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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 9, 2019 4:00pm-4:04pm EDT

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over the next couple of hours the 18 corridor and then drop southeast ward, so charlottesville thrgh this is annie. and this is annie paying back her friend for the tkets with zee b®efe or and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the show. h[whispers] this is yourere, right now bank.
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and ththis is wells fargo.ready to enjoy the show. female emt: memorial, do you copy? au we've got a 16 year olma victim going into shock. male emt: pulse fading. we gotta move. (siren wailing) announcer: imagine if . the care we needed.. wasn't thmoe when we needed it ? remind senator warner gat government rate se could meanlosed hospitals. it's not the ans for surprise billing. republicans today critical of this? yes. cheney, said taliban has no buness invited to camp david but be ino 9/11 itself. we also talked with maryland congressman, who represents this district, he says he ht haf
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this would have appeared. >>ll rig, well the meet something off with no plans to be tom fitzgerald, thank you. and, still to come: ne making sure we r forget how a new books is helping kids understande the importance of 91. >> reminder t check out our fox5 i th is that oday. what do you think of the are you saying bring on thet wh? heat orkf are about yo app and fox5 news >> let's take a live ok outside our i59 in >> our news room hard at work for stories coming up for fox5 news at 5:00. >> sarah sim sons has more on what's coming uphon the next , hello, gain flings. seriously good scent. and if you le gain flings, ry
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at's fios. female emt: memoal, do you copy? 've gong otov we (siren wailing) an uncer: imagine if the care we needed... wasn' ed 'the er st?remind senator warner that government rate setting could mean closed hospitals. it's not the answer for surprise billing.
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. d you about the fox 5 live> insta poll. we're taking tem what do you think? brin oua likhee tg s?ouall othes? yeah, it's


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