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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 21, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ welcome to the five at 6:30. we startn i montgomery county where ice confirms a vio rape suspect is in the country illegally. but get this. dc is get new football tetiam. tonight we're joined by the dc defender's team president. he is live with us at fox5. and a loudoun south, what a run, an historic run c tonight. am.t little league we are at their watch party. t first send things up to shawn. >> disturbing new details in the case ainst an illegal immigrant in montgomery coun. he was charged with rape. investigators said kevin mendozt brutally b strangled and raped a woman august 16th in silver sprg. immigrations and customs says he is hop done national in the us is is the fourth sexual assault involving an illegalth county the last week now raising questions about cymontgomery county's poli about not cooperating with physicalio >> i the county, especially
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of the lasten couple of days, going to revisit this in any way given what's gone on lately? >> sure. the county executive is aware of the concerns of the community. we haveeceived numerous psne call as well as ree-mails. we a reviewing and evaluating all of those concerns. >> fox5's tom fitzgerald is live in rockville tonight. tom, montgomery county we know a sanctuary county. break down exactly what happened here and why people are fired up about th, if you will. >> yeah, shawn, we shld tell you that was caroline sturgis, she is onef the top aidsou to montgomenty executive marc elrich. now elrich over the summer issued an executive order. it code fied the fact, put it ia writint montgomery county were not going to work with immigration and customs enforcement when it comes to customs ement. this anen old argument from montgomery county politi cians.
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they say immigration enforcement is not their job, so they do not cooperate wi the federal government when it comes to immigration enforcement. th also oppose the trump administration's policy when it comes toig immtion enforcement. so that's there baseline he. what's gone on in the last couple of days though, is that you have four very high profile individuals, who are all illegal immigrants, who are allha ced with sexual assaultn this county, andhere are very loud questions tonight about whether or not the policy that ntgomery county politicians follow, when itow comes to it deals with ice, is the correct policy. shawn, we went out, we talke to lot of people about this today, and they all said that they feel that, if an illegal immigrant is in this country and s committed a crime, well, theyshould, in my folks' opinion, be notifying federal officials, have them removed from the country, they feel they
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should be here. >> we know there have been conservative groups a lot of people pushing back saying the county executive should revisit these ideas. i know he did not speak out today. t any reaco ice from all of th? and the possibility that montgomery county is going tor revisit o relook at this? >> well, we should tell y the reason we talked to ms.da sturg y is because markle driven is out of the area, he's not going to be returning tont montgomeryy until sunday. we did hear from the deputy directoror the fd office of ice today, shawn, reiterating the point that, in their view, policies like tse that ar in fect here in montgomery county, in ice's view, not only enda citizens, but also endanger federal immigration authorities when they have to go out apprehend these illegal criminal, illegal immigrants. so, you kn, this is a 2-fold issue. a while gone on for couple of days of the e e last
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here in montgomery countyve, it has been raised to anewevel shawn. have reached a tipping point tghere and thatomery county'sed creat an environment that illegal a immigrantsre coming here and committing these crimes. >> we're going to stay on . tom fitzgerald with the latest. thank you. >> sure. you saw tom had on his in coatthere. here's a live look up in gaithersburg maryland where itt doesn'en look like it's rained at all. it looks absolutely king the chances for more storms across theregion, we'll have the latest right after this fo now, >> i'm here with michelle rotella and although we're seeingea tt and the storms very much isolated this time
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around compared to yesterday, warning right now for parts of our area. so prigeorge's and around county severe thunderstorm warning until abclt 7:00 ock this evening but you just saw the sunshine therein gaithersburg, a lot of the wahes to the west of 95 have been cancelled here, as we look a little bit mthe towards cell in general, it's definitely picking u a little bit. you're lookinghtt somening that is associated with it. i want to take you in for a e.closer look th look at all that lightning popping up, heavy rain as well. so t we'll continu watch that warning there. but for aas other than that, it's just ry, very isolated instances with these downpours, just to the south ofot sylvania once again south on i95 starting to se few of those heavier showers. but i want to show you the ereest here for the s thunderstorm watch. still until 10: p.m. for our counties there, just to the east of the district and east of i95 there, other than that, we'reti ng to see them expire pretty quickly here. every 30 minutes starting to get little bit more better of a situation for chus. eck out the temperatures now across the
