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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:52pm EDT

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the county now blaming the patrol and refusong to if its environment played any factor in the men settling here in montgomery county and calling the county home. take a listen. >> the system failed, it would have faierd on theal level. that is not a responsibility of the local government.'t we deport people nor do we n op people from coming in who are, who are coming to our county. so that is not the government. so him coming back into the ve to do with border control ld and the like. >> but should it be the sponsibility of montgomery county? what do you say to parents and people who live le e not safe who feel like they're not safe because the county has essentially washe their hands of oversight concerning undocumented immigrants or ianyone whos crime? >> the county has not washed its hands ofanything.
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>> reporter: that was montgomery county's public information ry director barudson addressing questions for the first tim on camera. he spo s with us becauseeveral county leaders areway at the ian city. meanwhile, ice samayayinag s8ee on the right side of your screen was removed from the us in 2014. it remains a mystery how he reentered the country. twinr o mauricio ba rare i can't navidad receiving a finale l 2016 but remained here. >> i thi it's horrible. how do i feel about immigration? i don't want institute. crime is crime. immigration is immigration. i think those should be handledy sepa. but for tho two particular gentlemen, i thi that they have a special place in hell for them. >> i think that they shsuld be ect to lhesaws we are. and that's fin with me. but i thinker e's a lot of
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injustice going on in the name of keeping americans safe. >> reporter: so in this particular case you feel like they should go through judicial system but not de necessarily ported. >> yes. >> being a liberal county, our county leadersre a tolerant. i don't know what else to say. >> reporter: do you feel like >>o sometimes, but i mean, bein a democratic ate, that's what it r: but you have a republican governor.ha t's true, but we've always voted democratic. >> reporter: a quick mix of reaction there. inhe t meantime county execuve marc elrich e-mailing fox5 saying according to montgomery county's policy, the county department corrections and rehabilitati ws iceou rldelea i a judiciasu warrant has been ed otherwise the county will notifyce once the individuals are elible for release. ice hasue ienssd involved in th
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but remains unanswered as if montgomery couyntla policies or procedures that would allow the county to be proactive instead of reactive. back to you. ti>>a thank you. > we have breaking news right now outla of philphia where police areic confirming twoe officers have been shot. thisok is a live lo at the scene there inhe city's tioga fsection courtesy o our sister station in philadelphia e x29. of the officers was shot in the head, the other shot in the arm. they with we apparently responding to reports of some kind of active shooter situatioi around 4:30 t afternoon. we do not know any information . both shot, one person was being put into the police cars, iis unclear whether that was the shooteta we will of course on top of this story for you here onfox5. and back here locally, more br news. we want to get to marina marraco in the news room. she has details on long-time dc cop arrested todayor allegedly assaulting female co-workers. marina. >> reporter: ar the police officer is 51 year old anderson accused of
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stnsintap tatophey ilscc ed of threatening one of those victims. those incidents allegedly happeng between january and february of is dc police department since 19 90. he's currently assigned to the fifth district. chief pet newsham saying anderson's actions are disgraceful and do not represent the dc pol departments. at this time those alleged ha incidents ening with the victims who appear t bkersf teh course we'll have later breaking details coming up at 00 o'clock tonight. jim. get to weath right w. harbo. a beautiful daysout soonge, too, give you two forh it when jim does the traffi and you knowou
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hads uthndatit.unike ghelping tg f now. or85 m ftinsburg 87, winchester 82, but iist fee wahe for fredericksburg and even lsnalisee f index in frederick, 93. checking on showers and storms, not much to see across maryland for a change. you can see that the clouds arel minimized just a bit compared to yesterday where we ore of a thick blanket that tagoakwee just a littleitst bery. padle as o our south, though,sw
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well. down toward the beaches i thinka ort of a steady stream down there. but alhlreeze helping to keep a lid on thetmosphere just a little bit this afternoon and evening. is.r evening forecast looks likh 83 degrees at 7:00, again spotty shower or thunderstorm but pretty widely scattered and more prevalent down to the south. 80 degrees at 9 o'clock and by 11:00 o'clock it's humid and 78 degrees. f your forecast and radar coming up in a f ew minutes. jim? >> a shutdown in one thef oar's haome of theeos biological acts conduct medical research. il investigations.abid anthrax fox5's tom fitzgerald live with more. what's u there fitz? >> reporter: jim, this involves the usarmy's medical reseah
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institute of infections diseases at fort dietrich.ulba he cenckters for inspectiason of that facility a it er issued aea cndsehe a a cv the reason? well, cdc found what they called iufficient systems in place to decontaminate the water in those high security labs. facility, local officials say weeks later pple still nearby should have health concerns oven eres.rkafy s widespread is this ve a l of questions. >> reporter: well, those questi es beganly today whenle tter went out from us senator chris vanollen to the
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acting secretary of the army, chris ryan, he is into all of this and wrote that several activ project are underway for biological research inside for van nollen says he is concerned y t righ the security aspects of this but yssa to curing m in lt out in all of this, the e scoays his office now is launching a qe w the surrounding thorities, including legation, that these high security labs inse fort of the most s bioloiogical ome matter, was being shut,wn. you talked to people who live here iner fredk. tey've had generations ofive ak near that facility. they say thest uand it's a secure location.
