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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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bolted front door, then took down her mother's bedroom door, forcing her to hand over cash. then, one of the men stole the daughter's cell phone when she tried calling 911. within an hour of the invasion, police had tracked that phone to the la quinta inn, where all suspects were brought in. >> thing god they got them. reporter: police say they recovered the cell phone and money from the man at the hotel.
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involving 2 virginia tech killed? steve: a 19-year-old charged with planning on isis-inspired attack. justin sullivan from morganton was offering money to pay an informant to kill his parents. a federal indictment shows sullivan is charged with try to provide material support diocese as well as firearms charges. summer. it has been nearly a decade since a death sentence was now a jury will decide whether
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ed crump with details for the last-minute motions today. ed: it took a month to find a panel to hear the most recent death penalty case. it can take at least that long for the trial to play out. today, attorneys wrapped up all the paperwork that are needed. the work included motions about what crime scene and autopsy photos will be shown to jurors, as well as testimony of critical witnesses. the young mother was found beaten and stabbed to death with her eight-year-old daughter and 2013. investigators claim smith and another man, who already led guilty and got life without parole, went into the apartment.
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to show: -- greg: an all-out manhunt continues here in fayetteville for christopher davis. police say he shot his mother's boyfriend in what appears to be some kind of domestic-related incident that the mother says actually began as an argument last night. police say gunshots rang out at the hine -- at the house this morning. the victim, mason montgomery, was shot in the hand and feet. christopher davis is the son of montgomery's girlfriend. she asked us not to identify her. but she told me last night, they started arguing over her social security card. quite he would not give me my social security card. i know this morning [indiscernible]
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ed: christopher davis faces a long list of charges now. including attempt at first-degree murder. he is considered armed and dangerous. anyone who sees him should immediately call 911. we are told that he also hangs out along moore street, hillsboro street, ramsey street. anyone who knows his area, contact fayetteville police. mason montgomery is recovering from nonlife threatening injuries in the hospital. steve: we are hours away from the first boats cast in the 2016 presidential election. they are expecting a huge turnout tonight from the iowa caucuses. whether $200 million have been spent on advertising to sway voters. donald trump does appear to have a small edge over ted cruz. ben heller clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight race. we are hoping to have results for you at 11:00.
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polls on march 15 good john camp right now with some of the changes we can expect. jon: two big changes, the date two months earlier from our primary four years ago, and changes to our voting laws. you emma with such a pact field on the republican side, it will be tough for -- service a, with such and the democratic side, experts say it could be close by the time it gets to the tar heel state. that was the point of moving our
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more relevant nationally. tisha: new development in the fatal and track their ailment in philadelphia. the last thing the engineer remembered was pushing the throttle forward. eight people were killed and more than 200 injured in the accident last may. the amtrak train was going 106 miles an hour, more than twice the speed limit when it careened off the tracks on a sharp curve. there is no indication that the engineer was on his cell phone at the time of the crash. investigators are trying to determine what shattered the window of a passenger train passing through philadelphia. some of the 200 passengers thought it was a gunshot. it was going from washington to new york when it happened. investigators are not sure what struck the window.
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thrown a america, central america, and south america over the next year. a student contracted it while traveling in central america over the winter break. the student is expected to make a full recovery. school officials say they consulted with university health professionals and federal health officials and they believe there is no risk to anyone else on campus. tisha: the e. coli outbreak at the polar restaurants -- at chipola restaurants appears to be over. the change of early closed 33
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next monday, chipotle will close down its stores for a meeting with its employees. keep pounding has been the theme for the panthers all season. joe joins us live from san jose. we are just 60's away. joe: -- we are just six days away. joe: indeed it football fans who come to santa clara, they will not be able to avoid it, as you see by the sign behind me on the right stadium for all to see your what you may not know -- whether it has a #or not, "keep pounding is everywhere. the mantra has picked up steam.
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12 years ago, sam mills delivered an impassioned speech to the team and used the phrase. a coach than had cancer. on the road to super bowl 38, he told the team -- "i am a fighter i kept pounding. you are fighters, too. keep pounding." >> is something that you want to be a part of and you have to be accepted into it. >> we take race and color and all of that out of it. what can we do to each other as men. joe: mills died in 2010. his presence still lead the team. >> it is not just two words to us as an organization.
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we have had some new people that displayed that throughout this year. hopefully -- you know, we have one more game left and people keep demonstrating that mantra. joe: none of the players on the current roster of her new mills, but they are reminded of him daily. in their jerseys, inside the collar, is that phrase so they see it every time they put it on and get ready to go to work. all they have to do is pound one more time in the stadium behind me. steve: a way of life for the team and for all of us who are fans. we have special eyewitness news coverage hooked up for you with the panthers all week long. mark armstrong is there along with joe for all the behind-the-scenes action.
