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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 3, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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we has to debbie if she was fearful about a boycott. she said no for every call threatening her she got 10 others pledging support. tisha: fire destroys a mobile home in johnson county. there are no hydrants in the area and firefighters had to fire. they have said it what sparked the fire. the crime alert in durham. the victim says he was just sitting in his car in his driveway when all of a sudden bullets came flying. there are police said they responded to the shooting on thursday. on highland avenue. the victim is a 38-year-old man who asked not to be identified. he said he was about to leave his home when he heard gunshots. having his house and his car and his leg. he said he hopes to find the suspects shown and he is already
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as for the suspect, three men were seen running from the neighborhood that day. steve: they are trying to figure out what sparked this fire. the smoke and flames were pouring from the roof. it's about 30 firefighters minutes to knock down the flames. no one was at home at the time. tisha: a chase involving the highway patrol incident crash. a state troopers cruiser had to be towed out of the ditch. out of the police say it all started when he tried to pull over the driver of the pickup truck. the highway patrol picked up the guy and it was a crash.
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you can look for updates on this story tomorrow morning. steve: in durham this police chase ends with the car upside down. shortly after the driver was taken into custody. a deputy saw a drive or red light and when the deputy tried to pull them over the driver eventually wrecked flipping the car several times. he tried to run but he was captured in the taken to the hospital. he was treated for minor injuries. he is facing several charges. at the weed county courthouse the mother of killing her dog. if he's found guilty of murdering melissa huggins jones. she was found dead by her eight-year-old daughter. they just moved into the apartment. he took the stand and describe the moment she got the call
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testimony resumes tomorrow. you can watch live streaming coverage of the trial on our website. steve: a family asking for help finding their sons canine companion. the boy has autism and they say he is lost without his friend. listen closely to a broken heart. coco was harold's four-year-old pomeranian. she is more than just a pet.
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coco disappeared january 12 when she was let out into the yard. coco usually didn't venture far if at all out of the yard. she says the goldwater close by. on that particular afternoon she noticed an automobile parked nearby. and some people were looking at the dog. when she glanced back at the car she noticed coco had disappeared. they put up flyers offering a $1000 reward for coco's return. they are still searching neighborhood streets hoping. harold doesn't understand why coco didn't come home. why he hurts so much in his heart. he begs to get coco back. tisha:
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enabling this an illness. duke said he was feeling under the weather. espn is reporting that his blood pressure was elevated and he spent the night in the hospital. a cardiac stress test came back fine. he is expected to return to the team soon. the countdown is on to super bowl 50. it will be in santa clara california as you know. you have to be an nfl player to experience what it is like to hit the gridiron. live in san francisco at the nfl experience. joe: killing time in the bay area is a pretty easy thing to do. at the nfl experience. our boy tyler here is going to participate a little in the
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a million dollars worth of excitement. the nfl has laid out thousands of square feet chock-full of places to test your football skills are in most cases your lack thereof. our trek through the masses didn't reveal many encounters with packers fans. highlights include an up close look at the actual lombardi trophy that will begin given out to the winner. you have it made in that autograph.
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how exciting is that the panthers are in the super bowl? experiences for the young at heart and those with no shame. lots of really brave souls out here tonight. a lot of fun. 10 separate things you can do here during the nfl experience. one word of caution if you're coming to san francisco bring some ibuprofen. there could be some sort of body parts leaving here as they will take some ice with them and that would help sue. tisha: it looks like a lot of fun. our coverage of the panthers continues all week. mark armstrong drives us live. on friday night we will have a
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all the pregame details and some stories you haven't seen. a popular computer tablet could hurt you. a massive recall. steve: a cancer survivor found dead here in north carolina. new charges just filed in the case. tisha: an explosion tearing a hole in a passenger plane in midair. moments after it landed. what may have been behind the blast. steve: chris you are tracking some rain heading our way. chris: temperatures will stay on the mild side during the early morning hours and then going to the 60's to near 70 and then the
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in the fire and that a person when it to help the family was dealing with possible smoke inhalation. this story tomorrow morning. tisha: chilling video from inside a passenger plane just moments after an explosion ripped a hole in the fuselage. a passenger capturing this tense scene as oxygen masks deployed. an investigation is now under way to that explosion. flying 12,000 feet high. they heard explosion in the cabin of the plane.
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steve: the mother of the virginia teenager found stabbed to death struggle through tears to finish a statement to the media. 10 weeks also said her daughter defy the odds to overcome serious health issues. to virginia tech university students are not charged with the murder. at least one of them david eisenhower knew nicole. the other one is facing a charge of being an accessory before the murder. she helped plan the murder at least three weeks before the attack. she is due back in court tomorrow.
