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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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> i don't know if you heard, k but it's nownow officially official.offi president elect donald trump announced his pick for the next secretary of state, it is exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson.rsn yes the oil exette is up for the big yup. he is up for the big job? a lot of people asking the bigng t question. h this is what we're talking tonight at 6:30. as always, tweet us with what's on your mind.r we have been hearing quite a bit about the speculation. announcing the pick rec tiller e son is the man he wants for thee job. as mentioned he is the chairman and ceo of exxonmobil. all of the nominations have to go through congress and tiller son could face an up hill battle. lawmakers on both sides of the oil apparently concerned aboutee his close ties withru
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tiller son's at the nastyy brought experience and deep understanding of geo politics make him an excellent choice for secretary ofe state. he will promote regionaliona stability and focus on the stability interest of the united states. gop stat gist might wood wardod and gab i -- how do i say your last name marge jello. > thank you so much for joining us. gab i, i'm going to start withar you, what are the proposed buildings and what are the cons of rec tiller son becoming our next of sit. >> a lot of them say that he ane the president elect are on the same page when it comes to pursuing warmer relations with russia. he has significant experience and expertise in international law just because of the position that he's held as chief executive of exxonmobil and he has relationships with foreigngn leaders that are hard to come by if you're not so entrenched in business as s. the cons will be the reaction that we're seeing fro a
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republican lawmakers on capital hill who worry about the close relationship he has withha vladimir putin.sutin if you look back at 2014 he was awarded the order of friendship honor from vladimir putin. so there are some questions about how close that relationship is and will that ba at conflict of interest in the role of secretary of state. > let's turn to you for a second because we heard donald trump during the campaign why not sort of team up with russia to defy isis. do you see that this nomination, will it have an up hill battle in a republican controlled congress. >> it may. ties with f his russia are going to be thee dominant factor when he headsn e towards the hearings.hear i would agree with donald trump. i think that our position on the world stage has been so eroded over the last eight years with this kind of lead from behind foreign policy from barack obama that behalf to start the dialogue again with russia. i saw the news reports thatport eastern aleppo
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it's now under control of pro asad forces. barack obama back in 2013 issued his redline and said if i sad ross crosses thread line that the united states will act. asad did and the united statesd did not react and russia saw that as a prime community tommun exert its force. since they kind of out flanged us on that. you have to open up the dialogue rex tillerson, 15 or 20 years of dealing with russia is probably the best way to open the russias up to help resolve the hew man tear conflict. we've seen folks from theolks republican and the democratic side sort of say they're going to be very caution about moving forward with rex tillerson, but we also heard from key people from con did i rise and defense secretary praise him and say he is the right man for the job.b. what is your take on that? >> you had a number of former
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who held the same position that he's now being nominated for who he has raised him, including conned lisa rice, including dick cheyney who said he was an excellent choice and who would benefit the in comingng administration. i think it's important toad keep in mind here when he goes to the senate for his confirmation hearing he's going to be sitting before the senate foreign relations committee and that includes florida senator marco rubio and ben card again and mark rubio issued a statement today saying that he's concerned with thee' tiess that he has wih russian and if he ties with the committee and they sends a report to the rest of his colleagues in the senate that'se not going to bowed well when the entire senate votes on his nomination. i, matt, thanks so much mu for joining us.ning we appreciate you guys and the perspective you've offered today. >> thanks for having me.e. > w
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elect former eifel and formerr i rick perry.y. >> perry met with trump at least twice to discuss a position in the administration. remember this, when this was one of the departments. education,en. > and i there is a third. he wanted to gethere i rid of i. >> he did. it will be interested to see. how do you head up the department you wanted to get rid of. here's a guy who comes from an oil-rich state. that is goingoi to be clearly a piece in the. perry is one of the guys whereys you thought -- this is a guy that could benefit a bit present going to the private sector. and then he did dancing with the stars. now he's back. now he's back. another name talked a lot about today, ryan zinc i, republican freshman lawmaker from montana has been chosen as the nextex secretary of the ier
