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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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so no one is hurt. it is still very much a busy scene out here. they will be out here for a while. they got the call a home was on fire around 3:28. 30 firefighters showed up to fight the flames. they worked fast and said for a while all you could see were -- was black smoke. no word yet on what caused the fire but they believe it started in the back of the home. firefighters are still out here. the location is at brooks and wade, a busy area this time of day. they will be out here for a while. joel: more breaking news -- tisha: more breaking news in durham. a police chase and crash, this
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the deputy witnessed a driver run a red light. the deputy attempted a traffic stop at the driver didn't stop. the driver tried to run that he was captured. no serious injuries. he has been taken to the hospital to be checked out. also happening, an update on this breaking news. it ended with the state trooper car off the road. it had to be towed out of the ditch. the results of the landscaping involved. i'm sure if that was the truck being chased. we are working on more details. no word on injuries. joel: it is the first day of testimony in the case of a young raleigh mother. it was an emotional day. smith could face the death penalty. ed crump now with the justice
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ed crump: workers who were first on the murder scene paraded to the witness stand in a seventh floor courtroom. the day began with the construction workers who were asked for help by the victim's daughter who could not wake her mother. they cried during testimony. she was beaten and stabbed to death during a burglary. smith delivered the first blow. smith's attorney says it was his codefendant who pled guilty who committed the murder. jones mother had to stop and wipe away tears and compose herself several times. the trial here will last at least a month. i'm ed crump now in downtown raleigh. tisha: fayetteville police searching for a man who sexy assaulted a woman moments after she walked into her home. the victim is a woman in her first -- 40's. >> i assume she got past the
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it was dark out inside of the residence. >> he is described as a black male. police are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area to give them a call. steve: police announcing a major break in a crime spree. a woman who was robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of her home is just one of many victims. >> we have a teenager involved in this one very investigators say the group was traveling back-and-forth between new york and fayetteville where they have
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elaborate fraud scheme that involves check-cashing. you probably remember how she says she was held at she would be the first of several victims to be robbed. to make a long story short the teens are young men who were tied to surveillance video bearing her name. investigators say her rent checks were washed, new amounts were put on them and deposited into the suspect's account. collectively the agencies have identified the suspects. they are all being located, charge, arrested, extradited as we speak.
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neighborhoods of morganton road. you will read more on abc anna: bill cosby back in court in pennsylvania fighting to get the sexual assault charge against him dismissed. at issue is a promise he says he made a decade ago with a former district attorney. him. prosecutors say there is no such evidence of such an agreement. in the record books. ted cruz is the winner of the republican caucuses. donald trump placing second. marco rubio is a close third. this afternoon they determined hillary clinton squeaked out a
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brian sanders campaign says it will not challenge the results. the pentagon wants to quadruple taxpayer money spending on taxpayer aid. they will reassure european allies who were uneasy about russia after vladimir putin invaded the crimea region. $3.4 billion to increase troop rotation andit asked for information on the whereabouts of robert levinson. the associate press investigation revealed he was working for the cia on an unauthorized intelligence gathering mission.custody. the iranian government has never acknowledged arresting him. he is the longest held hostage
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steve: tony stewart is in the hospital with a back injury after an atv accident on the west coast. they are not saying where he is in the hospital. stewart is retiring from nascar after this season. now to the weather happening now, liz horton in the first alert storm center with the 5:00 weather headlines. we are on alert for the possibility of stormy weather around here tomorrow. >> between for hours from now we will see pretty strong storms pushing through the triangle and out to the east. we are seeing mostly cloud cover confined to the western half of the state. overnight many of us will be seeing more cloud cover. notice now we don't have much going on back to the ease. most of the weather is well off to the west. very strong storms through the mississippi valley towards tennessee.
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we're seeing a few tornadoes. you will see the risk to shift ease. you will notice storms are going to weaken. we will likely be in a marginal category for severe weather. warmer temperatures. 50 to the north. lower 50's to the south. most will see a 70 degree mark. >> account and is officially on tonight. this is alcatraz in san francisco bay. a picturesque scene on the west coast. for more days until super bowl sunday. fans continue to swing into
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joe mazur, he is live tonight inside the penthouse suite in downtown san francisco. you are living large tonight. >> if you're looking for the final not should you to the super bowl, the penthouse suite can be yours for the weekend for $1 million. we have this gorgeous view of downtown. that is not all. take a walk inside this square foot penthouse and imagine it is yours for the weekend. >> it holds six of your pals and comes with every thing you could
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>> it has been a suite for famous presidents, heads of state, rock stars, movie stars. it is the place to be in san francisco. anchor: on game day you get 22 tickets. a top-secret x football star will be hanging out. >> transportation down to the game, on the transferable. a bartender will be tailgating on wheels. >> here is your chance to stay where every prident has since the 20's and live like a king. 150 thousand dollars of that million dollars will go to a charity in your name. that is pretty cool. you can hang out and try to find that. you get to go to the vip party
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it was used to sign the u.n. charter in 1945. get out that check book. joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you. eyewitness news coverage, mark armstrong joins us. join us friday night for a special. all the pregame details from inside the epic run to super bowl 50 friday night at 7:30. >> we found the place for you to stay. >> for a mere million dollars.
