunnyter skies.unny ski cool and breezy.y what does it weekend hold in store? i've got the answersnswe coming up in just a bit. just a. all right, guys, i'll send itd i back to you on the good day goo couch. >> appreciate it, mike. app thank you.reci well, of course, the bige, e story at 9:00 is president-elect donald trump even took his own staff by surprise last night lai when he name his latest cabinett choice in front of thousands of supporters at a campaign style rally his choice for defense dee second is drawing bipartisanisa
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complications.cati fox's doug luzader has more on m the move. >> reporter: general jamesames matt mad dog mattis is a popular figure within the military butyt this experience would make his s nomination for secretary of defense a little more difficult. >> to say thank you to ohio. ohi >> reporter: for almost ant hour in front of a large crowdac in cincinnati, it seem liket sel donald trump was back on the the campaign trail. familiar themes usual attack ont the enough a cabinet pick. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it till monday so don't tell anybody. ay >> reporter: but here's thes complication with wit he retired back in 2013 and there's a law barring officers c from serving as andy fenceen secretary win seven years of their retirement.irem
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exception. >> i think he's going to bengo b widely accepted not just bite jb rang and file but also lawmakers. i believe from both parties on thefrom >> reporter: mattis news new almost overshadowed trump's's other big story a stop att carrier air conditioning in indiana after helping toping convince them to scrap plans too send 800 union jobs to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences.quences. >> reporter: but the carrierer deal required about $7 millionmo in state tax incentives.s. drawing fire from liberals ands from some >> when the president of the united states says, we wilntl ot allow companies to leave the the country without consequences, ii he has the power to do that, tt, what else does he have the powep to do?too? >> reporter: as far as the a mattis nomination for secretarye of defense is concern, that,ha brings this up now to eight ofit these cabinet level positions now filled with perspectiveti
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in washington, doug luzader, fox news.. it look like donald trumplir will be inheriting an economy in pretty solid shape. us employers added a solid 176,000 jobs last month and thee unemployment rate dropped to four-point 6% down from f four-point 9%. 9% but it didn't fall for the bev b reasons many of the unemployedlo just gave up looking for work. the report mixed signalsigna highlight the challenges facing president-elect trump on thetrup surface.e. steady job gains and low unemployment rate suggests the t ec increases and fewer americans as working or looking for work forw point to longer term challenges. on the hill metro safety set front and center.d cee today lawmakers will get updatet on the transit agency's latestet service and budget challenges.. they also want to know if metrot has set a direct path for savee and reliable also sustainable operations. it marks prepared -- preparedpa for the hearings virginia
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the subway is facing leadershipe crisis because of its board ofoa directors and may need a federal takeover. metro gm paul wiedefeld says thy system is safer since safetracka work began in june but it stelll needs more time. create more time metro proposed cutting service hoursvu but this is not popular with dc lawmakers. >> last night a board meeting in the distt rict ga ot pretty heaa about how and when and where toe make those service cutbacks. fox5's melanie alnwick live inii northwest now with more.wi m good morning. >> reporte ysys. that hearing on the hill ishe h playing into this controversyonv over how and when to cut backac metro service hours or whetherhe it is going to happen.appe really a test of wills going on right now between the metro board, metro general manager ana d.c. leaders who are vehementlyy opposed to the plan that general manager paul wiedefeld says is so necessary in order to meet te the house's expectations, thehe department of transportation'sio expectations, federal oversight
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reliable metro service.vice. here is the plan that was approved by the committee lastes night with a strong descension e from d.c. members of thatrs o committee. so they're saying that here's how metro service would lookld l after safetrack is 5am to 11:30 p.m. monday through thursday. 5:00 a.m. to 1am on friday. 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. then 8am to 1:00 p.m. on sundayn that does allow for those extrat eight hours a week for maintenance and ins necessary.ssar now he wants this plan to go on for two years.ea d.c. says it will not accept acp anything more than one year witw then the time to go ando re-evaluate.luat we put the question out onn o twitter to metro riders askingsg how they felt about that proposal since it seems to bemse the one that is goin forward. a couple of people did respond to me directlyf pe saying, markm christopher said it's better than the current optsions sayins that he does though however hev
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that's how it is right nowht n closing at midnight during thehe week and patti said with a lotot of nats fans we're hearing fromo saying it will be hassle fromero getting home after week nighteek nats games.ames another thing that will bet ll b impacted. impa act lot of nats fans also talkil to me on twitter saying thatingt they don't like this planla either. eith as well as pereople who have tov get to work early on saturdaysat and sundays and some people who perhaps a lot of people who peoo depend on that late night lat ng service to either get home fromf bars and restaurants or to get home from work. w we do have lot of people -- i aa up pretty early here in the citc i see a lot of people who are leaving work because they'vese been on duty so late.ate whether it's police officers, oc whether it's people that work in the service economy, so thereohe really is a big quandary here aa to what to do.t jack evans yesterday board two councilman -- ward two councilman represents a lot of bars and restaurants in his rep district also metro board chairman said he will do a vetov
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said he'll go back and talk witw mayor bowser and see if the citc is really firm on that. tt. i think guys there's going to bi a lot of conversations going ong in the next two weeks beforeef that final metro board vote. vo. back to you.. >> see how it all shakes out.s. thanks mel. ks appreciate it. meanwhile nearly five monthsivet after metro trail derailed neara the east falls church station ntsb he had the agency's up effective inspection andion maintenance practices are toceeo blame. only few passengers were oner o board when it happened back in july and no one was hurt. was h they found the spacing between e the rails was nearly 2-inches 2h wider than accepted by they t washington transit authority. at the roar also highlightediged crumbling doctors ties along tht tracks. metro says replacing those croso ties is a major focus of safetrack. $1,000 reward now beingow b offered for information that could help officials figure outo where an oil plume along the the potomac river is coming from. the oily substance first spotteo last weekend..
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fluid or lubricant. officials believe the plumelu could be intake valves in thes n coming days. d it is making steps to make surer that plume does not affect thete water supply.uppl >> a salute to veterans with help from a former airman turnee nfl star. sr >> first though just about one o week now until thousands ofands people hoping to get lucky. lky they'll flood the new mgn casins at national harbor, of course.e we'll take through life with afw look at what you need to know tt navigate the traffic that ishat expect 9:12 is our time. t
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mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste.