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but they also want some answersy i has its been a l ttlree for n feel like ksit going on over there and thenngs get out and they blame itson thing else. >> peopleabha ctan't say anythi then you have the peop say abou informed about what's going on and are nervous about it. >> mdader knewy what was going on and wh worked in one of those space,in ctious things, he worked with anthrax and stuff like. that >> reporter: fox5 requested a g commander at fort dietrich. w not statement the teshutdown is expecd to last for ndan u epstein. o guardsss aneig fell w reporti asleep,hen to show they routinely checked
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on epstein. epstein, whoas in jail reportseit a hedlyicking charges bed jl cell. the two guards have since been suspended and the's prison warden readmigneen jatt to inved up t thereat iths reainexcusa ble hl we find ourselves here today. >> the justice departmen say prosecutors will continue their sexff ticking invesga etitipste >> the sus in a pair of armed robberies in montgomery county is bind bars but police caught up to the suspect is making helines. william thompson struck pole a and gloves inside. he's accused of robbing a liquor hampshire av. deo from the brutal attack ew ouide the washington hilton last month. we do want to warn you this video is graphic. take a look.
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ab teen-agers anedcticut m ave anue. ceavpoeea hr people. an 185rear y old and a r a 17 year old is in custody accused in the robbery of a transgender woman. the male was allegedly part of vis group that corred the om r.o was taken two fridays ago on minnesota avenue inll lo fongr two other spe d the ust. thow bond market warned of possible recession for the first time since europe and asia. conomic data in up next, making a major change followinge the ar of two of its pilots. what the airline is now requiringo prevent any problems ♪ ♪ down.
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. lack back with thatin break news out of philadelphia. at least three police ofhocers confirmed s responding to anact happened within the last hr or so in the c e oertnit head, the other in the at our sister witnesses say more than a hundred rounds were fired before police showed up on the scene right there. tele uversy hoitreal for
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treatment rit now. we'll keep an eye for thisu on right now. keep an eye and l you know any new updates. at least three police officers shphiladelphia tonight. 'sy coanwhile prince georui ttyo one count of soliciting s >> ian fe yearitd paying for sex with a transgender prostitut in an encounter that was captured on video. fox5's paul wagner joins us live from dc superior cour tonight with more on the story. paul? >> reporter:heey tuyre g of attk in ecnovember, mainlause there were allegations that there were multiple officers involved and that one of t officers was actually driving a police cruiser wheneg heedly solicited sex.t buen there was silence for nine m wths until todayhen ian lucas walked into courtroom 112 heredc superior court and pleaded guilty. take a look at the video. a last november transgender woman ca s forward toay police officers from dc and prince george's county were using their
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authority to coerce sex from transgender prostitutes working the streets along the dc, pg line and produced ao video t prove it. at the time twofficers were suspended, one from prince george's coty,unnd a dc. today, the prince george's officer pleaded guilty in dc superior court and wasnt. meightiv g know a pbj or probation before judgment. s iftays out of trouble the conviction could be erased.he in a p admitted going to an no withdrawing money for sex an encounter recorded by the victim who showed it to please anhshd lie case solicited the sex. at the time fox5's marina marraco spoke with the victim by phone thatcounrs p with police. take a listen. >> reporter: arehese consensual encounters? >> no,
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coercionthreats of cheaper prices, threats of arrests. >> reporter: now, the officer and his attney had noomment when they left the courtroom today. prince george's county police put out a news relays saying their investigation continues, he remains on paid administrative leave. we reached o to his attorney, cary hs he will, he said he and hist cli were upset, they say he believe the charge was de ur techard. ge airlines tell pilots they have to withhold o2 booze 1 hours before flying, rs four more than the old rule. two pilots were arrested in scotnd bndei arg cha under theu inflnce of before a flight with the us. the old eight hour limit was set by the faa. >> oh, my gosh. gi me my camera. >> i totally forgot about t tables. >> you know what? >> thank you very much. as the oldest person tohe fourt
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ousition. y >> brian. cancel your workout for tomorr >> the no alcohol h for eightr pat time, made her presence k i thinkt that was. >> that was amazing. >> that was the best entrance we've had since w started the show and you can catch like it or not weenk nights fox5 because you never know who will sit in theh iourt a lway come wheeling in ons aad no other pce ela tept oforn o d rigemat- opleoved seei tha side ofo youotfor w these days we'll have you t habit of fun and lightenea uvyp talked about last night. still getting a little bit of o thpuershe.
