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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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water main break but residents, anthony: tragedy in taiwan. death toll rising after an earthquake. caitlin: plus, the north carolina primary potentially thrown into chaos. the decision to redraw congressional voting maps. anthony: and panthers fans traveling coast to coast to cheer on their team. the big game is just a day away. it's saturday, february 6th. 27 degrees outside. 7:00 in the morning. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: and i'm caitlin knute.
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game tomorrow, obviously, very excited about that. one of our viewers on facebook said he will be paying very close attention to your tie tomorrow, steve. for those of you who don't know, he grew up in colorado. so you have been a lifelong broncos fan. steve: and a panthers fan for about 12 years. caitlin: your second favorite team. steve: it's my second favorite team so -- caitlin: maybe a half and half tie? anthony: i'll lend you a pocket hander chief. caitlin: there you go. steve: that's right, we're fine. anthony: wear a black suit. steve: okay. we'll figure it out. anthony: anyway. steve: i knew i was going to get in trouble. all right, numbers in the 20s out there this morning, definitely cold, and temperatures will be getting back close to normal today so be ready for a chill if you're heading out this morning, later
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numbers around 50 or so, slightly below average, and may see a few clouds this morning. temperatures cooler tomorrow, maybe rain and even snow. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we start with breaking news this morning out of florida. one person dead after a shooting at a strip club in tampa. police say seven other people were injured. officers think it might have started after a disagreement inside the club. we will continue to monitor this story and bring you any updates as they come in. anthony: the death toll rising after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in taiwan. there are 11 people confirmed dead, including an infant and small child. at least 249 people have been pulled out from the rubble so far and nearly 380 injured. caitlin: new this morning, two planes collide over the los angeles harbor leaving no sign of survivors. the coast guard says three
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there has been a massive search by divers in the area, but so far, all they found is wreckage of the plane. they say both pilots were experienced. anthony: developing this morning, a curve ball just weeks before the north carolina primary. a panel of judges throwing out congressional voting maps created five years ago. the judges ruled the first and 12th districts violates the equal protection division of the constitution. the districts were drawn specifically so the majority of voters in each were african-american. lawmakers now need to come up with new boundaries within the next two weeks but the state could try to obtain a delay from an appeals court. dr. william barber in naacp calls this ruling a victory. caitlin: and will be having a press conference on that later today. service has been stored to 4500 customers in wake county after a water main break that happened in morrisville yesterday. however, even if your water is
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need to boil it or use bottled water. crews working to repair the main line after it was damaged by a private contractor. they say once the repairs were in place, they will test the waters to make sure it's safe. anthony: to super bowl 50 just one day away, the excitement is building as hundreds of fans in uptown charlotte sending winning viebz all the way out to california. they are holding a pep rally to cheer the team on to one more win. caitlin: at the pnc building back at home, condos showing their panthers pride. buildings glowing blue all weekend long. anthony: super bowl is a little more than 24 hours away. caitlin: and for some fans, it's not good enough to watch the game at home on tv. here is tisha powell to explain. tisha: from the carolinas to the bay area, panthers fans are prowling the streets of san francisco letting everyone know they came to win. >> going to win!
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no holding back panthers pride. >> go panthers! tisha: from charlotte, super bowl 50 is a family affair. >> we've got dpamfamily and friends here. we all flew in from charlotte. we're so excited to be here and this is a dream come true for all of us. tisha: season ticket holders for years say they are finally happy to see their carolina panthers go all the way. >> we have a guaranteed win on sunday and i can't wait to watch. that's why i'm here. tisha: but for some for the big game, right now, they're just enjoying all the fun. >> literally, have been here all day. we've seen steven a. smith, people walking around, todd gurley, people walking right by, you don't even know who it is, it's just crazy to have all this experience and trying to take it all in one day at a time, but it's almost fun. caitlin: very cute there.
