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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we will show you what is going on now with a look at the day ahead. temperatures in the 20's this morning. notice we don't go above 30 until 9:00 and stay there through lunchtime. 1:00 we see 40. currently 25 in roxboro, 25 in chapel hill. 22 sanford, 27 fayetteville. 27 goldsboro and factor in winds wind-chills in the teens. 16 oxford. 19 goldsboro, 20 fayetteville and 18 r.d.u. looking at the day ahead, 25 now and mainly clear. lunchtime 39 and this afternoon low 40's under partly sunny skies. lots of sunshine the next couple of days and cold templess. now time for weather apbdnd traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle it. lots of green on the map. we had an accident looks like it cleared on creedmoor and n.c. 50
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few moments. that is good news if that is is in your travels. looking at cameras, we will go to i-40, u.s. 15/501 moving fine. lots of green there. n.c. 147 alston avenue a little on the inbound side but not bad. we will go to u.s. 70 and cheek road. traffic just picking up on a wednesday morning. john: now to breaking news, a story we first told you about through an alert on the abc11 mobil app. a second suspect charged with the murder of a wake county cabby. barbara: gloria rodriguez is live at the wake county justice center where that suspect will after later today. gloria: the suspect is scheduled to appear here in court this afternoon. we have the court records that show that the suspect is accused of murdering the taxi cab driver. a second person arrested in
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taxi driver jose dominguez. 27-year-old conrad patterson of zebulon is in custody at wake county tkpbgsdetention center. yesterday major earl edwards appeared in court. he is also murder. dominguez was slot down and killed at -- shot down and killed monday morning. a parade of fellow taxi cabs circled the wake county justice center yesterday to honor him. they attached black ribbons to their cars and rest in peace signs. they say dominguez was being robbed. police still not confirming that was the motive of the murder. the raleigh police department has said many times that they do believe there are multiple suspects so there could be more arrests. the raleigh police department saying that the investigation is
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live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, gloria. more breaking news, police identified the man found dead along a fayetteville road. hanni bird was found near shaw mill road yesterday. the cause of death is under investigation. detectives have identified a person of interest in the case 23-year-old damien boyd. authorities say he was last seen with bird sunday morning near hawthorne drive. they want to talk to him. barbara: also breaking the manhunt ends for a murder suspect in person county. roxboro police have this photo after the arrest of sherrod stewart. he was taken in custody near southern middle school. nolla bentley was stabbed to death monday and neighbors say bentley and stewart were romantically involved. we expect more details from
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u.n.c. led head basketball coach roy williams is back in the triangle after a scare on the court. caitlin knute has the update. caitlin: he seemed to almost faint on the court last night. thankful thankfully czzy spell from another episode. this was after he got into a heated discussion with an official. as he was heading back to the bench he collapsed. after the game he said he suffered vertigo attacks the last 17 to 18 years but this is the first time he had one duringto the bench because he didn't want to be a distraction to the team. he said when he was arguing with the ref he jerked his head around and that is likely what triggered it. despite the excitement u. tphfpltn.u.n.c. beat boston and williams said he couldn't be prouder of the team
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john: thank you, caitlin. to vote 2016 and billionaire businessman donald trump waking up to his first big win after the new hampshire primary. electability electability. a surprise second place for john kasich. the fight for the third place in the g.o.p. race is between ted cruz and jeb bush and marco rubio who said saturday night's debate was his downfall. it was a tough night for hillary clinton. she promised supporters she is marching on to the nomination. a legal battle in north carolina over our primary. it may wind up in the u.s. supreme court. attorneys for the state want a
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two congressional districts be redrawn by next friday. courts ruled lawmakers used race as a factor in drawing the districts without the justification to do so. a trio of federal judges yesterday refused to delay the order. barbara: vice president joe biden will stop at duke university today to take part in a discussion about the so-called cancer moon shot. that is the new national initiative to end cancer. president obama talked about it during the state of the union address last month. the white house also announced a $1 billion initiative to jump start the work. bidden's son bo died from brain cancer last may. president obama's efforts to stop kaoeuplt change hit -- climate change blocked to limit greenhouse emissions from power plants. understood the plan states would have to meet specific reduction standards based on energy consumption. more than two dozen states filed a lawsuit challenging the legislation. a hearing on that lawsuit is set
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john: 5:37 and a string of break-ins in two wake forest neighborhoods. barbara: a big break in the case. first, don, good morning. don: good morning to you, barbara.
