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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> see what's happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at six starts right now. anchor: tragedy in taiwan. the death toll rising after an earthquake. rescuers trying to find survivors among the rubble. caitlin: and a north carolina primary potentially thrown into chaos with the decision to re-draw voting maps. anthony: and fans traveling across country to see their team, the anticipation building, just one day away from the big game. good morning, south carolina. it's saturday, february 6th. in the morning. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: and i'm caitlin knute. great to have you with us. a lot of cars on the way in had frost on the windshield. steve: you know, when we go through some of these big changes, some of the mornings we're in the 50s and 60s. got to get back to regular weather and it's start.
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big changes coming tomorrow. 22 in siler city, 29 in fayetteville. it's cold out there right now. we'll see mostly sunny to partly sunny skies developing throughout the day and temperatures up to near 50. the normal high is around 53 so slightly below that. i think a cooler day tomorrow, badz come in. we'll probably get some showers along and east of interstate 95, and there could be some snow in there too. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we start with breaking news this morning. one person dead after a shooting at a strip club in tampa, florida. seven others were injured. officers believe there might have been some sort of disagreement inside the club that led to that shooting. we will continue to monitor the story for you and bring you updates as they develop. anthony: developing this morning, the death toll rising after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in taiwan. 11 people are confirmed dead,
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another eight are missing. 249 people have been pulled out from the rubble and nearly 380 are injured. caitlin: two planes collide over the los angeles harbor leaving no signs of survivors. the coast guard says three people were believed to be on board the two planes. there's been a massive search by dozens of boats and divers and so far, all they've found is wreckage of the planes. they were said to be experienced pilots. anthony: a curve ball before the north carolina primary. a panel of judges throwing out a voting mess created five years ago. they ruled the first and third districts violate the constitution. now coming up with new boundaries within two weeks but the state could get a delay with the appeals court. the naacp calls it trickery.
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western wake county this morning. a water main break happened in lawrenceville yesterday. even if your water is back on, you're asked to boil it if you live in that area until further notice or use bottled water. crews have been working on chapel hill road. the town will test the water to make sure it's safe. anthony: to the super bowl. and just one day away, the excitement is building as hundreds of fans left charlotte to go all the way to california. the city holding a pep rally at the epicenter. trying to cheer the team on to one more win. caitlin: the downtown buildings in raleigh glowing blue all weekend along. anthony: a little more than 24 hours away. caitlin: it's not just good enough to watch the game on tv,
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tisha: fans are prowling the streets of san francisco letting everyone know they came to win. >> going to win! tisha: and this year, there's no holding back panthers pride. from charlotte, super bowl 50 is a family affair. >> we've got family and friends here. we all flew in from charlotte yesterday and we are just so excited to be here. this is like a dream come true for all of us. tisha: they have been season ticket holders for years and are finally happy to see their carolina panthers go all the way. >> a win on sunday, it's all i can watch. tisha: for some, enjoying the game, it's all about the fun. >> we've been here all day. we've seen steven smith, people walking around, todd gurley. people walking by, you don't even know who it is until they're right by you, and you experience it and try to take it
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it's so much fun. caitlin: we've been getting lots of people showing off their panthers pride. share your pictures. all you have to do is use the hashtag #abceyewitness news. lady gaga was seen practicing at the stadium yesterday. she will be singing the national anthem to start off the game and then cold play will be taking the stage. there they are, getting a little practice in. that group will be headlining the headline show. and beyonce. anthony: this morning, we are learning bruno mars will take the stage after posting a photo of himself on instagram with the hashtag #confirmed. he had a show-stopping performance in new jersey in 2014. that was a great one.
