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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 18, 2019 11:30pm-11:47pm EDT

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>> i'll tell you they're wired. secretsht just in case all the anti climb onen stop not gh of a deterrence. and he also is not a joke pulled ow out a sharpie and signed one of the slatsty wl at the imstation. >> the major of events were focused on raidsing money it must be going well. royters snapped fot ol of the president getting on board air force none and blowing his jacket up. look at the bottom corner a$2 bill happening out of his pocket. he ahas non. nothing wrong with that a little unusual he would need
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cash at all. in what circumstance stop sign would he ever iediate -- he >> i believe one ever the great fill os fears of our time saying you don't get to ng you're require replaceable. >> members of the trump administration should really take words to heart and yes that fill or fer is beyonce. it's ben been over a week president trump told bolt on l the left, toeft. the person named roberto brine. the top uvrs togethershoingt fa. and nerve nurng than north .ockyhe a he was sent it a$ap he's willing to give president trump credit. is is what the president had to say afterelseea surec of american passenger detained in turkey. and we had a couple knkz
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and i was able to get him baca long the many other people i was aable to get back our am bar dos for togeher negotiate uses are greatin evgt all time i only tell wyou as we said at the. >> if he calls arrnging friday and khing surprised. his answer was n that plattering for john bolton. >> i think it's a very importt role and it'slly a role that if the president respects the advisor itlays a very, very important role. i>> seems liks saying he didn't -- maybe pa it mute fuel and this could get ety. the fountain using his neil
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top. bolt on also said any talks with north korea and iran were domd to failure and that be trabably won't be the less you heard from bull ton. as for the guy talbolt's space smab dog in front of white ouse wind what to d after attacks on major saudi facilities. setting ever state mike pompeo called strike act of war. bone and didn't go as far as pompeo. heka sasked if anything changed with thinking t iran. ig have noth job. maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. but we haven't lernt mawch we didn'tnowment put there is a
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ceain guarantee factor. we're at a point we know very much what happened. >> one of the president's biggest supporters wasng consider cit on iran. you can it was seep by iran a e ver weakness aand they think president gone it got. if i have lindsay how it did go into the millle east how did is that the work out. nto iraq check out. we have a disagreement ont tha and you know there's timrve time to do some that's first time i ever
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recalled him saying dasrdly. the whitehouse is still continuing maximum pressure cam pain. >> last wednesday steps aaway from t press briefing room secretary of treasury and secretary of state announced sanctions on iran. if it's wednesday is sanctions on iran day. because today there's increased sanctionsn iran. >> i thought it was wednesdays we wear pink. i guess growing up regina george doesn look like that where is she weaners. they're warning any u.s. action against him will be met in immediate response. >> whi house flowing gun check reprosal on capital hill. you think the president would have made up his mind e the of background checks. he's not. it was drafted byoj and attorn general william barron director of white housee legislativaffairs and metda with senators y to talk
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about the next step forward. barr said he has not maude a cision o what he will do tape nobody limbole for a. nra considers proposal wa circulating to a non i have a feeling we'lle talking about this for a long tim d.c. statehood on the f house hearing in more than 2 years. final five back in a moment years. final five back in a moment after this honey, this gig-speed internet is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping u. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh lanske's. right. romeros. no one is going to. have internet like
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i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could sav a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. here in chicago we have to take pimingones out or else we keep getting poopd on. >> british prime minister boris johnson got literally wrappedbut figuratively. at a hospital when confronted by fher of sick child not
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happ tto see bhere for photo on and heo decided pretend the immediate w was invisible. >> there's enough people the are not enough doctors and it'seing destroyed now you come here for press. >> who are these people. >> how do you explain the people standing there with cam radz boris. had he decided to lie even though it was obviouesy untru untrue. a man for the prime deaway.r said hll nothi he is not just sitting down he's getting out and talking to the peo even the ones that want to dress him down. when is the last time you saw an american president confronted like that. brexit talks boris getting ultimatum leaders of france and finland giving him a plan to replace the auto agreementr betweenland and northern ireland and prime minister of
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finland said ris should produce his own proposals i write physical they exist and went on to add if they're not received by end of septem it's over. head of eu commission january claude is losing pains on the issue of so-called irish back st>>. this is why i invited british prime min stor for alternative wayso tlp us reach the goals until such are offered and i won't be able to tell you looking at new the eyes that real progress has been made. >> told european parliament time it's nning out and brexit is real and lawmakers voted inpo suping another exception of d lynn if britain requests it. meanwhile philippino president
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was elect the on proms to have drug dealers or eacpeople suspected of using drugs aslled which h done by the thousands. yet eyspokesperson thi it's absurd to include an assassinion attempt on mayor involved in drug trafficking he mispoke. he referenced the mayor saying general lute you sob i amshed you you animal and your stivived. in a statement the spokesman meant to say you're ambush. teed spokesman attd to wrong phrasing that he is not nate of speaker of national it left the mayor unhard and four others injured. ext, i'll round upd up piming pimingon and we'll tell who ext, i'll round upd up piming pimingon and we'll tell who you is tossing and turning.
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we'll just go with tossing and turning trud owe and his own black face standle and we talked about privileged up bringing in canada does not parallel ralph northam's upbringing inni va. trudeau is in middle of tight campaign all the more reason for canadian prime minister to toss and turn tonight. that's final five we'll see you late tomorrow after baseball. turn inor the morning crew 4 baseball. turn inor the morning crew 4 a.m. please go to bed
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] announcer: t: ay on "tmz" -- haok. so, prince harry, meghan markle, walk into a bar and -- who wants to finh that? >> and prince harrf orders a couplepints. harvey: did meghan drink?in >> meghan did not drk. harvey: do women get resentfulin when guys start drking after es woman g birth? kelly: the woman can start
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drinking. i had a drink inpi the hosl. kelly: you push a babyft away? your vagina and tell me you can't have a drink. >> nick jonas turned 27 and priyanka rend out soldier field. hevan: they played a touc football game and called it the jonas ball. >> it sounds awesome. harvey: it's a cool thing to do. evan: you pauldn't want to go to s and walk down the louis viutton runway? s >> how do you he doesn't want to rent a stadium? evan: she likes modeling.


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