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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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pressure could bring rain to the area south and east, and maybe winter precipitation, we will watch that closely. now, let's get right to it. sun mixed with passing clouds. overall a quiet day today if you're going to get out and about and temperatures getting up to around difficult or so. a little below average. colder tomorrow, more clouds and potential for wintery precipitation. we will talk more coming up. anthony: thank you, steve. developing this story a develop investigation in cumberland all unfolding in the quain drive. according to our crew at the scene, the sheriff's office was called to be a well-being check at the home and they found someone's body inside. no word on how that person died. caitlin: new this morning one person is dead after a shooting tampa, florida, seven other people were injuries. officers think there might have been a disagreement inside of
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anthony: this morning a death toll rising after a 6.4 earthquake in taiwan. 13 confirmed dead including an infant and a small child. more than 100 people still missing. 340 people have been pulled out from the rubble. nearly 500 people were injured. caitlin: new this morning two planes collided over the los angeles harbor leaving no signs of survivors. the coastguard is saying three people were believed to have been onboard the two planes at a time. there is a massive search efforts by boats and divers in the area, but they just found wreckage of the plane. the pilot were experienced. anthony: a curveball weeks before the north carolina primary. a panel of judges throwing out congressional voting maps created five years ago. the judge rules the first and 12th district violate the constitution.
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specifically with the majority of voters in each were african-american. the state could try to get a delay from an appeals court. dr. william barber calls the ruling a huge victory. caitlin: running water is a welcomed sight in wake county this morning. service has been restored to 4500 customers after a water main break in morrisville yesterday. and if you are among that number you need to boil it until further notice or just drink bottled water. crews are working on chapel hill road to repair the line that was damaged by a private contractor. anthony: everybody is talk about it, we are no exception. super bowl l is one day away and the excitement is building. hundreds of funs in charlotte spent winning vibes to california. they are holding a pep rally to celebrate the panthers season and cheer the team on for one
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caitlin: here at home, the p.n.c. building and sky house condos in raleigh are supporting their panthers pride. glowing blue all weekend long. anthony: kickoff for the super bowl is 24 hours away. caitlin: some panthers' fans want to say home and watch the game on tv. reporter: from carolina to the bay area, panthers' fans are prowling the streets of san francisco letting everyone know that they came to win. and this year there is no holding back panthers pride. this man from charlotte, super bowl l is a family affair. >> we got family and friends here. we all flew in from charlotte yesterday and we are just so excited to be here. this is like a dream come true. reporter: season ticket holders for years and they are finally happy to see their north carolina panthers go all of the way. >> a rough season and a guaranteed win on sunday i would like to watch. that's why i'm here. reporter: some here for the big game, right now they are just
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>> it is -- we have been here all day. we've seen smith, people walking around, ty, people walk by you don't know who it is until you look at them. it is crazy we are here experiencing it. trying to take it one day at a time. reporter: and so is this dad. >> go panthers. caitlin: there you go. we have lots of pictures of people showing off their panthers pride. of course, we want to see you. send us your pictures for cool super bowl gear and dressing up your kids and pets we want to see it. use anthony: and the other ning sparking conversation, the big musical show at the super bowl. caitlin: yeah, great acts there. the performers are getting ready for the big eventing. lady gaga was out getting in practice and singing the national anthem. and then you will see cold blood practicing for their halftime
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and getting help from a very big star, beansae. of and bruno mars will also take the stage. he posted a photo of himself on instagram. he was at the super bowl in new jersey in 2014. >> i love bruno mars. he is such a performer. and beyonce. >> and a football game. caitlin: yes. that, too.
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news -- steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. seeing clouds around this morning. mainly mid and high level clouds moving by right now. live into durham we are seeing temperatures in the mid-30's. and breeze around 4 miles per hour. and the temperatures warming up, ton, 40.
