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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: see what's happening this instant. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> right now at 6:00 we are watching the skies and tracking the chance for snow overnight. good saturday evening everyone. what are we talking about here? >> talking about if we see snow it will likely be south and east. you have to remember with this many of our models are still trending completely dry. if you live down toward fayetteville over toward goldsboro along the i-59 corridor looks like your chance for snow will be slightly higher than areas to the north and west. showers are possible. rain that is. especially east. but some of us toward the triangle could also see some rain showers if this holds together. we could also see more flurries as we go monday night into tuesday. that'll be something to watch as well. certainly looks like a few bouts of winter weather are possible this week.
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predictor, our in house model. it's the most what we like to call aggressive with this system coming through. it shows snow forming around 1:00, 2:00 in the morning in some of our southern counties slowly treading northward by about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 could be extreme southern sections of wake county toward johnston county. by 8:00, 9:00 it continues to spread to the north and moving out to the east and away from us. once again, this model is the most aggressive one we have. others see pretty much raleigh up to the north and west completely dry. it will be something that we'll have to consider as well. we certainly know right now that the potential for snow exists especially south and east of the triangle. the question is how much will we likely see? at this point it certainly looks like if we did see some accumulation it would likely be less than an inch in many spots but the potential could exist for slightly more the further south and east you go. it all boils down to this area of low pressure right here. if it tracks a little further east we could hardly see anything. if it tracks a little further to the west we could see a
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we'll dive a little deeper and talk more about timing coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. we know you're on top of it. thank you. and our weather app is your weather. you can download it now in the app store or google play to conditions. if you see any snow share it by clicking on to report your weather feature. tragedy hanging a dark cloud challenge. race officials telling eyewitness news a 58-year-old runner died. he began feeling chest pains within the first mile of the race. tonight we're waiting to learn the man's identity. the krispy kreme challenge is one of raleigh's most popular street races. thousands show up every year to run from nc state's bell tower to the krispy kreme and back. tonight race directors say we are deeply saddened and wish to convey our heart felt condolences to his loved ones. new at 6:00 the cumberland county man sitting in jail charged with killing his own wife.
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murder investigation is focused tonight. we'll go there for what we've learned about the woman's death. >> well, the murder happened at a home right down the dirt road behind me. it's private property so we won't go back there. officials found the victim inside the home. the cumberland county sheriff's office says mary mora had several wounds when they found her. her husband jesus mora has been arrested and charged with her murder. authorities say he called 911 this morning saying he needed help and the situation was urgent. we just spoke with a neighbor who found mora waiting for authorities by a driveway shortly after that murder allegedly happened. >> shaken, very disturbed, thought it was just odd at the time. now looking back, you know, it's kd of scary. >> and we have learned that the victim leaves behind an 18-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. mora is being held right now at the cumberland county detention
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on monday to face a judge on the murder charge. live in lyndon, abc 11, eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at 6:00 durham police say the driver of that car is to blame for a head on crash with a durham public schools bus. it happened around 1:15 on lynn road near gibson road. police say none of the four kids on bus 122 were hurt. despite the damage to the gray toyota, no one in the vehicle was seriously hurt. we are waiting to hear if officers will file any charges. we are about 24 hours away from kick off to super bowl 50. all week long we've been bringing you the sights and sounds leading up to the game. let's begin our team coverage. you found some triangle fans who made the cross country trek to cheer on the panthers. >> exactly. they're so excited to be here and the streets are flooded with fans. one of the most popular sights
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you can see right behind me a bunch of people enjoying that. there has been so much to do around here and people say they can't wait to see what our panthers will do on the field on sunday. they say it's not just about the panthers doing their job. as fans they'll do what they can to help. panthers pride on full display at san francisco's super bowl city. fans getting even more pumped up at this panthers pep rally by the bay. getting even more confident that this is our year to take home the lombardi trophy. from super fans to state leaders the excitement for the big game keeps building. just ask the senator, who is supporting what he calls his playoff beard. >> this is amazing to see the now. can't wait for the game tomorrow. >> the senator is a long-time panthers fan who is also a little superstitious.
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>> i've only washed it one time this year. it was the day they lost against atlanta. no more washing. i've got the beard until the super bowl. had it all the way through the playoffs. >> some have lucky shirts while others take lucky shots. >> we go to the bar in our house and we pull out the tequila and we take a shot of tequila for every game. >> we are excited. we are from raleigh, north carolina and we are excited. >> rosalind red from garner turns to prayer when it comes to her panthers. >> i prayed before i got on the plane. i know they're going to win. >> the panthers all the way without a doubt. >> so from the nfl to super bowl city so many things to keep people busy here before the big gym tomorrow but they're so excited. i even had a chance to see some dancers hanging from the side of a building doing a little dance while they were suspended in the air. you never know what you'll see around here in san francisco. >> a surprise around every corner.
