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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> in the past, there was plenty of time. reporter: that is not the case
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with about five weeks left before primaries in north carolina, and absentee voting well underway, the ruling has the potential to create major confusion and put serious pressure on the state. >> from a voter's perspective, if you see a headline or a story that says district rules invalid, you are left going "should i vote or not?" that is the problem. it leaves the voters in a very bad state. reporter: republicans redrew the borders in 2011. the green on this map was submitted to the court, representing the percentage of black voters in those areas. this is district 12, or the court says the same thing. it was drawn specifically to pack in minorities.
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as they are to explain. >> is that the district, the orange stuff? >> it is not good for the state to always be in the news for having a voter law problem. reporter: and that is why charles meeker has taken the lead in a statewide, bipartisan effort to take gerrymandering out of the process. >> five years after they were drawn, that is not fair to our public. reporter: now it is up to the courts if he got what will be fair or at least most fair on march 15, north carolina's primary. date republicans are standing by their map. we are hearing an answer could come tonight or tomorrow morning from the court. as far as the advice from the state board of elections, they say go ahead and vote. let them all sorted out in the
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steve: the important thing is to make our vote count. the attorney general loretto lynch will come back here to her home state of north carolina. she is a visit to fayetteville in the coming months. shin-soo choo highlight a police department she says should serve as a role model. she says fayetteville and five other cities -- she will be here to highlight a police department she says should serve as a role model. governor mccrory was in northern california over the weekend for the big game. after leaving levi stadium, his car was total after a minor
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he was in a vehicle owned by the california highway patrol. the governor had minor pain after the wreck. when we were asked -- when we asked how he was feeling today, we were told there was no update. you can help track a killer on the run. a cab driver was shot to death. jose dominguez was on duty in his taxi cab when he was shot around 1:30 this morning. the police believe the killers got away in a white car. new developments in a police involved shooting that left a harnett county man dead. hippies shot john livingston three times outside his home in november. eyewitnesses say livingston told police that the couple they were looking for did not live there. the fbi continues investigating the shooting.
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smith is debating over a video. testimony. day. ed: the jury got to hear about 20 minutes of the video. certainly enough to make tomorrow interesting. the video was shot from an overhead camera in the interview room. trayvon jan was asked about a stolen computer for sale online, one that was connected to smith and his codefendants. two laptops have been centerstage in smith's murder trial.
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ed: much of the day in court was spent with the jury out while the defense rejected playing several parts of the video. his two codefendants are pointing the jerk -- the finger at him. we have only seen about a quarter of the video that the prosecutors plan to play. it is already very compelling. i recommend that people log on to at 9:30 in the morning and watch the link to the video. paid could be very, very interesting. steve: if you are at work and cannot watch that video, you will be watching force and
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this weekend, unc chapel hill is holding an event. sending out a letter to students showing how the university will honor three victims. as you will recall, those three were shot and killed february 10 last year at an apartment complex in chapel hill. the unc muslim students association is holding a stop hunger no event. you will remember one was a dental student. on wednesday evening, a memorial will be held at n.c. state. now to super bowl 50 and certainly not the outcome we were hoping for. last night. . the panthers. making their way home.
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there is uptown charlotte. there are a lot of fans at the stadium right now at an impromptu welcome home celebration for the panthers. they are due to land at the charlotte airport around 6:30 from the flight coming back from the bay area. we will show you what is happening later on in this newscast. a local teacher but today on charges of having sex with a student. the allegations that led -- that landed her in custody -- in cuffs today. a local boy makes it his mission hunger pain. how you can help his program part of the national airport -- national effort. chris: some heavier showers are rolling through. a fairly narrow band of rain,
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county. some gusty wind, too.