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and peak at 50, again, mid and high level clouds moving by. still ned a jacket today. the high clouds for now. and overnight tonight the clouds will thicken up, by tomorrow showers not too far away from us from the south and an area of low pressure off the coastline. notice our model insistent on the northern fringes of it being more of a snow event. if it comes down heavy enough, we could cool it dynamically and see more snow, especially along the 95 corridor. along the triangle and to the north. roxboro will be hardness today get a sprinkle tomorrow. so we will fine-tune more coming up in a couple of minutes. 50 today, 47 tomorrow and moderate ahead of a new front on monday to 51. and then a big drop in the temperatures. it will be a cold week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, through 40's for highs in areas in the area. and travel-wise looking good. all major hubs at r.d.u. no delays. your abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast.
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anthony: thank you, steve. a durham man is charged in connection wind chill a robbery, stolen vehicle and crashes faces new charges this morning. you may remember this video of daniels arrest last weekend. now, he is behind three more robberies. he grabbed money from a lows' demanding money from a b.p., and threatened a clerk at a mcdonald's. daniels remains inside of the durham county jail. cacier new this morning fayetteville police are trying to track down this armed robber. officers responded to the kangaroo convenience store on monday night. this shows the expect in a mask with a black hoody and a white skull on it. he landed money and cigarettes. if you recognize him, call police. anthony: 9:10.
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collapsed. anthony: good morning. 34 degrees at 9:13. these stories making headlines this morning. at least 13 people dead, hundreds of others in the hospital in taiwan after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. a 17-floor residential building collapsed in the earthquake. rescuers are trying to dig through the rubbal and searching for other victims. twitter ramping up its effort to fight terrorism. the social media company is saying in seven months they have suspended 125,000 accounts, tweets from the accounts threatened or promoted terrorism. president barack obama is using a new job report to take
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the president spoke hours after the labor department announced that the u.s. employers added 151,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate full to the lowest level of president barack obama presidency. caitlin: north korea made an announcement this morning. they moved up the window from their long-range rocket launch. it is an effort to send a satellite into orbit, outside governments suspect it is a test of ballistic missile technology. anthony: the new hampshire primary is three months away. and tonight is the republican presidential debate. you can watch it here on abc11 eyewitness news. caitlin: so hillary clinton andbernie sanders in a tie. we are live in new hampshire. reporter: it is the final push for support in new hampshire. >> i don't want anything. i just want you vote. reporter: but donald trump was
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the granite state due to the bitter weather. still bitter from his loss in iowa. >> i don't think i came in second. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. reporter: the winter storm didn't keep the other candidates off the new hampshire trial. their supporters were on the round walking door-to-door. even barbara bush braved the treacherous conditions for her son before tonight's g.o.p debate hosted by abc news. overnight, bernie sanders got a rock star reception at this fundraiser in manchester. and hillary clinton was there, undeterred by recent polls that shows the neighboring vermont senator with a lead in the nation's first primary. >> new hampshire has never quit on me, and i'm not going to quit on you. reporter: hillary clinton who is working to move sanders young
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today. and the top g.o.p contendererize prepping for tonight's debate. a.m. answer the new in new england is not keeping the presidential hopefuls from crisscrossing new hampshire. it has toppled trees and knockout power. a girl was killed bay a tree limb that fell in her backyard. more than a foot of dense snow on the ground so far there. caitlin: developing this morning officials are trying to determine what caused a huge construction crane to collapse in new york city. one person on the ground was killed and three others injured. a row of parked cars was crushed. the crane was being lowered to safety. the mayor is saying that construction was underway there and that crane was being directed away from people in the area. that likely prevented more people from being killed. a wall street worker, david wick, was the man kid in the collapse.
