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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 25, 2019 9:00am-9:53am EDT

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ghta,ri achmentim pe whitoda th seemed toafter theenus so ref man is tased by metrool p ptfic. thatants hebo . i ts
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orhood ldard winhbner nationals. >> what a morning for.c. sports. the basketball c good dayou now. ♪ms of heedde tiger alato theat's got tonow s what, was wonder ani knowis youl that c helebraig bting ior the next two aous canhem.. ov two whole lot. allison and steve b this ganorg mng.
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>> i'm flowing a flag until furtr research can be done. i feel survivor 80s. they had to have another hit. >> the perhatctuay sott tin her work out in in her work day smart test lady in the bunch that's maureen umeh doing it with by. t m out. all work it out. t it its,. ee i tndning
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a.or new tfl.ix so we hit renytl portraying such a controversialn at, mi bears all. out her >> sike a good couple ofou hours, lice now suing the t orafficern s involved for excessive force. the man says he was trying to ger beingfor a teena man hdled bye. ran melanielnwick pas onthis sec good morning n, mel. yo wn an dyatheow apassderin rksrks ws
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ex.epene n baby,n. stooptostopst sopto >> i'm beip,ng tased. >>r: so occasionally you c ran eventr s man w tat mad is ot os hericheir rhts
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vindicatedga f l responsible fog accountability we'll always be limited. >> reporter:o s his lawyer tells us that her client's on option is to three officers instead of wmata itself dymanhe onn t forhe june 22nd. >> so, mel, i'mnterested. hee there anya contrt? t second case that this lawyer ford has taken the oth was for this woman ne. named diamond rust who h h
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suete the officers not the awhe ford is taking this upon ds toel and vir wgi to t >>eree th til stypeaker of this house t
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she does not speak f i america mpen canto ises t white houas callnororesim dentse tmp ukraine'sea l wder whistleblowhe fore congress. of course, the president and the president of ukraine will meet today. the president trump will have press conference at 4:00 o'clo'c 4:00lock. let's check the top five at 9:00. erin tracking those stories down in the newsroom. wh that's right, steve. erwee police are still on the scene investigate a situation right now at 5200 through 5400 blocks of georgia avenue in northwest. they remain closed. also closed 1200f block o jefferson and the 1200 ingraham streets. details very limited put police tell us ty received a call around 4:00 this morning that was for burglary involving a man with a gun. the family of john weed the man who was allegedly beate to death at the great frederick fair ispeaking out this morning. in a statement released to the public the man's sister sayingar
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int "my brother was happiest ever -- we've ever seen him spend timember 20th. together as a famil fair, but due to this horrible fact o unprovoked violence, my brother is now dead. th no excuse for whate's these individuals have done ". 15 a 1r >>nowte avenue t s touthhiersn one bk
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ge pin the college admissions scandal he p as water polo recruit. actress felicity huffman this monthin prison mars oinedha ustorleenv where shoppers can e aaprel, hectlltyoods i s awindt shop optt'n similar l's shoppere left for som don'twant tyht fort somethingetheng they definitelye brick and mortar. sounds like an interesti retail concept. in otherocations, guys?picks up >> hmm. >> hmm. >> fingers crossed. >> i.eresting >> exactly. >> probably will. it probably will. all right. 9:09 is our time. thed,oo t. but i'm just living in the
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moment, tucr. >> your, ooh mean it will be -- youonesnotly k beautiful afternoon. d afternoon. thenly t wise is rainnd a we don't have any in the forecast 68is afterowrnou o anyulles.4 des afternoon.da brig fhtew fair weather cloudsat ler. 85e t bbi looking day h allndwi. yt aaiet yous kitco r f somethio
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through 50 games. they turned it around and tto nghetsatchdscreri? w k morngderg,liarlyr roomnju, anthe nats he can't eve
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hegnam listen st i'm goi t careske hothe w iay. look where they are right now. i'm goingo livhaine i'm going u >> just like the te >> yeacael ce ander. th ge'ood day for juanionship fl seopco ond straight year. knocked ovesffleceesso j. >> see the support. gin one marylanhe i attacked iod
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we're all in the kitchen. vehow isrybody. >> can we talk. >> the vote is inheol cgele down indasan cy' neitoghborhoods that surround they universitf maryland campus. >> ia last night that took nearly four hours the part thements before the an to vdiolation, theld donsth ofactually lose decision was. >> rental properties about two isars ago and i oppose this
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imposes a draconian penalty on me for behave your which i can no way, shape or form reasonably be expected to control. w had people tell me they haveay a right to have a party e here goo i work andot n when heo ivsierty violatio the pve g irtns because tiby're he whorupt tiv n hasrhower written pt'spl iesd
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tag goo#gooddaydc. t i passed. >>kay. i n >> all right. also californiaan m today after he was caught o camera aking a rea ulgl s wtate the womas finishing up showing that openhe han a m heou shoved had he her not flowerbeds ando ope we heard the vid teogr she scred rewanmo .t arrived so it t lkst something personal between him and perhapsha u ttp at houses h.ted stiheul's. ks almost loo commotion at that point.