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themselves. thank you. mark armstrong continues our team coverage now from santa clara where fans are lining up. they aren't waiting to get into the gates just yet. >> not quite yet. all throughout the week as you saw there in the mouth of the madness in downtown san francisco, we're about 45 mints away here out in santa clara. there have been a smattering of fans coming around to take their picture with the super bowl signage here. now less than a day away it is really picking up. fans by the scores, by the hundreds all streaming around just wanting to be close to the stadium. there is one attraction here that has them lining up. we've got video of that. a 30-minute line when we last checked and asked some folks but everybody in this line meeting each other, chatting, and they all want a picture with the big metallic super bowl 50 sign. in fact, we met some panthers fans who are doing just that. one recent unc grad who was an economics major, wants to get
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asked him to give me a mathematical chance what the panthers had of winning tomorrow. >> i'd say 75% chance, all about the offensive line containing demarcus ware and von miller. >> we didn't go the last time 12 years ago when we played in houston and i thought it might never happen again in our lifetime because i know people that happened to. this super bowl 50 was our team. we have to be here. >> yeah. they have been season ticket holders since day one of the panthers so they were not going to miss this opportunity. flew into los angeles, drove up here. they just arrived this morning. they're going to drink in the next couple days as so many of the fans here are doing as we speak. >> it is the place to be. mark armstrong live for us from california. thank you. and our super bowl 50 coverage starts here. you'll find tons more on the abc 11 mobile app. meet the man who's been to every single super bowl or learned fun facts about the game. you can also check out some of
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di >> more trouble tonight for three teenagers charged with throwing bricks on to cars on i-95.
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and alex alvaredo face two more counts of assault with a deadly weapon and damage to property bringing the total number of charges to 14 each. cumberland county detectives slapped on the additional charges after two truckers came forward saying bricks hit them. one victim says there is now a hole in his roof. the teens will have their first appearances on the new charges on monday. the on ramp from santa fe drive to the all american freeway is back open tonight hours after a truck carrying a crane flipped. no one was hurt in the crash. that happened this morning. fayetteville police blocked the ramp while they brought in a wrecker to upright the truck. as we head to break, here is a live look at the raleigh sky line. a sunny start to the weekend today but liz is tracking the chance for snow in our viewing area. she'll break it all down for
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her full forecast is less >> the countdown to the new hampshire primary is on and candidates are spending the weekend on the ground looking
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the gop als you can see the gop debate right here on abc at 8:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. all right. liz horton is back and everyone wants to know. we've been talking about that word we hear every so often. what can you tell us? >> yeah, snow is what we're wondering about. certainly this forecast is a little bit more uncertain than typical. usually at this point we have a very clear idea of what is going to happen. we'll show you why it's not so clear this time. one thing we know for sure, our active weather day is going to be sunday. overnight into tomorrow. the reason for the potential of rain and snow a mixture of both pushing on into the area. so this is our in house model. we showed this to you. it looks a little more aggressive than others. it shows snow forming in the southern areas early on. by 308 in the morning could be in southern sections of wake county. you'll notice by noon a loft snow here further to the south. some rain here. by the afternoon starting to skirt out toward the east before finally pushing on over.