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chaos there was a heartwarming tale of a determined bride and a stranger that helped her. the chapel and anne rushed to this woman who was left in the snow unable to get to her ceremony. she asked the chap to do the honor and she happily agreed to. they were thankful that could be together after the tragedy. >> they were kind of able to turn, you know, the tragedy kind of turn it into -- a special day for the two of us. anthony: that is nice. caitlin: yeah. pretty crazy stuff. the crane falling. the crane was a city block long. that's how massive the crane was. up manage just falling below. anthony: the video showing it falling is shocking. caitlin: yeah. uh-huh. steve: all right. around here, temperatures tad will be close to 50. a little below average. your pick day of the weekend. tomorrow a little bit tricky to
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so our active weather day is tomorrow. we want to make sure that tomorrow knows off without a lift, there is a possibilitity of wintery -- precipitation. with the situation like this with the coastal law -- low. if it is close enough, like our in-house model is suggesting, it could be cold enough. if it comes down hard enough it will keep the air from warming up. we will continue to see snow around. and this model is pushing the newest run. this is into person county. this is a little bit far-fetched considered the last run was over raleigh and runs before that had a farther to the east. it is suggesting this low now could be closer to us, in which case we could be dealing with snow for a time tomorrow morning. throughout the afternoon we start to see the low pulling away. and then a new front coming in
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bring rain showers to the area. as far as where the best opportunity to get measurable snow mainly along and east of i-95. we will probably see it make it up into the triangle. we will keep a close eye on this, the storms can surpass us. they have not developed yet when it does develop, we could be dealing with wintery precipitation. panthers and broncos tomorrow. kickoff. the weather is nonfactor for the game tomorrow. and a couple of 20's out there. 28 in stanford, most of us warming up in the low to mid-30's now. a silly day today. duke and state 50 degrees before the game when you come out to your car around 49. so weather is a nonfactor. mid and high level clouds with us. no umbrellas with us today. tomorrow we see the low developing down here and it will start to move along the coastline.
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how close to the coast is this low going to be. again the this low is close enough to us we will be dealing with precipitation. and then the low moves out and another front coming in quickly, this will bring rain showers to the area. the temperatures in the low 50's ahead of the front. behind the front it is cold. temperatures will take a nosedive. a chilly week. into the mountains today to do skiing, partly sunny, dry and the 20's and 30's. and amlaescha warmer there, 38 degrees for a high. back to home, our highs today upper 40's to 50's. and 50's in the sandhills tonight low 30's and upper 20's. a shower chance late. mainly south and east. i have snowflakes mixing in with rain potentially. and tomorrow i put mainly east, but we have to watch it.
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closer to us, this could turn into a mess. if it stays farther offshore, nothing, one of those types of situations. we will monitor that closely. another shower chance is monday and tuesday. after that, a cold week. sun with us, but low 40's for highs and low to mid-20's for lows. caitlin: going to feel that. steve: you will.
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thank you, steve. 9:21. caitlin: today's i-team troubleshooter report. he is a local hometown country star, and now his named is being used. anthony: yes. scotty mccreery is here in the triangle. and getting a message from him was not that unusual, now, a red flag. here is diane wilson. [music plays] diane: his voice launched him into stardom. [music plays] diane: scotty mccreery's facebook page over 2 million fans. this is one of them. as soon as she liked his fan page. >> she sent me a message. diane: shocked. a message from the megastar
9:20 am
>> i'm talking to scotty mccreery. diane: just normal conversation at first. >> saying can you help me. diane: the messages that appear to be from mccreery. one message asked her to pickup a personal briefcase from a security company. >> take $100,000, i will give you $20,000 of that and take care of it delivery fee. diane: that is the big red flag, where the scam would have came in. she would wire the money and it is gone. the person messaging her not the real scotty mccreery. instead just someone who used his fan page profile picture to message angel and make it appear it was the country music star. >> i almost fell for it myself. if other people fall for it. you can easily get trapped in this kind of thing. anthony: that's right. diane wilson with that report. you need to watch out for the fake facebook profiles. the same scam with mark zuckerberg and president barack obama.
9:21 am
asked to pay money it is a scam. and we noticed in that story, the person hijacked scotty's picture, but not the page. caitlin: look for the blue checkmark next to the media personnel or a star like that, that verifies they are who they say they are. anthony: yes, check it out. anyways.
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from classic to contemporary, havertys. anthony: 9:29. 34 degrees outside. on this saturday, february the 6th. we are glad that you're with us on this day. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. we are keeping a close eye on the weather for tomorrow. it is kind of up-and-down at this point. steve: it is. one of the models we trust here, the in-house model. it does a good job in the winter time. so when it starts to show all of this snow coming in, we're look
9:25 am
the european model will not get in until 2:30. this morning's run has nothing, not even rain. it keeps the low offshore. but it it is closer like the in-house model and now it is up to the triangle tomorrow. so you start to get a little bit, ok, interesting. we can still can't put it in stone just yet but it is weather watching. tomorrow could be a very messy document? caitlin: coming going to super bowl parties. steve: is could start at early as 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. so again could is the keyword here. if the euro is right and it stays offshore, it will drop. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out to say the least. in the 30's out there. mid and high level clouds moving overhead.
