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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 15, 2019 7:00am-7:28am EDT

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. today on fox5 morning, false alarm in northern virginia after reports o a active shooter at a mall movie theater. police say no shooting took plac o at thewhpp investigation. family displaced after a fire destroyed their home in gaithersburg sending one person to the hospital. plus, happy returns. task f orce one as they come hoe from their mission to help the bahamas during hurrine dorian. fox5 morning sunday starts right now. ♪ >> goodel morning andcome to er >> i'm tom fitzgerald, gre to see yo we welcome you in. good morning on this sunday and as always we're going to start off with a look outside.
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it is september 15th. erin, erin, we're half way through t month already. >> i can't believe it. g 're creepinto october already. look at wcreeengpi the big wheel down there at national harbor, your wilson bridge out then the background, gary mcgrady standing by, how you doing? >> i love how they leave it on for our shot for 7:00 a.m. and they turn it off in a fews. minute >> they're niceik oe somehow, not sure how. sunny and dry sunshine today wt have much sterday, we'll get a lot today,showers, sprinkles, a couple of thunderstorms yesterday but we are' all dry today. we're transitioning into a fairly dry period it looks like as we head off into theek work and it looks like we're going to heat up, too. 73 in n town,ow they're 60s, notice upper 50s back out to the west. what's important about that? that means d air is coming in. so even thoh we'reoing to be pretty hot today, mid to upper
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80s, the humidity as we progress through the day, should co down just a lil bit. now there's a couple of showers you can s off on the eastern shore a little shower activity e east though.allth pushing offo va respond toyiri tngethe ds are drier air breaking up just a little bit. so today i eect mostly sunny conditions, 87. look at this for tomorrow.empet up0s 9 just about everybody. complete forecast is coming up in just a bit. guys, back you to up. >> 7:02 this inmorning, devg overnight in arlington police are still investing this morning after a false alarm of an active shooter saused acare at the boss t commons mallsk. >> reports of shooting promptedndanic a a large police presence at ate movie r that's part of a mall. fox5's anjali hemphill joins us live this morning with more. good morning, anjali.
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>> reporter: well, good morning, guys. there was some really frightened wet trying to have a fun t w night out. but instead they ended upnn rug for their lies. this all happe at thely new reol where it's usually very busy with people shopping, eang, or going to see all movie, espy on a saturday night. take a loo at the chaotic video weig got last fht of dozens of police cars, offers and k-9s wh arlington police say they started getting 911 calls just before 9:00 p.m. about a shooting at tregal movie theater inside this mall offr t one, investigators say they did not fd shooting, no shooting victims fed no one has been arrested a sam ablin panic trying to flee t area. listen to one person who was
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there. >> all of a sudden we heard someone scream shooter, they i scret a second and third time. everyone started running, everyone was du. again, i lost my flip flop in the process. again the police gotab here in out a minute and a half. they're unsure whether or not there wasivn act shooter, we dn't hearot any sh god wilrtng b again this shoulde happening. gopart of it is to ensure we through the movie theater where the incident was reported, go through methodically through that area and make sure nobody is in meade of mical assistance and nobody on seen that has information on the >> reporter: and all chaos, ng. many people ldt behin their ckset i at this point if ses and they've been able to go back in exactly what
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happened inside this mall last night butrg stilling anyone with information to give them a call. there was a big scare in the big apple over the last couple of hours. police arrted a man for waving a sword at people visiting the empiretate building. apis hdpene observation deck. police say the man may have hidden that sword inside at can bu investigators still trying to figureow out he got through metal detectors he's now charged with criminal possession of a weapon. back here in the district a homicide investigaon underway after a man was fatal shot in northwest. it happened friday night on the 5,000 block of arkansas aven dc police say they arrived toea old gunshot g erg wounds. medics rushed ransford to the hoital where he later died. no suspects have been identified at this tipr. ce george's county police also investing after aas man found dead in police responding to 1400 bloc
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road yesterday. they found an unresponsive man with trauma to the body. he was aronounced deat the scene. detectives still searching for the suspect. this morng one family is homeless after a fire ripped througtheir house on montgomery ave kelso drive in gaithersnburg. you can see in this video the fl oamfes going that house. rescuers say it looked like itn th t a llattic. way upo that fire was contained, however, no major injury is cause eportednd the still under aleasndria city cou voted in favor of a ane reduction on a 1-miletretch of seminary r the council spent most of yesterday deliberating ove the issue, but u 4-3 in favor othe change. the road will now go from four to three lanes and bike lanes will also bdd a in both is com ess. traffic and parking board recommended to keep the busy stretch at four