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accepted the offer. he was a former navy seal commander. he met with donald trump onmp o monday. discussed topics, nationalic security ands, veterans affairs much you're going to see vet a t of these lawmakers who stepped up early and who put their next up and said we're backing trump. they're going to be rewarded. we heard from the transition team, especially folks like kelly and conway who said the folks who were loyal supporters will be the ones who probably see come back around. when it comes to trump's promises he was supposed to announce them.m. we learned the press conference had been canceled.ed. instead donald trump announced that his two sons will take over his business while he's in office. jessie hill joist us via skype. we're looking at the tweet right there from donald let me d ask you, that tweet set
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where is the announce many, what are you going to explain. just having your sons take over is not what's your take? >> well, to am it doesn't remove the apparent conflict ofict interest that the trump organization itself has, so just the fact that they're not going to accept any new deals during his time in office doesn'tsn't change the fact that it's still operating in multiple countries and there's still that apparente conflict of interest in many people's eyes. the other thing to take into account here is how the rolele that ivanka trump is going to play. previously donald trump signaled thattrum shep would be involvedn his company and she wasn't mentioned in that so we're looking forward to more details to see which of his children are involved and in what capacity. jessie, here's the deal, a lot of people who did not supportot donald trump are saying you need to invest immediately.edia and the trump team seems to be taking the approach we don't w have to
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to. it's his businesses. he can approach it how he wants. for the people who supported donald trump, does this really matter? >> for a lot of people, this issue isn't even going to come to the forefront. i think there is still going tog be a lot of pressure on trump. he has kicked the can down the road a bit as far as actually announcing the details of how he is going to withdraw himself from his company. it doesn't seem like he really is going to do that at least based on the vague tweets thatts we saw so far. so there is going to be mounting pressure still from democrats, be it members of his own party getting closer to inaugerationae day for him to establish something that removes himselfos from his company and puts it in a place before r there is notisn even an apparent conflict of interest. > give your crews some creditdt because that is probably the best lit skype interview we've everha
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> it shows you how technologyog has moved ahead.ead. > i'll have to do that the next time i skype with my kids. give myself an up light there. > sometimes the media. the university of maryland found in 2016 journalist missed the story. fox5's tom fitzgerald joins us now with exactly what awful this means. fitz. >>reporter: hey, the question is this,s. hey, it's been over h now since the election, but what you haven't heard a lot from the media organizations is a lot of intro expects about how so much of that pre-election coveragevea got it all so wrong. so we came here to the phelp onp the campus of the university ofe maryland to show you this. this is a new analysis that has been put out by the capital news service, the student journalists at umd it's called anatomy of a failure. what this does, folks, it's really an autopsy on how the media got it wrong in 2016. here
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two of the students who put this together. rebecca kink and cigar a goldberg. why did you as young journalists think this was >> i mean, i think it was so important as the future journalists of america to take a look at what journalists are doing now.doin when you were putting this together you didn't necessarily know how this election was going to turn out, so you werere collecting all through the campaign. when it was over did you realize that you had something else on your hands. >> we were kind of watching this unfold as it was happening and we were not really expectingecti anything. we were trying to be as impartial as possible and at the end we did take a step back and kind of talked amongst ourselves and figured we do have somethine bigger here. we came up with 12 sort of ideas, 12 points that we figured, you know, there's something here we need to take a look at.look one of the things they did throughout this was kind of t breakhi down these differentese things that go into the news services, these differentes, effects andth influence
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into news coverage that ill looa i change the wayt a story is reported. so each one of you haded a different area.ea. you looked at an interesting one. you looked at the situation where the news media is not talking to rule america enough. what did youam find? >> i really took a look at the fact that we looked at abc, nbc and cbs are a lot and these aree three networks that are concentrated in urban areas. there were a lot of people with all this concern for the elite and whats with going on. did people just not listen to them. they're not from that area and they didn't know how to communicate with them.. that's what was missing in the coverage. too many reporters talking to each other. looked at group think and some of our proposed buildings thought that -- unfortunately most of the media is in the northeastern area and it creates this bubble that people just don't get out of and going off rebuck a's point when that happens, ideas are bounced