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?? >> i love this song. >> i love the whole cd. >> you have it. >> all nine cuts amazing. >> i got to pick that up. i'm loving it. >> you have your tickets, only ot to >> can i worry your cd.d. >> yes. >> it's in my car right now.w >> all right.ll well the wait is almost we are talking about the mgmgm national harbor next week is tht grand opening and the big named celebrities just keep piling up. >> um-hmm.hmm >> we're playing bruno mars he'll be that this month. >> but also likelybe tha appeari more than double the traffic trc fox5's bob barnard joins us nown
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when they roll out the red carpc good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: hey, wisdom, guys, i was starting to jam butt it wasn't pretty thing i'm gladg the camera wasn't on me. m a little birdie has told me they actually had soft openingopin yesterday here mgm national natl harbor and apparently it went very well. ve the grand opening is next thursday.sday thursday 11:00 p.m. is when thet general public can come. come. and take look. i mean it looks d like it's don. it looks spectacular but it ists still a construction site. con a lot ofst construction workers here, and basically what you're looking at and you see on the sign there jim gatlin theth comedian will be here two nightt in the front structure that's thett parking garage.age. the big tower in the back on thh right there with the mgm logo lg that's the hotel.. the casino is in between.eten and again, the whole thing opens up next week with a lot of stars coming in the coming weeks. wee we can show you sarah jessica ji parker actually will open up heh
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city star will have boutiqueouqu here at the mgm national harbor. and bruno mars will be here in i late december, december womenthh lionell ritchie on december 22nd. duran duran new year's eve. cher, earth wind and fire and fa stink coming up.stin the folk at mgm and localnd loc officials are expecting the t traffic around this place to beo crazy when it opens next week. and they producing this video mgm national harbor sharing itog on their facebook page.age just kind of giving people i on had you to get here and getnd around.. basically their mantra is comeim early and stay late. l they're recommending you take te metro to stop either in princer george's county or northernthern virginia and come in by metro bus. bu they're saying there will beyinw this water taxi from alexandriai to national harbor. you can also park at the outlete mall nearby.y. they'll a have circumstancece later bus that will bring you tt the casino from the city you ciy come down 295, the bell way from virginia and from maryland butyn
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there are a lot of one-way one-w streets and ramps getting intoei this place. they warn people that oxon hill road, indiana head highway will be pretty rough.ou basically there's no way aroundn it. they've done some road widening, lane additions but they're they' saying at least for the firstass few weeks, guys, after the opening just even coming acrosss the woodrow wilson bridge cominn down the beltway from northern parts of prince george's countyt could be pretty nightmare plan plans. they do say there is selfs s parking obviously that bighat garage structure and there's ths valet parking $25 for the firstr 12 gu.s. >> okay. don't go anywhere, bob.t gonywh hold on.ere, can we play the b music? >> queue the bruno mars. >> you don't want to do that. b >> come on. no, no.. >> no, no.>> n no. come on. >> you don't want that. d >> let me see it.t. >> play it. pla s t's hear it. >> nice knowing you.g u [ laughter ]
9:19 am >> i know. he pulled a wisdom martin rightt there. nice knowing you. knowi you >> oh, man.h,. >> bob, you got to know when tot hold them and know when to foldd them. them. >> that was a good job. >> he was doing a little bitit like the britney spears walkpeal with purpose there.with purpose i think that's what he was h doing >> all right. ow.9 is our time right now coming up a former nfl star sta gunned down in apparent case ofe road rage.roadage. the head of starbucks steppingti down and talk about a real lifei jail bird. bd. >> my favorite story of the dayy >> you got to see this pictuo we've got a check on what else s is making headlines next. >> later why nocturnal animalsls director tom ford says he willil not be dressing future first f lady melania trump and why hee wouldn't have dressed hillarydsd clinton either. >> ut-oh.t-oh >> we'll be right back.e'lle
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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?? >> now they play it.>> [ laughter ] nug ] >> meanwhile bob is halfway bacl to the station by now.. >> wisdom, would you like to lie bust a move?bust mov >> tt >> i know.ha >> that would be a no. >> he plays like he can't danced but he can. >> no, no. >> we have witnessed it. witne >> no, i can't. >> come on. >> no. no. >> okay maybe you're right.y 9:22 is our time rigmahtyb now.n erin como back in the loft withw a chegg of the other storiesthes making headlines on friday fday morning. hey, erin. >> thank you very much, holly.ou we begin with sad v news thiss t morning in the worl football. former nfl running back joe mc joe knight shot and killed during ag apparent road rage altercationti in new orleans yesterday.terd witnesses say mc knight was mc a
9:23 am
apologizing to a 54-year-old roland gassier when he shot himh twice.e. gas sorry was arrested at theede scene. mc knight was a 2,104th roundthu pick for the new york jets. j he also played for the kansas city chiefs before tearing hisin achilleas in went 14. 14. the death toll from thosemho massive wildfires nearear gatlinburg tennessee risen to 11. 11. officials say more people are still missing.s say st beginning today, homeowners anda business owners will be alloweda to go see their properties.ies. the wildfir week after officials blamedls flames from a manmade fire quickly spread due to windy andd dry conditions.ons. authorities have charge add 49-year-old north carolina man n in connect with those fires.. closer to home now, for the third time in the last fiveiv months, a grand jury has indictc add prince george's countyy police officer. officer juan hernandez facingac second degree assault and
9:24 am
11-year-old veteran accused of intentionally hitting us a u inspect with his police cruisers he was placed on leave followini the incident in june. changes they're brewing right at the star buck. b its ceo says that he plans to to step down come next april. a this is the second time howardd schultz is resigning from there position. he did so in 2008 but took on the role in 2008.8. coo will take over. o schultz will continue to bez win chairman of th spearhead social causes veryses important to the company. and finally, talk about a jail bird. b an oregon man was taking hisis booking photo with his pet parrot by his side. s he brought the bird with him to court. cour not knowing he was gettinggettng arrested.arreed he left the bird in a tree outside before court and when he was arrested he asked if he cann get his pet.ges pe and as he was getting his mugug
9:25 am
that's actually a very sweet mug shot.shot. >> the bird is looking like himh what you going to do?o? >> there's lot of those things i about that mug shot, i'm sure sr suite is one of them. >> they live till like 70 yearsa old. >> what's going to happen to him. >> maybe he can stay in the cel with him?staywith h? >> n.. >> there was a bird man ofd manf alcatraz. ca 's t's true. >> remember. >> i do rememberha >> aww.>> aww. >> i don't know what he did, but -- >> wisdom martin washington didn dough. >> how on earth do police let aa parrot sit on somebody's shoulder while they're taking an mug shot. i never heard of thishi ridiculousness. >> i don't know how serious the chafers were. k serious enough to getnow arrested. >> absolutely wisdom martin. ma. >> you got i'll be back i'll get my birdy r and put it on my shoulder andulr take a mug shot. >> it looks like he didn't have a shirt on.n. >> it look like he had a tankk
9:26 am
>> kinder gentler policeinde department. >> i see the strap, yes . >> yeah. >> valerie, is that true?is tt r >> no, that's not true.. >> val over here behind ther he scenes talking about they werebe afraid of the bird. bir they do have weapons i'm justt saying. >> goes to a shelter i guess.ues >> or set him free.r set him ee. >> no. >> they can't get on the news by letting him do it.t gelettin >> i'lhil tell was i'm going tot get ready to throw down in thein kitchen with paul wharton. >> that's something we canethiec understand. >> don't put a bird on your shoulder. >> no't put. >> 9:26 is the ho families to come together buttot for many unfortunately that'shas not possible as their loved oneo serve in the military and now aw new campaign is looking to raise awareness about the sacrifices i they make not just around thed holidays but all year long. l still ahead, we'll talk to ano air force veteran and former nfl star chad headings for more onen the salute the veterans cameran paper. >> chilly start to the weekend.t will we see aart warmup? mayb. maybe. ack with a check a c of your forecast.our focast >> fresh at 10a, get ready for a
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it. it's going to be erin comon com versus paul wharton in the fox5 kin.hen. the good day cafe.e you won't want to miss what ms w they're cooking up on thishi friday morning.ning ?? ?? >> greetings i'm brandon simsin from afghanistan and i just want to give a special holiday greeting to everybody in langlyy hospital. i miss you guys.i mi you guy i love you guys.
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?? oh, yeah. throw back thursday we're giving a little full house action. okay.hursle ful. tanner house backok in full houe mode. mo franklin the creator of that long runni bought the iconic house once home to the tanner family wentit on the black mark -- market i mm should say -- [ laughter ] >> went on the market back in may for overn th $4 million.4 mo franklin hand picked that househ nearly 30 years ago to serve ase the centerpiece for the seriests inside the home 2500 square feet, three bedrooms and four bathrooms interior was designed for more sophisticated look.edoo looks really
9:31 am
do the interior to match theatct show he wants to open it up topt fans because as you know since the series aired people haveeoph been going to had home taking tn pictures and sort of posing witi their family and the family thal lived there was pretty upset by it. it they were none too happy. now, they're happy i think theyk sol it for 4 million. 4 million. >> they did. he bought it for 4 million andnd also going to change the exterior to reflect wait lookt like during the full house days. >> real estate is going crazy.zy >> i have update on the parrot.. >> please.>> >> this make it litt >> okay.kay. >> the parrot was put in thearr tree outside while the guy who g goes in he thought he was goingi to get, you know, he was going g to be able to go home.e. >> right. >> he was worried about the bird the deputes went out and whenrr they went out,iewent the bird wn distress he's a house bird andia crows were circling it it was like an animal welfare i guessss type situation.. blah, blah, blah next thing you know the mug shot and there'snde paul and erin as well.s w >> they didn't call the animalni control people or people to deaa wi thahat? >> he is now the parrot is in
9:32 am
he is in, serving his time. >> that doesn't make the anydoea better. >> they were able to find someone.hey we >> there are places in this world that arere are nice. wisdom. >> for somebody who has beenodya arrested. >> the parrot had nothing to don with it.ot wi >> exactly. exa >> it's not the parrot's fault. >> i'm just saying.>>yi >> just be nice much it friday. we can all learn how be nice bic from mike thomas because he's as expert at it. >> never seen him mad.n . >> never ever once. n eve i've never seen any hate come hc from him. >> you look beautiful.. >> thank you.ou >> allison you do too. >> maureen, do. d >> wisdom it's great to see you. >> i expect that, mike. i [ laughter ] exp >> mike has got a fresh haircut. >> did you get a you yo gu look different. d >> i did.if >> it looks good.idod >> i'll shout back out to him folk at the barbershop theyp thy watch us every us evey >> what part of -- d >> calvert.vert
9:33 am
>> he's been going there ever since he was little.since he >> you're kidding. w>> y >>o lalast week. >> when he was little. >> cute. >> >> they did you right.ig >> you look good. youook good. >> it's the everybody be nice.ic >> we'll try.llry. >> let's do a little weathero te here. hey, here's what you can expectp for your friday a loft sunshine very very nice day here.ayer cooler temperatures and if you i live out to the west, expectxp some clouds and watch thish t tonight i know it's hard to sees because the clouds the same t s color as the snow but it's i showing snow showers comingg across portions of garrett cun t tee, maryland, facing slopes of west virginiaa there maybe snow showershowe overnight tonight as well.ghtonh not her int d we'll be mostly clear and coldnd tonight with temperatures falling back into the theirs. get into your saturday much more of the same. lots of sunshine for us here ini d.c. clouds off to the west not until sunday thing start to change a a little bit. probably start off with decentit amount of sunshine.amountf su as we move into the second half of the morning hours, we'llou, start to see those clouds thicken bite afternoon looking at mostly cloudy skies here incy d.c.
