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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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john: i'm john clark. grab your heavy coats. it is a cold morning and we are locked into there for the long haul. barbara: meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. will we see snowflakes today? don: we won't have snowflakes but we have cold air. right now let's talk about the day ahead. as you head out we will see temperatures go from the 20's only into the 30's and low 40's this afternoon. by 10:00, 34 degrees. by 2:00 we are up to 40 degrees. that is about as warm as it will get. currently 25 roxboro and 26 chapel hill. 23 sanford, 28 smithfield and fayetteville. 27 goldsboro. wind chill make it 19 roxboro, 18 southern pines. 21 fayetteville. 21 goldsboro and 21 in wilson. looking at the day ahead, 25 and
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by lunchtime 39 degrees and going home this afternoon 42 degrees under partly sunny skies. colder air is heading in. we will have that in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. john: now to breaking news about a story we first told you about through an alert on the abc11 mobile app. a second suspect charge the with the murder of a wake county cabby. barbara: gloria rodriguez is live where the suspect will appear later today. gloria: good morning. we were notified just before midnight police arrested a second suspect in this case. we have also learned the louisburg police department and franklin county sheriff's department have both stepped in to help with the investigation. a second person arrested in connection with the murder of taxi driver jose dominguez. 27-year-old conrad patterson of zebulon is in custody at wake county deposition center.
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appeared in court. the louisburg resident is also charged in connection with the murder. 55-year-old dominguez was amigo taxi when he was shot down and killed at hodges creek apartment monday. a parade of fellow taxi cabs circled the justice center yesterday to honor him. they attached black ribbons to cars and rest in peace signs. they say was being robbed. police not confirm being that was the motive of the murder. police have said multiple times they believe that there were multiple suspects and there could be more arrests in this case. we will continue to stay on top of it. in the next hour we will have new information about the case as well. john: more breaking news now, police identifying a man found dead alongside a fayetteville
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37-year-old hanni bird was found on the road near fayetteville. detectives have identified a person of interest. 23-year-old damien boyd. authorities say he was last seen with bird sunday morning near hawthorne drive. detectives want to talk to him about what happened. barbara: developing this morning u.n.c. head basketball coach roy williams is back in the triangle after collapsing on the court in born last night. carolina basketball tweeting there update 2:15 saying the tar heels landed at raleigh-durham international and he is doing well. last night roy williams went down with what the team is calling a dizzy spell from another episode. the tar heels were trailing boston college by five. you see it. when williams got into a heated discussion with the official mike stevens. he was headed toward the bench when he collapsed. at 5:30 and 6:00 what he told reporters about the game and how
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not to return to the bench. john: now to vote 2016 and billionaire businessman donald trump is waking up to his first big win of the the new hampshire pr electability. emerging a second place for john kasich. the fight for third in the g.o.p. is between ted cruz and general jeb bush and marco rubio admitted saturday night's debate was his downfall. it was a tough night for hillary clinton but she promised supporters she is marches on to the nomination. a legal battle in north carolina may wind up in the u.s. supreme court. attorneys for the state want to
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ruling requiring two congressional districts be redrawn by next friday. courts ruled lawmakers used race to draw the majority black districts without the justification to do so. a trio of federal judges yesterday refused to delay the order. barbara: joe biden on mission in the triangle taking part in the cancer moon shot the new national initiative to end cancer. president obama talked about it during the state of the union address last month. the white house announced a $1 billion initiative to jump start it. bo biden died from brain cancer last may. president obama's efforts to stop climate change hits a set back the supreme court temporarily blocking the ban of green. they would have to meet carbon emission reduction standards. more than two dozen states filed lawsuits challenging it.
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john: two teens arrested in a series of break-ins in wake forest. saturday morning police received more than a dozen reports of break-ins in the edge ford park and old mill stream subdivision. by noon they had arrest ded three people. the two stevens face a list of charges now and including burglary and breaking and entering. barbara: a man wanted for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old is in fayetteville. he was extradite edd from florida. they say he raped and kidnapped a teenager may 12 of 2012 in the 4200 block of ramsey street. he is on a $100,000 bond. john: a disturbing attack in a durham restaurant bathroom. >> he walked up behind me and put a flare gun to my cheek and
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barbara: coming up. the injuries he is nursing and what he believes may have set off his attacker. don, good morning. don: as you head out we have dry conditions around our region. snow to the north and west the
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it does c john: the manhunt ends for a murder suspect in person county. roxboro police have this photo after the overnight arrest of sherrod stewart. he was taken into custody near southern middle school. police say nolla bentley was stabbed to death on monday and neighbors say bentley and stewart were romantically involved. we expect more details around 9:00 this morning.