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field so quickly. caitlin: and then tear it all back down again. they're professionals. a busy weekend ahead for the presidential hopefuls in new hampshire. coming up on eyewitness news, what to look for in tonight's republican debates. anthony: and you may remember this man who went on a destructive joy ride around durham. police say his crime spree did not begin there. we will tell you the new charges he's facing this morning. 6:06. 27 degrees. if you're at the parade today, better bundle up. steve: you betcha. lots of 20s on the board, even
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steve: welcome back on this saturday. temperatures cold to start, fair morning. a light breeze of 2 miles per hour. a mixed bag with sun out there, temperatures warming fairly quickly to 46 by mid-day today. the normal high of 53, not quite there, but we'll be close around 50. a few clouds around this morning. let's jump ahead to tomorrow. predicting our forecast model
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as it gets close to us, it will get cold enough the northern edge could have some snow, and reaching the triangle or at least close to it by early tomorrow morning. something to keep a close eye on if it does verify. ground temperatures fairly warm. a lot of accumulating snow is probably not likely. i can't rule it out, however. keep in mind too that some of the other models, custom models like the european model has zero, no rain or snow, so we'll have to monitor it closely. we'll moderate a tiny bit on monday and pretty cold as we go through next week with a really big-time shot of chilly area. some areas in the 30s for highs and 20s for low. travel looks pretty good out of rdu. all major hubs showing no main delays. anthony: a durham man charged in connection with the robbery of a stolen vehicle and a series of
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morning. you may remember this exclusive video of willie daniel last weekend. he grabbed money from the cash register at the lowe's home improvement on william penn plaza. and then threatened a clerk at a mcdonald's. he remains in the durham county jail. caitlin: fayetteville police are trying to track down an armed robber. officers responded to the convenience store on owen drive monday night. the suspect was dressed in a camouflage mask with a lighty and skull on the front. he demanded money and cigarettes. if you recognize this man, please contact police. anthony: 6:11. 27 degrees outside. a freak accident in new york city. coming up, a person killed in a crane collapse.
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anthony: a bone-chilling start to this saturday. 27 degrees, 14 past 6. at least 11 people are dead, hundreds hospitalized in taiwan after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake there. a 17-floor residential building collapsed in the quake. rescuers are rushing trying to dig through the rubble to find
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twitter for the past several months has defended 425,000 accounts. president obama using a new jobs report about the economy. the president spoke hours after the labor department announced that u.s. employers added 151,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate 4.9, the lowest level during obama's presidency. caitlin: developing this morning, officials are trying to determine what caused the huge construction crane to collapse in new york city. one person was killed and three others were hurt. a row of parked cars were crushed as well. the crane was being lowereded to safety during strong winds. the mayor says construction crews were already directing people away from the area and likely prevented further tragedy. a wall street worker, david wix, was killed in the collapse. anthony: the presidential candidates will debate this
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caitlin: for the democrats, the new national poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie. kenneth moten is in new hampshire. kenneth: still bitter about his loss to ted cruz in iowa. >> i don't think i came in second. i think i came in first, okay. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. kenneth: the winter storm didn't keep the other candidates off the campaign trail. supporters are on the ground going door to door. even barbara bush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before tonight's g.o.p. debate hosted by abc news. overnight, bernie sanders got a rock solid reception at the
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hillary clinton was also there undeterred by recent polls, which showed the neighboring vermont senator with a whopping lead for tuesday's first in the nation primary. >> new hampshire has never quit on me and i am not going to quit on you! [cheering] kenneth: young supporters today, while the top g.o.p. contenders are prepping for tonight's debate. kenneth moaten, abc news, new hampshire. anthony: not keeping the presidential hopefuls from chris crossing that state but the weather is causing problems for those who live there. the wet, heavy snow toppling trees and knocking out power. a girl was killed by a tree that fell in her backyard. more than a foot of dense snow on the ground there, apparently, it's still falling. caitlin: goodness. anthony: kenneth moaten was dressed for the weather, and we have to dress like that around
