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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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16 southern pines, 19 roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead temperatures in the mid 20's. by lunchtime 39 partly sunny. we will see the partly sunny skies hanging around with temperatures in the low 40's. we will talk about colder temperatures but now away talk weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic. you can see on the maps real-time we have this accident like. we will check this first that is in davis driver and parkside valley drive. from there we go south and look at this. this appears to be in the garner area this morning. we have a report of a stalled vehicle on seventh avenue and hart well hartwell street in the garner area. otherwise looking relatively quiet as far as traffic goes on a wednesday morning.
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john: thank you, don. barbara: one year ago a gunman students. john: today they are remembered with special events at their schools. anthony wilson is live on the u.n.c. campus where two of them attended tell us about what is going on. anthony: first let me make it clear they are talking about two different campuses a. use and deah barakat were and yusor abu-salha were dental students and razan abu-salah attended n.c. state. there are scholarships, service awards and programs named for deah barakat, his wife yusor abu-salha and her younger sister razan abu-salah. a year after their murders their parents are still learning how their lives have affected others. >> i went to the d.m.v. last
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apdnd she said he helped me. anthony: he says his daughters much kill execution style and son-in-law shot multiple times. now their former neighbor awaits trial. her mother said she witnessed aggression from him toward her daughter. >> i didn't like the way he looked and the way he dressed. anthony: the memorial here at u.n.c. school of dentistry and vigil is 1:30 this afternoon. heart in the day at 6:00 -- later in the day at 6:00 there's a candlelight vigil on stafford commons at n.c. state. we will have more information about those and other memorials for the three deceased persons. we are live on the campus of u.n.c. chapel hill, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: there will be heavy
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elementary school a day after a beloved teacher who was hit and killed by a bus. brandon kincaid was hid outside the school. he was a second grade teacher there. counselors are provided to students and staff. many of them witnessed the incident. his wife is expecting their first child. john: testimony resumes today in the trial of a man accused of killing a raleigh mother in her apartment. when court ended yesterday jurors were hearing evidence collected by a crime scene investigator. earlier they heard from the defendant travion smith in a video of his police interrogation. he admitted to breaking into cars and one apartment below where huggins-jones lived. he denies any involvement in her murder. vice president joe biden at the triangle today and it could impact the way you get around. caitlin knute has more on that. caitlin: good morning, john. white house tells us he will be at duke university taking part today in a discussion about the
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that is the new national initiative to end cancer. that is today around 2:30 p.m. before that the vice president will take a tour of a laboratory at duke medical center. as a result, as john mentioned expect road closures while his motorcade travels from r.d.u. to durham. for security reasons the secret service does not lets in on his exact route but you can expect i-40 and durham freeway to be affected with tight security around duke university as well. our i-team reporter will attend the discussion at duke so follow him on twitter for updates and we will have the developments on the abc11 mobile app. barbara: the race for the white house is wide open the donald trump and bernie sanders are the winners of the new hampshire primary and it is the second place finish are in the republican party john kasich that is making headlines. on the democratic side bernie sanders easily wins over hillary
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up next for the candidates south carolina primary and nevada caucuses. john: we will be with governor mccrory alert this morning as he meets with officials to talk about how our is state plans for a natural disaster. he andwill address the national advisory council meeting at 9:00 at the state emergency operations center in west raleigh. they meet from time to time to talk about ways of improving coordination during emergencies. a flight to san diego get passenger was pulled off the plane. john: some of you saw flurries yesterday but other parts of the state they have something like this. we will have more on that. barbara: we will look from chopper 11 h.d. and headed to an accident. you can see the backup already. there is creedmoor road.
