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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 23, 2019 6:30pm-6:40pm EDT

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♪ . ♪ . welco now to 5@630. i'm blake mccoy. ght now, one of the biggest police forces inio our r could soon be outfitted with cameras. we have details on a big vote coming. that intelligence whistllower, will they testify before congress?ow we'll break dn the controversy andwi grong calls for president trump's impeachmen after accusing a delivery person of stealing her food. tmz has the details on
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thissfit,> let's get you to monp hap oan brighten adam road ieaigf brlohe pr reporter: good even those, . ovgwhelng sportrom er l
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ot o es tan haeetag tt we p w lice dtmar hen a rbo'sra
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te e imthrna court day. judgeedrden fit until ntherext m backonond degree assault 59ear-o nd wryndl,,s brto.y.acho
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9e 'r a w sewee 0oo if the weekend brings rain, that's a lookyourmi trbl fores could affect their olympics team, their team sta ♪ . we t put a boa l 're on man bay, thest ghon maa
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♪. ♪ . own agalnds eraing d
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va in a parking .veilla r addecgnizeog against discrimination law. becrown act w introduced moowrr. it would rlmination. the bill covers
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afros an k p . from partipang acc usinti tn critical dopinga d at moscow labs. thiaru bssanmmn nete from participating i ltcsnouth korea alleged doping. o> more than 100,000 rsvaeacason wi th caouny way toetto. e ook nooun the company is goif business out on0 om ce and will causesn't govern vedot n' le
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> idtr iurntly wh sat the u.n. ll orummer with th bipresidentinsknt should n failed the one pro w lo ikexid what his son did is a disgrace, yo son took money from ukraine. >> fox 5 tom fitzgerald joins ui >> i can do ngto. if iat. wall. tosll walk through it gether. cr
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th the prendentavinsig dispatched h lot of the leveled against him in the mueller report has nar app opened up a brand new door to a who ac. the situations between the two t but essentially, thffe of erdithisen eblake,or t hat was reaching o to political oppone wiedntprte.
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hehanow ishauite ds d deyo iu n augtknow redheh 't put t pressuemocti oounre nancyreen
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lom r members. >>ot a i'm sure i ot will tom, thank t te ships, we're talking about m e than 100 vessels that sit on thelo for b maedland, the so- ghost fleet is designated a bngei tre. >> reporter: i'm mae ghost shi a it'spslo dti's ht'reig and thiso ut.h ofty dc.
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sammy has been y our babyes. gh h onti one in thet he v originally nt acro rs wtoun'hi romg ps s in
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fe. >> the a lawsuit cld be i fwi fe. >> the a lawsuit cld be i fwi cort.lop ng this ia oraby stou fe. >> the a lawsuit cld be i fwi cort.lop ng d demang more homegrown erg y,moth p advreanced ds do' .less. more homegrown erg y,moth p advreanced ds
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veho o powerful she is now ahait a t hh ut outsh a oalls h to calesveno
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goingyor eng a caren keis, cusmizer say ustomer, we' that's win t facing azeld not lu re. it's really going to kin ouorwhere erybobed is t pointh t. we're expectire will theegalcore>> we' le. h tllyou, thanks foiningpyus. it0 fo>>to>>t t a 7hen x o
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in ,ouyou.e doot accept n." "like t
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>> i feel we can talkut that. look,bo dining a on a train nows ans a bag of chipsp akhat is going by the way devesi >>ou'veve always w >>buooom lating up next. ♪ . ♪ . 's
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d our tasty sign bean person who said s she's afraid to lhousveulfais.
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