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aat little han heau tuy.themselves allri the >> goo d news there.. teajiches amt tully tripntary louchl ooin fvilliele with stu the falioirl nam neighborsheyant r has spinaouldd of her condition. so freeirl wasn't cla. wi gonesma>>each veralirs goinge
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arihe i mt.t . th fg on the. survivor o hite wosurvivor has thee top ten hits including twoumber ones. so the ruling in the lot of -- >> where did that list from. >> has beene com reversed. survivor in the a one >> h citw of and the -- >> the rhino. it was huge. >> you shod it. >> i kne hw ie heardav ore you in that group as one hit wonderar p mi guess you could say. >> three hit wonder. >> at least. they have a lot of top 4 was trying to bee. nic the0s chicken controversy. the man neigh are tryingbohat i.
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>> and later it's one of the hottes shows o net 96 rightth starno of unbelievable will join us live in the aneo t hitr? erom hring chi fckenr nautei coffi
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this going in rightil here feelc that this is more of an agriculte business iin this urbu can seein id of industrial. back side alexandrialvaycuer.
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thf ey'rat oe withf this same company. there theye md. l police were called a mose wooere address a number ofsue issater eth theyoc aolsinesses backya smendll a,, parking, amor gout o.ol s we
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.>> all rignnk. y 9:30 get lou mom. e hit wonder.
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dny w tha's be 's wedne ssd lat0.romoes utn ive
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holly who's in the podcast studio theood wor of shayeghibauok down w tith
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butter, d.c born and raised former f t thike a listened su peoe see just the want f to sndve yourself, iteoe assist w p.duct mhuch tha yt'un
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faith thersaseis wp in the nt>> i she camloite w his w, y i >> you know wha kt i loveal abot this stoory s muc example o somo has something unfortunate happen but then t they turn that into a blessing and they l don'tet that one bad thing for him the government shutwn jusdot stayad
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ndon teain a we havell pwiodcasts episod tesaln o about l luratn o looktl ns i like too say.erur all right. thank you so much. wz>> orey w u? w ybto thiucofh . h >> i don't to takenose kloodcast. is there a t such>> becauay sene
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initf draysf. oing to r afternoho on.etntl will be warmer than yesterday mid a s oras tw 8onoin tomorrow g. sttered and it will be hot tom lda at satury cod we do a the
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rerd, wl fallld athewe much,ea tuck thing. thiss g iid willeawh ansuc lotr mom this is kindt>>i.ha >> this istyf. reorndndot thehe rehe engaged whsileid you ged asre later wsio
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as h o.nesmuspll aid of ahe. >> yup. from send u hs out tost f ourdsheor f tterwhy to gets in tha w >> for atber orkou reasons, a, .not only ist a wko b are family >> kgrow startedurth kpid
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o aney wthe tirhe super age pow. ly hryy.sterro fm heathsa m ers radover t count.lary the country this is knot fitor yrnowu wot i nk thatr s of fun. . worthey're on the move. . go.oko t kee up. >> all right. thanks, m, so justin big blow outwholeried h tavhieg party for ebb. apparently that's coming up this ll gd we' 'shoind o wft
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opdon' citard myhinkion. ihumpgong o wldit e' hpr' weddio i inter
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ve been married forarried for it's just planning the big bash been post we mhtyt ieallenuert enlisdsre bieb' ts y
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find a way to tl gut, hp yeah,, you kreno happeni ings. people know. but one cng upon hutborut the me ivre's
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>> sea a cniad n haps aon wanting more parents in the e h pplev understandeng
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to obtainedarre toly that lawyd os necegprotoriastiutng guilty r have already negotiated it. even before individuals have been tried or sorryather than tr have been filed with chargings. so it's really interesting to see that they're getting out ahead of this and that the people who are potentially beint indictedy are workin with prosecution herehe because tre a or attorneyshan to not.k withd >> it will be tough tspecially for somehe hollywood heavy hitters stelle involved in many in some cases have decided to plead not guilty. soe'll see what happens. sean, thanks for joining us this morning with tmz. tmz weekdays at 3:00 and 7:30 ere on fo thank you kevin for joining us as well. 9:45. let's get down to eri thanker vo anywhere.
