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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a legitimate cluster of snow showers from wake forest, tracking to the east across the border counties. no accumulations expected. temperature still safely above freezing. a few flakes. maybe a rain drop in parts of the coastal plain. all of the temperatures are well above freezing. roxboro, little bit closer at 34. 37, rdu. it will be out of here in the next couple of hours. the big news, the cold air is moving in and it is going to come into chunks, one is coming out, another one for the weekend. that is the one we're really going to feel. i've the diesels coming up. steve: for more on the arctic air. he will season. a major setback for state lawmakers, and it could impact how we vote in a march 15 primary. federal appeals court ruling the past hour that congressional districts, one and 12 are unconstitutional and they need to be redrawn with the next week. tisha: the state is already appealing the decision to the u.s. supreme court.
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eyewitness news center. this has been changing by the minute. bring us up to speed. >> the state had two choices, could either follow the court's orders and redraw the congressional map, or it could appeal to the supreme court and hope for the best. there is an old adage, hope for the best, plan for the worst. today, an aide to a stop -- top state republican says that until now it is all been hoping that the district court would change its mind. and allow districts one and 12 to vote in north carolina's march 15 congressional primary. that did not happen though, and now, instead of working on new maps as instructed by the district court, the state filed this appeal with the u.s. supreme court asking chief justice roberts to real quickly, saying, given the short two-week deadline, and the fact that absentee ballots have been sent out, this was lee approaching
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impending election chaos -- the court should expedite any response to this application. chief justice roberts denied a similar appeal in virginia recently, leaving it up to a special court appointee to draw new congressional lines. but observers caution, different states, different roles. >> north carolina, it is clearly written out in the state constitution. it is the legislators job. >> since that decision, reactions have been pouring in. stay democrats are saying that the court has spoken once again, republican districts are unconstitutional and must be redrawn immediately. republicans say that because of the confusion that could come from all of this, they help the u.s. supreme court will issue a stay. tisha: i'm sure you will stay on
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steve: the massive coal ash buildup eluded a river northwest of the triangle will now cost of duke energy more than six main dollars in fines. state regulators decided to find the largest utility $6.6 million, this month marks two years since the goal asheville at the duke energy power plant near the town of even. they left the river covered with all of that. a broken pipe and the spell cost duke's two main dollars in fines. the state also hit them with a $3 million fine for environmental violations. north carolina's medicaid program is operating under budget. they met with the general a silly committee today and lawmakers learned that taxpayer spending on medicaid was $181 million below the nearly $2 billion set aside for the first half of the fiscal year. the finance directors is that made a cake could in the year under budget for the third year in a row. tisha: convictions tonight in an undercover drug sting, targeting
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the convictions are part of a sting called operation --. we first brought you the doj case last year when several people were arrested. a lot of the suspects were current or former employees at the northampton county sheriff's office. today, a majority of them pleaded guilty to taking part in operation to transport drugs along the i-95 corridor. steve: in fayetteville, the topcats says his department is promoting transparency during an upcoming visit of u.s. attorney general. loretta lynch is kicking off a six city tour focused on committee policing answer office has picked fayetteville as a city where the police department has excelled in areas like crime reduction and training and trust with the community. the chief harold medlock calls the upcoming visit a real honor, saying that he of the attorney general walk away knowing at least as much about his department. >> the fact that we put a lot of information out. that perhaps some departments were reluctant about sharing.
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us to be able to be that much more transparent with our community. and the relationship that we have with our community leaders and community watch members. those are important things that i think make fayetteville unique across the country. steve: lynch begins the tour in miami this week, but she has not yet confirmed the date for her visit to fayetteville. tisha: an emotional afternoon at a courtroom as a crimes investigator introduced graphic evidence from the bedroom or a raleigh mother was murder, but it was not the only important evidence introduced today and the death penalty trial of lady on smith. we go live where jurors heard from the defendant even though he is not taken the stand. >> that's right. jurors heard the most critical part of the police interrogation of smith, the part where he talks about the night of the crime. >> [indiscernible] >> he is telling the detective
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until then, he had only talked about breaking into cars and an unoccupied apartment, downstairs in the victim's apartment. he decided to give more details after being told -- >> you have two people that you were with that are accusing you of murder. ok? the only thing you have going for you right now is your opportunity to help yourself out. >> earlier in the trial, jurors were told by one of the codefendants that she saw him on the balcony of the victim's apartment. she was found by her morning, being and stabbed to death. smith play in the killing on anthony. >> i'm telling you, he did it. [indiscernible] >> you are telling me that you have never gone upstairs and went into that apartment? >> never. i was sitting there. >> it was obvious the raleigh believe him.