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tisha: let's check out chris hohmann. chris: it looks like a lot of sunshine. it's been fairly stormy there, thanks to el nio. as we work our way to next sunday, it is nearly a week out, but looking pretty good in santa clara. sunshine for super bowl 50. the panthers in the broncos. it should be in the upper 60's or in the day in sinclair appeared by kickoff, 63. 50's. looks like it will be perfect weather for super bowl 50. the clouds off to the west are the cold front headed our way. they may bring us a few showers by mid-to-late evening. occur at all. it is 70 now. we will fall into the upper 50's by 7:00. 10:00 p.m. through midnight, a few scattered showers around, but it will be mild. changes for tomorrow.
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wednesday, a fairly active day potentially with a chance for an isolated thunderstorm or two. steve: we will see you soon. three guys who escaped from a jail in california are now back behind bars under very watchful eyes. taoiseach: they were captured over the weekend but there is a new twist in the case against the teacher charged in their escape. steve: and a woman and her grandchildren are killed, victims of a police chase.
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steve: may manhunt is underway in atlanta for a man who smashed his car into a woman and her grandchildren. it started in college park when officers chased the driver of a stolen suv through a residential
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they lost sight of the suv right before the crash. the driver was seen leaving the area and appeared to be heard. the three people killed were on their way to church at the time of the crash. tisha: video to celebrate retirement is going viral. it shows deputy tony chair of getting into an elevator and then he is seen busting a move very the deputy is later joined by an officer and she also rakes out into her best dance moves. then the cheap deputy gets on and they all get off. but they are back at it as soon as he gets off the elevator. then they are joined by another colleague.
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get the tony sure. it has been viewed more than 3 posted. i think 29 years of service deserves a little name a -- a little nay nay. now. i hope everybody got to enjoy changes. chris: it's going to cool off tomorrow. a little bit stormy potentially wednesday. it's going to rain for sure. then he gets cool again. what a way to kick off the month of february with temperatures in the 70's. all the sunshine we had today in the satellite pictures. there is a cold front in the mountains into east tennessee. some of that traveling eastward, especially tribal northward.
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between 9:00 and midnight has this moves to the east. it won't amount to much. it is pretty light. this storm is already plastering colorado into nebraska with heavy snow. there are winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings out for new mexico, into minnesota, wisconsin, especially here to iowa, southeast -- south dakota. those will be mainly late tonight after the iowa caucuses over. tomorrow, out ahead of it in the warmer air, severe weather could break out in the tennessee valley. by the time it gets here, we are in the low-end risk on wednesday, a marginal risk of isolated damaging wrist -- damaging wind gusts. if anything happens, it would be wednesday. right now, it doesn't look like widespread severe weather. 71 now under him, looking good.
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the advanced guard of the cold front with some showers. durham international, a gorgeous start to february with all that sunshine. tonight, skies will be mostly cloudy, generally fair now. a chance of a little rain or shower, a brief one. temperatures by morning still above average in the mid-40's to around 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning, there is a chance of a sprinkle or two. otherwise, cloudy skies. it starts pretty mild. stuck in the upper 40's because of this front that drops through, sort of a bat through front. northeast wind, lots of clouds tomorrow. not much rain, nothing more than a sprinkle. but it shoots through the warm front.
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isolated thunderstorm before clears out. tomorrow, much cooler than today, about 1520 than what we had today. low-to-mid 50's around the triangle. not a bad day, really, with mostly cloudy skies, just not nearly as nice as it has been. mid-to-late afternoon, you see this event of showers, isolated thunderstorms rolling through, potentially right during the rush on wednesday. it shuttles out of here pretty quickly. so it is a quick-hitting system. the main threat is going to be heavy rain. could see up to an inch or more it rolls on through wednesday and then clears out. showers likely wednesday, specially second half of the day. chance for some lingering rain thursday, but much cooler again. looks like a nice weekend coming up.
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as what we had today. we will see what all of the weather prognosticators say tomorrow. liz horton mentioned to me that sir walter raleigh -- sir walter wally has been wrong a good percentage of the time. steve: we can all agree that ap
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with this great offer! only from at&t. call an at&t expert to switch today. steve: new figures paint a disturbing picture about crime in chicago. 51 people were murdered in january. they police department says there were 22 more murders this january than last january. it is happening as a department tries to regain public trust in the wake of the video showing a white police officer shooting and killing african-american teenager laquan mcdonald. tisha: one inmate turned himself in on friday. two others were caught saturday after someone spotted a specific show's -- spotted a suspicious van. a teacher connected in the escape will be released due to
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nooshafarian ravaghi may have showed them a google map of the jail. it is not everyday that you get a tweet from the president of the united states. president obama sent a shout out to cedric, a high school student in los angeles who made headlines for a perfect score on his advanced placement countless exam. he was invited to the white house for the next white house science fair. one. a woman crashes her car. steve: we will explain what happened just ahead. reporter: unc students come to the aid of a school employee who
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joel: hi, everyone. abnna: concerns of safety after a woman was shot in the parking
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the woman is inspected to be ok.
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