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we've been getting a lot of great times. you can share those pictures with us using the hashtag #abc11eyewitness news. anthony: we have a big preview of the musical extravaganza that always comes with the super bowl. caitlin: lady gaga was there practicing. you can see her in the bright red outfit. she will be singing the national anthem to kickoff the game and cold play practicing. they will be the big half time show with a little help from y beyonce. anthony: and bruno mars coming back, posted a photo of himself on instagram with the hashtag #confirmed. he had a show-stopping super bowl show in jersey in 2014. caitlin: i'm a big bruno mars fan and i thought he rocked the last time he was on the stage. a busy weekend ahead for
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coming up on eyewitness news, what to look for in tonight's republican debate. anthony: you may remember this man going on a destructive joy ride around durham. authorities say his crime spree did not begin in durham. an update about the charges he faces this morning. updating the weather, 27 degrees at 7:07. we would like a warm-up, how about it. steve: we will. temperatures around 50 later on. cold to start, low to mid-20s in a lot of areas.
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more clouds, rain arou steve: welcome back, everyone. a couple of clouds in the skies, pretty sunrise for you. if photographers want to get out, another 20-30 minutes of color. light breeze less than 5 miles an hour. temperatures cold to start, getting up to 46 by mid-day. you'll need those heavy jackets early this morning and there's some of the clouds passing by. tomorrow, cloudy skies, notice this is around 1:30 in the morning. we'll start seeing precipitation coming in, very light, mainly rain but the northern fringe could mean some snow. our particular in-house model is trying to suggest the snow could linger mid-day and early
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east of interstate 35. if it's farther away, take all this precipitation shield and push it off to the east. and farther west, the precipitation will be farther west. still a lot of uncertainty, where that cut-off line really close to the triangle. we'll have to see how this plays out. by the way, if we get accumulating snow, it shouldn't be much and along and east of interstate 95 through a mix of snow and rain as well. odds are, it won't cause any headaches, but we've been surprised by storms like these before so i want to keep a close eye on it. a little cooler tomorrow, 51 monday, and another shot of cold air comes in, where highs will be well below that average of 53, a good 10-13 degrees below average. you'll really notice that. travel wise out of rdu looking pretty good. no major hubs showing delays. your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. anthony: a durham man charged with robbery and a series of
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you may remember this video showing willie daniel lorretz. he grabbed money from the lowe's and demanded money on roxboro street and threatened a clerk at a mcdonald's. daniel remains inside the durham county jail. caitlin: new this morning, fayetteville police want your help to track down this armed robber. officers responded to the kangaroo convenience store on owen drive monday night. surveillance camera shows that suspect dresseded in a camouflaged mask with a black hoodie and a white skull on the front. he went in and demanded money and cigarettes. if you recognize this man or the clothing he was wearing, contact police. anthony: a freak accident in new york city. coming up, one person killed as a crane collapses. why authorities say the outcome could have been even worse.
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anthony: welcome back. you're waking up to 27 degrees. these stories making headlines at a quarter past 7:00. at least 11 people are dead, hundreds others in the hospital in taiwan after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake there. a 17-floor residential building collapsed in that quake. rescuers are trying to dig through the rubble searching for more victims. twitter is ramping up its effort
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the social media company says during the past seven months it's suspended several thousand accounts. they either threatened or promoted terrorism. the president spoke hours after the labor department announced that u.s. employers added 151,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. the lowest level of obama's presidency. caitlin: developing this morning, officials are trying to figure out what caused a huge construction crane to collapse in new york city. one person below on the street there killed, three others injured, and a row of cars were crushed. the crane was being lowered to safety during some strong winds. mayor bill deblazio says a construction crew diverted people away from that area,
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a wall street worker david wix was killed in the collapse. anthony: republican presidential candidates will debate right here on abc 11. caitlin: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now in a virtual tie. kenneth moaten is in new hampshire to show us the busy weekend from all the contenders in the 2016 race. kenneth: it's the final push for support in new hampshire. >> i don't want anything, just your vote. kenneth: but donald trump was in south carolina, kept out of the granite state due to bad weather. still bitter about his loss to ted cruz in iowa. >> i don't think i came in second. i think i came in first, okay. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. kenneth: the winter storm didn't keep the other candidates off the new hampshire trail. their supporters on the ground walking door to door. even 90-year-old first lady barbara bush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before tonight's g.o.p. debate hosted by abc news.