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i wiloul c yhat with caitlin der ngcohe star of the n uew detflix hit unbelievable. rartuch a complex scharactengr. keep it to good day. we'll be right back. ♪ 1850of cfee.
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>> i'm prett positive that it happened. >> pretty positive or posite? maybe i black it out. >> marie, you're a smart you woman clearlyus detand touhe w yay you're handli this, y say oneou thing, you write another. there is ath rapist. e isn't a dream. it's a blackout. you've told us four different versions. at this point resarfdls the onle know for sure is that you have told useast a threetie tt's clis eew crime drama unbelievabl stoa being raped then recants eraw ioas
9:49 am
tfemaley detectives played bytoi tn t pn ss reveal t me w creatas a ofoim witlyhor fs a m.uc um, and, yeah, i going into i sd nopossible >> and the i uelfieerds o marsht and politicalulitzer p bzeased n
9:50 am
>>esal face' . ginot a good sense ofsw e >> yeah. it was definitel acu disnssiourt was already such a privilege that s tell her story in this way and to put it on netflix. >> right. >> um, i'm just so happy it's going to be seen boy so m t and and we're defingoiny open a lot ofit eyes with this show.ith the awareness what tehocke wd se. and not only has she been victimized is she's forced to retell hertory to, write her peley. facts becau she you to go throuh thnow, p iceat think as an a ye oppouct t'rtu a role um, and so
9:51 am
shahmalex hnekiitt thanri m wrsal to knowk
9:52 am
really compelling, a undm, aoese people are feeling,insped by mad by the story in general. so it' important. >> it' con oal. y hatsm movie n and it shows your spectrum andch a characteruserior hand such a funny light othn e . tell us about bookucmahrt t boxe
9:53 am
okbo jushe stxpernceft b my life. shooting the movie was know, ite of the best summers i've ever had. it was -- it's so cool to make something and to make something so fun and it wasust t such a gv sme ou and her friendship in that movie foreshore. >> i feel so a lucky an actor itat. ailed to something lik pjt >> you arear l life. your star is thaounk cful you sd in talk with us today. >> youthan catch unbelievable on neter i'm aboutal.fw what's.
9:54 am
debbie joyntmen. it's l nationae heit that one- o fuce ss one>> wr>>he and goshahe to she .us >> hey. >> we' talllk. >> holly! >> the for one hit wonders diamond in the back
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>>ke> onta hit atonder w all the g. life. l t fe ors mpl c. ♪
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s ♪us
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agoso saysb1, tha>> wamee, two,0arts panda.
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n>>h,. saiethere yound>> a gon.
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>>ou y>>ouet soi gwa a r w livle on location for us
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y,is morningut herk win stth y,lact pomk wor birm. bachor b sas
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fiop f. yive keviyinta why and i think we uncandanerstnd w brotherskl khrtitf a mass killer crimals f.ends and masots n shog victims wrote aetter expressing concerns about the movie people were21 killed and 70 others in mass shooting in theater in aurora, colorado. now it happened during a screening of thdark k joker filt be screened at t thatater. victims families wrote a letter
10:04 am
to the abo the film's release calling on warnero brothers get involved in the gun control movement and pledge not to donate to political ca midates and takeey from the the befores has stopped a actishons but said that the his. fit is not the a. k >> you completely understand where the victims families are coming h fero putm yourself in their position as is. you know warner brothers is kind because there are so many movies out there whoould pe jelt,g back the onionw, atha.
