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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 23, 2019 10:01pm-10:46pm EDT

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♪ >> right n at audi upfifeld. un supporters attacked a gro of visiting fa. about how this happened. they're calling it the natural hair bill and would stop employers 20 discriminating 20 certain styles like twists. coming up i'll tell y carou tt hart, what we're learn a big lawsuin aitbout t hat cou the use you are news starts now.slv
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sources one of >> se fans involved ireder fox5's evan lambert is outside audi field in southwest with the latest. evan. >> hey, shawn, a source familiaw witht happened says that fight happened right here o outsidef audi field justs a nearby bar.seatt aleound hde those fansay dc fans approachedhem trying to take away theirhen it c rodriguez, into t cohe we'll seeerrn. if thisoeto s vi. >> that video of theel c united
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though fans were happy, police say at least seattle fan group. the dc united said they followed league property col holding the group the game ended and escorting them out of the stadium but according thereport, the group was kicked pushe a shoved by the fans leading to several injuries by the seattle fans. t spokeo people who were kesishonocs explode into vice. >> dc hasen alwayols been a ver me 36 years of at h atilindty c >> it's not worth it. we all come to events, sporting events especiay to have a good time and wat our team hopefully win. t >> andhe team did put out a statement c see itafy is a priority and the llotio nley e
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to t those try y' suspects, it's als unclear tonighto if alcoh is involve in this assault. back to you. >> theee tns a man to dea at tpe ganret happd friday night. prosecutors s the two brothers, 15 and 16 harassed an giving them dollar bill before the younger teen through the punc that killed the man. irst and second degreerged soay that'sas enough. >> n a lot othf be' peoeesple on social media wanting them to i can tell you that i don't make the law, i just prosecu who break it, okay? so the law does not permit state's attorneysffices across the statefrge aar myl juvenile as anokay, withhit man5
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ter, with second degree murder, aorneit wo pursue manslaughtear chges, though, the victim's cause of death is sll pending. a man chargeditorarntsh falr cover tse passes two thousand. today he pled not guilty to nine counts aga ahiinsts is an armyt clows n 24ar yea wpop oy howed with n one
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count distribin and ddavit h an undercover agent thi persson wh left antifa advocates and travel grouptohe there. finally couum tenget a doc mor tit y n.ew he name of tefhe skerea toax fp
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stories toght, e eugene ledge teaes english at o of ngad f tfomir oura20te1995. stafrd county cfses aesa h soug found the same incge jail. lpri professional to redesignnd
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be 1ltwa6y. a it includes narrong traffic candidates linewalidnes. la fizzled out montgomery county couldn oets i anew police today county executi ve marc a. thind job that t to long, he was filling in as tthhe job. like to think he'sr >> as long as they usiee thipnk' pt safe.t, s going to deo >> reporter: a cinghief marcus jonesitn wyears, when bee teaas major required jones putis hand in the rin buttycuas w forn
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reprofe iidents this summer, he office was charged with hio suspect's head and in may an officer was recorded using a we montgomery county counsel members whorn raised conce overt es.