9:34 am
7:00 o'clock we can kick acke ca sprinkle or shower or two. orwo i do think most stay dry througu the weekend. best chance of raithn for us woo come until next week.t week. so here is that weekend forecasc foou.ou. saturday we're expecting a goodd amount of maybe just a few clouds out out ehere. high of 50. 5 suburb in the fours.e fours sunday the cooler day with morem clouds around, yes, can't rule'r out a shower but most stay dry 49 degrees for the daytime highh for your sunday. lot of blue on the national mapt here in d.c. 49. we're one of the warmer spots. chicago 37 this morning. minneapolis 31.s 3 fargo trait actually not too bad for these locations in theion te country but there is big-timetie cold cold. cd. gary mcgrady and i were lookingo at this in the weather big time cold coming from lessrl lass were ahead into the secondo half of next week towards next s weekend. more dee days on that as we head into next week. 49 degrees here in washingtonn right now.right now 43 gaithersburg.. 43 at frederick.. 36 degrees in manassas. massas. chilly this morning.chillys mor. low pressure still spinning offf
9:35 am
it is we've had a little bit oft squeeze play going on again lowl pressure up here. h high pressure moving in througho the planes that clash is goingsg to create some winds through tht afternoon hours today we couldal be looking at gusts from time tt time 20 to 30 miles an hour. do keep that in mitone 3 a coold breezy day coming our way.ay mostly sunny skies.stly sunny ss should be a good friday for usy by the evening hours we will we cool off quickly after sunset here.he 37 degrees overnight.vernight that's probably some 20s thehe suburbs as well fox5 seven day forecast 50 tomorrow with good sunshine n sunday the clouds are back.uds c mixed with clouds and sun onun monday and then our best chancet of rain through the neck sevenks day is going to be next tuesdayy looks very wet with a high of only 46 degrees. all right.all righ that's check a of the forecast.. over to you.ov to ?? >> u.s. air force veteran chad c hennings is a three-time superip bowl champion with a dallass cowboys. he's president of henningss management.nage. a commercial real estate and a
9:36 am
he's a motivational speaker andd he's the author of three books.. forces of character, rules of engagement, and it takes committ many. >> that was judy woodrufff introducing chad hennings in tv and online special calledcial cd pollute absolute to veterans.abu hete needs no introduction. chad hennings joins us now to to talk more about how all of us ou can help veterans not justs nott during the holiday season butn b every single day. good morning to you, mr. chadd henngs >> good >> good to see you. >> great to be here.>> g >> thank you for your service.o. appreciate it. field and before you goteou on the feel as well. let's talk about your work thatt you're doing. this documentary that online and on television.n let's talk about that first.t fr >> okay. i was one of three panelists for this project. myself, former pittsburgh steeler four time super bowl rocky key blier who served iny h the vietnam and colonel greg g gatson west point graduate,t grt
9:37 am
double amputee but he wase honorary captain for the newor t york giants and the wholehe project is around to saluteal those who have served us. >> wow.>> wow. >> us military to highlight thet issues that military men and women make in tran addition from going from active duty back to the corporate world or the or te sector world and then also theot aspect of things that they dealy with on a daily basis of thingsg that need counseling, financiall assistance, continuing educatioi all those thing. tng but it's them first and for most but to t make recognition and to help to them in that transition. titio >> right. got aot have -- you signed football.l >> you bet. b >> where is rocky?? >> rocky blier, myself and grege gatson.gats >> right. i call him mr. hollywood.lywo. he was on the movie battleship.. >> right. >>ood d guy. >> you talk about how hard it it to transition to go back fromkm the military back to the regular life.fe you were able to do that because you did many years and many andm
9:38 am
of people have a hard time a loe of people in the military have e hard time when they come backeno and have to deal with life over here. here. >> one of reasons why it wasf re easier for me because i went i w from playing on one team being a in a fighter squadron flyingnlyn those missions concentrating on that to another team playing fof the dallas cowboys. went from team environment toon another team environment. so when a lot of times whenimhe military men and women make that transition, they're used to used being involved have a commonommo purpose goal, they get back into the regular r world, whatever job that mightmi be or continuing education, thet don't have those relationships.p that's where it's important fort the veteran community and for, r you know, communities in generag to embrace and to reach out to o those military men and women tot kind of bring them back into tho fold to be a part of something t greater than self.than sf >> how does the public get doesc involved? they want to doed? something to help when they seet this, how do they get involved? >> first of all, you can, u probably put up their salute toe
9:39 am
continuing facebook campaigns. >> social media is huge. h >> social media go look at the, um, the film itself and to kind of see what, um, we three as tha panelists we're talking >> all the issues involved. iol >> the background issues involvi and reach out and thank a veteran.veteran >> reach out and thank a veteran. information is on your screen.n we're talking about theyoing ou wee talking about social mode ya if you want to get involved, inl that's how do you it righ there. anything els make an appeal to people to getg involve in this? >> you know, just the mere factc that it's -- unless you've ye experienced men and women in the military have given so much anda we need to thank not only thoset veterans because the the wives.s. >> they make huge sacrifice.acfi >> the families that stay backtc and hold down the fort while they're gone that's such just as important particularly duringcua the holiday season when peopleeo are deployed overseas, keep thet from your prayers. prayers.
9:40 am
>> you're doing a lot.. writ tepp books, moat vase aloal speaker. you got three super bowl rings.s >> it's like being a dallas cowboys here in washingtonngton redskins country proof that catt and dogs can live together. tet >> that is so true. tt is so there is a lot of dallas peoplel >> you like what's going on i hate to bring this up.his you like what's going on withn the cowboys? >> the thing that makes thishi team great they're finding a wag to win last night's game wasames ugly but they found way to win.w >> found a way to win mak >> 11 straight. >> sorry, redskins fans i had td do that to you. you. chad, thank you very much.thank. appreciate everything that you do. appreciate your service. >> thank you. eveat youecia >> all right. back over to you guys on the r tohe sounds good. thank you both. >> thank you so much.>> >> all right. t fox beat tomn theha ford dark new movie and what the cast thought about working withh the fashion icon.ionco why he says he won't be working with the next first lady.t l >> who is in audio? who didhoid this. >> 9:40.