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rock solid reception at the democratic fundraiser in manchester. hillary clinton was also there undeterred by recent polls, to make sure the neighboring vermont senator with a whopping lead for tuesday's first in the nation primary. >> new hampshire never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you. kenneth: clinton is working to gain sanders young supporters. the debate will be right here at the college. kenneth moaten, abc news new hampshire. anthony: we saw kenneth there, and the snowstorm didn't keep presidential hopefuls from cris-crossing new hampshire. wet, heavy snow has been toppling trees, knocking out power for 180,000 customers. a girl was killed by a tree limb that fell in her backyard.
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is on the ground there. caitlin: and we've been talking about the possibility of snow in our state. although, nothing we're really worried about. steve: no, not at all. i will tell you, we've been surprised by storms like this before along the coast. this low hasn't developed yet. this european model, which is trusted, as you know, has no rain or snow for basically the entire viewing area. but our in-house model, and i'll show you this in a second, has significant accumulating snow east of interstate 95. i hate to have this much uncertainty this short time out but that's the way this is playing out. let's break it down for you. this new graphic here, what we call our active days, what days we're really watching and pretty obvious we're going to be watching tomorrow.
7:18 am
it's been consistent. notice around 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning, precipitation coming in, and potentially the leading edge of snow. now, how it continues to be some snow. the blue shade from fayetteville to sanford to goldsboro, other parts of wake county. the opportunity for snow is there during the course of the day tomorrow, right. so the potential is there, if that low goes a little bit farther offshore. basically, along that 95 and points south and east, has the the best opportunity to get some. a lot of models, a lot of
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meantime, big game tomorrow, broncos and panthers. could be one of the warmest super bowls we've had in the last 30 years. numbers in the 20s, and 132 down there in clinton, but everyone else pretty cold out there this morning, cold there at 32 as well. state taking on duke, temperatures for that before the game when you head out there, about 50 degrees. a jacket will be necessary for today. we're seeing those mid-high level clouds developing tomorrow. it will develop near jacksonville and kind of move along that coast line and where that low is is key to our weather and how it will play out tomorrow. this is further offshore and a nonevent for us. our models suggest it could be winter precipitation. primarily, the thermal profile
7:20 am
sleet or freezing rain but a snow event, and mainly off to the south and east, north breeze at 5-10. here comes a fast-moving front. we should have temperatures in the low 50s. as the front moves through, it could end, a few little flurries, nothing big. not a bad skiing day today, so if i felt degrees in raleigh, 52 fayetteville. cloudy, rain, snow, a few flakes there, the farther east you live, the better opportunity of that happening for tonight. and tomorrow, again, mainly snow, 47. 51 on monday. chilly.
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struggling to get up to 40. caitlin: wow, look at that, 22, 23 for lows. anthony: anyways, thank you, steve. 27 right now at 6:23. caitlin: he's our local home-town country music star. anthony: ahead on our trouble shooter, of course, how scottie dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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shooter report, a long town country music store, but his name has been being used to lure fans into a scam. anthony: scottie mccareer seright here from the triangle. here's diane wilson. turn the lights down low diane: scottie mccreery's fans. linda franklin is one of them, as soon as she liked his fan page. >> sent me a message. >> shocked from the star himself. just normal conversation at first. >> he said, can i trust you, are you a woman of your word. are you honest. >> she showed us the messages that appear to be from mccreery. one message after to pick up a
7:24 am
security company. >> getting the money with fees. >> that's the big red flag. she would wire the money, and it's gone. the person messaging her not the real scottie mccreery. instead, someone who used his fan page profile picture to message her and make it appear it was the country music star. >> i almost fell for it myself, and if other people fell for it, i think you could easily get trapped in this kind of thing, especially with the money. anthony: diane wilson with that report. you need to watch out for these fake facebook pages. the best advice, anytime someone asks you through facebook to pay money, it is a scam, and we notice something here, you have to be really careful of that check that supposedly verifies the account. you've got one check to your
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supposedly to make you feel safe. caitlin: can't be too careful. anthony: 27 degrees at 7:28. coming up, special honor for our friend and colleague larry stogner.
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right here in our newsroom. >> stay connected with abc 11 on facebook and twitter.
