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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now. joel: hello, everybody. i am joel brown. anna: and i am anna laurel. a hawk killed a chihuahua. joel: andrea is live. andrea: that is right. yesterday afternoon was gorgeous, warm and sunny, and he had let out the family dog coco, but little did he know he did not have to worry about coco getting out but from a predator from above swooping in. he could not believe what he was seeing as he came outside to check on his 15-year-old
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he spotted her, lying limp in the grasp by a large hawk. he just had her in his paws. andrea: the hawk, perched atop the house, in hebrew cans of dog food at it. his son snapped this photograph. >> there was a gaping hole in her troat. her eyes were still moving. andrea: he called 911, but it was too laid, and there was nothing he could do. all the while, he said the hawk went from tree to tree, never too far from his kill. >> and you could hear it, because they screech.
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brother rico went missing. he said it would be out of character for his aging chihuahua. he feels rico could have met a similar fate. >> calling her name. andrea: the house once happy now far too quite. absolutely devastating for this family, and apex police say they have not responded to any other incidents in this area involving a hawk. all they can do is worn at owners, especially small pets, to keep an eye on them when they are outside. joel: andrea with a warning to residents in apex tonight. thank you. and a sigh of relief as
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damaged by rocks thrown from an overpass. fortunately, no one was killed. tim joins us with more on those facing charges tonight. tim: they are facing a serious felony. it happened by this bridge. we spoke to drivers, and they say they are grateful be suspects have been caught. he is getting his semitruck ready for a trip to georgia, and he was stunned when he heard that teenagers are accused of throwing heavy rocks off 95. >> they cannot be doing stuff like that and they could have killed somebody. tim: officers say they found the teenagers by the overpass after receiving numerous 911 calls from drivers. >> and were taken into custody for throwing rocks from the bridge. the size of a baseball or a
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tim: one sergeant said five vehicles were hit. deputies arrested three, and investigators say they upgraded their charges to felonies because of the size of the rocks thrown. deputy say they are investigating similar incidents in this area. there must court appearance is tomorrow. joel: thank you, tim, and now, reports from our three studios in raleigh, durham, and fayetteville. anna: repairs are underway. joel: but we begin with our durham newsroom. construction underway for the first at a housing complex on east main street. the project will provide
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well as bathrooms, showers, facilities. the durham mission provides clothing and more to help long-term homeless men, women, and children get back on their feet. anna: from our raleigh newsroom, look at what some people saw being spread in apex. peacocks are native to india and the african rain forest, and we do not know where this one came from. apex is considered the peak of good living. joel: i see what you did it. and from fayetteville, repairs underway to the historic clock that stopped working in january. replacement parts had to be custom-made. it was built back in the 1800s. the city hopes to have the clock
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anna: "good morning america" cohost robin roberts is going to be honored. joel: she bravely shared her battle with a rare disease. also being honored at this year's event is a basketball coach and a football coach. anna: the foundation does so much for cancer research. joel: for the first time, women the military draft. look at this. the goals and drones. we will explain how it works. reporter: duke and unc are known
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of the most beautiful in america. we will tell you how they stack up. anna: tisha has more on what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: their mother is dead. the disturbing testimony. >> go! tisha: from afghanistan to right here in the triangle, support for the panthers is as strong as ever. when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs. that's why high speed internet from at&t...
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announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected.
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the draft. they believe they should have to are open to them. they say they will not lower they also told the senate armed services committee will take up to three years before the combat this are fully integrated. joel: the zika virus is overshadowing attempts for getting the real olympics up and running. they say the games will be safe from zika, but pregnant women are at risk of the mosquito-borne virus, with birth defects, and at times, a worse relief for a carmaker, being forced to change the name of its
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with a "c," not the "z" of the virus outbreak. anna: they are considering using eagles to pluck out drones from the sky, like above events or at airports. the birds are trained and get a reward if they catch one. they will likely decide later this year whether to use the words. : last night, she became the
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joel: now, to presidential politics, all eyes shifting to new hampshire, but earlier, it was iowa and hillary clinton. anna: marci gonzalez has the latest on the campaign trail after marco rubio got a big endorsement from north carolina. >> a victory last night. marci: donald trump calling his second-place finish and honor, ted cruz winning. and marco rubio after his third-place finish.
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for both democratic candidates, despite a tie. clinton declaring a victory. bernie sanders in new hampshire, welcomed back by a cheering crowd. mr. sanders: last night, we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. marci: michael o'malley dropped out of the race, and now going towards the primary. >> an opportunity to break out here. it will give us a chance to do that. marci: but one candidate not here today is ben carson, taking a day off, and it was mistakenly said that he had dropped out of the race.