10:05 am
it'sch f intineresdting ar stories made dayup are fictional orsties are so realitywhite rigs blurred line so that when people yre tnk ofatnma r ni thi butnkhesftheir put on tof they're realek see why peotple e dnays subject don't havg tbud i both sides ofs argumentanhi thei gcomin u from the families of the victims and friends of t victimsll
10:06 am
lmce. eeno not -- i s fyirmlo m doviee around forriver was as disturbing as so is the king ofs. thi comedy regards to the way those movies portrayed that. director toddips madehinterestil i'm agring on either side or the other but fasciting pif oe informationjo wick franci betev heas film b and that franc is almost considered to be like people in the theaters aor chct number. >> that's problem we separating one from the other. to your argument you could argue much more interest in true crime siteviha >> exactly. oo>> l lm.s held to differe antree t pp standardsn oth. thanks b. no only can alexait cel h joed
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beca of society norm it's hard for wen to sometimes do do w tt'sha i wtas you some abot this the hotelsroposed t illayaw in womenroint >>o it're. notec l like -- >> still have that. >> they'll me eve eore b theryen nt tolo ane t.hat have been popping up. >> they had a night in mallca spain. i'm just saying. yet another bizarre story,ds
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sign a sleepover contract before they can stay ate. her read it user shared the strange list of rees otsnnchelu tde ppl. you must change clothes independently a in no excessivendly loud voices or electronics, and. contract caused outrage by read s aicver want to killeru areo d >>ach many e process. breaking hitolic nalew will to jones cmunity told the intelligence bet prewe but theusce that the president
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>> okay. i'm following you. whoo! >> oh mackt in a definitely a one hit wonder. >> yet we.eahti>> s remember thw how to dance always good for those people challenged. i love you. i really do. c 10:16 manyelebrity dish. backlash for actress dem my more over thehe bll revelations from her tell alll aor
10:16 am
what the erinte u . book.g claims her ex-husband ashton on her. ashtonutcher actually tsponded to her claim in a tweet push theutton on a iinee sawdeleted. meanwhile actor jn ohgrrie a tht about claims moore made about him in the book. he lost heavier eighty one in the to her. he's refuting. i' s totally making that assum mion ony skill level i had lost my virginity in high school. well played for a t one but i don't know, guys, i think h minak ag f people get sensitive when there's kissing telling involv. it's her account. she can tell whatever she wants in her book. >> i'm not sur tedhtt, i wasfel.
10:17 am
r>>ightl hshat's different. ou or yhar c it'ras a personal situation. >> i know she revealed that had a manage autrois.>> h w who. who because ashton kutcher wanted it. >> he didn't refute that. >> right. [ lautter ] >> that's i thought. she says it led to his slippery slope into cheating. >> io heard she a hi like alsgl gooe. >> heartke bro o read thef i'mn. b>>k thaoonks so much, erin. >> thank you. as aill this next celeb s rapper - guest onpe rapr i-pod cast expeditiously where he spied the teanplans on beinge d while he' never get married again. nick cannon says his balance with lup lead him to rea he doesn't want to be
10:18 am
responsible for someone else's ppffa >> so he mwig thtt g on -- i gut e a, um, you know.withas i get it. i he g ot always betmiuntnbl a n his hf somebody else i >> nick you might -- maybe y just haven't met the right person for your nec marriage, right? a lotti of s possible say they're not going to get married and they meet. the >> ut-oh. here i am walking downhe aisle again. >> in lov. >> all right. this next story the tale of two michelles. williams and actress michelle williams. >> one of t is actually fed up being mission taken or the other. let's send t this one downo kevin for all these details. >> is kevin moved from that chair in the den all>>orning. o, no, no i've been sitting
10:19 am
here since 6:50am. >> you looknk good. >> thaou very much. >> comfy. >> actress michelle williamsde vered empassioned speech about the payuality at the 2019 prime time emmy awards because she shares the same name with former destiny's child w michelleilliams some people mistakenly many would barred the sier comments. instagram live to address the comments once and for all. take a look. g >> let's one thing clear. how come when ya'll are tagging and congratulating a person, ya'll -- ya'll see t go to my pe or. m ticaghelle williams, i am black.h wiitn. i am black son i'm the worldm ia
10:20 am
getting cursed out iny co michelle williams' speech when i thought was her truth. i thought it was awesome. i thought she was factual. i cod be wrong. >> all right. michelle williams from dustee 's child doing aex video aining that she's not the same michell w sunday. obviously debting some nasty and rude comments that have sparked for to take to social media to explain it's not the same person. >> kevin, younow a thing or two about being mistaken for someone else, right. >> you suld see my at mentions tefromrday afternoon and throughout this myning actuall it's been very fascinating to read. >> you know what, obviously people mistake him for kevin mc kathy hp on theill, but you know what, kevin you handle it master physical every time. >> thank y >> every time. >> yeah. i mean sometimes if the subject matter is little sooerious
10:21 am
obviously when my name -- when my name gets mistan with the other kevin mccarthy, i won't respond but the ones i'm this morning are -- i been lo, sora aorll, it's beekin fndn thew back at star >> field day. trthanks.rsto kev. jessica simpson revealing major milestone in her life the mother of three took to lestagram to rct on her weight loss journey d saughter . e he sh rloeveahe s th scale she also says she's glad to be feeling likeerse lf >> good for h feror enow what o mn.t. it.lust youikk many.oinghe t ho yea >>. >> exactly.