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>> oh, it's a bone-chilling saturday so far, february 6. we've got 27 degrees. it's about 7:30. i'm anthony wilson and welcome. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute because steve has a bad case of sitting right now. his seat won't go up any higher. i'm sorry, i would lower mine a little bit. you could come over and sit a little bit. that's not awkward at all. hey, little guy. steve: so listen, tomorrow could be interesting. this has happened quite a few times. we had a low develop along the coast. the question is, is it close enough, are we going to get precipitation? the timing? there's issues we have to work out. i wouldn't be surprised if we get snow tomorrow. this one would be south and east, so like roxboro would get
7:28 am
anthony: would it stick though? steve: if it comes heavy enough to overcome the ground temperature, absolutely, the system is there. one model shows it happening white other models not so much. we'll fine tune it this morning and let you know what we know at this point in time. 20s out there, cold this morning, 23 in siler city, roxboro, 27 at rdu, and some clouds around this morning but today is the pick day to get things done. temperatures near 50 later on this afternoon. tomorrow, cooler, more clouds, the potential for rain and/or snow. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. anthony: thank you, steve. breaking news just in, a death investigation happening in cumberland county. it's unfolding in the 8900 block of steeplechase drive. the sheriff's office there working the case. we are working to find out more details. caitlin: and new this morning, a house fire in moore county.
7:29 am
scene on yabkin road in southern pines. it didn't take crews long to knock down the blaze but there was plenty of damage done to the home. anthony: and a woman robbed at gun point while loading groceries into her car. it happened on rayford road last saturday according to fayetteville police. officers have now identified the suspects in the case. looking for bruce smith. he's charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. jameson newsome is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery of a dangerous weapon. if you recognize these people, police in fayetteville want to hear from you. caitlin: the first phase of a penalty is complete in a death penalty trial. smith is accused of beating and stabbing to death melissa huggins jones back in 2013. a jail house informant took to the stand yesterday but his testimony was shrouded in secrecy because of concerns about his safety. the judge ordered the courtroom camera to be turned off during
7:30 am
the trial is expected to last at least the rest of the month and will resume on monday morning. we will continue streaming that live. you can look for that on our web site anthony: military and their families in the fight to save the 440th air force wing at fort bragg. the reserve group will be activated, that move sought by north carolina delegates and local leaders. it was not enough. they plan to send 700 reservists to other stations and move fort bragg to alternate locations. the planes will be available for troops' training mission exercises on as-needed basis. caitlin: it's been a year since larry stogner announced he had been diagnosed with als and will be leaving the anchor desk. anthony: we are sitting in the studio now named in larry's honor. we had a special ceremony on friday naming it the larry stogner studio. there's a new plaque as we enter
7:31 am
the patriarch of the eyewitness news room and the heart of carolina. it even his larry's signature sign-off, thanks for the company. steve daniels sat down with larry and his wife to talk about the challenges they are facing. you can watch that interview with larry right now on caitlin: just wonderful. and we unfortunately missed the ceremony but great to see larry on there. it's so neat to walk in and see that plaque. anthony: absolutely. we are talking about the biggest sporting event of all as we are one day away from super bowl 50 featuring the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. caitlin: if you haven't gotten your team gear yet, time is running out and joe mazur shows us some cool finds at least at one fan store in santa clara. joe: there's plenty to choose from, from jackets to t-shirts and jerseys. if i had a little extra room in
7:32 am
get, the panthers cooler and the coolest thing about it is, it moves by remote control. a couple of favorite items over here, this authentic super bowl jacket, it could be yours for $1,000 and the most expensive hat i think you'll ever find, $2500 but it is made out of lam skin. if you still have anything left in the budget, a $50,000 gold coin. you're a panthers fan. what do you think about these super bowl colors? >> i really like them. >> you don't think it's like too steelers? >> no, it's gold. >> what do you think about the merchandise and the super bowl colors? >> if it's not black and blue, we're not really looking at it. >> it's good for 50. we like them. i think it's really good.