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the mlk and black history month parade today in durham, around noon. caitlin: okay. anthony: 27 degrees for that? steve: it will be at least in the 40s at that point, 45. get some sun out there too, so. anthony: bundle up. steve: sure. let's talk about the big game tomorrow. this will be one of the warmest super bowls in the last 30 years. kickoff temperatures in the low 70s. caitlin: wow. steve: absolutely. plenty of sunshine out there in santa clara, so no headaches weather wise but i think the broncos might have a headache called cam. let's talk about it in the headlines, pretty nice, some clouds around. it looks like temperatures will be a little bit below normal. that's the pick day of the weekend. changes coming tomorrow. could have some rain around. i think rain likely the farther east that you live, it's mainly
6:19 am
some of the data suggests that this rain could make it all the way up to the triangle and then a bigger question mark, could there be snow in there? if the timing is such that it comes in early enough, we could see wintry mix, rain or snow mix, and potentially all snow for a time. predictor of our forecast model has light rain coming in. note the time. this is really early, 1:00-2:00 in the morning with some showers trying to come in and then see how it changes over to some snow, say from fayetteville northward, and just getting in on parts of wake county. this model, and other models, not showing this at all. as a matter of fact, the european model has had about 100 miles off towards the coast, so not even close to us. but if it is close enough, there is the potential at times, especially along that 95 corridor, there could be some snow for quite a few hours, and we've seen this happen before, kind of a surprise when you see a snow like this, and the models even suggesting accumulating snow, again mainly off to the
6:20 am
there is the potential there. and the farther north you live, roxboro, you get nothing at all where fayetteville and goldsboro will have a better chance of getting accumulating snow. for now, i'm calling for a rain-snow mix and no accumulation until we see more data later on today but we'll keep a close eye on it. numbers in the 20s right now, 23 in roxboro. we won't be this cold tomorrow morning. as a matter of fact, most areas potentially will have some snow mixed in, and temperatures at the surface above freezing. cold start today, mid-40s by lunch time. a sun-cloud mix as we go through the afternoon, temperatures about 50 or so, three degrees shy of the normal high of the year. big game, state taking on duke. tailgaters, a little cool when you head back to your car. about the same temperature, 49 degrees and a few clouds around. we're seeing a few clouds this morning. we're watching an area of low pressure developing along the coast and it will move along our coast line as we go throughout the day tomorrow.
6:21 am
right, so if it's closer to us, that precipitation shield will make it farther off to the northwest and if it stays farther offshore, we might get nothing at all, so it's kind of on that line around the triangle but the farther south and east you live, a much higher probability of getting rain and the northern fringe of that could have a little snow. and here comes another front quickly, this one with some cold air behind it, by the way, getting showers out of it, and the rain could turn into light flurries as that system ends, and i've got about a 40% chance of precipitation on that day. in the triangle, only a 30% chance tomorrow. i think the chances will be much higher along and east of interstate 95. we might have to fine-tune that forecast as we get closer. if you like skiing, good day for that. temperatures should be close to freezing in the mountains, partly sunny skies, and they'll get snow too, so they're excited about that. mainly east tomorrow, 47, a couple of snow flakes, as the
6:22 am
for the high, and it gets colder on wednesday, 40s and 20s. caitlin: brr. i need you to make a running forecast so i can train. it's difficult this week. anthony: the ground hog said short winter. caitlin: yeah, way to go ground hog.
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caitlin: one anthony: raleigh's ywca used to help women in need of financial help or child care until it abruptly closed in 2012. caitlin: and now a woman bringing back the ywca. you? >> my passion, my love for working and serving other people, my passion for working to see women do great things. >> olivia mud is on a mission as a former ywca manager, she's determined to bring raleigh's ywca back to life, and all the services with it. >> the educational programs, we offer support, after-school programs, racial justice, and teen pregnancy prevention. >> the last ywca was in 2012, locks on the doors, the community outraged. it filed bankruptcy and shut its doors on thousands of parents, kids and seniors who relied on the organization for help.
6:24 am
our seniors, it left a void for a lot of our young people who had an advocacy to come into the ywca for safety after school and before school. >> but rather than building a new ywca. >> we're at a time where we're seeing things differently now and we just want to stay on a positive track to keep things moving forward for the wake county area. >> a new ywca is still years away, but she says it's time. >> i'm all about empowering women and children. >> and you think these programs make a difference? >> i think they do. anthony: good report. caitlin: we wish them luck. they do a lot of good in the community. anthony: it's 6:26. coming up, a special honor for our friend and colleague larry stogner. we will show you how he is still making his mark right here.
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er >> the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. anthony: coming up at 6:30, we have 27 chilly degrees on this saturday, february 6th. those of you who plan to come to the parade in durham, should dress for the weather. it won't get much warmer. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: and i'm caitlin knute. by the time it starts at noon, it really should be decent for this time of year, you know.