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kso we bhave to also be bit more well . e it or not at 7:00 o' we all love the k.clshow, and w thank you for lot of severee thunderstorms. we more tl wed a rt her to the south andor thast' tp there could still be something o n this humid unsettled ng upt wi pattern, we have a chance for eiodngge a few more showers andrmlo sggt very hot and humid pattern and . the weekend, i've got to tell you, looks evenki hotter,ng mid 90s now, and thunderstorm chances are also going to continue. maybe not so widespread over the weekend but the heat will be something to contend with. ki i love this map because it's 7 in boston to7 still more comfortable up to our
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north. you can see where that frontal n dboowndar that's just to r south ere we eust a out there as wefi lngoopr and and ng the ni rtatengunidor over at thewhat's b up to the n these on'tee s up well. we keep an isolated spottyec as in the evening hours andut5 tong tomorrow frontal boundary still lurking nearb so we kind of have to rinse and repeat the forecast on your thursday as well with the b being nearte whd owg rbey made by virginia's former attorney general. but the presid wnn omenis not the white house s
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tonight the statueug ostgefin lg plor only refers toe fro p eu pvepey involving the white house's new immigration. tmp ai backing down desp heavyitismf i policy. earlier this weekhe white house announced a new rule that woulenss public assistance or fail to meet income standards. in defense the acting citizenship andmmigration services director kim ccionnetr that the famous inscription is t about,e, people coming from mout i this is, you know, the theme of the l mediasked about this poem because apparently they don't want to aailkdta this is just aernoth
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imi freedom naply white countries immigrants scourage who are eligible for public assistanceerom actually lapikp. ose brushed off today he said immigratio his immigration crackdown is working and he cited a 43 percent drop b in illegalder crossings because of new regulations and m atic outreach to central america. s mexicopping up to do more enforcement on their southern border, the transportation routes and the hum smugglers, bringing migrants to the border, they are making progress there and we have seen a rtieducon in >> reporter: the white house said the new public charge rule is eect october 15th. the woman behind a double fatal drunk driving crash won't be getting out of jail anyt im jey may asked a judge in prince george's county to be released from prison and moved ton facility. she killed roy and justice back in 2010. so far she served eight years of a 20 year centen
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>> a$ap rocky found guty in his high profile assault case in why the rapper will not be serving mo jail time and why he says he's still not happy rdabout the t. that's next. ♪ test
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ght. out of philadelphia ou police officersivere w video and ande situation at university hplos tpitaelem wher. one theic wers shot arms and another shot in the happed. there one or more shooterser but agate ourr station reporting that there is a home involved with this and still ofe
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the home with other shooters. this is still developing and we'll share more information with you as soon as we get t. rem. >> reporter: fol more stories in the fox newsroom here. d.c. police releasin video from the prutal attraction shlaingtston m hilton hotel connecticut avenue and a donz teenagers atarkd a man outside the hotel. they arrested three peo tware mi look at the video police are putting itpes boay rzeut osomebe vide. e prceui gltrgy to one count of solicitin sex. ian lucas is fiveve year teran th a transgender prostituted x anthe encounter was captured on video. lus accepteded from job and since the allegation surfaced back in november. ier today still on top of car right. there the drivere. was insid.