9:41 am
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?? ?? you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ?? >> amen. >> amen you supposed to stop. >> why didn't yo>>u sto apyou s? >> no signal here. >> you're not supposed to leaved the scene of an accident. it's a's arime >> as for the way you wereou w driving --dr >> i'm sorry, what did you say?d
9:44 am
>> hey, turk -- turk >> don't come any closer. clo >> all right, sweetheart.ll rig it's all right. >> you know what, please getleag back in your car. leave us alone.. >> calm down.m down. we got an accident to report.ep. >> callie down. lady, lady, lady.. >> sweetheart it's just a's jusa flashlight much it's all right. >> jesus christ.hris >> okay.kay so let's he can change cng information.rmat >> information? >> yeah. >> let's he can changee cahang information.inrmat >> what do you have in the glovv compartment. color is pale pink. pk i like long walks and [ laughter ] >> gun it and run. >> go. g >> seriously. >> are we the only ones seeingss this. >> oh, my god. g >> that's a clip from the new movie nocturnal animals haunting romantic -- thriller that t explores the thin lines betweene love and cruelty and the secondn feature debut from director besb known for actually dressingg hollywood
9:45 am
film stars have to say about tho new release of this movie. >> reporter: famed fashion designer tom ford is back in the director's chair for the new psychological thriller nocturnan animals starring amy adams, jake gyllenhaal and army hammer.r. >> i really wanted to be this person that you thought i >> reporter:t the film weavesma together several stories lineser involving art gallery owner, heh failed marriage and violent new novel written by her ex-husband have to be careful with it. >> it's a real thriller.ille i mean, when i was reading this script, i was just -- it was full of tension the whole time. i was getting a crazy vibrationn there's a love story mixed within this thriller and that ad sort of the -- that's the fuel f for the engine of the thing. tng >> it's really two movies. you have two completelyet different yet full and wonderfuf in different ways story liness n
9:46 am
>> tom ford knew he wouldew h eventually wind up in the moviem business, but he always thought it would be on the other side of the camera. >> yes, this is the kind of lifo i envisioned when i was young.ou now did i think i was going to g be a film director? n maybe i thought i was going to t be an act. did i realize i was going to gng have success fashion designerne and that was going to give me te the way into film new york. y >> did i think i was going to be successful, yes. if that's what you want in youry life you've got to be the cast getting aom discount on tom ford clothing should have been written into theirthir contracts.s. >> i don't think so. do you?u? i >> i haven't tried that card. tt i'll have to play that. tt. i tried to steal thing. t that hasn't work out. >> discount -- i don't know iff that will work. >> i would say i do. this is a tom ford sweater and a i'm going to keep it.t. i'm going walk out with it. it. really the discount on this one is pretty steep.te >> did give me this top to wear today and dare i see it's it'
9:47 am
>> i'm going live to regret this. >> in hollywood, adam housely,, fox news. nocturnal animals is in ters >> i love a thriller.. >> um-hmm. >> i can't wait do see that.m.'o >> looks kind of creepy. cre i don't like when it gets creepy creepy. then i'll be scared to stop ono the side of the road. r >> watch it on a plane sometimee >> why you looking at me like at?t? >> all right. all r. listen, 9:47., she's not even in the whitehite house but melania fashion faux one month after a a french designer vowed not to mrs. trump. tom ford is opposing his --- posing opposition.osion. ford said he was asked to dresse melania several years ago butut declined because she is she's quote not necessarily my image. however, it seems his hesitatiot is bipartisan ford went and toet say he voted for hillary clintoi in the presidential election but even if clinton had won she
9:48 am
to make and the president shoull wear clothes everyone can relate to. when asked if melania should rare relatable clothing fordg f said he'd leave that up to her.r >> he did dress the first lady.r >> did he dress the first lady.d >> i read about that.>> he said it was whe in r he wento meet the queen, she went to meee queen and it was different and special.spial. >> okay. in the essence of full t dihesclosure hillary clintonryli doesn't wear super affordableffe suits all the time either. e >> those are custom cusd >> and they're very >> so -->> so >> i guess it's his bran. he can dress whoever he wants to dress. i am glad he says it iss bipartisan but, you know. kno i hate the we're making fashion political too.oo. hasn't fashion always been alwae political. poli >> he's not.>> h he's just saying he doesn't wann everybody can't afford it and sa he doesn't think that's the the image that a first lady shouldhl present.est now, that's just what he says.. it's not -- n - >> i'm sure melania trump hasmph all sorts of fashion designersrs
9:49 am
>> they all worn high end gnergners. >> nancy reagan stuff. nancyeagf was it him or another one?? >> another one. another it might have been oscar.n oscar it was her big -- someone helpnp me out. out. the one designer she always wenw to like her trademark.r tradema he was certainly not cheap.ap >> no, i'm talking about nancy n >> never mine. >> i think it might have been oscar. >> jacqueline smith kathy ire land.and >> vera wang at kohl's.' >> all right. i like it. tig>>ht d. t. that's why i know it. >> tin 49:00 is the time right e now. we engage in our fashion conversation up time nownv feror today's fox bea free friday.da join a true holiday traditiondi with the magic of the nutcracker one viewer could win four win fu tickets to the washington ballew the nutcracker at the warner wae theater.te tickets are valid through any show through december 2 he had.h the winner may request twost two potential dates which to use their tickets subject to t
9:50 am
it has a retail value of $360.0. go to for a chance too one winner on december 5th. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules online entry aree available at >> tina knowles at wal*mart.*art >> they don't sell it any more.m >> still talking fashion.llalki >> i love when the designers go little lower.. >> a lot of them have done >> k mart. >> $10 lower. >> all right.>> so we asking fort pictures now.n >> yes, please., plee. please please please we want to show your pictures. pictu you have to send them but guys you have to send them include hash tag fab5pics.. you see it right thereight underneath.rn hash tag fab5pics or we can'twen see it. it happens a lot. so send them, stepped them. the they're still time we'll show them aft the break good can i send mine now?
9:51 am
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and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> ?? is fday. friday. 9:53.9:53 that mean it's time to seeee >> yes. okay. with christmas countdownhristm c
9:54 am
to see some of your holiday hidy picks though i didn't really rel scifyfy that. let's start with my own babyn by this was her spark of geniuseniu this week. >> i said baby is going on? shs goes well, you see, i put foil f in the cereal bowl that way i wy don't have to wash the bowl. >> did she say it like that. tha >> yes, she she thought it was hilarious tht first fab5pics spencer trying tt get out of the washing dishes. e >> look at this baby. this by. >> hi honey bunny. >> thanks so much for sending ii in. >> aren't they cute? >> beyond cute. eve ared cut >> adorable.rable >> look at this pretty lady. who is this? not created foratd comfort or ease but created for greatness.greatness. i heard that.i >> i know. tgif.the >> hello. >> wait a minute now. this is a family show. >> i was going t ios say. >> happy friday to you, >> he's in the weekend mode.nd d >> i like that very much.y m >> and then -- aww. >> love love love this.
9:55 am
>> sweet.>> sweet. >> our male audience our representing >> that's right. >> i like thatpres>>. >> aww. >> look at the beautiful girls.. >> christmas season after all. . >> my gosh who took that picture. >> photo credit holly morris . >> this is official mileile christmas card one corner of. o >> me and you.>>e an >> one corner.. >> i'll do like everybody.. >> she'll doing >> exactly. >> there's one more. >> okay. too.. >> my grand baby.ab >> you're so lucky. l. super fun next hour coming up ap we always do.o but you know up the fun factor c on friday.on fy we'll go back to last night's lighting of the white housete christmas tree. chirlast time for the first family. >> all the highlights. >> president-elect trump gasp,as that doesn't happen.apn. we'll tell you about the gaft he had. had. >> first though it's coffee timt on good day dc.
9:56 am
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at 10a.lo he r wedding the hottest ticketicke in town.own. celebrity make up artist kym leeing the newlyweds are here h and ready to dish.ady toh. >> ladies it's that time ofit's year. time to rock that faux fur.ux fr what's the hottest look.ook. find out at 10:40a. >> celebrity dish what ethos sas about kanye the first picks froc the unauthorized movie aboutbout britney released and at a planning a special. >> don't miss our brunch battler between erin and paul wharton. >> it will be life.ife. the 10a starts right now.ow ??? >> holly, they're calling you.ou walk with purpose.urpose. >> i can't walk with purpose. >> i thought you were a mad m person.on >> when she dances she justheus walks with purpose.urpo. >> she doesn't really singeally either. >> back in the day when she did
10:01 am
>> okay. including -- 35 today. tay >> can you believe that. tha >> her biggest fan paul wharton. >> diana or britney. >> look who is here.ere. >> how you doing.>> h y >> hey. >> good day d.c. >> i wanted to let you into thet private life of paul wharton. one room in my house --- >> all your assistants come in.. >> right.>> [ laughter ]laught ] >> we're here in the kitchen kih because we're doing a brunch a battle. it will be paul wharton versus versu erin c where is erin?ri >> i don't know.>> she's working much she's putting her -- is this all paul. >> that's erin's and this is paul's over here. >> what part of the brunch is b this. >> that's the best par.hat' >> the bests th part. >> here she is. >> hey, erin. >> i was getting ready. >> it's brunch on budget versusu going all out. which one really tastes theeay a best? >> he gave me the budge. bge >> that's okay.t'okay
10:02 am
cookings do you a great job but this is where the gauntlet getsg thrown down. >> you daveed during mying m christmastime at my house.ou. you know i can rock. can rock. >> i know. >> breakfast tacos. tos. >> best kind of sunrise theref is. >> people, chop chop. chophop. >> can't wait to taste it. >> tequila in the morning.orni. >> tequila sunrise. i don't understand.. >> wisdom you just need to leart a live a little what you need to do. >> i don't mess with the devil's nectar.s wi [ laughter ] .> any more >> any more. >> i'm not judging but you do you. not in my >> you're in the brunch person e at all. >> no. >> no. >> really.>> really. >> no. >> i love brunch. brunc >> can you put dinner food atooa brunch?br? >> yeah. >> sure. >> then that would be lunch. beh >> no. it's a lunch part of the brunchc there's a breakfast part and aaa lunch part. >> skip breakfast altogetherethr gone right to to lunch >> good day d.c. we are glad ara you're with us. if you have a favorite brunchch place in dc why don't you tweet
10:03 am
those. those. >> if it has bottom less him le moment mass let me really know. >> make a reservation fortionor maureen sunday. sunday. >> every sunday.>> >> i'm holly morris alongside allison and maureen and wisdom.m steve enjoying a little time off this but at 10:03 time to checkock what's >> let's do it. first up the safety of m>>etroeo front and center on capitol hilh this morning at a housening aho oversight hearing happening lawmakers are getting update on the service and budgett they also want to know if metroo has set a direct path for savorr libel and sustainable last night metro met with d.c.. board members and that meeting i got pretty heated over itsr its proposal to cut oping hours veto from board members could killoul the proposal.a. the full metro board set to meeo on the issue in two week. meanwhile, nearly fiverly fe months after metro trainin derailed near the east falls church station, the ntsb saysb s the agency's ineffective inspection and maintenancentan practices are do blame for thata accident. in a report released yesterday thete ntsb found the spacing sci between the rails was nearly
10:04 am
crumbling cross ties along the track.k. metro dealing with lot off hoping they find common ground n but, um, looks like it may not be happening any time soon. s >> save and reliable.e >> bottom line.tom l >> what we deserve.. it's painful in the meantime. mm >> tough to get there. tre either way someone will bebe unhappy because changes have toe be made.s h me. >> yup. >> okay. next up the first family last ls national christmas tr lighting. >> ?? ? >> three, two, one,.wo, >> there it is. >> hey. >> during the holiday ceremonye the president said he hopes that americans will care for the f t sick, the hungry and the oppressed this holiday season. o he alsn.o asked for everyone too treat one another as they wanthw to be treated.reed golden rule, right lighting errr ceremony included performances by garth brooks and tricia yeara wood, kelly clarkson, sweet baby james, james taylor, chance the rapper, the loom minute nears it
10:05 am
adams a nice mix of music. >> i love them.hem. in her cooking show when he he shows up i love it. >> sweet baby by the way, tickets to jameso js taylor go on sale this morning i they just started going sail s 10:00 o'clock this morning he'sm performing at nats park nextt july. ly he's doing a few concertsonrt stadium across the nation. n nats park is one of them. tm. tickets on sale now.le now. i think it's july 14th maybe. >> i had a friendly discussionco with steve about this.his. >> okay.kay >> i james thai. tha >> i do too. >> he can self sell out natsut s park. what do you say? >>wh i was just going to say can he still sell out stadiums likee that. >> people go and sing at the toe of their lung. t lun i've seen him in concert.oncert >> like grateful dead concert? >> kind of. no. no >> something like that.omethi lk >> but he's he's still great gre still got his voice and there'se so many songs he loves andovesnd really i think his fans span generations.ons. >> it's true. at i dnow.know. that i do know.