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have cold temperatures and don: let's look out the weather window and it is a cold one. i haven't figured out how to put frost on here yet. it is a frosty morning and it will be colder heart. by lunchtime only 39 degrees. temperatures coming in from across the region 25 roxboro and chapel hill. 25 south hill. 24 oxford. 28 smithfield. 28 southern pines, 27 fayetteville. 29 clinton and 27 goldsboro. looking at the day ahead mainly clear and 25 now.
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near 40. we will stay in the low 40's under partly sunny skies. more sunshine headed in and more cold temperatures. it will be a lot colder by the weekend. we will have that in the seven-day forecast next. john: thank you. two teens arrested in a series of break-ins in wake forest. on saturday morning police received more than a dozen reports of break-ins in the edgeford park and old mill stream subdivisions. by noon they had arrested these two. devon bill dough and christopher ray and a juvenile arrested. the two teens face a list of charges including burglary and breaking and entering. barbara: a man wanted since may of 2012 for the rape of a 13-year-old is back in fayetteville. joel sandoval was picked up in tampa, florida. he raped and kidnapped a
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4200 block of ramsey street. it is 25 degrees and 5:41. fighting the zika virus on the home front. coming up the steps the white house is taking to keep this outbreak at bay.
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barbara: authorities arrest a second suspect in the murder of a raleigh cab driver.
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headlines. conrad patterson was booked in the wake county deposition center. he and major earl edwards jr. are charged with the murder of jose dominguez who was found shot to death monday morning at an apartment complex off old wake forest road. officials in ferguson close to a september with the justice department. the city council agreed to most of the protocolsposals to reform the system to correct problems identified in the report including unconstitutional and discriminatory practices. a temporary delay in the case against bowe bergdahl at drag. the court of criminal appeals is krrg how to handle classified information in the case. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after he walked off his base in afghanistan. find cash to fight zika. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion in
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want to use funds set aside to fight ebola. at least 50 travelers have returned to the states with the infection. in mitch governor snyder is addressing the threaten water crisis planning to propose $195 million in state spending $25 for lead contaminated pipes. he will call for a straight $165 million to upgrade old water pipes, natural gas lines and wastewater treatment facilities. barbara: a wildfire threat in oklahoma citias a large grass fire scorches dozens of acres of lands. 35-mile-per-hour winds fueled the flames and smoke could be seen for miles. it was so bad one school had to keep schools after hours friday while firefighters worked to control the fire. so far no homes have been damaged and no one injured. the f.a.a. changing the rule on
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it says is shrinking a 30-mile zone around reagan national to 15 miles. they must be registered, marked, be less than 55 pounds and stay below 400 feet. if your wallet is fatter it could be because grass -- gas prices are dropping. they are below $2 the whole year. regular will average about $1.98 nationwide in 2016. if that is right, it will be the first time since 2004 that tkraoeufrsdrivers will pay a full-year average of less than $2 a to create more memorable heartfelt moments.
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oscars here on abc11 airing sunday february 28, then tune in monday morning to see the big night and how winners celebrated. i have been invited to several oscar parties myself -- no, i haven't. barbara: we will see if it works and keeps them shorter. don: i can't stay up that late. i will get the recap monday morning. today be ready for a chilly day and getting colder temperatures heading in. let's show what you is going on the next 24 hours. 42 the high today partly sunny. tonight just 21 degrees. many places in the teens. tomorrow many won't make it out of the 30's and it will be colder for the weekends. live look at radar and we are clear and dry and not seeing anything in the way of rainfall or snow. a live look into the capital city and downtown raleigh you are at 25 right now, dew point
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west wind seven. durham this morning 25 with a west wind at six. we have a clear morning across the entire region. we had snowflakes late last night into wilmington and the coast but they have pushed out. we zoom out and push up to the north and west, snow in the midwest and northern areas of the u.s., but around here it is dry. that bigelow will continue to shove cold air south and we will continue to see the colder temperatures. we see the clouds around this morning. toward lunchtime partly sunny and clouds will be thick in spots. not a cloudless sky but nothing falling into the afternoon. dry because of the high pressure that becomes the controlling factor in our weather. today we stay cold. tonight and tomorrow colder as the high pumps the cold air into us. then a second dare high for the weekend.