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conditions around here. but we have snow around the region and we will check the
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don: your morning commute should be easy as far as weather. let the car warm up. 20's. by 10:00 just mid 30's. current numbers are 20's. 25 south hill, 25 roxboro and 27 louisburg, 25 chapel hill. 28 smithfield and 23 sanford, 23 southern pines and 27 favorite. 27 in goldsboro. looking at the day ahead. mainly clear now and 26 degrees. by lunchtime we see the temperatures only in the 30's, many places just 30's. partly sunny today and colder temperatures. we will talk about that. now time for traffic with weather. amber rupinta is off so i handle
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we have chopper 11 h.d. arriving on the scene of an accident on old creedmoor road in northern wake county. this is old creedmoor at old creedmoor. the road appears to be shut down. traffic in both directions on creedmoor routed around so watch for that. we have a couple other incidents in wake county. we are seeing a delay as you head down in the garner area, we will zoom down to that and you will notice a stalled vehicle seventh avenue and hartwell and northern cary an accident on davis drive, parkside valley and we have the real-time travel in a bit. john: the morning commute could be trick kwreuy in the mountains with threats of black ice. snow is adding up around asheville more than three inchless. d.o.t. viewscrews have been working to keep the roads open. getting around the outer banks
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three miles of highway 12 on ocracoke island closed because f of high water and sand. ferry service to and from hatteras island spended. a section of highway 12 in kitty luke is off limits -- kitty hawk is off for the same reason. that will remain through the morning according to d.o.t. barbara: to the must see videos we have a windy ride for passengers landing at london city aren't with gusts above 50 miles an hour gave the pilots a fit. you see the jet fighting to stayin' out runway and then it aborts. mother nature too strong on making sure it stays under control.
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smallest surviving baby ever born at a north carolina hospital. e'layah is waking up for the first time at home. she was born last september 14 weeks early and she weighed 10 ounces, that is about the weight of two babes. the progress is nothing short of a mark. >> she's gone above and beyond what we expected of her. barbara: e'layah is now nine times her birth weight. her family is looking to get to know her personality. they do not doubt that she is a fighter. john: wonderful. i love it. 6:12. the city of ferguson forced to make tough decisions. barbara: why some are criticizingdepartment of justice.
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seas damage a cruise john: good wednesday morning and 6:14. up need the big coat. these are the headlines. breaking overnight a second arrest in the murder of a raleigh cab driver. 27-year-old kofpb radio patterson of zebulon is expected to face a judge for the shooting of jose beginning guess -- dominguez. major edwards jr. was arrested tuesday. roy williams said to be doing fine after collapsing during the game in born last night. the team said he went down with a case of vertigo and this is not the first episode. republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are the big winners in the new hampshire primary. trump easily outpaced john kasich and sanders beat hillary clinton two to one. next south carolina and nevada. barbara: the ferguson city council is accepting most of the reforms in a consent agreement
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department. it was meant to fix problems identified in a justice department report last year including unconstitutional and discriminatory practices across the police force and municipal court system. critics say they could bankrupt the suburb. ferguson has been underdisruptive. then it tend -- continued on. john: weather experts who monitored a storm that rocked a cruise ship over the weekend say royal caribbean should have known better. the anthem of the seas had to return to port after hitting waves on the way it that. government weather watchers say the storm was well advertise and alerts were sent out.
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commenting on the decision to sail into the bad weather but said conditions were up expectedly severe. barbara: another fire blamed on hover boards. it is to blame for burning a family's million dollar home in tennessee. it was a gift bought off and charging downstairs when it exploded and set the home on fire. two children in bedrooms upstairs had to jump to safety. the fire department believes the battery overheated. >> if you have had enough of squeezing into the seat on the plane a member of congress was your pain. legislation will be introduced to force the f.a.a. to agree it a minimum size. shrinking seats are a matter of health and safety it says not to mention comfort. barbara: didn't they do that to get more seats on planes? john: more passengers, yes. don: more money for flights.
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seat you don't have to pay an extra charge because you are squeezed. don: it is always the same with three guys my size. barbara: i like on the aisle or exit row. don: i spend most of my flights like this. john: how are you doing today? don: i try to make it easier on the fox next to -- folks next to me. today you want to huddle together. we have cold temperatures and colder air the next several days. tomorrow highs will only be in the 30's and we will be in the 40's friday and saturday and sunday -- sunday we won't be above freezing. let's show you what is going on now. live look on radar and we had a couple of flurries overnight down east but they are gone and we are dry. raleigh right now 26 and dew point 13, that is 58% humidity. southwest wind seven miles an hour. looking into durham, 25, 54% humidity.
