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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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instant, from the raleigh eyewitness news center. abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. joel: breaking news at the top.
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a meth lab uncovered by authorities. where are we looking at? this is near apex. you can see the crime scene tape. a huge police presence. the house is roped off. as many as seven adults and possibly two children had to be decontaminated by authorities. they have not confirmed that yet. we are working to get more details. right now a huge crack opening in the middle of the raleigh parking lot. the question now, what caused it? anna: this story has been developing all day. this is a view of the damage outside overland road. the crack spans a dozen parking spaces.
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andrea: we just got off the phone with the owner of this building. he has been in meetings all day long. the large crack is behind us on the other side of this retaining wall. the problem is with the wall and the rain is most likely to blame. engineers ran a camera down a storm drain and found water building beneath the parking lot swelling the ground. it formed overnight. this morning two people came in to work and parked on top of the crack and did not notice it. it took a third person to spot it and that person called 911. raleigh police and firefighters responded. they taped it off.
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the office building is on a separate foundation that runs deeper into the ground but he is concerned about maintaining the crack. they are planning to deploy tarps and put those down. beginning within the next 48 hours he is planning to bring in construction crews with the lot and start all over from scratch to lower the parking lot and build it up from there. >> that's not cool man. that is childish. anna: 18's choice of words written in the snow when a police officer's cruiser leads to confrontation. did the officer go too far? joel: that video captures the exchange after the incident. live outside raleigh police
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this video you will only see on eyewitness news. elaina athans: the teen wrote "f thy -- the police." >> i'm threatening you again. you better not. >> ethier hands on me that's assault. reporter: he saw the man scrawled in snow on his police car. >> i'm allowed to threaten people. i'm police. >> you think you can do whatever you want? >> take the badge away what does that make you? reporter: writing something would not constitute vandalism. he threatened to drive the teen out of the car and haul him to jail.
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that is when he encourages the team to call his dad. >> he is giving me an attitude because of that. reporter: his dad convinced his son to apologize. the team changes his tune and time with the officer. >> i am sorry. would you like me to leave now? reporter: police would not comment on camera to talk about the situation but they did call me they always follow up when questions concerning an officer's conduct are brought to its attention. we have the video posted on our website. we also want to get your thoughts on this incident. you can sound off on the facebook page.
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umbrellas through the evening. it's going to be rainy and the potential for a few snowflakes in the morning. anna: reporter: we want to hear about what you have in store. chris: nothing really to worry about. maybe sunrise a few some spots. that is where the rain is going on. we told you about this. that has come to pass. the rain may expect to pass. the best chance this evening, like it is now, toward sunrise before it ends colder air aloft, nothing more than an isolated dusting with no impact on the roadways expected. we talk about sunshine returning to the morrow. joel: that is the snow we can handle.
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prosecution and defense on this stand, a man charged with murdering a local mom. she told jurors about what she saw and heard that night. ed crump with us this afternoon. we have been waiting for this testimony. ed: she said she served as lookout for smith who is on trial and her then boyfriend ronald anthony serving life without parole. it's not often a witness will
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they were the only one who took part in the murder. she described her then boyfriend . >> they were showing the driver the iphone. after that he had a knife in his hand. >> what did you notice on the knife? >> blood. reporter: she testified earlier with a jury out of the room that ronald anthony said the woman screamed and she had to stop her. she says they both went on to say they were glad the girl never got up. she was on cross examination. it appears she may have brought that back up. we understand her testimony has concluded.
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this trial has now wrapped up. joel: a lot of crucial testimony today. thank you. anna: we are three days away from super bowl sunday. the big game brings out a lot of celebrities. joel: we are green with envy. mark ran into beyonce. you also posted a photo with miss universe the other day. who do you have for us today? mark: these people seem to come out of the woodwork and want to get a photo with me. i'm totally lying of course. it today it was snoop dogg. he checked out peyton manning's press conference and showed up for cam newton as well.
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you can check that out. he was there as a reporter of sorts to ask cam a question when cam started his press conference. >> i love what he stands for and how he is such a class act. a lot of kids look up to him. he is a great inspiration. i want to let him know he is doing a great job. >> cam, ca,m. cam. anchor: cam did dab for him. when snoop dogg asks, you dab. it wasn't a player so i had no problem asking for a photo of snoop and he obliged. a good time had by all. joel: you can tell they are
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anna: we didn't think it could get higher, but it did. joel: beyonce, miss universe, snoop dogg. our crew will be in santa clara. tune in for our special. there are some can't miss moments to tune in for. anna: if you are not following mark armstrong on twitter and facebook, you are missing out. make sure you follow armstrong. a former pharmaceutical executive refuses to answer questions in court. the body language that got to lawmakers. joel: new concerns revealed, millions more vehicles being recalled in the latest location for the zika virus.