10:06 am
[ laughter ]da >> hope he comes in the loft.n . >> he won't be coming allison. >> fashionistas over at gqq magazine they have a problem a m with president-elect donald-elel trump's ties. tie his ties are too long and his neck wear is an epic fail but ft especially when they saw him do this. >> look closely.ook osely take a look. >> okay. at this picture.ctur look at his tie. t do you see the scotch tape onta the tie? >> uh-huh. >> no. >> you don't see it up littletl white thing on the tie >> way too long. >> scotch taped the back of his tie to the front. >> such an unfortunate picture.a >> which is considered a fteashi don't. they say this can be fixed witht a simple tie bar. bar >> they call him out for wearinw a tie bar. >> he didn't leave enough slackk on the thin end to reach then belt looenp. >> you have a tie bar on right now.. so -- so >> for that reason because the e little thingas doesn't reach?? >> no. no i have a tie>> bar on becausi like fashion.
10:07 am
>> all right.ka >> thank>>s w aisdom. >> that's a tv trick.. >> we call it fashion tape anded they just happened to market itr it's what you do.o >> it's kind of funny that is aa billionaire and he's like give me some tape. >> at one point he had his ownid clothing line i still don't knok if he has it.. >> they said he wears some ofd e his own ties. >> i don't understand why he und can't have a tie bar. >> you're going from being a bea household name but not somebodyd under the microscope every e second. so i s last time he wears scotch tape.c >> you think so.>> thi >> no.>> n >> you don't think so.o >> i don't think he cares. >> he does what he wants. >> it's more thor >> facebook is waging war on fake news articles.rticl the company will slap warning wi labels on them for some users as part of a test to root out miss information in its news feed one example reads, this website iss not reliable news source.ou the move seems to be the firsthr indication facebook is makingakn
10:08 am
spread of fake news which is think is >> i applaud them.he yup.p >> holiday season also meansn ls it's hollywood awards season sea this morning -- yesterday theese nominees for the 22nd and annual critics chance awardss were announced with the romancen la-la land leading the pack. pk. the movie stars ryan gosling ang emma stone. it leads all films this yearhisa with 12 nominations this the ono about howard hughes yes or no. >> no, no, no. >> this is homage to singing inn rainrain. >> all right. that's interesting.eresting ye oh yeah. >> did you see it holly.olly >> no but i saw someone who useu to work here at channel five amy roboch was talking about it's b' far the best movie she's scenehe in a long time. t >> all >> and kevin also said that itd was amazing.. >> what is this movie about.ut >> it's about this woman trying to make it in hollywood. >> singing in the rain.the r >> she's trying to make it inry tohollywood i think that's whata kevin said.d. >> he's a jazz performer.erformr >> musical feel good. mus >> it's a love storyic. story
10:09 am
>> right up your alley. >> star wars.ars. >> purple reign.>> purple reign. >> there you go. the >> yes.>> >> will not be seeing it. >> critics choice moonlight and arrival with 10 nominations.ions >> arrival got mixed reviews.evs people scene it weren't that umu pref. kevin thought it was w o >> critic loved it.c lod it critics loved arrival. yes. critics loved arrival includingg kevin big super surprise lendini but a lot of regular people thaa have just scene it like steve se said he wasn't --as-- before. yeah. >> you know steve.nosteve. >> moonlight that's the one thae where the cast -- >> cher.>> >> i'm just kidding.. >> i love that shot of us. we look so -- >> you guys are enamored withreh the tree. tre >> can you put up this shot this right here. >> it's like they're never on tv. tv >> the tree is not even behindnn you right now. >> do it this way.. >> twirl, technology. >> finally, he was just named nm
10:10 am
of the year tonight lebron james, lebron james. >> lebron james will pref whatew kind of good spore he is.s. king james will pay off theff t world series bet he made with chicago his buddy chicago buddy dwayne >> he has to wear that cubst c jersey. >> it's not like a chicago bulls jersey.. >> james is not from chicago. >> okay. he's not feeling that. we see the picture this was notw posted on instagram. re friend's expense before the cavs take the court tonight. lebron will appear in pulls cubs uniform he's ready to fulfilluli his bet.his tip off at 8:00 o'clock. >> i love the smile. smile. >> i do, too. >> dwayne wade is like aha. >> cleveland will beat chicagoha by 30 points it will be all d good. >> pay back.ayk. >> okay. >> it will be all good.t wie al >> okay. oka >> really? >> that's funny. ts fu >> those are just facts maureen.
10:11 am
michael jordan ain't walking wai through that time any time soono with a chicago bulls uniform onm >> if he did it would be reallyy funny.funny since he owns the charlotte hornets. >> i remember how he is tuesdaye as tick i was w ihes tun michael jordan came to play. >> me, too.>> m only time i went to wizards game. i was thinking as i said that. >> maybe i shouldn't say that'ta oud.oud. >> she helps make him hollywoodo hottest stars look their best. now celebrity make up artist kyy lee is getting her own moment in the spotlight okay.ok ?? >> her moment in the spotlight. here comes the bride and her and groom and, man, they lookoo >> plus real britney spears please stand up? pop princess turned --turn [ laughter ]laug >> she is turns 35 today but b this picture may spoil heril her birthday celebration.ration we'll tell you why when we come back.. >>ho i is it? >> who is that? >> ??
10:12 am
10:13 am
?? ??
10:14 am
?? ?? you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ?? i actually love this song.ay >> do you. >> i do. >> ya'll like this . >> i don't think she can sing an lick. [ laughter ] >> i don't. >> well she might not be a sinks a lick but whoever is creatingg her songs and auto tuning them.. >> right. >> makes them chatty songs. >> i'll go with that. it's heim for our good dayod d celebrity dish speaking of of
10:15 am
>> 35. >> that makes me feel oldee o because i just always think of o her as being so young.oung >> right. r. >> mickey mouse club and >> maybe that's when i want to t remember her.. >> see i don't remember her onot mickey mouse club either. club t >> i don't remember -- >> you i d don't.on >> justin timberlake.e >> you remember her in the vided with school girl uniform. unifom >> i do remember that.. t >> she couldn't have been olderr than 14 or 15. or >> 16 then. 16 she was very very young.y young she has been on the stage for se sometime and in fact that is whw they are doing a biopic about he >> who is.>> who i >> her rise, her fall, her come back. it's unofficial. unlicensed she didn't sign offig on it isn't she didn't sign offg on it. here's the big deal. so here's the actresses and actor that are playing two oflai the leads there. so this biopic coming up onn lifetime they leased these justt yesterday just before herday juf so look at these major players. >> um-hmm.. >> that's natasha basset everast heard of her.he >> no.