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we have a clear morning across the region, not seeing any rain or snow. look at the loop, this is the past 12 hours we saw some in wilmington, snowflakes but they have pushed out. there is snow in the mountains, over three inches in asheville. you have great powder this weekend if you are a skier. if not a fan of winter it will feel like it the next several days. today we have a few clouds and look at first alert predictor forecast model by lunchtime partly sunny skies and we will see the partly sunny skies sticking around today. tonight notice everything leaves the screen and clear overnight will slam the terms down. the rest of today in raleigh mostly sunny and cooler temperatures this morning. by lunchtime 39 degrees. alleges we go into the afternoon in the lower 40's under partly sunny skies. looking across the region today, most temps in the 40's from
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42 durham, 43 in smithfield today. 43 cary and holly springs. sanford will go to 42. 45 fayetteville and fort bragg. 44 goldsboro and 43 pinehurst, 40 henderson, 42 rocky mount, 43 wilson. tonight the temperatures across the area back into the 20's for overnight lows. 21 raleigh, 21 in durham. 18 tonight in roxboro. first alert seven-day forecast seven, tomorrow just 37 degrees under mostly sunny skies. friday 41. then it really gets colds. saturday 36, sunday 30 for valentine's day. monday into tuesday we could see a storm system bringing rain or snow. we will have to wait as we get closer to next week. but today temperatures barely making it into the 40's. we go to new york city to check in with rob mars kwrapbciano to see what is going opbn with g.m.a. rob: i
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air. it will be a frigid valentine's for a lot of folks in the east. another weather related story the royal caribbean cruise ship making the way back to new jersey caught in hurricane-force winds and the captain is saying it caught him and the crew off guard. we have the latest on that. and game show moment everyone is talking about host steve harvey baffled on "family feud" when one member couldn't stop repeating the same answer. that family joins us live to see what is. i tried that in college, saying the same answers hoping for partial credit. failed strategy. don't recommend it. don: i think we all tried that. that is in about 40 minutes. amber rupinta is off so i'm handling the traffic duties. we will look from chopper 11 h.d. over creedmoor road.
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reopened. you see traffic flowing again there. but that accident was causing problems. we will hopefully keep it open. now we will so you what else is happening. a couple incidents to report. stalled vehicle at seventh avenue and heartwell and another incident just popping up. we will slide down to that and i'm guessing it is that creedmoor accident that is showing up. stalled vehicle -- no, this is i-40 westbound and u.s. 70. stalled vehicle there always a problem anyway and that will be a problem. we have an accident at davis driver and parkside valley in cary. looking at cameras, real-time shots looking into south saunders street slowing down on the exit but otherwise volume doing fine on that. slide north through downtown raleigh and all green there so that is good for folks heading
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northeast side i-440 and calendarcapital boulevard moving along. real-time travel times eastbound ride. westbound 440 capital to 70 four miles and four minutes. durham freeway moving typical for this time of morning. notice northbound i-440 and 540 u.s. 7030 miles. that is eight miles and 15 minutes. john: time is 6:22. barbara: 25 degrees. warning from the f. afplta.a. john: the new concerns about carrying a certain type of battery on a passenger plane. >> you so me a good loser and i
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or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. barbara: cam newton says he is a bad loser and is not apologizing. the nfl m.v.p. reacted to criticism after giving a short past super bowl interview followed by a quick departure. >> i had time to go back and play everything back and, like i say, i'll human. i have never once said i was perfect. barbara: while cleaning out his locker yesterday he said he will learn from the experience and plans to return to the super bowl soon. john: big changes for twitter and high tech warning for the nation's airlines. barbara: this is our tech news. >> in "tech bytes" new warnings
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they power phones and laptops but could be linked to fires. ntsb says they should be separated from other flammable cargo. f.a.a. issued a similar warning. twitter formed a trust and council to prevent various types of cyber abuse and ensure users can speak freely. now might be the right time to get a virtual reality head set. starting next week you can order a personal computer and combo get the computer, head set, games and accessories for $1,500. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> have a great day, everybody. john: 6:27 and 25 degrees. still to come. an overnight arrest in a dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection
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barbara: a second arrest made in the death of a wake county cab driver. what we know about the suspect. john: a body on the side of the road in fayetteville police naming the victim and person of interest. >> the scare on the court for roy williams.