7:33 am
gold and blue. perfect. anthony: joe mazur with that report and, yes, that looks like steelers colors to me. caitlin: celebrating 50 years, so i guess that's why they're doing the gold. anthony: about a grand a pop, for high rollers. not us. 7:37 at this time. caitlin: global concerns over the zika virus this morning. coming up on eyewitness news, possible evidence that shows the new way it can be transmitted. anthony: plus, a celebration of black history month. the parade happening in durham today. we will be out there -- i will be out there at least inside a convertible. if you've got kids, bundle them up, right, steve? steve: yeah, really cold out there this morning. a lot of 20s on the board this morning. tomorrow, not as cold to start,
7:34 am
caitlin: 13 are confirmed dead after an earthquake in taiwan and 100 people are missing. rescuers are searching for survivors among the rubble. anthony: and what's happening outside, 27 degrees, and it does go up. steve: temperatures near 50, a mixed bag of sun and clouds. a light breeze around three miles an hour. stepping out the door, numbers
7:35 am
time, probably in the mid-40s, normal high of 53, just shy of that today, should be in the upper 40s to near 50 and a few clouds streaming in. not rain producers, but that happens tomorrow, at least the potential if a low develops along the coast and moves along our coast line, a lot of clouds around. notice the leading edge of precipitation potentially could be some snow mixing in with the rain and our in-house models insistent on for a time turning to all snow and moderate snow along that 95 corridor for a time tomorrow. at least that's the potential. and it starts to move away fairly quickly. again, if you look at the european model which is usually pretty good in the winter time as well, it shows absolutely nothing. still some uncertainty. we'll fine tune it as we get closer, but preparing for potential weather. 47, a little milder on monday, and a shot of really cold air comes in tuesday, wednesday and thursday, highs struggling to
7:36 am
travel wise, all major hubs out of rdu no major delays. the seven day coming up. anthony: a celebration of black history month in durham, the 14th annual mlk black history month parade stepping off at around noon. this parade honors dr. king's work with marching bands, dancers, dancers. caitlin: say hi, snap some pictures with anthony while he's out there today. at the raleigh convention downtown, this is part of the largest boat show in eastern north carolina. they have more than 150,000 square feet of boats. the boat show runs through tomorrow. anthony: if you're going to the parade, bundle up. 27 degrees. it's 7:42. ahead on eyewitness news, a woman killed when a bus jumps the curb. who authorities say is responsible. caitlin: and twitter is getting
7:37 am
caitlin: good morning, and welcome back. here's what's making headlines this saturday morning. building inspectors in new york city say there have been no problems prior to a giant crane collapsing in new york city. one person was killed who was on the street below. other parked cars underneath there ended up being crushed. investigators say they're going to keep looking into what caused this and other authorities are being brought in to help determine the cause of the collapse.
7:38 am
down two majority black congressional districts in north carolina, ordering them to be redrawn. they say that race was the predominant factor in drawing those lines but state legislatures lack justification for doing so. lawmakers, meanwhile, say they will appeal. and donald trump will, again, be part of the debate tonight when the republican candidates square off three days before the new hampshire primary. trump is the front runner right now while marco rubio is on the rise. anthony: new this morning, a woman killed after a school bus jumped a curve in brooklyn. the nypd says investigators believe a car cut off that school bus causing it to jump the curb. there have been no arrests made. caitlin: new this morning, the mounting concern over the zika virus now with a kissing warning. scientists have found that live virus in saliva and urine samples. a rare birth defect that causes brain damage and an abnormally
7:39 am
anthony: twitter is ramping up its efforts to fight terrorism. the social media company says in the past seven months, it has suspinded 125,000 accounts. tweets from those accounts either threatened or promoted terrorism. it says most of the accounts were either connected to isis or supported the terrorist organization. in the past, isis used twitter as a recruiting tool. a woman known for giving back to the community is getting a helping hand of her own. caitlin: you might recall last weekend talking about annie knight. she was the victim of a vicious mugging last month and was seriously injured and her medical bills have been piling up. alena athens has a very special message. >> it was like boom. >> annie knight is confined to a neck brace. there's a lump on the back of her head, pain shooting up her arm and it's hard for her to walk around.