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>> opening of i new charter school in south west d.c. as flames ripd through this tonight flames apparently starteoron the second flof the digital pioneers academy. chavez no one was injured and no whord what caused the fire. >> for facebook. ebloomburg says th company is collectings on mess paying contractors to llisten and use areas infects ready those that omentednto having voice chatsranscribed cebook doesn't release that in you policy. district court has convicted all three defendants of assault andof assault and a$l
5:32 pm
not face prison time. he was given spded senten and ordered to payft30 found guilty. roc followingndwa other men was akusdz of symptoming on iman and throwing thend grhem was acting in self defense the jjd saieurpo his klailth and the judge however con klood the charg against the wrapperailroad not as serious as presented by prosecute daernz not merit a ispron sentence. but still rocky and friends will nowin heavd various court . they initirsly faced two yea in jail for that assault. i had the chance to visit them while t were in jail. and they showed a lot of grace additionalf digty. s
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iri heang the rapper million dololle ar msor c due town sxekd cancellati of hiseuropean tour dates. sarah. on european opera houses will keep concert dates for famed s ateorharges c inpropriate behavior. hooize' happearansuces in that . >> a man alleged of attacking andy dick policeew nrleans said it happeded o a night club wherdick was performg. arrested and charge battery. a motive is not clear. >> a calif police officer aorled after a shoott
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s and we'll tell you how. and a special escort to schooiat day ofesd a an kindergarten getr het felt surprise from his day ofesd a an kindergarten getr het felt surprise from his dad coming up. moscow mitch the says grim reerp and he'll bury all isthis leglature. >> nicknamid are more prt trump in on makng i
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click, call or visit a store today. llmrik mccoy alone in the newsroom. wn>> is here. >> we're talking about blue green allergy and another countys warning homeowners and pet ornz specifically to keep your dogs away from the blue green allergy oningnd a w e area and you can trademark the word "the" the ohio state or is dryingth to do just that. esdon't know if they'll besot f the oeruniv. they put the o to s about iee thursdayo outigon d n m the tee shts just the. >> thanks blakeoseyoun a t. y heneed>> c aor aiminal hisry when that man
5:39 pm
w crig as kil texted murderncdu d polian mondayic missouri police officerstan a young -- lked a young bdaartende kinrg feel thenengway do you. oed t the day. indiwel talk about that comingne tudyup we told you about that bowls at chipoe contains cancer causing chemicals and tonight the raant rest is chiming in and gwn
5:40 pm
what she is working on. >> hi there, yes, we're out here at arlington county it's amazing you may come into here empty hamentded. if you'reucky here we government really luck yesu i may go home with a prize. government really luck yesu i may go home with a prize. right?
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for th you ose ing to have l fun with the kids before the new school year kicks off the arlington county fair may be the apps. g us live from the fair sdproupdz in arlington with more on how police are also help being make sure everybody stays safe throughout awell, hey, gwen. >> absolutely.
5:44 pm
and with me n i'my happy he's joi verning us is acting deputy chief patrick donahue of the arlington county poeice. thanks fng here. >> thanks for having me. >> it's a great place to be. >> absolutely. >> and now i understand you'll be stepping up security here a little bit. we know there's been several incidents around the country at other festivals.s that been a major concern of yours. >> we reember nit dense that happened across the community. each though we had a presence here forany many years we'll up the stle bit. most of that a l people will see uniformed officers patrolling throughout the gds. f it you won't. they'll beso resources behind the scenes and technology that we leverage things like that. >> i and just want to ask what is iha tpeople can do to help you out i t situation s there anything. >> absolutely. so we can't see and hearhi evng viingt we want our folks that come to the patrons that come to fair to be our eyes and ears and you know if you see something, say something. so, anything suspicious, suspicious package, suspicious
5:45 pm
incident, puspicious, feel freeern to approach police officers here. mo also hbile command center out front. you can approach that as well d report those things. >> i noticed the monl command certainty tell bus that and the fact ire at particular eventt' it that something we take tovent on a regular base sglis we do that quite a few times when we have a large eventnd it's an area for xhapders to kong gate and address any issues that come up. and we also again have some resources in there to useo s erndzth have something to fa on and develop a plan if there's some st of incident that needed to be dealt with. from past years to this year about how many were officers would you say would be at this event this ar. >> iould say probably 20% or . roughly 3 or 4 o x-rayicers on duty. >>ehat wou your priority for this eventor >> priy is obviously keep a safe and secure environment for the patrons to come and enjoy all the rides and entertainmen.
