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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in two states. helping you prepare fore what could be a rocky ride home. first breaking news, intense flames destroying a home in raleigh from wingate drive north of the beltline. minutes ago fire officials said the house is vacant. we are waiting to learn the cause of the fire and we will have updates throughout the morning and on it is february 3, 52 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. a damaging line of storms is responsible for reports of result results of multiple tornadoes and it is closing in on north carolina and could make a mess of the drive home. here is meteorologist don schwenneker is here and what is the impact? don: you are fine this morning. it is this afternoon that could
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you will notice the temperatures climbing quick limit by 8:00 mid 50's and 10:00 near 60's. from across the reasonable 51, very mild. normal highs for this time of year. 52 r.d.u. 55 fayetteville. 46 goldsboro, 47 wilson. 45 roupblt. looking at the day ahead lunchtime 68 and stray shower. best chance of rained thunderstorms this afternoon. we are under a risk for severe weather. we will talk about that and complete seven-day forecast in a bit. barbara: we are seeing a fresh look at the tornado damage that families in western alabama are finding. you see the damage from one home.
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home. there are no reports of anyone seriously hurt. this is a good day to download the first alert weather app and track the showers as they move into our area around receive alerts to any watches or warnings. it is free in the app store and google play. we will be closely following developments in the trial of attractive i don't know smith today. he is charged with murdering melissa huggins jones in 2013. it is an understandably emotional trial that you can watch live on gloria rodriguez is at the wake county justice center with what is next in the case. gloria: testimony does continue today. smith is one of three people charged in connection with the murder of the mother. yesterday it was a very
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take a look. gloria: yesterday the carpenter who actually discovered the body along with her daughter testified and her mother took the stand. in the next hour we will bring you some audio from that testimony so you can see what happened in the courtroom yesterday. as i mentioned, it continues today. we will be streaming it live on so tune in there for the latest developments. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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virus through sex it is usually spread through mosquitos. dr. william shatner at vanderbilt university said the vaccine with likely be a killed virus. those are similar to the flu shot shot. john: messages of support on the facebook page of clyde's barbecue after our story at 11:00 about threats in the wake of a sign posted there. it pleads for tolerance asking people to stop profiling muslims. opponents chimed in with one man claiming to represent a local church threatening a boycott. the owner is not backing down. >> no, i stand by what i put. i'm not worried. john: we found users writing
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you gained a customer. she says for every call threatening a boycott she got 10 others pledging support. barbara: the presidential hopefuls now move to new hampshire. john:n proudly declaring victory despite has a double-digit lead in the polls in his back yard. barbara: a man wanted for shooting in fayetteville turns himself in to police.
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first agree murder, assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. it was january 1 in the area of bragg boulevard. john: the raid at a no kill animal shelter sets a record for aspca. they rescued 696 animals from the haven. friends for life shelter. the previous record for a rescue was 692 in 2012 in lee, florida. the aspca is caring for them at two warehouses about an hour southwest of raleigh. the owners are facing animal cruelty charges. barbara: it is 4:37. two college students charged in the murder of a teenager from virginia. coming up on "eyewitness news", the new charges one faces. john: new evidence in a helicopter crash that killed 12 marines in hawaii. the big question that is
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don: as you head out we've got dry conditions around here right now and we will see those conditions through the morning. this afternoon the showers on the left-hand side of the doppler network will work in (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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don: welcome back. let's look at the drive in this morning. it should be an easy one on the way in today. going home will be a different story. it will be wet with showers. by 10:00 we are in the 60's. we get into very warm air. current numbers cool spot is south hill, 45. 48 roxboro. 52 chapel hill. 47 wilson, 52 smithfield and fayetteville 55 fplt.
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we will be near 70 at lunch with a stray shower and then 60's across the region. by 5:00 we see showers and a few thunderstorms rolling through. i don't think we will have any strong thunderstorms but there will be a few and they could be severe. we will have the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. barbara: a virginia tech student is due back in court in connection with the stabbing death of a teenager.ech student one of them. natalie keepers will face a judge on being accessionry before the murder at least three weeks before the attack. david eisenhauer is charged with lovell's murder. john: bill cosby and his lawyers will be in court to throw out a proceeding against him. the former district attorney who declined to arrest him on charges 10 years ago testified
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branded the comedian lifetime immunity from prosecution. the newly elected district attorney says there's no such record of a promise. barbara: john kerry is caught up in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the state department said he used a nonofficial account to accepted a message to clinton while a senator in massachusetts. some were classified as secret an censored when it was released. the contract -- the message refers to developments between india, pakistan and afghanistan. john: elements of d.n.a. were found from marines killed in a helicopter crash in hawaii. they say it was found during search and rescue operations that ended two weeks ago. no remains have been found since. 12 marines were killed when two helicopters crashed. initial reports said they collided but it is not clear that is what happened.
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investigation. barbara: it is now 52 degrees and 4:42. residents of flint, michigan, are fed up. john: how the governor plans to help them pay for water they
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barbara: we barbara: a powerful weather system spawning thunderstorms and tornadoes is within story making head lines. they touched down in mississippi and alabama as thunderstorms swept through.