10:16 am
that's nathan keys as justinn kevin federline by power rangers clayton chitty.hi >> i heard of the power rangers. >> c-h-i-t-t-y. >> chitty chitty bang bang.gang. >> yes. >> obviously no one knows hadusy these people are. >> right. >> a and b, they also don't alst think they look lick the peoplep they're playing. >> i think the kid looks likeike federline. >> did you? >> yeah, i did. >> well it's getting a lot ofg o feedback because people areauser like, you are and i don't know whodonw you're even supposed to bevesupe playing because you don't lookca like >> jt didn't look like jt. >> isn't it better to havee unknowns play you you're not're focused on the person playing. i >> if i ever get anybody to plaa me i want somebody who's knownho so i can bring attention to it.i >> like who.>> like who. >> i don't know. the rock. >> the rock . >> idris elba, i don't know. kno >> wisdom. >> i don't know.'t it can't be c >> you come back to reality.. >> you don't know your limit. l
10:17 am
you want somebody with a bigy wb name. na >> who do you think should playd wisdom martin in his unofficiall biopic? that will be released. >> michael b. jordan. jda >> i feel insult thed by that.. >> michael b. jordan.n. >> somebody who works forrks f another network. >> who?? >> craig melvin. >> if you say that again i'llthn meet you in the parking lot.g lt >> i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> normally i don't do this i'li see you in the parking lot. >> a newsman from anotheran frot network. >> we need our daily kanye update.pdat all right. let's talk about it becausetec apparently there was a birthday party for one of the little ones. >> saint. sai >> little saint. >>lo - a balloon -- >> turning one.>> t >> saint is one. o >> that's right.>> that's r big balloon partyig.rty >> poor baby.oo b >> the big story is they had this party it coincided wit coi kanye west being released fromee the hospital.s that's the big story there. the we know what's been going on gng weren't kanye.weret ka what's been happening.. what happened in the past withhh kim. so it's a lot going on.
10:18 am
>> he is back home.. there were lost rumors they were having trouble in their marriagg they're like, we have the same m issues every marriage has and so we're fine and we're just w getting through it together and kim is like he's my soulmate. s. best friend. i'm in it. >> stand by your man g stand byy your man. and then also, 50-cent standingn by his friend because hee actually was on watch whatha happens life and he came out and said, you know, hey listen i lte think this is the i think that kanye is really struggling, and i don't think hh fake it. penal people were talking aboutn did he fake for the insuranceg h money. no, no, n he's really -- he said i thinkdt we can kind of see this coming there were signs along the way t that something was going on, ano so i think it's real. rea i wish him my best and hope heoh gets better. n as i justusg o mentioned about kim kardashian a when she was robbed, you know,no the anniversary of his mother m and it's just a lot. l it's a lot for him to deal withw >> the level of fame --ame >> which they play. >> microscope. micro
10:19 am
gomez she's back on social media apparently. after she took a little broke. >> i think she's owning social e media what the thing she now has more followers thant any celebrity on instagram.. she has 103 million followers. >>ow!w! >> 103. yttyalso -- this is prett impressive.impres she also has 10 of most popularl celebrity photos posted on itt instagram and seven of the top 10 celebrity videos. >> that's a mou >> do you think that's becausetn of her years on disney, too? like she's got the disney group. >> 107 million. >> i think it's because of her age and her following. that's the instagram it'e an bur nene. >> she's not that popular. pul she doesn't do movies.ovie >> there are bigger stars but in that age group.up >> hey, she's >> whatever it is she's got it.o >> taylor swift is behind her at 93.6 million followers.ollors >> good for her.for >> congrats on that.>>ongr >> i got like 12.
10:20 am
somebody just click on to make k number 12.mb 1 let's talk about guy who couldld play me. who?who? >> nick cannon. okakay. i'll give that you. >> thank you i'll still meet yoy in the parking lot for thator t comment you made earlier.u ma ei don't think i forgot about that. nick cannon. ni let's put up a picture, becausee all right, look, this is nots new. they're not getting backnot ttib together so relax.toer so >> what's going op here?gog op h >> this is what we call shade. because let me give you the bacc story this an old picture that nickhan cannon in his stock, right. >> apparently marks rye ya hadty posted a picture with her friend. >> brian is his name. >> her friend. >> um-hmm.>> b be of them at the beachri >> friends apparently friends with benefits. >> seductive photos of them in i hawaii. >> right >> yes. >> she just broke up with herh r fiance'. >> that's right. brian was allegedly one of the re>>asons.allege >> it doesn't takeon long.. she moved on allison..
10:21 am
how do you it. through up flashback photos whew he and mariah used to hang outog at the beach.he bch >> all in the name of throw bacc thursday.thursd >> he's gone. >> move on.>> >> this is how do you it. >> nick cannonhis .is >> listen this is exciting. is real you know, nobody throws ay thws christmas party like cookie i'mm talking about taraji p. henson n gearing up for her big christmar special and keeps releasing bigi names that will be a part ofe at this year's show. let me give you the list. l smokey robinson. neyo, tyreece gibson andre day, candace boyd and october londonr those are the new names now remember those are joining jussie monthly hell thai dig tid floor roll williams, missy, m elliot, missy keys, darrell mc dollars, run dmc, snoop dog,, tyler perry and terry cruz. c >> how long is the show.h >> documentary on for fourr hours. on thursday december 8th only here on fox5.5
10:22 am
>> it should be good. >> if you've arrived you arriver when you get your christmasistm special. i love tt. >> thanks, guys. 10:41 time.ime. coming up later animal family fashion we'll tepp you out to yt step out in style. >> food fight in the good dayay calf fair they're playing nicely right now.righw. check them out. o paul and erin. we're about to crown a winner in our first ever brunch battle. bl who will it be, paul wharton orr erin como? stay tune >> what you got?t you
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
?? [ laughter ] >> okay, wait a minute. wai why are we finding these oldld pictures.ures. >> hilarious.>> hilar >> what is this? >> listen i don't know why younw made this meme of a pick.mea p people actually think i took ioo this pic >> you didn't?>> >> no, this is -- with hat on and cubs tattoo. no. no >> are you sure. 'm p'm positive. >> it looks like aos selfie >> i think it's hiftd they are are you cal. >> it's pretty cute.y c they're coming back, ya'll. yll >> didn't i see do you thatt >> put on my fake hair.n my fe . >> every morning.>> eve mor >> i'm talking about taking aali pictureng. >> don't worry. wor. >> it's all good. >> he wouldn't say that on tv. >> please. >> on tv.n tv >> never mine. me >> all right. the wait is almost over. we're talkiwangit about mgm natl harbor next week is the grandrad opening. opening. remember when we were firster ww talking about it comere ing tofc any way the big named named celebrities are just piling up
10:26 am
>> likely appearing unfortunately more double traffic.rtunat fox5's bob barnard joining us jg live with how you can roll into mgm when they roll out the red carpet.rpet. bob, give us the update. >> reporter: yeah, just bete patient, guys.ent, g i guess is the best thing.hi we understand they had soft s opening here yesterday and the anecdotally we her it went well you ring the property and therey are lot of construction workerss and heavy equipment still here.r they have until next thursday 11:00 p.m. december 8th when it actuall hopes up to the general public w on their facebook page the mgm national harbor put out thishi video. it's basically animation tellini you all the different ways yourw can get here.ere. the sense we're getting any wayg you come here, is going to bee difficult and you're going to bo sharing the road, the rails,, whatever. however you're getting here with a lot of other people. pple. and they're expecting for f several weeks whether you takee
10:27 am
prince george's county and comed in by metro c bus.. you take the water taxi acrossos from alexandria. you park in some nearby parkingi lots and take a circumstanceircu later in or just drive in yourself, down 295 from the citt and on the beltway from northern virginia and maryland, you'ree going -- it's going to begog to congested, they say it's goingt' to be that way for the first fef week.ek. there's plenty of parking here.e you can valet park for 25 bucksc that's for the first 12 hours. so it's going to b getting here but worth it once o you are here according to the te folks at mgm national harbor because very early onlinee ritchie will be here as well as bruno mars and sarah jessica j parker actually opening apeni boutique here and she'se a apparently going to be here next week when her new and her firstt ever boutique opens at the resort here. h also, coming up, in short order, are duran duran performing newrw year's eve and sting and cher ac well early in the new year.ew y
10:28 am
people here but guys it's goingg to be troublesome and they've a' done all the work already on the roadways leading in that work ik done but still some constructioo work to be done at the resortes itself, guys.. >> bob barnard. barna all right. looking forward to a lot of it.i >> they were drawing big names, pretty impressive.ressive. >> it's interesting because thet had crowds down there beforere this opens the police departmenm will have fir hands full becausb they have people down thereav working as we w now you're talking about a aut a casino even more traffc gambling people winning --inning >> remember when there was nobeh national harbor. >> all sticks.ll >> look at it. it's a mazing. mazin. >> for property owners outrorty there, congrats. jackpot! >> we're happy for you. >> all right.>>ll right 10:28 is the time.10 it was a star-studded i do righg here in our own backyard and tht bride is a familiar face to fanf of good day. coming up next celebrity make uu artist and our friend kym lee
10:29 am
her special day.r special you guys are good. it is 10:28. 10:. we'll be right back with their amazingly beautiful story after
10:30 am
see holiday tradition in a whole new light. join in the joy of christmas town at busch gardens. new this year, meet rudolph the red nosed reindeer and friends. celebrate with special holiday shopping and shows in our winter wonderland. with over 8 million twinkling lights...