6:28 am
we will tell you what the team says about his condition this morning. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday february 10, 25 degrees and 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: swropb john. thank you for tuning in. it is a cold morning and we are locked into this for the long haul. barbara: meteorologist don schwenneker in the storm storage. don: we could be colder the next several days. let's look at the day ahead. the temperatures not really climbing. we are in the 20's now and by lunchtime still 30's, 38 degrees. we will go 41 to 42 this afternoon for an our or two then back to the 30's. current numbers 25 in roxboro and chapel hill now. 23 sanford, 27 fayetteville. 28 goldsboro. look at the wind chill, 19 in roxboro, 18 r.d.u. 16 in southern pines and 17 in wilson. we look at the day ahead.
6:29 am
degrees and partly sunny skies. going home this afternoon 42 agrees. degrees. now we have the traffic and worth together. we are seeing several accidents start to pop up. this is live look from one of our many traffic cameras. this is 40 and gorman. you see the volume picking up. both sides sailing along fine with red lights on the right side. we have several incidents now popping up. it is getting busy. this is from an earlier accident on creedmoor road near old creedmoor. we had chopper 11 h.d. up. it has cleared but we have major slowdowns so watch that area. we have a stalled vehicle seventh avenue and hart werpl. this is the newest i-40 westbound u.s. 60.
6:30 am
this is a choke point and that is stalled vehicle. that will back up so be ready for delays there. looking at cameras, i-40 and 15/501 sailing along. from there we go to n.c. 147 durham freeway and you can see the bridge at alston avenue, no accidents to report. one more spot as we look into u.s. 70 and cheek road and volume really increasing but we are moving at least and not seeing any accidents there. we will talk more about it and check the real-time travel times in a bit. john: now to breaking news about a story we first told you about through an alert on the abc11 mobile app. a second suspect charged with the murder of a cab driver. barbara: gloria rodriguez is live at the wake county justice center. good morning. what are you learning? gloria: police notified us just before midnight about the second
6:31 am
court records show conrad patterson is charged in connection with the murder of jose dominguez. a second person arrested in connection with the murder of dominguez. 27-year-old conrad patterson of zebulon is in custody at wake county detention center. yesterday 25-year-old major earl edwards jr. appeared in court. the louisburg resident is also charged with the murder. 55-year-old domin taxi when he was shot down and killed at hodges creek apartments in raleigh monday morning. a parade of fellow taxi cabs circled the wake county justice center to honor him yesterday. they attached black ribbons to their cars and rest in peace signs. they say dominguez was being robdz. police are not confirming that. there could be more arrests in
6:32 am
the raleigh police department has said several suspects are expected in the crime. they believe that the suspects fled in a white car and the investigation is progressing. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, gloria: kwrafrplt more breaks news police identify a man along a road in fayetteville. 37-year-old hanny bird was found yesterday the cause of death under investigation. they have also identified a person of interest in the case. 23-year-old damien boyd. authorities say he was last seen with berg early sunday morning near hawthorne driver. they want to talk to him about what happened. barbara: a manhunt ends for a murder suspect in person county. roxboro police have this photo after the arrest of sherrod stewart. police say nolla bentley was
6:33 am
and neighbors say that bentley and stewart were romantically involved. we secretary more details from authorities around 9:00 this morning. >> i'm kraeufrt caitlin:, roy williams back to the triangle after collapsing on the court last night in boston. carolina basketball tweeted this about 2:15 this morning saying they what they initially called a dizzy spell although roy later explained it as being vertigo. this was after the tar heels coach got into a heated discussion with an official and you saw right there as he headed back to the bench he collapsed. after the game he told reporters he suffered from vertigo for the past 17 return to the bench because he didn't want to be a distraction to the
6:34 am
he also said when he was arguing with the ref he quickly jerked his head and thinks that is is what triggered the attack. despite the excitement u.n.c. beat boston and williams said he couldn't be prouder of his team and assistant coach who stepped in for him. john: thank you, caitlin. to vote 2016 and donald trump waking up to his first big win at the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders of republican governors a surprising second place for ohio governor john kasich. the fight for the third in the g. to g.o.p. is between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. rubio admitted that saturday's debate was his downfall.