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there is some rain falling down. did you hear chris hohmann? they are talking about flakes
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a judge denies bond for a virginia tech freshman facing
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death of a 13-year-old girl over the weekend. officers accuse her of having disposed of the body after days and how eisenhower stabbed her to death. eisenhower had an inappropriate relationship with a middle school student and a 13-year-old was planning to expose it. joel: the zika virus has spread to europe. a pregnant woman is among seven people infected woman was infected on a trip to colombia. health workers called off a strike because it could major>> airbags are leading to recalls of the eagles.
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airbag control computers. that causes the power supply to corrode and failed. airbags may not inflate in a crash where they could deploy without a crash. continental will notify automakers who will recall cars dating back to 2006. honda and verse 80's issued recalls. joel: he answered no questions but still managed to infuriate lawmakers. martin shkreli smart for his congressional appearance. insulting tweets call the lawmakers in both holes. he invoked the fifth amendment and asked about raising the drug by 5000%. he faces separate charges in a security fraud incident. anna: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head-to-head for
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o'malley. they will do so during a just added debate in new hampshire. donald trump and ted cruz other. marci gonzalez is there. reporter: with donald trump ahead by 20 points, ted cruz is on the trail with a of fire. >> jimmy carter endorsed donald trump. i'm not making that up. >> talking about this video he is using in a campaign ad. >> he has proven already he is [inaudible] reporter: he has good taste. >> now five days before the
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are jampacked in their schedules. ben carson is still taking time off. at least 30 campaign staff additions are being cut in a reorganization. on the democratic side both campaigns in full force. bernie sanders and clinton spending today prepping for the debate. republicans are getting ready. their next debate, on abc. anna: thank you. president obama called on people with faith to respect the right of every american to practice their religion. he gave his speech in washington to urge unity between jewish, muslim and christian traditions. this came after his first visit
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the president says faith is good steward for fear. joel: at least 12 tornadoes were reported in parts of mississippi, alabama, tennessee, days. they damaged dozens of homes, schools and businesses. severe. no major damage. anna: rain continues. and some more iffy things in the forecast. >> there is a chance for a few snowflakes in the air. nothing close to a big deal but something to watch for tomorrow morning.
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back to the north and west, it is all drive. the rain had backed up into parts of darren county. you see this tracking to the northeast. there is more moisture down to the south. you see it funneling in. it will continue into the overnight. another disturbance may enhance the rain of bit. we will not be out of this until tomorrow morning. here is our first alert predictor through nine, 10:00. most rain tries to move to the east. you could see a resurgence of rain. some rain could end with a wet snow northward. maybe a few flakes towards fayetteville. it doesn't last long.
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surfaces. maybe on the grass. no travel in packs. just a snow shower in full array in a few spots. 50 degrees at north hills. light rain with a north wind at 5:00. 52 at rdu. we start in the lower 60's. 54 fayetteville. a cool spot. 46 a roanoke rapids. occasional rain. temperatures above freezing. when you do get wet snow it will be a big deal. that will be ending toward sunrise. 42 by 11:00. low pressure moves away. high pressure builds in. that gives us a good afternoon.
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day. temperatures will be cool. 48 and durham. 50 degrees in fayetteville. the jacket is going to be cool, border. sunday looks like a system off the coast will stay off the coast. there may be a sprinkle or light shower early on. monday a chance of light rain later in the day. a flurry or two by tuesday. anna: a big drop. chris: yes. a big drop. anna: irs computer problems. they could delay filing taxes if
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joel: a collision course. the driver who smashed into a home this morning. we are learning this was not the first time. >> a tool being used to teach proper handwashing techniques. we show you how it works straightahead. reporter: from paintbrushes to a bag of chips you can now get them on your doorstep in one
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joel: and even if you are using all water or those antibacterial soaps, most of us are not doing a good enough job washing our hands. anna: some of you may sing happy birthday to make sure you are washing your hands long enough. caitlin knute tells us the experts say you are not doing it long enough even if you do that. >> it's common knowledge washing your hands is your best defense against getting sick but most people are practicing proper handwashing side. that his wife jessica does handwashing demos with hospital
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employees apply a special lotion. watch a driving ends. they put them under the life to -- under the light to check for residue. >> even myself i have done it and thought well, loops. >> what is the key? >> friction is the key getting germs off your hands. it is not antibacterial soap. it is using friction. >> and make sure you are doing it long enough. time it takes to sing happy birthday twice. >> i wash my hands all the time. i figured i was doing a good job but i guarantee i don't do 30 seconds. it is usually pretty quick.