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confirmed and unforth fatally it creates a narrative that's justs the same thing. i would suggest that both of you are proposed buildings as well for taking the time to look into this. this is fascinating stuff. look for it on google. it's called anatomy of a failure. it's young journalists lookingon at a lot of these journalists did and did not do exactly in campaign it's part of of our job is just to listen. >> it is. i think it's really cool that they're that long and they're're looking at this process. once they get to our ages maybe we'll be the same source of things happening.ning > let's bring in sue right now to look at the forecast and we're getting a little close toe the middle of the week and this is about the turning point where we see it take a turn. >> absolutely, 24 hours awayay before the cold air starts pushing in. short term tonight we have a couple of very light rain showers passing by.. mostly down to our south tonight and there have been one or two flakes up tou
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maryland as well.. don't be shocked if you run into a little of that tonight. it will not last long.g. 8 in the morning, 37-degrees, lots of sunshine. clouds are more noticeable byeal the noon we get up to 41-degrees. the breeze is more noticeable by 4:00 with a temperature of 44. wind chills in the single digits or blow zero, though, ongh, thursday. thats ' when you're really going to feel the full effect of the artic air that's rolling into town. we'll have more on that tonight at 10. meanwhile, back to jill and shawn. > did you hear about this. >> social media went crazy. to run for president. yep, remember when kanye said he was going to run? >> no. > well, today it said he met the next president. what kanye west and president elect trump talked about. 5@6:30 we'll be right back.
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> for better or worse, this on generated aor lot of buzz onz social media today. conway west met with donaldt trump up in new york and ime dot think the grammy award winningwn rapper was there to talk about a cabinet >> youbi never know, shawn.awn. > they met for about an hour. trump walked in front of thehe camera to pose for photos. the president elect says they've been friends for a long time. talked about quote, life. conway later tweeted he wanteded to meet with trump to discuss multicultural issues, including bullying, supporting teachers and violence in chicago. very interesting there ati lot of people are like why s he talking. if you remember, kanye said he was actually a supporter of hillary clinton but then laterer come out and said he didn't vote, but if he had he would have voted for donald trump. it is what it is. when you have this almost red carpet going through trump tower, a lot of these political figures walking through, you'rer going to have the kanye figures walking through.wa > social media also goi
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today with the hashtag dumb star wars. many supporters are calling for a boy cot after the writers made some anti trump comments earlier this year. twitter users also think the writers added anti trump messages to it and startedrted calling it an anti trump film, but is there really efforts toos support the claims. washington post supporter ben marino is here with us. have you seen world not seen it yet, but i have mye tickets for friday.r is there any truth to this? the whole big idea, these twitter comments came out and now this film is anti trump? >> with you have to look at is the first tweets this came outeu right after the election by some of these writers and they described the empire as a white premise organization and that'sn pretty sure. the empire in the movies theymoi don't like aliens they're in the original series a bunch muchch angry white guys with superer weapons. i think it's
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assessment. it came out right after the election and i think some people perceive that as a little bit ot a dig towards what happened politically. the writers got some push back. they deleted the tweets. a couple weeks later this hashtag t dump star wars surfaces on twitter and withnd those allegations came thathat disney was pouring millions of dollars in changing the ending to put these subliminal antithes donald trump messages ine and e fact is the shoe wrapped thishis middle of the summer long before we knew that donald trump wasum going to be president and disney isn't going to be in the business of making some sort of political statement with this giant franchise. it just seems so -- quite oftent the political backers when they get a sense of some sort of perception of image in theirir mind they will go at any lent to start the hashtag even though they have no proof that that's the case. >> i think tensions and
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run high on twitter especiallypi and if you have some writers who maybe have different politicalot viewpoints it's obvious wherewh they're coming from on twitter,r but that doesn't necessarily translate to star wars. now that's not to say star warss does have some politics. >> definitely. but it tends to be more good versus evil where evil iso precious and corruption.nd that doesn't really matter whatt side of the aisle you're on. i think we can all say -- there's some on both. thanks so much for coming in. we have to let you know what yow think of rogue one. i'll see it eventually. my kids will take me. > we are heading down to the oval room tonight.oo we wanmt to hear what you guys are tweet us right now. use the hashtag, 5@6:30.