6:27 am
we'll miss that by three. so a pretty normal day, and dry too. we're not worried about that. tomorrow could be a little interesting though. we're going to break that down a little bit later in the show. 20s out there, siler city, 22. 27 rdu, 2011 in roxboro. the pick day of the weekend. showers and snow flakes mixed in tomorrow. yeah, snow flakes tomorrow. our model has us around 50 this afternoon. normal high of 53. anthony: we have breaking news right now, north korea making an unsettling announcement. the long-range rocket launch has been planned between february 7-14. they say it's to send a rocket into orbit.
6:28 am
new this morning. check these out, pictures from the scene that happened in southern pines. thankfully, it didn't take crews to knock down the blaze but still plenty of damage on that home. no word on what could have sparked the fire. anthony: and a woman robbed at gun point while loading groceries in her car. this happened last saturday, according to fayetteville police. officers have now identified the suspects in this case. bruce smith, charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. janice charged with conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. caitlin: the first week of testimony complete in the death penalty trial of a man accused of killing a young mother inside her raleigh department. trevi an smith is accused of beating and stabbing to death melissa huggins jones in 2014. a jailhouse informant took the
6:29 am
shrouded in secrecy because of the judge's concern about his safety. the courtroom camera was turned off during the testimony. we will continue streaming this live on anthony: a disappointing fight to save the air wing. the move fought by north carolina delegates and local leaders, but it was not enough. the air force plans to send several other reservists and move fort bragg's to alternate locations. the planes will be available for mission exercises on an as-needed business. caitlin: it's been one year since larry stogner was diagnosed with als and announced he will be leaving the desk.
6:30 am
ceremony for larry stogner. creating a new larry stogner studio. it finishes with larry's signature sign-off, thanks for the company. steve daniels sat down with larry and his wife to talk about the challenges they are now facing. larry: i had -- i have no idea how long that will last, but i've done a lot of good so far. steve: your mobility is still good, and that's a real answer to your prayers.
6:31 am
[indiscernible] anthony: larry has been on a public crusade by fighting the disease and raising awareness of als. you can watch the full interview with larry on caitlin: new security measures in place at cameron indoor stadium. the university installed metal detectors inside and outside of the entrances. everyone going to the game has to pass through. this is part of a pilot program aimed at enhancing security at sporting events. anthony: speaking of sporting events, the the biggest one of them all, we are a day away from super bowl 50 featuring our own carolina panthers versus the denver broncos. caitlin: if you haven't gotten your team gear yet, time is running out. here is some of the cool stuff fans are finding at stores in santa clara. >> visitors want swag, of course. and there's plenty to choose from, from jackets to t-shirts
6:32 am
but the real high-dollar stuff, if i had extra room in my luggage, i would get this. the panthers cooler and the coololt thing about it is, it moves by remote control. a couple of other favorite items, this authentic nfl super bowl jacket can be yours for a $1,000, and $2500 hat, but it is made out of lamb skin. if there's anything left in the budget, here you go, a $50,000 gold coin. you're a panthers fan. what do you think about these super bowl colors? >> i really like them. i love the logo. >> you don't think it's too steelers? >> no, it's gold. >> what do you think about the merchandise? what do you think about the super bowl color? >> if it's not black and blue,
6:33 am
>> it's good, for 50. we like it. it goes with the blue, so gold and blue. perfect. anthony: i believe he was on point with that steelers colors. caitlin: that's what i thought when i saw it too. i love that, british panthers fans. they're everywhere, folks. anthony: 6:36 is our time. caitlin: in health news this morning, some global concern over the zika outbreak this morning. new evidence of a possible way of transmission. anthony: and celebration of black history month. we'll tell you about the parade happening in durham today, one riding in a convertible, steve, and 27 degrees overnight, a warm-up by noon. steve: it will warm up. a little chilly out there. cold this morning, 20s and low 20s out there in a few places. our numbers do warm up. we expect to be the warmest day
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. looking pretty good out there. here's a nice shot into durham shgs the clouds and the sky, twilight off in the distance, light breeze at two miles per hour. temperature at 30 degrees, stepping out the door, we'll see some blue skies with some of those clouds and temperatures warming up.
