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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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scene at castleberry road tim: this is what is left of the crash scene. you can see the earns from where the vehicle crashed and burst into flames. investigators say one of the tires went through the house. the crash happened this morning. enough duty trooper called for help. investigators believe michael clement was driving too fast when he drove off the road and crashed into a tree. it is hard to identify because the car was significantly burned. the dmv used the vin number to identify it. speed is 55 miles per hour. neighbors say drivers go too fast. troopers believe he was speeding. investigators will review crash reports to see if safety
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>> week one of testimony in the trial of him mother accused. the courtroom was closed. ed trump at the justice center. ed: we have no idea what the witness said. after three witnesses testified it was time to call a jailhouse informant. even though the judge ordered the camera off the witness became concerned about threats and the possibility his identity be -- identity would be revealed. prosecutors told jurors that smith talked about the time while in jail. we can assume the witness testifies but naturally never
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>> the guys who did it return to the scene of the crime. they demanded the victims phone and money and gunpoint and took the car. this morning a suspicious car with two men inside was spotted. it turned out to be the car that was stolen on wednesday. a fundraiser tonight to help a well-known raleigh woman recovering from a vicious mugging. the knights of columbus are holding a barbecue dinner in honor of any night, the former general manager of and now closed hub. the money will be donated to help her in her recovery. it is off the new hope road. the fight to save the airlift wing is coming to an unfortunate
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how community leaders and our elected leaders in responding area -- responding. >> this is coming from the secretary of the air force. it basically confirms the four 40th will be no more. the unit will be dismantled. the fleet will come from other areas to support local singer mission in training on an as needed basis. despite what leaders say, this move does impact readiness. it is all at risk as say it is costly. >> there are 700 families who
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their loved ones at their dining room table talking about what is next. that is my concern. >> fiery reaction from local representatives. she plans to meet with fort bragg leadership and has some strong words for the air force. you can read more on abc >> take a look at the screen that collapsed. it killed one person and injured two others. it happened during snowy and windy conditions in lower manhattan 10 blocks north of the world trade center complex. it is a blessing that the crane fell lengthwise or the disaster would have been worse. the crane landed across the area. heavy machinery has been brought in to remove the collapsed crane that stretches much of a city
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two nypd police officers are recovering after they were shot. they were on routine patrol when the bullets started flying. one officer was hit in the head. the other in the stomach area both there is -- the stomach. both are expected to recover. at update on the crime spree couple dubbed the modern-day bonnie and clyde. a manhunt for the couple from missouri ends in a hail of gunfire. authorities killed the man. they were wanted for a four state crime spree. there is mixed news coming out
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reports. the unemployment rate dropped to 2008 levels but hiring is slowing down. employees -- employers added jobs but analysts were predicting 197,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate fell ensure just like a hurricane, we have to ensure things are safe. >> the mosquito is very common.
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more testing kits. there is new trouble brewing for cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. she claims he had her several times at a hotel in dallas and during the drive back to her apartment. police were called by the woman's neighbor. he denied he had his ex-girlfriend. dallas police say no criminal complaint was filed. his agent dropped him and the browns indicated he may be released from the team next month. headlines. of snow coming our way. chris: if you're around the triangle it might not anything. we will go through that. we have some sunshine. 46 degrees.
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the breeze at 10 to 20 miles per hour. a chilly afternoon transiting into a cold night. 48 degrees in fayetteville. it will be nice and clear. around midnight temperatures at freezing. many of us heading into the 20's. sunday looks wet for some and it may begin as a bit of snow for some. we will tell you about that in areas that could stay dry all weekend coming up. tisha: now to the super bowl countdown. the bay area is starting to buzz. the fans are starting to pour in. the panthers and broncos, kickoff more than 48 hours away.
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we're hoping for a panthers win and we will be here for the celebration. the fans are starting to pour in. many of them run my flight as i came in and then flew to dallas and then here to san francisco. lots of people are coming including gramophone -- grant lafoon. he is a huge panthers fan. they have a all expenses paid trip to the super bowl. helping to make grandpa's wish true. here they are, too golden tickets to super bowl 50. a chance of a lifetime for gramophone to see his beloved panthers on the world stage. >> i want everyone to know that
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it is an amazing opportunity. >> he was 2013 when grant began noticing strange symptoms. >> he went for my hearing in my vision to headaches to i started losing my balance real bad to the point where i could barely lock -- walk. >> he received a devastating cancer diagnosis. he had a rare fast-growing brain tumor. doctors recommended aggressive treatment. >> from that point my faith grabbed me and pushed me forward. >> after several rounds of chemotherapy and physical therapy grant is fighting his way back and is looking forward to another battle. the one between the answers and the broncos on the gridiron. a wonderful opportunity made
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it grants wishes for adult cancer patients. grant was nominated by his best friend justin. >> she donated the tickets so we were very fortunate. >> grant and his mom are california bound. his prediction. >> 27-14. >> he is a very happy guy. also -- there wishes are all expenses paid. they take care of all the details and all they want the person to do is have a good time. grant's wishes the first one. we will have more coverage for
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tune in for our super bowl special that starts at 7:30 p.m. the special is called the terra line a panthers, chasing a championship. a lot going on here and we hope you will join us. back to you. steve: you are cooking up some good stuff for that special at 7:30 p.m. when you16.5 million people will not b considering calling in sick. you should not schedule 7.5 million people may be showing up to work late on monday. i am sure the numbers will be higher. the 2016 presidential campaign
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the democrats facing off last night and now all eyes are on republicans as donald trump prepares for his big return to the debate stage. we will take you to new hampshire after the break. new details about the half-dozen people found dead inside one home.
