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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 10, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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durham panera bread interrupted by a bizarre encounter with a flare gunwielding man inside of the store. >> this guy walks up behind me and puts a flare gun right to my cheek and did not say where dimpled the trigger. joel: he describes seeing smoke and flames as it burned through his face. >> there is a hole in the side of your face right now. >> yes. you do not know whether or not you're going to live? >> yes. joel: what triggered the attack? he says there is no argument. >> we did not say a word to each other. i did not know what was. joel: he just put the gun surveys? >> and pulled the trigger. joel: aftermath shocks patrons at the restaurant. >> we come here for lunch twice a week. to hear that is very alarming and kind of scary. joel: nobody may have been more scared than kenneth bartlett who while wrestling the flare gun from the attackers had realized that he knew the gunman. a local homeless man that he
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>> at first i didn't know what was. i turned around. he did not expect me to turn around. his eyes that pretty big. joel: he says he has no idea why he was attacked other than to suggest that his attacker was mentally unstable. in the meantime, durham police are still investigating this, so far, no arrests have been made. live in chapel hill, joel brown, abc 11, eyewitness news. tisha: breaking right now, decision day new hampshire. republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders when the nation's first present a primary. steve: both men came in second last week at the iowa caucuses. the waiver bernie sanders completes his rise to legitimate challenger dillard clinton. he celebrated in the granite state tonight by shooting hoops. he also send out a thank you on twitter saying that when we stand together we went. thank you come in after. tisha: donald trump's first
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the longer a political rookie. early exit polls show that contractors support from voters the different outsider and those ago. ohio governor john kasich aim in second place. you can look what is new for the story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. steve: march 15 north carolina primary is now thrown into chaos. late today, h federal judges refuse to delay their order that north carolina should talk out the congressional voting maps that the republican led general ago. the judge's ruling that the first and 12 districts violate the equal protection provision under the constitution. the districts were drawn specifically so that the majority voters in the traffic and american. the state is now appealing. tisha: flakes outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center and downtown. the weather causing a brief flurry of excitement on social media and beyond. the big news around here as the drop in temperatures expected
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chris: flurries very brief and most spots. the cold unfortunately, is not. it will hang around for a while. chile today. it gets even colder down the road. there were a few areas of light snow showers during the course of the afternoon. mainly in the triangle and northward. the genetic you relate to anything. just pretty to look at. down to the south, a few in sampson county and southern cumberland county. very isolated. snow showers off to the west. big news, cold weather got some winter weather advisory's off to the west and southwest, but it is dry here for the most part. a flare to down to the south. 30 come rdu. 29, chapel hill. 35, fayetteville. 33, rocky mountain and wilson. with the windchill, feels like 22 in the jungle. 20 in roxboro. 28, fayetteville. we can see windchill to the single digits around here by sunday morning. to the north, it is not bitter, bitter cold. 14 is goal, but for chicago, not too unusual. canada, this is the heart of the
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37, edmonton. to these, 26 below zero in thompson. and 29 below zero and churchill. the arctic air mass is plunging southward in pieces, part of it is here midweek. the brunt of it is hereby that we can. it will not that difficult, obvious the, but i temperatures go way below average. we'll talk about how cold it gets and if we see anymore winter weather around here coming up in a bit. tisha: stay ahead of any weather events with our weather app. download it. get an hourly forecast. steve: remembering the energy and compassion of three young muslim students killed this time exactly when you're ago. the legacy, living on after service and scholarships. angelica alvarez is live at n.c. state belltower where the families will be gathering this weekend. angelica: [indiscernible]
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the campuses are holding memorials and prayer over the next two days in their memory. two families first joined in marriage and tragedy. read closer than ever over the past year. finding strength in each other. and in the great legacy of their children. >> [indiscernible] angelica: consider a camp last year, scholarships, service awards and programs here and around the world have flourished in the names of deah shaddy barakat, yusor abu-salha, and razan mohammad abu-salha. to this day, their parents are still finding out ways that their life in touch so many. >> i work at the dmv last week and -- [indiscernible]