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air pushing in, gaithersburg had ershowers roll across the and across i-270 now you're down to about 77 degrees sot' tha nice a little break from the heat and humidity there. 81 in the 2district, 8 for quantico and see ig 75 then fredericksburg and still 84 in leonardtown and baltimore still up there around 90 degrees, things should cool off once they start to e showers pushing through. evrecast shaping up like this.en i think we'll sti with partly throughout the overnight hours here but once again tomorrow we're in for seeirn some oon showers and storms. you time that out f coming up in just a> few. here's a look at some of the other top stories we are following tonight. the nine year o pulled from an apartment fire sunday in northwest dc has the fireke out shortly before 10:00 a.m. in an unlicensed apartment in the00 block of kennedy street. a man f inside also died on sunday. a short time ago dc mayor muriel bowser announced she is norew rring this case to the dc attorney general the us
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attorney's office for a criminal investigation. t aeen-ager was sentenced to urfe in prison for the killing of alington county police officer. 17 year old dejuan take harris ran over officer ap my care-with a stolen get away veh during a burglary back in 2018. caprio drew her gun told her to get out of the car he stepped on the gad ran over r. her is prison sentence comes with the possibility of patrol. >> the park police chief is stepping down, chief rert mclane's resignation is taking a new job with the department of the he served as chief for six years and spent a total of 26 years with the department. no word yet o his replacement. heill leave his position without ever a fullyddressing the contrersial shooting death ofan b ghaisar by two of his officers in 2017. president trump appears to be back on board with the idea of expanding background checks with gun byers. today he repeate his report for what he called meaningful checks
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but insisted the us alreadyroas ng measures in place. that's a reversal from yesterday when the presided told the h universal he opposes background checks, he said he wants congress to preserve the second amendment. presidentrump took exception to the way theerrime ministf denmark told the world her country isn't interested in enlling greland to the u.s. she called t president's idea an absurd discussion. today he responded and cancelled a planned trip to denmark in words.ber and had a few choice all they had to do is say, no, we'd rather not do that or we'd rather not talk about it. don't say what an asurd idea that is.e' because s not talking to me. excuse me.e' shnot talking to me. she's talking to the united states of measuring. you don't talk to the united states thatway. >> stun the danishacoyal pale which had formally invitedum president trp to visit the
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country. after super bowl 54 right here on fox5 a new dc football team will take the field. t todahe xfl rmealing the tea will be named the dc defenders. it was previously revealed that the team will play at audi field. joining us to discuss the future of the team, dc defenr team president eric moses. thank you for beingere with you. >> thank you for having me. >> another team to add to dc,e have a full roster of teams, how audience after the super bowl to get those football fansin back the game. >> real football fans never wano to givtball up so they go into a little depression after the super bowl ease over so'r e going to help with that. we get started the weekend after the super bowl ends so you nev have to g up football, three more months of professional football. >> let's talk exactly what this consists. right now the xfl has eight coast, new york, dc and tampeast >> why especially. >> 45 man roster, 10-week regular season. talk a little bit about what yre guys hoping to achieve here.
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because th first time, the first go around back 2001, just one season. different. going to be a lot e only thing we share with xfl1.0 is the name and theon of our chairman vince mcmahon. this is about family, football fun, i makingt affordable and accessible and a lot of fun for our fans. >> let talk about the name.dc d talk about picking the name and the logo. t how hat go about? >> we were inspired b a lot of things. i think local pple will look the three stars a it will be familiar with our flag, the image goes with washington, dc and what aeople thinkut the nation's we're lookinard to writing a story that our players on the field, that our fans and ttht is community will help us write over the next several seasons. >> owner vince mcmahon, are there other big names that are out there thatotentially we could see maybe not here but for the xfl? >> yeah we justigned landry jones who is a record setting
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quarterback of the university of oklahoma to our fir big contract i think last week in pect. so we ho there will be more and more signing like that, especially as nfl rosters go from 90 to 53. >> i hear you guys are going p laying your first game, is that right after the super bowl? >> our inaugural weekend isua ry 8th and ninthth the weekend after. t >> you catchm right here on fox5. >> that'llright. >> w be carrying the super games here. efully all you were'ur partner and we're looking forward to being seen on fox and down at au field. >> we wish you theest of luck. >> appreciate you having us. >> shawn. coming up a weekend free b we will l you how you can visit national parks across the country for absolutely free. plus. >> we had glory days in stone ridge and these peoree getting ready to watch loudounh soutin the little league world series why. coming up w show you exactly
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welcome back.s wal-masuing tells la after the company's solar panels allegedly aaught firetop several stores including one in maawland. the lsuit claims tesls widespread negligence caused fires at at l seven wal-marts locationcludes stores in deny tonan mad. wal-mart wants tesla to removal the panels and ce damages related to the fires. >> the natiol park servi celebrating its 10dard by this weekend and all national parks will be offering 43 admission this sunday to mark the occasion. great falls park in virginia one of the parks you'll be able to get ito for free more information on other f parks around ourio regn visit ey are joined by virginia. back-to-back no hters to start the little league world series.