6:35 am
clinton but she promised support supporter she is marching on to the nomination. more on g.m.a. a legal battle in north carolina and it may weakened up in the u.s. supreme court. -- wind up in the supreme court. attorneys want to review the appeals court ruling requiring two congressional districts be redrawn by next friday. courts ruled lawmakers used race as a factor in drawing the majority black districts without the justification to do so. a trio of federal judges yesterday refused to delay the order. >> joe widebiden will be at duke university to take part in a discussion about the cancer moon shot. that is the new national initiative to end cancer. president obama talked about that during the state of the union address last month. the white house also announced a $1 billion initiative to jump start the work. biden's son bo died from brain cancer last may. president obama's effort to stop climate change hit a set back
6:36 am
plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. understood the plan states would have to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards based on energy consumption. more than two dozen states filed a lawsuit challenging it. john: 6:38 and 25 degrees. disturbing attack in a durham restaurant bathroom. >> next thing i know he walks up behind me and puts a gun, a flare gun, to my cheek and didn't say a word, pulled the trigger. barbara: what the man believes may have set off the attacker. don: as you head out we have temperatures in the 20's. we will continue to see the cold air sticking around.
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snowflakes with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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let's talk about the bus stop forecast. this morning you want to bundle the kids up. it is chilly, in the 20's. staying in the 20's understood mostly sunny skies. colder morning on tap and cold day on tap. by lunchtime we are only in the 30's and we will see 39 degrees under partly sunny skies. going home at 5:00 today partly sunny and temperatures running in the low 40's. chilly day and even colder air for the weekend. we will talk about that and now weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i'm handling the traffic. several incidents to report across the region. the newest one is a problem. i-40 here. you can see it slowing down. this is near gorman. if you take it westbound headed toward cary or the triangle, or r.t.p. this will be slow. i would recommend getting off at lake wheeler road on the westbound side and slide down to
6:39 am
get on at walnut and avoid that area. that will be a problem. other incidents coming in we will cover that in a look at traffic in a bit. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute with an "eyewitness news" exclusive. a man shot in the face with a flare gun at a panera bread in durham. we had a crew at the burn center when the victim arrived for treatment. he described for joel brown the bizarre encounter that unfolded in the restroom there. >> next thing i know he walks up behind me and puts a gun, a flare gun, to my cheek and didn't say a word, pulled the trigger. caitlin: that victim said he turned around to wrestle the gun from the attacker and recognized him. he says it was a local homeless man he had offered to help in the past. bartlett said there was not an argument so he couldn't think of
6:40 am
he chalks it up to the man being mentally unstable. bartlett is recovering from his injuries. as for the suspect, durham police are still investigating and so far they have not made an arrest. barbara: caitlin, thank you. 6:43 and 25 degrees. fighting the zika virus on the home front. steps the white house is taking to keep it at bay. john: north korea's neighbors
6:41 am
considering tougher sanctions against north korea. they will vote on a bill in the wake of satellite launch. backers saying it targets their ability to access money to develop nuclear warheads and long range missiles. meantime south korea says it will suspend operations at a joint industrial park with north korea and japan also announced new sanctions today. john: finding cash to fight zika. president obama asking congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funds but doesn't want to use money for ebola. officials are not aware of transmissions of zekeika in the united te more
6:42 am
you can watch the oscars here on abc11. they are sunday february 28. then tune in monday morning to see how the big winners celebrated. john: you know i like the one who said i didn't have anything prepared. barbara: i always think you didn't thank your husband or your wife. john: always somebody you forget. barbara: you will be in trouble when you get home. not that you would know anything about being in trouble. don: i would never know about being in trouble. barbara: you are about to be in trouble. it is cold. don: i will be in trouble for talking about snow. we could see snowflakes next week. but right now we have a chance of precipitation over the next six days and notice i threw a