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angelica: it has also been -- [indiscernible] >> how many -- [indiscernible] angelica: he says his daughter was killed execution style and his son-in-law the shot multiple times. awaiting trial for the murders, is the former neighbor, craig. his attorneys say that he snapped over a parking dispute. veteran investigators are trying to figure out if this was a hate crime. the mother says that she when aggression from him toward her daughter and mention several comments that he allegedly made. >> he mentioned that he did not like her. the way that you look in the way that you dress. angelica: as they wait for legal battle, they prepare for another year without their children and sharing their legacy of loving kindness. the gathering n.c. state will be
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tisha: new tonight, four guys accused of beating an off duty wake county deputy. it happened saturday night at a birthday party. the sheriff says the deputy was attacked after one of the says lord him outside. according to the arrest warrant, the deputy has cuts to his face and an injury to his for head. all four men are facing assault charges. they're in a wing county jail and are due in court tomorrow. steve: touching tribute to a murdered wayne county cabbie. dozens of cabdrivers take a break from picking up passengers to line up and circle around the wing county justice center today. each vehicle had a black ribbon tied and the antenna or a message on the back window in memory of the 55-year-old jose dominguez, founded on monday in the parking lot of an apartment comics. the drivers gathered as the accused killer, a 25-year-old, made his first court appearance been --. students will be getting extra attention tomorrow at a wing
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teacher and father to be was hit and killed by a bus outside of the school. it happened this morning in front of meadow lane elementary school and goldsboro. police a 25-year-old brandon kincaid, a second grade teacher, was wiltshire bounds, listed by a bus from a day care center. goldsboro police spent several hours in the parking lot investigating and it was later determined that some of the students at the own mentor school may have been an eyewitness to the accident. tisha: dmx sounds like in a parking lot, on the tonight. what may have helped him survive the medical emergency. also, a head-on crash, two trains on a deadly collision course in germany. the clues recovered by investigators. then, a demolition disaster. the one move that the construction worker in the danger zone, a must-see video of the night. first, a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. it is pretty chilly out there. it will get colder. we will hear exactly how the
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tisha: in germany tonight, investigators calling off a search through the wreckage of two crash commuter train. they crashed head-on an isolated part of bavaria, killing at least 10 people. it took hours for all survivors to be airlifted and shuttle by boat across the river. the two trains are supposed to pass one another at a station where the track was divided, but ended up on the same track, heading toward each other. two black boxes have been recovered and are being analyzed. steve: republican lawmakers say president obama's $4.1 trillion
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the president causes budget his eighth and final one, a roadmap to the future. here are some of the highlights. $2.920 of deficit reduction over 10 years from immigration reform and other proposals and $955 billion in deficit reduction from reducing tax benefits for high-income households. vice president joe biden is heading here to the tranquil tomorrow, going to duke university taking part of a discussion about the so-called cancer moonshot, the new national initiative and cancer. president obama talked about during the state of being address last month. white house announces $1 billion initiative to jump start at work. joe biden son died from brain cancer last may. tisha: rapper dmx is reportedly found lifeless and a new york hotel parking lot monday. emergency crews reportedly gave narcan to dmx, it is a drug used as an antidote for narcotic overdoses. he was taken to the hospital and has since been released. an attorney says that the
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attack and it was not drug-related. steve: we have a look at the must-see video of the night. let's begin with this one in texas. this is demolition. watch that, did not go as planned. a construction worker was walking away from that, and was able to get away and actually escape unharmed after the huge walk-in crashing down on him. a guy name andrew had a cell phone out and capture the incredible video from a nearby office building. the excavator was too close to the building and the rubble fell right on top of the machine. workers say that the machine malfunctions because of a broken part. look at this video from new hampshire. this is what you call voter gridlock. look at all of those cars lined up up and down the street to cast a vote in the new hampshire primary today. they actually had to extend the voting hours tonight because so many people were stuck in traffic. let's take you to a veterans home in selling city, they are using -- there's a kangaroo.
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a nearly now -- a year now. charlie serves as a therapy animal. he also goes to special education classes and hospice homes here it he is about a year old. he'll be full grandson. they say he will be eventually five feet tall and weigh about 125 pounds. they will have to find another way. bottlefeeding a five foot talking grew probably will not work so well. tisha: michigan equality. -- koala next. steve: he's pretty cute. chris: we have some cold air. already here. it will just get colder into the weekend. the coldest air of the season definitely on the way. it's all shaping up right now. your early overnight morning hours, will be cold. already around 30 degrees in the triangle.