9:26 am
cool the 4's to 50's for a high. colder tomorrow and could be rather interesting. whirl going to break it down coming up. anthony: thank you, steve. developing right now a death investigation is underway in cumberland county. this is video we've just received from the scene. you see investigators working in the 8900 block of steeplechase drive. according to our crew at the scene the sheriff's office was called to do a welfare check there and they found the body inside. no word yet about how that person died. caitlin: new this morning pretty big flames shooting owoy this house in moore county. this is coming from the scene in southern pines. it didn't take the crews there long to knockdown the blaze. but plenty of damage was down to the home. no word on what sparked the fire. anthony: a woman robbed at gunpoint, this happened at the harris teeter on raeford road last saturday. that is according to fayetteville police. officers have identified the
9:27 am
suspects in the case. smith is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. newsom is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. if you recognize the people and know where they are, fayetteville police want to hear from you. caitlin: the first week of testimony is complete in the death penalty trial in the man accused of killing a young mother in her raleigh apartment. smith is accused of beating and stabbing to death jones in 2013. a james house informimate took the stand yesterday, but his testimony was shrouded in secrecy because of concerns about his safety. the judge ordered the courtroom camera turned off during the testimony. the trial is expected to last the rest of this month and will resume first thing on monday morning. you can watch it on-line, we will be streaming it live on anthony: people in the military community disappointed by the decision in the night to save
9:28 am
fort bragg. the group will be deactivated. the move was fought by north carolina delegates and local leaders, but the fight was not enough. the air force has outlined plans to send 700 reservists to other duty stations and then to move fort bragg to other locations. the planes will be available to troops training mission exercises on as needed basis. caitlin: one year now since larry announced he was diagnosed with a.l.s. and would be leaving. >> on friday we had a special ceremony for larry here. naming this the studio. there is a new plaque on the door that leads into this room says celebrating larry as the patriarch. we sat down with larry and his wife to talk about the challenges they are facing.
9:29 am
larry on there. new security measures in place right now at cameron indoor state i'm. duke university installs medal entrances. everyone going to the game, including staff will have to pass through this. it is part of a pilot program aimed at increasing security. anthony: and the biggest sporting event possibly of all. the super bowl, we are one day away from super bowl l, featuring the broncos and panthers. caitlin: if you have not gotten your team gear, time is running out. reporter: viewers want entertainment, visitors here want swag, of course, and there is plenty to choose from, from jackets to t-shirt and jerseys, but the high dollar stuff is in the back. if i had a little bit of extra room in my luggage, this is what i would get.
9:30 am
the coolest thing about it, it moves by remote control. this authentic nfl super bowl jacket going to each one of the players can be yours for $1,000. and the most expensive at, $2,500, but it is made out of lamb skin. if you have not spent enough, all right. if you're a panthers fan, what do you think about the super bowl colors. >> i really like them. i love the fact that they go with them and the logo is very -- super bowl l. reporter: you don't think it is like too steelers? >> no. it is -- it is -- good. reporter: what do you think about the merchandise? and the super bowl colors? >> if it is not black and blue we're not really looking at it. >> it is good for 50. >> i really like it. it is good. >> they go with the blue, though, so gold and blue, perfect.
9:31 am
that and others are saying it looks like the steelers. caitlin: right, as joe pointed out there. either way. you're good. local concern spreading this morning over the zika virus.