7:40 am
cracked a week and-a-half ago when three men beat and robbed her outside of her complex. she wanted to attend the fundraiser held in her honor but said physically she couldn't do it. >> thank god i am getting stronger and i appreciate the strength and help of the entire community. >> a dinner was held at the knights of columbus. the money raised here as well as from her go fund me page will all go in a pot to help pay for her medical bills. >> she has helped a lot of people through the years, and that's why we wanted to do something for her. >> it's been amazing. i'm so lucky. you know, i come here, this is my home, and i couldn't have made a better home. caitlin: we certainly wish her well as she continues to recover. an nc state moving on to the finals of the jeopardy college championship.
7:41 am
of engineering at state, from oak ridge outside of greensboro. the highlight of the studio was meeting alex trebeck, who walked into the studio in a jacket and jeans. anthony: dressing in those elegant clothing. caitlin: when i think of alex trebeck, i always think of that snl skit with burt reynolds, sean connery, and, of course, will ferrell plays alex trebeck. good luck to him. a local student representing north carolina. do you ever play with your wife? steve: i'm smart enough not to. anthony: to even sit on the couch and have those answers, it's different inside the studio with people watching. caitlin: all the pressure. tony and i like to compete. steve: the accent or whatever language, kind of funny.
7:42 am
the question mark is all about tomorrow. and things are changing right now, and watching and developing areas of low pressure, a potential active day, parts of the area of low pressure will be developing along our coast. if it's close enough, the northern extreme fridge could be snow and we could see the snow lingering for a while, and that's what this model suggests. i wanted you to be aware along the 95 corridor, we could be talking about snow tomorrow and potentially for a good part of the day.
7:43 am
storms that kind of sneaks up on us and gives us some snow. the best opportunity for some accumulating snow, getting closer to the coast line. i want to stress there's only a couple of models showing this. we'll have to watch this closely to see how it develops, and have the latest at 6:00. panthers, broncos, super bowl, could be a warm one, maybe one of the warmest we've had for a long time. 72 at kickoff and 66 degrees. we're in the 20s across the board. warm spot, clinton at 32. if you're lucky enough to go to the ball game, a jacket is necessary but not bad. 49 when you head back to your
7:44 am
high-level clouds moving overhead, partly to mostly sunny skies today and we'll see this low developing along the coast and the question is how close does the low get to us. if it stays a little bit farther offshore, we get nothing. if it's close enough, we'll be on the northern fringe of it developing with wintry precipitation for a time. a cold front comes our way, kick that is cold front out quickly. cold air really filters in behind it and we will notice it in the coming days next week. temperatures will be in the low 40s for highs. good skiing conditions if you want to head up to the mountains today. tomorrow, should be nice up there as well but they're going to get some snow on monday. 51 on our monday, and tuesday, 43 degrees, and only 40 on wednesday. so cold air comes behind monday's front but tomorrow, a lot of question marks. got a few snow flakes in there with the rain showers, and that's mainly east. there's a good possibility, guys, we get in the triangle not a drop of anything. but if it jogs a little bit
7:45 am
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caitlin: one of the big questions for super bowl 50, just how much can peyton manning do against the panthers? anthony: mark armstrong talks to the guy who might know best, peyton's mentor, duke football coach david kucklik. >> he will be on pins and
7:47 am
>> it's harder for me to watch people when i'm not involved. >> he once recruited a teenage manning, coached him at tennessee and has watched and nurtured a hall of fame career. at 39, peyton is contending with age. >> you don't have to change the way you see the game. it's always been about anticipation. if you watch him, go watch the 2007 film, you'll see him throw the ball on time. >> the qb whisperer, he says his star qb is still different, albeit different at this stage of his career. >> it may be a little bit of an arc than a dart. you learn the cuts and the routes and one of the things he does is coach the centers. >> it's all centered on whether or not this is his final game.
7:48 am
>> you don't go there. whatever happens, he will be proud, a feeling that's only been magnified in recent years with hpeyton's injury issues. >> just being here is an accomplishment. how many could ever say that. >> be sure to tune in tonight for the panthers huddle season in review airing right after eyewitness news at 7:00. you'll see it only on abc 11 and you can bet they've got lots of it for tomorrow's big game. the possibility of snow. just a possibility. steve: possibility of mixing with rain mainly south and east of the triangle tomorrow. it could be interesting tomorrow. we'll know a lot more tomorrow.
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