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a little more snow further north. it looks like it is finally refining just a bit and pushing down to the south now. this is the area of low pressure that is under concern. the thing we're watching that will bring us the weather or lack of weather. if it is any further out to the east most of this precipitation could miss us entirely, hitting the coastal areas. if it goes a little further to the north and west it could give us a little bit more. that's the reason it's a little uncertain as to what is going to happen. one thing for sure, it is going to be quick. it'll push on out to the north and east and then another cold front is heading our way with the potential for more flurries. what to expect the next 24 hours? you can get any areas here north of the triangle, north, from durham county up toward the virginia border will mainly see rain if that. you may hardly even see any precipitation at all. areas here toward the triangle, more likely to see a rain/snow mix. and then the further south and east you are, particularly
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county over toward wayne county, could see more snow mixing in. at this point doesn't look like it could be substantial accumulation but certainly could be something to watch as snow continues to fall pretty moderately we could see some messy roads. right now at rdu very calm, quiet picture. temperatures in the 40's. winds very calm. you'll see some rain down to the south on our satellite and radar here. but most of us are still fairly clear out there. a lot of cloud cover is going to start heading our way overnight as this area of low pressure begins to form. we're already starting to see showers and a potential for heavier rain forming off the coast of florida and georgia. that's where the low is coming from. our temperatures right now are in the 30's to the north, lower 40's for the triangle. mid 40's to the south. all of us will likely drop overnight. in fact, we'll likely be toward 35 by the time we get to 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. some temperatures will likely indicate it could be more rain than snow. certainly looks a little cooler. we'll likely see cooling in the
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mostly snow event predictor of course passing it off to the east early on and then this is what we want to show. on monday an area of rain also moving in. this time it looks more like rain because the temperatures are likely to be warmer. by tuesday we'll watch as another system starts to move our way cooling us off behind that. could see some snow flurries on tuesday as well. for tonight though we'll see upper 20's for the northern sections. 31 in raleigh. close to 34 in fayetteville. tomorrow of course we could see a little bit of snow mixing in rain. 40's from durham, raleigh, sanford, 48 expected in fayetteville and clinton and of course we cannot ignore our super bowl forecast for all of you to be watching the panthers. kick off 72. 66 by the fourth quarter. certainly looks to be better weather there in santa clara than here in the triangle. your first alert seven-day forecast powered by accu weather shows mainly precipitation on sunday, monday night into tuesday likely another round. could see a mix of rain and
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clearing finally by wednesday, thursday, and friday with temperatures in the 40's and overnight in the 20's. a little cooler. >> and a little tricky where some of the snow could land. >> yeah. the big story is it doesn't look to be a major impact for us. >> all right. thanks. now let's check in with abc news headquarters in health alert about women drinking alcohol. >> thank you. mark armstrong is standing by outside levi stadium where the excitement is building. >> that's right. so close now i can taste it.
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charlotte pant >> welcome back, everybody. another spectacular day here in santa clara as we count down to super bowl 50. some business to take care of tonight. cam newton will not personally participate in the nfl honors dinner an award night where he will officially be named most
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the panthers have never had an nfl m.v.p. they've been to one super bowl before. that ended in defeat and that will change tomorrow night if what i think ends up happening. cam newton very likely, in fact, certainly he is going to win nfl m.v.p. tonight. what a season by him. 35 touchdowns through the year. another 10 on the ground. almost 3800 yards passing. all the leadership, all the charisma, all the style that he brought to the carolina panthers this year powering them to 17 wins in 18 games. along those same lines wouldn't be surprised at all if ron rivera is named the nfl's coach of the year. you could certainly make no better case for anyone else than you could for ron rivera certainly based on the expectations coming into this season vs. what they actually accomplished on the cusp of winning the super bowl title. last chance we got to speak to the panthers was thursday. the practices are done. where are they right now?
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through today so the on field preparation is finished. now it is time to focus on their bodies. get the meal they need to get their mental health ready to go. roman harper safety for the panthers has been there before. went to the super bowl with the saints and knows what to expect. >> the biggest thing is you got have laser sharp focus and intensity for 60 minutes on all three phases of the ball. if we do that we give ourselves a chance. that is all you can ask for in this game as chance. we'll have our hands full. they have a great team. but at the end of the day i like our odds and i love this team i'm on. we got to go out there and get it. >> the preparation is heightened a little bit throughout the week. especially in regards to their personnel and figuring out what they do. >> true to their identity they have not changed at all. yesterday's final practice, lots of loud music and dancing. some dabbing at the end. they'll hopefully take that to
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>> tomorrow night the moment of truth for the carolina panthers. lots of basketball to discuss too. back to you. >> thanks, guys. no snow issues this time around as duke nc state closed out the regular season series. coach k. fired up in the first game back from the health scare earlier this week. blue devils played off that energy. brandon ingram the long jumper. nc state down eight. the maverick rowan cutting the deficit to five with this three. no answer on the other end for this transition and the slam. duke led by six at the break. wolfpack start punching out of the second half. barber -- that's what he does. the jumper there. cuts it to a one-point game. later barber feeding abou on this alley-oop. state takes the lead. 60-49. luke kenard had six triples in this game.
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giving the bylaw devils back the lead. it was still a ball game in the final minutes of play. barber to the lane for the lay-in. 79-76, duke lead. grason allen no hitting him with the dagger and it comes from the corner. three ball. he led all scorers with 28 points. duke wins, 88-80. nc central look tog make it five straight over the aggies. central led by one at the half. holmes here, spot up three in the corner gives the eagles the lead by six. in the final few minutes of play it is a tie game at 58. all of the aggies take the lead, 61-58. final 30 seconds left corner for madison. hits the three. tie game. four seconds left and a shot was no good. this one is in o.t. >> a nail biter. we are officially 24 hours from the big game. >> yes. >> everyone is getting excited. >> yes. very excited. >> thank you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching.
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here in new hampshire about to
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