9:32 am
news -- steve: welcome back. good morning to you. we have clouds around this morning. overall pretty nice after a cold start, getting up to the 30's right now. state street in fayetteville. a light breeze out of the north and northeast at six miles per hour. and stepping out the door the numbers warming up. 49 by 2:00 this afternoon. slightly below average for this time of the year. pick day of the weekend tomorrow could get tricky around here. seeing the clouds passing on by for now. predictor it forecast model insistent of showing moisture coming in from a low pressure developing along the coast. if it is close enough to us, we will get precipitation moving in. and the timing it is cold enough potentially to get snow to move
9:33 am
something we will keep an eye on. this has not developed yet. the models keep this offshore, we have nothing. so we will try to detail it for you more. liz will have the latest data tonight at 6:00. so a little bit cooler tomorrow with clouds and showers. moderation by a few degrees on monday ahead of the next friend. behind that front a big dip in the temperature. cold next week. travel-wise is looking good. all major hubs showing no delays. abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. anthony: thank you, steve. a celebration of black history month in durham. the 14th annual m.l.k. parade that takes place at noon. and it honors dr. king's work, featuring manufacturing bands, dancers and floats. caitlin: something going on this morning downtown, the krispy kreme challenge in raleigh. there are street closures that are still going on at this hour.
9:34 am
example, between chamberland street will remain closed through noon. and north percentage streets will remain closed until 11:00 this morning. a race that features five miles of running pair would eating a dozen doughnuts. if you can stomach it all under an hour. and i saw on-line, 939 country station tweeted out that the winner finished this in 30 minutes. he ran all of that, downed a dozen doughnuts and ran back in 30 minutes. anthony: he burned off calories. all right. good to know. it is 34 degrees outside. 90:41.
9:35 am
news -- caitlin: good morning. welcome back. time is 9:44. 34 degrees outside. here is what is making headlines. citied building instructors are saying no problems were found with the giant crane that collapsed in new york city. one person on the ground was killed. many parked cars in the area were crushed. inspectors will investigate further along with other authorities to try to determine wall caused the collapse. a paneral of federal judges striking down two majority black congressional districts in north carolina.
9:36 am
saying race was a factor in drawing the lines. but state legislators lacked the justification to do so. lawmakers will appeal. and donald trump will again be part of the debate tonight when the republican candidates square off, this is three days before the primary. trump who skipped the last debate is the front run the. marco rubio is on the rise. anthony: new this morning a woman killed with a school bus jumped the curb in brooklyn. they believe that a car cutoff the school bus causing it to jump the curb. no arrests made. new details after six people were found dead inside of a chicago home. police are saying the victims may have been killed during what they called a target under accident. officers found the bodies of six family members two men, women, and children, inside of the house they shared on thursday. authorities initially thought this could have been a murder suicide, but the medical examiner has ruled the deaths are homicides.
9:37 am
mounting concerns over the zika virus is prompting a kissing warning for pregnant women. tom brazilian health officials are saying they found the virus in vuliva and urine sample. a rear birth defect that causes brain-damage and a small held may be linked to the virus. anthony: twitter is ramping up their effort to fight terrorism. the social media company is saying in the past seven months they suspended 125,000 accounts, the tweets threatened or promoted terrorism. both of the accounts were connected to isis or supported the terrorism organization. in the past, isis used twitter to recruit members. a raleigh woman is known for giving back to the community and getting a helping hand of her own. caitlin: her name is anne. and she was in a mugging last month and seriously injured. her medical bills have been
9:38 am
we have a special message from her this morning. >> i'm on the ground. elaina: confined to a neck brace. there is a lump on the back of her head. pain is up her arm and it is hard for her to walk around. 10 minutes to go up the stairs. the bottom of her back was cracked a week and a half ago when two men robbed her and beat her. she wanted to attend a fundraiser held, but she could not goo it -- do it. >> i'm getting stronger. a dinner was held at the knights of columbus. [music plays] elaina: the money raised here and from a good fund -- gofundme page will go in a pot to pay for her medical bills. >> she has helped a lot of people throughout the years.
9:39 am
something for her. >> it is amazing. i'm so lucky. i come from ireland. caitlin: elaina athans with that report. we have more information on a group is getting mark cuban to bite on abc's hit show, shark tank. unique hand bugs. they employee military spouses all over the country to make different parts of the hand bags and shipped to southern pines they are assemble and sold. it makes ities efor -- easy for military wives to pickup and get a new job. they hope to keep growing and helping as many military spouses as they can. anthony: it is much appreciated. and the bags are good, too. caitlin: i know about the company and now i want to get one to support it. so hint, hint tony. a valentine's day gift idea. steve: you better hurry.