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>> the loudoun south little league team continues itsun historic r at the little they had big series tonight. wins in their first two games. tonight they play hawaii last year's champions who arile stl undefeated this year. fox5's ike ejiochi has all the excitement tonight from loudoun county. >> let me tell you something, we're here at stone ridge at ory days and this place is ready. now, the colors here are usually red but they've ordered special golden napkins to celebrate the loudoun southg littleue team. everybody here's mped, getting leady for their team to take on tonight. t me tell you something. nbeaten d hawaii are u but they don't care. how you guys doing, all right? >> pumping up this they don'tir care what happens the team's going to win. based on what t fans are saying they might actually b right. earlier today io got speak to some members of the team, they're pumped, they're ready for the game. l
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take aisten to what they had to say. >> and they are joined by . virginia >> fans here in northern virginiare pumped. >> it's super exciting, coyeah. >> tntinue this then i think they'll win the whole thing. >> reporter: they're talking the loudoun south little league team andabou they're currently a win away from thels u.s. . >> think it will be a bighing in our community especially with some of theds like going to school around here. success on the die noned comes from colton hicks. >> hi. >> how you doing. >>good. >> reporter: colton and melissa are saying everything so far ha been a dream. >> until the first pitch was thrown i couldn't believe that t were actually there and got the chanceo play in wiiamsport. >> loudoun south fans have shown up ten fold. e experience has been amazing. the people in williamsport have been s welcoming to all of us. and it's wonderful ust to wear the gold and black down the st reet.
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>> reporter: but the hicks say the most important thing isn't the scoreboard but the o scores friends and personal tionships gained from th team. >> we started to really rely on each other and celebrate other. and it's just been such a great experience that, you nknow, oly us that have been through >> reporter: there are two vents that happened in late august in northern virginia, school and the little league world series. let's just say the hicks have their priorities straight. uto, i'm not worried a missing school. >> now, everybody here is ready. that thisst told me is the most excitement they've seen since the price of sod went up $0.10. i don't know what that means but i like it. they have aeam in hawaii they're facing, both undefeated, toughest matchthey're facing but the p tple here inhe gold and black are ready. e you ready? >> [cheers and applause] >> thas what i'm talking about this watch party starts at 7:00 o'clock but it's already started come to glory daysve and h yourself some fun.
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>> you still have time. is tonight at take a look at this. this mural was meant to honor nba legend larry bird. why the forme balleants itrr changed or tak down. andzon chief jeff bezos pulled out all the stops for his employees. he threw this
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. >> looks like spider man could cinematic the marvel the reason? tcie fng fight between disney and sony pictures. sony actually owns the rights to the corner but leased him to disney for the avengers movies. disney co-produced theast two spider man movies and now thent company s a 50/50 split on the profits. sony said nope. but there aretill two more spider manin movies the works with tom holla but they w not be in the mvel cinematic univlese. nba nd larry bird is not happy wi how this mural in indianapolis depicts shows
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a retro indian a state wearing form which he where he went to school. he doesn't have any tattoos though. he asked the artist to remov most of the body art.ys larry sa he feels he needs to protect his brand and that ain't it. amazon chief jef basin a massive office pay, instead of a football stadium on the big time performers he to plug on his marriagelling ley cyrus officially filing for divorce. >> tmz has the scoop onll a of this. charles joinus from la. let's talk about this huge concert that jeff bezosshrough for what 45,000 amazon employees over in washington state? >> yeah this was in seattle actually, in the football stadium where the seahawks play. so imagine your office party, your last office party maybe had a hundred people. we don't do that. >> yeah, maybe had a hundred people? this was 45,000 people
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packedo century links stadium. jeff came out there and really got the crowd going. he got a standing ovation, despite some criticisms lthely abouese big parties he has. the employees seem to love it then he brought out lil nas x performed rry bot back stage. looked like jeff was having a grand time with them partying. he took like lil nas x's j and was pacosing with photos wi them, katie and little nahs. there's something different about himrn lateling up more. >> he's in love? >> maybe that's it. >> on top of t i world would too if i was jeff bezos and had that bank account.t someone no having the best day liam hemsworth and miley cyrus, liam pulling the plug officially filing for divorce. >> i wld sayhe's having a good day because heth won ng -- here's why i say not that getting divorced is