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well i did. yikes. the back of the hands and along the wrists are all areas people mess. the attention to these trouble spots and make sure you use something such as a paper towel to turn off the faucet so you don't read contaminate yourself. anna: one other piece of advice, hansen a ties are can be a good alternative for some germs they will not work on those that can be spread after using the bathroom. please thoroughly wash your hands. joel: ben & jerry's is offering healthier alternatives when it comes to ice cream. chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, they will now be
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with no dairy, eggs. anna: this will be nice. you always want that. chunky monkey banana fudge. pb and cookies. the nola with chocolate -- the nolo with chocolate. still to come, a driver slams into two homes and hope mills. why he should never have been behind the wheel. joel: amazon debuted its one-hour delivery service in the triangle. how did it go? >> why plans for a roundabout here on hillsboro street have some business owners fired up and speaking out. >> the naacp has a big march planned next weekend. >> joined this m across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins...
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emjoel: hillsboro street in raleigh is getting an overhaul and some business owners say the work will wipe them out. this is the area between stanhope. it is a plan for dixie trail that has business owners so worked up. >> your roundabout takes up a lot of space. they will shave off corners. all of this will be road. it's owner doesn't want to sell. the city told him in november
4:32 pm
property in january to move ahead with this roundabout. this hasn't happened yet. the city has push that back to march. he is trying to save this job. he has gotten nowhere. >> it is going to be done regardless. we are trying to fight an uphill battle here. reporter: opposition to this doesn't stop an end with tony. other property owners have their own concerns. we just heard late this afternoon what they had to say about this particular roundabout and the project coming up tonight at 5:30. anna: not just taking a property
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a third suspect arrested in connection with a home invasion. police say six people kicked in the door of a home in north cary and went rim to room demanding money. three women, two sisters and their mom were home at the time. joel: for the second time in two years marcel campbell has slammed his car into homes in hope mills. the most recent incident happened here. you can see the damage. one home had to be condemned because of the damage. campbell should never have been behind the wheel. his license is currently revoked. marcel also had a seizure passed out and crashed on crystal springs road.
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a moral march rally will be in raleigh highlighting civil and social injustices. getting the word out to get people to the polls. you heard from president william barber, what is he saying to encourage people to get involved? >> he wants people to come to this rally and thousands are expected to be there. earlier this afternoon he held a press conference. the march will feature people impacted by civil and social issues. immigration, unemployment, health care and racial inequality. this rally is in direct response to the naacp lingering court battle. >> of is an organized mobilization.
4:35 pm
just like we got arrested. now we are going to arrest the attention of the nation. >> they can do everything they can to stop the will of the people. the people have called for common sense voter id and voter protection. joel: you are looking at video from the march in n wntown raleigh. they hoped to mobilize 4500 volunteers and have them go through the state educate people about their voting rights. if you want more information about these rights, abc we are live in durham. eyewitness news. heather: there is some rain out there. chris: for their northwest you are the dryer it has been. here is first alert doppler xp. no thunder, no heavy rain. it has just been turning cooler.
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this is tracking to the northeast. there are pockets of heavier rain. none of this causing problems. stretching down to the northeast it will continue through the evening hours. as we see it begins to diminish after midnight. another disturbance comes our way and it could and has a few snowflakes during the morning hours tomorrow. overall it should not amount to much. highs tomorrow, upper 40's to around 50. sunshine returns. cold air is on the way at 5:00. it will be good to see the sun. joel: some of the biggest buzz is about the one day delivery service. minutes after the news was announced locals were testing to see if shipments would arrive on
4:37 pm
heather waliga caught up with one customer. >> you can choose from thousands of items and get most any of them in just one hour. amazon prime rolled out today in the triangle and is already a huge success. it is only available to amazon prime members but you can order just about anything. you can track the entire delivery process on your mobile to -- mobile devices. get your goods in an hour. one customer is already raving about the delivery service. >> we are traveling a lot. if you forget the dog food, just a habit, it's amazing. >> what the new service means for local businesses and why prime now could be a game changer.
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don't have to run to the store. i am just going to order it on amazon. joel: it is convenient. jaguars are very rare in the u.s.. in one part of the country one of the creatures was captured on video. anna: it was gorgeous. sick at sea. the illness plaguing cruiseship xes online there is a reason for that. while you may hit a roadblock again today. first a live look outside a rainy raleigh eyewitness news center. keep those umbrellas handy. that is going to keep you dry. rain will continue through the evening.
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anna: back here the irs is having some trouble with website. they experience a hardware failure that brought down some of its tax processing systems including the one that allows people to file electronically. the system will likely stay down until some time today. taxes are not due until april 15. joel: a new warning from the pentagon.
4:40 pm
billions of dollars on fighter jets that have not proven that for combat. it has been plagued by spiraling costs. the program price tag is $400 billion. 2500 planes, twice the initial estimate. the pentagon has sought to have a block by from lockheed martin. and smoke in a carpet forced an american airlines plane to touchdown safely. the flight was divergent due to mechanical issue and there was an electrical odor. the plane had 126 passengers. anna: the voice behind bugs bunny and daffy duck has died.