5:46 pm
and we want people to be engaged and aware of what is going on that's how we make arlington safest. i'm sure the organizers and l crowdsbe here as well. saturday will be biggesday and i'm sure you'll have hands fullme when tha around. so, really glad to see you have a preps eps here and that's your concern. it's a community where everybody comes together and you ha w kids here asl as lots after dults. so lots to keep an eye on. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much for hopefully you and youray and officers will get tone joy m sov what i make sure enjoy and that the fun food out there. >> absolutely, that's the pla plan. nk>> thank you. >> tou for being with us >> i don't think anybody gave gwen credit for the two baskets she sank before the break eeming sdmrer it was great. >> it was.e' >> hera live look outside now. we're seeing sun. that's good news. much different dayoday than yesterday and what's on tap caeclin with the fort in ten seconds.thunderstormsuppreso
5:47 pm
the south. thunderstorms and radar i'll be the general theme thisill throughout week and weekend. spotty afternoon thunderstorms noinga receive or widespread. but it will be warm and humid en after day we cannotou le out those showers and ruthunderstorm chances. 9 the 0 high at reagan today another 90 degreean day in the books. well above aming. 89 dulles and 87 bwi. and humiditytt prehigh. despite north wdy mea that's what's keeping us dry. and unfortunately not lowering due point. heat index of 9 the now with hazy sunshine unteed states mperatures elsewhere mainly in 80s. although we see a little warming to south and west. 91 culpeper and 90 frederickd fredericksburg and leonardtown and 8ility more and heat isindex highest we have ihumin place and feels like 96 west mixed
5:48 pm
mixed precipitationster and 93 with frederick and 9 the mannasas and 96 3 frederick fredericksburg. satellite and radar big picture here you see scattered areas of storms mainly along the cold front south and east it stendz atlantic city to where they saw earlier showers and aacroo i central virginia. also some showers and storms up to pennsylvania.bug major. and these art e pretty eyelatee. again ral motion of them i away from the salisbury area south of charlotte investment we had a storm preponderance up or two over the moup tanz. this over mar tipsburg died quick limit not expecting much in the metro tonight. feature cast definitelyirms tha. here's 7:00. and anythi to south and east comes to an end and we should be partly cloudy. warm and muggy overnightfast forward to tomorrow. it will be another start where it's kind of cloudy. kind of hazy. little sun breaks outcome mid-morning and that's just enough tota dbilize united stat allow shors and thunderstorms to pweop up.
5:49 pm
still think along the front to south the best place to see urany downpoand really just can't rule to youre out an. there might be some indicationre that the better chance here in the metro. and that we can see something tomorrow. certainly this northern banld dropping down tomorrow night could bring heavier rain to northern maryland. hagerstown, own throughbaltimore. we'll see if that plays out. this would be interesting late thigsday nht to friday morning and some acoitional showers tuld be heavy at times. and so,s 75 degree tonight and espottyvening thunderstorms giving way to partlywa cloudy and muggy conditions and tomorrow is another dayhere we will probablyth owe be in the0s and but with humidity will feel warm airport again ovrmentz fast forward tod late weekend good old bermuda high pressurese systs up it's already been warm and humid week and we'll up aunt he by sdavrment temperatures well into the 90s and about to get very uncomfortable around here. most of these weekend call t dog days of summer will be dr it will be hot and humid
5:50 pm
cenough't roout rule out isated thunderstorm. the bigger story not the storms the heat. 94 saturday. 95 sunday. heat index getting close to triple digit mark and we talk about really not fun to be outside in type of heat and humidity. so, there's 7p day. plenty of summer still left on it i know we're starting to wind things down getting into second half of august and climate logically not thee and 7 day shows not the case. hot and through the weekend. continues to next week. , 95. and temperature slowly tails off by wednesday. it lk pretty also looks like we keep scattered showers and thunderstorms chances through the middle part o if next week a that's look day sarah over to you. 'so back out live>> t philadelphia. we'll updatioyou on the sin. there we're now hearing five slice officers have been on the nor side of the ci. thalso sister station reporting that perhaps a sixthju officer was ind in a car crash
5:51 pm
this erupted 4:3 this afternoon during0arcotics one wast in thest head. he's in critical and stable condition. the o officers also in stable company. we're told there's still andire heard in thatneighborhor 's still not known whether there was one or month shooters involved with this. ntinuings continuing situatio situation.we're following iand tave the complete update coming up on the news at 6. c>>hipolte is responding tonight aboutts repor its bowghs rewls with pose a major health risk. new food economy study released last week claims the owntlsain chemicals linked to cancer. fda says the chemicals have about used in containers since the 1940s and c beound in several other items and chipolte says bowls asafe and roypt with foles and the packing institute dispute the report. >> neeng to nap throughout the day may be a sign of early alzheimer's according to stud question from the university of san francisco.