6:37 am
up around 50 or so later on this afternoon. here's that deck of clouds streaming on by right now. overall, should be partly to mostly sunny day today. tomorrow will be a cloudy day and will be cloudy overnight tonight and there could be some precipitation. notice our model, the leading edge of it turns to snow and the snow could be here a while on the 95 corridor, on the northern fringes, maybe light rain. the timing is key tomorrow. our model is showing snow around interstate 95. other models, not so much snow. the european model keeps the snow and rain completely away from us and we're completely dry. so still a little bit of uncertainty here with this system. 50 degrees today, 47 tomorrow. a little bit milder monday ahead of our next front, and then we'll see colder air moving in. temperatures struggling to get 40 a few days next week. travel-wise, looking pretty
6:38 am
all major hubs out of rdu showing no delays. anthony: thank you, steve. happening today, a celebration of black history month. the annual mlk black history parade, honoring dr. king's work, with marching band, dancers. caitlin: always a great time going on. and the crispy kreme challenge. there are some closures downtown that you need to know about. closed until noon or 11:00 this morning. the race features five miles of running paired with eating a dozen donuts, if you can stomach it. all of it has to be done under an hour. anthony: yes; turns my stomach a little bit. i like to run and donuts, just not necessarily together. anthony: if you're not going to be running for a while, eat it up. you know what i'm saying. 6:42 at our time.
6:39 am
a woman killed when a bus jumps the curb. who authorities hold responsible.
6:40 am
in on the fight against isis. caitlin: good morning and welcome back on this saturday. here's what's making headlines this morning. building inspectors say no problems westboundhave been found with the giant crane that collapsed in new york city. one person was killed and some parked cars underneath were
6:41 am
they will investigate further, along with other authorities to determine what causeded it to collapse. a panel of federal judges striking down two districts in north carolina, ordering them to be redrawn. they say that race was the predominant factor in drawing those lines but state legislators last suggested doing to appeal. donald trump will be part of the debate tonight when the republican candidates square off three days before the new hampshire primary. trump, of course, is the front runner right now, while marco rubio is on the rise. anthony: a woman killed after a school bus jumps the curb in brooklyn. investigators believe a car cut off that school bus causing it to jump the curb. no arrests yet. new details after six people were found dead in a chicago home. police say the victims may have been killed during a targeted incident. officers found the bodies of six family members, two men, two
6:42 am
the house they shared on thursday. authorities at first thought it might have been a murder-suicide but the medical examiner ruled the deaths homicides. caitlin: new this morning, the mounting concern over the zika virus now prompting a kissing warning aimed at pregnant woman. scientists have found the live virus in saliva and urine samples. a rare birth defect that causes brain damage and an abnormally small head might be linkeded to that virus. anthony: a troubling new report from the united nations this morning says 34 militant groups around the world have pledged allegiance to the islamic state group and that number is expected to grow this year. he says isis poses what he calls an unprecedented threat because it can quickly adapt. twitter is wrapping up its efforts to fight terrorism. the social media company says over the past several months, it has suspended 125,000 accounts.
6:43 am
threatened or promoted terrorism. most of the accounts were connected to isis or supportive to terrorist organizations. in the past, isis has used twitter as a recruiting tool. caitlin: on a lighter note, a group of local military wives getting mark cuban to bite on shark tank. they make unique hand bags and employs military spouses all over the country to make part of the hand bags and shipped to southern pines where the bags are sold. the business model makes it easy for military wives on the move to pick up and go and still keep a steady show. the founders behind the company say they hope to keep growing and helping as many military spouses as they can. anthony: good luck to them. caitlin: yeah,. anthony: and someone known for giving back to the community is given a helping hand from the people she spent years to giving assistance.
6:44 am
victim of a mugging last weekend. she was seriously injured and the medical bills have been piling up. here's a special message for annie this morning. >> annie knight is confined to a neck brace. a lump on the back of her head, pain constantly shooting up her arm and it's hard for her to walk around. the bottom of her back was cracked a week and-a-half ago when three men beat and robbed her outside of her apartment complex. she wanted to attend the fundraiser held in her honor but says physically, she just couldn't do it. >> i really appreciate the strength and, you know, hard work in that community. >> a dinner was held at the knights of columbus. >> the money raised here as well as from a go fund me page will go into a pot to help pay for her medical bills.