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ke fdlowing some of t, heappriat these ien idwhite shooting and other thin, and i'm hopeful we're going too be able to closely with him to wkin and file and make the reforms we trust that's been eroded some certain segments of our community and i want to work with chief jones tw make suree rebuild that and make sure everyone experiences policing in a good way. that's my focus, think he has a ton of qualicif he knows the departntlme. still have to go through the apr geneslw say a plesasesee,sas the
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neatimcl saroxer sim pontahrag 26 people were arrested but for the mostart p peroacef tstul. this was the scene at khnd 16t where a few handcued to a pink sailboataineded with the words rebel for life. they h them io f corov protectid cuertting them freeeltrteic al s pped a env officers but said the decisionme yushohi
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tookotpr away but the protesters trying> we m monument. they were supposed to have fixed the elevators. however, the elevators lkbota,utrage for parentsng at florida school districticer arr
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weeks after a devastating car crashomedian kevin har and the other people in his car were crashed are all lawyering up. >> angiehoff joins us now w the details.t angie. >> athis point we don't know who's suing who for the whole crash saga but we know hart the passenger have all lik ae nd th0 recovering 2 the major injuries they got in that crash i the malibu hills earlier this month. sourcesnere saying tha getting witht tt because the 1970 plymouth barracuda they were traveling in reportedly did t have safet harnesses or however, hart could potentially go aer niftght. but many are speculating a tha major lat c clde bpany who actu it should have put iny feures e
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hart did notan w here's what tmz's charles told fox5 earlier this month. >> the car only had a lap belt, did not have the three-point harness that really is what helps protect people 20 having the kind of spinal injuries tt kevin plere are peo ejust because the client asks fr that, if to putrs a like this, huh the customize should say to the customer we're not going to do that unless we puthr a t-point harness in it. >> that was actually earlier this evening.ting this come prohib custom car companies 20ct rolling out ps without these harnesses and i lived out in california for many years, and these kind of cars are really popularyn in a about, ow,kn vintage cars? >> i know they want to keep the original feel for the car. >> right.
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>> not thinking about the safety aspect of it as . well >> we'll see. >> let's talk abo little bitut the forecast right now. it is 10:17 tonight and 80 degrees,l totally n importantco h at dulles too. toyeah,y, this has been quite a. this oft wepe hap don't haveoau people felt like, come on, we're into ll, it's a new season n't we ditch the 90s, look at bwi, 95 degrees there, the record at dulles was broken 20 2010 when iwas 93 we are starti changes, though. it is 80 degrees, sti time of y well aur average high temperature for obo the day but notice the wind direction out of the north norwest at 9:00 going to start bringing comfortable air, foolgren des cooler in martinsburg than the district, quantico fredericksburg still in the low 80s s
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come through overnight andwly y will notice the change when you wake up tomorrow moing. also no of sprinkles he and there, very light showeris hit ors around the region ahead of the o cool f that isoi ng tovernight be ruled out but it is a brief cool-down that we will start to feel tomorrow. won't last all week, but the for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning it ought to feel good, 62 t 70 degrees before school, after school 77 degrees coole on our tuesday 12 than it was tay. of also a little bit breezy tomorrow but we'll get you ready r what's ahead the rest of this week and the weekend in a few s. nutemi> t answers after a school resource officers arrested their six ook old children andre t them away 20 their elementary school in handcuffs. one reportedly through a temper ta center for finrpgerisnt
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mug shot. ouurst was likely because of a medical condition. >> no six year old child should be able to tell somebody that they had handcuffs on them.ow, n sleep disorder, sleep apnea. ay s hdo in't behave like that. >> the officer is spendr t suspended pendihe outcome of that investigion. florida state attorney will not prosecutechildren. >> into you fute about the airplane. the faa doesn't know whenhe planeight be allowed to fly again in the us.regu pla agne f they expect the max plane to the end of the year. haps before >> the washington monument back open today and the elevator is workiner it broke down over the weeken >> the elevator problems come days after the iconic lapped mark reopened to the public. blake mccoy is here with the story. >> can you believe we're talking about broken elevators again? this was a gut or more
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thanhreapunc ih,t has been closed to the public while workers mad steps i have repairs including replacing an unvat system that had become thursday and saturday afternoon the elevator suddenly stopped working. visitors werewhe w fixke working and there have not been any problems since but the glitch did come as a surprise. >> completely disappointing for us obviously to be on the third day and have a minor hiccup and we certainly apologizell to those that were inconvenience by being stuck up top a little longer than they planned o puig upthere. elor ilro>> thankfu david rubenstein spent more than $10 million of his own money to don't know what caused it but they are investing. >> after all thaime tound y nnuninfortunately it's not but
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they'll figure something out. >> looks beautiful. ough. comingp an explosion inside of a car that ce 20 an unexpected source, the powerful lastcan. 2in atthe can. >> the latest on a tour company'rehanne 100,000 vrs stranded oves.ea
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a missouri woman b med her dry shampoo for blowing a hole rough her daughter's sun roof. >>naly no one was the daughter aerosol can inside the nsole, the heat caused it tohrou r
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on'tnow about ning on the label, and i get -- yeah. lver lining in all at's the,nly storm were those ding 20 theif of through the roof, too, that would be fun to tcwah. award f best costume and about 100,000 people that watched them jump off a go par gliding. >> after a defeat by the wisconsin badgers, one you will faithful. artequlastr ill consider sittin there on the front row. >> they we h certainlying a good time around him.