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20's or so with some spots in the low 20's. then we will warm up nicely. a lot of sunshine to start wednesday. a few clouds in the afternoon, but not as many as there were today. all dry now, snow showers pretty much over that we had today. first alert doppler shows sampson county as the exception. fayetteville, all clear. it is a cold when other. temperature is 34. airport, down to 30. dew point at 12. it means the air is very dry. 47%, northwest wind at eight miles per hour. the windchill is 22 in the tranquil. between nine, downtown raleigh. 20, durham. we nine, mooresville. temperatures across the rest of the region are at upper 20's and roxboro 235 in fayetteville. steady breeze. not a lot of variation. upper 20's, mid 30's. clinton, 37. 34, roanoke.
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flurries across the sandhills. to the beaches as a disturbance moves on by. those flurries and the partly cloudy skies only mid-20's, tranquil northward to about 28. overnight low in fayetteville is 26 at 7:00 a.m. bundle up. a light breeze in the morning. 37 by the noon hour. a mostly sunny day although there will be a few clouds in the afternoon. another disturbance tracks overhead, but this one at most 11 isolated flurry. overall, looks to be dry. a chilly day. temperatures running about 10-12 below average. normal highs at 254. 42, raleigh. 39, ross perot. a few clouds overhead. breezy at times in the afternoon. northwest or west wind at 10 miles per hour. thursday, dry and cold. many of us in the 30's for highs all day. friday, neck shot of arctic air. not until friday night. it will moderate into the lower 40's. system running off of the coast.
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little disturbances that give us a couple of flurries. look at friday. a system off of the coast, not as strong as the one over the weekend. the blast of the outer banks of coastal flooding and high winds. it does have some moisture and it may spend out a rain shower or snow again during the day on friday. into the early evening hours. another quick hitter, does not look like it will have much impact whatsoever, but again a little snow in the air on friday or friday night, but not much. hold on thursday, in the 30's. 40 on friday. the trough deepens saturday into sunday, that is when temperatures go through the floor and moderate a bit early next week. there is your seven-day forecast, 20 went on i. 37 on thursday with a lot of some. friday, 40. good be rain or snow showers. briefly, and saturday, breezy,
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10-15 on sunday morning, windchill approaching zero in spots. sunday, lots of sun and 30. that is a for the high. monday, a system coming in later in the day, could start off as a light wintry mix and changeover to rain. tisha: been away her mouth way into the 40's. the beyonce -- has nothing to do with the super bowl. the restaurant chain is cashing in on the new song.
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>> happy mardi gras. tisha: let the good times roll. check out the six annual mardi gras celebration in the gold city. the party and parade on the fat tuesday started at the plaza in durham, and made its way around downtown. mardi gras and that the night with the start of ash wednesday. it looks like beyonce has the golden touch. the superstars new song "formation" has a layer that talks about red lobster. the restaurant chain says sales were up 33% on sunday after she sang about at the super bowl. it could be a big confidence, but red lobster is giving all of the credit to beyonce. i'm sure they're hoping that she keeps talking about it. steve: keep singing.
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celebration in our state, but it was not meant to be. steve: tens of thousands of people gathering in denver celebrating a broncos big super bowl win. parading through downtown on fire trucks will thousands of fans were cheering them on. peyton manning and super bowl mvps the von miller and the team all there. that is the wife of the team owner. holding the lombardi trophy on the fire truck. a big celebration there. we were certainly hoping to have that kind of braden charlotte. >> a just and not work out that way. they will be a strong team next year. they will get another shot. >> there feeling pretty confident about it. >> cam newton talking about walking of the news conference. >> not backing down at all. he talks about a super bowl postgame meeting with the press. coming down to a final shot. that is only half the story.