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when smith described on to the west by the screens. >> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] like something you would hear on a poor movie. >> the rest of the testimony involved a crime scene investigator who introduced dozens of pieces of evidence, some of the graphic from the victim's bedroom. it was an emotional time for families and friends. the compelling testimony of the crime scene investigator will continue in the morning. we are streaming the trial live on don't miss that, it is really compelling stuff. tisha: so much of that is so hard to hear. steve: new at 6:00, and embezzlement case leaving a local man in a durham or in today. he is charged with siphoning nearly three and at $63,000 from the chemical company, afs.
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the sheriff's office houses the investigation is ongoing. they say the company is cooperating with the investigation. a mystery is unfolding in fayetteville tonight. tisha: what was found in the stretch of what that appellees putting up tape and coming the aerial a today. steve: one of america's most
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longer surrounds a wooded areas where a person was found dead in fayetteville. tisha: police and a good chunk of thehefternoon coming to seeing around the areas near strong mill road. we go live to police department had quarters falling leads in this mystery. >> investigators say that this man's body was pulled out of the woods just over an hour ago and right now they are working to figure out who he is, and how he died. let's take you to the scene, just run 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, someone walking along the location spotted the man's body. they went into the west, about 50 or 60 feet, and discovered his body. they called 911 and as you said, investigator spent much of the afternoon collecting evidence there at the scene. and figuring out who he is. we do not know a whole lot about this man or what condition he was in. but we know that police a couple of hours into the investigation
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so that indicated that he had not been out there too long. that is not all that we know. concerning the case at this point. again, investigators just wraps the scene about an hour ago and will continue to provide updates as we get them on steve: thank you. money talk. and kerry tonight, where kellogg's is looking to expand. the cereal giant has a factory in carrying wants to expand it to the tune of about $90 million. in exchange, kellogg's once a the town of cary. this is a planned off of -- at a meeting coming up on thursday. let's see if the town of cary agrees. she is one of america's most recognizable comedians right now. tisha: tonight, she has going ahead with a look familiar to many of us in the trial. we'll talk about amy schumer's decision to give a local
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tisha: the performing arts center consistently ranks among america's most visited theaters. one of the visitors issuing office labs that she received, the comedian amy schumer sent out this instagram message and
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it is from the deepak. there's think they're happy to see her representing them. steve: speaking of, some super bowl news. >> it was really cool to be there with all of the fans. not the ending that we wanted, but there's always next year. it was a really wonderful event. steve: you did some great work out there. it was fun watching reporting here over the weekend. chris is back with us to talk with us about something else on the way in. the arctic air we need to get ready for. chris: it is already pretty cold out there now. the chill and not get here into the weekend, when the coldest air that we have seen since last year, and the single digits, last at the rate, i do not think we will do that, so little bit of good news. still some snow shower activity. when going away. now that impressive and more.
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north of the triangle into franklin county and vance county, you see a little bit of light snow still smith -- coming down. there may be a flurry not picked up by radar because it is so light across the region. a little bit down here to the south. maybe a rain drop in southern cumberland county. south of pinehurst, a couple of snowflakes. it will all be out of here soon. north hills, looking good. 37. it is chilly for sure. the winter coat be needed. 37, the airport. humidity at 52%. a northwest wind at nine miles per hour. 36, oxford. 37, south hill. 38, sanford. 37, southern pines. 41, weinberg. same in fayetteville. winds blowing at 10-15 miles per hour, there are windchill factors in the low to mid 30's and upper 20's from the tribal northward.