4:41 pm
sylvester the cat. he was also the voice of richard nixon in forest gump. he was a grandpa lou in rugrats. your kids will recognize that. >> a lot of cherished voices. anna: a carolina panthers player offering his home for the super bowl. joel: and the dunkin' donuts customer who wanted more than a dozen glazed. we have video of the holdup. this was bold. apple being forced to pay $600 million for apps you love to use. anna: back outside, this is a nice shot. it doesn't seem to be quite as cloudy. scattered showers around the
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some people might see snowflakes. stay with us.
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joel: the only station with
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abc 11 eyewitness news continues. joel: one person is dead and six people injured in a school bus crash in new jersey. the bus collided with an suv. the driver of the suv was killed. for students and the bust rider had to be taken to the hospital. anna: two armed robberies within hours of each other. the drive-through window and pulls a knife on an employee who he took off with cash. hours later. joel: 150 passengers and crew have been stuck with a sickness. health officials say 158 people
4:45 pm
passenger say the pool was drained after someone got sick. people were unable to serve their own food. 4000 people were on the ship. anna: a big payday for a company who accused apple of stealing its patents. in 2012 they are use them of violating patents with i message and facetime. a jury found apple guilty. apple appealed the case and one on a technicality. the jury says apple owes the company even more money. ikea is getting all of its u.s.
4:46 pm
one area will have barstools. the second will cater to a coffeehouse type area. there will be changes to the menu. joel: don't change those meatballs. i love them. steve is busy in the breaking news center. anna: an investigation he is working on the head of the top of the hour. steve: we were tipped off by a wake county mom and the i-team went to work. why aren't they spending the money on this simple safety devices? i hope you will join me. we will have the latest on the
4:47 pm
we now know they found a little baby inside that place. chris has a look at the rain else to talk about. chris: rain across many areas will continue. a few spots with a flurry of snow showers. something they may see, some sunshine returns. the teenager caught on video under investigation. that is ahead at 5:00. joel: thank you. a happy 75th anniversary to the u.s. so. franklin roosevelt asked several organizations in february of 1941. it would strengthen the morale of america's military men and women. they were asked to keep service
4:48 pm
and family and give them comforts of home no matter where they were serving. this guy in person. this wild jaguar wire has been roaming outside of tucson. he has finally been caught on video. he is the only one native to north and south america. this has been photographed repeatedly and people actually call him the boss in spanish. joel: a beautiful animal. wow. remember this adorable five-year-old afghan boy whose photo went viral showing him wearing a soccer jersey? after the image made the rounds on the internet the afghanistan football federation arranged for him and his family to come to
4:49 pm
they gave him his own jersey with his name and number on the back. they are now working to arrange a meeting between the boy and him sometime soon. anna: he is busy playing. surely he will make time to see that little guy. he is so cute. super bowl ticket prices are going down. how much people now have to pay to get them on the secondary market. joel: a school bus driver in fear. the story about one of her riders that has are shaken. and a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. the rush-hour getting underway on fayetteville street.
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gray and gloomyanna: than exclusive interview with the school bus driver who helped a young boy who had just watched his parents get shot. tears rolled down his face as he spoke about last week shooting in cleveland county. >> he hollered help me. my mom and dad have been shot. he is terrified. >> he didn't know what to do. he didn't want to leave them. i knew i could not leave without him. anna: robert bridger shot and killed his neighbor, the little boy's mom. she would like to see the boy again but the last thing on her mind is how terrified he was. as game day gets closer super bowl tickets are are dropping. upper end zone tickets going for
4:51 pm
just. been to buyers in california. fans make up 10% of buyers. joel: if you are looking for the perfect place to watch the big game you can check it out from panthers safety uptown charlotte apartment. harper has put his place up for rent on airbnb. for five grand a night you can watch the game in style. it includes a sign football and the money will be donated to his foundation. as "her to the super bowl we are getting a better idea of what kind of million dollar ads we will be watching. lauren has a look at the latest stuff. >> marilyn monroe.
4:52 pm
and scott bayeux. those are the celebs appearing the game. selling candy bars to cars. budweiser enlisted star power helen mirren with a message for drunk drivers. >> has more famous folk. taco bell is taking a different thing. the ad stars a greenberg and avocados of mexico. gma with behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the game day
4:53 pm
>> you watch the super bowl spot and wait for 10 seconds to see what twitter says. reporter: dollars, a minute are so worth $9 million of airtime. a 32nd spot will cost advertisers for in a half-million dollars. joel: thank you. we saw funny and clever ones. anna: thank you for joining us. here of the stories happening now at 5:00. steve: a confrontation between a raleigh police officer in teenager caught on video. it is now under investigation. andrea blanford at a busy
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