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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ed: robert is talking about the then eight-year-old who needed help. >> she told me she tried to wake her mother up and could not. ed: the supervisor took the girl upstairs and checked on her mother. investigators say a man and an accomplice shimmied up into the balcony and came in through an unlocked door. it was said that it was robert anthony who killed her, and he pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and is now serving life without parole. the prosecutor however said that they would prove that smith delivered the first blow. the ems worker who cared for the child he came emotional when she
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>> and asked me to hold onto it, and i did. ed: most emotional of all was the mother of the victim. >> sorry. ed: she recalled getting a call from one of the construction granddaughter. >> it was like i heard it, but i did not hear it. ed: her husband asked if melissa with ok, and she realized she did not know. she redial to the number. the phone call that no parent ever wants to get. emotional testimony has wrapped up here today. steve, tee shot -- tisha.
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ed, thank you. steve: fire investigators are trying to figure out what spspked a house fire, and there was smoke pouring out of this house this afternoon. the good news, there was no one inside at the time. about 30 firefighters knocked down those flames. tonight, durham police say a crack down on violent crime is producing results. the mayor, interim police chief, and the sheriff announcing that the violent crime initiative was last month, and violent shootings were cut nearly in half. they have also arrested eight of the 19 that they listed at that conference. tisha: the apps on the phones of kids, some recently receiving a letter from a possible about apps that may not be appropriate
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the warning included a texting app, text message or, which allows them to display text and photos to anonymous users. they also issued a warning about instagram. steve: the "now hiring" sign is going up at a software giant, another year of revenue growth, nearly $3.2 million in revenue in 2014. the company people turn to for unrivaled expertise, they say, and they are hiring more sales people as they expand their operations. >> from north carolina, we are here in afghanistan, and we just want to say go, panthers! steve: those soldiers are, as
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right now, -- tisha: and they will face off for super bowl 50 this sunday, and the head coach grew up in carolina. steve: he is trying to join select company, winning a super bowl as both a player and a coach. report: you are right about that, steve. he mentioned his coaching mentor, ditka, and he let his players have a good time in super bowl week, trusting in their maturity that they knew when it was time to get back to the hotel for game time. we spoke about that. a day off today for the panthers, but ron rivera might be getting out. he has lots of friends and family in the area, talking about what a especially great experiences as been so far.
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at the same time, i am very close. i played college football, met my wife, and now having the opportunity to come back here and play in the super bowl, i really do appreciate it. reporter: and you can see the appreciation on his face, lots of smiles from ron rivera. and later on, how to they slow down the venomous broncos? you can hear their plan to slow them down. make sure you check that out. we will send it back to you. steve coleman what a cool homecoming for him. can you imagine how proud his parents are? tisha: the super bowl kickoff, and we will be joining you live from california with a special look at how the panthers got to this point and looking to bring home the lombardi trophy
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steve: and big changes. at a construction crews to bustling development. tisha: and you might now be able to get a new view of the fall festival. and, chris, storms coming our way? chris: it may but not a whole lot. the rain coming in the afternoon hours, but if you're going to be out and about, fairly mild.
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not much steve: we are back with a look at what our cameras that you can check out anytime. tisha: and there is a big project on the ground that is getting the attention of raleigh tonight, looking to update three miles of roads. you can see it behind us. we are live with jon camp. jon: well, we are in traffic. that is one of the reasons why this project is under consideration. traffic during commute times, but to fix that, looking at what it would take and how many more headaches would be created in
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>> this place needs some changes. yes, absolutely. jon: he has a front row seat to the set of next changes, as well, his gas station sitting right here. >> it can get pretty nasty, i mean, pretty backed up. jon: he has watched traffic explode around north hills and knows something has to be done about it. and in this case, that something could be transformative. they went to why did it, adding raised bike lanes, walkways, and public art, but others we talked to are wary about what it would take to make all of that happened. >> i think it will be great. it will be painful for all of the people who are here to get through the construction part of it. jon: those concerns run deep, as
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more than half of those who showed up came out against widening the road. >> i am hesitant to discuss options that were not even the majority option of our citizens. jon: other council members going over the plan for the first time had other concerns, raging traffic, pedestrian safety, and bus plans. meantime, mike's concerns are more immediate. the design calls for median strips. he worries that will cut off business. >> you do not want to overdo the aesthetic and create a lot of issues and a lot of maintenance that is not necessary. jon: and ahead of us, you can see this and of headlights which is not untypical at all. steve, tisha, we have much more
6:10 pm, including a link to the report that details the project down to the foot of how it would look, and they will get into the design phase later, but this is a shot across the bow for a major project. tisha: yes, i am sure a lot of people will want to check that out. thank you. steve: walking across one stretch of a boulevard is about to get easier as they are going to act sidewalks near triangle town center. sidewalks will be added to the both sides of the capital. they plan to have the project finished soon. tischer: well, there is a chance we could be dealing with some not so pleasant weather. steve: those details ahead. plus, the city of raleigh has
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tisha: new at 6:00, a city council wants to build restrooms downtown, and they are also opposing a building with an aerial chairlift. during the state fair, it will carry you from one side of the fairgrounds to the other. steve: yes, that will be really cool. you get a birds eye view of what is happening. all right, so we have got some stormy weather to look out for potentially.