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports. sponsored by your toyota dealers. >> there are not any easy outs in the acc, boston college had been the exception. the eagles went into tonight's game, winless, and many bigger than to have a doughnut at
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unc on the hills in the beginning. eli carter with a three, making it -- isaiah hicks trying to bring his team back. jamming down to. carolina down by two. the tar heels trailed by six the break. the attraction not there yet. sensing the upset, carter to garland, more frustration. a heated discussion with officials. mike stevens collapses, and stay down during the timeout. he is eventually help to the locker room. he says he had a dizzy spelling to his ongoing vertigo. steve robinson takes over and thankfully, so did justin jackson, 20 point off of the bench. down by one, in the last minute, marcus paige, a triple, plus a bow. a huge bucket there. patient only 12 points, but a couple of big three throws down the stretch. carter gets one last look at the time, but the shots are a lot
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>> i decided to go out there and play. my teammates found me. i was able to some shots. i've not played well these past couple of games, sartre to put that behind and go out there and play. we do not play well the first half, so we have to go back in and fix we were doing there. that road trip, it was tough, but we had a game on sunday that we have to get ready for an we have to come and play better. >> considered a champion ship pray to charlotte, the panthers marched through the locker room, prepping for the off-season. a bitter ending, highlighted by the star quarterback walking out of a postgame press conference. when ethics come up short, we expect him to take their medicine and handle a professionally. it does not always happen like that. today, cam newton me no apologies for his debbie downer attitude on sunday night. >> i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser in all show you a loser.
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>> just like you want apologize for the dancing and pictures, he is not conforming to what the masses deem appropriate after a loss. his one-word answers and walk off drawing loads of negative reaction. >> i don't have to conform to anybody's else's wants for me to do. i'm not that guy. i had a lot of time to go back and play everything that, and i'm human. i never once said that i was perfect. i never proclaim that i was perfect. >> i don't against her. you don't know him personally. there are a lot of young men like this. losing is not an easy thing. >> he's also been criticized for not going after a fumble late in what was then a -- game. >> i didn't dive on one fumble because of the way my leg was, it could've been -- >> whether he was wrong or not, he will learn from the >> arians
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cam newton will learn from the experience. there will be a next time. >> will be back. i say that with so much emphasis and's if i think of somebody, that's cool. >> bad news for duke football. the quarterback ruptured his left achilles tendon team conditioning work today. surgery tomorrow morning. the senior care to his right achilles. a big blow considering the -- steve: thank you. tisha: thank you for watching. steve: jimmy kimmel live is next. good night. having an unhealthy child. the woman's national soccer team was scheduled to be briefed last night about the zika virus outbreak. >> so scary for stoem female athletes. there's another health hazard for pregnant women this
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decades. data shows that more than 8% of women reported sneaking tobacco during pregnancy when compared to preview years. the figure is an improvement. but investigators overwhelmingly agree any amount of smokinging is detriment. turning to you to the weather. and winter storm warnings for the mountains and higher elevations of the mid-atlantic region. up to 4 inches of snow has fallen in washington, d.c. and baltimore and light snow is continuing across central pennsylvania which could eventually see half a foot before the arctic cold moves in later on this week. and the storm system dumped snow as far as south as huntsville, alabama. national weather service says a winter weather system moving through the state could dump as much as 2 inches of snow in higher elevations there. several school systems had delayed openings yesterday because of slick roads. from that cold to possible record high temperatures again today in southern california. it felt like midsummer in
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and across much of the region. today's forecast calls 88 degrees in l.a., that would mean an all-time high record. temperatures are expected to remain in the low 80s. that's well into the weekend. in oklahoma, firefighters are expecting another day of dangerous grass fires. low humidity and strong winds have ever been pushing flames across bone dry parcels of land. students in one area were kept late at school while crews worked to put out fires threatening homes. police are telling drivers avoid roads shrouded in smoke. it sounds like basic common sense about you you forget sometimes. >> that's the reminder right there. today's forecast, windy, dry, hot again out west. up to 20 degrees above normal. snow around the great lakes and northeast. chilly in the southeast with freeze warnings in northern florida. >> as we mentioned, 80s notice los angeles and phoenix. 60s in miami and portland 40s and kansas city and atlanta.
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well, they had terrific weather in denver for broncos victory party. it started with a parade. >> von miller at one point hoisted the lombardi trophy. the denver mayor estimating 1 million people watched the parade or attended the rally that followed it. >> plenty you have kids were saluting their heros despite school being in session. excused absences were offered but onliful parents let officials know beforehand. >> those notices probably went out sunday night after the game was called. >> exactly. it's really fun to see. i love it because it's so important for cities and such a great sense of spirit. >> having lived in washington the last five years, we haven't seen that. >> you haven't seen that. >> i wouldn't know what that's like. >> there's always the nationals though. they don't play in the super bowl though, do they? >> no, they play in the world cup. >> the world cup. all right. we're going to fix that. >> coming up in "the skinny,"
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