6:43 am
that is mainly i-90 -- i-95 corridor and east. wafrpb county, sampson county may see a raindrop or snowflake. better chance is coming on monday. not seeing any this morning. we are dry on the most powerful radar in the carolinas. we look at what is going on with the live look into joined raleigh and temperature right now running at 26, dew point 13, that is 58% humidity. southwest wind seven. sunrise 7:08. durham nice sunrise there, a lot of color. 25 right now though. chilly temperature, southwest wind four miles an hour. fayetteville a lot of sunshine, too, but it is cold. 28 28, wind chills in the teens. clear across the region. we had snowflakes around wilmington but they have pushed out. snowflakes in the mountains and to the west, seeing snow around asheville and certainly boone but closer to home we will be dry. clouds around though as we go to
6:44 am
clouds and thicken through the afternoon. partly sunny skies and when the sun goes down and clouds go away it will be cold into tomorrow. forecast like this the rest of today. in raleigh 9:00 temperature 31. 39 degrees by lunchtime. into the afternoon hours we see the cold temperatures sticking around near 40. looking across the region we will see the temperatures in the who 40's today and chapel hill goes to 41, 42 durham. cary 42. 43 smithfield. 42 holly springs. 43 lillington and sanford. 45 fayetteville and 44 goldsboro. northern counties you will stephaniesee 30's. 45 tarboro. tonight in the area back into the 20's for overnight lows. 21 raleigh. 24 fayetteville. 21 durham. seven first alert seven-day forecast showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 30's. 37. 41 friday. saturday 36.
6:45 am
presidents day into tuesday could is he rain or snow mixing and we will watch that. "big weather" pic of the day from anthony who took it in hope mills. those are mamatas clouds. they look like a mammary demand. a sign of a lot of turbulence in the atmosphere. thank you, anthony. let's talk weather and traffic and amber rupinta is off. i will handle the traffic duties. looking from chopper 11 h.d., this is i-440 and 40 at cary crossroads. volume is picking up but nice thing about that picture is you are seeing everyone move even though it is slowing down that. is the junction point and still moving. a couple of incidents to so you on the maps. we will go to this, this is just a nasty place to be anyway this time of morning but we have a
6:46 am
westbound at u.s. 70 and putting a slow down. 15 miles an hour inbounds. we are watching this on the shoulder blocked due to stalled vehicle. gorman street. volume picked up as they try to clear it. looking at cameras, i-40 and south saunders green on both sides. into downtown you see raleigh everything running green and not seeing any incidents in the city. i-440 and capital some yellow on the enbond. bondinbound. barbara: 6:52 and 25 degrees. just ahead the morning rush. john: we are following breaking news in raleigh, a second suspect locked up after the death of a wake county cab
6:47 am
barbara: samber john: morning rush all the news weather and traffic you need before you head out. barbara: we have a scare for u. u.n.c. basketball coach roy williams and joe beside on a mission. john: in raleigh authorities arrest a second suspect in the murder of a wake county cab driver. conrad patterson was booked into the wake county detention center. he and major earl edwards jr.
6:48 am
jose dominguez who was found shot to death monday on hodges creek driver.. a murder suspect arrested overnight. sherrod stewart and nolla bentley were involved. bentley was stabbed to death in roxboro monday. barbara: tpaflt police identified the man found dead on the side of a edit ro. road. he was found yesterday. detectives have identified a person of interest damien boyd who was last seen with berg sunday morning. today marks one year since three local college students were gunned down. both universities will honor them today. john: u.n.c. basketball coach roy williams is said to be doing fine after collapsing during the game in boston. he had vertigo and it is not the
6:49 am
barbara: joe biden will be at duke university to take part in a discussion about the so-called cancer platoon shot. that is the new national effort. president obama talked about it during the state of the union address. coat. don: he will need it. the out-the-door forecast mostly sunny, colder temperatures this morning and mid 20's as you head out the door right now. by 9:00 in is 31 degrees. barbara: "good morning america" is negligence. john: for barbara, don and the rest of the "eyewitness news" team i'm john clark.
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for more "eyewitness news." good morning, america. political earthquake. outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders win big in new hampshire. >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political heavy rugs. hillary clinton suffers a huge double-digit defeat promising to take the fight to the entire country.
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