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a massive recall involving microsoft tablets. the power cords can overheat and cause fires. the recall applies to ac power cables sold with the tablets before march 15, 2015. if you have one of those courts stop using it. steve: i look at some of the must-see video. the first one is a weird one. in japan a bizarre emergency drill. those people are all zookeepers
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bicycle to the subway bandit. correct: spotted trying to help arrived in toronto. around there sniffing the feet and peeking into the handbags before scurrying off into the subway tunnel. north carolina's famous forecaster joined boxer tony phil in calling for an early end to winter. sir walter raleigh did not see his shadow outside the museum of natural sciences in downtown raleigh. sir walter raleigh has been
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chris: whether we see anymore winter weather is up for grabs. we deftly have some rain on the way it could be fairly heavy. it struck about super bowl sunday out of the bay area. the weather looks fantastic. there's a chance of a little rain and then thursday through monday sunny skies just perfect weather for the san francisco area for the super bowl. temperatures in the low 70's sunday. can't get much better than that. some clouds around right now little cooler today. there is some rain out to the west of us.
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some reports of tornadoes on the ground. so far no reports of any injuries. earlier coming from kentucky to the gulf coast mainly from the deep south. that is where the storms will weaken. they will regenerate maybe just a bit. the chance of severe weather is much lower for us that it was for the people west of us today. mainly an isolated damaging wind gust is possible. south durham is looking pretty good. temperatures in the mid 50's today 53 at rdu right now. very mild for early february. south hill virginia 41.
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temperatures going to fall a bit more. light shower toward morning. . that won't last long if there is any. as we head through midday. fairly quiet in the morning hours. quiet here. it'll be lighting up out to the west of us. that will roll on in here. just inside time for the evening commute. really slow things down with a widespread area of rain and isolated thunder. gusty winds but the main threat looks to be the heavy rainfall that will move through. it will move through fairly quickly. there could be some low
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the highest threat of some minor flooding just in urban areas. a breezy warm day with the showers around. rain coming down fairly heavily into the evening hours. thursday much cooler and the chance of some lingering rain especially east of raleigh. the weekend looks nice. tisha:
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mystery menu item.
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steve: it says the it is a mash of several different foods.
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you can pick it up on saturday afternoon between two and four. that secret item will set you back two dollars and $.99. don't know anything about what it is. the super bowl is just days away there may already be a top dog in the ad wars. tisha: these pint-size puppies are dressed as hot dogs running across the field to meet the families and the condiments. it is part of the new heinz campaign called me to catch up. wiener dogs leaping into the arms of the condiments. that took some imagination. mark: i'm not sure the exact time they have to be in it was decided by the team and i'm thinking they were a little bit worried that tonight maybe the night if somebody was to get in trouble. it is awfully chilly out here
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folks just want say inside the hotel this evening. basketball tonight. no coach k for the blue devils.
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mmark: here outside the super bowl. ryan murphy of the broncos is the first casualty. send home after he got swept up in a prostitution sting. we're presuming the panthers are more well behaved. no indication they were up to no good. kelvin benjamin's injury back in training camp was supposed to derail the panthers offense. cam newton instead powered the most prolific group to utilizing teammates they were supposed to be more of a hindrance than
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it is genuinely about winning and losing. his first super bowl as a coach he is following his mentor mike ditka's lead. he let the 1985 bears enjoy the week. but also mandated code of professionalism. team captains are doing the same thing this year. it is pretty much been self-imposed. makes a lot on the coach. this is contained a chance for
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he will certainly be appreciating a lot more of the panthers if they can go ahead and win the super bowl. this always some encouragement. eugene robinson the team broadcaster who famously got in trouble himself back before the falcons played in the super bowl versus the broncos. he spoke to the team about personal responsibility and taking care of business while they are out here in california taking care of business getting ready for the game. >> the coach was not with the team due to illness. missing his first game since 1995. dehydration was the cause. grayson allen was handling
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the only blue devil" use in the first half. virginia tech owns the paint in the first half. 28 points in the paint. allen shot seven from the lead. 27 points. tisha: that will do us for us tonight. thank you for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mountains north of santa fe, new mexico still haven't found a man who went missing weeks ago while searching for a treasure chest. art dealer and author force fen says he lid the chet in 2010. he said there's been $1 million
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coins and jewelry inside. he says when it comes to searching for the chest, he just wants people to enjoy the journey. >> i want to get the kids away from their little texting machines ans and out in the sunshine and the mountains and the trees. we're not doing that anymore. >> he's right. texting machines, i like that one. he wants those looking for the chest to do so during the summer when conditions in the mountains are less harsh. >> okay. hey big spenders, they will be making their way to san francisco and the bay area this weekend for the super bowl, and here's one accommodation option that they can consider. >> it's at san francisco's fairmont hotel, a three-bedroom suite, kitchen, everything else, . >> so the six people who will stay there, only six, will have a chef, a butler, an open bar, of course, for four days. the whole deal also comes with 22 tickets to the game and a suite inside the stadium. the price tag. >> yeah, i'm waiting.
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>> come on. too? >> yeah, you get 22 ticks to the game, you get a suite. $1 million. by the way, $150,000 of that goes to your favorite charity. >> that makes me feel better. >> it kind of makes it a tax write-off that the point. man, who's got a million bucks to spend on that. >> you'd be surprised in america. >> that's true. kendis. >> coming up in "the skinny," a promise to reunite the stars of "er." and the superstar quarterbacks of the nfl. newton versus manning, the veteran versus are the newcomer at the super bowl. >> first, bill cosby's legal fight. what was revealed in court and what his attorneys hope to accomplish today. you're watching an "world news now." [cough, cough] mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough.
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