10:31 am
>> pretty girls indeed. pre dc wedding of the year. with dancing, ballerinatts weddd christmas ornaments and did we w mention all of the stars seriously. and it was for a member of ourrf fox5 family.
10:32 am
artist kym lee. l. she married her forever lover l the founding pastor at ford church dante king. kin now she's kym lee king and and newlyweds join us to dish on their beautiful ceremony and 340 guests reception.tion hello. >> wow!>> w >> unbelievable. >> you're still on cloud nine, aren't il >> i am. im >> you're glowing.>> >> i am. >> that's a good thing. good thing >> you're always stunningly beautiful. you just look so radiantly happy as do you donte.te. >> amazingly happy. a dream come true. >> it really wasa . it re was pictures i mean they wereth so how long did it take to plana this special day? and what alll helped bring it to fruition. fro >> we have planner who washa pla really strum mental in probablya doing everything because we'rege both so busy we both have kids in college and you know just busy lives so jocelyn averyry planned our wedding from o beginning to end and i total hah nothing to do with it.t. >> wow! really?eall [ laughter ] [ la >> i would think with you beingg a make up artist to celebrities
10:33 am
for someone tolls plan your dayr because you've seen so much andh done so much and i would imagine new exactly what you wanted.d. >> actually, you know, it's veri important when you're choosing g planner that you choose somebody who knows out and so jocelyn joc knows me and she knew that i wanted hmm of surprise i wantedn some beautiful things i wanted e to have dancing i wanted peoplee to have fun and we wanted towe w have it around the holidays so that we had element of we really wanted our family ourm members to be there.member we wanted our friends to be abla to come and share we wanted it e to be warm and fun and so th was the only thing that ii conveyed to her and pastor as well it's so funny --un >> you call him pastor. p >> i do call him pastor. >> that is funny.un >> i call him pastor. >> dante i know the bride -- th wedding is the bride's day a lot of grooms get involved. involve. how much are you involve in thee planning of the wed.he w >> not that much in the planninh of the we had the journey thatey brought us here was more w mor important than planning the wede i planned a few thing the song
10:34 am
that's the only part i had toad do. >> what does this mean for you r to call this woman your wife? know you guys are courtship wash won full and but you obviously being a man of god and having faith cornerstons of your life what does it meanha to call this woman your wife? w? >> it's amazing she's an mazingg individual our journey is is remarkable.. our journey -- actually in theye process of writing a book ourako journey before you take off te having her in our corner i can i accomplish anything by havingsha the right woman by myny side.e >> absolutely. we're looking at p you had some ini house. you mentioned let that and of itself is a huges ag deal. deal i saw some of the selfies youesu posted. omarosa planning her own own wedding. wedding. t' that's right. >> name some of the other namese we saw at this wedding of whicm still saying wow. >> derek rutledge did my makeupp we've been working together forr 20 years. 20 it was my dream to have y him dm my makeup since i started mytard career off with him.with people from the atlanta housewife derek jay there.
10:35 am
she came. >> pastor jamal bryant. bryan >> a lot of fun. f they're our friends though. i don't look at them thaoutr w. they're all our friends.ri so you know i just --i jus >> you can tell. you can tell.caell. >> yeah. y >> kim i don't want let this escape you looked radiantlyialy who made your gown.. >> elegance by royal and she'se locatedby in alexandria and shee when we walked into the bridal salon i was up in the air aboutt a dress and i was like i don'tlt know what i should do.ow sh we s it was the first dress i tried t on. the only dress i loved.. and we walked and i was like lik yeah it has to happen. >> wow. >> again the pictures are justus stunning. we got you right off your off y honeymoon.neoon you didn't have time to reallyey have a long term honeymoon hey because you have to get back too work. work. >> we're back to work already. he'll be preifing i'll begl working on kennedy ce honors. so it is like right back to thet grind but we love what we do. >> if there's one piece of's
10:36 am
planning a wed wagon would it bb i know again your world isor i beauty, and making things justnj fabulous for another people andd now this was your special if there's one bit of adviceadvi you'd have to give to someoneom kim i'll ask you and pastor i'li ask you next, what would be.. >> for bride to be bliss fullde and enjoy yourself let someoneem else do it. i. if something doesn't go right rg you'll never know it.w that was one of the things ith want to do actually do.ctuall d. i'm so thankful t that did my flowers.lowe i didn't know what airflow's eye i was going to have. he handed them to meme this isim amazing.o meam that would be my advice. would v don't plan your own weddingice.. be a blissful bride and let it i roll. ro >> let it roll. it ll. >> pastor.>>tor. >> my advice to any groom.nyro two simple words, yes, honey. [ laughter ] >> spoken like a man who knows.o you guys are wonderful. we're so glad your part of theyo fox5 family when we saw thesaw t pictures we thought whoa! she s out did herself. herlf
10:37 am
thank you.thanu. >> happy married life.ed le. >> thank you.>> thank you >> we have a segment for you. >> [ laughter ] >> working next week. next >> thanks again, guys,uy congratulations. >> thank you. >> back over to you guys. ack ov your you doing with your dress?dress? >> i know i'm selling it onnow e babay. >> who wants to buy my dress?res >> i'm it's going on e bay today.. >> there you go. >> glad i asked. >> i'm glad you asked, too. >> listen it is a stylish way tw keep warm without hurting anyng fuzzy little animals. coming up next fox5 style tam st lee keeping it in the family iss helping us celebrate faux furfur friday and she'll share looks il think you'll love and you won'tn feel guilty wearing them. >> i want that brown one.
10:38 am
10:39 am
?? ?? ??
10:40 am
?? all right. i'll bet you didn't know the dnn first friday in december is fauf fur friday.fur fday. well we did. w and we wanted to know all the ae fun ways that it can be w so of course we called ourd o celebrity stylist friend pamriea lee. good to sego i have to say i did see you on the docket we were doing fur foe friday i pull outo my top.op >> she's in formation this morning. >> absolutely. >> it's in. it's hot. it >> it's so in.t's sn. it's so in, and upping, hollywood celebrities have justj brought it back in.n. they're trying to do feel aoee little bit more socially moreoca conscious now we're doing thes faux thing versus the real fur.r >> you really didn't tell. didn.
10:41 am
because now we have animal active visits groups that are te happy and our pockets are happyy >> yes. it's not near as expensive. it looks equally as cute.sut re it really is. let's talk about the ways we cae rock it.rock i >> first we can do -- if you'reu not ready to go knee deep intopo the fur thing you can just doo your fur boots.oo these are really boot.y boo >> those are super cute. ce. >> or do your boot covers whichh these of course they attach to o any boot.y bo. >> right. >> do you care that.>> >> i like that. >> you can get these on my website love hush boutique.come. everyone's favorite the forestalls g i love this red o one. on >> every store has them from target to sto zara to kohl's. k you can put them on jean jacks.s >> is it too much to have my fur stole and my fur top.rop >> this might be a little much.c >> i'm not sure you want to double fur. >> there's rules to wearing faug fur. >> war the rules. >> a lot of people think when
10:42 am
keep your ensemble slimming.. >> solid color.olor. >> like i have on a mock neck nc black turtleneck and black pantn that's slimming so you don'tlimm want to add any more layersore a because the fur is bulky. bul >> it will add.t wi add because it's >> absolutely. you want to keep itut simple.. that's one of things and thenn also -- al >> you can belt it. >> yes. that's what i did this morning. >> because i put this shirt on o i'm like i have no waste. no wa. let me put a belt on with it. w >> you can belt it.. also you can just do you can do earmuffs and one of o my favorites is this overnight bag. bag >> ooh i like that too.hat t >> the overnight bag fabulous. i pick this up at z gallery mostlery people would not think to go in seem gallery for act source butt they have this hav >> i feel like i could stay atat the ice hotel.ot >> when you think about fur you think about grandiose, but, it's fun. fu >> is this available on yourillo website, too.ite,
10:43 am
>> yes.>> i .> oh, my >> do you believe it.>> >> they won't miss it. do t >> target alwayshe havy e fabuls things for you. all right. if you watch the tree lightingig last night -- >> yeah. >> i was super excited. i w i wasas s like, ah she has on fr foe.foe sasha obama wore a faux fur coaa it was navy blue and it's almosm i identical i started screamingi because i have this on myn m website.e. ahh! so, yeah you can get this t from love hush it's fun.. >> i love the color.he >> it is the most gorgeous color. >> you don't have to have a loth of money toav look stylish. >> right by the right pieces.thh >> how much fun is this.ow m >> a great poncho.. with little act zen purse. purse that's fun. you can throw that over anyny jeans so that's good, too.. >> i might need this in my lifel >> all right.ight >> now this is a little more --r that's a little more edgy. >> uh-huh.>> >> you got to be fashion forwara to rock that. to r >> i feel like you would need we small shoulders to rock this.s. if you have big shoulders and
10:44 am
>> and you got to wear skinny s jeans with this. >> that's another poncho i founf this in target one good thingoon when you find these ponchos moss of the furs are detachable.acha >> would outfits in one.tsne >> very easy to clean.. economical. economical just a better way to go. bette >> i think this is so beautiful. like classy looking.king >> right. >> i love it. ethingomhingtually similar to this. ts. >> those are very very popular.r you can always flow on a simplee tee, jeans, dress it up, dress e it d wear it to holidy >> minimal. you can start with this.hi >> if you're scared you want tot get your feet wet put fur on thn end of your sleeves. slees i pick that up in zara lastt night. >> if you're guy at home this he segment all about the ladies l wisdom come over here. >> i didn't want the guys to be mad at me. so i picked up this beautiful coat from zara. z >> paul wharton, take break frof the kitchen and come model this. >> oh, my gosh.y gos
10:45 am
>> oh, i love it.t >> want you to show this.w t >> you know if i put it on i get to keep it. i >> men can rock the faux fur fau they really can.can. there you go. [ laughter ] >> thanks tam. thanks holly.anks hey, mom i got a new coat. >> yes.>> yes >> it's that time of year makesa for great gifts as well.asell. >> absolutely.olut you guys if you want to stay in the fashion follow me onstay inw instagram at boutique hush. h >> you got it.ot it >> all right. back on over to ya'll. ck oritatiritating why does it look perfect why on paul. paul. >> i know right. everything looks perfect on pau paul. >> thank you ladies.>> you well it is 10:45.0: coming up, it is time to eat and to judge. jge this is where we will judgelud because erin and paul have spent the last hour in the kitchen getting ready for this veryy moment. we'll pick a brunch battle btl winner next.ext >> paul you mess that coat up cu you got to buy it.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
>> good day cafe our first evert brunch battle and -- no, thi ess a bribe.brib um-hmm.ummm this is no. no. >> we couldn't -- okay, well ifl you insist.u inst and we couldn't have found twont more qualified amateur competitors in this corner -- yes. amateurs. in this corner over here, a frequent dining out fox5 contributor paul wharton. hello.heo. helello. >> and in this corner, our, our fox5 tractor reporterepor extraordinary and cute as ae a a button cooking with comb mowmb m hash tag creator.reator you made that, did you? >> and a fan of eating and cooking. as long as no recipe isas nrecie involved.invo you kind of do it -- it -- >> i don't like to follow aw recipe at all it's a brunchrunc battle. we will all be the judges.ges. holly, mike thomas has beeneen recruited from downstairs to doo it. it. we're going to really judge.udge >> okay. >> first of all, good food takes time.