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and across the state, the search for a missing four-year-old boy. joel: plus, an update on those were such a -- those versace pants worn by cam newton. anna: a child was last seen last night, but they waited about 40 minutes to report it. they are searching a nearby pond, where a battery-powered children's vehicle was found upside down in the water. the police are calling the death a tragic accident. joyal: and now, more about the pants that quarterback cam newton was wearing when he arrived in california. the fashion choice, the black and yellow pants receiving mixed
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840 nine dollars. they have sold out online. anna: there you go. and going up in flames it firefighters say a bus fire this morning at an elementary school was accidental and started in the engine. someone driving by spotted flames and called authorities. it was worth about $83,000 and is a total loss. trying to get students to class on time without any more problems. joel: it is comfortable, but this time tomorrow, it will be a wet trip home tomorrow. anna: chris, i know you are tracking this for us. chris: yes, and there may be testing wind, as well. we will talk about it. it does not look like widespread severe weather.
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afternoon, that is nice. a lot of clouds overhead, but it has been a nice one overall, just not the sunny, 70-degree day we had yesterday. at the airport, humidity 55% and an east wind at nine. 58 in durham. 59 in clayton. officially at the airport at 5:00, it is 60. probably about 58 there. 56 in chapel hill, and mid-50's in roxboro. not a bad day. there was some sunshine around during the day, and a cool front that went southward, but we are watching tomorrow for a major storm blasting into the central u.s., very heavy snow around the great lakes and rain around chicago, too warm for snow there now, and this goes up into kentucky. winter storm warnings are up,
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cold air, and these are tornado watches, kentucky, down into parts of the louisiana, and where you see that magenta color, those are tornado warnings. this is across the mississippi valley. the risk is much smaller. it is not zero, but the risk of this weather is smaller because the energy witness is going to travel up towards the great lakes, and look at these showers. isolated thunder and maybe gusting wind. right now, it does not look like a huge threat of severe weather. tonight's low temperatures, upper 40's, low 50's, a slight chance of some showers. tomorrow, our first alert predictor, as you head out, 7:00 a.m., it will be spotty. the main event arrives. here it comes in the mid to late afternoon hours, right around the evening rush, i line of showers, and then during this time, some very heavy rain. it will slow down the commute,
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isolated damaging wind gust, but by 8:00 or 9:00 on the any threat of severe weather is over. there is still some severe weather through thursday morning, even into the early afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy during the day on thursday and noticeably cooler. and of the front, we jump up into the upper 60's, low 70's, but behind it, the cooler air will us back in the 50's. notice that it's stalled out there near the coast, so some lingering rain, especially east of the triangle, but by friday, high pressure builds in, and that gives us a nice day. tomorrow, showers, especially during the day. it will be a breezy day, upper 60's am a low 70's for the upper high, and will be tracking that. a chance of a little rain, especially in the morning, and
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clouds increase on sunday. that could give us some rain by monday, and temperatures more typical for february, upper 40's, low 50's, 20's and 30's, so not springlike, but it could be a look colder this time of year. anna: yes, we cannot ask for springlike right now. chris: sometimes you can, but we may not get it. anna: at abc headquarters in new york, a look at what is coming up on "world news tonight. oh anchor: we are live in new hampshire tonight. also, blizzard conditions at the interstate, 340 miles shutdown, that system moving east. and an explosion in a passenger plane in the air. you will see the pictures. anna: all right, david, we will be watching. and we are used to the athletic
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and basketball, gh joel: mirror, mirror on the wall, which college campus is the most beautiful of them all? anna: duke comes in at number five, unc number 12.
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of the rankings. reporter: some of the features leading to the top rankings include the bell tower at unc and the chapel at duke university, but when it comes to deciding whose campus is supreme in the looks department -- >> the web are things duke is more beautiful has never been to both campuses. you would see that we have the most beautiful campus in the united states. >> i think duke is like a off the castle. reporter: the blue devils like the gothic architecture. not to mention, you just walk a couple of blocks, and there are gardens. reporter: and the target year -- tar heels are all about -- that you can imagine, there are all kinds of feelings when it comes to who is ranking where. >> i had to two-hour for undergrad, and you cannot change
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quite obviously, we are just the better school objectively, because five is clearly a lower number than 12. >> it is like a breath of fresh air. reporter: but when it comes to real campus beauty, they say it is more than just landscape and architecture. >> well, besides the people, because everyone is so friendly. >> always wanting to get better. >> sometimes you get a little a look around. stephanie: eyewitness news. joel: stephanie, thank you. not showing any favoritism, signing off from both. anna: we do not want to get in the middle of that.
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steve: witnesses described a bloody scene where a mother was found dead inside her raleigh apartment, construction workers detailing how her little girl alerted them to the murder. tisha: and the city council wants to relieve traffic around a popular area. steve: and a heads up for a school district. apps that could be becoming popular with when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs. that's why high speed internet from at&t... you the speed you need at a price you'll love. get high speed internet-just $15 dollars a month for 12 months with other qualifying service and a one-year agreement. all on one bill! no matter what you use it for,
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announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 begins right now. tisha: the death of a murder -- mother. steve: she was killed inside her apartment. there is a person on trial for her murder, and there was gutwrenching testimony from the construction crew, after the daughter told them she was dead. ed: tisha, steve, it was an emotional start to a long trial killing. working at the murder scene at the apartment complex, still under construction.
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