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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 19, 2019 4:30am-4:43am EDT

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forecast. ic.n has got your tra >> 4:28 right now, mike and unfortunately more problems picking up early this morning on the roads. 295 on the inbou side bound teare iersn time. gaintinuby. d larkw p. debatenortcosp with a shocking
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>>ug hthours mike, let's talk t about the weather thatg maureen just mentioned. etik's l re dfeo ele fall out there. d>> nic ely into the 70's. no rain in sight, guys. we could use some, though. week'llen t holds. erin. >> unfortunately a few cra th westbound work zone on 66. sudley road. atelalal thisime of morning. ady.res
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thishuayda,rsyor t mhe house oversight committeeil wl . statehood. ey will discuss a introduced by eael norton. the hearing begins at 10:00 a.m. building. long live go-go is holding a marchalnd rly for d.c.d for ag ooter tonight. itat's cehstalled theonilli march. in s ofrtup norton's bill in favor of d.c. becing the 51st state in the union. in 4:31 rightow n whistle-blowea the elligeinnceefuses to hand over to etails of the complaintkers
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ng lieeaf is >> 4 ru i25-year-old jtin taylo. he goe inferee 2 online. talked a 13-yl sexually explic photos. if your ki a con >>etro titnsole arechfo looking into the actions of anoi who pepper sprayed a rider. that incident wast on camera oghn tuesdauay on the red line. metro police telling us that
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spray after the woman refused te train because of her behavtrr. meo says that the officer had previtesly ed the woman off another car but she resisted, reded a a different carnd satbo♪ar yeahorr: you drive these's h>> e ng.derehe
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kifrng but my confctthede issue. it's dangerous when my' tdlhee of theio interns. >> what's wrong with helping noop w? that's what'sng hwith t people in thelddi ax countyirf rv 2,0 msu compints yea abo cs i sssto mak s
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4:34 is thesocong up,upvi plansw about someo that. >> yeah, let's do some weather. >> how about that. blue. >> temperatures this morningf ceni blue, look at w telhe as cumberland its chilly out thereng alo the hagerstown, 53 r martinsburg. here in'r near the river. t apl 64,sburg,mian o 5 p generally much like gesdeaer co, just perfect september day for you. 75 degrees this afternoon.l that feel continues for though tomorrow morning will be our coolest start in quite probably since last ti'll have e
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numbers. by the afternoon temperatures rebound into the 80's and t we got to get you ready for 's90 jwetusekend.ect in a few more minutes. that's a check on your weather. cck roads. b get riverdale park north of 50. gw lusigno majorn boulevard. westbound 662 lanes blockedt sudl rey ttdeglay b as you make your way toward gainsville this morning. n y questions at inox f5 nc.d.. coming up on fox5 houston
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hologram tour slammed on social media. >> president trump slammed san franciscoeaders for thety's homs >> going to b temperature is 35. bacfter♪ >> when i was d th
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robly what they star oee s tve -
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wodould nogo kooou wit .tupa had no i t wdeho w>>hainx nx me >> punch buggy. >> a 54-year-old neal parker was rescued on tuesday after slipping on a rock whilenfa. parkerli hiswn o creek >> wow. >> that's okay.
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plan free tuitioner o at public colleges and universities regardless of fanclyom with legislative approval tuition will be free at allstate schools. thwould be paidelan p for b nureve production in th state. oe dhas t maryland -- >> can you be out of country. >> 'cause i need to dig into that. >> y wow. doo pitorcher tylerkath subject investigati. >> the referee who forced a wrestler to dreadlocks facing punishment. on this rsday. >> deep tughts.
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...wh less. toan ro
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du a a closer lookooscuheedamil t if intentialon targeted
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ren leaderay wade leader prompt 's niolaco tinmpmp second.eroohurs t mber or wni a >> thought provoking. >> think about a thought you want to throw out there t the universe. meantime let's toss over to mike thomas. he's thinking about weather as he often does. >>od morning to you. i'm thinking about how amazing it futls ode. nice and cool conditiavlisng h ikee fall hine still some summertime temperatures on the-denevay shortly so do enjoyhe next ts rehehiyumr ofor
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rig durg tvernrttaon frni tidebou aftht.ernoon and te up.end does heat back we got temperatures in the 90's on saturdada sy,yss to. thre there. impactshem. we doha inoron 48 degrees. ttursb 53. do59ley west virginia a,ve tego go far wt,espe a. aret aninic a acrs theeegioan
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th sere' no clouds to even talk and radar, at least none we can see w yet. whene get the sun in the s clou out there but few and lmo w oithf just suhi. yesterday. big h off to theorthwhere you we the cool pleasant air. pushing down cool ntheast air, some of that easternow canadian air d into our region this me of year and that's what keeps temperatures nice and pleant into the 70's this afternoon. we'll gofredericksburg, maybe j1 6ere hture in quite some time and look at thehest weheburg maybe 48 degrees for you re area. chi to s
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centralveas etb a t rights laneouboardl road next. io a'st aerin fox5 d.c new details in the trial of new york rapr 69. he took t stand to testify o brooklynainst based nine trey d game. six-ninel rea n hernandez workings of the gang.
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easearrlhir t he pled guilty to charges of racketeering conspiracy firearms offensefigartindcocs m. ye could face at least 47 siinx-nine is expected toes 's not fdlos match? cefays ne
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he camir back in 2016 for using racial slur against a black referee. maloney told officials he did not rember >> ♪ te >> fox5's jim lokay border'sitheaders fm custom and border predent asked questions axp an
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ttle bit general. somnswer. allnosint said he in some to ley to be in o s theronsi v n oisutot a sned oict more proof you should never beca ghts sheds new light on pollution. >> scary moments delta flight leading to a fo landing. rc right ees.bature>> a iss 60 degr ck>> ♪ >> ♪ m leah. anthat's me,
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the ring long bn
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flis me. relieve joint pain ueelf., turgic reactions have occ ftell youngeness.oraralenma relieve joint pain
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>> ♪ >> time is 4:54. we bavereinak novernighte't re montgomery coe na flames. the building avenue. off of knowles avenue. 65 firefighteran are the oce and they're reporting as you
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heavy cing from the roof of that building. no word yet ontahat srted the blaze. mery county.arted overnight in we'll bring yth becom mni>>♪ >>:54 i sdy b reach plant bl research centers on cells that form the immune fetus. dangers of previously babiesg. mo through c-section haveerg aou that babiesections - c-section these babies g cabin p
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flightfort lauderdale whntelta s there was a pressure -- nicians. all byle which i trih,ood morni. all right.we'll g honestly just look liksenother . cou usewe y showed this graphi. a reminder we'relyng changes the resnttre ofur this month ann
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it would the driest september of all here in d.c. we ave ge do have one day on the seven-dayanor showers. butom no big r ttaihan least no. there's your day ahead planner. doest ea i bcoittetidemns tps rs humberto has likely reached its peak st,ngths it'of bermuda. you see saint george on your screen. it's going to continue to work its way off to t north and hurricane it's expected towo a s it mov away from any land. imelda is a big story in texas causing sog major flo willano daytimeda shewe'll keep.
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,c as meeo r noa's arashd et th blocking eastern avenue. there. shood in detwiounowew
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as w bre 4:58. umen we'lofl be wa etwhda etwhda my kids are g inhomework or theedsientideswitch now and gett sp >> sta the 5
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> and another day of milding i u iits i irspt a t mi >> not going itr o alone.
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goturartner m.erin. here, erinnds mike. >> metro is on time. nebl a 5bigelays wrighoc t0.her. 66 westbound road wor sudley


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