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that's an adventure us look, too, with just the overalls. >> yeah, you know, that's the student fan section. >> ct is. oming up how much food do ameran t shryearut? ow o the high price tag of waste. >> are millennials taking advante ofheyir one study suggests mill at their houses. ♪ houses. ♪ ' mo... ...with less. doers need energy. and demand f it is expected to grow. so chevron's finding more homegrown energy, more precisely. digitizing the way we wowith s helping us develop more productive wells. and we're exploring ways to use renewable ergy
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>>g bre news out of northern pie of a house fire in the alexandria section of fairfax county. crews are still at the scene in 0e block of elmwood drive. fouro go to the hospital.t ohe n tfowt very total loss. we'll keep an eye and let you know any new tt
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maynf come in at the the room. >> working on a nbersties tonig live outside audi field after a evan. >> reporter: shawn, dc police are looking for about dozen dced unitans who police say attacked aeattle sounders fans after the game on sundaye mi liar with what happened says that that group w nearby bar. that's when the dc fans came up to them. >> tried to steal some of the carves and hats they had cam to blows, one person injured so seriously they had to have surgery. policeoo audiki lng field to id the swell, wety areyears.
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he will still need to b e approvedy the county counsel. shawn. ct ehang a tffic ms ilithtee c tistrict this inmorn the brzeing urgent aalentilon t toh warning. organizers say they will do it all over again friday morning. y genderr otgeran'the basis of county council member said they shouldn't bee abl he's introducing somethingcallee explain josh. >> reporter: specifically w legafor w them to discriminate with hair styles typically with peop of color, including braids, locks, rose,
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twirls. > we need to sing nalhat t yree created. that's onepiteec actioe,n taken other states like calniifand aho prevent are incidents like this when a high school w stler in new jersey was hmaistch. it would only apply to the workplace right h now bute is looking at the possibility of expanding it. it already has support 20 could you please members as well s a hair stylist. >> bernice,ho says she hears concerns 20 her >> they have braids in because they wan. t to tichange it beca of a job interview. why should you be budgedased off your hair, why should you be hired based off your it's just , hairhair. people really do look at i, oh know, it's not profes sional.yssa >> reporter: this bills
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to and torowni m a scheduled fo. is rllea tossymething. t many people were affthteisdhet abouthe referee, he forcing that man to cut his dread locks to avoid the forfeit. >> yeah. >> thanks josh. d that is the topic of night's fox5poll s insulta empln the brous section, also voten il prince george's countl soon have an openn seat o the school board. a member is res away 20 herig
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patricia eubanks submitted her resignation letter she's been on the board nearly a decade. there were roomers she was living outside her district,e recently found out it was true. the county executive will choose ilse fat until the election. >>mt a kicking off high speed train service 20 dc to new rk, the sps in daware althl to new york cutting travimel 20e about fours amtrakul will eh direction. >> a local vietnam veteran was reunitedith iem a. he lost his dog ff in lat a sel selling it outn h the seller refused. he got a t call 20he national
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guard in wincheste saying they ing tears. cause i didn't even remember that it was blown off of me. it had t be blown off boy that ecause where else did it go to? the hospital wouldn't have had it, bheause i remembn theyy just put m me on chopper and flu me out. it's amazing, not only amazing but a nice conclusion. >> he s1d he was just 2 when he lost his dog aportew n b inight part of the a butre,on first here's her locally ine. su terms of the wth bu three named systems, jerry wilch w l karen that looks to cross puerto ewco and a n
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lorenzo, i'll show you the latest tracks on thesen a ahi change on your this isn't just a beer.