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and cooler, climbing through the 30's. by lunchtime 39 degrees. then as we go into the afternoon partly sunny and colder. temperatures around 40. across the region today temperatures hovering in the who 40's from wendell to garner, 42 today in cary, 41 chapel hill. 42 durham. 42 holly springs. 43 smithfield. little ton -- lillington 43. 43 pinehurst, 46 raeford, 44 in goldsboro. staying in the 30's today in south hill and roxboro. 38 it south hill. 39 roxboro. 40 henderson, 42 rocky mount. tonight temperatures back that the 20's for overnight lows. 21 raleigh and sanford. 24 fayetteville. 21 durham, 18 in roxboro. the first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 30's. 37 degrees. friday 41. could see cloud cover. a system will skirt the coast
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back but not much of a collapse of precipitation. just colder air saturday. 36. sunday 30 degrees. presidents day we could see rain and snow work in monday night into tuesday so we will watch for that. time for weather and traffic together and amber rupinta is off this morning so i'm handling the traffic duties. lots of green on the maps. volume relatively light with one accident. this is davis drive park side valley drive in northern cary. you may see that. that is it. sliding into the sand hills not seeing any accidents around the fayetteville area this morning. checking a couple of real-time cameras, i-40 and south standards right now and volume picking up but moving just fine. sliding to downtown a little bit of slow yountdowntown.
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capital boulevard flying just fine. as far as real-time travel times, eastbound on i-40 u.s. 64 to u.s. 70 five miles five minutes. durham freeway seven miles and six minutes. john and barbara. john: thank you. barbara: 5:51 and 25 degrees. starbucks hoping you will fall in love with three new drinks for valentine's day.
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you are a fan of now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary,
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barbara: we have a new tourist attraction outside san diego. there is a shipwreck under the sand. historians say it was a casino ship. it came loose from the anchor during a storm in 1936 and washed ashore. it was left to sink into the sand. lifeguards posted warning signs to keep people from getting hurt. john: starbucks is getting into valentine's spirit releasing three new chocolate beverages they are chocolate latte, molten chocolate frappe decline know and molten who the chocolate. act fast. they are only available through valentine's day. when been say mentions your toronto in a show sales spike. that is what happenedor red lobster in the new song "formation" and in the song see sings that when her man loves her right she takes him to red
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that was worth a 33% boost in sales according to the catch and generated more than 40,000 twitter mentions causing they will to trend for the first time ever. barbara: kelly clarkson expects her second child and first children's book. she's trying her hand as a children's author. she said river rose and magical lullaby beganed a stories she jotted you down about places she traveled with her daughter. it will be complete with 2017.
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it is cute. john: continuing might be successful on broadway. i have a hunch. 5:56. the somber anniversary, a gunman took the lives of three local college students a year ago today.
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barbara: the exciting this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's
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personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically times more growth than if john: several big stories on the radar including results from the new hampshire primary and second
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barbara: three promising college students gunned down a year ago. how you can honor their lives. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday february 10. 25 degrees and almost 6:00. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. it is chilly this morning. don: good morning to you. it is cold out there. we have temperatures in the 20's. wind chill in the teens. let's check the day ahead. you will notice the temperatures climb but not that much. we are in the 20's now. by lunchtime 39 to 40 degrees and we will hang out in the 40's through the afternoon. current numbers from across the region this morning 25 right now. as we look into roxboro, 25, chapel hill 25. 23 sanford and 28 smithfield but you notice the weekendind chill is 18
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