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nebraska were buried in more than a foot of snow. three teenagers charged with throwing rocks on cars on i-95 are scheduled to make their first court appearances today. they were arrested monday night in cumberland county. police say they received numerous 911 calls from drivers after brick sized recognizes came through windshields. coach k sidelined by an ill believes. mike krzyzewski didn't coach the team last night in georgia tech. they said he was feeling under the weather after the team meal. he is expected to return to the team soon. john: residents in flint are expected to get help paying utility bills. the governor proposed $3 million to cover bills -- $30 million for water that will be university for cooking, washing and bathing. they are angry they have paid
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he is expected to brief officials about it today and outline it to lawmakers next week. consumer alert from toyota. the car company recalling about 320,000 trucks and s.u.v.s because the roof mounted air bags can inflate without a crash. it covers the 2005 and 2006 tundra and sequoia, 2003 and 2006 land cruiser, through 2006 and 2004 through 20064 -- 2006, 4 runner. also lexuses. they say it deals with how the cars are programmed. dealers will make the repairs for free. barbara: nfl is bringing in a big musical act for the super bowl. lady gaga will sing the national anthem joined by marley matlan. john: with the super bowl four days away anticipation is
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barbara: we have been covering all the angles. mark armstrong joins us with how this carolina team is closer than ever. mark: welcome back it super bowl extra in santa clara. i are heard somebody cleverly refer to levi stadium as the field of jeans. you may wonder why cam's teammates always have his back when he is getting criticism. that is because he has their back. >> they have been playing lights out since day one. jericho cotchery was washed up two years ago. brown will no hands. we did not let no one dictate that we know what we are capable of. mark: maybe the biggest challenge is the impressive denver pass rush. we talked to mike tolbert who
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blocking to slow down the rushers. >> we have to execute. those guys on that side of the ball for denver are amazing in what they do. they have a hall of famer on one side and future hall of famer on other other. we will be ready. mark: thomas davis continues to get treatment and continues to be on track to play. we will speak to him and other panthers later today. from santa clara, mark armstrong, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: our coverage of the panthers continues all week. tisha powell will be there friday as we approach super bowl sunday. john: join us friday night for an abc11 special the carolina panthers panthers chasing a championship. all the pregame details and stories you have not seen from inside their run to super bowl 50 that is 7:30.
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overnight about some of the similarities between the two quarterbacks and they call peyton manning a legendary quarterback, he is 39 and legendary. don: he is old in football and i'm like he is not that old. he has a lot of years left. barbara: it will be good. don: can't wait. today it will be a burnmpy day. all the nasty weather, i don't think it will translate to bad weather here. i think there is an elevated risk of isolated flooding in some cities where you have bad runoff. large hail in the a risk. tornadoes not a risk though any storm can spawn a tornado. biggest threat is from damaging winds. this is the latest look at the precipitation. 90% of us today, or 90% chance
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i left a 50-50 shot tomorrow. that is mainly for thes sand hills and east of 95. looking at raleigh and temperature right now is 52. dew point is 48. that is 86% humidity. in durham 52, southeast wind four miles an hour. we are dry and satellite and radar composite showing cloud cover but not much in the way of rainfall. i will show you the line of thunderstorms on the radar stpbdz from cincinnati -- stpbdz from cincinnati to the gulf coast. we have lots of warnings ahead of the system. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in east tennessee and alabama as well. this will advance east. the mountains will take a lot of it apart but we will still see
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looking at the predict prrbgt lunchtime a -- first alert predictor forecast model at lunchtime a spotty shower. this is the line. the timing of this sis pretty well on between 4:00 and 7:00 tonight. here are the showers and intense thunderstorms that work through late afternoon in time for the commute. once that passes we are relatively quiet and into tomorrow morning we could see showers in the sand hills before it pushes out. by friday we have a better weather period. this is the this is the risk. you see the entire viewing area under a marginal risk. that is the lowest category but it is a risk nonetheless and biggest threat is probably hype wind. looking at the latest surface map, there is the front that approaches and we will see a surge of warm air and that is why we will be near 70. tonight the front is here and
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a while to clear and clouds tomorrow. rest of today cloudy to start. stray shower. by lunch 68. by this afternoon is when we see rain and a few thunderstorms and terms around 70 in raleigh. looking at the rest of the region, durham today top out upper 60's, rain and a few thunderstorms. 69 cary, 69 holly springs. sand hills 69 pinehurst, 72 fayetteville. 74 today in goldsboro and tarboro. 70 rocky mount, 65 roxboro. tonight temperatures across the area back into the 50's over off. 52 raleigh. 55 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's. today the warm est day of the next seven. friday 51, saturday 51, sunday 52. i think that super bowl sunday is dry. monday into tuesday look at that, by tuesday 40's. i think midweek next week we
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john: thank you, ground hog. barbara: 4:53 and 52 degrees. duke leading the charge to fight cancer. john: meet your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. john: 4:56 and 52 degrees. barbara: duke doctors are testing a new tool to help in the fight against cancer. john: caitlin knute explains how it works and one local man was inspired to be one of the first patients it test it. reporter: for martin music has
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>> music even though i don't play professionally, play for a lot of people, it sis where my soul goes. reporter: but then a small knot in his bicep was discovered to be cancerous growing in size before doctors could remove it. >> it is very scary. it was scary when you have to sign a paper saying you may lose your arm. reporter: he agreed to the surgery as well as taking part in a clinical trial at duke involving a probe called loom 15. an injectable act that acts like a dye under special cameras during surgery to identify and assist with removing the tumor. >> it is microscopic that we can't see even if we wanted to. the probe allows us to see the disease that may be left behind. . doctors say being able to
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couldn't can't prevent more surgery. >> it is ground breaking research in the way we treat it. reporter: it is proving successful in mice and dogs but now being tested in people. rigsby took part and while it was technically just a safety dose trial to test for adverse effects there was a side benefit for him. >> they carried it to the lab and looked at it with a camera and were able to tell the doctor they had clean margins. reporter: meaning they got all the cancer the first try giving hl peace of mind and saving enough of his arm to allow him to continue playing. john: to learn more about the technology invved go to barbara: amaze ging right in our back yard. familiar face missing from last
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