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in case youd hadn't elect has plenty announcements today fromn secretary of state tots his sons running his businesses. fox5's ronica cleary out to get the pulse of the people, where are you at. >> i'm at the oval room. it's a nice little l piece of history. counted da lease a rise once said this was her favorite place to dine. probably the best thing to have might be the bartender. with kanye west in the news today meeting with donald trumpp it has us thinking about celebrities. who would you like to perform at the inaugeration. >> ted knew gent. do you think it>> matters if the threaten rate supported donald trump or do you think it's abous coming together. >> i would assume you would want someone performing that wouldwol select the president. probably not
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that would be the last this gentleman is not dripping at the bar alone. his friends were not braverav enough to do this with him. what about you when you thinkyo about celebrities? who would wo you like to see. >> i hear kanye is open, but actually i think tom hangs woulh be a really great guy do have ae a celebrity to come out.. if anything ever goes southoes under the next administration, hopefully it doesn't, he's ahe's good guy to right the ship. he's a good gian he knows d.c. well, too. thank you so much for helping us out and don't let your trends live this down that they didn't do this with you. i want to take you over to another part of this restaurant. there's a beautiful seating and dining area.rea i have some friends. let me sit down and interrupt your fabulous meal.abul what do you any aboutut celebrities performing at inaugeration do you think they have to have supported donald trump or could it be like ae moment to come together? >> i don't think so at all. we were talk earlier and i was thinking about if you think
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a or katie perry who were huge supporters of hillary clinton ii would be nice if they performedy it would be a show of unity. it would take me by surprise, but i do think it is an opportunity to come together and show support for the united states. >> trump is not my favorite person by far. however, he is our president elect, so it would all, you know -- we probably all want tot try and see if we can all get along so to speak. > thank you for helping out.ou enjoy your meal. thanks for letting me interrupt. a little bit of the pulse of people. we love it. > great job out there, ronica. nice hearing from everybody. we're back after this.
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> i didn't know they wereid recording me in the showern'me today. i >> right. do you recognize that voice, folks? it is definitely not
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donald trump really it looks like the administration found someone to perform for the inaugeration. singer andrea beau kelly. mr. trump who is said to be a huge fan reportedly approached beau kelly personally and kel they're supposedly to meet to tk about it on friday.frid good choice.go we're talking about all the different people who would be wu nice to have and we understand he may soon be confirmed afteroi they meet on friday.iday > it's certainly apolitical, too. you don't hear somebody like andre beau kelly talking about politics. >> ricky martin back when he was really huge at the get go he performed at the inaugeration and years later said i wasn't a supporter, but when the president of the usa asks you tu do that, you do it. >> which is what garth brooks w said, i'm not going to talkto about political affiliations.afi you do it because it's the president. who knows, maybe kanye will be performing. maybe that's what when
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talking about today. it would be interesting to see if that happens. i somehow doubt it. they're friends.frie they're talking about life. i just want to take the picture, that's all a. that's what kanye said. we'll see you tomorrow, everyone. actually we'll see you later on. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together.
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harvey: so donald trump couldn't pass up the meeting, and he accepted kanye west's request. however, there were security concerns. >> ultimately it was up to trump's immediate staff. >> people are saying like he's officially gone. it's done. no more kanye. >> i'm past outrage. >> are you over him now? >> i'm beyond over him. i wish he never would have come about now. [laughter] >> william m. macy at the grove. his co-star emmy rossum is in a contract dispute. >> she wants the same pay as you. >> she works as hard as i do. she deserves everything. >> she should get 100% of what she can get. >> it's not as simple as go in and give me what i'm worth. >> of course, he's a hugely powerful actress with giant representation.


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