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ne waste nearly $3,000 a year when they throw out spoiled e study done for botch home appliances found amecans throw out 103 pounds of spoiled food a year, $53 a week or $2,800 a year. why do people waste food? 77 percent say they forgot it was in the fridghe in first ace. fruit theost commonly abanas st
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remembering nation for international flights. insteadf a passport and tickets you pose for photo, customs will match it to your passport photo, it is available a luding dulles and reagan fligxp bro gups acluht say it raises privacy concerns. >> how long will it be collecd, how long willt be retained? will it be used and shared with other agencies like the fbi. >> mean times customs androrde us citizens a deleted after 12h. the facial recognition techdlogy is being use at boarder and so far agents have captured 173 impositives teres at land and posing at airports. m millennials adayvantage of parents generosi too much. study shows homing fur
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banofe t elosts in areas. true, but if i loud by the parents, wh syhodul allowed. >> wages are no the cost of living. like the ct ofrent, theos c cos tr ansportation. rent, millennials facreing a ballooning student loan de. >> speaking ofetil mialenn a aw more pupoindications. >> plus tt o t orlife.
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♪ >> body cameras may soon be part of the uniform for fairfax county police, there was a big vote set for tomorrow and marina arraco standing by with the details. >> jim fairfax county y the resuils ofot program that ran for six months last year showed that there was overwhelming support fory b cameras amongst residents andof cers felt it would help set complaints. thevote, according to board members, is expected to be unanimous. here is the county's board ofrv i think that everyone feels that it's something that we have to do. so many people are using their iphones, you know, are t
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videotapinghemselves what happened. refrd o d he n own there is an incident, we would be at a huge disadvantage. woule y ee is able to provide as evidence without our havingur o ars. ax counllty w bil mllion dl thanks mnwhile overseas withouayy c w aeo of thomas co busineftanerd vacations for som years. >> outcome will beeo dpleveta and will cause a reallynae comp
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travel companies. >> on line co speed i't hurt thomas cook plus thenc u urs hting > t10tesahi s.andle vessels are sitting on o a national mariney. sanctuarfox. >> reporter: sore we' it' isi. t nd the reasone're we ave allyo now has a national distinction, sammie is predor f. the last several years to get this
10:48 pm
distinction. >> it sure has, bringing in the natindal bra of national marine sanctuary to the chesapeake bay has been about a five year process. >> what doeshat mean? what does it bring i gnetting that distinction. >> a national brand. only 14 of these anywhere around the country and now we ha crles maryland. so you bring in ts national brand, this notoriety, this touris destination, economic development, educational opportunities. >> reporter: and posure. >> and exposure. >> reporter: more people can come and enjoy this. >> r:yes. >> rep tell us quickly, there's mallow's bind you, the tide is up but the drone video is amazing. sat is ithowing you looking at this video. 100 world war era wooden vessels line and have been salvaged and nature's bain ng them. >> reporter: and they were sunk on rppu ose.