6:45 am
people through the years, and thoo thoo's why we wanted to do something for her. >> it's amazing. i'm so lucky. i come to my home and i couldn't have made a better home. anthony: with that report. caitlin: it's awful she was place. good to see the community rallying around her and glad she's starting to recover. anthony: hard to see it. steve: mentally too, that's got to be tough to get behind you. caitlin: i know. steve: that's awful. weather for today, guys, your pick day of the weekend. not bad. a little bit on the cooler side. next week, it's really going to get cold. let's talk about some warm weather at the big game tomorrow in san francisco. it's going to be one of the warmest super bowls we've had in
6:46 am
72 degrees by the 4th quarter. we're keeping an eye on sunday mainly because we're talking about the potential for getting precipitation in here and some of that could be in the form of some snow. look at our forecast model tomorrow morning, and we're talking really early morning. this is 1:00-3:00 in the morning, light showers coming in. our model is the most excited about snow. other models have some but not as much and the european model which typically does well in the winter, if it holds this line, the potential exists we could get some snow on the leading edge. that includes parts of wake county and cumberland county too along that 95 corridor, and the
6:47 am
it snows heavy enough, it will stay all snow for a while. we could see potential for accumulating snow along the 95 corridor. again, our particular model here, the most active. other models keep it far away from us, so we'll have to fine tune it if it gets closer. i think these numbers are way overdone. but potentially, we could see some dusting, maybe an inch or so on grassy surfaces, especially along and east of interstate 95 so we'll watch this really closely tomorrow. we're going to watch this one closely so we don't get caught off guard. it is cold out there this morning. the 131 there in clinton. we'll have some clouds around this morning mixed with sunshine.
6:48 am
and later today, pretty nice day, temperatures near 50 degrees, normal high 53, a little bit below that. duke in action taking on cameron indoor, if you're heading out there, again, chilly. not bad. just take a jacket when you head back to your car, around 49 degrees. satellite shows, again, mixed with clouds this morning. otherwise, pretty nice. watch an area of low pressure developing along the coast. positioning at its lowest key as to what precipitation we get and how much as well. if it's closer to us, we could be in for a messy day. further offshore, we get nothing at all, and behind that, there's another front coming our way and give us a decent shot at showers and that's going to be on monday. skiers, not a bad day to get up there today and by the way, if you like more snow up there, we're going to get quite a bit of it, at least multiple chances as we go into next week, but a good day to go skiing for today. so today is the pick day. 50 degrees. tomorrow, 47. most of this is going to be an
6:49 am
i put mainly east with rain, a couple of snow flakes too. 51 on monday and tuesday, we could be getting hold. 43 for the high. we stay pretty chilly for the rest of the week. caitlin: look at those lows, uh-huh, yeah, okay. not your fault, steve. anthony: thanks. 27 right now at 6:53. ahead on eyewitness news, we zero in on the biggest threat
6:50 am
caitlin: caitlin: one of the big questions for super bowl 50, just how much can peyton manning do against the panthers? >>. anthony: mark armstrong the man who might know best, duke football coach david kuckliff. >> it's harder for me to watch people when i'm not involved. you know,. >> he once recreted a teenage manning in tennessee and watched his hall of fame career. age. >> it's always been about anticipation if you were watching him, if you go back and watch 2007, you can see him throw the ball every time. >> the qb whisperer, he says his
6:51 am
dangerous, albeit different at this stage of his career. >> cuts and guys coming out of the route and one of the best things he does is scissors. >> the talk about manning is all centered on whether or not this is his final game. he says it's not his place. >> you don't go there and do that to yourself before you get ready to play d. what i hope is that he finds peace in his decision. >> whatever happens, he will be forever proud, a feeling that's only been magnified in recent years with peyton's injury issues. >> just a surprise. caitlin: i have to say, peyton manning is a class act. i'm a big fan of his. i like the panthers but i like him too. hopefully, they'll have a great
6:52 am
still to come in the next half hour, we are following breaking news out of florida this morning. anthony: eight people shot there, one confirmed dead. caitlin: and water back on in
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