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we get that information on the abc11 mobile app. barbara: south korea takes new action after north korea's rocket launch over the went. it says it will stop operations at a joint industrial park with the northern neighbor. north korea claims the launch was to test a satellite. south korean officials accuse them of trying out long-range missile capable of striking the united states. don: let's talk about the drive in. as you head out you will see lots of sunshine. it is cold are this morning. temps in the 20's and wind-chillings in the teens. currently numbers 24 now in oxford and 25 south hill. 25 roxboro. 26 chapel hill. 28 wilson, roanoke rapids, rocky mount, smithfield, fayetteville all with 28. 23 in sanford, 25 southern pines and 30 in clinton. looking at the day ahead,
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now. by lunchtime near 40 and partly sunny. we will stay that way with lots of sunshine and clouds working through. we have more sunshine tomorrow and we will talk about that and complete seven-day forecast come up in a bit. john and barbara. barbara: an exclusive with the victim of a terrifying attack in durham. john: bandages cover kenneth bartlett's face where somebody shot him with a flare gun. he walked us through it with joel brown. reporter: tonight tkphefpbt bartlett is walking wounded his morning routine at this panera bread interrupted by a bizarre encounter with a flare gun wielding man in the restroom. >> he just walks up behind me and puts a flare gun to my cheek and didn't say a word. pulled the trigger. reporter: he saw the smoke and flame as it burned.
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your face and you didn't know whether or not you were going to live or not. >> no, sir i didn't. reporter: he said there was no argument between the men. >> there was no argument inside the bathroom? >> we didn't say a word. i didn't know who it was. >> he put the gun to your face? >> and pulled the trigger. reporter: it shocked the patrons at this normally quiet panera. >> come here twice a week and very alarming and eerie. reporter: nobody was more scared than kenneth bartlett who while wrestling the flare gun realize ed he knew the gunman a local homeless man. >> at first i didn't know who it was until after i was shot and turned around and then he didn't expect me it turn around. his eyes got pretty big. john: that was joel brown. kenneth says he has no idea why he was attacked other than to suggest his attacker was mentally unstable. police continue investigating
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any arrests. barbara: it is 4:43. fighting the zika virus on the home front. coming up, the steps the white house is taking to keep the outbreak at bay. john: a no drone zone shrinking around one airport. what you need to know before launching one into the sky. barbara: jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. barbara: welcome back. 4:45 and 25 degrees. authorities arrest a second suspect in the murder of a raleigh taxi driver. that is one story making headlines.
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he and major earl edwards jr. are charged with the murder of jose dominguez monday morning on hodges creek drive off old wake dress road. ferguson, missouri, is close to a settlement with the justice department. the city council agreed to most of the proposals that would reform the court and policing system. it is meant to correct problems identified in the department of justice report last year including unconstitutional and discriminatory practices. a temporary delay in the case against bowe bergdahl. the army court of criminal appeals is considering how to handle classified information. bergdahl faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. john: finding cash to fight zika. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion in emergency money but he doesn't want to use funds set aside to
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transmissions of zika in the u.s. at least 50 travelers returned to the states with the infection. in michigan governor snyder is addressing flint's water emergency. he plans to propose an additional $195 million in state spending including replacing lead contaminated pipes. he will call for a separate $165 million to upgrade old pipes, natural gas lines and wastewater treatment facilities. barbara: f.a.a. is changing the rule on drones near the nation aes's capital saying it is shrinking a 30 mile zone around reagan national to 15 miles. they must be registered, marked and be less than 55 pounds and stay below 400 feet. if your wallet is fatter it could be gas prices are dropping. the government's latest forecast puts the national average below $2 for a whole year.