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well, tncomg cef ohef me heat this morning.i facingso at issue allegations that he improperly usedit hision to get criminal charges against other federal employees dropped. egory monahan starts the this week. he was the assistant chief of thol park peeld office but polin there claim monahan pssured federal prosecutors into employees of the interest, a federal agency that helps fund park police i the san francis area. new sexualdust btt kak nahug times reported the latest untilw thatas not reported to the fbi ridu fb yi.e p not classmate of kavanaugh's based nonprofit owner max deer said he witnessed kavanaugh him
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his generaellnt ilsdento wnshott kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations. the white house this mngor confirming that the united states has killed the son of osama bin laden. ga bin laden has binomec within al qaeda. his death was first reported a e mo 'shousennounced the news. statement thisre mniorng toril ranking aaqaedsama bin laden wan counter-terrorism operationn co jennif griffen askedefense secretary mark esper about him in his first television w. >>v kill hamza bin laden? where was itet >> i don't have tails on that and if i did i'moth y
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i'd have to get back with you. >> reporter: but hamza bin laden is dead. >> that's my understanding. >> reporter:e was believedo be about 30 years old. in department put a $1 million bounty on his head,o pally the first step before drone strikes areut aterrorist leaders. u.s. officials describe hamza as an emerging leader who has threaten attacks against the united states. while the military routine flies jets and bombers over to get t afghanistan it does not conduct air strikes which leads the yay killed hamza in pakistan. if cfirmed it would be at least the third member of bin laden killed thereve anue mayy seals killed osama bin laden and his brother ca eylobe. th said in a tweet a short time ago, still am big gooity about where he was killed. u.s. knows where. why say someone in the afghanistan pakistan region instead of specifyingocation less purpose is to save embarr. that someonekioust cld's
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prime's notable pree matde the pent8th 1ag t ohen anniversary of the 9/1 attacks. in toml a inrighn,t, we'veh tm comi tng uop here as we're j huo g.rn tbeo thineouldn w,fox5 rs and stolen from the home o a former british pthme minister a. >> that's a thrown. look atth tg.t hain t weaerh . ♪ok alo be ♪
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ou little humid out there it did. >> it did. buts it' going to get better. >> agood. >> dir coming in, i felt the same way, i walked out and i wa ds rylike e p afternoon you'll notice lhas a et.y nk you. starts to d oiut owo
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ite froeno it will dan martinsburg at st mcros that the drier air is therend nt will eventually be coming across. it's going to take a few hours, ybmae this er fredericksburg3 and manas9s toda wy, lots of sunshine te iat think a couple of places ma even be able to to close to 90 degrees, i bet you see that maybe on use you are car thermometer or outdoor
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thermometer late this afternoon primaril to the south and southwest the chanc of going in , little cooler by the water. tropical storm h tberto continues get a little stronger foffshore fromlorida and thank goodness it's pulled off north of the bahamas. so, all this considered right now, humberto isvi ng. now, the forecast does call for what is tropical st hmumberto now to become a hurricane, late tonight, early tomorrow , moing, just minimal hurricane. strengthening aleast a little bit stronger, maybe to a category 2 or so as it heads towardsdaneng we want to do now is seewe can keep it north 0 northwest of bermuda, that would be good. most of t modeling again is very consistent with this ack. certainly keeping humberto off of the east coast and out to see over t next several days. we are nny, we're dry today,
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high pressure,rontal system moving in, so high pressure io tryi move in, that of course brings in drier air, so sunny mid to upper 80s today and as we progress into the afternoon, the humidity levels will get lower a lower so it should be r realllly comfortable late today even though temperares will be mid to upper 80s, here's theo showes of the east of us with the frontal system, couple of fhowers this morninglong the eao f the north northwest, fiveo 15, that away some of so 87 today, hot tomorr tuesday. very, very nice this week, and right now, guys, itwiooksik l week, theer upp and 90s will return again. >> all right. that sounds good. >> summer sticks tcaround, stre out that warm weather a little more. meanworle tntial downpours are taking aeadly toll ove in spain. at least six people lost their
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lives in record flooding, emergencyre sponders say so far 35 hundred people he been rescued in this. severe stormsounded southeastern sin the past few days, the rainfall so heavyt forced airports train lines and even major roads and schools to have to close >> localearch and rescue team backn home chantilly virginia this morning tyey deplo to portions of baham har hit by hurricane dorian, using theie speciali training to help with the recery effort. fox5's anne cutler has a closer look at their mission.we >> reportell, there were hugs, smiles, kisses and signs all around otoday, many of these friends and famy members excited t see their rd haorking team back here in chantilly after over two weeks of being away. they spent ten days in the bahamas and about five days in floridel oasne wl. of those tea members with me from the task force. this is tracy reed. heyme there, welco back.