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it's a gd day because when they get divorced in hollywood and kind of contention, there's always a race for the because, look, we are told that boththey have a prenup. when miley and got married, th ley have a prenup. so this is not going tobe about fighting over assets, what's his when he came into the marriage is his and same thing for her, they kept evething separate while they were married. soy the onl reason to file fir is totally about pr. you have to be the one who's doing the dumping, you don't want to be dumped. so liam won the race, or his lawyers won the race to the courthouse. he filed first today. and, like isaid, in the document all it says is this will alle squared away by a prenup. the one thing that can be contentious is what is the date of separation. he did nt list one on his document. so we'll see what happens when miey files her respons if she of because, you know, his people,
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people in his camp have been saying he thinks that she was cheating, she denies that and's then had accusations againshim as well. so it's definitely nasty and this is the first --s this i all about money-wi it's not going to matter. >> it's kin sad, too, ough. ey've been on and off for years buthey weren't married for very long. >> atah. whas been, eight months or nine month something like that? so, no. i mean, it's like they finally decided to get married and then, you know, it just didn't work out. we've been hearing from both sides that there were itproblem li almost feels ke they got married to -- as a last ditch effort to keep things going. >> right. >> seems like miley did try in thyslast couple da before liam filed for divoe. tried to reccile yet again. >> yeah. we're told that she reached out, or people in her campou reached t to his camp and said, look, maybe we can save this. maybe we can save the marriage.
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at that point, it wow, you kn that ship had sailed for liam and he said no thank you. >> all re ht. theru go. i feelorry. hollywood, just what happens out there i hollywood. charles anks so much for joining us, happy >>wednesday. hanks you guys too.
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one lack check of the forecast here. we've been watching this cell develop here. it pushed across our area here in the district bu t now wano take you to loit. of lightning associated and heavyrain. still a severe thunderstorm washing in effect for parts of anne arundel county, cal county, prince george's county, that will go unt about 7:30. then w justtart to see things die down here. still also a few light showers just to the sout th ofhe area there for bowling green, traveling along i95 south. yocould come across a few a lot of places to i'd say the west of95 have seen their severe thunderstrem watch expi still holding on to areas to the
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east until a 10:00 p.m. however i think we'll see a few more counties drop off shortly. but rain cooled airs, gaithersburg 7ht 79 rig now and cooling down to about 75,l stil isolated shower or be storm. tter days ahead though, guys. temperatures will be in the lower 80s. forward to for this weekend. >> thank you very much. and thank you guys for hanging out with us tonight on five at 6:30. o>> jim couldn't wait break out the vodka. he has a story to tell. >> a lot of people enjoy vodka the old fashioned way but no, no, no, this is 2019 and nopl some peoare getting their boost from vodka by way of balloon. a vodka gas through a et out of here. are you kiddingme? like laughing g or helium. >> exactly. gets you drunk very quickly, wears off soon. >> ihat's what like about it, wears off soon. 20 minutes. >> yeah. what's the pnt? well, you don't have to be passed out drunk. >> there's a rays that. >>ight. >> going to talk about that and also sean spicer onan dng with
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the cars. >> how did they not pick you
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♪ tonight on's like it or not. are youat on vacn right now? probablyewot because n research shows won'ers are using all their vacation days. how about this? inhaling vodka in gas fm out of a balloon? it's a thingpa rently. we'll tell you why. and jennifer lopez's breakout movie role becomes a series. so's taking over? we'll have that story and much mor tonight on fox5's like it or not. ♪ it is a wednesday night he in the nation's capitol and we are al readyo go tonight. >> hello. >> some applause. >> we pause for the lapuse. >>ap angie and brit i a jim loky we're going to get things started let's fire it up a


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