9:40 am
day of the weekend. tomorrow it is pretty interesting. the potential is there, we're going gangbusters on this model. but what is going on in a second. so we're going to break it down and talk about the active weather days coming up. it is tomorrow, that's the day we're going to keep our eye on for the potential of winter precipitation coming in in the wee hours of the morning. i want to stress the other models that keep the low pressure offshore we don't get a drop of anything. this is the potential here. this model does a good job in the winter time. but regardless if it low is not close to us, none of this will matter. we could have precipitationation in the blue shade, that is snow. it is forth of the 85 corridor. it is different than the last run which was basically around the wake county line. so it is telling us the low is closer to us. so the precipitation could be to
9:41 am
it is suggesting decent amount of snow for a good day tomorrow. and the other models are showing rain mixing with snow. and we're going to go with rain mixing with snow. but the potential exists, this area could get enough snow and see measurable snow especially on grassy surfaces. bit warm. warm, too. so it will come down very heavily to overcome that. some data suggests we don't get a drop tomorrow. so cloudy day and cool. so we're going to fine-tune it later today and give you an update. meantime no snow concerns in california for the super bowl. 72 at kickoff there. 66 by the fourth quarter. one was the warmest super bowls we had in the last 30 years. numbers in the 30's outside right now. 40 in clinton. our high temperature is climbing up, 50 or so. so with that in mind duke and
9:42 am
and heading to your car, the same temperature, around 49 degrees. tip-off at 2:00 this afternoon. clouds moving by now, mid level clouds, but the low develops long it coast tomorrow. and offshore, we get nothing at all. close enough to us, on the norton fringe of it, we could be dealing with precipitation and again our in-house model is saying primarily snow. we will wait and see how it plays out. the next front on monday, out was ahead of it rain showers. and behind it much colder and end with snow in the northern counties on monday and tuesday. 50 in raleigh, 52 in fayetteville. pick day of the weekend enjoy it. later on tonight a little bit of snow make activity in there in the eastern counties. the farther east the better chance of getting rain or snow tonight. and then tomorrow an interesting day.
9:43 am
you know, we'll see what the new data comes in later today. and if we need to adjust that, moves farther west everyone has a chance. so we will have to fine-tune it for you. a cold week. look at the temperatures. caitlin: i would rather not. i don't like the looks of that. anthony: and viewers in the eastern county need to know about this. steve: absolutely. a large viewing area. not just raleigh.
9:44 am
eyewitness news. anthony: new this morning. new trouble for cleveland browns quarterback, johnny manziel. dallas police are saying they will open a criminal investigation into a reported assault on his ex girlfriend. this is after police are saying it was closed. it is not uncommon for a victim to delay reporting an assault. detectives will determine if criminal charges are warranted. caitlin: well, one of the big questions for super bowl l, how much can manning really do against the panthers. anthony: mark armstrong smoke to -- spoke to the man who night know best. reporter: david will be on pins and needles on sunday.
9:45 am
watch people when i'm not involved. i find myself, you know -- doing things. reporter: he once recruited a teenaged manning, coached him at tennessee and watch him in a nfl career. at 39, manning is contending with age. >> you don't have to change the way you see the game. it is about watching him, you go back and watch 2007, you will see him throw the ball on time. reporter: the q "b" whisperer, he is dangerous, but different at this stage of his career. >> the might be more of an arch in the wall. you know, you learn cuts and guys coming out of the run. one of the best things he does is coach receivers. reporter: the talk around manning this week has centered if this is this final game he did not ask. >> you don't go there and do that to yourself before playing
9:46 am
i hope that he finds peace on whatever decision it ends up being. reporter: whatever happens, he will be proud. a feeling that is magmanied in recent years with manning's injury issues. >> he rises from the grave, it just surprises me. i don't know? he will ever quit amazing me. caitlin: peyton amazing meteorologist steve stewart one of the big fans over here. all right. tonight we have a lot of precoverage, panthers huddles season in review after 7:00 tonight. you can only see it here. and a lot to talk about before tomorrow's big game. anthony: right now, how chilly it is. steve: close to normal. almost a normal day today. enjoy that. tomorrow it is interesting.
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