5:52 pm
looking at the brains of 13 them that died from alzheimes and found three areas ever the brain responsible for keeping keep the ase.wake were affected by experts say this is why manype ople with alzheimer's regularly sleep a lot before being diagnosed vacations may soop be a things of the past. you can believe it more than 40% of ameri say they cannot afford to get awayand that is according to a new survey from bank rate people afsay the possibility offordings less than five years ago. biggest reason for that of course and it's not justof cost traveling hurting wallets's leash you're active 'tis including concerts, heating out and going to movie. >> whe it comes to drinking more people omenting for the hard stuff. gallop poll reveals he america's favorite adult beverage is the raping champion beer. number two, beers, no, no, thank you. 39 with% afterts dulay that's what theyos drit often second someplace wine and fore first tim ever hard
5:53 pm
liquor is not far behind, 29% of drinks cite spirits and millennials are responsible for that shift. >> a lot of distillerys popping sglip especially i hiveyn city. >> 15-year-oldormy tweeted to followers using gadgets around the houyping after her momse took away the phone. she said she was tweeting from random electronics including a smart fridge.teen's mom took away her phone after she star aid fire the kitchen because she was instracted by her phone. e youe you here shannon, where ? shannon. >> ommm. >> it's nice to be back. keep watching 902 it it 1 is 30 wednesdays on fox. >> sneak freak 902eboot that airs on "fox5". habeforewe're hearing from the cast. our kevin mccarthy got a
5:54 pm
chance to sit down with them shortly aft reboot was announced. take a listen. >> i want to hear about the pitch. bethe e show is about you playingcauss height eped version of yourselves pitching a reboot of beverly hills 90210 h andad you to pivrp the show about pitching a show. what was the pitch. >> we went in to talk l to all .the major networks we knew we had a valuable asset on your hands and we wanted to see who would pickit e willingnt to pay fovrmee juan a show that wouldimmediates rather than shoot a pilot. which was original home nd we couldot be more excited about that because that's why we sta. >> and just reminder for you you can catch beverly hills 90210 tonight at 9 on "fox5". >> coming una battle of the brands high school with a similar logo a major university ordered to get rid it and how the school responding. ower g on instagram toe
5:55 pm
.syou can pay to make that all happen. .syou can pay to make that all happen. that's next.
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welcome back, ardz arizona high school forced to change logo after getting cease and desist for university ofof texas. they must stop using purple and gold long horn tlaibl up fringe copyright o. >> they removed it from uniforms and school ndmisdemeanor more and working with local done create tiger woods says 's helmy enough to play in the bmw championship after a minor injury.winning masters took a tn his body. he's only teed up five times ern trustn making two quutand ph last week. >> and a 23-ye-old upping aunte by flippinggr instan
5:59 pm
accounts. use rs by roomy holan is growg reselling for profit. halan made the full time raking in 1 g20,000 however we should point out buying and selling accounts vie laints is it a gram terms of use. >> things are getting weird in virginia video shaeing a their head and leavingon set vintage tvs on people porches.e sunday at least 60 he t second time this hist write played out the same thing happened in august of 2018 i'll see you on "fox5" "like it or not" at 7 mor news starts right now. >> 6ight now ate're following breaking news. multiple police officers have been shot. what led up to theiolence. >> an off duty prince george county officer accused of soliciting sex while in his police cruiser and today pleaded guilty more on that story coming up. >> and a military lab ndling shut down and local residents
6:00 pm
the new 6 starts rights now. breakceing news five poli ofcers were snot philadelphia a. duri narcotics bust. one officer was shot in the head and is in critical and stable condition we know sovrment other officers were wound in the arm and hands. th are live picture from the scene. this is the creep scene outsidit ever the hosp where the officers were taken. you can see are a lot of their colleagues standing there waiting to hear word in fact gunfireould be heard in th cis neighborhood just a short time ago government a repor for our sister station in philadelphia described the scene. we've heard two volleys of gun shots three or four and another step seconds ago. officers taking defensive positions.


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