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deadline tosteve: the democrats are not holding back and republicans are appearing for what could be fireworks with donald trump. >> slogging through the snow, volunteers go door to door in new hampshire talking to voters. with a big republican debate tomorrow night and the primaries
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donald trump calls [indiscernible] >> thank you so much. >> on the trail and some of the same messages. >> secretary clinton does present the establishment. i represent i hope ordinary americans. >> bernie sanders is the only person i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> hillary clinton trying to overcome the lead. and he is closing and nationally. sanders will be on a much difference stage tomorrow night making his first appearance on "saturday night live" along with larry david who plays him on the
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steve: hillary clinton has been getting secret service protection since she was in the white house. ben carson goes by eli. hillary clinton is known as evergreen. joe biden will be in durham taking part in a discussion on the so-called cancer moon shot that is the new national initiative. the white house announcing an initiative to jumpstart the process. now to the number one health
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we are wearing red ringing attention to this silent killer. health. the data is alarming. one out of three women will die from heart disease. this go read cookoff was held on the n.c. central campus. they whipped up some free heart healthy food options. they are taking part in medical screenings which are so important in preventing heart disease. i only have one red tide. >> i had a next her one sitting
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chris: some areas will get through the day with nothing. it will be one of those days depending where you are. the next five or six days, the only active day we see is sunday. it looks like there will he some rain that could begin in some spots as wet snow that will transition to all rain or a cold rain during the course of the day. it is not a major snow maker. a beautiful day today. it will be easy and has been breezy. the winds will die down but that will lead to cold conditions. the big winter storm blasting parts of boston up into maine. some spots have picked up 48 inches of snow. a beautiful shot there. temperatures have been cool and
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mostly clear skies, temperatures will be cold. mid 20's around the triangle to 28 degrees in fayetteville. lots of sunshine. 44 by the lunch hour with sunny skies and it will not be as wendy. overall a good-looking day. fayetteville tops out at 52. some high clouds will come in during the day. things start to change as we go through late tomorrow night into the day on sunday. saturday evening all dry but notice after midnight here comes some his invitation. look at the temperatures in the mid-30's. it will be cold enough that there could be some snow in these areas act towards fayetteville. it should be a wet snow and fairly light. any accumulations will be light and on grassy services.
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notice even chat they'll -- chapel hill, possibly durham, no rain at all. this could shift and we will all have some rain. hardly anybody gets anything. a very close call with the line over us. there is a chance that it could snow a little bit longer as well. or be mixed with snow longer than with the model suggests. it does not like we have any major problems. it will wind up pretty breezy along the coast. we are right on the line whether it is raining or not. stick with us as we head through the weekend. we will have more on whether this trend western east.
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night and that will bring us some chilly air for next week. we talked about sunday with that rain beginning as a rain-snow mix or all snow but temperatures get into the 40's during the day. unless something changes we're not going to see a huge accumulation of snow. it will be colder in the areas to the east. 51 monday and then next week a chance of light rain. there may be a flurry or snow shower and then just cold next week. we have been busy lately. steve: we will count on you. a spike in the murder rate. six people were found dead inside one home. what we know about the victims. and a runaway atv.
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showing this steve: six people found dead inside one house on the south side. the victims are two women, two men, and two children ages 10 and 13 and they all died from blunt force trauma. there is no sign of forced entry. the home does not appear to have
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obamacare enrollment. 12.7 million people were signed up for health insurance which is being called a success. that is when million more than the 11.7 million who selected to plan by the close of open enrollment. of the consumers who got coverage 42% are new to the exchange this year. now to this video of an atv going rogue without a driver. you can see the four wheeler curling down an empty parking lot and crashing into a wall and then it is doing donuts. two different security cameras capturing this wild ride. i failed backflip brought that to a stop. the building owner releasing that surveillance video. no one was hurt but they are trying to figure out why that thing went off without a driver.
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there is a lot more happening now straight ahead at 5:30 p.m. including for suspect in a wake county courtroom. they were arrested as part of a meth lab bust where a child was
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>> your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time
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yeah, it wasn't.
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