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we may not, for too m hese special out bring your kayaks or ca noose or go with the local guid i highly recommendgomin out. >> reporter: a guided tour 20 kayak, sounds great. best time is spring but tours running through october, google it you'll fd out a the information. thank you samy. >> thank you. >> reporter: 20 the potomac livc next torles county, gary mcgrady o y ut tou there was gary
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out there on the waters. >> the wind was a little cooler on the water because it was a little hotter back where we it one a beautiful day to get out on the water, especially when we were in the mid 90s on our first day of fall. good news, a littleess hot tomo will cross through overnight. maybe you'll have sprines or a light shower tonight. most of usid not. the front did not have a lot of moisture to work with but what it will do is chase the heat out of town and be more comfortable tomorr. instead of 9 or 95, i hadr it should be closer to 81 or 82 degrees. at should feel great, right? temperatures ill gradu climb back up again later this wehe and into t weeke hndij sacy fall just a little bit. we'll be staying aboveno,wee al
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staying so dry. we could really use the, but those air conditioners and the summer clothes probabl h wil beandy as we work our way through this week. the good news is again not doin the record setting, dulles at 94, the previous record 93 set in 2010, bwi marshal also getting up to 95 degrees, but it's been a nice kind of a turning down of the heat as the evening has rolledpe on. cially north and west of dc.'r we still 80 here in the city bu check out pittsburgh at 60 degrees, columbus coming in atd iwiresn i nesler air that the breeze out of the northwest should chase that off. tomorrow, not as hot, head for about updegrees, little warmer at 84, but still ten degrees cooler than mentiont herehere but they have been spotty to be sure and very, going forward i think it will be rare if you even get a fewri
10:52 pm
nkles out of it tonight. what wreee winds cing o sut of t anuthwnortes thet,ayo t torhe enjoyment because hones ly tuesday looike a fantastic yes, it's but it will be a lot less t hheot. 60s we'll get it started on a comfortable note tomorrow morning and wgainit bht hi pressure is going to keep those winds streaming in 20 a foy and comfortable direction us sunshine through the day tomorrow, some clouds out thereow that will break up in in the overnight hours, a sunny dry afternoon as we hd for about 81 in the city, sth of the city 8eg annapolis you c near 82, get out toward hagerstown to martinsburgnd winchester mid and upper 70s for a beautiful tuesday here locally. we talked about there being three systemsn tropics. tropical storm jerry is about 300 miles southwest of bermuda and unfortunately it is going to pass very close to the island, probably during the day ondn
10:53 pm
esday. so tropical storm condions are expected there, not a directt, but, wow, they've had a bad few weeks with lots of systems being very close to bermuda. and karen, which is aeson, is g right over puerto rico we believe and certainus and british virgin islands have to watch it. it bill rringn even though it's a weaker system looks like it may try to become a tropical storm again and sit stall. so we'rean not quite sure wt will happen to karen after abouo saturday o but puerto rico not looking forwardtho sys ttemk lorenzo still too far out to sea but we think the t will be up the north atlantic so we'll continue to watch thin-day forecast, because it starts to heat up again. we get some comfortable days here tuesday and wednesdayen and then right t backo 88 thursday, mid 8 friday and then this weekend, too bad tools are mae a to want to be a dry
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but edairoathet,esow monda ay 87 drees as witwell. that's your seven-day forecast, jim, over to you. > on friday it was all about the new iphone. this fridas it' all about samsung's folding phon it will go on sale this friday. it has ads screen that like a book. for put the phone on launch a couple months after early versions cause to flicker and turn black which is not good. thphone will cost just under $2,000, it will go on sale at at and t stores as well as best buy. >> t future of air display sw cases varioes i the save vacation industry. among the top flhing sports car dubbed the switch blade whi can travel 100iles on i don't know if i trust myself
10:55 pm
with something like that. >> i ye ah that sthoo. you do youe >> i don't want trust myself going0 miles an hour on a scooter. >> that's scary, too. >> the flus at 11 coming up in a few minutes. >> sarah's in the news >> at 11, stoled former governor terry mccullough's car, find out exactly where it was found. a shocking video showing al little being rescued 20 train tracks, police say why he antonio brown this we'll tell you what could be e player. we'll s aeet 11:00 mbeomcations, 70 pernt of ayca,
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amans said they went somewhereic solely to tlo the l bruce in the region, itrmany italy a californiare muw h many taking the time to go to a local visiting some of the local br aewoneser. see aou yt on 11:30. shawn and sarah havore news after this
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right now at 11:00, fans attack. a clash at a dc united match ended with someone going t the hospital. what one witness says sparked the violence at audi field. plus a wild ride on a hoe busyught it was a drunk driver that'shy i was so cautious. >> how a childeh got bind thesu. and locver ar alstyles. na w ho iglinst hair di tscomi s ourna young women and men that you're the way you were created. your news at 11:00 starts now. we begin tonight wit breaking news. we're told one fire ghter was hurt and one person is unaccounted after a fire here aort f this house in the


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