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accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. >> during the year under the age of 18 at all. ? you understand that if you make bond, you cannot be run any child under the age of 18. . >> the bond was raised from $15,000 to $50,000. >> we want our kids to be in a safe environment where they can learn. these type of allegations are not providing the type of environment we are hoping for. reporter: she had that relationship with a student at
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>> i don't know if this was a student that she taught. i just know the child is in the school. reporter: each count represent running counter she allegedly had with the student. although 17 is a consenting age. >> i would say, based on the fact that, from october 2 december that this happened, it went too much without being reported. they had known each other -- it went two months without being reported. they had known each other prior. steve: a wake county boy, william winslow, heads --
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steve: abc 11 together highlighting good deeds in our community. william winslow is from wake county. his passion is to help others and he has helped raise thousands of dollars and an equal number of cans to help combat childhood hunger in our area. we've learned he is one of 15 finalist in the jefferson award foundation. it is a dream of william to participate in this.
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all across the country. out. chris hohmann is whether this right now watching the rain on the radar. chris: coming down kind of hard briefly in some spots. the radar pushing out of durham and into wake county, bringing county. a narrow band into harnett county. a little bit lighter into parts of cumberland county. coming down fairly hard, some gusty wind, nothing severe, to chile for that -- to chile -- too chilly for that. pretty light here knew the virginia border.
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predictor. a handle of this band of rain pushing through. there may be a little bit of rain there he develops behind that. as we get towards it :00 or 9:00, it is gone and we are dry the rest of the night hours. are temperatures stay above freezing -- our temperatures stay above freezing through the night. rains lightening up a little bit . so far, only six hundredths of an inch of rain there. that chilly air keeping temperatures in the 20's and 30's down to the ohio valley. tomorrow, it gets -- we will keep this tomorrow and it gets chillier midweek.
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temperatures below average and lasting at least until next week. this is a prolonged period of cold. these showers coming in, a fairly strong disturbance helping to trigger this. look at this storm system. this brought up the sleet and some snow and rain across the coastal rain yesterday. and heavy rains across the coast. this looks like a hurricane. it is about as strong as one tracking off to the northeast, creating blizzard conditions across parts of the northeast. but a true nor'easter, if it had in a couple of degrees colder and 50 to 75 miles further west, we would have a major -- had a major storm on her hands. but that did not happen.
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sprinkle or a flurry. low-to-mid to mid 30's for overnight lows, mostly cloudy skies, clearing up a little bit. tomorrow morning, generally drive. some clouds overhead, but just need that heavy coat at 6:00 a.m. here comes another wonder in the day tomorrow. that will bring in the colder air. that is why there might he a sprinkle or a flurry triangle northward. wednesday and thursday struggled to get the 40 degrees. in the 30's through midweek with nighttime lows in the teens near 20. near 40's for high tomorrow run the triangle. nothing more than a sprinkle or flurry triangle northward. the seven-day forecast as we head through the middle of the wiki -- cold and dry,
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mid and upper 30's thursday. then the really cold air gets hereby saturday and sunday. may not get the 30 on sunday although there will be a great deal of sunshine. steve: bundled up and cuddled up for valentine's dayl. here's what we will half are you tonight at 11:00. the fight to save the four 40th airlift wing. calling the de-escalation a huge mistake. you will see what she is planning to do about it in washington now. mark armstrong making his way northern california. sisi lee last night when he called the panthers's performance a meltdown. liz: he was pretty emotional. the plane is set to touchdown in
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a lot of time to liz: jonathan stewart saying it is the game you dream out -- dream about. you don't dream about it going this way.
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fall, the realitys tough to get over that feeling. filled like we should have wondering -- felt like we should havei'm going to be straight up honest. i didn't even want to talk to you guys. liz: cam newton being the most upset of all. the panthers qb delivered his worst performance of the season due to the pressure delivered by denver's defense. the broncos sacked noon seven
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>> they did a good job. >>they did what they were able to do. >> you did not come here to lose. i am ready to get back to next year. was: you -- liz: you cannot question thomas davis's toughness. he created that she credited the teams trainers and coaches -- he coaches. duke back at home facing louisville tonight. they have their leading scorer
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duke hasn't lost of them in the last seven straight tries. steve: the panthers are on the
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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tonight, breaking news here. a blizzard hits with the showdown in new hampshire just hours away now. abc's powerhouse political team, out in force tonight. one-on-one with donald trump. can he close the deal here? one-on-one with marco rubio,
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