10:22 am
>>th. ne but theer star p cnuonties gospel music super the joy winae loft with us this morning dish o perform as well. first,ugh, yes, our t ownd morn. ♪
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am pleasant this a dim't t get lot of hidit so day s beautifuluave veigh.w'ay ofun' >> that was awkward. we'll move on. on fox5.
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>>♪ >> you are t king of thef "the masked singer." >> that was a clip from last season's finale. under that maskn. >> the mask returns to the
10:30 am
stage forai t season two. it's only right here on fox5. so, any guess who will be os i defer toe el>>unthl, coour masked singer espondent allison seymour realtea inrs areng you?
10:31 am
ger" is back toanthwi big name celeb is hidgh. >> isn't it obvious? >> i guessed i you're welcome. endro dpanda flamingo ice cream even enhegg tthe panelists in ad scratchinghat adhe which one gorgeoed a little bit with >> don't think they' likan me e
10:32 am
sre versace outfitp ba aby .> but when trying figurede lwoe or i g woon bd. coulhe t bde y go to song. >> i will survi>> ooh, i
10:33 am
ve. >> ♪ >> my whiteanyou on fox for thex rtaiteent nm los angeles i'm jae hamilton. >> all right, thanks jake. season two of "the masked singer airs tonight at premiere at 10 o'clock right here on the mighty x5. ei lihi beouldnkitse that erin wasis walki that a jaguar. >> i liked that t flam. that say jaguar on the back. >> this says leopard. >> it's a leopard. >> got some makeup oith e panda a c iot n pandas. we have such loveable pandas
10:34 am
here. >> the egg headsntveryerestingra al you're going to >> yes. and there's nouzz out ho anybodyll like is. n't heardu enveea onehahing anythabout it. te in ing. sec ret. >> under wps. t'le msaureen and find what's hut o on.ngt lirmel heather is thevi phoug i'll clam
10:35 am
him anyr: day. >> reporte you have thought of everything. not only are you working out but you also have provir sounon ts s their hung out, they watched momxercise they had fun with frnds there. now they get to have fun >>. th
10:36 am
lar th momare l a goodwork g cng ex anrealncdice ari fve svia.
10:37 am
>> she's l oit w ias mik amazint and have our can bring your kids. you don't have ksidryw.o mewarant towa t touch it y or c. >> want to jump.f >> he's othe shy ones in the bunch. that's okay. he likes to draw though i'm sure right. >> he does. >> how was it f>> you. it was wonderful. >> okay. >> they're telling me i've got
10:38 am
to wrapcoty. if you don't knowtutu ow i abo . ven el o again, it's just about moms getting together staying fittt ing fit all through stages a pregnancy and beyond just aor communitytgyntth i forf yo i men gaithersburg, i'm going i to t back to you guys in the studio. >> awesome mo. great job. 10:38. we he acsnksnd a ysebti ang ile da okt tal about those yummy treatsnd german beer. >> first thoughty music r. thereiv i he sy,toda gog toerfoive draebt. iate for u
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leafoea snso f debraoy j applau]
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on let me ttlt yt. w o your something fun and nghi d gnd sren
10:45 am
mega church, but l'mt'save d riy flawed people tryingetou kw g doesn' tofe psio s shof n
10:46 am
is wasouple y an c a bi nch ea forthats you performed at along with your brother and his wife and and tked about being >> iev ger leacause dooi and y plhrouther'm
10:47 am
si god's grace finds you where you are but it never>> sev o wpr isneho p sw.ho s
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he-hewo wpedgg eanr eechay sok
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to♪ >> ♪ ave ts them in the dishwasher. >> ♪ ave so what does the ddo?isashehw
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preview we have execuorve ni.rd our
10:54 am
ma to ress >> absolutely. we'r tooie aunnd a riveab a >>tydi t, t
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h ucso m tmen datis right foyowian th u. 1850 ce.offe inspired by the year the ♪ ♪ 1850 coffee, bin boldly. ♪
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