10:50 am
>> i'll drink your drink first. >> that means -- hello, people.l paul wharton here. h i cook with love.ov everybody is talking about the cupcakes but i think quiche isui the new cupcakes. quiche is the perfect brunchfech food i'll show you how to make it. it. it's really easy. >> sweet quiche or or savory.y. >> savory, baby.ab. nobody got time for all that sweetness. check this out.this o so what i do for my quiche iquii have five to six eggs per quichi i use cream a little half and half.f i do ground mustard that's myt'm egg mix. you can even get the pre mick -- pre made pie crust you putou p cheese -- layer cheese on thee n bottom this particular quiche is slim many and chicken sausage. i saute that,ing.hat,ing. >> $50 budget for all of that.fa >> i spent $350.0 >> i toll there was a $50 $50 budget. budget. >> i don't think the budget at the grocery store.tore one thing i buy whatever i want.
10:51 am
pan. my saute my vegetables are spinach, garlic lots of garlic,, olive oil, butter, i put tomatoes, of course you have to have lots of onions, i mixed mym peppers up.sp. all that goes in here my hush rooms. then i cook the meat down. >> okay.y. >> that's all ready. then i have tha my two quiche ds here i have egg mixture.ture >> it does look beautiful paul.u >> poor a little bit of that in. over the cheese.ese and then you just start tort t layer. >> okay. you layer the meat, you layer lr the vegetables, and you cook on 375 for 45 minutes. minutes >> there it is. >> and kym lee will not be theee only one to get a husband once c you make this quiche. qch trust me on that. tt everybody going to get a mana oa this quiche. qui top that, como! >> while you get your finish product --uc >> that was luxury experience. . >> let me put down you stuck tou the $50.e $50 >> i actually spent $41 at wholefoods.efoo. >> okay. if you're, you know, work like e did this morning didn't have div whole lot of time to getto get something together.some >> that's right. >> you can still entertain your friends and i think you haveth>l music to talk in the ed i btha.
10:52 am
>> working 9:00 to 5:00.:0 budget. >> you can still do something s great. i got a pitticherll put orange slices some tequila and grenadine and made a tequila sunrise and try colored color breakfast potatoes with have a a virgin olive and i made breakfast tacos. scrambled up some eggs added guacamole and mango salsa that'a what it looks like open facen fe can plate it potatoes on thehe side. since allison doesn't like meata i prepared her on plate withh guacamole and cheese. mexican scramble eggs if youif have a vegetarian. >> we have the quiche versus the breakfast or brunch taco. taco >> brunch tacos.. >> i have one other thing -- i know you like -- think dry rub bacon. >> it's wonderful.>> i >> i put a little basil becausee i'm watching my sugar i didn'tn' put the brown you can add bruin sugar if youo like.
10:53 am
really? real beautiful presenta. >> what would you rather haveulh foerr brunch?for bnch? >> holly could you come over any see we'll start the where is mike thomas? isn'ts? n first of all -- erin when you y ever work 9:00 to 5:00. >> second of all, you spent $411 at wholefoods you got two >> there's no way to get all nyo this food for $41. >> minus the tequila.eqla >> erin will do a segment how tw shop wholefoods on a budget forr $40. >> i got this. >> >> i'll give you my fork out off my mango salsa. ssa what am i trying this. >> you don't need the fork, holly. ho >> it's a breakfast taco. >> how are we comparing.paring >> mike, michelle would you comu over.over. >> tequila sun advise. advise. >> ya'll come over.>> y >> somebody come over and gety the testingcome. >> yes this needs to be cut up.t >> come on. on. we won't cut it yet. we'll doubtfuls here. this is very good. i'thm isa huge breakfast taco f.
10:54 am
>> i'm glad you like it. >> somebody -- wait.y -- we got to do this in -- >> wait. >> try potatoes.>> tryotat >> the steam is coming off. >> you are becoming our official tester. bring a man of the cloth he wili not lie to you.. about who won this. ts. ere yoe you go. enjoy. >> amen, paul wharton won thisoi round. too soon?oon? >> we got something else to do.e we need an answer. >> holly you tested both. >> well -- >>'m s sorry. >> i burned all my taste buds. d because it was so hot. [ laughter ] >> holly -- >> i have to say they really are -- they're both amazingmazi they're very different. differe they're very different. >> it's hard to tell wheno tell they're out of two differentfert budgets. budg >> it's not even the budgets.ges
10:55 am
>> they're very that's all you have to do to say. say. >> they're very good.good >> micheline says -- >> try this. >> you can't pick a winner if'tp you haven't triedic. >> special day at fox5. f5. i'll tell you why.ell u wh that's not ready yet. >> congratulations to both ofio you. i got to do bit of business bins right now.w >> we are saying goodbye todayod to a long-time colleague of ouru you guys enjoy brunch.oyru i know, right.ig so we're talking about -- mike much he has been with us for usr years and years and today is hih last day. la so we're leaving all that a madness behind.b we're going to grab a cupcake cp and we're going to give it to it ivan and say goodbye.dbye a lot of people don't get to basically be seen they're behinh the scenes they're hard workerse and we love love love them. and so we are here in our o control room today to say we w love you ivan and we'll miss you ivan. >> oh, my goodness.dn
10:56 am
>> wow! >> thank you. >> can you take a minut>>e andea just talk to us. us. >> how could you possibly leavel us? >> wait a minute.a nute >> just shut it down.n. ut i it down. how can you leave us when we need you the most ivan? we lovv you and we'll miss you so much.c >> thank you so much.o m >> how long have you been here? >> 32 years here.e. >> 32 years. years and yet he's only 35 years old.o >> that's right.>> i started very young. >> one of the nicest people herr and always just so kind to everybody.yby. the smile on your face. f you have big plans you want to t tell us abo >> well i am moving to warm andd sunny mexico.exic >> wow.>> w >> getting married andetti everything.ything >> congratulations. >> yeah really looking forwardki to it. >> there's a pastor here today.t you can just make it happen hpe today. to >> hey, you know. >> okay. okay he's like -- don't be crazy.zy >> this is for the control roomo because the control room neverev gets the love they need. nd. so we love and appreciate youat time to celebrate.elebrate. >> thank you so much. >> all right.ll
10:57 am
kim pick paul. p it's a tie everybody.body >> it's a tie.
10:58 am
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: ? >> wendy: hi! thank you so much for watching


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