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>> hi, thank you very much. it's good to home. >> so tell meit a le bit about virginia task force one. in thisol r you guys were us wan internional correct? >> wenl two of the natn rnational we're innire we' we g withte usa aid what do you do when deploy to a rcue zone. >> search and rescue loong to find live victims and help in thatregard. as time progresses and we move on we move on to humanitarian assistance, looking for people who neld shr, food, water, hygiene,ni tation, all those kinds of needs and we're documenting those even though they might h not beaving a life threatening emergency at the moment if we don't handle the issues they'll progress into serious concernso we note that and move that on to our exper so they help start the recovery and rebuilding process. >> the work you do is so
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incredible and we've seen so much domestically. international this storm was hard to watch us seeing the omic what was it like on t ground there? >> it was difficul i saw a lot of pictures and maps asur we did o situational awareness before we got i there but have to admit t first time we flew over and landed it really is one oouf those yave to see it to believe it kind of moments, really hits you when you see it in real life. >> reporter: emotiona>> reporte >> very much, you start to put yourself in the position who lost their homes and potentially family members. before we got to abaco the in nassa waiting toer get th e talking to people in nahs say looking fory familnd fries, that's when it getst.difficul >> reporter: happy to be home. >> thank you for theor t. happy to be home. >> reporter: thank you so much. we appreciate it. believe it or not this is not t the onlyeam here locally that does this. in montgomery county, there ista force that deploys again all around the country ts well andhey went down to the
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so a lot of incredible work being done by our local folks. back to you. >>ood job on that. hey, here's our fyorite storf the morning. a solid gol toilet, this was part of an art exhibit tha has be stolen. it happened saturday from the palace where the formerritish prime minister winston churchill was rn.ok at this thing. >> >> gorgeous. ever thought i would say that about a toilet. >> it's not jt any toilet, it is vald at roughly $1.2 million. it was set up onl two days before it was stolen. it had already been on display in new york city. de out okay there. not so much in great britton though. tells out the golden thrown was actually connected to the palace's plumbing system and then things gotworse. the thieves apparently ripped this out, caused major damage, flooding to the building where it was olen. police are on the lookout. >> so many things to say. >> sony . >> i hope they catch tse guys.
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>> so many and i will say none of them, we'll move on. happier news from across the pond. happy birthday to prince harry who turns 35 today. celebrating his first birthday as a a dadfter his first son archie b wasn in may. prin m harry's wifeegan taking to the coupal's roy instagram to wish her husbander a happy birthday calling h an inspiration the best husband ana zing dad. and also, you know, when you have a baby in the house and you're a new dad, it makes it a little bit eeter. >> everything changes. >> so hapy birthdao harry. >> love that.g c up here as we continue on fox5 morning, a out crucial global energy sun employees, we tell you about a drone attack right now that is sending big concerns about what throughout the world. ces > right now as we head to break on ts sunday morning. oh, and, hey, we want t hear from you. share with us on social media
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using the hashtag #fox5morning. we'll be right back. ♪
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well, developing this morn dg, arone attacking in as saudi arabia h led to a fire at the world all largest oil procsing facility. rebel in yemen havety claimed responsi for the attack and this morning s analysts this could have a big affect on gas prices here in the u.s. so far there are no reports of any deaths or juries. this attack comes amid tensions across the gulf and days before the un general assembly set to et in new york city. secretary of state mike pompeo has blade iran for the attacks. early this morning iran denied any involvement in this incident. all right, we are about an hour awa from fox5's on a the hill tom what are you working on for the show this morning? i know we have a recap of the presidential debate coming up. >> tt was something because it was the firim te that all ten of the top democratic candidates
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shared the stage. you had joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders all together. in a way for some candidates, they made a good night for themselves, joe bid mostly getting high marks for not getting into a lot of m the stumbles that he had engaged in before, seemed a lot more livel. you know, other candidates, like, you know, julianmuch he went hard after biden at one int climbing biden misstated something and b turned outiden hadn't. so we're in a akeout period right now. this, though -- >> their personal moment. >> and this really crystal iced at the top tier of this race looks there atill other raetn vewe ho geatta to s command that presence they did this week. >> lots to talk about there. and also vaping making big helines. >> yeah, we've been tracking this for a while now. one by one health departments in our area have been be warning about vaping.
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what is this? what are the concerns? what's different about this right now? a are we only learning about this at this moment when these products have been on the market for a while now. we'll talk about that and have guests in the studio as well. >> importa news ast becomes a health crisis. replaceston out, what's , who john bolton and what went down in that diomissal. >> thank y looking forward to the show. more news coming up. stick with us. ♪ we are sisters. and we why alissa and aleah chose fios. we stream so much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at mui-tasking cause i'm awesome. a little. get the internet you need at a price u'll love, plus a $50is va epprai
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we've got a lot more coming up for you, stand by, redskins game time comingig up next here on fox5.
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