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nationwide in 2016. if that is is correct it will be the first time since 2004 that drivers have paid a full-year average of less than $2 a gallon.goal is to create more memorable heartfelt moments. remember, you can watch the oscars here on abc11 sunday february 28, then tune in monday morning to see how the night's big winners celebrated. barbara: high surf from el nino brings a new tourist attraction outside san diego. it shows a shipwreck. it is the s.s. monte carlo.
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off shore and came loose during a storm in 1936 and was left to sink in the sand. lifeguards posted warning signs to keep people from getting hurt by the rusty metal. john: 1936? wonder if there's any money. scone -- casino slip. barbara: you know that oscar thing? that may make people will tphotnot make major mistakes not thanking their spouse. don: i think it will be whatever. and thank you. today colder as you head out and it will be a colder afternoon. this continues. today we are in the 40's, tomorrow 30's. saturday and sunday we don't get out of the 30's. sunday we don't get before freezing.
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a look at radar and we are not seeing anything on the most powerful radar in the carolinas. live look into downtown raleigh, 25 degrees under clear is skies. do you want is 13, we have a west wind five miles an hour so wind chills in the teens. fayetteville you are 28 right now, west wind three miles an hour. clear morning. we are not seeing any ran or snowflakes. we saw a few snowflakes last night and into the late afternoon and evening but they are gone down along the coast. still snow in the mountains and northern portions of the united states. the even part of the midwest picking up snow showers but we are not seeing any big snow makers heading our way. today we just have clouds. by lunchtime mostly sunny to partly sunny. through the day and into the afternoon a few pockets of clouds. we will call it partly sunny. through the night it clears and with clear skies and high pressure we have a lot of sunshine heading in.
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high pressure with us. high to the north and next 24 hours the high not going anywhere. we stay cold and dry around the region as we go through your thursday. for the rest of today, temperatures topping out in only the 30's. we will be in the 30's all morning in raleigh. 31 at 9:00. by lunchtime 39. into the afternoon we will be around 40 under partly sunny skies, colder afternoon on tap. today temperature temperatures low 40's. 41 chapel hill. 42 durham. 42 wendell. 43 smithfield. sanford will go to 42. 43 in lillington and 44 goldsboro, 45 fayetteville. in the northern counties partly sunny and cooler. 40 henderson, 39 roxboro, 42 rocky mount and 43 in wilson. tonight with the clear skies it will be chilly and overnight lows in the 20's.
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roxboro and 24 in fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow only in the 30's. 37 degrees on thursday. friday 41 and partly sunny. saturday 36. we will see a lot of sunshine this weekend. sunday 30 and monday for presidents day into tuesday a system does approach that could bring rain and could bring us snow monday night into tuesday. at this point it doesn't look like much with the warmer temperatures. i don't think we will see big accumulations but it is something to keep an eye on. the rest of today and tomorrow just cold. barbara: all right. thank you, don. 4:53 and 25 degrees. it is an eyesore in north
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side of the barbara: welcome back, 4:55. john: neighbors in one north raleigh neighborhood are fed up with piles of trash and garbage dumped on sidewalks and people's yards. barbara: you see it all over the triangle, trash on the side of the road. anna laurel went out to see how you get rid of things people dump in your neighborhood. reporter: mattresses, box springs, furniture, even a mailbox. people dump this in piles all over this neighborhood and, no, it is not trash day. neighbors are furious. >> i think it is ridiculous. i don't know why they would litter our neighborhoods like that that. >> i don't want it there. that is one thing you do not want to see. >> it shows the people in the neighborhood. reporter: it is not just big bulk items.
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reporter: look at this littered with every kind can and wrapper. >> they don't care about our houses. reporter: we caught up with somebody from the parks department. he walks this area to pick up trash before he can mow. what can you do? if you need to toss something call the city for bulk pickup. it is free but you have to call ahead. if this is not yours you can report it for pickup. if you see a trash complex you can call the city and report it. the city will contact the building's owner in get it cleaned up. call the n.c. dot for pickup. >> i want it to look nice and have a clean community. why not? everybody should pitch in. barbara: that was anna laurel.
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story like who to call and a link to report trash all of that on john: clean up your mess. 4:57 and still to come the somber anniversary, a gunman took the lives of three local today.
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exciting s john: several big stories on the radar including the results from the new hampshire primary and unexpected second place finish for the g.o.p.
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