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so a body was found in north carolina. new details from investigators about how she died. hear from the child some mother. find out who was behind the push to make it lower. reporter: three teenagers
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>> the murder of a virginia girl. they say the seventh grader was killed by a virginia tech student. megan hughes has the story. speaking for the first time since her daughter's body was found. quite she was a lovable person. she affected many people throughout her short life. >> a very preliminary
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>> napoli had previously been charged with improper disposal of a dead body. she is now facing premeditated murder. the murder occurred last wednesday when she climbed out of her bedroom window. she had a liver transplant, and later battled mercer. challenges continued in her teenage years. she told the washington post her daughter was bullied and she met david eisenhower online. he is charged with murder. eisenhower both hail from the same maryland county. now both are in jail without bond. >> he will appear in court february 4.
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steve: february is black history month governor mccrory signed a proclamation at one of the state's oldest historically black colleges. >> governor pat mccrory boosted business in the state and this college. he signed a proclamation designating february as black history month. debra saundersthe governor took no questions from the media. they talked about business and internship opportunities linked to the school, especially opportunities of bond with voters on march 15. a portion of that bond is for the construction of a new
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the governor and the chancellor hope that the voters will get behind that project to make improvements are possible. i'm anthony wilson now here on the campus of north central university. tisha: the granddaddy of groundhogs emerged this morning and did not see his shadow. that is good news for the folks who are ready for spring. all eyes were on sir walter raleigh for his annual prediction. glory rodriguez was in downtown for the ceremony. >> children are making these headbands. everybody here to find out the tradition of sir walter raleigh. >> i don't see my shadow. >> he doesn't see his shadow. if you believed his lovable groundhog will say goodbye to
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he has been a fixture every groundhog day for the past 19 years. dozens gathered to see him forecasts. -- forecast whether we will have the six more weeks of winter. he is correct 55% of the time. that makes him a popular groundhog. >> why are they here? steve: they agree on this one. what does liz have to say? anchor: i don't think spring is coming early. and forcefully bad news for them around here. cloud cover increasing for the western part of the state. you will see some sunshine and see clearer skies for a few hours. that will change overnight.
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tomorrow, the big cool down. louisburg, 60 on the ground. 57 roanoke rapids. the cool air out to the west. this is the warmer air that will lift on top of us tonight. we will see a big cold front coming through. this is the frontal system towards the gulf of mexico. pushing up to the north, many getting hammered with snow. 6-10 inches possible for many
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lakes. storms back up to the west. tornado watch for all of the areas in red. that encompasses quite a few states. that is a big threat today. you see the enhanced threats, this is going to weaken quite a bit. we could see a few strong storms , maybe a storm or two. we are going to be getting heavy rain and the potential for gusty wind. we could start to see the rain move-in and then back before that much heavier stuff. a big line of storms, overnight into thursday we could see a few
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likely just a few showers on thursday morning before this pushes out into the atlantic ocean. it does look like we could get a decent amount of rain out of this. our in-house model, it is something to consider. it could be a bit of a trouble spot. likely 53 and clinton tomorrow. warm temperatures, closer to 73 in fayetteville. 71 for rocky mount and wilson. look how quickly that goes away. temperatures continue to drop into the weekend. 40's again my saturday. we will warm up slightly towards the end of life's week.
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>> be always hope for more weather. you take what you get. >> flu season is in full swing. tisha: so far it has not been as bad as last year.
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steve: we have an update on this year's flu season. the cdc says it and those infected did not get a flu shot this year. the most common is the h1n1 that cause a pandemic in 2009. they are reporting moderate flu activity right now while puerto rico is reporting high activity. as authorities are looking at a new proposal to keep roadways safer. ntsb pushing to lower the blood alcohol level. they say it is a way to reduce alcohol-related road accidents. one third of all highway deaths involved alcohol. a four euro disappears from her north carolina home. steve: the clues that prompted investigators to search this
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