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17, chicago. 29, kansas city. no unusually record-setting cold. the winds from the northwest will keep the cold air pouring in here for the next couple of days. a disturbance coming in on the northwest flow, scattered snow showers and flurries out there. that will move out. maybe another once rob that brings us a few clouds and maybe an isolated flurry. much as we had today which is not all that much. snow showers all the way down south of atlanta. some accumulations in the north georgia mountains here in winter weather advisory's in north georgia all through east tennessee, kentucky, and up into parts of pennsylvania. mountains other it -- under a winter weather advisory. tonight, any flurries or snow showers in the next couple of hours will be ending. partly cloudy after midnight. low 20's and the north. mid 20's and the truncal. upper 20's down to the south. 28, 8:00 a.m. on wednesday.
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clouds increasing into the afternoon. another disturbance moves overhead. partly sunny. nothing more tomorrow other than isolated flurry. upper 30's north, about 40 the truncal. 43, fayetteville. the cold air continues to pour in. temperatures well below average. it gets a little bit warmer on friday and then it gets really cold saturday into sunday. we could see highs on sunday not even getting to 30 in some spots. even with sunshine. wind chill's by sunday morning cup be in the single digits or even near zero out there. serious cold is coming. it will get a little bit better as we head into early next week. your seven-day forecast. 37, thursday. must the sunny skies. nighttime lows in the upper teens and lower 20's. moderation on friday. a couple of snow showers friday evening with the next arctic front. 36, saturday. no acute relation there. a cold weekend coming up on
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president's day starts out dry, but we could see a little system coming with wintry mix to start. changing terrain potentially. a long way out. hard to know the details on that. it would be later monday and tuesday. we will stand up of that, but the big news is the cold. stay warm. tisha: we will be entering the weekend sunshine. steve: joe mazur is also back from the super bowl. you had a great run out there. joe: glad to be home. steve: grateful to see you back here. great reporting. this story today -- cam newton, getting together in the locker room, cleaning out his locker at the bank of america stadium. and talk about what happened on sunday night. joe: and staying the course. cam newton referring to back down.
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suffering an injury,>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> instead of a championship parade through charlottes, the panthers marched to their locker room to clean out their stuff. a better ending for a season full of great times. less than 48 hours ago, the
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the super bowl, super bowl 50. bankamerica stadium, still digesting the loss to the denver broncos. the panthers should be the odds on favorite to win next your super bowl, but not everybody will he back for another run, which makes this ending one win short, even tougher to swallow. cam newton said -- he is not apologizing for his abrupt press conference. >> i have been on record to say i'm a sore loser. show me a good loser, i will show a loser. i'm not here to -- it is not a popular a contest. i'm here to win football games. for me, -- [indiscernible] >> just knowing that time will
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it better for him, he will the 39-year-old will walk into the sunset after winning his second championship ring. the first with the indianapolis colts. for a third straight season, the duke football team this is a key starter in the off-season. thomas r, duke starting quarterback has a torn achilles tendon. he may not be healthy by next season. he injured his left achilles tendon team conditioning work today. he will have surgery tomorrow morning. the senior to be missed all of 2013 after tearing his right achilles. it is a big blow considering he is accounted for almost 3500 total yards last season. trevor bayne, started one game, moves up to the top of the chart. more news, east carolina released football schedule for next season.
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from n.c. state's release, we are in a new about the september 10 game. three straight power five matchups for the pirates. september 17 at south carolina. followed up with a virginia tech game on the 24th. back-to-back battles. for scotty montgomerie and the pirates. the tar heels in action. tonight. steve: they are on the road at boston college tonight. tisha: that is our report. eyewitness news continues on, the abc 11 mobile app and twitter. steve: world news tonight with david near is next. he has the latest on the vote in new hampshire. we'll have election results tonight for you on eyewitness news at 11:00. hope to see you then. have a great evening, good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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if brintellix could make a difference for you. breaking news tonight as we come on the air. what the exit polls are already telling us, right here in new hampshire. the first primary in the nation. votes being tallied. for some, a make or break moment. after months of attacks, neck and neck battles, it all comes down to this. >> polls are open! polls are open! >> our political team out in force tonight. we're one-on-one with donald trump.
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>> we're with marco rubio.
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