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wind, and the damaging wind, small, but not zero, and sometimes you can get that without thunder and lightning, but, yes, a stormy day. i do not think you will be hearing a lot of thunder in the afternoon. all dry across the region, maybe a sprinkle as you make your way out during the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures stay pretty mild. settling around 50 to 52 as we go through the late night and early morning hours. rdu, 58 degrees, still mild, and we are not going to drop a whole lot tonight. a lot of clouds today, but there was some sun, especially south and east of the triangle. it was cooler than yesterday, but when you're at 60 to 62, not bad. a major storm. this is already blasting parts of the upper midwest. heavy snow, blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings into
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on the warmer side of it, thunder and lightning. tornadoes across mississippi, alabama, into tennessee and parts of kentucky. a couple of lines here, and you can see the tornado watch is up into parts of mississippi and louisiana. this is coming our way, but the good news is the energy is heading up to the great legs. it should arrive here in a lesser state. we are at a low risk tomorrow. it is not zero, but it is not all that high at this point. there could be an isolated damaging wind gust, and things can change, so check back tomorrow morning, but right now, it looks like our biggest threat tomorrow will be heavy rain, totaling up to an inch or more. humidity at 58 percent. around the triangle, it is not bad. 59 in clayton, 60 around the triangle. chapel hill is at 56.
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near the virginia border. tonight, not a lot going on. there could be a sprinkle or two. temperatures in the upper 50's to low -- upper 40's to low 50's. 54, and then up high 60 around 10:00. the best chance will be in the afternoon and early evening as a cold front marches on through. you can see our first alert predictor. this is 7:00, 7:30. there could be a scattered shower. a couple of showers midday. this is the line that comes through what could be right at rush hour, very heavy rainfall. dr. colors indicating some pretty good rainmakers, the -- the darker colors indicating some pretty good rainmakers. there could be some ponding of the water on the roadways.
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the front stalls, so we actually see some left of a reign as we go through tomorrow night and into early thursday, east of 95. this is one that approaches again was showers around tomorrow, heavy rain at times, and then another chance of rain into thursday, mainly east in the morning hours, and high pressure builds and. friday looks to be a nice day. we do warm back up tomorrow, upper 60's, low 70's, and the second half of the day, the rain could be had, for sure. the seven-day, 49 tomorrow night, the chance of a shower in the morning along and east of 95, and then a cool and dry weekend. last weekend, we were in the upper 60's. that is not going to happen, but that is good. steve: here is a look at what we will have for you on eyewitness
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tearing a hole in this passenger plane in midair. we have the chilling video from inside the cap in, and we will also look at what may be behind the blast. tisha and i will have that for you tonight at 11:00. tisha: well, we are live from the stadium. steve: yes, mark? mark: and saying a lot of good things about teammates that other people did not necessarily believe.
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th announcer: now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. anchor: right outside the stadium. that is where they will decide the super bowl champion of 2016 in just a few short days from now. cam newton has been front and center, a large media attention, and i tell you what cam newton also talks about other than himself, his teammates, especially the teammates that a lot of people did not think
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>> since day one, for so many people. problems with many. we know what we are capable of. >> that is probably one of the most humbling things this year. going back to childhood. >> did you win, or did you lose? that is all we care it about. a google and yes, and that is h routine. it will certainly take a team effort to slow down the denver broncos and their pass rush. they obliterated tom brady in the title game. it is not just the offense of lineman who have to help out. it is the running backs. it is everybody, and cam newton
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here is what they were doing to prepare for the denver on slot. >> as a team, we have to go out and execute. they are amazing at what they do. they have hall of famer's on one live, and a future hall of famer on the other. we have got to work it out, but we're going to be ready. we're going to go through everything we need to go through and get ready to get the job done. anchor: and the hallmark of this panthers team, they have respect for every opponent, but they also feel they have the preparation and the personnel ready to handle whatever the opponent throws at them. the offense of line of the panthers. we went to tell you, be sure to check out our 30-minute super bowl spectacular friday 7:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., and we will have all you need to know
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bowl sunday, and a couple of things i want to pass along. i have got the 3-d camera -- not 3-d, but 360 degree camera. i will take a picture of myself. check that out on my facebook page or on my twitter. we are having a lot of fun out here and getting a lot of work done. do basketball in action tonight, as well. steve: yes, a new toy. we will take it on the road. on our website or on his facebook page, you can manipulate that shot and get the full 360 degrees. tisha: we can all see what is going on there in santa clara. anchor: and i do not want you to see all of what we are doing. i will show you some stuff. how about that? steve: all right, we will see you tonight. tisha: well, that is our report. eyewitness news continues
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steve: "world news tonight with
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tonight, the new three-way fight. the candidates already on the ground in new hampshire, and so are we. ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio in a heated battle now after iowa. and trump's new message tonight. and hillary clinton declared the winner, but just barely. we're live in new hampshire. also breaking, the major storm tonight. blizzard warnings, reports of tornadoes.
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